Monday, June 2, 2014



The new software babel 3 is now tested and loaded in to to main surge information stream worldwide it has been tested and is showing no bugs at this time everythings looking good for next step confirmed 14 deaths in past 74 hours by three lettered organizations terrorists trying to stop Global Currency Reset. 

Alignment of sacred signs are in alignment for the king of spain to denounce thrown to save his own neck.

 Obama playing last straw to start revolution to bring martial law and own americsn citizens as pawns. and worker slaves. 

The Dinar may go Live Tomorrow. Cross fingers. Do your homework what does swissendo have to do with the worlds prosoerity package...........yell Timber............P


J. HARVEY: Confirmed..live movement around the globe. Long term notes (LTN's) are being traded today on the Hong Kong platforms. Are projected to be in the Trillions today.
©Confirmed, meetings in Genva, Switzerland, Shanghai and London.
©Confirmed, a little bird told me it's Thursday!
©Confirmed, George Soros is neutralized/stopped.(yay!)
©Confirmed, the Cabal are neutralized/stopped!
©HAARP and Chem Trails spraying are neutralized/stopped
©Moving forward right now today. Keep Calm, change is coming. It is executed and very very busy!!!
©The Dem's and Rep's have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and they are pointing fingers at each other.
©The fear, shock and horror of it all is coming out and they are pleading and crying as they don't want to be arrested. Right now, today, confirmed, it is too late to apologize
©Time's up! No where to run. Hit the road Jack, you have been handcuffed/stopped and going to jail. They are waiting for you now.

CARDEN:  Prepare for the RE-building and the RE-freshening effects brought about through the RE-valuation of gold backed currencies from countries all over the globe. 


J. HARVEY: All Dragon tasks have been completed. The bases are clear for a home run. The good guys have won!! Game over!!
©Around the globe all Dragon tasks have been completed. The bases are cleared for a home run. The good guys have won!! Game over!!
©Santa Claus is coming to town! Prepare for the Champagne Life coming soon. 1000% confirmed !! Ain't no stopping us now!! woo hoo!!
©The Family 'evil ones' (Rothchilds) are terminated/exterminated and it's game over! It's set in Stone.

SUSAN A. SMITH: Around the world China has completed all tasks of the game, and the good guys have won!!! :-) Game over. Prepare. Santa Claus is coming to town. The champagne life is coming soon. 1000% confirmed. Ain't no stoppin' us now, we're on the move. Ain't no stoppin' us now, we've got the groove!!! :-)




TNT call 2-June-2014 Notes

This call was delayed for more information;  it started at 1pm PST, 4pm EST.
Tony:  Good afternoon, TNT!  Today is Monday, June 2nd, 2014.  It’s a great day to be a TNT member and a dinarian, I can tell you that!  It’s a great day.  Actually, I waited to do the call because DC was in some meetings this morning, and also I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this call.   Before we get to that, I want to let you know that they have the best food you’ve ever tasted in prison, the best water, the best sandwiches.  

I’m just saying that because I heard this weekend and this morning that I was picked up by the FBI again – that’s what they are telling me.  I don’t know, I’m still sleeping, or I’m calling you from a federal prison because apparently violated the RICO Act.  They supposedly took me to court on Saturday, was found guilty and the judge gave me four years in federal prison. So I’m calling you from prison, which shows you how ignorant, stupid and dumb people are.  I’ve been arrested, I’ve died, been shot, I don’t know what over the last four years.  This is my fourth time in prison, though it’s the first time for the RCIO Act. This is what you have to go through trying to do the right thing;  the only answer from the bad guys is to make this crap up and post it on our boards. 

Anyway, I’m still here, I guess!  They can say anything they want about me, but it will come out. People will find out.  If I were making this all up, would I continue doing that?  This is the question:  why would these idiots constantly want to put this stuff out?  If I were not talking to the people I say I’m talking to, don’t you think THEY would have done something about it by now?  The real FBI or CIA? They listen to our phone calls, and I’m okay with that.  If I were doing something wrong, I wouldn’t be.  Pam wanted me to cover that.  It was a great weekend for the idiots;  I don’t know what they thought, that I wouldn’t do a call or what.

According to some people, I gave you guys way too much information on the last call and some people are upset about that.  I thought it was good information.  With that, I will be a bit more tempered this time.  Where we are at now is that on 1. June decisions had to be made, and I can tell you that decisions have been made.  In Iraq, they have announced that their government has been agreed upon and seated apart from one position.

There is definitely some bad news out there, too.  They really don’t want me to do a call with all that.  Im trying to decide what to tell you and what not to say;  some people only hear what they want to hear and they just don’t understand.  Really pay attention to what I am saying! 

Today and yesterday, Iraq announced on their television that the IMF has asked the CBI to delay currency reforms for several months.  They want a more stable state of government.  That was on their television today and yesterday.  China told everyone their PM died before they RVed. 
Over here, there are meetings in DC and everyone is doing what they need to do, no fussing or fighting.  Bank people are frustrated but they are fully prepared.  All the countries are ready, too.  Not a lot of news I can tell you, but I am feeling super-fantastic.  I hope that DC will come and tell you more, because he has a bigger life vest than I do.  He has a bigger army, too – but you are my army, and we outnumber them a thousand to one.

813 caller:   I’ve been listening from 2011 and I spend more time with you than with my own family.  We are family!

Tony:  I spend more time with you than with my own family, and they sure let me know about it.

Caller;  The bad guys continue to do what they do without any consequences;  who is to say they will ever stop doing what they do?

Tony:  There are always consequences.  At some point the tide turns and other people get in charge.  What’s done in the dark will come to light.  Also, today is a super-fantastic day.  I am feeling super-fantastic all weekend, because there are nothing but good guys.

Caller:  there was a call last Friday and he referred to when you said that if anyone wants to stop this, they have to put it in writing.   Can you cover that again?

Tony:  All I know about is good guys, so there is obviously something I am trying to tell you without telling you. That rule is in effect and we didn’t see it, so what does that say?

Caller:  DC is not yet on the call, right? 

Tony:  He has not called me yet either;  he’s in another meeting, which is his way of skipping out on these calls.  There was no reason for anyone to put any delays in writing because technically the thing is already done. If not, you would know about.  It’s just the time of ‘when’.

Caller:  As far as the government of Iraq is concerned, didn’t Maliki have until 1. June, and I assume he did what he had to do? 

Tony:  That is correct, and it was announced on their television over there.  Hold on!  The first person who tells DC what I said, I’m going to disconnect you!  So, yes, he must have done what he said, and then the announcement was made this morning about the government of Iraq (GOI).  Caller, you can have one more question.

Caller:  As for things being put in writing as of last week and then what transpired on Friday, why wasn’t that put in writing because it seemed as if there was another hold-up.  So what happened to following the rules about putting it in writing?

DC:  Even though formal objections have to be in writing, the main questions – do you accept or not? –  those have all been dealt with.  There was nothing filed because sometimes you are supposed to do a job,  and the boss says “You have to do this job or you have to tell me why not in writing”, then you have an accident or have a late lunch… those don’t have to be in writing. We’ve had a lot of those lately, but they didn’t need to object because they didn’t object, in fact. 

Also, with respect the bad guys and changes, it’s my view that more adults have been let in the room. There are a few more key players in this who strongly sway the  importance of everyone in the group. They diluted that importance in a good way.

Tony:  Since Friday, there were no bad guys.

DC:  Tony can’t say it but I can say it;  he got into a little trouble on Friday although he wasn’t trying to do anything bad.

 [Tony:  Yeah, people got upset.]

731 caller:  Please repeat what you told us about Iraqi television?

Tony:  Before China revalued their money, they announced that the Prime Minister had died. Before Kuwait revalued their money, they told everyone they wouldn’t do it.  Today, Iraqi television told their people that the IMF asked them to delay currency reform for several months due to terrorism concerns and stability of government. 

252 caller:  I’m from NC.  When you were sending out the text about a safety net for those on the forum and perhaps some of the others.   Can you be more specific?

Tony:  I will be very specific as soon as they tell me.  I was trying to put something together.  Friday was a mess, and I hope it doesn’t  come down to that, and I’ve heard something since then. They were trying to make some changes that we didn’t agree with and you guys would hate.  So I was trying to put something in position where I would protect as many people as I can.  

They let me have 20,000 people under this net, because that’s the number I have in the forum who have been listening for three years.  I also said, that out of that 20,000, there are only 4-500 who have supported the site, and I need to protect them as well, so I got the number up to 40,000 that I could do.  I don’t know if I’ll have to do that or not, but at least for my peace of mind, I have 40,000 covered from the forum and our calls. 

 Just so you understand, Pam has been getting requests from people to add people’s mothers, brothers, cousins, etc.  They have not been on the calls, and she cannot add ten names for each of you who are not in the forum. She can only bring in people who are on the calls and who have been supporting this, who were not abel to get in the forum.  I’m supporting the people who are supporting us.  I hope I don’t need that security blanket, but they were trying to put it together over the weekend.

Caller:  Can you be more specific about what the security blanket is and what the terms might be?

Tony:  I can tell you what I asked for:  those people will be guaranteed a double-digit rate.  If they do that, I will tell you the exact parameters.  It’s one back that is will to do this deal for you guys. It is nothing to do with me, Pam, DC or anyone else.  I was upset last Friday, and they were mad because I was talking about it…

DC: It’s just a safety blanket, but I think everything will work out so that we don’t need. Tony, Myself and our team are not doing this for ourselves. We don’t spend all this time on the phone talking amongst ourselves.  What we were upset about what the idea that people might be upset or disenfranchised. That was on the table, and now it has been taken off again.

Caller:  When are you opening up the post-RV event in North Carolina?

Tony:  Ray will have to set that up, and it will be Raleigh.  DC and Pam think I’m crazy to do it at all!

DC:  I think it is very generous of Tony to do so because there are security worries. There are crazies out there who think he is horrible, so he has to worry about physical security.

Caller:  We’ll show you some NC hospitality.

DC:  If I come, I want to try some ribs.  People say they are better than Texas ribs, and I have a problem with that.

Tony:  Make sure that you ask for DC and Pam and Ray and all the Mods to be there!  Let them know that you want them to be at all the events!

903 caller:  I have two numbers because I get caught off and I can’t get back on.  My brother’s on one.

Tony:  I’m doing to drop the other one.

Caller:  We don’t when you’re going to have your call;  I’ve been hanging  on since 9.45.

Tony:  Our call is really  at 10am Pacific.  If I reschedule, it’s so that DC can’t duck out!

DC:  We delayed it because we were getting a lot of information, and Tony gives me a hard time because I missed on Friday.

Tony:  I did it because I hoped I wouldn’t have to do this call at all!  If we have to do another call like this, it will probably be on time.

Caller:  Let me ask DC a question – do you think, DC, we’re only four months away from the election.  Is this supposed to keep us going month to month all the way to November before we will be told we can go to the bank?  They are killing us on a day to day basis.

DC:  “Do you see they are waiting for the mid-term US elections to get this done?”  Is that the question?  There are people who want to see this never? Yes.  Are there those who want this to be on the other side of the elections?  Yes, and they will tell anyone that.  However, the US is not a world dictator and they cannot do that.  

There are others who are saying “That’s enough;  let’s get this done.”  Some will fight for the rest of their lives, and they are stuck there.  Others want to delay it so they can flex their muscles;  there is a lot of that going on.  It’s been ready any day for about the last nine weeks.  Right now, it is very much on a tactical, day to day basis, and nobody has that much control to take it to November. 

 They might get a 36-hour delays, but only if they come up with a new excuse that’s really compelling.  It appears that it’s lining up in a positive way.  We have heard this before, but we now have a unique line up of people pushing this forward.

Caller:  Did Pam turn off her hearing aid the other day?  She never called me back to let me know if she would put in the forum again.  I would buy her a gold necklace if she would put me on the forum…

404 caller:  You said that the GOI has been announced apart from one major position….

DC:  It’s one fo the key ministers, but not THE position.

Caller:  On the payment of Iraqi debts, didn’t they have ten days to do that after the release of the DFI funds?  Has there been an extension? 

Tony:  I don’t know about that, to tell you the truth.  I know one country has been paid at the new rate.

DC:  That is true on some of the payments;  some are due immediately.  My understanding is that they have been paid.  Some are due real soon.  How can they pay those and still not have this announced?

Caller:  Did I understand correctly that there are no bad guys standing?  They have been neutralized?

Tony:  They are there, but they are not getting in the way.  I am not being offensive today because they are all listening.

Caller:  So the good guys are in the majority at this stage…

Tony+DC:  What we’re saying is the deal is done.  We could give you a window, but we’re not going to.  I’m super-fantastic and DC is great, too.  We could have put the call off today, but we didn’t.

Caller:  I hope you will give us the 800 numbers tonight.

Tony:  Thank you, and I will say we will be seeing you shortly!

617 caller:  The way you feel now, it could happen any time, right?

Tony+DC:  Yes, ma’am!

757 caller:  Thank you so much!  I am in the next state, and I just want to say this:  you have looked out for every dinarian – when are you going to look out for you and your family?

Tony:  As soon as they make this announcement!  After the 7 to 14 days of calls, I will think about me.

Caller:  You have been the father figure for so long. When can we fly the nest without your holding our hands.  The government has lynched you, they have treated you badly, and we need to stick up for you.  I voted for this government, and I don’t trust what they are doing to you.

Tony:  We are not trusting anyone either;  we are documenting everything.

512 caller:  I am optimistic that it will go through tonight, but in the event that it doesn’t, is there any way we can say “if this happens one more time, we will take the action we threatened to take?”  We re tired of this, they are lying to us, and it’s time to put them on the spot and be recognized by the US and the world because they have nothing but selfish interests in mind.

Tony:  First, you don’t warn a bear when you’re going into a bear’s cave.  If you are going to mess with a bear, you do it with a bazooka and you do it un-announced.  Otherwise, the bear can take you out before you can take a step.  At this point, the bear is hibernating and saying, “I’m done”, but let’s just leave the bear alone.

DC:  A lot of people take this very personally, and I do as well, specifically “how dare elected officials do this?!”  What is our goal here?  It’s to be paid.  If we want the bear to stay in his cage, the last thing we want is to make a lot of noise, wake up the bear, and get in the way of getting paid.  Our job is to get paid and educate others to get paid and hold onto the money they are paid.  Naming names might feel good and might be a good thing politically, but I am here to turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money courtesy of the Iraqi dinar.

Tony:  When what they do affects us personally, that’s when we make a noise.  WE don’t when it’s affecting us globally.  Right now, we are doing what affects us personally.

Caller:  All those people exchanged in November to January, but recently the cancellation of 13303 means that those people did that illegally.

Tony:  We know that!  That is one of our assets!  But we are where we want to be, and we don’t’ want to do things that won’t help us get it, no matter how frustrating those earlier payments were.

Caller:  There are so many people who need this now because they lost their homes, cars, etc., and the global economy has also suffered from the delay in the GCR.

Tony:  We are all frustrated.  If it doesn’t come out right for us, then we have a plan.  If we got this far, and something is wrong, we know how to get further without announcing it to everyone.  You just don’t get on a megaphone and tell a bear “here I come!”  You have to do it in the proper sequence for it to be right, if you have to do it at all.  Today, yesterday, I’m hearing that we don’t have to go there.  So I’m acting right now like I’m never going to have to go there.

Caller:  Hopefully this will be put behind us and we’ll get on down the track.

Tony:  There is something I said four years ago and again today:  NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.  I know that for a fact!
818 caller:  I know you cannot write a book about this, but I see a best seller in a book called TonySpeak, and it’s all about good code-talking!  I spent several years working on the Hill in DC, and when I came away from that, I was a political sceptic.  No one can spend that much time in DC without becoming a sceptic.  DC said that we are working with a ‘unique combination of people’, but up until this time we have also worked with unique combinations of people you guys have put your faith in to get us across the threshold to where we need to be. You are saying we are there now, but realistically, what is the possibility that this won’t get done right away and we will be waiting for several months.

Tony:  Over the years, they have probably learned more about this process from this call than they ever though of on their own… laws that stop us from doing things that we came up with on these calls. I  know some were specifically put in place to stop us doing those very things.  A few months ago, they changed things after our calls, even a couple of weeks ago.  They feel there is a problem or attitude they have to fix, or a group they have to protect themselves from.  So we don’t want to answer that type of question when they tell us the fighting is over.

  A lot is taken from these calls, from your responses, and mine, and DC’s.  If I were going to say two years ago we were at 99.9% and this thing is going, well, I’m back at 99.9%, but that 0.1%... You know how you can watch football or basketball, and there is one minute left on the clock, and it takes 15 minutes to do play that one minute?  It’s at 99.9%^ and we could start a fire storm on this call, but I don’t’ want to do that when we are this close.

DC:  That is a great explanation. Also, I would argue that unique situations have occurred in the last few days that puts us in a sweetheart spot where everyone wins.  People who have never heard of dinar will get great jobs, be able to feed and educate their families.  So it’s important for everyone to just ‘take the win’.  That’s what I’m encouraging everyone to do.   This is a huge win:  just take it!

Tony:  We are joking and laughing because we feel good;  things are in a great place.

Caller:  Thank you, Tony, and DO write that book.  It will be a best seller.

DC:  I don’t think Tony will be writing anything but emails. 

[Tony: I cannot even write an autobiography at this point!]

520 caller:  This is Patricia, and we talked a few weeks ago.  I just want to say that you have been under the gun so much that I have to tell everybody there is no doubt in mind you have been 100% as cryptic as anyone could possibly be.  How could anyone say you have said anything to upset the apple cart?!  Some of the callers have been less cryptic, so come on, guys – we know what’s going on in the world.  Also, when this is over, since you have been my only lifeline, I am going to miss your laughter more than anything else in the world.  You have the greatest laugh;  it sets the whole world laughing.  Thank you!

Tony:  Maybe when this is over, I will still be able to talk to you.   [more chitchat]  I was frustrated with what I was hearing last Friday, and they got upset at what I was saying. We had the whole weekend, we worked it out, and everything will be 
okay.  I’m trying to be cool and not add flame to the fire.

Caller:  We have to understand that;  otherwise, we are poking a sleeping bear and we will get eaten.

Tony:  I don’t want to get eaten afterwards, either!  DC, you remembered her, huh?

DC:  We talked to her last Friday week, midway through the call, I think.

505 caller:  In looking at certain people who are ‘advisers’ to the UST and the global reset, it’s imperative that the higher countries come down and the lower ones come up for a short season.  In this process of coming down and needing to come back up at certain point, is that why these people have been made advisers?  For example, mysteriously one of the guys bankrupting other countries is now an advisor to the UST.

Tony:  You mean Soros?  He was doing it here, too! 

DC:  I think it’s totally unrelated.  He is there because he’s made a couple of billion dollars, so he’s pretty bright and people listen to what he says. Whether they believe in his politics or not, they pay attention to him, same as they pay attention to Warren Buffett when he calls.  He’s a smart guy who knows this field, same as you’d listen to a three-star general in matters of war.  That’s why the UST did that, to pay attention to his opinion on emerging markets and commodity prices.

Tony:  Here is something you can live with as you start your businesses:  successful people surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are.  That’s why DC came to TNT!   We had a good network of people here with good information coming in, less full of shoot than everybody else, and we ha good contacts here and overseas.  DC enhanced that, so why wouldn’t we want to bring him and lislten to him?  And why wouldn’t our government do the same thing?  There is knowledge they can use in this global situation that the government needs to know!
Yes, for it to work, the top needs to go down a bit and the bottom needs to come up.  Or you can hold the top steady and have the bottom come WAY up, and we may well see that. 

Caller:  So will certain people going to devalue our dollar for the purpose for the global reset?

DC:  A lto of people have a real back-and-white view of the devalued dollar.   Relative to other currencies, the USD will take a minor hit, and most people will never noticed. Once the US economy takes off like a bat out of hell because we will be consuming houses and cars, the dollar will come up again.  The dollar will strengthen.  A weaker dollar is actually better for exports, and that is one reason we continue to devalue our currency.  Our exports are more affordable in Europe and China with a weaker dollar, and it’s a game the Fed is always playing, to adjust up and down. 

 We are now changing to asset-backed currencies, and the whole game changes.  It’s hard for the Fed to pump 80 billion into the economy every month, so you bring in the old guys, with experience, to figure out how to adjust the economy and keep it moving in a very volatile situation that is about to occur. You keep the smart people around you so you can make better decisions.  This will change so many things that it will be hard to determine what is going on even at the US dollar level.

Caller:  Do you think we are waiting for the US dollar to devalue before this can take place?

DC:  No, I don’t.  The devalue will take place immediately after or as part of the GCR, not before.  And it will be minor.  Be prepared for extreme strengthening, which is not as good for our manufacturing base and what we are trying to build.  A lot of adjustment will go on.

813 caller:  That guy earlier stole my thunder – I was thinking on the lines of a book of Tony’ Famous Phrases.  So you caught me off-guard… Can you give us any other advice that won’t get you in trouble?

Tony: I hope you all gained a lot of information and knowledge over the last few years, especially Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Creature from Jekyll Island.  You will be affecting the country and it’s up to you to figure out how, because I cannot go into politics according to my NDA. 

 I won’t be able to talk about the dinar and dong, and don’t know if I can talk about other currencies or not.  You have money now; s pend the time, get the knowledge, see who is affected by the GCR and who is not.  There will be opportunities far beyond this afterwards because of the money you have.  You can form partnerships and groups to meet the new qualifications to get into those areas.   Even if you were in currencies for the next five years, you can quadruple your holdings… and that is not to mention the new industries. 

 For instance, 3-D printing is the future – that will change many industries right there.  You are going to be able to do things in your own house with your own printer, so how does that affect materials, factories, and all the rest. 

 You know about the 3-D guns, for instance.  Look at those developments and those industries or parts of the industries as they go public.  That’s what you should be looking at.  There are great opportunities coming up in the next year, but you have to be out there looking for them.  It’s not like the dinar where your buddies tell you about it.  The other currencies will not be like the dinar either. You will not be waiting for years.  They are already making sure those currencies do not happen like the dinar, again.  But there are still opportunities through the banks,  your wealth manager, etc. 

 They have to get the information so that you can look at it. They won’t think of it on their own;  you have to take them outside the box.

Caller:  I hope to meet you at one of your events.  I sent you a donation last week, and I hope it’s helpful.

Tony:  Thank you, and I appreciate all the donations. It’s been very few of you – up to 500 – carrying 20K in the forum and 40K on the calls.  I do appreciate you and everyone else should appreciate you as well.

248 caller:  I’ve been listening for a year;  most of  my concerns have been answered.  I appreciate all the information and I can hear when it’s stressful for you, DC and Pam.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  This lady called me at 7am this morning, and I said, “Do you know it’s 7am?!”  She said that God told her to call me, and thought “Oh, I’m in trouble now.”  She was talking about the site, and we did these three prayers together.  So I take all that in;  I can use all the prayers I can get.  Her biggest thing was that I answered the phone, and she wondered why I was mad at her, because God told her to call.  

Sometimes, it just comes out, you’re tired, it’s the wrong time, and 7am this morning was one of those.  Pam and DC where on a call at 5am my time!  I try to be patient with everyone because we know things that you don’t.  I accept that there are things I want to say but I can’t, so I try to get DC to tell you.  We just take the punishment that comes along, keeping in mind that there is a greater good and we are helping more people than are hurting me.   DC, Pam and Ray all feel the same.

510 caller:  I have a little concern because I’ve introduced the currencies to 18 people and some are not able to be on the forum and I watch over them. I want to make sure they are taken care of.  If there is a potential issue of having a group, would you warn us that they need to donate or something to be on your list?
Tony:  No, I don’t want that to be the priority for me doing this, that you donate.  People have already donated, and I want to make sure they are taken care of.  

There are 40,000 positions, and I will take the donators first, and then the forum.  If it is limited to 40,000, isn’t it right to take the ones who have been active, learning on the calls and in the forum.  Wouldn’t that be right?  I cannot make space for ten extra people for each of those active people, though. 

Caller:  Who should we vote in or vote out?

Tony:  I could tell you that, but don’t poke the bear!

Caller:  I live on the poverty level, but I donate when I can.

Tony:  I appreciate that.  You and others pay the way for others who can afford it and don’t donate.   I am going to look at those people first because I think that’s right.

Caller:  I have a homeless friend with an 8-month-old daughter, and I am helping pay for his hotel room;  he now has a job, but cannot get a place for a couple of weeks. It would really help if this could happen.

Tony:  I thank you for that; it is a blessing, and I’m sure it will come back ten-fold.  It will happen soon;  tell him to hold on.  We’re looking at it right now, and things will be better.

843 caller:  I had a similar story and I lost my daughter last year;  I know you lost your daughter, too.  I was on the board and lost my temper Wethrin and got kicked off.  (I do apologize for that.)  Someone said you were cryptic, and I try to read between the lines.  I’m frustrated because you cannot speak openly, and then we read things on other boards, etc., and yet you have a forum where anyone can post whatever they want, and we can read from other gurus, but you cannot post whatever you think is going on.  Do you think it really will relatively soon?  Or could it be a couple of months?

Tony:  Here’s the thing, and Wethrin is listening to the call if you want to say anything.  I do believe it is really, really soon. I do believe we are on track. DC has told you that the announcements have been made on the GOI, and you guys know more than the average Iraqi knows about what’s going on with their currency and government right now. 

Now, our call vs. the other calls and the weekend.  I want you to listen to all the calls, and figure out in your own mind what you think is really going on, out of all the pieces of the puzzle you can find.  Do your own homework, look things up on your own, and listen to a number of people.  I listen to a lot of other people and form my own opinion. 

 We are getting information from 28 people, and they are all right or all in agreement.  There are people in different offices, at different levels, and some of their information makes sense or doesn’t according to other pieces we have.  We have people walking out of meetings and saying “this is what happens”.  We get calls during our calls saying this and that, and those people are mad and all the rest.  We are getting stuff we cannot stay, that they want us to have so that we can have confidence in other pieces of information.  There are people we DO want to know things and people we don’t want to know things, so we have to figure that out.

On the weekend, DC spent time with his family, and I think he should.  We got a heads up on Sunday, and that information we felt could wait until Monday.  Sometimes the boards go crazy, and someone will call me and ask me to put out a tweet or blast.  Right now, we are so close… that we are just being quiet and let things go and see where they are.  Others get excited and they put it out there.  [loud background noise]  That is why we were gone over the weekend when others were talking.  Some of their information will be true.  But when idiots put out that I got picked up the FBI.

Caller:  Will this pop soon?  And the dong will be more than 27 cents?

Tony: Absolutely!  And the dong... yes, that will be more than that. 

Okay, I’m overtime, and I will call it a day. I’m willing to do another call tonight or whenever we get the word.  DC has been giddy all day;  I am super-fantastic, everything is promising and we are having a great day.

Pam:  Have a great evening, and let’s hope this is it!
Ray:  I’m feeling fantabulous and I’m excited about everyone’s future.
Tony: If something happens I will send out at tweet and we’ll get back on here again!


ok kids the reason I said to Park your money. Is because the United States of America. Is about to become a republic. Having said all that the swift system is going to be no longer in place. The new Babel system. Will be the future of banking. 

Part of getting to the future. Is to not ruin your blessing. Before its time. I'm not talking. To you people who know how to make money. I'm talking about you people. Who understand that a blessing is given and meant to be used accordingly.please put Two years funds into your cash account and park your money outside of America's funds whether it be a multiple currency account or an offshore account remember FDIC. 

Is no longer going to be AS TRUSTED OR Viable. In my opinion. Until new setups are in place.there going to be some things. Within and without the market. That are going to change some things. For the people that are included at th corporation level top 1000 are not safe. 

It is in my opinion first time I've ever said that. That the corporations have been given over to the bubble of derivatives market. It is about to crash. The same as the housing market did. So that means companies that did not protect themselves. Are going to find a way to falter.

 Nobody cares about these companies. Except for the company that saved itself. Please do not be one of those investors. The make yourself broke. The first year that you got money.there is a reason for Biblical guidelines. 

Don't let anyone steal your blessing. Have a great global currency reset. Timber This is entertainment I lied. Kaboom.


Eagle1 » June 2nd, 2014, 4:09 pm


Good Afternoon, Family:

First of all, a lot of folks have questioned my absence from the Forum. Because I have not had anything solid that I could hang my hat on, it seemed rather redundant to speculate on a lot of what has been referred to in the various blogs as "hopium." I'm not interested in "hopium" and I don't want to spread rumor.

I've been caught in the past making assumptions based on incomplete data, and don't want that to happen again. For that reason, what I share with you today will be somewhat cautious.

Many things are taking place behind the scenes which lead us to the inescapable conclusion that we are actually seeing the unfolding of the Global Currency Reset.

This is a process, folks; it is not a simple push of one button. There are -- based on my sources -- not less than twelve individuals who are directly involved in the process whose approval is required and is sequential to the final release to the general public.
There has been a considerable amount of testing, glitches, human error and re-testing which has occurred in the months (and even past two years) leading up to our present status. I am not at liberty to share certain facts and events simply because it would jeopardize some of my sources.

Let me back-track for a minute and repeat something which I have shared in the past. We have a two-step process in the works. The first step is what the international banking community is referring to as "a general RV." This amounts to a first-stage release of all of the major revaluing currencies, among which we all know includes the IQD, the VND, the IDR and a fistful of others which are increasing in value.

What this DOES NOT include are currencies that are dropping significantly in value, such as the USD, the EUR, the GBP and roughly a hundred other currencies.

The second stage is what we refer to as the Global Currency Reset. We call it a reset because it amounts to a restructuring of currencies based on real value, backed by gold and other tangible assets or commodities with real, exchangeable value.

Because there are not less than a hundred currencies that have been over-valued and have continued to print "funny money" (fiat) in order to pay their bills, it has created a global economic crisis which has reached the point of global collapse.

As we have noted -- and Frank continues to emphasize -- the IQD is the "base currency" for this process. A number of nations whose currencies are expected to increase hold -- in some cases -- a significant amount of Dinar. Because the Dinar is the only 100% gold-backed currency in the world, it becomes the lynchpin for the "general RV" and the GCR.

There is one other missing element to the Global Reset that I need to address, and that is the fact that the published debt figures you see by the United States and other nations are not true figures. They do not take into account debt which was accumulated during wars of the 1700's and 1800's which have been ignored, and for which gold-backed bonds were issued in order to temporarily satisfy the debt-holders. The U.S., for example, has a true debt which exceeds $100 Trillion.

These gold-backed bonds are indeed gold-backed, and if I were to share with you the actual value of these bonds (and the gold that stands behind them) your eyes would spin! Suffice it to say that the GCR has been designed as a means to repatriate these bonds, satisfy debt that goes back well over a century, and put the global economy back on sound financial footing.

Without the actual revaluation of currencies backed in many cases by these bonds, there simply would not be enough money to go around.

Within the past couple of weeks, trillions of dollars of these bonds have been repatriated, funded, and made available to back the Global Reset.

When the actual exchange value of the IQD or the VND (just to name two popular examples) is released, I believe that many folks will be both astonished and pleased.

I will remind you also of a statement that Acting Governor of the CBI, Abdul Basset Turki, made some two years ago when he said (and I'm paraphrasing him), "When the public sees the release of the actual value of the Dinar, they will be shocked!"

Obviously the two most often asked questions are, "What's the date?" and "What's the rate?" of the RV? That's not something I'm going to talk about with any specificity since -- while I've been given some actual target numbers by the IMF -- everything is fluid until the actual release.

The behind-the-scenes numbers for the Dinar, for example, have varied by more than a dollar. Those same numbers for the Dong have varied by as much as 40 cents. With that in mind, it is foolish for me to quote numbers when we haven't seen the actual release yet, and change is still in the works.

Over this past weekend, we have seen more than a dozen currencies go through some pretty radical changes behind the scenes.

While those changes are not yet reflected on the FOREX sites we see, we believe that these changes portend an imminent public release since they are a part of this overall Global Reset.

I'm not going to give you a hard date for things to be released. What I'm going to say is that we expect to see ongoing changes during the next two weeks -- changes that should become public as they occur.

Be encouraged, folks! We really are near the end of this ride!

The last thing I need to say -- and I've said this before -- is that this whole RV/GCR is a God-driven event, and its purpose is to release what some of my prophetic friends refer to as "The Bride's Revival!" Most folks know it as "The Last Great Harvest" of souls preceding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If your primary purpose and objective is to satisfy your own needs, wants and desires -- never mind what the Lord has in store -- you will most likely lose out.

If your number one objective is to see that Jesus Christ receives His inheritance in His people, then prepare to be blessed!

Blessings on you.   Eagle1


Update: Hasta ahora todo sige de pie que viene el RESET pero como siempre hay cositas que hay que gestionar. Los estan trabajando vigorosamente....YA ES UN HECHO EMO. Yo esperando por la llamada para parar.


Update: Until now everything still stands that comes the RESET but as always exist things that need to be managed. They are working it vigorously...IT IS A FACT. I am waiting for the call  to stop.(STOP THE SALES)


The discussion of Iraqi dinar is at peak these days due to several big changes in the economy of Iraq at local and international level. 

One of the biggest changes that we observe in the economy of Iraq is the membership of council of 17 that allowed Iraq to trade in the biggest market of the world. 

We are all waiting for the development of the economy of Iraq. Iraqi dinar will regain its value in the international market only when the economy of Iraq grows at both levels, local and international.

We know that waiting will not be useless because everything is going towards target. The recent development will enhance the business activities in the country and will also be the major source of investment for the foreign investors in the country. The power players are in hurry to get results very soon. 

By this development, it will be easy for Iraq to get membership of WTO. With the agreement with council of 17, the currency of Iraq will enhance in the international market and that is the mandatory requirement of WTO for the membership. Everyone is waiting for this moment so that their dreams come true.


6-2-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:   "Concerned : non- adoption of the budget is causing economic recession"  Quote:  "that under the current circumstances make it difficult to control the exchange rate of the dollar due to the central bank to pump large quantities of hard currency to the money transfer companies."   ...until they open the banking system to the world, these banks are nothing but currency dealers...and now we see through this article, that business may be in jeopardy as a result of allowing money transfer companies to go direct to the CBI.  This may be more than just the reduction of the spread (Official Rate/Market Rate), but the indication that the CBI is planning to move to Article VIII much more quickly that we may have thought so these banks can do real business!

6-2-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
    this is huge and is titled the FUTURE ...from the economic plan for Iraq.  Quote:  "...oil revenues the focus of the subject and present certainly which is expected to reach 5 trillion dollars in the course of the year 2035, according to estimates..."  ...Iraq is depended on entirely for the new energy market with their reforms and also the global energy changes.   this...tells us the huge position that Iraq will hold in trade and of course economic resolve for the globe.    they are stating at this time that the change that Iraq represents is huge for all of the globe and of course for them as well -- during the massive press conferences they have informed the citizens of what is to come and they have also now informed it would seem the globe that they are in a hurry...

6-2-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:  "Kurdistan: Maliki rejected all initiatives put forward to resolve the dispute oil"   There are many points to this article....but basically with the exception of one point...it is all old news.....the new point is that the Kurds are accusing Maliki of being the one to cause the budget to be postponed until after the elections...this is not some effort of other blocs....primarily believed to have been Najafi's delay tactics...it really doesn't matter, the fact is they have sat on their hands for almost 2 months now and haven't done anything or made any attempt to even look at the budget...meanwhile oil flows out of the Kurdistan and is going overseas to Europe.


6-2-2014   Intel Guru WILDDUCK