Friday, June 13, 2014



VINMAN:USN moving across all bank tiers in Australia
RV rates are on (live) from east to west.
TRN is live in Paris and trading!!
Money is raining down!
Babylon 3 going global! (thanks to Carden for this clue)
Maliki's Weekend at Bernie's spin movie is just about over....and he is wanted dead or alive!



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Folks what you are seeing on TV and on News articles has been placed to confuse you, clarify through outside news media please, they want you to give up your dinars with these illusions, my advice please don't. 

They want Maliki out that is all so they want him to go out with a bang. Then they will come out with there routine we are the most powerful, we blessed all who sacrifice for our freedom, they will show you some media shots of maybe a car burning or someone shooting a machinegun or maybe a drone flying over some desert but that will be it.

 I don't buy it my thoughts they are implementing a democratic and rich government, by fixing up the mess they created.


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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, June 13th, 2014.  Where do we want to start?  It’s a great day, Friday the 13th, which has never bothered me.  DC, before we get started, I have to do this one thing.  I feel really good where we are, we know our sources and what’s going on, and we can enlighten people on some things today.  Every now and then, and I want people to be aware of this because I don’t know how long they will let us talk to you, and I might have a script for what I can tell you… there are only five who will get the information, that we know of, and we are two of the five.  Actually, I like too of the other guys, because they give out solid information.  I hope you all take this time to learn something, that you have learned something in the last four years about business, opportunities, how our country works, banking, and how people work:  who they are and want to be, and to make yourself a better judge of people.  You will need that in your future, to know who people actually are.

WE have some characters in DinarLand that you will hear about afterwards, involving dinar, sites, currency they took from people, lies on the calls, who they pretended to be through these fake internet names.  All of that is projected to come out.  So with that, everybody knows my name and history, they can Google me, call me up, put my pictures up.  I have never hidden who I am, and that has made me and my family a target.  That’s part of the rollercoaster.  However, there are idiots who want their 15 minutes of fame, and sometimes they do that by using my name, that I’ve endorsed their scheme, copying sites, and trying to confuse people to think that they are me.  I want you guys to be aware of that.

In four years, I have never asked you people to buy anything, not for information, products or anything else. Even on the other side, I had nothing to do with asking you for $300 or to buy dinar through me or to join any groups.  I don’t endorse any of that.  In two weeks, this will be a year that we’ve had the new site, and we have accepted a few donations from a few hundred people to support 20K members.  Afterwards, you will see who got you involved in groups or bought your dinar for pennies on the dollar, and they are making much more. You will figure out who was telling you the truth and who wasn’t’ about the dates and rates.  Some of you will be shocked, and hope you use it as a life lesson for the future.

I know when this is over, someone will send you emails apparently from me to get you involved investments.  That is not me.  WE can talk about things, but we will not be in business together.  I will NEVER solicit you for business opportunities or investments.  I know someone will do that because they’ve already done it.  The only way I will talk to you is with my own voice, like right now, unless they lock me in an dungeon and I need to write a note to get out!

Guys, I’m just telling you this because I hear there is a new idiot amongst us, Dave Schmidt on blogtalkradio.  I don’t even know who this guy is. I heard he is part of PIF’s group, but I don’t care.  It’s meaningless to me up until this time, and I don’t care what anyone says on the radio. It all comes down to you, and what you will find out. They change their names, hiding on the internet so that you cannot find out who they are.  So when you find out how you’ve been cheated, they will be gone because you don’t know their names.  So pay attention and go through the steps. Who does that make sense to?  These guys are saying that I’ve died numerous times, I ‘ve been arrested… all false. I’ve been threatened, just like Okie got threatened.  They did that for a reason, not to help you.  They have the real rates, and when you find out what they are, you will be surprised.

All I want it to give you information, and help you learn how to make good decisions.  All those people told you that you were crazy falling for this ‘dinar scam’, and when this happens, you get to look at their faces when they realize they were stupid enough to sell their dinar. Bankers, too… there will be some future global events that won’t happen overnight, but they will make sense. Things you didn’t believe before because they seemed too far-fetched, you will know, because you just went through one of them. This is the biggest event in our lifetime: a Global Currency Reset.  That is how big and complicated it is, and also how secretive it is.  We are very fortunate to still be involved in this.  That has been our only goal, to give you the right information and make sure you stay  involved.  Maybe we give out too much information for some because they are not used to thinking in terms of a global event.  That’s what it takes to believe this stuff.  If I didn’t have my contacts, I’d find it hard to believe.

A few years ago, I didn’t believe in the groups, and I didn’t believe in 18, 20 or 30 dollar rates.  I thought they were just scamming people.  I know there are some good groups now, and I’ve seen all their documents.  I couldn’t’ believe that the government would allow China to come over here and buy things out from under them, but I know better now.  I wouldn’t have believed what this government would do to deceive each other, from one department to another.  We have all learned something here.

The investment stuff I’ve been doing all my life, and I hope I’ve educated some people or given you a road to using your money. I also want you to be careful of those people, because they are trying to take your money before you get it. Imagine what they’ll do afterwards, once they have your name, passport, and SS number.

I appreciate those who went through the fire with us and supported us along the way.  I even appreciate those with negative attitudes, because they didn’t know.  We will look back at Twitter and the forum, and decide which were reacting out of ignorance and which are just being total idiots, without doing any research.  And they there are those out there with malice.  There was a site in Iraq that dedicated its life to Tony – they told us they didn’t want Americans to have the currency.  They tried to persuade us to sell dinar!   If you listened to  that site, you deserve what you get.  I’m not sad for them, but I am proud of those who made it through:  My own business partners, military friends.  I know some have had personal hardships, but we made it through together.  Feel good about that!

DC:  I want to think Tony, Pam, the team and all the intel providers. I’ve been here about a year, and it’s been quite a journey. I’ve enjoyed talking to everybody and wish them all the most successful and happy life possible.

I will never sell, solicit, invest or go in with anybody’s deal, well, I’m not.  I am looking forward to being a private citizen again, and I will not be involved with anyone in public again.  If you hear that I’ve endorsed something, I haven’t.  That’s the legal side of things.  I was here to help, and a lot of th information was moment by moment, today.  It is in the day and I hope everyone appreciates that things change throughout the day.  It’s amazing, and I know many leaders have been happy to help, and also pissed of that we have information about what they have done, or not.  You are as happy as you want to be;  many have had financial struggles, but at the end of the today, you have to work on your own happiness issues.  Be proud that you got through this;  it’s been rough on a lot of people, especially for those who have been paying attention.  This was the biggest financial shift ever, and you’ll be able to tell your children and grandchildren that you were part of it.

Tony:  Iraq is causing a lot of people pain and anguish. Television is not REAL news, and we have talked about who owns the news and puts things out… what do you think about the last 24 hours.

DC:  I know people are concerned, but agreements have been put in place that put the insurgents actions in perspective.  This is all unclassified stuff and you can look it up.  The group called the ISIS, primarily Sunni-led, has taken over Mosul and a few other areas.  They’ve been a pain in the neck for some time.  This is not because they have bigger forces, it’s more like dereliction on the part of the police and army.  ISIS comes into town, and 40K people walked out of Mosul who were supposed to keep it safe.  Maybe 17K ISIS people came in, and twice that number left all their equipment and left.  It was a plan.  This also happened in another town, and the  police came back, and the bad guys dropped their weapons and ran.

There are many things going on in the background getting things back in line. There are tensions but not a sectarian war.  There will always be tensions because they have been fighting each other for so long and the leadership is not keeping people together.  S o it’s not like a giant war, it is more straightforward in terms of fixing this. I’ve talked to a lot of different folks is to do the revaluation now, because people will then walk off the job.  The rest will be taken off into custody.  This is part of the plan. Some of the leaders didn’t’ help the situation, but this is not something to be overly concerned about. It is serious and some people have been hurt, but the entire country is NOT about to implode. It’s more like a policing action that an insurgency.

We have seen this movie before, in Iraq and in other countries, and it’s straightforward to deal with.   There are competent people in Iraq who can handle themselves and the situation. If you remember late September and August, there were million-person marches and riots going on in all the major cities.  My friends where saying “Oh, hell, this is not good”, which is like the world coming to an end. T hey finally gave out the Q-card, the debit cards, and in a matter of an hour, most protests went away, and within three hours, all the riots died.  Some got back pay and their pensions, and it fixed the issue within three hours.  For those who did not, within 24 hours they got the message, put down their weapons, and walked home. That is what many recommend that we do again, and I understand this is in process now.

Tony:  The difference between August and today is that it wasn’t all over CNN> There was a reason for it then, and a reason for it now.  Those who understand should be sitting back and saying “finally”.

Tony:  Any update on procedures?

DC:  Nope.  Remember the timelines we talked about on Wednesday?  We are hoping that those are condensed due to better planning.

818:  [appreciation]  It seems every time the button has been ready to be pushed, there has been a strategy to wait for long enough for someone to raise an issue that results in yet another stall. Is this a strategic part of this plan?  What will bring the stalling to an end?

Tony:  I’ve always thought it was a mistake to allow so much time.  I think they should do it immediately once they agree.  There is too much time in between. Was it planned that way so that they could stop it?  Maybe.  It is what is, nothing we can do about it, and now everyone has agreed and they are cutting a timeline now.

DC:  Was it a plan?  No.  However, there are so many chefs in this kitchen, it’s hard to decide the souffle is done.  Sometimes they think they are doing the right thing, sometimes it’s just power. It was not planned;  they are just taking advantage of an opportunity.  What’s different?  It’s not as possible to mess it up because of momentum and enough people saying enough is enough.  The ship has left the port and many are trying to catch up, and everyone is watching for what might mess it up.

Caller:  You have referred to a group as ‘they’, in that ‘they’ are concerned you are giving out too much information on your calls.  After closely monitoring your call, why do they continue to be concerned that you will still give too much information?

DC:  Two big issues – first, they don’t want us to have that information and they are agitated about the fact that we do have it.  Why do we keep watching ourselves?  Because they want to keep everyone calm and not have anyone else sign on for this.  They never thought this would happen, not in their wildest dreams.  They thought it was 200 crazy people with tinfoil hats.  Then it got bigger, and bigger, and then they realized that we know what they did last night…

Tony:  We got a call this morning saying that we are talking too much.  I had to laugh.  I don’t understand why they are so mad, but I realize that they are concerned.  So…

Caller:  This is like Dinar 101, and maybe you just can’t answer this, but how does the contract rate generate oil credits for China.

DC:  We’ll walk everyone through the process. Let’s say you have a 10,000 dinar note in your pocket.  That was printed in the USA in 2003, and shipped to Baghdad using military transport.  The serial number when to the CBI, and the note was given to the citizens.  Then Sterling orders a bunch of 10K notes from their wholesaler. That currency came back to the USA, they recorded the serial number, and it was sent to the Treasury.  It was then sold as a speculative investment to (say) Bob Jones.  You buy it for $11, and Sterling sent a note to everyone involved.  AT that point, they’ve got it.

China says that they want oil credits because they need oil, and they look to the Saudis and Iraq. Iraq says “let’s make a deal”;  because of the deal with the US government who is supporting their currency, they made an agreement between those countries who want oil credits who were NOT part of the invasion forces… they can buy the note from Bob Jones, and it will count for their oil credits.  So Bob sells his dinar back to an intermediary bank, and the bank sells it the Chinese government.  The note goes to Hong Kong and we can see the entire route of this note.  That then counts towards China’s oil credit, through that provenance, with everyone being paid a suitable amount, and then China will receive their oil credit.

Hong Kong has this barrel of oil, and that is like a coupon for a cheap deal – they bought it for $30 but can redeem it for $80.  So they win as well.

Tony:  The agreement is that the oil credits are worth $100 per barrel, but the citizens get $20.  China will buy it at the lower rate, and the difference between the two goes to the US Treasury.  Some people might get offered $4, and China needs the oil credits mores, so they might offer $30 per dinar, because otherwise they couldn’t get the oil at all.

843 caller:  I have a personal problem and you are the only one who can help me! I tried to get into the forum before you closed it, on my smartphone.  I never received a confirmation and it still says it’s pending. Either I did something wrong, or you cannot get on with a smart phone.

Tony:  You can get on with a smartphone;  I’ll write down your number and pass it to Pam. I’m sure she can do something with that.

Pam:  What is your username?  That’s the fake name you wanted to use when you signed up.

Caller:  I think it may have been Randy.

Tony:  Pam can call you afterwards and maybe we can get this fixed for you afterwards.

352 caller:  Is Maliki in or out?

DC:  He is currently PM, he would love to stay another term, but it doesn’t look good. The interim government starts on the 14th, and he will not be PM unless he arranges that at the end – unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat, in  fact.

617 caller:  [appreciation]  People that are trying to take advantage of us… I saw the forms they wanted us to fill out, and so many are trying to take advantage of us.  Once they ask for my SS number or bank details, I know they are not doing a good thing. Thank you for informing us, and I hope that you have the best Father’s Day ever!  I was kind of hoping they would do it at 9am this morning because you said it wouldn’t happen then!

Tony:  If you are not doing something face to face, where you can see their ID and a contract with their name on it, then you just don’t sign it.  If your bank is at the bank or UST, then you send them your information.  I’m not going to send some guy on the internet how much dinar I have, my name, driver’s licence, passport number, and all the rest of it.  Why would you even take that chance? It just don’t make sense to give a total stranger that kind of information.

404 caller:  I have a few questions.

Tony:  You have questions every week!

Caller:  I’m somewhat alarmed with what Maliki has done in the last week.  Is he going to be contained in that 24-hour timeframe?

DC:  I’m sure M will try many things, including the RV. Still, it’s a democracy, and he is being watched by the citizens.

Caller:  At 5pm tomorrow they will start with the interim government.  When will we hear the election results?

DC:  I believe we will hear those results on Monday, unless someone pulls a Maliki and they have to deal with one more thing… Also, and I’m just guessing here, Maliki has been the PM for some time. He nearly cut a deal to have the coalition squared away, but he messed up at the end. H e is concerned about his legacy and also what his enemies would be able to do to him.  What gives him best results?  The RV on his watch.  He has signed agreements to make sure that gets done. So I am watching him very closely and I believe that it is proceeding on the time line we want.  So yes, I think we will have a great Father’s Day.

Caller:  What about the VNN?

DC:  I only have information from the banks, and it is showing up on the screens.  It’s still in the basket and they are going together.

719 caller:  Oh, DC, honey… they grow them good in Texas, don’t they?  I was your picture in the forum last night and I knew it had to be right.  [chitchat and joking]  will they just load the Q cards or go for a total RV?

DC:  The q-cards are already loaded but there are five different rates.  They will go for the total RV at a nice high rate.   Remember, rich folks don’t get out the limo and say, “I can’t stand this any longer;  James, hand me the AK-47!”

Caller:  If everyone was done so that people could cash out in secret last winter, why are there so many glitches?   Of it is human issues?

DC:  Both.  It’s been several times per day, and it’s been a nightmare.  On the plus side, they will have to let it go – they have no choice. If you have a PM who desperately wants this on his watch, he knows he is not going to get another chance.  He’s tried to do it before, but at that time they didn’t have the signed documents. So now, even though world leaders want to see Iraq more stable, if the PM puts his foot down, then won’t have any choice.  That is his nature, he is trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and he is still using it as a bargaining chip right until they push him out the door.

Caller:  AT least the rabbit is coming out of his hat and not another part of his anatomy.  For every person on the forum or the calls, and the longer this goes, they crazier they think we are. Every time we think this is going to happen, we get a shock.   The longer you let this go, the worse people will act because they haven’t been paying attention. We want this thing over and done, able to move forward in our lives.  [more of the same]  When it happens we will be going to the bank, picking up reserves, etc.  We won’t have time to round up the naysayers and explain things to them.

Tony:  You’ll just have to tell them what to do.

Caller:  I want the people in charge to know this.  The numbers will dwindle after the first 3-5 days, and you will not get people on your calls if you are just repeating your information.  If they would give you the packages and put them on the forum, then I could send them to my contacts and give them option.  I cannot see that you need to be doing daily calls past five days.  Don’t you agree Tony?  You’ve been in MLM.

Tony:  Fourteen days is far too long.  We’ll get out 40,000 and they will bring in 2-3 each, and they will listen to the calls because you are the leaders.  It’s the other five million who don’t have a clue that you will have to direct, and they will take longer than 3-5 days.  You are the leaders and you will get the higher rates, probably.  They will go for the international rates because they don’t know any better.

Caller:  I do send out what you tweet, etc., but when it doesn’t happen for three weeks, they say I’m smoking that stuff again and they ignore it.  We can send out emails saying “Hey, it’s happening, pay attention” but after five days I don’t think anyone will be listening.

Tony:  Past us, it’s up to you with your friends and family.  It’s up to you to inform and educate them, fi you choose. This has occurred after every world war, that just means that they don’t read their history books.  If you are willing to take the time and deal with these people, then just tell them to go to the bank.

Caller: ON the new site, if we have the ability to post what we are finding when we go to the banks, many will be happen to help.  Also, we have arranged with a private company to pick up the reserves, because Brinks will not do that unless it’s business to business.  Some friends are paying attention and some are not.  I gave them a gift, and I can’t be responsible if they are not paying attention.

Tony:  Pam says the same to us.  Some people’s destiny is to fail.  We are trying to save as many as we can, to reach one and teach hone.

Caller:  My husband’s birthday was the same as your dad’s, Tony, and it was not the best birthday, so we better have this by Father’s Day or DC’s picture goes in the trash.

719:  Thanks for slowing down, DC.  [appreciation]  When you go to the bank and settle on a rate, will they take your reserves at that same rate?

Tony:  I understand that is the policy.  Take all your documents about your reserves to that first appointment.

Caller:  Can you take someone to the bank with you who is more experienced to help you out?

Tony:  Only if it is an attorney, or at least that is what I’ve heard.

Caller:  What about the zim?

Tony:  I do know about the zim, but we are not going to talk about it. It looks really good.

Caller:  Is it possible for something in the basket to be in another basket at a later time?

Tony/DC:  Yes.

Caller:  The piano music…can you change it to rock? I can almost play it myself and I don’t play piano!  Also, you said the different currencies that will be in the other baskets, can you say anything about that BEFORE the NDA?  Could you call me and let me know?

Tony:  I wish I could.  I do know what will happen there, but they don’t want us to do it again, and I definitely don’t want to do these calls again!  The next baskets will not be as difficult because they are already internationally traded currencies. So it won’t be ten years.

480 caller:  Super-fantastic?  [appreciation]  DC said he will sign the NDA, and Tony said he’ll be okay whatever the rate is.  So will you hold back some currency for a later, bigger return?

DC:  I’m not a financial or legal adviser, but I plan to size up what is going on quickly.  Option A works best for me, so I’m taking it at A. I will not do it all at the same time, because if some idiot holds me up in the parking lot, I’ll go to other banks at other times, for security reasons.  People are killed for a lot less than a million dollars.  I’ll do it all very quickly and be done with it.

Tony:  I’m not a financial or legal adviser, but … it all depends on the rate.  Iraq saying it could sustain a rate of up to $15 doesn’t mean that it will go that high.  I know all the forex guys and stockbrokers will want to get in the action.  IF that first rate is higher than I ever dreamed, then it will go even higher. You have to decide that, know that it will go up and also come down. If you don’t know how to play that game, then I don’t recommend that… just take the high rate.

Caller:  If you two don’t get the highest rate, there is no God and no justice, because you guys deserve it!

Tony:  God is still there and He will get them for that!

Caller:  You said it might take them 24 hours to get up and running, depending on the banks.  I have accounts in two different banks;  will I be told which is ready to go and which is not.

Tony: It’s supposed to be one 800 number, and then they will give you the option.

Caller:  Will the 800 number people be able to tell me?

DC:  The bank appointment times will tell you, whether they can take you immediately or not.

Caller:  I want to pick the bank that has the rate I want now, not waiting for three days and finding the rate may have gone down.  Also, for the daily information calls will we be able to use these existing numbers?

DC:  We don’t know.

Caller:  I understand that YOU end up paying for every post that goes up in the forum, even a simple thank you.  So please look at what has already been posted before saying “thank you for that post” and costing Tony money.

Tony:  We also pay for the calls based on how many are on the call.  Some do contribute to the site, and we do appreciate that.  I’m almost scared to say ‘thank you’.

560 caller:  I appreciate the explanation about the oil credits.  Are these different rates basically bids by those who want the oil credits?

DC:  Yes.

Caller:  So it’s not just the base value of the currency… that would explain why there is a limitation to how much they want to buy.

DC:  Yes, and there are agreements about the amount of oil credits China can by, or Japan or the US.   We can increase our holdings if we choose.

Caller:  Can they create other rates, then?

DC:  Yes.

Caller:  How onerous are the NDAs if we want to take the contract rates?

DC:  Mostly, they say “don’t talk about this in public”, and if you wanted to discuss this with your spouse or advisers, then they have to sign the DNA as well.  Some of us have to sign hellish ones, for ten years or more.  But most are very simple and straightforward.  Every one I have read says you must follow the law in whatever state you sign in.  For me, that will Texas.

Caller:  someone copied the instructions from the forum, and they advised us to sign, “without prejudiced, all rights reserved”.  What do you think of that?

DC:  Ask an attorney.

Caller:  Another source claimed some of these exchanges would be aid over time, as annuities.

DC:  The ones I have seen have been very straightforward:  you sign it and you get your credit a few minutes later.  Annuities do exist, but I haven’t seen one.  I have heard that it exists, but I’ve never seen it.

Caller:  Tomorrow is my birthday, so I’m hoping to have a really great birthday based on what I’ve heard today.

256 caller:  I’ll be super-fantastic if this happens by Father’s Day!  On the bank contract, have you heard anything else?

Tony:  We are supposed to have the NDA and the procedures, so that we can go through them with you, and also something you can give to your attorney before you go.

Caller: If it costs a thousand dollars to take an attorney with me, that is good money spent.  I understand you will have to sign an NDA:  how long before you set up your appointment?

Tony:  I’d want to know what I’m walking into, myself.  We don’t know how long we’ll have before we can share that information with you, and I don’t know what I can and cannot say after that call.  A lot may not need that and will just go in on their own. I know they are trying to get the majority of people in within three days.

Caller:  I have friends who are willing to take whatever, but I’ve been in this for years, and I would like to have a little more!  [appreciation] I’m praying this is our last call. I’m thanking God for what He gives me.  I am going to sign the contract;  if I pay full taxes, I’m still ahead.  With the 800 numbers, they will just tell us the banks;  they cannot tell us the rates, right?

Tony:  By the time you get to the bank, the rate may have changed.  I don’t think they want any responsibility for rates.  You can just make your appointment and go in.  I am a Vietnam bet, and I don’t agree with the 5 to 1 exchange, but that’s me. We may do something in the future.

665 caller:  I am lost and confused, but now I’m back on the psych meds, so I can call back.  Will the Iraqi situation cause delays of get in the way of our exchanging?

DC:  I think they have it in hand.  It’s worse on the news than it is on the ground.

Caller:  Was Tony’s speech this morning a message not to mess with us?

DC:  I’m not going to say.

Caller:  So I can’t go with a friend who wants me to help them out?

Tony:  No, not as far as I can see, not unless you are an attorney.  They may get a different rate, and the banks don’t want that kind of problem.  It’s a private matter, and the banks don’t want others to know what you got.

626 caller:  I manifested some things and went to go see the senior wealth manager.  I said that I wanted to verify that they would give me the proper information on where to put my money.  I had The Creature from Jekyll Island with me, and I said that I was aware of what was going on, but I didn’t care as long as they took care of me.  When I left, his hand was sweating.  [appreciation]  I shook Robert Kennedy’s hand just before he was shot.  That’s the only part of history I had, but now if the Good Lord gives me this, I will be part of something historical again.

Tony:  We are all part of history, our sites and notes, the fact that we lived through this… ten years from now (or 15 for me and DC), when this does become public, we can say we were part of a global event that was unique.  Hopefully you will be creating a legacy for your family and they will be able to say that grandma, grandpa got involved in something that changed the history of this family forever.  Do that, not what the government suggests, that 90% of us will be broke in two years.  That will mean you went out and spent your money, didn’t put aside 50% in taxes, or put 25% into creating income.  Google “professional athletes who are broke”;  they went through 10, 20 even 300 million dollars.  If it could happen to them, with all their advisers around them, just imagine what will happen if you don’t take care of this once-in-a-lifetime blessings.  Pay the taxes, and make sure your money is making money.  Don’t spend, put your money to work.

Happy Father’s Day to everybody, both fathers and single moms who are being both mother and father to your children. We appreciate you all.

DC:  I pray and hope this is the last call until we have the calls about procedures.  If you are not happy, do what you need to do to be happy.  Money doesn’t buy happiness, and you can never spend money too slowly. Happy Father’s Day!

Pam:  Happy Father’s Day!  Especially to you guys.  I’m blessed to have you in my life.  You all know more than you think you know.  If you are a member, check out the banking suggestion.  Make sure you get a trusted professional in every area where you need help.  Have a great life!

Ray:  Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and single mothers.  Many texted me and said “It sounds like Tony and DC are saying good-bye” for every good reasons.  Goodbye!

Tony:  Hope to do more calls before Monday.   Enjoy your weekend.  It is better to BE ready than have to GET ready.  Enjoy the rest of your day


  1. Tony is not ever going to endorse, participate or create a group, business or project pre or post-RV that we can join him in.  Especially if it involves investing money or giving your personal information out. 
  2. He is not associated with ANY person, place or thing outside of TNT.  Do not be fooled by people soliciting your money or information saying they are associated with Tony or TNT Dinar.  Wait and listen for Tony's voice TELLING you what is happening - don't trust emails!!!
  3. DC Guy says - ditto for him.  And, he's going back to private life and any rumors that he's doing something to join in would be false.
  4. Iraq news needs to be put in perspective.  The news reports are NOT ACCURATE.  This situation is not as serious as has beenportrayed and is under control already.  We've seen this "movie" before in August of last year.  That year there was demonstrations and rioting and they released the Qui cards and the protests just dissolved.
  5. So, the RV is going to deflate the situation even further.  So, this is a non-issue.
  6. There is a REASON this is being publicized so much all over the world and it has to do with the "chaos" and "smoke" of the final days just like with Kuwait and China like we've been told over the years.
  7. DC said he personally sees this as a really opportune time for Maliki to shore up his "legacy" to do this NOW.  Because, he only has 24 hours left in power.
  8. So, both Tony and DC were saying "Goodbyes" and look for an extra special FATHERS DAY  on Sunday. 



CARDEN:Love, love, love you, Leslie! And everyone on this Website.... 

Now for a bit of news. I learned today that the USD is no longer welcome in Mexico and even banks won't take USD Fed notes. A friend of mine has been walking around with USD bills in his pocket and can't find anywhere that will take them. I heard that this started late last week. Only CREDIT/DEBIT cards will be accepted. hmmmmm... something we don't know??? 
The world is sharing news now about the change in US government and we can't see it here on our blacked-out MSM. All we see is disinfo and lies and propaganda. For instance, did anyone notice the oil fields in the war shots of Iraq?  Well, that's not Mosul nor Tikrit, is it? Recycled deception and lies. Come on! Who's buying any of this? Not S3A! Nope. Not gonna happen. No martial law is possible with a deserting army! 
We can all know that without a doubt, the GOOD GUYS ARE IN CONTROL. We have the facts in front of us. Coming soon to your neighborhood.... PUBLIC EXCHANGE and FOREX LIVE! 



CHADWICK:it could go anytime i was told last night that something like this would do best at 4:55 pm west coast is it true not really the two bank systems are running parrelel at the same time its more of a matter of when the treaty gets signed.....just saying best to you buddy



DENNIS B. DRAKEust got this in the Inbox Interesting timing


Dear Valued Associates,

The online shopping cart is down temporarily. The company that provides spot prices to POW and a number of other companies is down. The pricing will become available within 24 hours. As soon as the spot pricing is available it will automatically be visible on our shipping cart.

In the meantime, you can order bullion and numismatics by calling 972-776-6691.

Your friends at POW,
POW Support

P.daddy:Dude that is HUGE!!!! If the currency dealers are shut down because the pricing source has been frozen that's it!!!!!!!!!!

DENNIS B. DRAKE:That is why I shared it ASAP



Easy way to keep up with the Forex Exchange Rates. Notice these are out of CDT with time posted.


UU6131 Betrayal and Treason 

Hi Everyone,

I come to you now to give you an update on this week’s progress towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq. I want you to remember that Iraq has already completed an in country revaluation over 6 months ago. We just await the final international rollout.

Remember in recent past new letters I have stated that this week would be a deciding week (a pivitol week) for the democracy of Iraq. I also said that quite possibly the Maliki government would try some kind of last minute antics to try to derail the elections process and seat himself again for a 3rd term. I have been proven correct.
  The good news is the week is almost over and the mandate of the Maliki government is only 2 days from expiring.

I now want to also report to everyone that things are shaping up. We know  that these terrorist attacks have delayed the announcement we could have had earlier this week (on June 10th)  but do not fear it is coming.

We may have to wait a little longer but it will be worth it. I am hearing now that early next week may be an excellent window to see the announcement of their new government.

I was on the phone for over 6 hours with my sources yesterday in Iraq. Now let me give you the “mind blowing” details of the craziness that they reported to me on the recent developments in Iraq.

You will be very happy to hear that this news letter is only 5 pages long today…hurry!......lol….lol…

Please read it carefully. My news will clarify many of the rumors you have been hearing. Everything I am reporting is factual. I do not spread rumors and I do not make up the news.

Today’s News

As you may know militants gained control to regulate the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant "Daash", the center of Mosul, Nineveh province (the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad) and a number of districts and areas in the provinces of Salahuddin, Kirkuk

Declaring a State Of Emergency In Iraq?

First let me put your mind at rest. There is no declaration of a state of emergency in Iraq. Nor will there ever be in this 2nd term mandate of government.  There has been much conflicting news on this topic and that is why I had to call my sources to verify. First let me explain just what must take place in order to declare a state of emergency in Iraq.

In order to declare a state of emergency in Iraq let us now look at the process and then we can analyze what happened this week so far. According to the Iraqi Constitution the terms of declare a state of emergency are the same conditions to declare a state of war, pointing out that the terms of the announcement two conditions must happen namely:

1) to provide a joint request of the presidents and cabinet to the parliament to declare a state of emergency,

2) the other condition is the House of Representatives must approve by a majority of two thirds of the members to declare a state of emergency.

So here now is what happened this week.

The Council of Representative's  was able to achieve the two-thirds quorum for the declaration of emergency, in fact in the past the absence of members as prevented the ability to achieve a quorum so many times but not this week.

I am told the declaration of emergency would be up to the next parliament if needed and they wanted to stay away from having a special session this topic. In fact they are afraid of having any more sessions in this parliament. Any further sessions have been suspended. This is a very good thing. Here is how it all played out.

I have stated in my recent past news letters that the “good guys” behind the curtain of the National Alliance really do not want this topic even to come to a parliament session for a vote while the state of law coalition with Maliki is running the government.

They fear that if a national emergency was declared Maliki would surely quickly declare martial law and take total control of the entire country of Iraq. Kurdistan then would be the only entity left to face his corruption. A civil war would almost definitely break out. This too is what he desires. Remember dictators can only operate in chaos and fear.

Also by not even letting the national security come as an issue in parliament they are also assuring no delays in rolling in the new government and finally getting rid of Maliki and his crooked goons.

More Details on the recent State of Emergency Decision

Speaker Osama Najafi (speaker of the house) postponed yesterday’s session in parliament till further notice for lack of quorum. At least that was the excuse given. We all know better. We also know why he lied.

The emergency session was in fact scheduled to be held in the House of Representatives yesterday to discuss the declaration of emergency state according to request made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Vice President Khodair al-Khuzai. I believe by scheduling the session Najafi simply followed procedure and just had to make it all legal.

Here are the details of what happened (I repeat there is currently no state of emergency in Iraq)

Naji said that the heads of the blocs of the National Alliance decided they approve any law or action to support armed forces in the fight against terrorism.

I am trying to tell you that Maliki had told the Iraq army to stand down in Mosul. This was a plot to try once again to get the  state of emergency declared. This chaos was used as leverage and pressure to try to get the parliament to vote in these emergency powers to Maliki.

 It is political blackmail and very corrupt. I know for a fact that the army was not defeated, as the news media in the USA is telling us. Instead these soldiers were ordered by Maliki to retreat and leave their weapons behind. Why?

I just told you why!  Maliki wanted to orchestrate this episode to get this enormous power that he had wanted all along. He only has a couple more days till his mandate expires as prime minister of the government. It is a last desperate attempt.

By getting these powers he would have derailed the election process and surely found out all the candidates (he already ordered that these candidates could not leave the country). He would have surely executed these candidates. Then how long would we have to wait for a new government?

It is simply unimaginable what would have happened if all this transpired this week.

Today parliamentary sources confirmed the Iraqi Council of Representatives  that the political leaders today demanded the resignation of the government and by implication the resignation of Prime Minister and the formation of a national salvation government of Iraq under the leadership of the security conditions taking place in all regions of the country.

Do these leaders know something most do not know? Do they know about the details of the plot to take over Mosul? Remember there are still many patriotic soldiers too and they talk.

My sources  added that Chalabi ( I told you about him in a recent past news letter) refused to hold an emergency meeting and give the prime minister the authority of emergency was bold in raising the issue of the sacking of the prime minister and his government,

and when the query members of the state law about the reason for non-attendance and parliamentarians emergency meeting told them that the solution lies in the resignation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the formation of a national salvation government able to arrange the security situation and restore stability to the provinces, which saw the sudden withdrawal of the security forces and militants control them without armed confrontation. "

Kurds also came out with a statement today that they would not vote to declare a state of emergency if the emergency session of the House of Representatives happened, noting that their minds on this position will not be changed. (I want to note that the Kurds know very well the damage that will happen giving Maliki this kind of power)  By the way these terrorist forces were heading for Kirkuk. Why?

Remember Kirkuk is a disputed area by the Maliki government. In fact Kirkuk is guaranteed to Kurdistan  by article 140 of their constitution. Remember Maliki signed off on this constitution. too.

There is not even really any legal grounds for any dispute except that Maliki knows it has “the” riches oil well in all of Iraq. He knows that if he can’t control the oil in Kurdistan he would try to at least annex  Kirkuk.

I keep asking myself why this guy keeps doing this. Well if you control fully the oil you control the revenue from the well - right? Thus money is power. Then you can steal as much as you desire or do what you want with the money.

There is no other reason other than to research further into what he intended to do with the money. Certainly it was not for the full benefit of Iraqi citizens. He was not doing all this for them although many think he is still such a nice guy and the Kurds are the enemy here. For those who believe this I certainly hope this week’s events have awakened you.

So who is responsible for these recent stepped-up terrorist attacks?

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is responsible for what happened since parliament rejected his call for a State of emergency. Simply put these recent attacks were nothing more than political reprisals from the  Al-Maliki government for not originally giving him these emergency powers.

Remember I talked about him and the request weeks ago in his new “national emergency law” legislation that his council of ministers presented to parliament for a vote. I was of course thrown out of parliament and never even when for a vote since parliament was not about to give up their constitutional rights to such a law (that had underlying intentions).

So these reprisals were kind of like an “I told you so”   there is very strong evidence that Maliki orchestrated these attacks. These were not coincidental. He still maintains no feelings of responsibility for the attacks or risks to Iraq and its people.

The U.S. has pledged support and will continue to assist Iraq in its response to "terrorism". Currently a shipment of arms and rockets on their way to Iraq.

In my last news letter  I quoted what  Hermann Goering (head of the WWII Hitler Luftwaffe)  said on war and violence during the Nuremburg trials. Do you now understand how these dictators work? Did you watch it all play out?

 Let me explain again. First the Attack, then the Fear and then the Solution (I will save you) ? Please go back and re-read my 6/11 news letter I explained this clearly.

If they implemented Maliki’s solution, which was to declare a state of emergency, (thus giving him extraordinary powers) his main objective would have been met - that of total control over Iraq.

He would have finally accomplished this goal. This orchestrated, stepped up attack on Mosul  was nothing more than a desperate push to get these powers and stay in control since he was all washed up and could not get a 3rd term legally.

The weapons left behind by the Iraq army that was ordered to retreat and leave their weapons behind now supply the Daash with the needed supplied to continue the battle into other regions. This weeks saga is nothing more than a staged event by Maliki to get what he wanted all along.

 But there is more to this weeks events, as I have explained. This Maliki is a brilliant strategist and politician. Its just too bad he never seems to put this brilliance to use for the good of humanity and his own country.


We all may have heard what has happened for these terrorists attacks. The official facts will be disclosed in the coming days head, and that the coming days will reveal more of the plot threads facing Iraq. I am alluding to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who was in Mosul. This attack was not a failure of the army during this attack but Maliki betrayal and treason of his own country of Iraq. What do you do with these kind of people? We are about to witness this soon.

I do bring you better news today since I now am hearing there is a solution and it does not include giving in to Maliki and his government these special state of emergency  powers as ploted.

Yes – I am now very certain there will be a happy ending after all. It is not all settled yet and certainly there is more to follow but I have witnessed the fortitude of these good leaders watching over Iraq and sticking to their policy (one which began to take form in April of 2012), - that of getting rid of Maliki and his goons.

What will they do with Maliki come June 15th when his immunity expires? In my opinion (and what I am hearing from UN sources) is that he and his goons are surely to stand trial for betrayal and treason against the state of Iraq in Iraq and then again in the international courts for terrorism and crimes against humanity. The penalty will most likely be the death penalty. If nothing else they intend to use this show as an example for Assad in Syria and any future would-be dictators.

I am now hearing from my Iraqi sources that the judiciary has already ratified the final election results but has not yet announced them to the world or Iraq. Maliki and anyone of his followers are not in the mix of this new government.

They are simply now waiting for Maliki’s mandate to be over for fear he might also send reprisals to these new candidates. They witnessed the Mosul plot and have seen what this man is capable of even in his last days as prime minister. What will he do next in his last days?

We are in an excellent window to have these announcements early next week. Lets’ sit back and watch how this all plays out in the next 4-5 days.

I want to add that you may hear of attempts over and over again that the USA is finally going to complete the rollout process of the IQD international.  Why do they keep doing this?  This is a common intel problem now for over 7 months.

I personally have just too much information telling me otherwise. They may want to do it. They may even spread rumors that they are going to do it. But when the time comes they will only stop the process again and again until -  there is stable and functional government in Iraq.
This is the plan and has always been the plan.

We await the announcement of the new government first and then let us see what happens next.

I am confident the final international rollout of their revalued currency will follow very quickly behind these announcements

Peace and Luv To Ya All,   Mnt Goat