Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Global Meetings
Prepared for battle. The ones in control/the Chinese have detoured around the US monopoly of the Petro Dollars worldwide.
USN's are 'live' in and out of the banks.

Globally, USNs are in and out of the bank

TRN going into the bank and WE'RE taking it out!  FAST


"Unconfirmed report of  3 tiers for the Iraqi Dinar and everyone will need to go to Plan B, C etc and make sure your portfolio is diversified. Happy I own 3 other currencies!!!"


Meeting in London today (20 MAY).
Gold bonds/certificates are being transferred/moved to be deposited in the US.
European Union is meeting in Singapore
Charging/moving ahead globally today (20 MAY)
Basket of financial instruments with lots of paperwork and contracts to be signed today.(20 MAY)
Change is coming and it cannot be stopped.


devinehealth] found this--Posted on May 20, 2014 by Freewill Lady on OMC said her relative who is a contractor in Iraq, and he returned home yesterday and he said, ‘it’s done…

it’sover..everything has been signed, the RV has happened and he is home to stay’!!! (Heard it myself!!)

Another portion of Wei Ting’s story above is, the contractor relative told family (sometime earlier) that when all was done, and when the RV happened…. he would home. He just arrived home this past week-end.

My brother sent a friend to Wells Fargo Saturday in Arizona to buy dong he told them to ask for VND the banker came over to help and said to her it’s really called VND for now that the government won’t let them use VND until next week then they will exchange them


[MarkZ] I have missed everyone at the castle. I have even missed Digs who keeps us all honest. :) It has been a tough month for me losing a dear friend and we finally spread his ashes yesterday. Now I am back in the saddle, even if I am a bit behind. Bear with me before too many questions start rolling....

[MarkZ] It is good to be here finally!

[MarkZ] Ok before you all ask where we are..... The bond end of this is humming in anticipation for mid week, the banking end of it started quietly preparing for mid week this week. We have news from the sand pile that they are indeed ready to exchange and we have an unconfirmed report that the Kurdistan region started yesterday. Now with that said......

[MarkZ] We are not 100% sure where we are! We know we are close and I have confirmed that some of our chinese connections were indeed unhappy with Lew's preposed speach.

[sandytob] MarkZ So the Mnt Gt stuff is not valid?

[MarkZ] sandytob Mt Goat stuff is IMO your worst case. I firmly believe we have moved past the point of interference now though.

[slh1812] sandytob I'm smelling a rat around Mtn Goat lately...not the Goat herself...but something around her [MarkZ] slh1812 I believe we have a VERY questionable source in the five sided building right now that is feeding a few intel folks piss poor intel. I have seen it in at least 3 sources of late. I may have been very busy with personal matters these past weeks but I kept my ears open.

[Believe13] MARKZ....do u still think before end of month?

[MarkZ] Believe13 absolutely

[expectancy] Markz I heard us representative walk out of the un today when asked why they are holding up rv

[terrib] expectancy hi where you hear that????

[expectancy] Posting on stage3alpha

[MarkZ] expectancy AWESOME!!!

[sandytob] MarkZ ok, thanks. What do the Chinese want Lew to say that he wasn't going to?

[MarkZ] sandytob The Chinese want him to say the truth. His 'masters' want a watered down version that admits nothing. They want our sudden wealth to only be known as "The Wealth Factor' and expect the people to believe it is the 'trickle down' from the years of stimu;ious packages.

[nikki23] Markz I believe some misinformation is floating around as well, but the truth will surface.

[MarkZ] nikki23 yes it will ;)

[expectancy] Markz if true thats good for us true?

[BJandJodi] MarkZ - Why do those corrupt crooks have any say at this stage?

[MarkZ] BJandJodi They don't, we all need to stop believing those rumors. We have some great folks looking out for us. They did attempt some crazy things in the Ukraine, in the past the politics of that along with the banking moves pulled by Barclays would have errupted in an armed conflict. They threw us a WW3 size potential and it was reigned in. That shook the cabal side up more than anything. The status quo is over.

[expectancy] Mark z is okie date still be  what were looking for

[MarkZ] expectancy I have no idea what okie said. I did actually read the boards about an hour ago to see what crap you all have been fed. I saw a great one on scam the folks call the RV by someone explaining why it is a safer play than the lotto. Great piece 

[expectancy] Markz may 25. Was set last week. Think what tony was eluding to on call

[MarkZ] expectancy Sounds like a good date. I think we will know sooner though.

[sandytob] MarkZ tomorrow is mid week.

[Believe13] MARKZ...are the rates still at the bank levels on admin hold? And is it true that some people were able to cash out in Mexico and Germany per Tony at TNT?

[MarkZ] Believe13 I have not been able to confirm anything from Mexico yet. Rates in the US have been seen by two of my in bank contacts though. Until we can exchange though I am not going to start counting my chickens.

[slh1812] MarkZ All the news from Russia & China, things are MOVING now

[MarkZ] slh1812 Did you pay attention to what they announced about the petro dollar?

[notsoguru] MarkZ just what are the chinese telling their peeps?

[MarkZ] notsoguru To stay calm and stay the course. They want no rocking of the boat. The rats are no longer making big bucks on every stall. They are now using the stalls in hopes of hiding the money they made on the earlier stalls. IT WILL NOT WORK. To quote a nice fellow.... nuff said.

[moneyman2] MarkZ thinking we are getting close?????????????????

[MarkZ] moneyman2 Yes very. The dismantling of the FED dollar has started, the death blow was delivered today and now it is just a snake that doesn't even know it has lost it's head yet.

[babycakes12958] More like a chicken with it's head cut off MarkZ

[MarkZ] babycakes12958 true dat

[slh1812] MarkZ I read the articles, don't remember specifically, except that it's sunk!

[slh1812] MarkZ I mean, the US petro dollar that is

[MarkZ] slh1812 Putin along with his chinese counterpart announced that they along with 52 other countries would now start using a number of other currencies for petro buys and sales. That was HUGE!!!!!

[slh1812] MarkZ YES YES, that was HUGE!!! Read that, absolutely! And posted it to FB for everybody else

[MarkZ] slh1812 Keep posting things like that! If you all want to know what you can do to help move things along and to help..... keep posting articles like that, inform, that is where true power is, it is in education.

[numen] Russia and china signing BIG contracts.

[slh1812] MarkZ I felt really empowered today, lol I posted everything I could get my hands on

[MarkZ] slh1812 Stay empowered then

[slh1812] Historic...again...unclawing of the US petrodollar from international business.. http://rt.com/business/160124-vtb-bank-china-currencies/[bryan1972] MarkZ Can you elaborate on the Death blow?

[MarkZ] bryan1972 The announcement from the Russian's and Chinese on no longer using the petro dollar. Back on that fateful August day in 71' I believe it was when Nixon was forced to unpeg the dollar from gold he could only do it because in B'Woods we pegged eveyone to the petro dolllar. That made this farce possible for 40+ years. Now with removal of the petro dollar we can no longer hold the world hostage.

[sonnayhwh] shifting of the petro-dollar is far more telling the reserve currency status, imo . . . hang on for the ride . . . grin

[expectancy] Markz. What is your timeline

[MarkZ] expectancy Based on what I am seeing this week is not out of the realm of possibilities but a three day weekend would be the logistical home run IMO

[Believe13] MARKZ....who is the one pushing the button

[MarkZ] Believe13 It would be HIGHLY unwise to post that. sandytob They look great.kenbo You are in good company on the list ;)expectancy Sounds about right

[Believer2] MarkZ what will be the consequence to the US with the death blow? How devastating will it be and can we recover?

[MarkZ] Believer2 Of coures we will recover. We will RV/RESET.

[Believe13] MARKZ...I. Don't want his name or address roflmao, but I heard it was one of the good guys people can trust is that fair to say

[MarkZ] Believe13 Very fair to say

[calibeach] MarkZ Do the TRN still have to come out first?

[MarkZ] calibeach Same time

[pursuitoftruth] MarkZ Mountain Goat seems to think the bad guys have to go first. Is she off the mark, no pun intended.

[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth lol.......... She is not but there has been tremendous movement on that front. Much of which I can not share.

[sugarplum50] MarkZ what do you make of the stock market today?

[sugarplum50] MarkZ Do you expect a rise b 4 the RV

[MarkZ] sugarplum50 Nothing big. It needs to crash 25-50% IMO

[moneyman2] MarkZ how long do you think it will take to get the rates to the teller level??????

[MarkZ] moneyman2 48 hours after the reset. I am not certain I will be able to reach out when this gets to a certain point. If I have to disappear for more than a day you all should just start partying.

[notsoguru] MarkZ just tweet 'ghost' before you disappear!

[sandytob] MarkZ Why do you have to disappear?????????

[MarkZ] sandytob Once this passes a certain point I am certain that intel people will be 'asked' to be ABSOLUTELY SILENT while it finsihes out. They may even close all the chatrooms. It would be the safe and prudent thing to do. IMO[expectancy] Markz I heard forex pairing was showing rates. Can you confirm?

[MarkZ] expectancy It has been but only during off hours, I believe they are testing it.

[sandytob] MarkZ That's what we heard a few years ago......look for the stock market declining.

[MarkZ] sandytob Anytime gold and the market move in the same direction you should question things. They move opposite for a reason when using FIAT currencies.

[moneyman2] MarkZ 48 hours after the reset. hmmm when do you see that reset happening?

[MarkZ] moneyman2 That is the part I shouldn't answer, I will say if they all row the same direction it could be this week yet. I hope that is comforting but still vague enough.

[expectancy] Markz is there a backwall it has to end by? Whose holding it up iraq or usa

[MarkZ] expectancy No one is holding it up now. IMO

[moneyman2] MarkZ the big question you said that you knew the fellow that was in charge of throwing the switch you said he was a good guy... Is he still a good guy???????

[notsoguru] MarkZ then we know to party and won't worry about the black suvs! lol

[MarkZ] notsoguru exactly

[sandytob] MarkZ will be really difficult for us, but I understand.

[MarkZ] sandytob It will not be for long. Any chatroom we have post event will most likely have to be very private to people that exchanged currency in the RV/RESET.

[melongirl] MarkZ Then how are we going to know when and how to do our banking?

[MarkZ] melongirl That will get out right after the public release. They COULD be around 48 between the reset and the public release though. it was planned that way years ago. Protocol could have changed though. I am just preparing you in case it has not.

[dilmus123] MarkZ we'll have a code like ,the swollow flys at night

[ByGrace] dilmus123 lol And the cow jumped over the moon...

[MarkZ] dilmus123 The Camel runs at night...

[wango1] MarkZ JPMorgan Funds-Emerging Markets Debt Fund is an open-end investment fund incorporated in Luxembourg.The Fund's objective is to provide total return. The Fund invests primarily in fixed and floating-rate securities from emerging markets.Top Fund Holdings for JPEMAAUCan you explain why Iraq is trading here

[MarkZ] wango1 Not sure I understand the question. Good to see you Wango. If you have a good explanation please share. I am still not 100% up to speed after my time away.

[wango1] MarkZ well JP Morgan calling Iraq an emerging market and the IMF and UN talking about emerging markets all the time has to be a huge step in the right direction IMO

[MarkZ] I just found out Ben Carson will be on Fox biz tonight. I love Ben, says it how it is.

[Joshua2415] MarkZ How is the new web site coming along and do you have a link ready?

[MarkZ] Joshua2415 It stalled because of my unexpected loss but I will post the landing page and let you know tomorrow where we are with it.  http://dinarinsider.com/giveaway-mark/

[expectancy] Markz if no one is holding it up, why cant I buy you cuban cigars yet

[MarkZ] expectancy hahaha soon. Logistics are still logistics. If I didn't know who was in charge of those logistics and making certain that things are safe, proper and timely I would be uneasy as well. BUT I have great faith in who is responsible now.

[sananddan24] MarkZ what are you thoughts on the executive order being extended?

[MarkZ] sananddan24 It had to be extended so all of Cheney's friends could still get paid.... heheheh If you want to know an absolute back wall just look at how long it was extended for...... Make sense?

[notsoguru] MarkZ so what was the purpose in the open ended extension of EO13303? just curious why open ended

[MarkZ] notsoguru It wasn't really open ended. They knew attaching the date would expose the RV timeline. It was proposed at just 30 days. Then the figured out their collective oopss and said 60 days, at which point forex trades went nuts, then they decided to leave it open. I nearly popped a stitch laughing at them...

[Lvn42day] MarkZ Thank you, If someone had just explained (the extension to whenever) that to us yesterday; it would have been easier to swallow.

[MarkZ] Lvn42day I feel responsible for you all these past weeks, I just could not make much time or focus. The biggest thing we have to do now is stay positive but grounded. Optimistic and realistic.

[notsoguru] MarkZ ty for the explanation - I knew they would not give a close date but to leave it open was curious

[MarkZ] notsoguru When they first said looking at 30 days I blew my soda through my nose. :)

[chuck60] 13303 is not open ended. There is a notice also in whitehouse.gov website that states 1 year. It's posted right next to the letter that implies "open ended". Sorry, on laptop, so can't get a link.

[MarkZ] chuck60 If you can post it when you have time for the castle I would greatly appreciate it.

[chuck60] MarkZ - Will do.

[slh1812] notsoguru Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here tonight to bury the "PTB" and replace them with the "PTW" clap clap

[stthomas cowboy] Markz thanks for your time tonight cleaning up the aftermath due to mtn goat.

[MarkZ] stthomas cowboy Mt Goat is actually a great help in keeping us all grounded. We should ALL think worst case so that we do not sidetrack our lives. It is called responsibly managing our expectations.

[FLPatriot59] "Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency with respect to the stabilization of Iraq declared in Executive Order 13303." http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/05/17/notice-continuation-national-emergency-respect-stabilization-iraq

[sananddan24] MarkZ really for RV to pop, I got places to go, things to do, and most of major shopping roflmap

[MarkZ] sananddan24 Nola needs new shoes.....

[sooner84] MarkZ So in your best "guess", should be we expect this thing to pop on or before May 31?

[MarkZ] sooner84 I am honestly looking for sooner but with that said I am not leaving the day job and will continue to keep grounded and working until I LEAVE the bank a wealthier man.

[expectancy] Sooner84 okie said may 25. Markz felt before that

[MarkZ] expectancy Actually logistically his date makes enormous sense.

[1biz4u] Markz does it matter if Maliki is or isn't elect pm?

[MarkZ] 1biz4u The original plan was for him to release the rv and then to resign soon after.

[sooner84] MarkZ So we shouldn't be too concerned about what is happening with the Iraq elections to impact when the RV is done?

[MarkZ] sooner84 no worries with the elections

[schaefer3] MarkZ - anything new re CMKX/CMKM?

[MarkZ] schaefer3 There is...... :) Great stuff. I will save that for tomorrow though.

[MarkZ] I can not stay on much long folks. I am still way behind in life after these past weeks. I will be here tomorrow night though.

[arvdog21] Markz with all the dates... confusion and info or misinformation what would be any tell tale sign of significance?

[MarkZ] arvdog21 hmmmm. Let me think on what would be the best sign for you all to look for if they do ask us to go quiet.

[Lvn42day] MarkZ Like white smoke from the chimney

[expectancy] Markz see you at the strip club.

[MarkZ] expectancy oh my.... lol

[expectancy] Markz have three ladies a piece

[MarkZ] expectancy at least

[slh1812] expectancy hey now...unfair...3 guys for the ladies too! clap clap

[AZhombre] Hola MarkZ, it's been w while I've opened the castle door. A 3 day weekend? 24th-26th? Can hardly wait to exchange mi dinar for Pay It Forward Free Groceries Day.

[MarkZ] AZhombre I think free grocery day is a GREAT idea.

[burk50] Thank you MarkZ u r highly respected ,as u can tell

[MarkZ] burk50 thank you. That means a lot.

[arvdog21] If quiet equals good. I'm in!

[MarkZ] Peace out all.... :)


SITREP (Situational Report)

Deep Source #1:
"According to CIA sources, Obama's team of thugs are rapidly reaching the maximum panic mode. Complete destabilization is on-going within the White House, the puppet himself has no clue, but he senses big time problems looming near."

Deep Source #2:

"Not yet solid or confirmed, but was told that supposedly the deadline for the release of funds in Reno is Thursday, May 22nd, and therefore  arrests should start tonight and tomorrow. This might be why the criminals in the White House are in an extreme panic at this time."


Good afternoon TNT.  I just wanted to give you a short update.  Everything is progressing towards our goal. 

 There was a minor or major hiccup last night, depending on how you want to look at it.  Either way, it is resolved and over with. 

This morning I have received nothing but positive news.  Things are being finalized as I write this.  I am really, really, really feeling SUPERFANTASTIC at this moment and looking to get better.
My suggestion to you right now is for you to do two things (I would spend the rest of my day doing these things):

1.  I would make sure I have my gift letters in place and I would have a few blanks for the people that I forgot.

2.  I would have my checklist completed and ready to go at a moments notice.  It is better to be ready than to have to get ready..........

I have once again been asked to temper what I say, so the last thing I want to say today is............hope to be doing a call ????????????????

Enjoy the rest of the day.






I have been invested for a little over 6 years and normally do not post.  However with the information being received from Tony & DC, lets pray they are correct as far as timing is concerned.

Per our contact...private backroom deals are still taking place, which is no surprise.  Big power organizations are the entities that are conducting the backroom deals. 

 According to the same source, in their opinion, they do not see a public RV for another 30-40 days.  The reason given just does not jive with what T & DC are reporting so take the information with a grain of salt. 

 The reason is “they are not set up quite yet for the intake of people”.  The phrase “who does that make sense too” comes to mind considering the reports of call center and exchange centers being staffed and ready to go on multiple occasions.   

 The only thing that does frustrate is our contact has been correct up to this point.  They have said “it could go at anytime” always followed with the inevitable “but” followed with, “this is what “they” are telling us”.  

 One thing that has been consistent is that the RV is going to happen.  I for one would like a short list of the EGO’s in DC that holding this up for personal reason. 

 Those are the people that need to be voted out and banished.  It is apparent that those people are incapable of understanding why the government exists.

“ The government exists to serve the WILL of the people”.  ’The 2nd amendment exists in case it should forget”.


New Iraqi Dinar (IQD) Potential:
IQD will 1st gradual growth RV by raise 3 zeros from currency value till 1,166 times to reach IQD1 = USD1 or instant straight-up RV till 3510 times above to match IQD1 = USD3 or higher. Thus, IQD25,000 note will be worth USD25,000 or up to USD75,000 above potential. Larger denomination notes of IQD25,000, 10,000, 5000 and 1,000 will remain in circulation till all phased out within 2 years period, whilst new lower denomination currency notes and even coin will be introduce use into market circulation. This is perfect scenario for investors.

Vietnam Dong (VND) Potential:
After delete 4 zeros from currency denomination, current currency notes denomination of 4 zeros will be removed from market circulation and replace by new lower currency denomination notes or even entire new currency. State Bank of Vietnam will then revalue it from current value about VND1 = USD0.000049 to potential new rate of USD0.005 to USD0.10 (forecast). VND100,00 note will be worth only new VND10 or USD0.05 to USD1. Thus will be resulting potential loss to investors.
VND will 1st revalue about 100 times till VND1 = USD0.005 up to 2000 times till VND1 = USD0.10. Thus, VND100,000 note will be worth about USD500 up to USD10,000. Then, large denomination notes consists of 4 zeros will be gradually removed from circulation, replaced by new lower denomination currency notes or even changes to entire new currency


5-20-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat    We also know for a fact that behind our backs they are already making billions off the IQD through speculative deals and backroom trading.   I firmly believe...we will finally see the completion of the RV only when either there are no more reasons to use the GCR as a  negotiating tool (hostage) and/or the back room feasting frenzy off the IQD is stopped.   [post 2 of 2]

5-20-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   A ticker tape on FOX news ran across the television screens yesterday morning telling the world that the new government of Iraq was formed.  Today is Tuesday 5/20 yet there is very little formal news coming out of Iraq on this topic. They are still talking about preliminary results. We are now hearing...that they will not reinstate the currency but will go for a full revaluation and stick to the original plan of the GCR.  The fact that Maliki did not get his way with the reinstatement tells us...that he is desperately trying to hold to some form of  legitimacy to substantiate his support for a third term. The fact that he did this move and was not successful also tells us the USA no longer supports him and does not want him for a third term...if we do not see the revaluation in the next 14 days we can be assured Maliki is gone and will not be the next prime minister of Iraq.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-20-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   It appears the President will make the 13303 extension official - but it shouldn't matter that much one way or the other.   [So you feel that it will cause this to drag on further because of it?]   No. I do not.

5-20-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker
   Article: "Obama extends the state of national emergency, which related to Iraq for another year"   ...Obama extended EO 13303 for another year and a lot of people are taking a very negative outlook on this when they should not be...    Iraq needed this protection, we need this protection and more importantly the Governor of the CBI and the watchdog over Iraq's Monetary Policy needed this protection extended.  EO 13303 is different than most EO's and that it has a time frame attached and can be lifted when the timing is right.  Chin up folks...it is not the time to be jumping ship IMO. We are closer than we have ever been in seeing economic reform take place in Iraq.  Political and Economic Security and we are off to the races, so to speak...

5-20-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
    Hakim will also get to nominate a PM as will Sadr.  These nominees will then face a secret ballot in which only the heads of the blocks will vote on.  The coalition passed the test when Iran backed off.  They are sticking together and as long as  they do, it will go down as expected following a plan that began at least 6 months prior to this election, which included the halting of the budget to make sure Maliki was a looser.  [post 2 of 2]

5-20-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   This is a parliamentary system.  Maliki most likely will not even be the nominee select from the SOL...even if the SOL were...which they themselves have said they will not do, he would not win the vote...nominating rules for the NA were recently changed and backroom deals have been made...it makes no matter who the SOL nominates as PM, that decision I am absolutely positive has already been made. [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-20-2014   Intel Guru Jester

5-20-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   the order 13303 will be extended...it shall be extended for one year.
  [ I thought they already moved the money to other banks...will this effect us?]   they have announced that they have moved the money or at least parts of it as the amounts were not assured -- and no this will not effect us -- it will effect Iraq though and allow the protection to continue so that debtors will not be getting the money before Iraq is prepared to pay it...it is a benefit for Iraq to have their currency set at a reality rate before they pay debtors.  [can Iraq activate the reality rate with 13303 in effect?]    yes,  they can release their reality rate with it in effect (13303)...

5-20-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

5-20-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3
   Letter to the Congress -- Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to the Stabilization of Iraq:  "...the national emergency with respect to the stabilization of Iraq that was declared in Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, is to continue in effect beyond May 22, 2014. ...I TOLD YOU BEGINNING TWO WEEKS AGO IF THEY DIDN'T RELEASE THE RV PRIOR TO THAT DEADLINE OF THE 22ND THEN ALL THESE OTHER COUNTRIES THEY OWE WAR RETRIBUTION WILL SUE AND TAKE ALL THAT MONEY.  ALL THESE COUNTRIES ARE STILL DEMANDING THE RV SO THEY CAN EXCHANGE THE AMOUNTS THEY TOOK AFTER FORGIVING AS MUCH AS 60% OF WHAT THEY WHERE OWED AND TOOK DINAR IN PLACE .   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


CBI’s last word still stands, “sometime on or around mid-year” they plan to delete the zeros or sooner if the government is settled before then. This is the first time Turki has ever publicly made a statement that included a possible date. 

He has made bold statements since January saying the CBI is independent and that they alone will decide the timing of this project. I have been a large proponent through the years saying delete the zeros means an 86 cent dinar. 

It is now my belief we may be looking at a price somewhat higher. I believe we could see a value from $1.00 to somewhere in the $1.50 range. If they want to they can certainly support a higher rate.


Unconfirmed report
RV announcement was made in Iraq yesterday.



Hi Everyone,

As the warmer days appear here in the mountains we begin to see many more tourists flock in to this beautiful Alpine region. Meine Kinder too are talking about plans for the sommer already. Leaves are on the trees and the spring flowers have bloomed. It won’t be long before we are all occupied with the tasks of the new season to come.

Today I come to you to give you a brief update on the news I am hearing about the Iraq dinar revaluation process.

I have tried to tie some of the other global events to the revaluation process and the reasons for the constant stalling of the final rollout by the USA. They are all related. Nothing happens in the world by coincidence. I believe that by putting  the pieces of the puzzle together we can truly begin to understand what  is really going on.

Today’s News
A ticker tape on FOX news ran across the television screens yesterday morning telling the world that the new government of Iraq was formed. We have been told that on Sunday 5/18 or Monday 5/19 Iraq will release the results of the elections. This is very good news since this date was moved up from 5/25.

Today is Tuesday 5/20 yet there is very little formal news coming out of Iraq on this topic. They are still talking about preliminary results. So there is confusion and I hope to clarify some of it.

There are some intel providers that have recently said Maliki has been renewed for a third term.

I think this is premature and I think there is some confusion in the message from Iraq. Maliki was not actually selected for a third term but asked that if he could revalue their currency and do it in the next 14 days they (his party) would strongly consider him as a candidate for the prime minister once again.

Just last week his party announced that they would not  support him as the their candidate.

So why the change of heart?

He would almost have to do something as drastic as this to be considered since he has done almost  nothing over the last 4 years of any real value for the people of Iraq. Even if he does pull off the RV will they actually still consider him?

We have heard that on 4/26 Maliki did reinstate the currency. So where is the new rate?

We are now hearing, as I have told you weeks ago, that they will not reinstate the currency but will go for a full revaluation and stick to the original plan of the GCR.

The fact  that Maliki did not get his way with the reinstatement tells us much. It tells us that he is desperately trying to hold to some form of  legitimacy to substantiate his support for a third term. The fact that he did this move and was not successful also tells us the USA no longer supports him and does not want him for a third term.

So I am telling you now that if we do not see the revaluation in the next 14 days we can be assured Maliki is gone and will not be the next prime minister of Iraq.

There are a few other items too that need clarification. These items include the ongoing  conflicts we are witnessing. So what really are the basis for these conflicts?

There are three main points to consider – energy, who used to control the energy and how to get it to market

First remember this what families have controlled energy for so long in the world and how they made their fortune. Do you know who these families are? They are the same families who own the Central Banks and Federal Reserve. They make USA monetary policy.

Let us look at three crisis that are happened – Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine

In each of these crisis it is always the same old scenarios played out over and over again. Have you noticed? Let me tell you about the process of these scenarios.

There is a step by step process to this madness of war. Countries the USA has gotten along with for centuries all of a sudden are enemies. Why?

This is how they do it.

First step is to create civil war, create a humanitarian reason to fight. Essentially create the cause out of thin air.

Next the CIA backs it up with evidence (some false, some created) as the CIA then goes into the country and creates conflict by instilling rioting crowds or insurrection in the population.  There must be a part that is true so they create it.

Then they blast it all over the news media so everyone believes that someone or some entity is so bad and must be dealt with.

So now let us look at the four latest countries that they have done this to and why.


Create crisis in Egypt making  Mubarak a dictator, then bring in the insurgents (freedom fighters), they attack the old regimens, fight to overthrow it.

The USA then places in someone who is willing to follow USA policy in the region Mohamed Morsi and he goes sour so they substitute Adly Mansour for Morsi hoping now he will favor USA policy.

Why?  Russia needed to go through Egypt  in order to build an oil pipeline in order to ship the oil from Afirca to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea .


Create the 911 terrorist attack, then bring in the insurgents (freedom fighters), then attack Afghanistan.

Why?   They needed to complete the gas pipeline from Russian to Syria. Another link through neighboring countries.


Create crisis in Syria making Assad a dictator (comparison to Saddam Hussein) then bring in the insurgents (freedom fighters) , then attack Syria (only WWIII would have started with Russia and it was negotiated) What did they negotiate?

They negotiated the contracts on the oil credits we have been hearing about. This was done with China who was buying the gas from Russia. They had to pay for the oil in gold.

Why?  They needed to go through Syria in order to build the pipeline to ship the gas to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea .


Once again create a crisis in Crimea making  the former president a dictator then bring in a new president (pro USA). Test the waters with Russia. Russia did not like this move since this new president did not support the (you guessed it) the new oil and gas pipelines through Crimea to load the gas for shipping to China from the Black Sea.

The Russians moved in troops to fix the situation and so the CIA has called in the insurgents (freedom fighters once again to riot and fight the Russians. So what was so bad about what the Russians were doing in the Crimea, Ukraine?

Why?  The Russians made deals to sell the gas to China and to use the Vietnam Dong, Korean Wong and Chinese Yaun to pay for it.

If you wanted oil from Russia you will have to convert your currency to Russian ruble or pay with one of these other three currencies.

The Russians made deals with the Ukraine to sell them cheap natural gas in exchange for the rights for the pipeline. Now that this deal is not being honored we are hearing about very expensive costs of gas from Russia to Ukraine this past winter and now.


So who is the blame for all these crisis? Where all these crisis really about humanitarian reasons? Where civilians really being mistreated? Can we all see the misinformation by the CIA and progression of steps they take to implement US policy?  What is the common element in all these crisis?

So now that we know of  these 4 global events did not just happen and we know why they are exploding (or have exploded ) to the proportions we are now witnessing, how does this relate to the revaluation process of the many global currencies we are waiting for?

I am explaining these issues to you since these are the keys to the stalling of the global currency reset by the USA. Many of us keep asking why the stalling. I am trying to tell you. Are you listening?

The USA holds the final steps of the process of the international rollout to the exchanges and banks as hostage. The USA is attempting to put pressure on China and Russia to dictate global monetary policy.

We can see this in these four situations I have just described and how the USA desperately wants to maintain the status quo in using the petro dollar for exchanging energy between nations.

Russia is instigating the movement away from the petro dollar in nations it wants to sell its energy to. To prevent this the USA is using tactics used in the past and they are now seeing they are no longer as effective as they used to be.

We also know for a fact that behind our backs they are already making billions off the IQD through speculative deals and backroom trading. There is no incentive to give this up and the feasting continues while the government of the USA decides how to handle these situations. .

When will it all end?

I firmly believe it will end and we will finally see the completion of the RV only when either there are no more reasons to use the GCR as a  negotiating tool (hostage) and/or the back room feasting frenzy off the IQD is stopped.

I know this is not good news and it may not be what we all want to hear, especially in the midst of all the hype that the RV is now going to happen. It is something we all need to know and understand.

The RV is not going to happen until these events no longer can have an impact and can be used as negotiating tools.  (IMO)

Of  course we all hear too the saga of Iraq and how bad they need the RV. This is a very dynamic situation too so what will happen when they finally announce their newly fully formed government?

Will the USA then be forced to finally release the RV? Who is going to force them?
We shall all see in the coming weeks how this will all play out.

The final countdown has begun.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat


Camdoc:  We are literally moments before the announcement of the first criminal bank charges

We are literally moments before the announcement of the first criminal charges to be accepted by a bank in a settlement in a long, long time. Usually, they just pay a fine and get a slap on the hand. Keep an eye on the news as Credit Suisse has supposedly come to a settlement where it actually admits criminal behavior.

Credit Suisse Guilty Plea as US Said to Reassure Bankshttp://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-19/credit-suisse-plea-looms-as-u-s-said-to-reassure-banks.html

 So what? Banks can't withstand a mass exit of depositors and/or investors.

 Well, at least Goldman Sachs has already come out and said that it would take a lot more that criminal behavior to make them pull their support for a fellow bankster...

 "It becomes a very weighty decision for us to cut someone off, and we wouldn't do it lightly," Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein, 59, said in a May 16 interview after his New York-based firm's annual meeting in Irving, Texas.

 Umm. Which means that they have likely already done it!

 But is it a big deal if Credit Suisse starts to lose capital as investors get nervous?

 Have you read the Credit Suisse website lately? You be the judge:

 "We are one of the largest global providers of derivatives, with a significant trading presence in New York, Hong Kong, London and Zurich."https://www.credit-suisse.com/investment_banking/client_offering/en/equity_derivatives.jsp

 EVERYTHING is coming in line for the final take down of the banking cabal...

 Hold on tight!