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J.HARVEY:Misinformation is fear, fear of loss, fear of failure. The 'evil one' Maliki's, State of Emergency plan is false, it's a fox in sheep's clothing. The plan failed. Beware of disinformation to try to 'mind control' the masses. The banks are prepared for the first mouse bait and switch.100% confirmed!

Don't be the flock of sheep. Use Wealth management, don't say you didn't know because of fear and misinformation.

VINMAN:Bad guys misinformation "state of emergency" fear plan has failed.
It was a wolf in sheep's clothing through mass mind control.....time to fold em
All banks bait and switch plans are live and 100% confirmed.
This is a way to manage the sheeple since they really don't know.
 Sheeple are easily fooled with false flag events


The commandments reign down... I am not to mention or even HINT at when. All I can say is zero bad news. Stay strong and grounded. ;)


JAJRUTH:Rates on the German site are now:  IDR = $8.48 and the VND = $4.71.  Something interesting happened the first time I put in for the IQD...it showed at $.73 and the screen froze up...when I refreshed the screen...it changed to $.00009!  When I refreshed the screen AGAIN to try it again...the screen froze up again and then it finally showed the $.00009 again.  It's just weird how it's acting...and ONLY with the IQD...like they're manipulating it somehow!



CARDEN: We are in the END-ZONE NOW!
Second-by-second wait... b r e a t h e!!! Yes, we've been here before BUT NOT REALLY.
Keep POSITIVE, continue KNOWING WITHOUT A DOUBT WE KNOW THE TRUTH! There is no prevarication - no misleading - no confusion. We know what we know. 
The WORLD is different today and WE are about to feel the affects of this shift.
Congratulations and KAAAACHING for you!


SITREP (Situational Report)

Wednesday, 18:22

Deep Source #1:
"The rates are there and have been for months, they are there and ready just not showing yet. Bank stories have been somewhat hinting at this."

Deep Source #2:
"Awaiting Iraq and its new government to announce. The rates are there, but they cannot just pop-in out of the blue on Forex. There has to be an excuse or a reason backing the sudden rate change for the average public as we all witnessed with Kuwait's RV."

Deep Source #3:
"The rate change is to happen on Iraq's time. It is to be expected during the morning of 0100 hours to 0900 hours Eastern Daylight Time, that is within the time the banks are opened in Iraq."

Deep Source #4:
"The situation is heating up in Iraq, we are to await what un-folds this month. Expect to receive your blessings during the morning, not after."


Tonight Mark Meersman (PIF) Will Be Back on the Program to Explain His History, His Involvement in the RV/GCR and Will Take Your Questions.

Many of you have asked who is Mark Meersman, what is his background and why is he leading this process in the RV/GCR?

Mark will be on the program tonight, explaining his background, his family history and why he is involved in this process.

He will also give further clarification to the forms required for the dong private exchange and will take questions from callers.

But, here's a little preview.  Mark was very close to his grandfather and sees this as the fulfillment of his grandfather's dream.

Who was Mark's grandfather?

Jack King Horton was one of the most successful and powerful businessmen in America in the late 20th Century.  He was the Chairman and CEO of Edison Electric, the largest utility company in the world.  He sat on the boards of many large oil companies, large banks, as well as Stanford University.

Mr. Horton was within the elite, and associated with those we now call the Cabal.  He would tell stories to Mark of his trips to the Bohemian Grove, and of attending meetings of today's equivilent of the Davos Conference, a gathering of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the world.

Mark's family still has many of these associations, and has strong contacts among the wealthy and the elite.

So, Mr. Horton was associated with the Cabal.  However, Mark also said that he was a "white hat" within the "black hat" circles.  He had a quiet quest and dream to see the Cabal broken up, their power destroyed and their influence stopped.  He chose to work from within, and Mark would hear those stories.

Obviously, Mr. Horton was not able to fulfill his dream, but he hoped his influence would pass on as his legacy.

Mark's involvement in this RV/GCR process is not for himself, but to do his part in helping fulfill his grandfather's dream.  There are many good "white hats" in many government agencies who also want to see this completed.  They are working directly with Mark, myself and this team to bring this RV/GCR to a fruition.

You'll enjoy hearing his story and knowing the man behind PIF, Pay it Forward.




Eagle1 » June 11th, 2014, 6:34 pm 


Good afternoon, Family:

When I posted my last commentary certain events were in play which have resulted in changes to my perspective, and some developments in the news have created some concern regarding the long-term future of the IQD.

Before I get too far along, however, let me make it clear that the opinions I'm about to express are based on some personal experiences when I was in international banking so bear that in mind.

Obviously the entire RV/GCR has been a very fluid event for a long time. We have all seen a fistful of events transpire which have led us to believe that our Blessing is imminent. Nothing I've seen or heard changes that, either.
However, for some months there has been a background current of expectation that we were going to see things break in a two-step process beginning with a "general RV" consisting of the revaluation of all of the major currencies, (and available only for a short time in order to accommodate private placements and private exchanges) followed by a Global Reset which would make all of the restructured currencies (both gainers and losers) available to the general public.

That plan has apparently gone by the wayside.

As expressed to me by some folks involved in the process, there are so many individuals and institutions watching this and praying for even a few minutes' advantage in order to do some massive currency buying (or selling) that it becomes a ready-made boondoggle, and an opportunity for extensive double-dipping with resulting utter chaos.

When we first began to hear about all of the "baskets" of currencies that would be released in orderly and systematic fashion some two and a half years ago, a fairly successful effort was in place to keep the identities and valuations of the respective currencies confidential.

As the months have turned into years, any idea has long since been abandoned that the currencies with their numbers would remain a secret. Many individuals have been poised for well over a year to take advantage of any gap between one or more currencies revaluing before the rest.

For that reason the IMF, its controlling board and its associated central bankers have ditched any plans for a sequential rollout.

This past weekend any nations, whose new currency valuations had yet to be released to the IMF, did release those numbers to the IMF.

I don't have any solid proof of this yet so let me simply report the following as undocumented. According to two separate sources, I'm told that the currencies will be released to FOREX and be allowed to float rather liberally for some unspecified period of time "until they achieve market stability," after which "a managed float" of plus or minus 2% would be implemented.

Most of you will recall what happened with the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) when it was revalued in 1993. It came out at $2.47 and within a week was in the $9.00 range. Over the next three weeks, it settled back into a range of $3.50 - $3.62. That's where the currency has traded for the past 20 years.

If the IQD comes out at the $3+ rate we've been hearing behind the scenes for many months, I would expect it to react similarly and perhaps settle in a $4+ range or even higher. Some of you will recall the report I published some three years ago in which both the Frankfurt and Paris FOREX exchanges were showing an FRA for the IQD of $7.62. Could the rate go there? Possibly, but I'm not expecting that -- at least in the near term -- as a stable exchange rate.

There's another item to consider with these currencies, and that's the future of the VND. Back in 1968-1969, prior to sanctions being imposed with a program rate, the VND was valued at roughly $2.23. No one I've spoken to even suggests that this currency will emerge from 30-plus years of operating at a sanctioned and seriously devalued rate and immediately return to that number.

For well over a year, the projection from major economists and traders has been in the $.45 - $.49 range. We've seen those numbers increase in recent weeks and months, but here again we have a whole lot of fluidity in play.

I will say that if the VND comes out anywhere near those numbers, it won't stay there for long! Vietnam's economy is a whole lot stronger today than it was 30 years ago, and the asset-backing they have for their currency greatly transcends what was published in those bygone years.

Now, let me get to my place of concern for Iraq's future economic stability. Back in the mid-1980's when I was in international banking, I was invited to participate in what appeared to be a rather profitable venture with the Central Bank of Syria.

The margins being offered were extremely generous compared to the normal trading ranges we saw in platform and metals trading. I've learned throughout the years that when you see something that looks too good to be true, you'd better do your due diligence and check out every last detail before you get yourself too involved.

In this case, the more I dug and the more I learned, the more convinced I became that this venture was being set up by the then-governor of the Central Bank of Syria as one big con job and a scam among scams.

The governor of Syria's Central Bank was none other than the Iraqi, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi. He was a friend of Iraq's Ba'athist leader, Saddam Hussein, and a friend to Syria's Ba'athist president, Hafez al-Assad.

The would-be "profitable venture" proposed by Chalabi would have scammed hundreds of millions of dollars for the Assad regime. As I discovered the details of this so-called "venture," I notified the various bankers, brokers and traders with whom I was associated that anything connected to Chalabi or Syria's Central Bank needed to be "avoided with prejudice."

For a time, this same Chalabi ingratiated himself to the Bush 43 administration in 2003 and 2004 in hopes of becoming Iraq's interim leader prior to their electing a new government in the post-Saddam era.

When he was passed over and Allawi was chosen, he began traveling among the ex-patriate Iraqi communities in the U.S. lobbying and politicking to be supported as Iraq's new PM. At the same time he began bad-mouthing President Bush and the Bush administration. President Bush didn't take long to figure out that Chalabi wasn't the kind of leader for Iraq that the U.S. needed to support in any way.

I share all of this because there seems to be more than a passing chance that he could be chosen as Iraq's new PM for the new GOI.

Should that take place, my sharing these things should be "a word to the wise." Don't plan on hanging onto any IQD as a long-term investment if we see a Chalabi administration.

If you think Maliki is bad, don't expect Chalabi to be any better. Again, this is an opinion based on facts that go back to the mid-1980's and again during the first GW Bush term. Could the man have actually wised up? So far I haven't seen any evidence of it. That said, keep a careful eye on the events that transpire in the next couple of weeks.

That's my nickel's worth for today. My counsel to everyone continues to be to pray, decree and declare the will and purposes of God in all that is unfolding.

  We are, after all, recipients of the greatest transfer of financial blessing in the history of the human race.

We know what Father God has said concerning the unfolding events.

Let's not allow our mouths to confess anything contrary to what He is saying!

Blessings on you.   Eagle1


6-11-2014   Intel Guru Frank26   Two weeks ago...I said they will NOT give us the election results until the last possible nano seconds...Like the 14th or 15th.  Still looking that way.  [I believe this is what we are waiting for and I am very very excited!]  I must admit...Me too.  Stay Strong as we watch many things come to a conglomeration around the 15th...To the 1st.

6-11-2014   Intel Guru MarkZ
   We seem to be stuck in a any moment groundhog day. There has been no bad news and only positive.  All my sources still think any moment. 

6-11-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
  Article quote:  "A member of the parliamentary Commission on Security and Defense MP, of the State of Law coalition, Abbas al-Bayati denied the government's intention to impose a state of emergency in the country, after the fourteenth of this month..."    it is not going to happen and is not needed to have a state of emergency.

6-11-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   I do believe Maliki is in deep troubleThis appears to be his MO. When in trouble - start a war...as I have said for 2 years - once he's gone, it's good for everyone.  I think the next few days will be very telling for us.

6-11-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
    Under the Iraq constitution, parliament can declare a 30-day state of emergency on a two-thirds vote by its members, granting the prime minister the necessary powers to run the country. But the speaker of the house must bring this proposal to the members for a vote.  He refused in the past and so far he is still refusing.   I do not expect to see any IQD revaluation international until just prior to or after the announcements of the new government with relative stability.  I am now hearing from my Iraq sources that the judiciary will now wait until next week (past June 14th) to make the announcements...   [post 2 of 2]

6-11-20124   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
    Islamic militants overran parts of Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, on Tuesday...Is this not the day the judiciary was supposed to announce the ratified election results thus the players in the new government of Iraq.  Maliki was not going to be part of it. The timing of this event could not be more obvious as to what Maliki is attempting to do. He is creating this violence with the hope that the parliament will cave in under pressure for a solution and grant him the powers he requested.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

6-11-2014   Intel Guru Bluwolf
  ...today the insurgency took over a city in Iraq, today was the official launching of the new PM, today all was to go international...Ok, that was the bad news.  The good news is that nothing has changed, that we are set to go asn, that the negative in Iraq today doesn't change that they have a new PM, that they are democratically sovereign and by this fact they must now reach out to the world as being internationally sovereign as well and for that they must launch their currency internationally.


6-11-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar   ...here is where we were going and I happen to think we are still going there. On June 14th the present parliament is done. Right after that the new members will convene and the first order of business will be to vote a new PM in.  That decision has already been agreed to by all the sects so that should be a slam dunk. The next few days will be critical to our investment ...I still believe Turki will pull the trigger the last week of this month...I feel very comfortable that this investment will come to fruition in the next 3 weeks.  In fact I believe this so strongly that I am saying "WE ARE THERE."  [post 2 of 2]

6-11-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   Maliki has lost this election big time and the coalition has won.  The election results are not yet ratified but the coalition’s lead is an impossible hill for Maliki to climb. There will be a government change soon.  Last night a new hitch was put in this get along.  Maliki announced that the ISIS and or Daash has moved in and taken Mosul the 2nd largest city in Iraq.  He is calling for the parliament to declare Marshall law which is required by law.  It won't happen.  The election results are supposed to be released today. Maliki is calling for a complete cessation of the election and if parliament declares Marshall Law, that would leave Maliki in charge until it is undeclared.  The timing, the motive and the orders are suspicious.  Today [Tuesday] or tomorrow we should have an answer to this situation.


by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, June 11th, 2014.  It’s a great day because DC is feeling great today.  I was going to say ‘super-fantastic’, but you guys can ask if he feels that way. This is one of those days where you have to go through it to get to it.  You have to understand why we are hearing what we hear every day while we do these calls.

For those who aren’t on TNT and haven’t been on the calls, TNT is here strictly helping you guys because we felt committed to do that.  It’s not for an ego trip or so you will know our names – the only name here is mine, and I wish you never knew that!  We committed ourselves to you. I don’t care, DC, Ray and Pam… we have enough knowledge on our own to get this to work. I know where and how to invest, how the rates will go up, when it will peak and go down. I know what platforms will multiply my money, what industries to invest in, and which Forex or IPOs will multiply this money.  So we are not here for any other reason but that, to you help you.

We bring you information day after day as we get the information – what we are being told.  We have gone out of our way to create a situation where we can help the most people here in the US and in other countries… the down to earth people who have this opportunity that 350 million don’t have. We want to support those who are learning, getting the information and understanding it.  Sometimes we can tell you certain things as they emerge, and we go on together trying to figure it out.  Not just the rate and date, but what makes this whole thing work.  What is Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Creature from Jekyll Island all about when we get this money?  It’s about building a future with this.

You have a few ignorant people out there who want their 15 minutes of fame, and I want to give it to them.  There is a whole list of them who maybe don’t understand, or maybe they are just dumbasses who aren’t trying to understand.  Don’t pay any attention to them.  We need to use this time wisely for us.  This is what will happen afterwards…  today we will tell you where we think we are, and how good we feel, and talk about the process.  We went out, brought you what we could, got people behind us when we thought things were going wrong for ‘we the people’.  People round the world noticed that and contacted us to offer help. Both the good guys and the bad guys noticed it;  they looked across the board and said, “those guys are less full of shit than everyone else”.  I’ll never forget that answer!  In doing that, they raised it to a different level, giving us information about how they want it to go once this is announced.

However, they have some concerns that I’m still going to give you guys too much information, and advise you what to do and not do, and that I won’t shut down the site afterwards. I want to give you the information to get through this process  as smoothly as possible. I will not give you info / advice after the RV, whether I’m going to split my money into four, or whatever.

On other sites, they charge $15 per month for nothing much. It doesn’t cost you a dime for information about what industries are coming up or whatever, because we have been discussing this for years.  In college, you study, work or learn, and at the end you either pass or fail. That’s where real life begins;  you have to go out into the world and make your own decisions.  You are about to  talk your final exams!  Your neighbors cannot help you.  You have to take everything we have talked about, and take them into the real world and make decisions.  Go and get that information off the site and share that with the people around you.  You will have to do that part, because I don’t know what they are going to let me do or not let me know, although DC give s me hints.  This is real life, not what others are bringing up where it’s just going to be the same thing over and over again.

I sent out a tweet yesterday saying all the glitters is not gold, and then everyone went into a frenzy. I put that out because people in the chat wanted a blast.  That news on CNN on three days old, and there was a purpose in putting it out yesterday.  If you were involved, you would have understand that, rather than making smart remarks.  Some were at work, didn’t get the news, and so on.  It was cryptic for a reason because it was supposed to happen yesterday. There was a purpose for those news items.  This is what we do, what we’re investing time and effort in, to understand what is happening. If you only want the bank call, go away and wait for that, and then you can figure it out on your own.

Every day something Is happening, someone Is trying to do something else.  There’s an agreement to do it at a certain time and there is too much time, so someone comes out with something else.  DC will give you some good news, though.  Everyone with common sense will understand the public will be told certain things, and we know more behind the scenes.

I want to address Mtn Goat for a moment.  Mtn Goat gives you guys some things that we cannot because of the information we are getting.  I don’t know where Mtn Goat gets the intel, but I’m giving what I can to make sure we are getting the correct information and I give you what I can.  As we get closer, they want to put more restrictions because they want you to do what they want;  I understand that. It’s going to be sooner than you think, and you need to ask pertinent questions while you can.

DC:  A shameless plug to the folks who we can assist in getting the package out earlier.  We would like to help you getting that final information out there so it goes smoothly.  We can help everybody on that and we will go anywhere required to do that.  We are very, very close, and a few of us have been asked to give updates on the cash exchange process. That is what we are here to do, and it puts a nice finish on the job. There are at least two more that I know of and maybe more than I don’t know of.

Here’s a scenario and we will walk through processes today. It was supposed to go down Monday and then yesterday, and things are very close right now. I  cannot give details on that.  Public events I can comment on.  Mosul was overtaken by al-Quaeda, that’s been going on for while in a region prone to all sorts of issues for the last ten years.  That’s a constant battle and all the senior folks believe that it is a serious issue, but not a block to the revaluation.  This is just my view, not direct information;  I see this as very similar to what happened in August last year – they kept promising the RV and it destabilized many areas in Iraq.  So by starting to issue the cards and announcing it, the whole thing went quiet.  That is what they are pushing for now;  the RV is a stabilizing force. Rich people don’t blow themselves up or challenge the police.  They have done this in the past and it’s been very successful.

Tony:  What we do know is all good news today.  NO, it’s not six months from now. Bank people are still at the bank, and staff are at the exchange centers, for the most part. Everybody is still on Go, we just don’t know the exact time or moment. It was stopped again yesterday, and if I told you what we were told, you’d be very happy. Everything is back on track, and you should all be happy. The most important part to you right now is going over procedures.

DC:  That is the intel, and we’ll go through the procedures for those who are new.  First, things can change but we’ve been talking with people for so long we have a good view of what we need to.  We are ready to learn about the packets to learn about the final issues.

What will most likely happen is this, hypothetically.  Let’s pick Friday at 9am – it won’t happen then, this is just an example. Let’s say they say GO at 9am and it is announced throughout the world.  All the background stuff has been done and they say Go. At that time, the  banks who are not already called in will be notified, and that will take 12 to 48 hours. Some banks are ready to go right now, and they will take calls immediately.

So at 9.02, several key people get notified, including Tony and myself.  Most likely they will ask us to come in and review final paperwork and lock stuff down.  We don’t know if we will be able to make a call right away or if we’ll have to wait until after we have been through the paperwork.  We may not be able to make the call until late afternoon.  Most people will be called, brought in, asked to be quiet until everything is set.  Be prepared;  you may hear some rumbling but not hear from any of us because we may be tied down until we can the package tied down. Again, Friday at 9am is NOT the real time.  I guarantee that will NOT be at 9am on Friday.

However, let’s say it happens at 9am.  Our call will not happen until 6-8 hours afterwards, after they have made us sign NDAs and go through their procedures. That’s why we’d like to have their procedures beforehand, to tighten up that process.  They want this to go smoothly, not with buses storming the banks.  That is why they are giving this information to trusted folks and trying to slowing it down.

Tony:  We know that will be a hard time for you guys, so we are saying to the powers “let’s do all that ahead of time, so that we can get to you guys immediately instead of leaving you in limbo for 6-8 hours.”  Hopefully they will let us do that instead of doing it the other way.

DC:  Right now, the plan is to do what I’ve described.  We have asked to make a quick call to let you know that it’s happening and we’ll be back to you in six hours.  All my  people are saying they want everyone quiet for a calm rollout process.  You don’t need to be the first in line at the back;  you do need to understand the process so that you can make the right decisions at the bank.  We are happy to answers questions on that.

Once we understand the procedures and release the 800 numbers, we will then go through the procedures as we understand them. We will try to record the call, and get the information out there.  Many who invited Ton y and myself to participate in the education process understand those constraints.  We want to walk everyone through that process.

So let’s say we make a call on Friday afternoon, with the 800 numbers, and options A, B and C.   Most likely, A will be high rate and high taxes, B will be middle rates and taxes, and C will be lower rates and maybe taxes.  Those options will be on the plate as long as possible, but we will find out and give you that information as well.

About 250K listen to this call, and you will be among the first to be able to call in as well as the bank contacts.  Joe Public will not know when this happens;  they’ll be waiting for their contacts to call. They can process an insane number of people pretty quickly, and we will be in the first day or two.  They will point you at the right banks.  Don’t worry about being first in line;  it will be a slower rollout. They won’t be advertising this on CNN.  It will be slow and unassuming.

Tony: There are 5-6 million dinar holders, and we have maybe 250,000 we connect to.  There are only 40,000 listening right here and now, so you will be first in line! No need to panic;  it’s not going to work like that.

DC: Their intent it to get people to a secure area and process as many people as quickly as possible  and get them out the door. We will help with that. We have been asked to do daily calls for 7-14 days after that initial call. So if we have a call on Friday afternoon, and everyone is getting geared up at the banks and exchange centers, people will have to be patient. By Saturday it will be at a pretty good clip, based on Friday am hypothetical time.  We’ll make a call Friday afternoon.  They are asking people to listen to the calls we make to speed up your understanding. We will get an NDA and contract to put on the sites.   We will get going on those pretty quickly, and the next full day it will go faster because the other banks will be up to speed.

We will get updates on the bank issues.  Let’s say nobody understands paragraph B in the NDA. They will ask us to explain what that means, so that you can understand how it affects you in the future. There will be ongoing updates with the bank issues, so that they can get the  line moving through as quickly as possible, with more understanding and less panic.  They might also say “Option A is used up”, etc., to help through the process.

They will be moving immense numbers by the third day, and we will keep everyone updated in our daily two-hour calls.  That is how this process will work. We will also have key banking reps on the calls with us. They don’t want the liability, so we’ll just have to roll with that. It’s okay to study, take your time, and  know that you are going to be first in line anyway.

Tony:  So… everyone needs to understand that the RV is NOT happening Friday at 9am. That is just an example so that you know what to expect.  It could be in the next hour!

DC:  It will NOT happen at Friday at 9am.

Tony:  We will not be able to give you our personal advice. Go to the boards now, talk to each other, gather information.  Hopefully you spent the time during the semester doing your homework so that you are now ready for the final exams.  Ask DC on this call what he would do…  I’m super-fantastic and I’m ready for this ride to be over!

208 caller: I have question for DC.  Tony said the site may go down when you receive the packages. We have the tntsuperfantastic.com, .info sites;  will the NDA and contracts and process be posted there?

DC:  I hope so, but don’t bet on it.  There is supposed to be a portal for that information, and we are supposed to get that info in the package.  I don’t think there is a back wall; it’s day to day and hour to hour.  I know what they are doing right now and it’s really a day to day tactical fight.

Tony:  We are in the best position ever concerning that.

DC:  We are in a phenomenal position, and in broad terms… what happened Monday night, there was a delay, and they were told they had a few hours rather than a couple of days.  The only delays they are being allowed is a couple of hours.

Caller:  So there is no absolute end date?

DC:  We’ve had a number of those already because we’re dealing with people who don’t believe they are subject to those timelines.  If they go to a back wall, everyone expects it then, and the guys delaying it can continue gaining steam.  By not having a back wall, they are denied that steam.

Caller:  DC, have you bought opera tickets for this weekend?  Everyone, please donate to the site.

Tony:  In  between calls, let me say this.  This used to be delayed by months, then weeks, then days, then hours.  Then I got a text saying, “Well, when it was delayed by months, why did you tell us it was ready now?”  If I  knew it was months, don’t you think I would have told you?!  In the newspapers, in June they would say it was in January, and then in January they said June.  They were still trying to put  I tout.  They are not putting that in the paper any more.  They are not saying 1. July.  We were saying 48 hours, and now it is hour by hour.  That is how it has been going down.  Next we’ll be getting 30 minute notifications.  That’s how close, fluid and in-the-moment it is now.  If you have been involved in the process, this should be obvious.  I’ll try to do better.

731 caller:  I appreciate your commitment, partner!  Will the banks still be open 24 hours?

Tony:  It was supposed to be 7am to 11pm at the banks.

Caller:  Is there anything about the reserves? Is there hope for us with reserves out there?

DC:  They will try to get your money regardless, so Options A, B and C will be applied to the cash, once you have cashed in those reserves, at the follow up appointment.

Caller:  On Monday’s call, you said you were waiting on an announcement from Iraq, but it looks like Iraq is a handful of diarrhea right now.  Is Maliki there or gone, or what?

DC:  Everybody is prepared for that announcement to go out at their random time of choosing.  We don’t know the time…

Caller:  I’m betting on Friday at 9am!  <laughter>

Tony:  That’s going to be all over the internet!

636 caller:  So the RV is happening on Friday at 9am… just joking.  You have been saying everything is all good in Iraq, but they are passing laws and such, so it looks like it does have to do with Iraq.

Tony:  As the situation has changed, negotiations have changed… it keeps changing.  The power and authority keeps shifting and it will continue until someone actually does it.  In the future, you will fully understand how this happened, how the authority and responsibility changed.  There is more to this than reaches the public.  I wish they would make it all public, but that would upset everyone too much.  Years down the road, when the books are written, you will be able to say “I was there, and now I understand why Tony and DC sounded so insane”. It is real, it’s a negotiation in process, and it’s something that has never happened before. They are resetting all the currencies in the world, and it’s just not as simple as buying a car!

Caller: You said certain people were stalling, and then you said they had to put everything in writing.

DC:  Some of the stalls have simply been sabotage, pure and simple.  Most times, they try to follow the rules and regulations. For example, recently they said that they had to pause because everyone is now so suspicious of each other.  So they did put it in writing, and released a thoughtful plan that they are trying to put through. There is still some stupidity and sabotage, but for the most part they are keeping to the plan and being legal about it.

Tony:  there are still some egos involved, and when gets personal, that has to be overcome.

Caller:  In late June, Ramadan starts and some want to push it off to 1. July. Then some Iraqi officials says they don’t want to do it after June 28th. Is that true?

Tony:  I haven’t seen that article, but I think they will do it before then.

Caller: If it goes past that time, will you still name names?

Tony:  It’s obvious – who makes decisions in each country?  What’s more important to know why they put it off.  If Maliki makes the final decision over there, President Obama makes it over here.  The only time names need to come out is why and when certain people get paid out, and you don’t. The US government is what stops it;  we don’t need to name those in charge of each department, because everyone knows who they are!

303 caller:   DC, don’t get all pumped up because Pam called you Adonis.  She called every man she met at the Kentucky Derby “Mr. Adonis”.  With your timeline of going through the process, when we will go to the bank?

DC:  As soon a s you have your appointment.  When you have the 800 numbers, call and get your appointment.  The people paying attention to us will probably get done within the first two days, and then they can process the rest.

Caller:  Can you at least put out a tweet saying you are on the way to sign your NDAs?

DC:  If they let us…

Caller:  If we don’t get it done by 27. June, then Ramadan is a holy time and very little gets done in the Middle East.

DC:  Ramadan is like the holidays for us, like Thanksgiving through Christmas/New Year’s.  Things do get done, but slowly because people are on holiday.  It’s a lower level of intensity but things do get done.  It’s my belief it will go before then, anyway, but even if it’s in the middle of July, that will happen.

Caller:  I have registered with stage3alpha;  does that give me access to the TNT forum?

Tony:  We have nothing to do with that site or any other site.  Pam holds the keys to the forum;  no one gets in or out without her say-so.  We had a bunch of idiots who were on the forum, disrupting the forum.  That’s why we locked the doors and we don’t want to open it up to those idiots again, especially when we are this close to it.  We do have Tony blasts that everyone can look at. IF you know someone on the forum, they can pass stuff out to you.  We have about 20,000 now, and if we opened it up, there would be 80,000 to clean out.

Caller:  When I bought my currency, they are in my name but bought by a joint account.  Will there be any problem opening an exchange account for my wife?

Tony:  There shouldn’t be a problem with a spouse.

585 caller:  DC, we are supposed to press you for information;  you were under the bus before everyone got on.  Seeing that you were over there when this first began, was there ever an idea that Iraq would be going through what they are now.

DC:  they have gone from a brutal dictator and warring factions to a democracy that will be one of the richest and fastest growing countries in the world.  It’s going to be painful.  Were we hoping for more people on board the democracy train?  Yes, but this where they are going. The media likes to portray Iraq as being a mess, but on the ground there are many  positives going on:  schools, roads, power stations, many other positive things going on. You hear the bad stuff more.  An accurate view is that they do have some issues that are being addressed by serious people.  They are in the middle of another fair election, and that is a huge process.  They are about to revalue their rate to become a massively valuable country, and that will be a rock to stabilize some unstable situations.  We did hope it would happen earlier, but they added in the GCR where everyone and his mother gets a vote, so it’s taken longer than we expected.

Caller:  Was there an actual attack or just a stalling action by Maliki to keep hold of power?

DC:  It is an actual attack by ISIS.  It was set up as a distraction, but not at  this level.

Tony: It was not by accident that this news came out three days later.

DC:  The government was supposed to be announced on the 14th.  Two-thirds have to vote for a state of emergency, so that is unlikely to occur. Mosul is serious, but they have made good progress so far.

Caller:  Are you going to a matinee some time this week?

DC:  That is my hope and expectation.  This is a day to day fight.

925 caller:  I know someone is Islamic, and Ramadan is kind of like Lent – they fast during the day, and they do things slowly but don’t stop entirely.  I do pray for the people of Iraq’s peace and prosperity.  I’ve herd people say we need to make sure we are paid in Federal Reserve notes…

DC:  I’m not going to go into that;  to explain it gets confusing.  A dollar is a dollar, and that’s it. Do we know everything?  No.  If people say they know everything, ignore them.  Those involved in the actual revaluation don’t know everything;  no one know s the entire process.  When it comes oto the FRNs, it’s even more confusing. Just take your currency to the bank and exchange it.

Caller:  I have reserves, and I’m a little concerned with having that value of currency sent through the mail, Fedex or UPS.

DC:  Let’s take Sterling.  If you have a reserve of, say, $10.  You pay off that reserve, and they then wire you that amount. They won’t send it through Fedex;  It’s too much money to send as currency.

Caller:  I am using two other dealers, and I’d rather have them sent as a wire.

DC:  Many will get their confirmations and deliveries, then they are out.  If you get a wire, it’s much cleaner.

Tony: On the business side, some companies say you cannot pick it up.  They want you to exchange with them, at their rate, because that way they make money. I’d want to know that beforehand.

Caller:  I’ve seen some NDAs from the Treasury Interface Team and powers of attorney…

DC:  I’ve read a few of those and listened to a few calls;  that is about specific groups that want that information.  I understand what they are getting out, and it’s for the party that are buying those currencies from you, and what those buyers want, whether it’s China, US-based or foreign-based.  That is a particular package for a particular group.  Some of the people we are dealing with here for US banks will be very straightforward and simple.  Some of the groups are very complicated.

Caller:  I’m uncomfortable with the power of attorney.  I appreciate you, and did manage to make a donation once;  I do really appreciate and enjoy the calls and what you offer.  [more appreciation]

Tony:  A donation is never required to be in the site, on the calls, or to get the information afterwards.  WE do appreciate everyone  who does that, and it will come back to you., but no one is required to do that.  DC, did you say they wouldn’t get the contract rates with the reserves?

DC:  The higher rates will be around for a while, and if you get your reserves within that time, you will get the higher rates, and otherwise you will not.

414 caller:  There seems to be a window of time, hypothetically, before we can call and get our appointments at the bank.  Can we still take in a single 25K note and exchange it?

DC: Yes, so far as I know, that’s on e 25K note per person.

Caller:  The announcement that was delayed to the 10th, has that been made?

DC: I cannot answer that.

Caller:  You said there will probably be three options;  does that include the China rate?  And did they try to revalue several times per day?

DC: I believe so, yes.  I can’t speak about the last couple of days, but they did try it several times per day last week.

Tony:  That caller asked excellent questions – we appreciate it!

407 caller:  [appreciation]  When we make the appointment, you said that possibly three people can go to that appointment?

Tony:  They say you, your spouse and an attorney can go in with you.  Everyone will have to make their own appointment, though.  The spouse doesn’t have to be there, but are you trying to hide money from her or what?

Caller:  I have been called every name around being stupid, so I’ve told her I will take care of it.  She has no desire to listen or do the exchange.

Tony: You don’t have to bring her.  I live in California and it’s a 50.50 state, so she’ll get half anyway!

Caller:  Will the contract rate fluctuate like the market rate?

Tony:  It will be one rate and when it runs out, it’s done.  [DC agreed.]

302 caller:  If you were me, on the other side of the phone, what question would you ask?

DC:  Tony, what question would you ask me?  Then I’ll  ask you a question…

Tony:  Would you, knowing what you  know right now, sign the NDA and take the highest rate?

DC:  Yes, I would   Tony, what is your… do you believe we’ll have a good Father’s Day?

Tony:  I will have the best Father’s Day of my life!

Caller:  DC, you said they tried many days and many times… was that an electronic problem or a people problem?

DC: Two were technical problems and several others were people problems.

Tony:  Pam says we can take one more call because she has something else do.

407 caller:  While I’ve been listening to the call, I got a text from a separate intel source saying “I got news that it could be held off until between 20. June and 1. July”.  It sounds like your information is more recent, yes?  And therefore more accurate?

DC:  Yes.  I would strongly argue that we are on an hour by hour deal.  I know what certain agencies and people are saying, but really it’s an hour by hour fight.

Caller:  There seems to be a lot more urgency in how you and Tony are speaking.  Something can always come in and throw cold water at the last minute, but is my observation accurate?

DC:  No kidding, it’s nearly gone through the last two days, so I think we are immensely close.

Tony:  Okay, we will call it a day.  I will look forward to the next few days…

DC:  I’ve been getting texts from a few folks who are worried that Tony and I are not taking  things seriously.  We are light-hearted guys, but when it’s ready to go, we’ll be serious. I think it’s very joyous that this is going through. It is truly hour by hour;  keep calm and get educated.  We will go through the procedures as best we can, and we pray we will get it beforehand so that we can go through it fast.

Pam:  Sorry about the noise. You know a lot more than you think – you were smart enough to get in this, stay in this, and listen to Tony and DC. Trust yourselves!

Ray:  I’m looking forward to unwinding…

Tony:  I started this call off with everything we’ve gone through for the last four months, and DC has been with us for the last year.  We go through this EVERY day, morning to night. My phone starts this at 4.30am, and we go through this several times a day.  People look to me to tell them what to do and when, making decisions based on this information.  We feel that responsibility.  You need to know what we are going through making sure we don’t screw up and give you the right level of information.  We have wives, kids, people to feed on top of this.  If this is how we enjoy the moment as we go through it, and you have a problem with that, then you need to hang up until this is over with.  Our whole goal is to keep people positive and involved so that they don’t sell their dinar and know how to  get through the process… and this is how we get through that process. We are ready for another call, we are ready for the package, we are ready to go, and let’s get this show on the road.  Enjoy the rest of your day, because I will enjoy mine.  Thanks to all the team, Mods and transcribers.  Goodbye!



JAJRUTH :Remember people...this isn't necessarily a "bad thing"!  Take into consideration that there's been a LOT of shootings and bad things coming up in the news in the US and now Iraq is in turmoil!  These might be the "distractions/diversions" which both countries are creating to keep the eyes of the public OFF the RV/GCR!  Just sayin'.



Let's hear that ringing sound, ringing from the treetops; ringing all around, joyfully, artfully repeating. Watershed event is upon us and the waters will wash away all the past sorrows and grief. We will be born anew with the fresh optimism of the moment. This energy will carry us forward and will spread like contagion from one person to the next.

We are told to keep our financial success to ourselves and not to let the world know that we have improved financially in our lives. This for some, will be the toughest thing to manage and it's something to consider right now. Be happy but be calm and don't go crazy right away. 
Here are some suggestions for disappearing POST RV:

1) Take an extended vacation for a month or two. Travel someplace you've always wanted to be and rent a studio by the month. 
2)  Take nothing with you and buy everything new.... won't that be a novelty!    
3) Travel where you think you might like to have a home and contact a real estate agent to show you around.
4) If it's international, find out about buying a business and opening a bank account and citizenship options.
5) In USA, if you invest $1 M into this country, in a business you are "fast-tracked" into citizenship - as in 60 days. Same is true for other countries. Explore this option now that you can afford to.
6) Look into any networking and spiritually-focused groups you may be interested in, in the locale you are visiting. It's amazing what outreach can do!
7) Wake up every day with a plan to enjoy your day. It's a NEW WORLD.


[Papajack] I can't say too much but things are wrapping up according to the folks I speak with, there are many good guys pushing this through despite the bad guys fighting it. When we all get the real scoop many will be shocked.........


TOMAAAAAAA....Se esta CERRANDO La Arca para los Dongs. Si es la Ultima llamado para registrarse para Utah, entonces pronto viene el cambio.....EMO...Victory is Here...!!!


TOMAAAAAAAA....Is closing the ark for the Dongs. If this is the last Call for register for Utah, then soon come the change or RV.....EMO...Victory is Here...!!!


Iraq could try to do international commerce at 1166 once they move to Article 8 however, they would be broke in less than a year.

In other words—paying 1166 IQD for every $1 would break them.

Economist delay the budget behind the rise of the dinar and the dollar.

Relationships between the Iraqi government dinar exchange rate against the USD has been ruled out by economists.

Prediction; an expected recovery of the dollar within the next few days.

CBI is the only one with authority to set exchange rates of the IQD policies, against any foreign currency


The ISX hooked to the global platform OMX, and what that means to us is – international compliance for it to launch…

Lebanon Banks said they are not getting a return on their investments as the rest of the international banks are, but they don’t care about it because they strategically placed themselves in Iraq for gains from securities market (ISX).

The BIG message in this statement is: they don’t care about the money invested because of the return that is COMING!



in November of 2013 I told a friend of mine about this investment. Well he was very excited and started buying his currency every payday. he started researching about the currency rv. He listened in on TNT with Tony and DC, he started reading a lot of the Iraqi news and became very familiar with all the terminology of this investment. On June 2nd 2014 he went into chase bank here in California 2 exchange 1 million Vnn, he need it gas money for the week. He he was expecting to get $40.00 for gas. To his surprise the bank teller called over her manager they both look at the currency on the banks scream they turned it over check the front and the back they gave him $4,200. He hey left the bank praising god and trying to call me. I had left my cell phone over some friends house the night before and didn't get his call until late on that night. By the time I heard his story the vnn was off the screen at the bank, but he was so thankful to me for telling him about the RV that he gave me a litt something. I was so blessed by that gift I didn't have eough money to pay my rent this month and his gift made it happened. I feel great! we was on the screen around 4 o'clock on June 2nd for a short time but pretty soon we will be on the bank screen forever. all my friends kept saying was this is real and it's really going to happen. Th ank you Jesus, Tony and DC the mod and Pam and all of the TNT family. God bless you'll


UU6666 A Desperate Man

Hi Everyone,

This morning  I sit and overlook the valley below. It is a very peaceful as the sun settles on the chalets and warms the cool morning air. It is a nice time to be alive and live in  the Alpine region of Bavaria. It is safe and peaceful. Meine Kinder sind in der Schule this day so I am here alone to think.

As I sit I cry out to the Lord to protect  the average family in Iraq that now must endure this violence that is being perpetrated on them for political objectives. I say when will it all end? I see now the madness, the darkness and the evil of one man at work– Nori Al-Maliki.

I bring some sad news today and I will not sugar coat it.

I am still hopeful all will work out as the coming weeks progress. Sorry if this news letter is extra long today but. I really believe  we all need to know just how dire this situation is and that it is real and desperate.
Today’s News

As you may remember I stated in my last couple news letters that this would be a pivotal week for the country of Iraq. I made this statement because the world was to see the announcement of the ratified election results today.

So what happened? We are actually almost now 2 days past June 10th  in Iraqi time and still  no news on the ratified election results. We know this news is critical since it will show us the majority party, the new prime minister candidate, and the winners of parliamentary seats.  This is all the foundation of the new government and it will tell us what direction Iraq is going to take and how stable it will be.

Let us not also forget the mandate for the Maliki government and his goons expires at the end of this week. Iraq has a chance to finally break free from this tyranny and move forward as a nation.

The current Iraq terrorism explained-

We have seen through articles the desperate moves this current prime minister has done recently in an attempt to stay in power including the ballot box stuffing and all the other election corruption as noted in the 800+ election appeals filed since April 30th.

I have stated that our biggest fear now should be the antics that Maliki will try next in order to stay in power.

If you remember back prior to the April 30th elections Maliki tried to get parliament to vote in a his so-called “National Emergency” law. This law was written by the State Law coalition Council of Ministers. In this law it stated that the Prime Minister could declare a National Emergency without having to go through parliament and thus declare Marshal Law,  suspending parliament, the Iraqi constitution any time national security was threatened. This new law would have given the Maliki government enormous, unprecedented powers and just in time to create monkey business during the election process too (an election he knew he could not win honestly and fairly).

We believe the true intent of this newly proposed law was so he could legally take control of the election process and dismantle it for his benefit. He wanted to do this  in order to create chaos and disorder to delay the elections indefinitely, thus staying in power. This new law would have given him the final means to complete his strong hold of terror on Iraq (as some say was already worst than the Saddam Hussein era). He would then have complete and irrevocable power in Iraq, essentially a legal dictatorship.

Well this did not happen and the new law was never even considered in Parliament since, as it was stated by the leader of the council of representatives, (and I am not quoting) – [the power to declare national emergencies rest within parliament and only parliament as per Iraq constitution. The government must come to parliament in times of crisis and emergencies, present the needs with solutions to the crisis as appropriate. The deemed necessary support from parliament to deal with such crisis will be decided]. In other words we can see that parliament was not about to voluntarily give away their constitutionally granted powers to the central government. Especially to this man.

So why did Maliki actually think they might let him have his way since it seems logical to us this was such a ridiculous law to even propose in the first place(based on his past performance) ?

To answer this question you only have to go back to WWII and study the Nazi regime in Germany and the methods they used to gain power and stay in power.

So now I will quote directly on what Hermann Goering's said on war and violence during the Nuremburg trials and how to get the people to go along with it.

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."

--Goering at the Nuremberg Trials


So why do I take the time to tell you this today?

It is because once again, as we near June 14th, just days away from the end of the mandate for the prime minister, we are witnessing a desperate attempt to use this “national emergency” tactic to take control of the country. We saw it once and we are seeing it again.

So let us now see how this applies to the recent violence and terrorism attacks in Mosul, as Goering described it in the 1940’s:

Here is the attack:
If you have been paying attention to the news from Iraq you noticed the  Islamic militants overran parts of Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, on Tuesday (today), driving security forces from their posts and seizing the provincial government headquarters, security bases and other key buildings. Why on Tuesday? Why today?

Is this not the day the judiciary was supposed to announce the ratified election results thus the players in the new government of Iraq.  Maliki was not going to be part of it.

Here is the fear:
It was reported in today’s news that the battle for Mosul was a serious blow to Baghdad's attempts to tame a widening insurgency by a breakaway al-Qaida group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Earlier this year, the group took over another Iraqi city, Fallujah, in the west of the country, and government forces have been unable to take it back after months of fighting. (Note how the news did not ridicule the prime minister for lack of security measures to combat the violence)

Here is the “I will save you”:
The timing of this event could not be more obvious as to what Maliki is attempting to do. Yesterday in a nationally televised press conference, Nori Al-Maliki asked parliament to convene an urgent session to declare a state of emergency.

What a surprise! Don’t worry Maliki will save everyone from this attack ……lol….

Oh! Maybe he should stay on as prime minister for a 3rd term?  We need his protection! Just kidding……lol,..,,

FYI- Under the Iraq constitution, parliament can declare a 30-day state of emergency on a two-thirds vote by its members, granting the prime minister the necessary powers to run the country. But the speaker of the house must bring this proposal to the members for a vote. He refused in the past and so far he is still refusing.

Can you imagine this – Maliki having this kind of power at this critical time?

It is my opinion that parliament would have to be insane to grand this prime minister these kind of powers at this critical junction of time.

As I stated this is a pivotal point in the history of Iraq. Will they now make the correct critical decisions necessary to move forward and take their government back from this would be dictator or will they allow this tyranny to continue for yet another 4 years.
If you read my recent past news letters you can also see some long term consequences way beyond the next 4 years for Iraq and the region that could and most probably would prevail if Maliki could have more time to sink his nasty roots. .

Surprise…Surprise !
Does it surprise you now to know that the parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi is from Mosul and we all know his is a Sunni. Do you see the connection yet? (Sunni vs Shuites)

Nothing is coincidental !
We have seen the recent violence in Ninewa, Anbar, Fellugah and now this current violence as reported in Mosul seesm to have been stepped up. Today the violence entered the city of Baiji the second largest city in Iraq. Is this coincidental that  Baiji refinery is Iraq’s biggest, supplying oil products to most of the country’s provinces.

Remember too that the Kurds are moving forward in selling their oil since Maliki has stalled HCL and refused to budge on any real honest agreements on this topic. We have seen all the articles on the ongoing dispute and the ship now pirated by Maliki sitting offshore with 1 million barrels of oil destined for German and Italian ports. Why is it okey for him to illegally give oil to Syria last year when Kurdistan now is just trying to live upto HCl and the constitutional rights in dealing with the sale of oil.
So what now is the real intent of Maliki in orchestrating this violence? If gone unchecked what is his final objective? Are you beginning to piece this together yet?

It is of course only the outcome of years  of neglect in taking the proper security measures to combat these terrorists in the first place. Powers that Maliki already has since he never seated an parliamentary approved security minister, Instead he appointed a proxy minister. Thus this gave him the needed latitude to manipulate the security ministry to create  chaos when deemed necessary to satisfy his political agenda. He has been doing this all along. The UN has files on all this.

There is only one person to blame for these recent terrorists attacks and that in Nori Al-Maliki. So he is the root cause and could not prevent the attacks in the past (as he has said) then how does he plan to combat them any different now if these necessary  “emergency powers” were to be granted to him?  The answer is - There is no difference since this is not his legitimate intent of his request for more power. He is creating this violence with the hope that the parliament will cave in under pressure for a solution and grant him the powers he requested. This is his last desperate attempt to stay in power.

The good news is the United States yesterday agreed to  provide all appropriate assistance to the Government of Iraq under the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) to help ensure that these efforts succeed. I talked about the SFA in one of my recent news letters and how it might be used to control Maliki in his last desperate days. Sure enough here we go !

By the way the elite Peshmerga forces from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are also now getting involved   to assist. I guess the 1 million manned army of Maliki’s central government can’t (or won’t) handle the situation.

I got to tell you there is much more going on then I am telling you but I need for you to see the big picture and so I am trying to give you enough pieces to draw your own conclusions.

So why do I believe much of the radical terrorism and violence will simply disappear once Maliki and his goons are no longer in control?

1) the Maliki government will no longer be in power to support these terrorists;

2) they will have a seated security ministry, trained and capable of being proactive in the fight against these kind of insurgents who are not welcome in Iraq;

3) the USA is much more likely to assist Iraq and provide support in the fight with more modern weapons and devices if they can trust the government in using them for there intended purposes;

4)  there will also be a more opne channel of communications set up with the new security ministry for the average citizen to report such activities  without themselves  being implicated and jailed for making these reports, as is now done with the crocked security forces of Maliki;

5) today there is no real will of the government to combat this kind of terror since it is being used politically by the central government of Iraq for political objectives. This all must change if you are going to have any kind of real peace in Iraq;

6)  they must rid themselves of a prime minister who supports terrorism in his own country as a means of creating fear and reprisals against his policies and anyone who apposes him.

Will Maliki succeed?

Time will tell but if the election results are delayed beyond June 15th we are in trouble. The longer we wait this would only give Maliki yet more time to maneuver his way into the 3rd term. What tricks await us ? Its not official until its announced.

Time always seems to be on his side. I have noticed over the last 8 years this is a common theme for Maliki and his goons. They seem to somehow cause this constant fear and chaos in the country and use this to legally keep stalling parliament and nothing ever seems to make any real progress. The only real achievements are that they always seem to make the money allocated for projects for the people to disappear and with  no accountability. They always have an excuse too, Someone or something else is to blame.

This is very typical of these would be dictators. This is a common tactic used. It is a well known fact in the intelligence arena . This is how they stay in power.


In the recent past news letters I have given you some timelines. I also stated we had to stand back and watch to see how Maliki would attempt  to derail the election process and delay these coming announcements. Could he succeed? I tried to explain the implications if he did happen to get a 3rd term.

I do not bring you such great news today and I am saddened that Iraq did not make the announcements of the election results as scheduled.

But I am still hopeful that they will not allow this terrorism situation to set them on a course of constant delays and roller coaster ride again with Maliki. I am also hopeful that they have the fortitude to stand up to him and do grant these emergency powers he seeks. We all know the devastating consequences this could have on Iraq. By the way this would only delay the RV yet longer and I can assure you it would be a long time till we saw any revaluation of the IQD go global.

I am very fearful today that this current prime minister is so desperate that he may try yet an even greater event to create yet more fear and chaos to gain yet more power since his recent plot to get emergency powers does not seem to be working. He has only 4 days remaining of his 4 year mandate to run the government.

You must remember that in Iraq it is very much like living in any town or city. We must have empathy for the common Iraq citizen. The majority of the people desire peace, mothers send their kids to school and their husbands to work each day. They shop and buy groceries. They attend church services. They desire to raise their families in peaceful neighborhoods. They desire for an honest, fair and open government. Do we not all want this? They are no different.

These insurgents are most likely not even from Iraq. Once the dust settles we will find that they are from Iran. They are manipulated minds doing the dirty work of someone else.

Think about this.
What really do the insurgents have to gain by what they do? It is so obvious that there is another underlying root cause for what they do. Is it really sectarianism or religious beliefs that is causing all the violence?  I believe these are but excuses given to us to detail the real intent of what is actually going on. Let me explain.

By comparison to the majority of average citizen in Iraq these terrorists are a very small minority. It is my strong belief that they could never coexist in the Iraq society of today and do the violence they do if it was not for some kind of government support and immunity granted to these terrorist by the government security forces. Iraq does not live in a stone age and do not walk around in loincloths and live in caves contrary to what most USA people believe. Iraq is a modern society and moving more in this direction each day. Such violence and in a modern society can not coexist.

The Iraqi people do support peace contrary to what most Americans believe. I hear statements like “they will always be fighting” or “they have been fighting for a thousand years and it will never end”. These are of course statements made by outsiders and very narrow minds. They do not really understand the Iraq people. They have never visited or lived in Iraq. These narrow minds then, by this kind of thinking, never get around to really looking at the big picture of who is causing the violence and why the violence is in Iraq. They narrow their ability to objectively investigate the root cause since they already dismissed it as inevitable. Peace is always an alternative it is never off the table.

The strong desire for peace by the average citizen is very evident by what we witnessed during the massive demonstrations last year. The people of Iraq are simply fed up with all the violence and those in the government that are perpetrating this on them.

They see the violence first hand everyday. There is something to be said about a government feared by the people it is supposed to serve. Is this not how a democracy is supposed to work?

Believe me there is  much more to this terrorism and violence than we hear from the international news media.  Since we all know who owns all the major news outlets in Iraq does it surprise us it is so hard to get the truth?

From the current events of violence my sources in Iraq are telling me this is Maliki’s own revenge war on the people of Iraq, especially the Sunni provinces for the lack of support during the elections. I am inclined to believe every word of it.

So how can the average citizen in Iraq be instrumental in making the needed changes. What alternatives do they have but to riot and protest?

They have attempted to use the democratic process in 2010 but see who they got for a prime minister. I believe the system it is failing them because of outside influences from Iran and the USA, who are still bent on political agendas of  manipulation of resources  for their wealthy constituents.

Some say it all must change for Iraq to be successful. I am hopeful it will change and I agree. But the there are different degrees of success and change. It all depends on which side you come from and what are your objectives.

For instance if you are the average citizen success then is defined as having peace and being able to raise your children in a decent homes (with clean running water and shelter); educate them and provide for them. Maybe going on a vacation once a year and eventually having the opportunity to accumulate some wealth and elevate your status.

But if you are of Iranian or of the USA influence in Iraq,  your objectives are much different and success in gauged in other terms.  They really do not care much about the average citizen or the happiness of their lives. Instead citizens are just political pawns being used to satisfy the desires of the politicians. Sometimes they get in the way and must be dealt with.

So you see the level of success in Iraq is always going to be in conflict unless the people truly have control over their own destiny.

So today is Wednesday June 11th and I am still very hopeful we will hear the announcements sometime today if not next week.  I am also hopeful that Maliki and those associated with his tyranny will be shortly a thing of the past.

Some intel providers in the USA are saying this recent rash of violence is just a decoy for the RV rollout. This is my comments on that - total illogical nonsense. They have gone over the top on this one with their nonsense they are now spreading. Go tell that to the people of Iraq who had to leave their homes in the middle of the night to escape the violence. This is not a decoy it is really happening and it is real !

The really funny part of it all is that some people are actually believing this nonsense and will ridicule and bash me for telling the truth. We all want the RV so bad that we will say and believe anything that gives us hopium.
I do not expect to see any IQD revaluation international until just prior to or after the announcements of the new government with relative stability.

I am now hearing from my Iraq sources that the judiciary will now wait until next week (past June 14th) to make the announcements since they are fearful Maliki’s goons will assassinate the candidates prior to being  seated into their positions.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat