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Cause of all delays, delays of hope in prosperity being targeted.

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Good afternoon as you will read in the above blog, it's your tax dollars at their best always affecting the common citizen. If you were to ask me IMHO these law makers already have exchanged, diversified in other currencies and maybe they might have acquired another citizenship.

The news of this law is not new but the cowardly way that they stuck it to all is and so is its timing affecting all dinar and done holders.

Things have not transpired as a go by the US of the actual RV simply because of what they in Washington call, "these imposed but necessary loose ends."

With respect on all this RI announcement issues from my end sources none have been seen till this moment. If this was to RI ( 3.22 before the war ) it will only acknowledge to the world that Iraq is back to the international arena.

Usually RI go up to their new original value within the first 72 hours, so please do not worry.

On the issue of the original plan we are good to go and nothing whatsoever has changed ( nor in rate, nor in conspiracy to nda's, nor policy. ).

Just you be ready with your to do list, for you will be in and out of this bank ordeal swiftly and with a lot of spare change.

Now back to this blog issue, if I was you I would be like a wolverine right about now, calling everyone including the President, the press for this is indignant, it is unjust, distasteful, rotten and uncalled for, to all Americans.

Be blessed and Happy Journey's.





Dave Schmidt: The reports coming from various sources and other bloggers are all saying it's done!  From a technical standpoint all the logistics are in place and the RV is done.  It's now a matter of waiting for top level decision makers to finish their negotiations.

DAVE SCHMIDT UPDATE: April 30th Update, 29 APRIL

This week's update is simple and short.  There is little new news to report other than the logistics of the RV is done! We are now waiting for the top decisions makers to release the RV process.

We'll discuss this on the radio program and take callers questions and comments.

Click here for the program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived on Blog Talk Radio.


4-29-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat   This is what I am hearing will happen.  We will never see the reinstatement rate. They will wait until after the elections are completed and the new Iraq government is seated (just a few days from now) and then less than a week later push out the full revaluation and complete the global currency reset (GCR). Until then the news media will not tell us anything of Saturday’s event.  It  would be of great benefit to Iraq to come out at the higher rate in the later revaluation. The revaluation could be over $4.00 but at least $3.71 rate. It will be on a controlled float. I know this for a fact...   They seek a $3.71 rate. From my perspective we are in good shape to see the RV soon...   [post 3 of 3]

4-29-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
The IMF also agreed to and fully supported this action taken by Iraq...the IMF actually advised this action with Iraq GOI...   this reinstatement did happen.  they are simply reinstated the sanctioned currency on-hold value to what it was prior to the second gulf war at a rate equal to the prior international rate.
 Normally they are also allowed to add on a 25% equity according to the 10 years following the war...but they are not being allowed to add any equity to their rate at this time.  This means legally the USA has 72 hours to complete the rollout process of the newly reinstated rate.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-29-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
 During last week the CBI and GOI of Iraq finally put their foot down and wanted the USA to commit to a final real date on when they would complete the international rollout process of their country’s revaluation.  A revaluation not a reinstatement was agreed to at this meeting. The rate was set for $3.71.  In these negotiations they (USA, IMF and Iraq) agreed to a final rollout date of Friday 4/25 date with a backup date of 4/27...on Saturday morning the excuse came. The excuse this time was that the oil credits with another country were under dispute.  So Iraq decided to reinstate their currency, which they had every right to do. They also have control over this process since they are now out of all sanctions and well on their way to ascension to the WTO.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-29-2014   Intel Guru TerryK

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru American Contractor
   The Iraq federal budget of 2014 has not even passed in the Iraq parliament, they will meet in May 2014. It appears that they will try and approve the 2014 and 2015 budgets at the same time. Or possibly just skip the 2014 budget. This is not done by any other country but Iraq.  They do as they wish, they’re not worried about protocol or policies.   I always say watch what they do and forget about their policies.

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   they will be taking all of their markets into the 21st century --- and they have been making it clear that their intentions is for the private sector to be able to sell and buy online -- huge...their market will be moving and expanding so fast because of it...  [Is it very important to iraq that budget gets done first before open market?]  not according to CBI -- they have stated they have every intention to move forward with international projects and trade if they have to -- not going to hold the growth of the country back --- great news for us -- not so much for the private sector of Iraq.   i am a firm believer that an EVENT this large was not done without a whole plan by the best of the best... we are right on time  and it is looking very pretty at the station...the budget not being done will not stop the plan.

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-29-2014   Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   The Citizen party according to recent polls should be the party that ends up with the most votes. This party is a non-sectarian Shia party and they are moderate.  Hakim is the guy who runs the party...If it comes to pass that the polls are right and I believe they are, the next government will be formed quickly because of the ground work laid out by Hakim.  We should know the results to the election by next week and if I am right the government will reconvene on June 15th intact and ready for business.  The only difference is this government will be a democracy that follows the constitution and is non sectarian. I am keeping my fingers crossed and Iraq comes out of this dark period caused by a wanna-be dictator and most important, currency reform can come to Iraq.  [post 3 of 3]

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   Maliki is a desperate man trying now to save his own life. He knows loosing is not an option. He tried to negotiate a position with a few of the leading blocks saying he would step down for a position as VP or any job that would keep his immunity intact. Nobody took him up on that offer. He offered to sign off on the Kurds demands if they guaranteed they would support him. The Kurds said no. Maliki finds at every turn that he is being shut out.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   the Iraqi elections have gotten off to a good start. Iraqi's living in countries outside of Iraq voted absentia yesterday.  Voting will start the morning of the 29th and will last until mid-night the same day which means as we sleep tonight [Monday] the election is taking place.   So many things including currency reform have been stalled or put on hold by the present government that there is great expectation in Iraq that those projects will now quickly go forward following the elections.


Hi Everyone,

Today in my southern Bavaria village we are making the final preparations for our annual event called Maibaum or Maypole This event for us happens on weekend Mai 3-4 this year (always on weekend of Pentacost Sunday). I wish all of you fine dinarians could attend and meet all peoples of the village. We could sing and dance together then sit and talk long  about the good news  about the Iraq revaluation.

But we are so far away…..so I am making this news letter because I must come to you once again and explain some findings about this IQD and recent events.

Today’s News

As I described in  last week’s news letter   I believe we are in the final round of a fight and there is now a countdown.  Who is knocked out and now laying down on the mat?
These are the people in the USA government who have been stalling this RV with Iraq. They formally agreed to the RV out of pressure and then are bent on holding it up as long as they can. Agreement after agreement they have make and then break. This past weekend we experienced a typical case of these stalling tactics.

So let me now start from the beginning so you can understand just want transpired over last weekend.

During last week the CBI and GOI of Iraq finally put their foot down and wanted the USA to commit to a final real date on when they would complete the international rollout process of their country’s revaluation.

A revaluation not a reinstatement was agreed to at this meeting. The rate was set for $3.71.

In these negotiations they (USA, IMF and Iraq) agreed to a final rollout date of Friday 4/25 date with a backup date of 4/27 in case last minute issues arose or the had technical difficulties.

You see already these crocked people in USA were setting the stage for yet another delay since they already padded the timeframe with a possible excuse. The reality was they had no intentions of even completing the rollout on Friday or Sunday and would just use another excuse when the time came. I know this for a fact. This is what is so disturbing to me.

So my office waited in anticipation to see just what would transpire and sure enough like clockwork, on Saturday morning the excuse came. The excuse this time was that the oil credits with another country were under dispute. The negotiations would take a day or two, passing the window of opportunity for this week’s rollout. So here we go again…. This bad news was then disseminated out to the intel gathers as propaganda once again. Most believed it and swallowed it hook line and sinker.

This information was then passed on to Iraq through channels since they would have to know first hand if the RV rollout was completed.  They would have to approve the posting of their new website (controlled by the UST) with the new rate and finish a few other details.

So what was Iraq’s reaction to all this?

First let me explain that when the GOI negotiated last week for the Friday timeframe they were very much against any buffer date of Sunday. They were so upset with even delaying it until Friday’s timeframe. The final stages of the rollout has been delayed now since December of 2013 over and over again. No more excuses!

I believe Iraq’s reaction once they heard of another stall was simply that they  grew tired of waiting on the USA to get over whatever they were doing holding up the RV, which had been approved and agreed upon since last December.

So Iraq decided to reinstate their currency, which they had every right to do.

They also have control over this process since they are now out of all sanctions and well on their way to ascension to the WTO.

The IMF also agreed to and fully supported this action taken by Iraq. In fact I heard from my IMF contact that the IMF actually advised this action with Iraq GOI.   
  This group of people I call the “elite entity” do not want this RV to happen since they are making billions every time it is delayed. Everything is about dollars and cents with these people and the power money holds. So as I said in my last news letter the changes that are coming   are inevitable. These people in the USA government are only making it difficult for the USA now to save face in the final stages of this process.

Future dealings between the USA government and Iraq are going to be difficult and the trust factor is very low. This conflict will continue until at least 2016 when hopefully the American people will clean house of these crocked politicians once and for all.

Impact of this reinstatement

First let me say this reinstatement did happen.
Just because your intel source(s) did not yet talk about it does not make it go away. Let me now explain what the reinstatement of a currency is. For Iraq they are simply reinstated the sanctioned currency on-hold value to what it was prior to the second gulf war at a rate equal to the prior international rate. Normally they are also allowed to add on a 25% equity according to the 10 years following the war.

Since we all know the plan is to go to an asset backed currency values (which would determine this equity value) one might think the value would be around $3.22 plus 25%  equity = $4.02. However this is not going to be the case since this reinstatement is outside of the Global Reset process. It gets complicated but they are not being allowed to add any equity to their rate at this time.

The Good News in all this Mess

As I stated in many, many of my past news letters this entire revaluation process has been one huge mess once the egos of the USA power structures and the greedy bankers got their hands in the mix.

Those directly involved in creating this mess should be fired and never allowed to hold any position of power or authority again in their careers within the government of the USA and thus also the UST.  It is now your responsibility, in fact a duty, as citizens of the USA to find out who these culprits are and to ensure this process of justice is done. Is it the only way to ensure this madness stops in future dealings.

Remember that our democracy gets eroded bit by bit, a seemingly small event of corruption goes unpunished. This leads to even larger events and soon it gets out of control. A democracy is only as good as its citizens who take action even in such small situations. This does not mean violence since there are always ways to use the democratic process in such situations too.

Don’t let them fool you either by their double talk to try to justify what they have (or in this case have not done). It very clear to all of us. Either you did the job you promised you would to or you neglected your duties. Were these holdups intentional or really necessary? We appoint these people to represent us globally. Is this how we all want to be perceived by the rest of the world?

So now that the Iraq GOI forced their hand and through the reinstatement what does this mean to the us as investors?

This means legally the USA has 72 hours to complete the rollout process of the newly reinstated rate. Believe me some are jumping for joy and others are rolling over playing dead. Overall it is a scrambling effort to figure out the next step and to cover their tracks.  In my heart I say why. Why does it have to be this way? 


This is what I am hearing will happen

We will never see the reinstatement rate.

They will wait until after the elections are completed and the new Iraq government is seated (just a few days from now) and then less than a week later push out the full revaluation and complete the global currency reset (GCR). Until then the news media will not tell us anything of Saturday’s event.

It  would be of great benefit to Iraq to come out at the higher rate in the later revaluation. The revaluation could be over $4.00 but at least $3.71 rate. It will be on a controlled float.

I know this for a fact so let’s not even waste our time arguing over such a moot point. They seek a $3.71 rate. For now Maliki has pushed the issue. I have to say this has been one of the most decent things he has done for Iraq. In fact when I heard the news I could hardly believe it and you all know I do not care for the guy.

From my perspective we are in good shape to see the RV soon, at least we are out of the stalling tactics that could have possibly held this up further. As I said they already had plans to hold this up way beyond last Sunday regardless of what they say or negotiate.

Truly Saturday’s action are a step in the right direction and we are moving forward again.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat








Frank26:  Good Morning Precious KTFA Family............ It was Good to share our thoughts as we did on Your CC last night.

Trepidation was surrounding my decision ........ I sought console from many and found myself alone most of the day yesterday in constant prayer.

I am very Pleased to see so much variety of postings expressing wonderful constructive ideas based on what DELTA opinionated.

One post seems to bounce concepts that trigger further useful thoughts from another poster.

From ideas of exchanging to potential value of the IQD and it's growth rate .......... Instead of simply looking for an unknown rate.

As I said ......... It is THE LAVA LAVA FLOW of the MR that gets them to article 8 that is most important in our studies. NOT ......... The rate they finally come out with.

Why? ............ Because we will NEVER EVER be told the TRUE numbers of the IQD's backing ........ NEVER!!!

Therefore what good does it do a blind man as I in this investment to waste time visiting a mind to preform for me.......... The CBI. I can not see the CBI's Truth............. YET!

Soon I will be able to see the CBI rate.

Therein lies the beauty of our investment ........... The FACT that the CBI is ready to release .......... A Start.

Benblessed1 ............. This is an Excellent post ............ Our guest last night ........ Think so too.

Continue to Take Care of each other KTFA Family with Your productive postings.

Study The Kurds when they sell their oil in 3 days............. From afar watch M and his career.

Aloha Oi........ \m/  KTFA,   Frank




DKB: Everything in this puzzle is starting to fit together. For as long as I have followed this adventure it has been a running battle over RI, RV or float. It is now evident that it will RI at $3.22 the low number, float up to the RV number of $3.71 and then continue to float at a market rate. None of the gurus were really wrong, they were just not all seeing the whole picture. They all had a piece of the puzzle but not the sequence of how it all fit.


T:  Okay 818, good afternoon.  
C:  I’m going to ditch most of the questions I had and ask some of them that have been on, excuse me, on Twitter.  You said the timeline has changed.  Can you give the new timeline?  It’s before Friday I know that you’re saying that.  Hello.
T:  Sorry.  Pam was sending me messages and she distracted me. But anyway go ahead.
DC:  She’s worried about the timeline.  Our understanding is ...the timelines we are talking about right now are measured in hours right now, and maybe a day.  We’re not talking very long.  
C:  Okay.  Hope that makes everybody out there happy.  They wanted that question asked.  What are some of those things that are totally different that they can do now to screw this up for USD?  And while you’re at it, who are those handful folks who don’t want us to have it.
T:  You just want to be negative all the way around.  Just drama.  
C:  Count your blessings, this is a lot better than what I was ready to say!  
T:  Let me say this first.  DC can tell you who it is b/c he knows who it is, but it doesn’t matter.  What we’re telling you guys is it’s not gonna happen, I mean, there’s one in a thousand chance of it happening because we’ve gone down the road already.  This is public.  It’s international, even our allies have said they’re going, everybody’s ready to go today, so we’re dwelling on the negative when the meeting is how can they make it even more positive, that’s the meeting they’re having right now.  Nothing about how we can figure out how to keep stopping things.  Anything could happen but we’re basically going down the other road, okay we’ve done it far enough, now let’s just go.  That’s the message we’re getting.
DC:  A lot of the folks who have been actively I will say working against what we wanted have now very much, not acquiesced, b/c it’s not a win or lose, they were doing it for their own purposes, and a lot have said okay I got it now.  How do we make this great for everybody.  I got most of what I wanted, almost all I would argue, almost everything they could have wanted both in time money, experience and power, and now I want, and now let’s make sure everybody else wins as well.  So that’s a large part of what’s been going on today, a lot of scrambling ppl who weren’t quite ready, ppl kind of laugh and joke about how could you not be ready.  Anyway some of that’s going on.
C:  I understand that, but forgive me if I don’t think that those ppl who were against it are all on board and trying to make it wonderful now for the rest of us.
DC:  Some aren’t.  Some absolutely aren’t.
C:  But what would they be able to do totally different to stop it?  I mean I wrote down this statement that you made earlier....we are so bloodied from the battle, we have been banging up against this wall for so long now, that it’s not all roses here, and we know that any moment something can happen to stop it.  And so we’re just curious.
DC:  Sure.  So, why is this different than other times?  Can some guys who maybe not have played as fairly as they wanted, how can they get in this and mess this thing up again.  There comes a point where everybody has to realize the game is over and they’re moving on.  Almost everybody has realized it.  There are some that never will.  Never.  And frankly they’re just going to have to live with that.  They wanted their own specific.  I have to win absolute or there is no winning whatsoever.  And we can’t fix those ppl and we’re not gonna ever fix those ppl.  What we can do is everybody has realized fact that everybody else has realized that the whole tide has already passed us and we better really catch up to the darn thing b/c there’s not going to be  anything left for us to float in anymore so we have to go out an get it, b/c that’s where it is right now.  You can try to pull the tide back in but good luck to you.  It’s not gonna really work.  Large part of this is could they tried some tactical stuff on there.  Could they try to do things?  Yes.  But again like we’ve talked about before, the cost of this thing on somebody doing something stupid is really raised right now and if they want to bring a, if they want to bring a complaint or whatnot, you’re playing with, your game is already so darn lost, you’re just throwing yourself upon the fire.  You’re gonna die anyway doing it, so if somebody wants to die doing this they can!  And would it cause a little delay, yeah but they’re gonna die so why do it?  
C:  So that’s all the bankers who are now gone, who died doing this.  But all right let me rephrase the question.  Are these ppl who have been fighting against this, ppl that we should know about as Americans and as we are dealing with politicians or ppl or who are elected or whatever or appointed...we should know who these people are, so we can pay attention to what they are doing with everything else of ours.
T:  Okay will let me ask you a question before we answer that, ‘cause he’s, should we know who they are before we get to the finish line or after we get to the finish line and they can’t affect it anymore?
C:  After we get to the finish line and they can’t affect it anymore you can’t say b/c you’ll have signed an NDA.  We either go in it and just hang it until the end and get what we can get or try and pay attention to what’s going on and see what we can glean from you guys as to who we should be paying attention to.  Okay I understand.  I understand your  helping, and I’m with you on it.  I fought for your side all this time. 
T:  We’re right here at this very end, critical juncture waiting for an announcement and happiness and last thing we want to do is flame the fire.  
C:  So in other words there is still fire to flame.
T:  Well let’s hope not.  That’s right.  What little bit is left we surely don’t want to flame it and get it started again, so, okay?  We’ll have a little bit of time afterwards.
C:  I’ll just let everything go then....Most of us cannot get into that forum...and so the earlier caller who suggested we go onto the forum, just understand that we cannot and also because you told us not to give out our personal information which we had to do in order to get on the forum....  
T:  Hold on for a second.  I gotta ask the boss lady ‘cause she’s the boss and everything.  But I was just thinking since you said that, we had 40,000 ppl in our forum and we switched over and shut it off at 20,000 and still had to eliminate some ppl we didn’t want in there.  So how about this, if, I gotta ask the boss, if after the announcement we’re gonna be here a couple weeks if we leave it open for 24-48 hours something like that, we can open it back up so ppl can just spend that time to go in there, get what they need, and then we’ll shut it down after that or something.  We can’t leave it an extra week, ten days.  At that point we won’t care, al the knuckles will be described.  Everything will have happened, they’ll know who was telling the truth, who was lying everything else so we won’t care.  We already have a list of them so we know who to eliminate from our new site anyway.  But I gotta ask the boss.  Okay?  
C:  All right.  Well then you’ll let us know right.  
T:  I’ll ask her, but she’s not saying anything, so that means she wants to discuss it afterwards.
C:  I’ll make this offer and suggestion.  Maybe for the calls with the bankers, the call after the big call instead of taking our questions and having to deal with us crazy ppl on this end, have a way where we can submit the questions in writing and you can call them and put together all the same questions and just ask them once or answer them once.  And if there’s anything I can do to help you with that I will.
T:  We will do that.  We’ll probably do that right in the forum so we can go through everybody’s questions.  DC, myself, I mean ‘cause we’ll be the ones doing it, and we’ll talk to them, go over probably have the answers for the next cll.  So we’ll do that, if ppl don’t get too personal.  Just get general questions, ‘cause we can’t be asking everybody’s personal situation, okay?  
C:  Okay thank you.  There was one other question on Twitter that I will ask and then let you go.  Can someone on the forum ask how the RI affects the other currencies like 
like the dong and the GCR.
T:  Okay DC that was a DC question.  
DC:  Dang it, I thought you had it.  So here’s what we have folks.  It does affect currency values of everything else.  For example, If you had something that was worth $10T and now it’s worth $7T does it affect the value?  Absolutely it does.  So therefore there are some adjustments that have to be made to other currencies, but the nice part about the RI vs. the RV is that the RV and the GCR will occur at a different time, at least that’s the way we’re planning right now.  I’m gonna hold off on one segment of that real quick in a little bit, but b’c it’s an RI and it’s at a very good rate but maybe not as high as others were thinking or budgeting, then yes that’s going to adjust how much currency value in other nations and trade values etc.  With the intent to change everybody’s currency at a later date, whether that be a day or two, whether that be a year or two, they can adjust that when they need to.  Now in terms of procedures and those kind of things for us, it may simplify some of the rules b/c it’s an RI vs. RV and that’s what everybody has been scrambling about this morning, that’s largely what everybody has been dealing with, but how do you deal with all these things.  It’s not just money wise, it’s also procedural, it’s also, there are many aspects of how that affects it.
T:  Let me say something real quick, I clicked on Renden, last name, and I cut you off sorry.  Put your hand back up.  Now DC getting back to our thing.  The meetings today are because the rate changed.  If they did the other currencies with an RI and came out it would definitely affect those rates, they’d have to go back in the system, redo it, recalculate, it could mess up a lot of things and the RV rate, is that correct?  That’s what they’re discussing?  
DC:  Yes.  Bottom line is it changes the value.  These things are all not difficult to do and they can, they just need to basically do them and this is one scenario that they had walked through many times, so most of the info, most everything else, is already prepared.
T:  Okay.  All right did that answer your questions.  Oh they’re gone, sorry.  Are you the one that I clicked off?  818?  
C:  Let’s pretend that I’m the bank and you’re cashing in at my bank and when you come in they give you a decent rate.  But the moment that they’re going to cash you out or exchange you the guy doesn’t have the Delarue machine, what would you do?
T:  Well, is that noise in your background?  
C:  Hold on a second.
T:  Already muted him but I’ll come back.  So I got to the bank, and they give me a decent rate, they don’t have a Delarue machine and if that’s the situation then I’ll just take my receipt, take my money, I’m not concerned with them, as long as they give me the right accountability, I’m not concerned with any counterfeit notes.  And that’s really all the D machine is for is counterfeit notes, it doesn’t affect your counting or anything else.  I don’t know that we’re going to find a lot of them.  I’m not going to b/c I got mine from Sterling Currency and I believe in them and I ran my first ones I got through them and I took them down to the bank and did all the tests and I got confidence, so that’s really not something that’s going to worry me.  Now if you guys are, you bought them years ago, you bought them off eBay, you bought them off ppl who are no longer in business.  You bought them off ppl you’re finding out don’t have the scruples you thought they did then I’d go and verify mine first.  I just would for my own peace of mind.  They don’t want to cause a whole lot of backlog, but you can ask them that doing your appointment.  Do you guys have the D machine?  No.  Then go somewhere else and do something else.  But I would probably go ahead and do it.  I got the confidence in our banking system that it really won’t be an issue.  But that’s just me.
C:  My question is not that I think that mine are counterfeit.  What I’m worried about is that I take it in there, they say okay we’re going to ship them over to Atlanta or wherever and later say I’m sorry but notes notes were safe.  And you say to them well let me have my notes back and they say well we can’t give you the notes back.  
T:  Okay but you said you weren’t worried about them being counterfeit.  
C:  What I’m worried about is the ppl taking my notes might not be as honest as they should be, especially when you’re dealing with millions of dollars.
T:  If that is an actual concern, then I’d just find a bank with a D machine.  That’s your only option.  
C:  If I was to give to my children a letter saying I’m going to give them X amt of dong and Iraqi dinar, how would they go about cashing in if they’re under 18?
T:  They won’t.  Wait a minute.  I don’t know that there’s an age limit to exchange currency, so I really don’t know that, tell you the truth, but as a minor giving them that much money I would put it in a trust anyway, I wouldn’t just put it in their name.  Have the beneficiary do the exchange for them.  That’s the way I would do it.
C:  All right.  It’s really a pleasure talking to you....
T:  ....808, GM.
C:  It’s still morning here, of course, it’s Hawaii.  Aloha to you all and GM....wanted you guys to know from all the callers that cannot get on...you guys are doing a phenomenal job and we appreciate every intel that you guys give us....A lot of my questions have been answered....I’m hoping you guys will announce on the call that you’ll open up the forum for at least the 48 hours so I can get back in and go through some things that I may have missed the prior months.  Back to that first caller who called you from Honolulu.  Traveling with dinar you can do it.  I have actually had a couple million dinar in my backpack in an envelope, and it wasn’t questioned.....Second thing is exchange over here, I don’t know, I’ve gone to 3 different banks, none of them have D machines and as of right now none of them do any exchange of the dinar.  Can you perhaps....
T:  All I can say is this is what they told us so far, you won’t have to fly anywhere.  They’re not having ppl fly all across the country, so when this is announced maybe they’ll have a tier 2 or affiliate bank that will do your exchange.
C:  Okay, great.  Other question is do you think, this is just a question b/c going inside the dinar guru forums and everything and reading, do you think any of these things have anything to do with holding this up for the next few hours or days like you guys say as far as May 22 GFI release of the funds or any debts Iraq has to pay or any contracts or meetings with the WTO? 
T:  All of those things have already occurred.  DFI has been released, it was released a couple weeks ago, so we came on and told you guys .  All their funds have been released so we’re not concerned with May 22 anymore, it doesn’t even apply.  It will run out b/c it’s done.  They have already been accepted to the WTO.  We told you guys on the phone call last week they let the rate by live for 48 hours b/c they wanted to see that in order to accept them.  That has happened.  They’ve already put it on the cards months ago so they could see that.  They have already announced on TV that they have RI’d and are back in the int’l community.  So none of those things you’re talking about apply and we have been saying that for months, the GOI is in place, they’re not arguing about it anymore.  They’re not arguing about oil credits, anything else.  We’re not seeing any of that in their news, our news, anywhere else.  They’re just waiting for the international release.  That happened Saturday, I was gonna say 7:00 PST.  Actually it happened before then, ‘cause they just made the announcement out then.  So that has now happened.  It’s being hidden as DC already told you guys until they get these last pieces done before they make it public over here.  I can tell you it’s sitting at the banks, it’s at the teller screen, we know what the rate is, it has administrative hold on it, all that other stuff is done!  
C:  That is great to hear!....Concerning the dong, I don’t know if this is for your or DC.  
T:  It’s for DC I can tell you right now!
C:  Why is their speculation that the dong will RV at the same time as the dinar and what are the indications of that?
T:  He said RV.  
DC:  RV vs. RI.  Okay, we need to separate those two again because we got two different things.  The RI is diff from an RV, and so the real question was, and there was a great deal of back and forth about the RV being involved, about the dong being involved and everything on there. The dong is involved primarily for China’s purposes.  It was added in there when everybody opened this thing up to more than just Iraq and it was the obvious next step for another currency evaluation change.  And so therefore if they change some of the rules for the RV RI then that’s obviously going to affect everybody in that, especially the biggest benefactor of that which is Vietnam’s currency.  So therefore, that’s why they have had a going back and forth.  Our understanding is it will very much get negotiated and very much get put into either the RI basket or the RV basket and we just don’t know where it’s going to land in.  But remember if there’s a massive change in dinar, they don’t want a bunch of ppl making a gajillion dollars off the RV of the dinar and piling it into the dong so  that what they will end up doing is they will have some restrictions about future investment on that, so one should expect that.  Now just to be smart about it, I know a lot of ppl are very much leaning forward to try to get it all within the same basket and everything else, work itself out. And maybe all the other adjustments that are minor will be carried on at a later date.  We’ll just have to see where it boils down to.
C:  So it very well could come out with the dinar or we may have to make another appointment for the dong itself.  
DC:  Correct.
C:  Okay.  Gotcha.  That’s all I have....Keep up the good work and I hope to hear a call from you guys soon.
T:  Okay 704.  Good evening.
C:  (Expresses thanks.)  I have a few questions and the first two are from my brother Jaz down in ?  He wants to know how can we put our dinar in one bank and the VNN in another bank but can only make one bank appointment?
T:  Well after you do your exchange if there’s no restrictions, just transfer it over to another bank.  That’s what I’m gonna do.  I’m not gonna do four appointments.  I’m going to do my exchange, agreed upon, then I’m going to move my money over to the other banks.  If there’s a portion I have to leave in one bank, I’ll leave it there and I’ll do what I want to do with the rest.
C:  So you’re saying transfer it over.  Will they give us large cashier’s checks if we want to put it in other banks and I say credit unions....
T:  Absolutely.
C:  Okay rather than transfer them.  Okay.  The next question, there was some top ten list inside the forum, and I’ve read them all, I got them all printed,...but the one I’ve been really practicing is, it said that no matter what you sign put the words “All Rights Reserved” and I wanted to know what that meant....
T:  Well you’re going to have to call an attorney to get the legal view.  But the simple Simon view is you reserve the right to change your mind, correction, and anything else.  That’s why ppl do that.  I put it right there, so, and the ppl let you do that on the contract, don’t say anything about it, you got away with it, but most ppl won’t let you do that.  But go ahead.  
C:  Well they haven’t stopped me yet so I’m not gonna stop it.  I’m planing on taking int’l rate....but do we have to do an NDA if you take the int’l rate?
T:  Do they DC?
DC:  Right now no.  But again it is so fluid right now you can’t promise that.  But right now it’s no.
C:  Right now it’s no.  Okay.  All right.  My very last question:  Do you think maybe about ten of us can get together and buy the Clippers?
DC:  I love it!  I love it!
T:  No, ‘cause I was gonna buy them by myself!  You know, I was actually wondering if that was going to come up on this call today, but okay.  
C:  Thank you all so much.  I mean knowledge is power, and he who has the knowledge has the power.  And I just thank God for the way that we’ve gotten it, and we got it from you, I call you guys Moses and Joshua and all them b/c you still fighting for us and we’re getting ready to get what we need to get.  Thank you again so much.  
DC:  Let’s explore that nice lady’s deal about the Clippers.  DC guys would like at least some sort of box or something.
T:  About the clippers?  I’ll tell you guys this.  So I want to become a minority owner of both the Raiders and the Chargers.  I fully have planned on doing that.  I did fully plan on becoming a minority owner in an NBA team, b/c there were none for sale, but now that one’s coming up and it’s in CA I think it’s a great opportunity to buy that!  So.  Okay.  Now, and as I said so many times before, his comments and everything else, money doesn’t make you smart it makes you a rich dummy.  And there’s a proven fact of it once again, he’s just a rich dumb ass.  I had to add that other part.  Let’s see if we can go to 562.  562?  Nope.  Okay.  We’ll go to 435.
C:  I hope that’s me!  Okay, great....I would like to know if you have any idea if we pay off our reserve with what we have in there which is possible to do with the company that we have the reserve with, can we have them transfer it, I’m thinking if we had it wire transferred it would have to be in American dollars right?  They can’t wire transfer the dinar....
T:  No.  You said pay off your reserves so you want the physical dinar?  
C:  Well unless, b/c I understand they don’t have anything but their own rates.  I haven’t found out what that is if it’s a good enough rate we can just fly there and pick it up.
T:  I don’t know which exchanger you’re talking about.  They’re gonna have the option....
C:  Sterling.  We have it on reserve there.  And we can pay it off with what has already been paid for that they still have there.  And if we decide to have it done at a different facility, I’m talking about Sterling but I was told they didn’t have any contract rate, they just had their own rate, and that they would publish that.
T:  They said they were going to have a market rate, that’s going to be their rate.
C:  If we decided not to, if we decided to go for a contract rate and we can’t do it at that bank, can we have them, is there a way for them to ship it to us other than our physical address, b/c we’re in Hawaii and there’s nothing here that will....
T:  You’re going to actually have to call them and ask them what would they do in your case.  We don’t know.  
C:  We’ve been listening since December....we have never been able to get on the forum.  Several ppl today have said that we need information from there.  Now you said you would open it up but not until after the RV?
T:  Well I’m thinking that’s what we’re going to do but I got Soready4it, I got Angelic and I have Already Blessed, all women, and you know how temperament they can be, so....
DC:  That was Tony, T-O-N-Y....
T:  Right now none of them want the forum opened.  They don’t want to deal with it, they don’t want to deal with the ppl so I put the question right here in public so everybody can know I did ask but then we gotta see what they come back with.  Okay?
C:  Okay.  Because I really would like to read the info I need before we cash in.  I’ve read a couple of books, definitely the Who Moved My Cheese, that’s a great book.  But I haven’t gotten some of the others, Millionaire Mind, and I’ve got to go out and get them today.  What is the one, Island something?
T:  Creature from Jekyll Island.
C:  Okay....T/Y very much...you guys are wonderful.  I do want to say one thing about the, why would anybody in their right mind ask on the air what could be done to screw us up?  I mean why?  B/c if somebody hasn’t thought about it we know and we say it, oh great!  Give me a break!  Okay, I love you guys and have a great day.
T:  All right, thank you.  Okay, now that was a good comment, b/c we have known for the last four years that we’ve been on, they’ve listened to our calls, went back and changed laws, situations and everything b/c of some of the things we’ve said on the call to make sure we didn’t do those so we’ve had to be very careful in the things that we said.  And so guys while I have told you guys that the bank ppl are at the bank once again, the exchangers are at their locations once again, things are on the screens at, even down to, I don’t mean the top 4 banks down to tier 2 banks...do not call the banks!  When I tell you things like that it’s ppl who we have a relationship with, ppl who are in the higher positions, ppl who can see you know back screens or lock-out screens, it’s not the teller you’re gonna walk into the bank, so don’t start calling the banks, don’t be going in bugging the tellers b/c they don’t know what you know.  They surely don’t know more than you know b/c they don’t even know what you know.  So let’s not do that in all the branches, but have faith that I have talked to several of them this morning and they are all ready to do business when the time comes.  Okay.  DC any comment?
DC:  Nope.  Think you summed it up.


T:  All right.  919, Good afternoon.
C:  Hello, Tony, Good afternoon, and DC.  Tony, what is Wednesday?
T:  What is Wednesday?  Wednesday is the 30th, the 29th?  It’s June the 30th, I mean April the 30th.
C:  Remember our plan of action, right?  That was the back wall date.  
T:  That was the back wall date.  It’s a great date, I can tell you that!
C:  Do you know the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee that works for the gov’t?
T:  No.
C:  An entrepreneur, the buck stops with them.  The government employee gets to change their mind and do different things day in and day out and go okay well that’s all right.  So what I’m saying is the plan of action was for April 30 so how do you and DC feel about that now?
T:  Well I feel great about it, and DC feels even better about it b/c the lady’s goin’ on vacation on Friday and he told her she don’t have no problems.  He said no problem, don’t worry about it.  That was on the 1st she said she was leaving, but I’ll let DC answer it.
DC:  Tony I think you took a good enough slice at that one.
T:  We feel really good guys.  It’s a good week and I mean everything we’re telling you is already past tense.  It’s not what we think is going to happen it is what has happened over the weekend.  That part is already done.
C:   ....How am I gonna fix these prayers if these ppl who are listening go and screw it up again.  I’m gonna pray for them to...
T:  I’m gonna help you out okay?  In our prayer today we’re gonna pray for them and we’re gonna ask God to please give our politicians an entrepreneur mindset and heart.  How about that.
C:  Good.  B/c I know that He’s bigger than they are and we have got to realize that all these little things that keep popping up we’ve got to have the entrepreneur mindset as well as the heart.  The giving part of human nature no matter how much that idiot elite, so called elite or anyone else wants to play these things,  b/c when it boils down to it we have just one Person that we have to answer to for all the things that we did that were wrong and I said this the last time when I talked about the back wall date.....And DC you got a wonderful sexy voice.
DC:  Thank you.  Oh my gosh.  
T:  No, he’s 6’2”, 230, he’s chiseled, muscled!
C:  Oh great, that just adds more to it!....Be kind and good b/c we all need to have this final.  Have a great day.
T:  And just so you guys listening know, Pam started all that mess in the chat room this morning.  
DC:  Yes, she did!
T:  Describing DC for all the ladies.  All right 212, good afternoon.
C:  I just wanted to make sure that the Rothschilds, and Rockefellers and the English monarchy don’t have to sign off on this RI.  
T:  No, it’s done.  
C:  Also I want to know how will the RI then affect next the RV and then next the GCR?
T:  Okay.  That’s a DC question.  He already answered it once.  
DC:  We’ll be happy to do it again.  Bottom line is the RI is a reinstatement of old currency value which for a long time was $3.22 so that, and it’s an easy sell, and it’s  an easy agreement.  And there’s not much controversy behind that.  The RV is acknowledging their economic worth, their physical assets in the ground, on the ground, whatnot, that is very much their, recognizing that as well on top of what they had.  So my point in mentioning is that we are having an RI we believe right now instead an RV so the RV can happen at any time within, frankly, an hour to a few years.  We don’t know when that will happen, But we do know that one major criteria is now out of the way in terms of that is Iraqi politicians and different aspects of it, that has been 
very much put on the sidelines.
C:  I understand the RI happening in Iraq.  I understood the RV to include more than just the Iraqi currency however.
DC:  Yes. ma’am.
C:  As in the dong or possibly other currencies?
T:  Well the RV as we say would be part of the GCR which is now easier to do since Iraq has RI’d and they’re not that lynch pin anymore that anybody can point at.  Now it’s just the numbers, everybody’s laws, and it makes it easier to do the GCR.  
DC:  Much.
C:  Okay.  But the RV, so we’re not so sure about when the RV will occur, I think DC just said?
T:  Well he did the RI already, that’s done.  Now more than likely, the RV will occur within the GCR like all the other countries b/c it makes it easier to do that way.  Go ahead DC.  
DC:  So most likely now given the fact that they have done an RI they will do an RV within the GCR.  That is a high probability b/c you don’t need to have too many of these things on there.  Basically they’re going to go and sell, the fact that Iraq had that much and these countries have these values and we’re moving to an asset-backed, or a more asset-backed currency system and it’s, b/c a lot of fiat-based currency is based on confidence that when I tell you it’s worth, a dollar is worth a dollar, we could actually buy a dollar’s worth of goods.  So a large part of it is a kind of convincing the world that yes indeed everybody has these values and that’s the process.  They’ve done most of the homework for that, in fact almost all of it, but it becomes easier if you’re not selling two huge things at one time, you’re just selling one thing.  
C:  So you think the RV and the GCR will be simultaneous?
DC:  Yes ma’a I do.  The way it’s set up right now with the RI, yes I do.
C:  And you think, and you’re not quite sure where the dong will play in that, will fall in that?
DC:  It has been very much a pingpong battle and over the past couple days, and it’s in it’s out it’s in it’s out, and I think it’s in but I’m not real certain right now.  
C:  So in with the....
DC: With the RI.
C:  You think the dong will be in with the RI.
DC:  Right now.  Again, that’s been a pingpong battle, so we’re we’re just going to have to wait and see where that sits.  
C:  Are there any other currencies that will then be included with the RI in addition to the dong possibly?
DC:  Well we’re get into a place where I think I need to just gracefully back out just ‘cause we’re getting to a sensitive post where there’s not that many ppl that know that so we’re just gonna stop right there.
C:  I think I did hear someone say that you expected it within minutes or a day, is that what I heard?
DC:  Bottom line is when Maliki pulled the trigger that put everybody on some pretty tight timelines, about basically when to do it and the rest of the friends said guys we’re for real this time we’re gonna take i, ‘cause that’s the only thing and legally that’s what we gotta do too and we can worry about all the other details at another time. Our understanding is that window is really tight and we’re talking about the timeline you said but I will also say a huge financial thing going on so you can’t say it’s gonna happen at 4:35 Pacific exactly on the dot, that’s not how this is gonna work guys, you gotta give them a little squish time.
C:  Sure.  Okay.  Well, thank you very very much everyone for everything, I appreciate it.
T:  Okay thank you.  Great questions too.  You got him right on the spot.  I love it!  678.
C:  I had a lot of questions but I got a lot of answers on this call.  I do want to give Pam some advice, is she still on?  I’m from Area Code 912 which is south Georgia.
If she’s gonna try some chitlin she better know who cooks them.
T:  That’s right you don’t eat everybody’s chitlins that’s for sure!
C:  You better know who’s cooking them!  I appreciate you and hope this thing is over real soon.  Want y’all to have a blessed day.
T: Thank you sir.  Okay, we got us a bay area caller, 415.  415?  They’ve been on exactly 200 minutes....We’re going back to Atlanta, 770.  
C:  We’ve been in this holding pattern since Thanksgiving....a lot of us have been really struggling to get by.  Would you say that our struggle is definitely over?
T:  So you listen to Anthony Hamilton, right?
C:  No, I don’t know who Anthony Hamilton is.
T:  You don’t know who Anthony Hamilton is?  Where you from?  
C:  Atlanta.
T:  And you don’t know who Anthony Hamilton is? 
C:  No I do not.  I know who Tony is!
T:  Anthony Hamilton sings Struggle No More which was one of our theme songs for a long time.  So I feel that we’re right at the point where we will have to Struggle No More.  Was that your question?
C:  Yeah.  I guess I’m really saying are we going to be healing before the end of the week?
T:  Yep.  And I’m answering your question that I feel we are at the point where we have to struggle no more.  Yes.  
C:  I had two other questions for you Tony, but with that answer, those questions are irrelevant. 
T:  Okay.  And I got that straight from DC, just so you know.  
DC:  No he did not he got it from a bunch of other ppl.
T:  Actually I did I got it from a bunch of ppl.
C:  (Expresses thanks.)   We’ll have the last laugh.  
T:  I’ve said it before again and again and I’ll say it now. The greatest revenge is to live well.  Okay?  And at the end that’s what we’ll do, just enjoy life, the past will be the past, it will be over, and just live well.  Okay?  That’s my goal.
C:  That’s important to me Tony....(sending youngest daughter to school)
T:  That’s what we’ve gone through this struggle for to be able to provide those things.  And I think we’re there.  Okay, 406, good evening.
C:  I just want to first thank you guys for all that you do....Once we exchange dinar and dong, there’s some confusion of things going back and forth between the money that is going into USD or Fed Res Treasury notes that are asset backed.  If they’re not would we want to then in the next appointment in a multi-currency account go back to Iraqi dinar or dong that would be asset backed for protection?
T:  Okay.  I’m gonna let DC answer your question.  All your money is gonna be asset backed we say but go ahead.
DC:   What I’m going to do is stay away from the treasure note stuff b/c I think there’s a lot of misconception about that.  But here’s what I will say.  I think it should be a percentage and one should do it in the percentage they’re comfortable with, but it is always good to have (noise)
T:  Wait wait one second DC.  Let me mute him.  Okay go ahead.
Dc:  I think and I’m not a financial advisor or am I an attorney, nor would I ever want to be, but I think for DC guy’s own strategies and have been strategies in the past before dinars and will be strategies even further post reinstatement is that I believe it’s always smart to have other currency investments meaning not just other what’s going on for kind of safety reasons, but other currency denominated stuff.  So let’s say I have a, I don’t know, a Canadian dollar oil field in Canada that I own obviously with Canadian dollars so therefore I have a little hedge against that, or if I’m going for some Euro-denominated stocks....or whatever....or something on there that’s absolutely outside of the US, well they are actually both have a lot of US exposure but that is denominated in a currency that’s other than ours.  I think it’s just a smart thing to have that, knowing full well that you will have to denominate back to US currency on there.  You’re going to spend money in the US you’re going to spend it in US dollars.  But let’s say you at least have a currency hedge along with a good investment on there is smart.  I’ve been doing that for years and I think it is definitely something I will continue doing so in the future.  Frankly I like having a lot of many different aspects of that and all different currencies that don’t have direct correlation to the US economy.  Again for diversifications sake as well as for just peace of mind’s sake.
T:  Let me ask this before I go back to him.  What you do, what I do, and things we talk about and things you’re talking about right now, I think ppl need to understand requires a lot of research, knowledge, and experience in doing that and it’s not something where you put your money into and say I’m gonna make money.  I mean we have to do a lot of things just so you guys know.  I mean I get emails every day, I belong to a bunch of investment sites, government sites, I belong to the treasury site, the Federal Reserve site.  I have to go read a bunch of things I don’t even want to read, but that’s what I do, ‘cause that’s what I do, ‘cause I have to know in order to know what my money is doing and what the world is doing b/c is’t not about the US, so you guys can’t just put your money in multiple countries’ accts and think you’re going to make money w/o staying abreast of what’s happening in the world.  So I don’t want to give anybody that impression b/c you’re going to lose your money quicker than anybody else.
DC:  Right.  Absolutely.  But it is also possible when you’re meeting with financial advisors to simply say hey what are some options that we have for conservative investments that are not US denominated, and that’s something that a lot of ppl can do. Again it’s just like any kind of risk, you kind of walk through in terms of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it and does it fit my personality.  Also my timeline, ‘cause I like working 60 hours a week it’s what I do well.  Most ppl don’t like doing that.  I actually like to keep up with things, that’s just kind of based on my personality.  Some folks have no desire to know what’s going on in Zaire right now or Lithuania, nobody cares about a lot of the things that I do.  So I might as well make money doing it.
T:  Right.  And I just wanted to make sure you guys know that.  Don’t just do it and think you can pour some money on it and the plant’s gonna grow into a tree.  Doesn’t work that way.  Okay 406 we’re back so we can finish.  
C:  I appreciate that answer.  I was just thinking from the standpoint of being safe right now the Fed Res note is fiat money, it’s not asset backed, so you go into that.  If you knew that other countries had currency that was asset-backed that you wouldn’t have a multi-currency account or be in that so if there was, you know, the devaluation of the US dollar in July or something like that, then you’re more protected.  Will you guys do that, will you go back into something you know if Asset backed or will you know when the package comes out if what we’re actually exchanging into is asset backed?
T:  Let me tell you this is why it’s hard to answer your question and predict something for you.  See, we know what currencies are involved in this RV, but we also know the next currencies that are coming out, so it’s easier for me to say, you know, give you an answer, but it’s based on the fact that I already know, or I’m not gonna say I know, but have a pretty good idea or guess what those are and whether we say the next 5, 10, or 15 of those countries, so it’s easy for me to say yeah that’s what I’m gonna do ‘cause I’m gonna make a whole lot of money.  Does that mean what you should do is something diff and that’s what I guess I’m trying to get across.  Guys there’s a lot of investment opportunities out there in other countries, a lot, especially since this GCR is gonna happen, and if you look at the history of those countries, but it requires some work, those countries that were down at the bottom and they are gonna end up in the middle, now you know there has to be some growth there.  They are not just gonna make it happen and it’s gonna stop, b/c then the US will right back in the same situation in an 18 months.  So there’s going to have to be some back and forth and you’re gonna have to look at the history of those countries, and then you’re gonna have to look at the globe itself and look, ‘cause there’s a clear pattern, anybody can look at it, at which countries have been developing and they’ve been taking their currencies, actually taking over their currencies, redeveloping so they can make some money along with their assets that make them Basel III qualified, but you’re going to have to follow the bread crumbs to get to it, okay?
C:  OK. T/Y so much for taking my call.
T:  Thank you, sir.  We’ll go back to Atlanta, 404.  
C:  Since this thing is then officially announced, the RI, do you know that any countries, partners of the US have already recognized it?  I mean formally and publicly so that they can go in and trade it, they are still waiting for the US, or are they trying to shuffle for a few hours to straighten things out?  
T:  Okay.  Again DC has answered that twice but I’ll let him do it a third time.  
C:  In other words literally is there any place you could exchange today 
outside the US, put it bluntly.
T:  Yes.  He answered that last week three times, but I’ll let him do it again!
DC:  Yes there are.  And most of the countries are asleep right now or markets
are closed.
C:  Right.  What’s gonna happen otherwise there would be a disparity b/t the US markets and what the currency dealers can do if the world is trading something else that we’re not a part of.
DC:  You see the big issue.  In essence, Yeah.  So again it’s a wonderful thing for us b/c it’s a forcing function, and that’s what we need.
T:  That’s why there is a timeline right now.  Just because of that.
C:  Well I thought there was but I just wanted to confirm it.
T:  All right, thank you sir.  Have a great day!  Okay.  352.
C:  I am definitely superfantastic after this call!  Listen I got a couple women here that want to know what DC is wearing right now.
T:  You know, we got the text, well I did b/c Pam started all this, and they’re taking bets on boxers and briefs and all kinds of things.
DC:  Say what?  Oh my gosh.  That is absolutely hilarious.  
C:  Have we ever figured out if Pam’s on here.  Is she anywhere?  Can she get on here for a second and talk?
Pam:  Why do you want me to throw somebody else under the bus?
C:  There she is!  We got her on the call.  
Pam:  Have to get my licks in once and a while too you know.
C:  That’s right.  They’ve been throwing you under the bus for the whole call, I knew you were going to get on here.  This is why I got you on the call.  I know it would be a hard thing to do and I know a couple ppl have talked about it, and I know Tony is asking about opening this forum up after the thing goes public.  Here’s my thing, I’m one of the new guys too,, I’ve been on here about four months.  I know that there is info in there that needs to be absorbed that will help a lot of ppl before they go to the bank, and if you guys open that up right now since you know this finally is going down and gave everybody an opportunity now to get in here and let us read and absorb what’s there, you guys would be doing us a wonderful public service, and I now we’re asking a lot to ask you to do that, but I am hopeful that it’s something you guys will consider doing, because I know it would help a lot of ppl.  
Pam:  Well I want to thank you for also throwing me under the bus!  Thought you were here to save me, but the only way I can see that we could do that, and again I have to discuss it with my bosses, who are Angelic and Soready4It, but the only way I can see is if we turn the site into a read only site and there was no more chatting and no more posting in the forum, we closed it and made it read only.  That’s the only way I can see how to do that.  I’m not sure that’s the best thing we can do for our members.
C:  I don’t think it’s good to lose that interactivity right here at the end for the ppl that have been in there, so that’s probably not a good idea either, but I see what you’re saying.  Maybe you can make part of it read only.  But at any rate I appreciate you getting on here and you know the desire there is for ppl to be able to get to that info and we’ll just see what you guys are able to work out and anyway let me ask a couple of quick questions here.  When do you guys think you’re going to have the package?
DC:  I’m waiting on it now.
C:  So have they told you it’s forthcoming, like today, tomorrow?
T:  You know what?  We don’t know the minute that’s it’s gonna come, but we got calls over the weekend but it still didn’t happen, so we’re still waiting, like you said.
C:  Absolutely.  Here’s my joke question of the day.  There’s a guy on twitter feed this morning who said the 800 # when he woke up was burned into his breakfast toast.  Can you confirm or deny that?
T:  I don’t know b/c he didn’t invite me for breakfast what his toast said!  I don’t know!
C:  Thank you guys for everything.  I’ll let you guys get on to the next call and I’ll be 
anxiously awaiting that 800 #.