Thursday, May 8, 2014


[MarkZ] Guys you all have Gator, Gibbs, Robert wow. You have lots of folks to ask questions tonight and fellows, if you know an answer just chime in with it.

[ModelWoman] MarkZ Enough of the hi 's let's get down and dirty!

[5150] MarkZ Hi So who told you to stand down tonight and not do a call?

[MarkZ] 5150 If I told you the black SUV's might pull up.... :) Someone involved closely with the reset. I was actually asked from a few sources.

[MarkZ] If anyone else had asked me personally to wait I would have probably laughed and still spilled the beans. It was the person that asked that made me wait. Huge respect for them.

 [sandytob] MarkZ what about the other guys who wanted you to bring this out?
[MarkZ] sandytob They are the ones who asked me to back off. We shook things loose and now we need to let it happen.

 [Digs] MarkZ what Defcon level do you put this at right now?

[MarkZ] Digs 1 for the next week.

[5150] MarkZ So the same people that gave you permission to speak, told you to stand down?

[MarkZ] 5150 weird but yes

[5150] MarkZ Intersting, not wierd. Kind of got the feeling you were being used. Do you know where the Money for the payout for the F&P for the CMKX is coming from?

[MarkZ] 5150 the gold bonds as I understand it. Basically china is bailing the US government out to help the world move forward.

 [schaefer3] MarkZ - what is the value of theCMKX/CMKM Settlement, please?

[MarkZ] schaefer3 The rumor is our F&P's portion may be as high as 7-9 bucks a share. I am dang sure hoping it is!

 [cakeys] MarkZ - can you tell us who is helping in pushing this thing to completion? I sure we would all love to know who the good guys are.

[MarkZ] cakeys I can't tell you yet but I will when it is done and there is no longer a threat to them.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Truth be told, very few will care one bit about the inner workings of this event once it's over, and rightfully so in most cases as it would be MUCH more productive to look & move forward with positive happenings than to worry about who was at fault

moneydr] Is Mr. C going to come on a cc sometime soon?

[eleanor] MarkZ, Did gov. agencies ask you to stand down?

[MarkZ] eleanor I can't really comment on who did. Well I shouldn't and therefore won't give more. But, the person(s) that made the request have all of our best interests at heart.

[pursuitoftruth] Markz you stated last night they wanted you to get loud and educate because of the detractors and I asked several times who are the detractors. Can you tell me?

[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth mostly bankers and their in pocket politicians. Just ask yourself who profits on every stall.

[inwest] MarkZ how does anyone make money on a delay of the RI?RV?

[MarkZ] inwest Think of all those funds collecting interest and all the fiat money you can print to buy assets with while we picker and stall. They gain a little more leverage everytime it stalls. That is why I need to honor the stand down and not give them any negative ammo.

[sharpshooter007] MarkZ.... so what you are really sayin is that nothing has changed from yesterday... jus a repeat of wait and wait

[MarkZ] sharpshooter007 not saying that at all.

[MsHarryO] MarkZ....I am a new to the Intel4u family....are we looking to a certain individual that will make the announcement for the GCR

[MarkZ] MsHarryO I am yes. It would be irresponsible of me to say who that is though.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Folks, keep in mind the rapidly failing ifrastructure of this country and what will be needed to rectify it... Think when the funding for that comes to light, how many jobs will be created rebuilding all the roads, dams, bridges, power grid, etc

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Though greedy, the political venue of this country knows all too well that infrastructure collapse will put this country back to the 1800's

[pursuitoftruth] Markz so you are saying they would use your call as another reason to stall? Are they not fearful of being outed?

[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth yes they would and that turmoil is the ammo they need to stall

 [inwest] MarkZ thank you. Where are the funds? Are they in the US?

[MarkZ] inwest For the RV exchange here yes.

 [BJandJodi] MarkZ - Will the income tax change to a flat tax and mass arrests be public on MSM soon after the GCR?

[MarkZ] BJandJodi Hi Jodi! I have been told it will be a sales tax type collection. We will have to wait and see though.

 [coorslite21] MarkZ ......did you get a chance to revue the July 1st FATCA changes?.......it is my belief that if the US is really in control of all of this that the RV will not occur until these new regulations are in effect. Thoughts?

[sandytob] MarkZ so it will be announced loud and clear? Won't just slither in?

[bryan1972] MarkZ I'm dont want you to spill the whole can of beans..... maybe just half

[tigerbobby] My concern is that this same thing several times before and were told to stand down and let it happen and so far nothing except more time moves off the clock. When is enough enough?

[#3sister] MarkZ hello!! I have to take my son to Reno June 5 for back surgery, will I have enough money to have fun? Roflmao

[MarkZ] #3sister Good Lord knows I hope so and you should.

[MarkZ] For the record folks..... I do not believe anyone is holding this up any longer.

[NewEarthNow] wonderful!!!

[jeff] So is it possible that currency swaping is occuring and we are led to believe that the USD is being over printed?

 [RaKaan] MarkZ That is refreshing news !

 [TexasMom] MarkZ [zach77] MarkZ - When you say $7 - $9 per share for F&P on CMKX, is that a one-time payment or yearly for a period of time? Thank you.

[MarkZ] TexasMom one time per share and then whatever the trust portion is. We will be offered a buy out right after the penalties though is what I have been told. I am not selling, I am counting on it to do very well in the future.

 [BJandJodi] MarkZ - Are you able to let us know if there are any groups that we need to take caution to (e.g., Gens64 or PIF)?

[inwest] MarkZ is it true that the funds for the RI/RV are in Iraq? How can anyone in the US benefit from delaying the RI/RV when they do not control the funds?

[MarkZ] inwest I am told the money for the rv exchange US holders is already here.

Muruga] Markz, as long as we are not going to the bank, I consider it as someone holding it up....they got to you, LOL

 [MarkZ] Muruga lol. I see your logic

[akjon] Hi MarkZ you said that Putin stood down. Does it also mean that Obama stood down as well Or is it that agreements were made to let this happen soon.. New Republic ;) Thanks for all you do..

[MarkZ] akjon standing down and agreements made are the same thing in this case I believe.

[BJandJodi] MarkZ - Are you able to let us know if there are any groups that we need to take caution to (e.g., Gens64 or PIF)?

[MarkZ] BJandJodi I feel really good and safe about the generals group. Some great people over there.

[firenice] MarkZ are we officially on TRN /USN?

[MarkZ] firenice not yet

[now] Markz or? How does this sound? USE MCA, buy Gold-Silver before Dollar drops 25-50% in Value. Prices will escalate as Buying Power Decrease and Commodities Skyrocket. When the Dollar bottoms & prices max out, get back into the UST $ & ride it up prices will go down. How: Mutual Funds, CDs,TRN...

 [now] Fed-State-City Municipal Bonds, UST Bonds? When UST Dollar value has returned (to what level?), Diversify Across the Board with: Commodities, Agricultural Investments (May Go Up 215 %), Energy (Oil, Coal, Natural Gas), Food, Hard Assets: Silver & Gold, Possessions

 [MarkZ] now kind of makes sense

[wilru] MarkZ How many more days for ri to show

[MarkZ] wilru That is another thing on my list of what I can't comment on. I have a list. It sucks.

 [buybyeby] MarkZ howdy. Is there truly an new UST?

[MarkZ] buybyeby Not really, it is the UST finally being allowed to do what it was designed to do. Treasury got screwed when they gave the Fed the contract to run our currency. Long story

[flyby] markZ with china and vietnam going at it over oil rigs in the china sea, do you think that will effect the VND>

 [omolara] MarkZ do youy think they (DEALERS) might or not honor the Reserves

[MarkZ] omolara I am in NO WAY worried about the dealers not honoring the reserves. The UST has already dealt with that IMO

 [gatorguy] MarkZ between picks in the draft.. what are you hearing about the ZIM and the amount of zero's to be taken away

[MarkZ] gatorguy Last I heard was 10

[gatorguy] MarkZ wowza!!! 10 zeros to be lopped off?

[MarkZ] gatorguy It would still be an awesome play! I have heard 6-10 but I always try to think worst case

[5150] MarkZ so new currency not active yet? Still.. Boy seems to be a coincidence there as to what we ar:)e waiting for?

[MarkZ] 5150 active at the same time as RV is the story

[pursuitoftruth] MarkZ do you believe the earthquake you caused a few days ago finally help pry the fingers off of the RV?

[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth yes I do.

[jeff] MarkZ so the TRN is the USN?
[MarkZ] jeff lol, good question. I have been told USN. We should start a pool....

 [jeff] MarkZ USN may have to much baggage in terms of the Kennedy administration but the TRN is more reasonable but then again..........

[MarkZ] jeff true


[K Boom] MarkZ Without telling us WHO held it up- can you go into THEIR Prime motivation in doing so? Mtn. Goat said pure greed- you agree?

[MarkZ] K Boom yes

[omolara] MarkZ are you hearing banking by the end of this month :money:

[MarkZ] omolara yes

[sandytob] MarkZ You've had about 10 ppl asking if the contract rates are safe or if there is some unseen danger with that. Is there a problem answering that question?

[Bear'sOpenHeart] sandytob If he doesn't answer there must be a reason..

[akjon] MarkZ Is there anything we can do to help out? AND I can't wait till this pop's so i can help others in need and pay it forward and I think that will be more fun then anything.. Ho Ho Ho.. :)
 MarkZ] akjon We will need to rebuild our economy after this. When we have money instead of currency what we produce in the US will be important. We have to manufactor again. Help small farmers and entrep's

[ampman02] MarkZ so a 1 trillion dollar note in Zim would be worth $100?

[MarkZ] ampman02 no. multiplied by whatever it RV's at.

 [tigerbobby] MarkZ any idea of vnd rates?

[MarkZ]I can't comment on rates.

[5150] MarkZ do you have a back wall for you to "spill the beans"? or are you going to fold your hand and let the PTB win?

[MarkZ] 5150 I do have a back wall. I will not let them win unless you all are at the beach already. :)

[now] Markz Can you tyell us the two African Countries you like the most?

[MarkZ] now They are not individual countries. They are groups of countries. They already have their own version on the Euro. One for the Central african currency and one for the west central african currency. I like them both down the road

[misskitty05] MarkZ if the USN is supposed to be active before or at the time we RV, does that mean that any currencies we exchange would be credited to us in USN? We've always heard that such would be the case only for IQD. What do you think

[MarkZ] misskitty05 Yes on the first part which answers the second part. :)

[Glurerivyg] MarkZ Are we waiting for a signature to reset the UST and the gold-backed, commodity backed USN?

[MarkZ] Glurerivyg yes but it is a little more involved than that.

[now] Markz Are there currency exchange Banks that will not demand time holds on part of our exchanged funds in thier Contracts?

[MarkZ] now Some probably will. Not long though. Money has to clear in any bank.

 [K Boom] MarkZ- is the RV/GCR connected to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols? And if so, how so? Thanks

[MarkZ] K Boom yes but explaining how will have to be part of another night. They are all intertwined now. [sagefemme] K Boom great question

harondaddy] Hi MarkZ - True or False - The Admiral Group from Reno will be helping to fund the Republic using the $32 contract rate

 [MarkZ] harondaddy false as I understand it. The A's group does have enormous humanitarian projects though. They will be doing MANY great things for us.

[MarkZ] now Some probably will. Not long though. Money has to clear in any bank.

[MarkZ] now not long ones though

[flagirl] Mark Z is there any news on the WGS

 [K Boom] sagefemme And it was curious timing that Leo Wanta came public last weekend

[ [jeff] MarkZ when is it over? Lol

[MarkZ] jeff Soon I hope, I am worn slap out waiting!

[sharpshooter007] MarkZ and word on The Iraq Budget??

 [go cougs] MarkZ Are you looking for any traps when you exchange your currency?

[MarkZ] go cougs no

[tier2wannabe] MarkZ are international laws still being broken daily while we wait and will there be any real consequences for the perps?

[MarkZ] tier2wannabe I do not think any longer

[MarkZ] tier2wannabe I expect it to be a quiet affair though. We do not want large scal epublic unrest, this whole thing is to help improve lives.

[now] Markz I thought the China Contract rate with the USA citizens was the reason for the high rates?

[MarkZ] now China could only buy so many oil for gas credits. We shouldn't worry about rates though. They look to be great and fair. Let's just focus on DONE.

 [TIPS] MarkZ - so much talk of the 10 days since 4/26 ... even if you skip the weekend and end friday (tomorrow) do the 10 days look like they are trying to finish on time?

[MarkZ] TIPS They are trying hard IMO

 [sharpshooter007] MarkZ is Malki RI Stunt Just a pothole in the road the PTB jus rolled over with no problem... mainly cause we havent seen any results from it

[MarkZ] sharpshooter007 I believe he has forced us to make it happen. A bump yes but I believe one that was needed.

[now] Markz ok. Do we need to ask for UST accounts to out our exchanged funds into?

[MarkZ] now no. All accounts should already be UST accounts already. The banking on this will be easier and more straight forward than you all think. IMO

[pursuitoftruth] MarkZ so it seems to me they really wern't working on a completion with any urgency if M's RI move caught them off guard. They should have been ready and they have certainly told certain people everyday anyday. That is what is confusing.

[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth It is confusing

[now] Markz Wowwww. I am so hopeful that it turns out JUST LIKE YOU SAID. =) :bighug:

[MarkZ] now It should

[MarkZ] No one quit your day job until after!!! Play it safe and keep your expectations grounded!!!!

[sharpshooter007] MarkZ do U expect Iraqi People Will Riot since Told Everyday They are The Richest Country IN World and Yet see dust on their Dinner Plates

 [MarkZ] sharpshooter007 They will if they do not get what they deserve

 [gcollect] seems to me that since the original plan was to have an RV and the Dinar was the linchpin of the GCR, that this has to still come in as an RV and not as an RI. The other countries all signed off on the rates already and were agreed to and it would have to all be redone. We are looking at an RV...

[MarkZ] gcollect That is why Maliki pulling the RI stunt forces the RV/reset action. A pain in the ass logistically but a needed push as I see it.

[sharpshooter007] MarkZ if the PTB are concerned about 5million dinarians what Are They Going To do with 320 Million Americans finally knowing the Truth... No Where To Hide

[Muruga] Markz, if M is not the new PM, can the new PM rescind the RI when he takes office?

[MarkZ] Muruga If he could get the CBI to agree but he won't. IMO

[MarkZ] adding IMO to everything to just cover my butt is a pain in said butt.... just saying

Glurerivyg] MarkZ Will the USA become a 3rd world country overnight, like ZAP said, if the bad guys force the delay past the back-wall date this month? THANK YOU FOR HELPING US THRU THIS CRAZY WAITING!

[MarkZ] Glurerivyg I believe that is worst case. I believe there are too many great americans in this room that will help guide us back to a better place in the world.

[pursuitoftruth] MarkZ are there those who wish to put America in a third world status within our government do you think?

 [MarkZ] pursuitoftruth They will not succeed. Keep in mind the republican party is as much or more to blame for this mess. It is a hard pill to swallow....

 [pursuitoftruth] I do so understand it is both sides of the isle.

[now] markz do you see any problem with the IMF having sooo much power?

[MarkZ] now big problems with out huge oversight.

[sananddan24] MarkZ can you tell those people that are telling you to hush up... That we start a riot in the USA if this doesn't go soon!!!! :soldier:

 [MarkZ] sananddan24 That will really get me in trouble! :)

[MarkZ] sananddan24 I will see what they say... :)

[sonnayhwh] MarkZ I have always appreciated your candor, and it was great to have you back on the scene. How did you go from the intent to speak freely of things that are, to now being so guarded with what you say? What pressure(s) has been brought to bear?

[MarkZ] sonnayhwh Very good positive pressure. :)

[go cougs] MarkZ- Do you think USN will be exchanged 1-1 versus the FRN or will there be a little imbalance on the exchange.

 [MarkZ] go cougs I think 1 to 1 for awhile

[goglobal2017] Markz how long are they asking u 2 stay quiet? Past Monday?

[MarkZ] goglobal2017 That is another thing I am not to say

 [sandytob] MarkZ So no calls planned at this point?

 [MarkZ] sandytob planned yes, I can't tell you when yet though. Pretty soon though, I will post it everywhere.

[pursuitoftruth] It makes me feel better to know there are people fighting what is happening in the USA. I know it must be deep cover but if you have a chance to tell them thank you, please tell them.

[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth They will read your post. They are watching. Tell them thank you yourselves. :)

 [nikki23] MarkZ it has been said that if you owe back taxes you would only be offered the street rate. Your thoughts please?

[MarkZ] nikki23 complete hogwash IMO

[sananddan24] MarkZ these people do not give a da..n about us why should obey their protocols...we are suffering!

[MarkZ] sananddan24 Some of them know you are and are working against crazy resistance because they know we the people need it.

[cool1967] MarkZ any update on Iraq budget it was suppose to pass soon after the election

[MarkZ] cool1967 I am trying to get my source there to get me a real update on it.

[sananddan24] What is CMKM ...

[MarkZ] sananddan24 The straw that broke the camels back. A company that was illegally shorted in a big way and was used to force the reset. It is a LONG story. We will go in to it over time.

 [sonnayhwh] MarkZ Outside of Dinarland it's "GCR is coming, batten down the hatches". Yet inside Dinarland it's "GCR is coming, happy days are here again." From where you stand, which is the stronger contender, or do you see another? Thx! . . . grin

 [MarkZ] sonnayhwh I think happy days.

[WEW] It has been awhile... We know the process to make anything happen in politics is forcing the issue by using power and authority. Can you share who has the power to force this to completion? Good to have you back in the game...

[MarkZ] WEW It has been awhile. brics and the chinese banking families plus many others are the ones forcing the issue. We even have a good Rothschild in the mix. It is a long list of good guys.

[Dreamweaver] Thank you Mr. Maheu, Mr. Hodges Mr. Cottrell and ALL the BRAVE Patriots who have fought and are fighting the good fight for so long for this country! Especially those who gave their lives...the ultimate sacrifice....Mark thank you for step ping out and being yet another voice! Blessings!!!!

[MarkZ] Dreamweaver You were paying attention! :)

[WEW] MarkZ ... Thank you sir.. There are really good guys left in the world after all.

 [MarkZ] WEW There are many, some great women as well. :)

[gatorguy] The IMF has demanded that Iraq RV their money by mid summer... hence the CBI announcing the new printed notes coming out mid summer.. so you know it has to happen before then. Turki has spoken twice this week. I don't think he has spoken twice in the past year! LOL

[goglobal2017] Markz it seems inconceivable us gov would not act b4 10 day deadline and let rest of world move ahead alone since they can't stop the ri rollout. U agree

 [MarkZ] goglobal2017 I do

[cool1967] MarkZ how is this possible that Iraq did incountry RV Dec 1, 2013 then RI on April 26, 2014 and RV again some time next week? Could you please clarify. Thanx

[MarkZ] cool1967 heck I am still trying to clarify that

goglobal2017] Markz who do u respect most in dinar intel world,other than urself of course

[MarkZ] goglobal2017 Many in the intel world do not post. Of the public ones I really like Okie even if he is always early. He is a classy man that has been through hell because of this.

 [Dakotaman] MarkZ What is the average amount purchased by most people

[MarkZ] Dakotaman my bet is less than a million. probably 10% of the people have 99% of the dinar. Most will have small amounts. Still life changing and if they are smart it will become big money. IMO

[cool1967] MarkZ what is your opinion on Leo Wanta and Global Collatarel Accounts? are they real?

[MarkZ] cool1967 They are real. Leo isn't the only one involved, he just got the most press

. [bilberry] markz..please comment on p packs

 [MarkZ] bilberry I expect them to start delivery within seconds of the reset.

[richnwell2] MarkZ Is it true that all PPs will be delivered to those who have relocated and/or had a name change?

 [MarkZ] richnwell2 They have gone to great lengths to find you all

[BLESSME] MarkZ will you come in very night until the reset happens?

[MarkZ] BLESSME Everyday for at least a short bit.

[cool1967] MarkZ what is your opinion on Global Debt forgiveness and Free energy projects after GCR?

[MarkZ] cool1967 a lot of that is happening.
MarkZ] Gang my eyes are starting to go cross from the chat scrolling.

It is time for me to step out. See you all tomorrow in the castle?



[Angelquest] HELLO everyone

[Angelquest] so what are all of you up too..........................lol 

[misskitty05] Angelquest we're perfecting our waiting skills rofl

[grandpa10] Angelquest May I ask what your take on all the happenings is?

[Angelquest] grandpa10 YES YOU MAY ASK................

[grandpa10] Angelquest   but will you answer

 [Angelquest] grandpa10 WELL YOU MAY NOT WANT MY HONEST OPINION........

[grandpa10] Angelquest I think most of us figured out the misinfo part

[catz] Angelquest, do you think we'll see the US as a corporation dissolve anytime soon?

[Angelquest] catz SOON....................catz ??? but yes we indeed will

[Angelquest] catz MANY do not understand we all need to do this no one group is gonna do it for you

[Dakotaman] Angelquest I missed what MarkZ had to say tonight but what can you share with us... are you up for answering questions...

[Angelquest] watch what they have set up for you

 [catz] Angelquest, do you mean preserving the republic or protecting our funds post RV?

[Angelquest] catz both work together......do they not?

 [catz] Yes they do. Thanks.

[Dakotaman] Angelquest Are the PP and all that moving forward

[Angelquest] Dakotaman YES INDEED THEY ARE

 [#3sister] Angelquest any chance we will be done by June 5?

[Angelquest] #3sister WE can hope but much being processed

[sananddan24] Angelquest do you see this going to the 15th?

[Angelquest] sananddan24 that is a good date but a lot needs to happen by then

[calibeach] Angelquest How do we know that what intel providers are getting now isn't just misinfo? :)

[Angelquest] calibeach everyone is tired and after toooo many years they are learning not to mess with us tooo much dont you think?

 [berberboy] Angelquest let me ask an honest question, lets say they cant get this reset done for what ever reason, if reports are true it has been called off more then once. has iraq grown enough to support a rate any where close to an r/i ?

[Angelquest] berberboy Yes they have and well beyond

[Angelquest] berberboy not really called off much to do with it all if one thing is not negotiated we dont see it
[Dakotaman] Angelquest And we do want to see it... ty

 [Angelquest] bye all have a great night

[terrib] Angelquest gn


what else Iraq is waiting on to finally declare a new rate for their currency. Iraq was released from Chapter 7 last June. We thought once we got into 2014 something would happen.) Chapter 7 was a major hurdle and that is cleared. We’re simply waiting for the elections to be finalized, an HCL resolution, and an RV!


5-8-14 MarkZ: There will be no call tonight. I will be in intel4u tonight though to visit. I was asked to stand down and told I could negatively affect the timing and safety of those involved. It would crush me to think that I was responsible for slowing this or causing someone else harm.

The truth will be told, just not yet. It caused me a moral dilemma because I believe we just keep kicking the can down the road but I do believe this is time is VERY different. We have caused quite a stir folks.

I will not be going anywhere and you all will have me here to quiz for a long time after the event. I have to take this one on the chin but I TRULY BELIEVE I am doing the right and responsible thing.

Thank you all for understanding. I was not looking forward to telling you all I had to stand down, but you all should take it as an exceptionally good sign. Stay calm balanced and grounded.




I am very irritated with all the idiots with a b, while in Spain and certain other places the high levels are being attended as in the tier factor (it is protocol ) both Government here and abroad are restraining forced by the filthy rich. Now I feel very disgusted and I am so tired to say the least.

This halting, hold up, stalling or whatever you may call it is being done and will continue to be done for with each announcement given a lot of folks go out and buy more reserves, and since Iraq’s government does not mind, your UST does not mind, your dealers and banks do not mind, your local and state governments do not mind, some call centers and certain sites do, not mind, the flow of fresh revenue it shall continue until you folks stop the buying of reserves period. Once that is done then and only then will we get this RV exchange on its way. Period.


SEBASTIAN, Fla., Dec 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sebastian River Holding's Inc. (Pink Sheets: SBRV), today announced that the company has added an additional 100,000,000 Iraqi Dinar to its portfolio. This gives Sebastian River Holding's a total of 235,000,000 Iraqi Dinar in its foreign currency division.

"With all the great news coming out of Iraq, the rate of the Dinar rising every day and people by the busloads returning daily back to their homes in Baghdad, it was an easy decision to increase our holdings in what the company believes to be the best investment in foreign currency today," stated Daniel Duffy, president of Sebastian River Holding's Inc. "People don't realize that prior to the war with Iraq the Dinar was $3.00+ per US Dollar. Today the country is almost debt free; Iraq is one of the leaders in oil, natural gas and holds a huge amount of gold in its country, and the rate is 822.37 per million, which is up from $784.93 when we first started in March 2007."

The Company believes in the near future there will be a revalue of the Iraq Currency, it is the Company's opinion after doing its due diligence and public statements from Iraq's government officials, that the revalue could come in at between 0.82 and 1.00 per US Dollar. This would give Sebastian River Holdings a profit of between $192,000,000 and $235,000,000.

The article below was taken from a daily address to the people from Iraq's finance minister: Baqir Jabr Zubaidi.

"That the Iraqi government was able to extinguish the 90 billion dollars of Iraqi debt and has worked to reduce the size of inflation from 66 per cent to Between 16 - 18%, and that the Central Bank of Iraq 22 billion dollars , 3 tons of gold specifically to support the Iraqi dinar, rising value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar from 3 thousand dinars in 2004 to between 1200 1000, the dinar this year, stressing that every effort will focus on Iraqi deleted 3 zeroes off the value of the Iraqi dinar, leading to 1 Iraqi Dinar for every one dollar."

Forward-Looking Statement

This Press release may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements are based on the Company's current expectations as to future events. The forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in this press release might not occur, and actual results could differ materially from those anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements.

CONTACT: Investor Relations:

Sebastian River Holdings, Inc.
Bob Green, 954-549-3811

SOURCE Sebastian River Holding's Inc.


5-8-2014  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [...news article states they are inviting parliament members to work on the budget in the next 2 days. The article was dated 5 May. Other news articles state working on the budget in the next month.  ...opinion?]  My opinion is that it needs to be done soon, they want it to be done soon, but it's probably going to be a little late. Anytime they say "2 days" I automatically adjust to "1 week".   : )

5-8-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker
   All road maps seem to be leading to economic reform  and  a  major  change in the monetary structure of the Iraqi dinar but keep in mind  that  it  is  Iraq  we are dealing with and anything can happen  to  change  this  course.  Where I believe there is a  well-defined  plan  in place, some great leaders  to  see  it through and some solid  coalitions  in  agreement to get them  there  I urge everyone to be casually optimistic  but  if what I point out here day comes to true we will be having an early July RVQ [RV?]


5-8-2014[MarkZ][is it time 4 rv now? I am looking for it soon! 

  [do you feel the rate will come out at 1-1 or will the rate be the prewar rate of 3.22 plus inflation?]  I have been cautioned against giving any kind of rate. I expect higher than a dollar though.  

[are rates still showing on the bank screens?]  Three bankers I spoke with today said yes, Two said no. 4 different banks total. 

[do you think this will occur early mornings or in the day est time?]  early morning is easier logistically.


5-8-14 MarkZ: Iraq is supposed to release its budget tomorrow (Thursday) which we expect to hold the new rate.  (What proof do we have there was actually an RI in Iraq? And, if there was an RI how long can it go one until an rv is triggered for us in the US?)  Multiple confirmations on RI. The problem is a country can RI or even rv internally and the rest of the world does not have to acknowledge it.  Especially when the currency is not internationally recognized. The key here is for the IQD to become an internationally recognized currency and then the RI or rv surfaces everywhere.

(Who is ultimately responsible for the approval and final release of a currency release to the international community? IMF, Iraq, US, someone else?)  As I understand it the IMF will release it to regional level and once the controller of the north american banking block pulls the trigger then the world will acknowledge the reset. 

(Tday someone indicated WF was showing dinar, Zim, VND, rupiah at the screens on hold..your thoughts?) Highly likely, I spoke with some other bankers that said they had a rate showing. 

 (What is the end date for this to go? Is it this month? I believe it to be this month.  

(vnd, zim, rupiah all with dinar?) I am looking for them at the same time.
5-8-2-14   Intel Guru MarkZ    Iraq is supposed to release it's budget tomorrow [Thursday] which we expect to hold the new rate.  [what proof do we have the there was actually an RI in Iraq? And, if there was an RI how long can it go one until an  rv  is triggered for us in the US?]  Multiple confirmations on RI. The problem is a country can RI or even rv internally and the rest of the world does not have to acknowledge it. Especially when the currency is not internationally recognizedThe key here is for the IQD to become an internationally recognized currency and then the RI or rv  surfaces everywhere.