Monday, May 19, 2014



THE HISTORIC BONDS HAVE FUNDED! Gold is now in system. Party in London!  HUGE and sincere thank you is given to our Chinese Brothers and Sisters!


"Let the PARTY BEGIN..."

BE POSITIVE,! BE VERY...POSITIVE...good THINGS are right around the corner.

Bags of TRN's shall flow...the Kink is getting out of the machine..Patience...peeps..."

"HERE is an update from our Trading Platform in Hong Kong: regarding GOLD BACKED HISTORICAL BONDS...this signifies that funds are soon to flow...in all areas...Humanitarian Projects to begin NO LATER THAN NEXT WEEK...

 [12:46 PM] J received a call…


Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony:  Good afternoon, TNT!  Today is Monday, May 19, 2014, at 2.38 Pacific time, and we are ready to go.  How many people do we have up here?  About 23,000 and climbing. DC, we can handle that, right?

A lot of things happened over the weekend, and this morning. We didn’t want to bring you half the information, but all the information.  There was stuff on both sides, back and forth, and I just want to bring you the truth so we had to spend more time getting additional information and confirmations. That’s why today was crazy, but it will get better!

Pam:  You have to go through it to get to it!

Tony:  DC, did we go through it today?

DC:  It was a roller-coaster!

Tony:  We do our utmost to dig, call here and there, calls to people who were sleeping, to bank people, getting everyone’s opinion about this weekend, back and froth.  Pam called me and asked if I stopped to eat breakfast, but we passed that a long time ago. We’re just trying to figure out what’s right.

What I want you to know is that Pam, myself, DC and Ray and our intel team – we are going to make money regardless, no matter how this turns out, because we know how to make money.  WE have been involved in business before, we have connections and investment opportunities, so we will make money with our money.  In that respect, one of our intel team got information and she was crying and crying… and it was all about you guys.  That is really why we are here and what we’re doing, because WE will be taken care of.  I know investment opportunities, the next currencies, 3-D printing, and all the rest.  It’s not about US, although there are some idiots out there who think we get something out of these calls to make you frustrated.  There are some real losers on this site, and they probably won’t have their money for 30 days, much less two years.  If we are delayed, it’s to give you the best advantage that we can.  It’s all for your benefit. DC?  They had to get through my BS to get here, and that is for the good people, not the idiots.

Okie put out a text – are you familiar with it, DC?  Can you read it out, Pam?

DC:  Bottom line is that this afternoon Iraq has made announcements about the public RV, and that everything is taken care of, in conjunction with a big explanation about Maliki NOT getting a third term, but negotiating his third term through his coalition partners.  Okie got that a little bit ago, and basically they announced that the international rate is populating throughout the world now, and this means Iraq is a very wealthy country that is helping the world rebalance its priority.  They made a similar announcement three weeks ago, and they have announced it again, and our intention is to execute that as we speak.

Tony:  What makes this different from last time/.  What was the catalyst or requirement from Friday to today?

DC:  It’s very sensitive for M and folks in his  party, and those who have been in power.   The bottom line is that through parliamentary democracy, when there are more than two parties, they end up electing parties rather than people.  They have already negotiated inside those groups, and when they have enough votes, they allocate the various positions such as president, minister of transportation, etc.  That’s what has been going on.  M’s ace up the sleeve was that he had already announced the RI.  So in the negotiation was “Okay, you can be president if you get it done.”  And that is what happened – he forced it through and that is why we saw the announcement today that M is continuing as Prime Minister.  He accomplished that goal on Friday and we heard about it this morning.

Tony:  Even though all the milestones were met and everyone signed off including the US, it was clearly being fought this weekend, again.

DC:  It was not overt, it was more about who ended up with credit, or those with less-than-flattering information and how that would be presented.  That went on all weekend, on all levels.  The guys doing covert stuff now have a real problem with what’s been going on. They have been going over that for months, but now it’s real, they got nervous again. We believe that we are over all that and back on pushing this through.

Tony:  Because they got nervous about how they would be viewed and how this process would work, they had to make some changes in the process. That was our concern today:  not the RV, and not the rates, but the process – and I’m treading lightly here.  That was our delay and concern.  We wanted to make sure we got the right information.  We really don’t know until it happens, but we wanted to make sure the changes in direction still work for you guys, those who are active in the dinar world.  Not everyone will get the highest rate, but you have been here for five to ten years, and you guys have been on every call, digging for the information, learning the process, and the majority on the calls are NOT looking at it as a lottery ticket. So we want to make sure you have the advantage going into this process. I want you to understand that and THEM to understand that.

DC:  Let’s not go into the roller coaster; it will just make people mad.  If something changes, if stupidity reigns again, we’ll be right back on the call.

832 caller:  I haven’t seen Okie’s text;  what that something different than you just talked about?  Wasn’t Pam going to read it?

Tony:  Let me say this:  Pam’s last text to me says “Idiot!”

Pam:  No, you can’t read it, because I think it might have been private.

Tony:  He said that Maliki made the announcement over there.  My other guys who watch the Iraqi television here in the US, they have not seen it either.

DC:  I did get confirmation from my guy in-country, on Iraqi television.

Tony:  Okie was letting you know that it did happen, and tonight could be a great night.

Caller:  So have the banks bringing their people in?  Or still holding off?

Tony:  Call center people have come in, exchange people are not for one bank.

DC:  The rest said that they are not doing it until the full exchange is available and nobody can go back on it. They’ve been burned so many times…

Tony:  The 800 number place, those people are sitting there but cannot transfer you yet.

Caller:  We’ve been on the finish line so many times;  is it going through or are we still at the mercy of the select few who have been delaying us?

Tony:  That group will be there regardless until this thing actually happens.  They have simply agreed to let it go through.

DC:  Some are fighting because they don’t agree, and others because it was someone else’s idea.  Many are now saying they are on board.  The obstructionists are always going to be there, but we don’t’ have that many left still fighting it for a specific cause.  Now the only people blocking it are just being jerks.

Tony:  Their numbers are dropping, though, and their partners are going to the other side, saying “enough is enough”.

Caller:  Their opposition is now about how they will be portrayed in history rather than actually trying to deny us this?

DC:  The majority have that as their concern.  A small group will fight it until they die because it wasn’t their party’s idea, and they cannot stand that;  everyone knows that now.

818 caller:  You say you believe people until they give you reason NOT to believe them.  Have you encountered many who are dishonest, and how your intel people know they are not telling the truth, so your intel is getting narrower?

Tony:  I say that I believe you until you give me reason not to;  after that, I still listen, but I know how to deal with them, and who to believe.   Even a lie has a spark of truth and I need that to put the puzzle together.  I know when people are making stuff up, or they don’t have people to talk to, so they tell me what they think.  I also know when people are giving me information.  I still talk to people who give me opinions rather than information, but I do know how to dissect that.

DC:  if you have been in the intelligence game, you understand that what  people tell you is based on their own views, personality, background, etc.  We’ve all played the game of passing on info from one person to the next, and by the end it’s completely different.  So you have to deconstruct the information and understand how the information was given to them, and then their interpretations. Often you have multiple filters.   We’re just a bunch of idiots who put together this global network, and we have to constantly change filters.  If an intel provider has just lost reserves, they may be pissed, and we have to take that into account. Even senior politicians and intel providers do this.  Then there are different groups trying to influence what Tony says, so lots of people are trying to filter the information.  It’s not black and white, it’s all grey.  We have become a part of this process instead of spectators in the stands. Some of us are now in the game as well as spectators, sot he info exchange has expanded dramatically – and so has the influence.

Tony:  When we started this, we could not have predicted we’d have this level of influence or be in this position.  I never expected people in our government to send messages to me – and here we are.

Caller:  Do you have a fairly good idea of what kind of timing we are looking at?

Tony:  You had idiots out there that think I can push the button, or that cry over spilt milk.  That’s why we don’t give dates and rates any more. I  said to the intel people that I have a call to make this morning that will go directly to 250K people and they will influence 2.5 million.  We feel a responsibility to people over the last 3-4 years, and that’s who we need firm information for.  That’s where it becomes hard for us.  You want it just like everyone else, like I do, but there is not reason for it NOT to happen over this last weekend apart from some people’s paranoia, which they should have got over by now because fro the last two months it’s been calm.  The matches were put back in the drawer.  Everyone was saying just get it done!

Caller:  I love your word immensely, DC!  Thank you and the team.

732 caller:  Happy Birthday, RayRen!  What a nerve-wracking day and weekend.  I can’t imagine what it was like for you guys.  We know you go to great lengths to get this info to us.  About EO 13303… does that play a part in the RV, Obama signing that today?

DC:  No.  It was a foregone conclusion that would occur.

Caller:  The RI was announced by Iraq a few weeks ago;  M has it in his pocket, and now the RV was announced in Iraq and we are just waiting on it to be announced here in the US?

DC:  Yes, exactly – probably a minor announcement now to cause a stir, more to notify the financial types about what Basel III means in banks and in terms of asset-backed currency, and for Iraq.  It will be a geeky thing.

Caller:  Are we waiting for days?  Is that what caused their nervousness?  Or are they once more trying to figure out how to roll it out?

DC:  These things have been practiced so many times, they are all ready.  It was just nervousness and a few minor things, and that was mostly about how things would come out.

Tony:  There’s this idiot out there who is sending you guys tweets telling you to call 800 numbers and giving out my cell  phone number… that is so dumb because I put my phone on private.  You will see a tweet from us that will just have the 800 number on it along with the time of our call. I want you to wait for some more information before you dial that number. They were concerned about this weekend is the mad dash to the bank. We want to do this as calmly as possible and as knowledgeably as possible, so wait until we get to the package and can explain it to you.  We’ll put out the number, and if you want to do it by yourself, you can, but then we will do a call to explain the process to you.

Caller:  So that idiot who was sending out that information that the RV was released, they are also stealing our icons and taking our information, but Twitter is getting a grip on that. As for the procedures, wouldn’t it be better if they prep us first?  That makes more sense to say this will happen at this time, like going to court, so that we have time to prepare.

Tony:  I have been saying that for the last three weeks.  If they would give us the package now, with time to go over it, with designated people to talk to … I guess that has been too soon.  What do you think, DC?

DC:  We have been saying that.  We already know but won’t have the details until it goes through.   We have asked, but they ignore us.  Maybe it will come better from you!

Caller:  Thanks for having the call today, I think it calmed people down…

352 caller:  For those who haven’t known you that long, could you reiterate how you got this rotten job?  I think myself, having bought some dinar, how did this come about that you got recognized..?

Tony:  How did I get that bull’s eye on my back, that’s what you mean? I got a call from someone asking me to do this. We were on dinarvets, and we were just going to do a call to explain things to people.  They didn’t understand it, and I didn’t understand it at the beginning either.  We were going to get paid out in a week!  That site didn’t like us doing our own calls, but I didn’t understand why. I didn’t know there were other sites at that time!  The calls were free, and we knew that no good deed would go unpunished.  We did free calls for a long time.  We started charging for the calls and I got different information from the guy’s site … he said it would never happen, and he was right!  I was bringing people day to day information, that is live and real, and information in Iraq, DC, and with the banking system.  We did a call the first time they tested the global system – we thought it was the RV!  It was in the Iraqi newspapers, 3-4 years ago.  We’ve gone on giving information as this process got build from the ground up, the computer system, the dollars being printed in Texas, the map of a revised Iraq, so much information. We were just being truthful with people, and it was still not happening… until it does.  But here you are learning the process of a GCR, countries coming together, how our country works, and the whole process of the RV, plus how to get that money to work for you post-RV.

People started listening to our calls, and I started talking to higher level government contacts on both sides.  Then one day DC showed up and said, “I’m here to watch over you to the end.”  We looked at it, and they said, “Tony is less full of shit than the rest” so they gave us the information to put out, more and more.  That’s my reward!

Caller:  We appreciate your sacrifice.  At minimum wage you could have made millions by the time you have put into this!

DC:  I got involved in the process 15 years ago in a minor capacity as ancillary to some jobs I was working on, a government op.  When you do classified work, you often have a timeline when you cannot say anything for a certain time, and then you are free. That ran out last April, and I called Tony and offered to help.  Then I got drafted into this thing and now I talk to Tony ten times a day.  We are here to make money on our own afterwards, but mostly to help you in the process.  We have made a lot of connections at all levels and I feel it’s my duty to pass on information and help people in the process.  We have got it wrong in terms of timing, but we doing our best. I have never been told to watch Tony.  I have been told to shut him up, and I’ve only actually done that twice because it was explained why and it made sense. I am a civilian now, and I can talk to anyone I want.

I’ve got run.  I hope everyone has a great night, and I hope it’s THE night.

404 caller:  Now it seems Maliki has pulled the rabbit out of the hat, can other countries act on this without the US doing it at the same time?  It seems like M can now do it…

Tony:  He has been in a position to do it since last Thursday – well, actually since the 26th.  He can make life difficult for many people any time after the 26th, but they have been offering M all sorts of inducements.  Also, if M did that, they would have to recalculate the whole GCR.  The problem is that if you give them 24 hours, they will find another way to delay until someone just does it and gets it over with, and deals with the issues afterwards.  M does have that power, and he went on the air and told them the RV is underway and they will see it in public.  We are all tired of this, and now even the banks are tired of these delays.  The other countries are tired of it, everyone has signed off, and then at the last minute they do something again. Then they have to clean it up, get everyone happy again, and then they create another delay.  At this moment, everyone seems happy, with small changes, and we’ll have to see what happens.

Caller:  The contract rates are potentially still available?

Tony: Potentially still available, yes.

513 caller:  You said that we should be okay by RayRen’s birthday, which is today.  What are your thoughts on the next time we should be okay?  [lost Tony’s sound]

Pam:  It sounds like Tony dropped the call… We’re going to do a short call, but not that short.  Hang in there…

Tony:  Everybody here?  Actually, that was my fault.  What am I going to do if there is a next time and it doesn’t work?  We’ll have to see what the reason is. If I thought there was something malicious being done, then I’m here to tell you to burn the house down.  If it is a government policy or procedure, than it ‘s not out place to interfere with that.  I want my money like everybody else, but not at the expense of our country or financial system or the rest of the people.  If it’s an issue around us, and not getting treated fairly, that’s different.

Caller:  When is the next time we are supposed to be super-fantastic, then?

Tony:  By RayRen’s birthday – which is today.  It should be right now!

Caller:  Have you got any confirmation from Kurdistan?

Tony:  I have had confirmation as of Saturday from the highest level of the Kurdistan government that they did it, up to and including their pay scales.  We try to confirm everything, but we want to make sure it’s right, not up and down all the time.

Caller:  We may not ride the Texas Twister with you, but we ride the baby rides.  By them confirming the RV in the different countries, does that confirm the contract rates for us?

Tony:  They are confirming the international rates that are live on their screens.  We know of one country where they walked off the streets and exchanged.  We know of seven countries where it is live on the screens but not down to teller level. They did that to tell the US that they are ready to go, even partner countries saying, “We can’t do this anymore”, and let’s do this.  Yet it didn’t’ come out.  It’s more about how people will be seen if this crazy TNT guy goes public, how much does he really know?   Then it’s about the bank procedures so that there isn’t a rush at the bank. There is no reason for it NOT to go tonight unless and until they create a reason.

Pam, can I go 13 more in minutes?  We have 20-30,000 people on our calls and on our forum.  We’ll be here as long as I can, but it has to be paid for.  I’m hoping it’s really over. If we are not here tomorrow, you’ll know why.

313 caller:  This is my first time getting on the call!  Thank you to all the powers and leaders in the world the chance to be in on  something this fantastic.

Tony:  Can you help me out a little bit?  Please, tell Pam to stop calling me an idiot!

Caller:  Pam, stop calling him an idiot!  And you be nice to Pam, too.  I know you guys are coming to Detroit, and I wondered if you will open up the forum again.

Tony:  I want you guys to be in the forum right now, but Pam says No…

Pam:  Quit throwing me under the bus!

Tony:  Just so you know, Pam is NOT a heathen.  And she’s is NOT my wife, either.

313 caller:  I’m super-fantastic.  Can I play devil’s advocate a little bit?  Some say that we will RV on a holiday. Do you think we will make it through to Memorial Day?

Tony:  I don’t think it will be that long. My understanding is that they don’t’ care what day or time it is.

Caller:  If we get past Memorial Day, will it then be the 4th of July?  If so, is there ever going to be a Plan B for us?  If I wanted to take a holiday Kurdistan, could I exchange there?

Tony:  I cannot see it going to July.  I can’t see it based on all the announcements being made over there without someone raising holy hell.  They have already placed it on their cards, and in Kurdistan they are paying people their pensions right now.  As far as taking money to Kurdistan, they’re not going to allow you to bring that money into the country.

903 caller:  You said we’d only have a short time to exchange at the bank and don’t worry about negotiating, that we can do that later.  What if they don’t allow us to negotiate and we’ve already signed the paperwork in the first meeting.

Tony:  They want us to calm you down, give you the NDA and go through the contract with you so that you can see it in advance and this thing goes as fast as possible. If it takes longer than 20 minutes, deal with the main things first like the fees and contracts.  You can go back and negotiate opening new accounts and trusts, etc.  Those who call the 800 number, call it;  others wait until we have that information call.  They don’t want you to fear the NDA and contract going into the meeting.  You can tell them you don’t like whatever, and you can reschedule, but the rate may not be the same when you come back.

Caller:  I listen to every call and follow the tweets, so you will let us know?

Tony:  I will send out the 800 number and the RV announcement.  However, I always told Okie I would have him on the call so he can make the announcement.  He deserves that after all this time. After that I’ll send out the 800 number and the RV alert, and then a tweet about doing a TNT call with the information.  Okie will put out his info on his site, and then I’ll do it within ten seconds of his posting it.  I want to give him the privilege of doing it first.

There are idiots out there who do not understand the process.  Then I don’t understand those who are intelligent and then get on every call with someone that they don’t believe in or even say is lying.  That’s all they have to do?  When you see it, look at it that way.  I know that there are people fighting for me, but when you get in arguments with an idiot or a buffoon, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with their experience. So don’t do it, let go of it, I’ll handle it.

Pam:  Tony is not a polygamist;  he is still married to his first wife.

Tony:  And my second wife… and my third wife.  I do everything they tell me.  RayRen is out to dinner with his family tonight.  He is officially over 60.  Everything is good. We had situations this morning, and had to figure out additional information and explanations, but we hear everything is going to be okay and I’ll go with that.  Maliki announced that they actually RVed.  I think we are in a great position – great rates, great times – and I hope to do another call later tonight or in the morning.  Have a great day! 



5-19-2014   Intel Guru WILDDUCK
   [I have to leave in 9 minutes...Do you have any words of wisdom you can impart before then?]   TAKE YOUR TRACK SHOES WITH YOU...READ BETWEEN THE LINES.

5-19-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:   "Specialists expect Iraq to renew the request from Washington to protect Iraqi funds abroad"   There has been much available to read about "alleged" actions of the Iraqi's in preparation of the May 22 date when their funds will no longer be protected by the US. Most of what has been read wants us to believe that the Iraqi's will take care of their own funds after the 22nd.  Well now we hear from a member of the Finance Committee that is making noise that today Iraq will seek to have the US extend that protection. Talk about waiting to the last minute...but then again this is Iraq.  The final decision will lie in the hands of the Finance Ministry and the COM.

5-19-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    The "LARGEST BLOC" (formed post election) has the right to form the next government AND name the next PM...there is no guarantee this will be Maliki. There will be a lot of up and down in the news today - relax and let it play out.  Maliki got a lot more seats than was being reported - there will be inquiries.  However, if the opposition against him is as reported he will still have a very tough time...90 seats or no 90 seats.

5-19-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony
    LOT'S OF CONFUSION NOW. Being pulled in both directions. Digging for the truth. 

5-19-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   We are less than 30 days from a new, democratic government to be seated and less than 45 days to July 1st. There will be a non-sectarian government for the first time since the fall of Saddam if it comes as advertised. Kurdistan has been virtually shut down selling its oil until this month and it is expected they will quickly get to 400 thousand bpd if the political problems are resolved.  If they can resolve the HCL and this new government shows a willingness to do so, Iraq will be shipping oil through their new northern pipeline to Turkey and south to Basra through the Iraqi pipelines. When the new government is seated there will most likely be a euphoric first month when Iraqi's are celebrating and IMO that would be a great time to initiate the project, around  July 1st.   [post 3 of 3]

5-19-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   IMO the CBI's last word still stands, "sometime on or around mid-year" they plan to delete the zeros or sooner if the government is settled before then. This is the first time Turki has ever publicly made a statement that included a possible date. He has made bold statements since January saying the CBI is independent and that they alone will decide the timing of this project.  I have been a large proponent through the years saying delete the zeros means an 86 cent dinar. It is now my belief we may be looking at a price somewhat higher. I believe we could see a value from $1.00 to somewhere in the $1.50 range. If they want to they can certainly support a higher rate.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

5-19-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar   Maliki is finished. There are certain articles that continue to appear that he has a chance but even those are beginning to wain. Numerically the odds are totally against him. The voting results will be either announced Monday or Tuesday. They will be official.  It is rumored that the 2 million ballots he stole were passed out to the military giving 2 million soldiers 2 ballots each with which to vote for Maliki. It is also reported that Maliki sent emmissaries illegally to trade plots of Iraqi land for votes, and money in country and overseas to buy votes in Iraq and from Iraqi's all over the world. He could not overcome the coalition even breaking the law.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

5-19-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:   "New Issue of 2013 with Extra Security Features and extra circle on the Left side for disabled and blind people to know the denomination of the currency they carry"    ... according to the IMF guidelines, any member country planning to demonetize notes or transition to another currency they must honor it for a period of 12 months.







Update to reality

So we are back to a possible rv using a long weekend coming in order to load up the banks again. Southwest on high alerts again. The main bank plan has not change, all that will stick to the original plan will get there emails and will be treated right and will get the best rate treatment available.

I have read some stories pertaining to delays of weeks and even years, I just will suggest to all to find out who these people represent or work for, for this delay topic just isn't true. Sections or countries elsewhere are getting on with there exchange movements and this issue alone is forcing pressure on the person in charge here in the U.S. to set date on this Global Currency Reset.

All 204 countries will come into actions soon.
Careful with the Amazing Grace bs, you do your giving by your own hand. You do your exchange by your own hand.

Do not I repeat do not give up your monies to anyone with a sweet voice and a laim promise, you all have grown to be wise not stupid.

Rates, treatment, professionalism, the plan, the Chinese, WF, 800# and the emails to be sent out, nothing with respects to the above has changed. Iraq will officially announce the real results of there elections in the gazette, once all this transpires it shall be freed from the American gasp and it will rule like a free and renew nation.
With this I will say to all our revaluation is here, look for it from this point to three weeks time for it shouldn't go pass that time frame.

Be blessed Na'maste



Just in:  Intel from Asian Royal Family

The release of funds will be in 10 days at a ceremony with the Royal Family in an Asian nation.

The funds will take a few days to trickle out after that.
This event has been planned and anticipated for the last 635 years.

There will be vast amounts of wealth released for ALL of the projects to clean up the oceans, heal the earth, bring new technology, feed the people, educate the people, house the people, etc.

We will then have 16 years to get our ship together using this money and the new technologies that are now being released.  If we do not manage it in that time, it will be too late.


Generals64 said:  The Generals64 Group has NOT changed and will not change the name for anyone or for any type of Threat. We are still in good shape and the names/numbers have not been compromised. If you are signed up in this group you are in a good position.

The Banks know of our Group (YOURS and mine). they stil recognize our numbers. So, just be patient. Whenever this happens your email address will be given to the bank...you will receive an email from the bank and the number to call for YOUR appointment will be on there. That's the way it has been set up and that's the way it will STAY. Quit worrying as it will not go any faster with you worrying about it.

I am Generals64 and I do own a dog Roscoe who is going to the vet this morning for his shots.....Too much worry makes your face wrinkle..



 flashing: Good morning.  I will give you some recommendation  that may be helpful during your investment process after rv (imo).

 However you should make your own research and exercise your own judgement on these matters. So these are just some tips which in my opinion could be helpful. The final decision is yours.

1.  Ask for the audited  financial statements of the bank, insurance or other institution in which you will deposit or make a significant investment.
  2. Read the Auditors Opinion in order to determine if the institution got an unqualified opinion.  Below i posted the different kind of opinions that an auditor may issue.

3. Read the notes to financial statements and pay attention to "Risks" disclosures , litigation notes or any other relevant item disclosed on such notes.  Below i posted some of the risks that you must be alert of.

4. Use the advice of Professionals with excellent reputation and background in their fields.


5. Tax Matters- Use Professionals such as the Big CPA International Firms. They have  expertise and are supposed to have adequate insurance policies too.

6. Use professional advisors during this exchange process. Also use them during the investment process once you make the currency exchange.

 7. Get advice on the property taxes and other maintenance costs associated with real estate investments; Particularly with those properties with a significant value.  Sometimes people buy mansions and then they are unable to pay their property taxes and maintenance costs.

8. Diversify the risk among different companies as much as you can.

9. Please take all the security measures discussed previously with you in previous months. It includes security measures during, before and after the currency exchange .

10. Please help our Nation to be a productive one as was in the past. So teach your relatives how to fish.

God Bless You All and please take a look to the information below.

What is an audit opinion?

An audit opinion is expressed on audited statements. It is required that an auditor state in the opinion that generally accepted accounting principles have been followed that they have been applied on a basis consistent with that used the preceding year.

Types of Audit Opinions

Unqualified opinion — The unqualified opinion has no reservations concerning the financial statements. This is also known as a clean opinion meaning that the financial statements appear to be presented fairly.

Qualified opinion — This means that the auditor has taken exception to certain current-period accounting applications or is unable to establish the potential outcome of a material uncertainty.

Disclaimer opinion — This is a special type of audit report that should be issued when the auditor permits his or her name to be associated with financial statements that were not examined in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.

Adverse opinion — This is a type of audit opinion which states that the financial statements do not fairly present the financial position, results of operations, and changes in financial position, in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Credit risk disclosures  relate to the risk of non-payment or non-performance of financial instruments. These credit risk disclosures principally require the provision of maximum credit exposure, impairments and collateral information. Monitoring credit risk is important for investors as it is an integral category of risk, especially for financial institutions.

Importance of Risk Disclosures

The importance of financial instrument disclosures as a means of helping users to understand the risks associated with on- and off-balance sheet items have been accentuated during both the ongoing sovereign debt crisis and the 2007-09 market crisis.

These crises have highlighted the interconnectedness which exists between the state of the economy and several key financial risk exposures such as credit, liquidity and market risk.

At the same time, there is often limited transparency for users regarding these risk exposures and how they are managed by reporting entities.

The limited transparency regarding these risk exposures contributes to the mispricing of risk and misallocation of capital, and abates investors‟ ability to provide market discipline on a timely basis. This limited transparency also contributes to the disorderly capital market correction in the valuation of companies during crisis periods.

In a broader sense, across the full economic cycle, high quality financial instrument risk disclosures can assist in informing users regarding:

Financial instrument measurement uncertainty, including the sensitivity of reported values to inputs and assumptions, and the explanation of period-to-period movements; and

Forward-looking financial risk information that has a bearing on enterprise risk.

Risk disclosures have the potential to inform investors regarding a reporting entity‟s risk profile regardless of the measurement basis (i.e. fair value or amortized cost) applied.

The following questions may assist in the evaluation of risk disclosures:

Do investors understand the risk disclosures?

Are risk disclosures important for investors?

How do investors use risk disclosures in making investment decisions?

How satisfied are investors with risk disclosures?

How discrete will, or do, the risk disclosures need to be?

What has been the quality and compliance with mandated risk disclosures under IFRS 7?

To what extent are other useful related risk disclosures provided voluntarily?

How can these risk disclosures be improved?

 Liquidity Risk Disclosure

   Liquidity risk disclosure helps me to try and create a scenario of how the company will manage their liquidity and where challenges might arise from in the future.

liquidity risk = as the risk that an entity will encounter difficulties in meeting obligations arising from the settlement of financial liabilities through the delivery of cash or another financial asset.

Funding liquidity risk is the current or prospective risk arising from an institution‟s inability to meet its liabilities and obligations as they come due without incurring unacceptable losses. Funding liquidity risk also arises because of the possibility that the entity will be required to pay its financial liabilities earlier than expected.

Asset liquidity risk, or market/product liquidity risk, is the risk that a position cannot easily be unwound or offset at short notice without significantly influencing the market price because of inadequate market depth or market disruption.
Asset liquidity risk has a bearing on funding liquidity risk. For example, when highly liquid financial assets are held, entities are more likely to consider funding these instruments through short-term funding instruments such as commercial paper.

This is because when entities hold liquid assets, there is a low risk of them not fulfilling their financial obligations if required, and consequently their lenders face lower risk. Conversely, when financial assets held by entities become illiquid, there is an increased likelihood of lender aversion and a corresponding increase in the refinancing difficulties by these entities.

Liquidity risk is also intertwined with credit, market and business..


operation dastardly do right  Posted by Philip T. on May 18, 2014 at 10:46pm

Sunday night there's supposed to be a lot of things going on going… crazy is not going to help your RV… let the cops do their job, let the FBI the CIA bringing all the dope ....you know that their guilty of it.... left a sop military run the chem trails in you don't even know… have faith… there are people behind the darkness to light up the sky and all that was done behind our backs is going to be on top of the table with spotlights on it ….trust what's happening …just for one more minute thank you …a mustard grains of faith is all I'm asking right now your collective consciousness razor vibrations show your love you have …this it's coming -your RV is coming…

Philip T. May 19, 2014 at 8:13am

Groups are scheduling quietly. This is the movement we have been waiting for. All the queens horses and all the queens men couldnt put x back together again. The admirals and generals groups are preparing themselves now to set their appointments to cash at the great big not everyone gets prices.
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Parliament meets in twelve hours to begin three days of meetings about setting a 2014 - 2016 budget. In the past this has been a big issue for all political factions in iraq. As it seems the country is eager and on a fast track to have all necessary agreements to take full control of a crippled country.

They believe its time …no holding back.  NOT ANYMORE. The Imf made statement if a country plans to switch currencies or demonitize currency they must honor for 12 months. Meaning if a country like zimbabwe drops six zeros they will honor old currencies for a year before its monopoly money again.

The outcome was very positive by the end of the business day as protocols were set to strengthen the relationship between iraq and outside countries in the region setting the market economy to strengthen over five years with an increase in multiple billions per year set over time.

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Philip T. May 19, 2014 at 12:04am

ok in Baghdad the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Islamic Union are meeting with the central bank and the United Nations council representative to discuss the market economic roll out….. this is our place to pray kids


Michaila > Dan Clizer May 18, 2014 at 11:57pm

Seems he knows more than some gurus. Think he has inside information? He was saying we will be at the bank soon while everyone was saying it wasn't close yet. Then suddenly everyone is agreeing with what he said 3 days earlier. Was he planted here to distribution of good news?

Dan C..> Michaila May 19, 2014 at 12:03am

Yes, he does have inside info.I would say he knows because its his job to know. He's part of a currency trading platform and so he gets a lot of info probably ahead of others. No, I don't feel he was planted. He helps us because that what his heart tells him to do. He doesn't need nor care about money, he's got plenty of that. He cares about helping people.

NewEarthNow May 18, 2014 at 10:59pm

Thank you SO much!  I'm with you, dear friend!  I fell off the wagon emotionally with some of the news tonight but I know there is no way to go forward Blessings to all!

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