Wednesday, May 21, 2014


My info is that the Historical Bond Trading should be beginning their funding, and sellers will finally be paid out, no later than next week...per Hong Kong..."


CL is at the World Bank meeting today with many of the world economic leaders. The axe is about to fall and will activate the global direction of the US. The ones who had their hands in the cookie jar will be caught.
Change in plans with Well Fargo, there are no fees when we exchange.
Tellers are on high alert.
Meeting going on with the European Union in Hong Kong right now.
Confirmed the Federal Reserve is 'dismantled'. Jack Lew is not involved any more.
The BRICS as well as 60 countries are joining together as 'friends'/allies right now, in the dumping of FRN notes.
Right now the Wells Fargo is the last bank standing...bank of choice?

60 Countries meeting together with the UN going over the details/'pieces'.
The US Dollar/FRN's notes are going up in flames as the reserve notes. Time is up for the Cabal/bankers.They will be caught by Interpol and go to jail. Confirmed that trillions are being globally exchanged today.


CL signed off documents in Reno last night. The fighting is over! In waiting mode. 

The Dong on hold in Mexico at HSBC and Banamax banks.


More updates:

Today Rick will be accompanied by John P Embry, Chief Investment Strategist for Sprott Asset Management LP – One of Canada’s premiere financial institutions with a valuation upwards of $7 Billion. 
With over five decades of experience as an industry expert in precious metals and portfolio management, Mr. Embry will explain why he is calling for a surge in gold following a “currency event” that will ultimately precipitate the downfall the U.S. economy.

 He's predicting 25 to 50% devaluation of USD.


5-21-2014   Intel Guru MarkZ    [So in your best "guess", should be we expect this thing to pop on or before May 31?]  I am honestly looking for sooner but with that said I am not leaving the day job and will continue to keep grounded and working until I LEAVE the bank a wealthier man. [ (Guru) okie said may 25.]   Actually logistically his date makes enormous sense.  [does it matter if Maliki is or isn't elected pm?]  The original plan was for him to release the rv and then to resign soon after.  [So we shouldn't be too concerned about what is happening with the Iraq elections to impact when the RV is done?]  no worries with the elections.  The biggest thing we have to do now is stay positive but grounded. Optimistic and realistic.   [post 2 of 2]

5-21-2014   Intel Guru MarkZ
   [how long do you think it will take to get the rates to the teller level?]  48 hours after the reset.   [48 hours after the reset...when do you see that reset happening?]  That is the part I shouldn't answer, I will say if they all row the same direction it could be this week yet. I hope that is comforting but still vague enough.   [I heard forex pairing was showing rates. Can you confirm?]  It has been but only during off hours, I believe they are testing it.  [Whose holding it up iraq or usa? No one is holding it up now. IMO.  [what was the purpose in the open ended extension of EO13303?]   It wasn't really open ended. They knew attaching the date would expose the RV timeline. 


With the new events of the signing off of the GCR by the U.S. (Obama), I wanted to give you some information to consider when you go to the bank for your exchange appointment(s):
1.  If you have only 1 foreign currency (example:  the IQN) when you set up the account, DO NOT open it with your own currency, i.e., existing FRN currency.  In otherwords, make sure it has a 0 (zero) balance!  You will be funding this/these account(s) with new TRN funds and you don't want them mixed to ANY degree or your account(s) may be frozen and they might have to do extra checks and balances to legitimize your funds.  Do this for each separate account for each different currency you hold.
2.  Additionally, if you have more than 1 foreign currency (example:  you hold the IQN and the VNN)...DO NOT mix the TRN funds from both of these currencies into one account!  Be sure you have a separate account for the TRN funds for each of the different currencies.  This prevents what COULD turn into a "tax nightmare", as they may be taxed differently.  It's sort of the same strategy as not mixing your personal funds with your business funds in a business scenario...known as "co-mingling".  EXO has said this very same thiing on Stage3Alpha in the past.
3.  Be sure to bring your list of debtors to whom you plan to pay off and the people to whom you plan to give financial gifts to your appointment so you know how many certified checks you'll need.


TNT Call 21-May-2014 Notes

Tony:  Good afternoon, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, May 21, 2014, at 10am Pacific time, and we are ready to go. There’s a lot of good information and meetings – we are excited.  DC can explain in detail when it comes.  Everyone has now been told to BE ready, not to GET ready.  That’s what I’ve been saying to you. The IMF is calling the shots, and they want to get this party started.  They are keeping it close to their chests so no one has the opportunity to mess it up. They have gone and polled everyone – “Are you ready?” – and have their responses. They have told anyone who wants to stop this that is has to be in writing so that they can track it back. It has to be within international law.  Everyone has been warned that this has gone on long enough, and if anyone does anything it will be tried under international law.
There are still some people who don’t want this to happen until the 1. June, and when we get there, they’ll say they don’t want it until 1. July.  We don’t know why, but that is the timetable.  Everyone else has said ENOUGH, we don’t want to do that any more.
Although Maliki’s group won the elections in Iraq, they got 92 points or votes, we are hearing he is or isn’t being the Prime Minister… even though the numbers are in place, they had an agreement that has not been finalized.  The agreement is that if M can produce what he said he could produce – the RI and RV – then he gets to remain PM. If not, someone else in his party will be PM.  If they made that agreement in public, then M wants to make that happen as soon as possible.
There is a lot of unrest about this today; some are saying the elections were rigged. It doesn’t matter, because their ‘powers that be’ have all come to an agreement, regardless of what their people might want.  It’s like our Congress making laws;  if we don’t agree, we can vote them out next time.  So they want this to happen.  DC, I’ve already told it all, so you don’t have to!  You can go into greater depth. I told them about the M agreement, the mosques, the IMF poll, etc.  I did not say a date or time.  I didn’t put that window out there.
DC:  I think you’ve got it already.  Sorry I’m late!  The world is ready, so we’ll go east to west.  Iraq is ready, the government and the banks.  Everyone is eager to get this done and proceed with this. There are always last-minute negotiations, especially in the Middle East. Tony told you about the other agreements, about M needing to get this done.  That is still in play, and everyone understands that is crucial for M to get his third term.
We are talking to all sides of the parliamentary blocs, the CBI and people on the streets. This RI has been announced 3.5 weeks ago, and it needs to get done.
The UN is on board with what they have agreed to;  the UST is ready to go, and the IMF says they can do this at any time, any moment.  Don’t be prepared for any particular window;  it can go at 24 hours in the day, and they would prefer to surprise us. Like they’ve done before when they have got serious, the IMF has said that if anyone tries to block this, then those countries and banks will be block from international commerce. Everyone is getting prepped and they are on the lookout for shenanigans.  The group of weasels is working with everyone now, apart from a few minor parts that are not getting in the way.
Tony:  The warning itself is different because in the past people have called banks and countries and offered them things to stop this, even if they have been saying publicly that they are moving ahead.  The IMF is now saying “I don’t care what they are offering you, if it’s not in writing, we are going to the source and there will be sanctions.”  We’re tired of it, the people who took the money in December/January are tired, the bankers are tired, and everyone is saying “unless you give it to me in writing, I’m not doing it.”
The bankers are still not there apart from one bank with call centers and exchange centers staffed.  The rest are refusing until it has already happened.
DC:  A lot of bankers are just saying “We’ve been up and down so many times, we are exhausted;  once it goes through, let us know.”
Tony:  With what we know, we are in a good position. I did tell them about 1. June and 1. July, not that it will go there. That group would LIKE it to go there, but nobody else does, and they are tired of it. If you didn’t know that, those are the dates.
DC:  Those are regulatory dates, that’s all. Those dates are all public and announced in accordance with certain regulations.
Tony:  I had a tweet about the renewal of the EO 13303;  the President did NOT renew it for one year, but continuous.
DC:  Some parts do need to be renewed year by year.  The parts that we are interested in, it’s better that the President takes them back.  [silence on the line.]
Tony:  It was moved a month ago to the banks, but the new rules of 13303 restrict those funds.  Do you want to talk about that?
DC:  No, better not… there’s a sensitive thread on that, so just in case…
Tony:  So they said BE READY and we’ll tell you now. That could be ten minutes from now or ten hours from now.   Just be ready when we call you!  So let’s go live… The first person, waiting 326 minutes… not answering!
352 caller:  I thought when the RI was brought out that there were laws about the time frame, and I know it exceeded that time frame. What laws are being broken there?
DC:  There are several treaties and laws being violated right now. : There’s one set of laws where the language is clear:  they had 72 hours from the original announcement.  They have also used the words ten days, and also it says ‘expeditiously’. What does that mean? That has been an argument over the last few weeks, whether that means seconds, hours, days, weeks, etc.  Because Iraq was in elections, it was a hard time to crack down on the US.  “Are you accepting this or not?” was not a question for the middle of elections.  That stupid lawyerly arguing is now over, and everyone is lining up for the final plans.
Caller: So if anyone wants to postpone anything, the people in power need to put it in writing, is that correct?
Tony:  If they want to stop it, that has to be in writing so they can track it back to the original person trying to delay this for their own reasons.
DC: This group of weasels has been trying to delay this, and they have been doing back-door and confusing doublespeak from the US to hold it up. The guys trying to get things done are now saying that if banks want to be international and especially to be in Iraq, they will have to explain why they missed out on the biggest boom in 50 years because they fell in line with these back room deal.  So now they are saying that everything is in writing, formally documents, so that there are no interpretation issues any longer. The phone calls are nice, but the banks do not do anything unless it is writing.  They have accepted the Iraqi rates, and if someone else doesn’t, it has to be documented.
Tony:  The politicians will not always be in office.  The bankers hold onto their positions, and if there is a backlash, it will fall on them.  That’s why they want everything in writing from now on. 
DC:  A lot of banks are now getting nailed for what they did during the 2008 crisis, buying crisis assets under the impression that their liabilities would be limited. None of that was written down, and they got nailed for things they don’t think they should have been hit on.  So now everything is in writing.
Caller:  How horrible is it if five million dinarians have money?!
DC:  Most of the world it based on consumption. I buy a car made in Japan, and the ones making it get money. The greater the consumption, the faster the world economies burn.  The second, third and fourth order effects are huge! Releasing this will increase wages, businesses and the US economy and will be a powerful thing to do .
Caller:  So what is the issue in getting this out?
DC:   There are several different position, and a lot is at a nitpicking level.  Also, some are fighting it to the end because it wasn’t there idea at first.  But by now, everyone owns this, and the negative side as well.  They have to own this.  A few will continue to hold out for the rest of their lives, or until they get out of power.
Caller:  With the NDA, my concern is about not knowing the tax situation. What is to prevent crazy stipulations that we sign and then we cannot say anything. What is our protection about the taxes prior to signing the NDA.
DC:  That is three different topics.  Once you have signed the NDA, you can only talk about it with your attorney, accountant and spouse. Some allow advisers, too. They are attempting to keep everyone quiet.  In terms of righting wrongs, they want the legal system to take care of it by itself.  The majority of things will be dealt with normally; you have to trust the legal process works, or you don’t.  If you don’t, you have bigger issues than the NDA or the RV.  How do you find out about taxes?  We will attempt to find out beforehand, and then you have to consult your tax advisers and find out the best strategy without mentioning the RV. 
Caller:  I have a team;  am I going to be able to speak to them about setting up my trusts and how to deal with my family?
DC: Yes, you can talk to your attorney and accountant;  it specifically says so in the NDA I have seen.  They will have to sign NDAs as well, and most professionals are used to doing so.  They need to know what will have an impact on my legal and financial future, and they will be used to signing NDAs so that we can talk about this.
Caller:  Have you seen videos about China owning mortgages on US properties, so if you default, you are now dealing with China? 
DC: I haven’t seen or heard those videos. China owns many investment vehicles and banks in the US.  But that’s a long chain of custody to get ot that person. Let’s say I default on my mortgage, and it’s with WF;  China owns part of WF, but they have to follow US rules and regulations, and it’s a WF asset, so you have to deal with WF, not China.  It’s so far removed that it doesn’t mean anything to us.
Caller:  So we don’t have to concerned about China owning half the country and we might become a communist country?
DC: No.  They are playing the capitalist game very well, and they own a lot of assets here.  It’s just like that Middle Eastern prince who owns part of CitiBank.  That’s just a foreign investment for him, and he still has to play by the US rules.  I own investments in Canada, but I’m not taking over the country!
Tony:  There was an email I go this morning telling everyone that the Republic is now taking over on 1. June, and that’s why we are waiting for June – because China is backing this and replacing our government with the Republic.  It says that China owns 51% of WF, which is not true, and that they are bringing in the TRN notes, etc.  They have bought a lot in the US, and so is Japan. They don’t need to fight a war, they can just buy us up!   They are intelligent people who think they can control the US economy by buying up our businesses. We are never going to be a communist country;  we control the country and the laws.  There is always something written in our constitution to shut that down. They are affecting the economy, for sure, and we have to be wise enough to use the money coming to us to make sure we affect the economy the way they are doing it.  We have that same opportunity. It doesn’t mean all this Republic nonsense, that China is going to pick our President and VP, that China is going to overthrow our government.  And we know about this but the government does not?! Or that they have enough dirt on the politicians that they are just going to walk?  Who does that make sense to?!
Oh, and they say the NESARA site has an article about me on their front page.  What kind of life do these idiots have that I am the biggest thing they can write about. You have to feel sorry for them…
903 caller:  Are there clauses within the NDA that mean they can change or upgrade the NDA within the next ten years?  Can they change it and put a noose around your neck or take over your money?
Tony:  If you break the NDA, then they can take your money.  They can’t take your money if you follow the NDA.  It’s already written to suit them.  Can they upgrade it? Yes, but you need to come in and resign it.
Caller:  What about the individual who has dinars, and they have Alzheimer’s, for instance.  That would be stupid for any of us to let our family go in that direction and lose their funds.
Tony:  This si why they want us to do a call and post the NDA on the site, so that we can go through the NDA with you. The main thing is if you want to write a book, make a movie, go on the talk shows to talk about this.  It’s not about sitting down at MacDonald’s and saying you made a lot of money on that, and bam! You’re getting arrested.  They cannot listen in on five million people’s conversation.  For me, DC, Pam, the intel team, we will have much more stringent NDAs, record our phone conversations, but we know that. For the vast majority, you don’t have anything to worry about.
Caller:  Okay, so if you sign the NDA and you write a book or make a movie, then you will lose your money. What if they add something later that controls how you use your money? 
Tony:  The NDA has nothing to do with your rate or your money.  That is the contract with the bank.  The NDA is with Homeland Security and it has nothing to do with how much your get or how you spend your money.  That’s why they want us to explain the NDA and the contract, and post a copy so that you can take it to your attorney so that you can walk in with confidence.
Yes, I will sign the NDA;  I’ve already told them that I will sign it.  If I’m going to sign the NDA, I’m certainly going to take the higher rate! I don’t plan to be on any talk shows or write a book.  My special NDA says that I cannot be in politics, but I don’t want to do that anyway, so that is just fine with me.  Our understanding is that we will go over the NDA with you before you go to the bank.
Caller:  On the internet, it said that President Obama signed off on the RV this morning.
Tony:  My understanding is that he signed off on it last Tuesday evening.  It still hasn’t gone, even though he agreed in public.  People have still stopped it.
617 caller:  Maliki has promised all these things and he doesn’t get a third term if he doesn’t produce them; do we want him to have a third term?  Could we be stopping this because we don’t want him to have a third term?
DC:  Who is we?  Those in charge of getting this RV out?  Some support him, some don’t, but this is a democratic election and it’s an issue for Iraq to solve. They are neutral as long as he flies by their rules, they are okay with him having another term.
Caller:  If we could freeze the money of the people holding this up, that might focus their minds…
DC:  Who can do that apart from themselves? If you can sell them on that, you’re a better salesman than I am!
843 caller:  I’ve been reading all sorts of things about how Maliki won, or his party won, because they got 93 out of 300+ votes?  He has never done what he said he would all along, so wants to support him in office again?  Tony, you are saying they should all get together to support the Iraqi people, but if M still holds power, we won’t see this for another four years.
Tony:  He won’t be PM unless he produces the RV, first.   We want that to happen, you and me, so that we can see the RV and everything else.  So far as our government is concerned, that EO 13303 ensures we still have the capability to do what we need to do regardless of who is in power. 
M says he will RV and he needs to do that.  We are trying to create a democracy in Iraq.  They don’t know how that works, they don’t know that you’re supposed to listen to the people. There are growing pains here.  We decided, and they need the growing pains.  We are seeing the growth of a country, before our eyes.  [line went dead, missed 3 minutes.]
Caller:  The Vietnamese are still really, really poor.  You need the infrastructure and government to support this if we want to see the revaluation coming out at the contract rates.
Tony: When I started this, we were told that if the VNN came out at five cents, it would be the end of the world!  Basel III gave asset-backed values to the individual countries in accordance with the global currencies.  This is where they needed to set the numbers to get the global economy to work properly.  China wants Vietnam;  they don’t have as many dinar as we do, but they do have Vietnam to produce things and get them done. This is not based on US laws, it’s 200 countries getting together to create what works for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily make sense to all their people, but it works for the GCR. 
DC:  That sound was next to me, sorry. Tony said it right:  this is their asset-backed currency revaluation. Vietnam is still restructuring:  they have manufacturing capability, some mining, and some oil. They are not as prepared as the CBI, for sure, so we are not sure how that will go through.  We do believe it is in play right now, as a speculation on what they will do in the future, as a nation.
Tony:  Two years ago, I brought up thinking outside the box, or outside the matrix.  How did they find 200 new gold mines in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was in power… because he looked!  In Vietnam, they have found new gold mines that they didn’t find in 200 years.  It justifies the rate, which is so far above five cents!
Caller:  I understand.  You keep saying ‘be ready’, but you guys don’t have the package yet.  I don’t’ understand why they don’t leak it you and your group at least.  I was talking to an accountant, and he said you can only make so many transactions per month from an interest-bearing account. 
Tony: They are not going to give us THAT information to give you! You have to figure that out on your own.  And they are planning to give us the package, so that we can talk to the people on this call first, not the 4-5 million other people.  There’s a way I would approach this, where they would  have given me the package last week, or at least four hours heads up, but they have their own plan of how it’s going to go.
Caller;  Someone is going to have to type that up to post up.  If they want us in the bank in two hours, who does that make sense to.  Can you post it at the same time as you send out the 800 numbers?
Tony: They were being told to have people in the banks within two hours.  I don’t know if that is their goal now.  There have been some changes, and you may get more lead time.  They want us to do daily calls and explanations for 14 days, but we are negotiating that down. After day one, maybe people will have everything they need.  Also, they were dealing with five million people and now it’s almost seven million, because of their delays!  They are now trying to treat us with a bit more respect than those five million people.


Part 2
775 caller:  Jesus is saying this:  “To see me, you must bring me your cares and show me your heart’s trust.  Then you will be given spiritual sight.  Be constantly claiming. [too fast for me to transcribe] You are heirs in the father’s property. Claim it!  Don’t supplicate and wait;  this is foolish.  Walk into your home and take, with the recognition of ‘sonship’.”  [This went too fast for me to transcribe.] 
The idea is that we can claim this, as a reflection of THE Creator.  We can put our intent towards prosperity NOW for ourselves and those whose lives we hope to touch.  We have much more power than we realize and we need to bring this about!
Tony:  I took this to the altar today for God to bring this about.  We continue to do this.  The power of prayer never hurts. Thank you!
903 caller:  Is Mexico already trading VNN?
Tony:  I heard that Mexico and Germany are trading VNN…
DC:  I have heard that but cannot confirm or deny that.
Tony:  Isolated incidents can happen; rates can be live for a minute on the screens, but we cannot confirm every instance.  I don’t know what was happening this morning.
404 caller:  Everything seems to be locked in.  M’s in, or he’s out, or the IMF is ready. Everything seems to be winding up, yet it’s still there.  What is your take on the reality here?  Is the three-day weekend part of this?  Is it really in the IMF’s hand to release this now?
Tony:  DC… in your heart of hearts… how real is this and when it is going to happen?
DC:  I do believe it’s in the IMF’s hands as a coordinator.  The UST have given the go signal to the IMF.
Caller:  It looked like the IMF wasn’t happy with M, but he can stay if he gets it done, is that the position now?
DC:  There is a lot of back and forth that doesn’t include Iraq.  The international agencies believe that Iraq needs to get this done, and if M can’t get it done, then they won’t support him.  Iraq is a sovereign country.  If we have to renegotiate with a new party, then we will be in a mess. The RI was released and they have don’t all these things, and M has basically been told that if he gets this done he will be PM again, so that’s all very positive.
Tony:  If that doesn’t happen, M can declare the RI, but they want the RV as well.  The RI on its own is causing problems, but we scrap the whole thing and start afresh. 
Caller: So M is saying “I need this RV to keep my job”, so if we keep blocking the RV, then he will declare the RI and start the whole negotiation over again, which we don’t want.  So either way, M is in a strong position.
DC:  M is much smarter than you’d think.
719 caller:  Could you skip the people who keep getting on the call over and over again, so that new people can get on the line?  The new people also have good questions.  The caller with the sister who may be incapacitated, the NDA covers that possibility, too.
We heard that Jack Lew was supposed to announce this and then he didn’t give the correct speech;  is that the issue?
DC:  He was supposed to for a bit, but then the situation changed.
Caller:  We are hearing that because of the Paris Treaty, many countries got dinar instead of reparations.  The UN representatives were confronted by other reps who said that the US is still holding up the RV.  Do you know about that?
Tony:  The fact that countries gave up their reparations in favor of dinar, why would that be messed up because there is just an RI?
DC:  They declared an RI, which was a safe bet for Iraq that no one could deny. The other agreements and payments were based on the RV though, and the RV rate. So it was a legal quagmire.  So they came back to doing the RV and everything will be just fine.
Caller:  So the RI was a way of skirting around more payments…
DC:  Yes, but M did the safe move that was difficult to deny because the other countries had already accepted the RI from a year ago.  It was a smart move.
Tony:  “If you don’t accept the RV, I will do the RI and you will lose a lot of money and agreements.”  It was smart that he called the RI.
Caller:  Yes, it was a ‘put up or shut up’ and it forced the issue with the US.  I’m so disappointed with what the US has been doing.  To  say we don’t like M, when Iraqi citizens actually voted his party into office... that’s not our concern! We’re trying to control it, like with the Crimea. We don’t live in that country.  I just want this thing to be done!  Tony, you said RayRen would have a great birthday and now that has passed. My husband’s birthday is on the 23, so will he have a great birthday?
Tony:  My father’s birthday is on the 23rd, too, so let’s declare a great birthday for him.
Caller:  Why do they keep pulling this back on us?  Don’t they realize this is a lot of stress?  Just let it go…
Tony:  The US appointed M to start with. The US signed off on this last Thursday. They are not blocking, but that doesn’t mean they are not allowing others to block it.  Every party expected this over the weekend.  And now they are saying, “If you want to delay this, it has to be in writing!”  Every time they come up with a new trick, it has to be neutralized again. I’ve already told you the date they want it to go.  Every day it gets worse and worse. All we can do is give you the information as we get it.  It’s better than the other countries are putting on the pressure. Even the bankers are tired and frustrated. We’ve just got this one small group of weasels who keep coming back again. The only thing we can do is support the ones in DC who support us, and the other countries keep on the pressure.
DC:  I find it difficult to understand why they are continuing to fight. There are very few moves left, and they are toxic in what they are doing.  They have been cornered. The rest of the world doesn’t need the US to go along.  “The ship’s leaving at eight, and if you aren’t on board, enjoy swimming.”
Tony:  You’re just using that as an example, it’s not the actual time, right?
Caller:  In your heart of hearts, DC, do you see this as finished by the end of the Memorial Day weekend?
DC:  It’s a very strong possibility.
256:  You say the IMF has got it, and I’m ready to go with that.  Hang in there and we’ll see this thing through this time.  I’m glad they’ll have to put anything in writing.
DC:  Putting everything in writing then means that it’s all subject to Freedom of Information requests.  So they have to keep it all squeaky clean because it will come to light.  The bankers and politicians have to be thinking that this will be on the public records until the end of time.  It can be used against them, so this is a wonderful thing for keeping everyone honest.
In a non-threatening way, I think we have to bring up the Freedom of Information Act.  Part of the pressure now is the realization that all this stuff will come out. It can be classified for a number of years, and that is a good thing to smooth things over. It helps people be more courageous.  Also, if stupid things go on, every agency including the UST, etc., is subject to Freedom of Information requests.  They can call it classified, but ultimately they have to follow the law.  So now they realize everything has to be documented.  It is going to be very evident in the future who did what to whom, and when and where.
Tony:  Especially if you know what to ask for!
352 caller:  Will the GCR come after the RV?
Tony:  The GCR has to come after the RV, because the RV is the basis for the GCR.
831 caller:  Question for DC – is your other alter-ego Mtn Goat? After you started talking about shenanigans, Mtn Goat started to use that word as well.
DC:  I don’t read much on the internet.  I do know who Mtn Goat is…
Caller:  If the IMF is controlling the RV, how does M get the RV accomplished?
DC: The IMF is in charge of coordination. They have to encourage and keep everyone in line while Maliki does his job. We are pretty much just waiting for the IMF to push the button. :They have run so many checks, that it’s just a matter of the IMF saying when it’s going to go.
Caller:  When during the Memorial Day weekend might this happen?
DC:  I think it’s very, very strong between now and the end of the weekend. I don’t want to give a specific time, because of the ups and downs.
Tony:  We will ride the roller coaster for you!
DC:  We had five times in the last few days, each from very credible sources, all within the window we expected.
601 caller:  I have a question about the contracts, fi you can answer it.  You said before that the two contract rates would have different tax rates.  How can that happen if they haven’t figured out the tax rates yet.
DC:   Right now we have been told by very credible folks who should know two different lines. One says that there are three options:  A has high rates and high taxes, B has medium rates and taxes, and C has low rates and no taxes.  The other line is that nothing has been passed through the tax committee.  So nobody knows for sure, so you need to have a tax consultant do some research. 
Tony:  Or they will tell us when we get the package.
Caller:  You said THREE rates, rather than no taxes on the international rate?
DC:  I know that every time I make money, the government asks for some.  So I’m going to assume there will be taxes.
214 caller: I’m amazed at how you and DC can take all this stuff and figure out what has been going on between 100 different stories.  [appreciation]
Tony:  DC and I talk ten times a day, and we get information from many different sources in DC and other countries.  We talk about it, track all the intel and try to come to conclusions.  I try to sneak in some extra info that I shouldn’t, too.  I have a fault – I just assume people know what I am talking about, or know what I know, and that creates a problem at times.  When people go off on the calls, I let them do it because I realize that they don’t know what I know, or what’s going on in our government or in the world.  You could send them to the best movie in the world, and to them it’s just a movie, not something that is showing us something that really happened, and it can give you insight into what’s actually happening. That’s why I explain things one way and DC explains it another way, and we hope that you are able to get it. I assume you know what I’m talking about, apart from the idiots who don’t even try to get it.
DC:  We do answer the same questions over and over so that more people understand or learn something they didn’t know before. If you just want the news, fair enough;  just listen to the first ten minutes and cut it off.  We try to lay out certain scenarios, to help you out, not because we want to hear the sound of our own voices.  I hear enough of Tony every day!  We have been blessed or cursed with some understanding of what’s going on and that’s what we attempt to share with you.
585 caller:  If M needs to produce this to stay in power, it’s a big stick that someone else can over him, depending on if they want him to be in power.
DC:  Who is holding that stick?  It only affects Iraq.  M as PM, and the head of the CBI have to agree to get this done.  We (the US) can do anything we want, but we have now agreed to be in a supportive role here.
Caller: The weasels are the ones who are nervous about the Freedom of Information Act?
DC:  Yes, it is on everyone’s mind now. It’s going to be a rough day.  Publically people are having a nice day; privately, they are shaking in their boots.
Caller:  All weasels who are listening, we will put away our bats if you let this go through.
Tony:  I was going to do Larry Renfrow because you have my last name, but Pam says we have to stop.
DC:  Everything looks really good;  there are several timelines all within a  short period of time. Everyone is ready and playing by the book.  Everyone has got the message that this is inevitable.  M is motivated to get this done quickly, it’s all positive.  All the shenanigans that have happened we will get over and get on down the road.
Pam:  Let’s hope we have weeded out the scallywags, because I like living in Pollyanna Land.
Ray:  How many times can you say goodbye?
Tony:  we will post the NDA on the forum and the new sites.  DC gave you where we are and what to expect.  I’m excited! There is a time line, but we will not have a heads up, it will just pop.  The 800 numbers were given out two days ago, with a time they would be made live but it just didn’t happen.  That’s how close we were then, and that’s where we are now. We hope to get together later today or if not, tomorrow, if this happens. 


Generals64 said:  uh-oh:....the "Old Man" opened the internet and he has a little something to say...Wiley..."Thanks"...you answered this well. Folks, we have no ulterior motive for anything. When this started all we were trying to do is get a shot at the bank spread.

When this does happen, we will make sure the group knows and we will make sure the group has access to all information that pertains to this. The listening to all the Gurus will do nothing more than keep you up late at night.

Our agreement with the financial institutes is that when we know it is actually DONE we will release the group of names on the email list...They will send you an e-mail and there will be a phone number to call. Until its done none of this will happen.

Once you get your email (from the Bank) you make a call..you get your appointment...you go (on time) to your appointment. you work with your appointed person....you have money in the bank and then you go enjoy your life. It's that simple.....

Note:This "group" is closed to new members.The emails they have can not be changed or edited.


Dinar Updates:

Urgent-This thing is over!!!    Tune in ~ for Updates all day!! And...The Next DINAR Talk INFO Call w/BGG & Chattels – May 21st 8:00pm CST  760-569-7676 pin# 398647 (with Live Q & A)


It is SIGNED  Posted by PhilipT. on May 21, 2014 at 11:51am

The release signature is signed today for the release of Gcr in The United States and to the World may 22 to june 15th you will be in the bank.

I am not a fan to this criminal president but what he did today is morally correct and for that I say thank you America for doing the Right Thing


Higher Oil Revenues Might Motivate Calls to Revalue the Dinar

Dr. Ali Merza, a member of one of many economic committees inside Iraq, has written a report called “Iraq’s National Energy Strategy: Oil & Gas Production, Diversification and Employment.” Dr. Merza has previously stated that higher oil revenues might motivate calls to revalue the Iraq dinar.


INTEL -- Just in a few minutes ago --- Obama signed off on the PUBLIC RV