Friday, April 25, 2014


Intel from yesterday:

  I had an interesting comment from a friend who is an astrologer.  He said that he did not expect the RV to occur this week, especially right now, because this is astrologically the worst possible time for that to happen.  Jupiter, our prosperity, is being held captive by Pluto and Uranus both at 90 degrees to it.  The middle of May would be a much better time, he said.

 Oddly, that went along with what my Canadian contact released from China.  He said that the RV had indeed been actuated earlier this week, but that it would not be announced until the middle of May.  That sounds too much to me like Tony saying that the RV took place 1 December of last year, and we are only waiting for it to be announced.  Remember that Iraq also said that it has been completed, and they are awaiting for it to be recognized by the other nations of the world.

 And another friend who is in a private placement group who has contact with the US Treasury said that he got a call today that everything was done, and that it would be released at any second.  I have heard that it has been yet.

 Intel from today:

The funds have been moving today. The paymasters have funds, and are preparing for distribution. The week has been quite intense as the new infrastructure takes form and substance to achieve the beginning week goals of the Releases.

Compliance teams comprised of a small army of lawyers are verifying everything and ensuring the transaction is done perfectly.

Funds destined to the payees are prepared, and the process of final compliance checks and wire transfers right after, will continue for some weeks as there are many transfers.

The RV of the dinar has caused a news blackout at the moment in Reno. This was expected. Based on all the confirmations of funds flow, transaction payments, and intelligence received from all sources, we are now preparing for the initial Project fundings to begin as early as next week. The funding capability of the Trusts and Foundations involved will be sufficient for the complete Project scope of work.

The official start date for many Projects is now scheduled for May 15, 2014. All ******* members are advised to prepare for the changeover to the Project side..

Intel from tonight:

the RV is already signed in with the public announcement scheduled for May 15 - in the meantime, money has finally moved because of the Releases on Apr 22.


TNT Call 25-Apr-2014 Notes
Tony: Good morning, TNT!  Today is April the 25th, 2014.  We’re having a late call because we wanted to accommodate DC and he had something else to do.  The reality was that we hoped this would be our only call today.  We were verifying things, and they are looking very positive.  DC will do his best to convince you that you are in the right place at the right time, without jumping off a cliff.  We are not going to go in depth, but we can say some things.
DC: Television?  We have seen on the BBC is saying this morning that…
We are in the exact same place, with everyone in lockdown.  Everyone is getting fidgety and aggravated, because they are not used to being in lockdown, nor are the banks comfortable with this.  Last minute changes took a little time, and now we are in the window.
Tony:  At 2am on the BBC, is that Iraq and others currencies have revalued, bringing Iraq back into the global markets.  We told you a few other things in the last weeks, at 2am, when nobody’s watching. So that is significant.  That was on television.]
DC:  In other global news, Jordan and Dubai have accepted the new rate, and positive things are happening in other countries. 
Tony:  Where are we at in accepting the rate?
DC:  I understand that we are accepting the rate and now rolling it out.
Tony:  We haven’t have announcements here in the US, but other countries are aware and ready to go.  Our banks and exchange centers are ready to go, and people have been notified.  We have to skirt around some stuff here.
DC:  We’re in a great place, and the question is exactly when. They have backup plans in place, and we’re going to see positive movement.  The elections are still there, and the politicians still expect the same thing.
Tony:  Security is still in lockdown.  [DC:  Yes.]  Security has been sequestered at this moment.  We are right there!  The RV happened a week ago, let’s just say that.  It went live, all the countries have accepted it, the reality is that a few people still don’t want this to happen, but many more do.  We’re on the one inch line.  But this is more of a chess match going on daily.  The match continues until it doesn’t.  So many pieces have been moved off the board that we are down to the last couple of pieces dancing around the board until they get cornered.  One side has a lot more pieces, but we still have to play the game until it’s done.  We’re excited, we delayed the call because we hoped you would be excited, but here we are.
DC:  We are frustrated and excited about exactly where we’re at.  We’re just waiting.  That’s all we can do.
252 caller:  We’ve been on this call so many times and you’ve asked people to put their hands down.  I know you don’t want to offend anyone, but we are the people and we need to care about each other.  We have people with valid questions who cannot get on the line because some people come on again and again without anything new or just chatting with Tony or DC.  Take your hand down if you’ve been on the call before!  You are causing people to give up because they cannot get on when they need to. These are your brothers and sisters, and if you act like this in the good times, what will you do in the bad times.  It’s disappointing to hear this going on.  We need to stop acting like children.  God bless everybody;  keep your eyes on the King of Kings.
Tony:  Thank you, sir.  We really appreciate this.  This guy has been on for 315 minutes, a long time to say that to you.  I have 93 people with their hands up, and a lot are the same who have been on over and over again. Give someone else a chance!
903 caller:  Just waiting on this to RV.  We’ve sometimes been hard on you all, and we know what you can do.  We thank you for what you have done.  You cause the stress to be lighter, at least on me, and I thank you.
Tony:  Because you have been hard, can you be harder on DC?  <laughter>
601 caller:  [transmission cut out, missed the question]  If you don’t have patience, you’ll be among those who lose everything in the first few years.  I appreciate you.
Next caller:  We are newbies, only been in this for two months, and we have a lot of questions.  About taxes:  When you say take out 50% off the top, do you have to pay taxes every year? 
Tony:  This is what I said, and this is the plan I’m going to use.  Because we don’t know what the tax rate will be, I’m setting aside 50% for taxes, and I’ll put it in an interest-bearing account.  I’ll put 25% somewhere it will make money for me.  I’ll take the other 25% and do what I need to do:  pay bills, buy houses, cars, take a trip round the world.  Sometime in the next nine months we will know what our tax is on this money.  If it’s less than 50%, I get a windfall and my tax is paid.  I can put the remainder to work. I have money making money, and the interest/earning will get taxed as income at whatever rate.
Husband:  The tax lady we have may not know about the currency.  If I sign the NDA, do I need to get someone who already knows about the currency, or make a change?
DC:  The question is about your accountant?  Your accountant is going to need to sign an NDA in order to see this income.  They are used to it.  If not, or if they are not comfortable with an NDA, then find someone who understands what is going on.  But they will have to sign an NDA to know about this income.
Husband:  What should I say when we go to the bank?  They have never let us see the wealth manager before…
Tony:  If you don’t already have a wealth manager, you won’t get one until this happens.  Make sure you have a plan for when you walk into the bank.  Can you believe that?  They’ve been in this only two months, and they got on the call!
520 caller:  Quote from Edmund Burke:  The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  We can make a difference in our country and state, and I want to encourage everyone to do this.
The tax law has been changed for trusts.  Trusts do not pay taxes;  it’s only when you take the funds out for personal use that they pay taxes.
DC:  That is not true.  Different trusts have different tax strategies.  Some trusts are pass-through trusts, and some stay at the trust level. But you will pay taxes, sooner or later.  It just depends on what you and your attorney and accountant agree to.
727 caller:  [Thanks and appreciation]  We’ve been in just over a month and we have some questions.  WE are gifting some dong to our kids in three different states.  We will have time to fly to each of them and give them the money and make their appointments?
Tony:  You’ll have time;  I don’t think the rate will stay the same.  You can complete your documents, put those and the dong in a Fedex mailer, and send them off.  Then they can make their own appointments.  Sterling uses Fedex and it gets there the next day.  Just do your gift letters, send the currency, and get them all on a conference call.  Or, the day this happens, send them each a plane ticket and get them to come to you!
Caller:  We tried to open our new accounts, but because there was a charge-off, we could not open the accounts.  Should be try again or go elsewhere.
Tony:  Once this happens, the banks will open new accounts. 
Caller:  Our currency hasn’t arrived yet…
Tony:  You cannot go to the bank until it arrives, and I would wait until it arrives before you make the 800 number call.  Or you can go in, show them proof it’s on the way, and they will make you a second appointment.
Caller:  When should be contact a tax attorney?
Tony:  We don’t know the tax situation until this happens.  You have 60 days before the end of the quarter, so you have some time.
423 caller:  I am going to open a PayPal account just to donate to you.  I am a truck driver, I have listened to books and calls, and yours are definitely the best value! 
You said that this is not technically an investment.  If they choose to tax it as an investment, what about the people we have made gifts to?
Tony:  It’s a gift to them, not an investment.  DC?
DC:  Bottom line, if it’s a gift it will be treated in a different way, and that depends on the amount.  One 25K dinar?  Donate it to them beforehand, and let them pay the tax on it, not you.
Caller: So they would pay it on capital gains?  Or as a gift, gift tax?
DC:  Right now, it won’t be taxed because it’s under $14,000 per year.  You should talk to a CPA who can check that you are okay.  It’s a real issue, and we won’t know about it for a while, so set aside 50% as Tony suggested.
Tony:  You don’t want to be holding the dinar, exchange it, you pay tax on it, and then they have to pay tax after you’ve given it to them.  They need to sort out their tax after exchanging it themselves.  We don’t know what the tax situation will be.  So give it now!
Caller:  Looking forward to meeting you all!
937 caller:  [Thanks and appreciation]
tony:  They are the best team in the dinar world!
Caller:  First time on the call.  Will my whole family be able to set one appointment and exchange all at once.
Tony:  I don’t think so.  But you can ask them, and maybe set up appointments back to back.  They want you in and out in an hour.  If you cannot meet that criterion, they will reschedule you for the end of the cycle.
Caller:  If we can all go at once, will that give us more bargaining power?
Tony:  The more you have, the easier it is to negotiate. They want to set the criteria, get you in and out on their terms.  But we know the more money we have, the more opportunity we have to discuss things and work them out.
Caller:  In your opinion, what will be negotiable, and to what extent?
DC:  Here’s what I think will happen, and it can change tremendously.  Our understanding is that everyone’s so impatient that they will NOT negotiate, but put you back at the end of the line.  You have to ASK for the different contracts before you go in there.  Once you are in the meeting, they will go over to the NDA and process, and you will agree and sign things and you’ll be done.  Initially, the bank’s flexibility will be slim because they are under time pressure.  It depends on your tolerance for risk.  You are not negotiating for your entire life at that first appointment.  Some fees and such should be negotiated a little later when they have a bit more time and patience.
Tony:  They are going to give us the package first, before you go in.  You will know what you’re looking at before you walk in, because they want to speed up the process.  A few days after that you will meet your wealth manager, and then there will be more time and flexibility.
Caller:  I am curious about the rates, fees, and whether they are negotiable.
Tony:  They’ll say “here is our cookie-cutter; are you in or out?”  They cannot negotiate with everyone;  they want to get everyone through in about four days.
Caller: Better to go to the bank or Sterling?
Tony:  Sterling cannot offer you the contract rates or the perks of the banks.  You will have to decide that for yourself.  You’ll have to choose if you can accept the contracts and NDAs as they stand or not.  We’ll go over the information so you can make the best choice, but it’s your choice.
Caller: Based on the information you have, what percentage is it likely the RV will be here by the end of the month?
DC:  Everyone is pushing to get this done.  The guys trying to make money on continued delay don’t have a lot of power left;  they’ve played their hands.  Everyone we’ve talked to in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi, Brussels, DC, IMF, UN, DBI, and other agencies, everyone agrees they are trying to get this done right now. 
Tony:  they agreed with us yesterday, too!  With the television broadcasts, we’re feeling better.  We need to move on.
Caller:  Where do we get the NDA from?
DC:  They will give you the NDA at the bank, and they will give you copies for your CPA and/or attorney.  Both are very used to signing these.
815 caller:  Can we presume that the banks will know what a CCC is?
Tony:  They will know; it’s what they do.  If not, you’re at the wrong bank.
Caller:  I bought a small quantity at the local Chase branch.  Should I go back to them when this breaks?
Tony:  Yes!  If you have a personal relationship there, they can do things for you.  The 800 numbers are for the general public.  It will be alright to go to your local branch.
Caller:  I am a trustee, and the plan is to exchange some dinar and dong into the trust, but the beneficiary is someone else.
Tony:  That sounds normal to me, no problem.
Caller:  So I sign the NDA, and they get funds handed over to them from time to time…
Tony:  Yes. You are the trustee; that is your job.
DC:  Depending on the type of trust and the NDA you sign, the beneficiary may have to sign as well if they have knowledge of the currency. 
Caller:  Tony, once you buy your first bank, I can offer you a great lending opportunity… and I might ask you to help me buy a bank, too.  I could offer maybe 30 million in new deposits to go with the lending opportunity. Please write down this number!
405 caller:  I’ve been on hold for 342 minutes!  In reference to cashing out, will they pay us in UST vs. FRN?
Tony:  When you go to the bank and they give you yellow, pink or purple bills, those are Treasury notes.  If the bills are green, those are Federal Reserve notes.  There are NO new dollar bills at all.  The UST will be tracking the money exchanged for dinar;  that is backed by the Treasury notes.  The others are backed by the Federal Reserve until we change over.  So it doesn’t make a difference once they go in your pocket.  They are only different for tracking and for taxes.
Caller:  So as far as penalties go, that depends on whether we take the contract rate or the street rate…
Tony:  They say we can go over this with you before you go to the bank, and we’ll have a bank rep with us so that you can get that done before you go to the bank, so that you can go in and out within an hour. I’ll take the money (i.e., contract rate) because the rest of the details can be dealt with. 
As I’ve told you before, when I was in network marketing, people used to say “I don’t want to make that much money because I don’t want to pay that much in taxes”.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  DC?
DC:  I’ll probably take the highest rate because I have no problem with an NDA or paying the taxes.  If that means keeping quiet, that is fine with me.  This is an investment; you need to treat it like one.


Part 2
Next caller:  I bought my dinar from a pastor who bought some and wanted to make a little money for his retreat.  The only receipt I have is what PayPal sent me saying that I bought dinar and this is how much I paid.  Is that going to be a problem.
Tony:  I don’t think so;  I am not sure the bank will want receipts.  They don’t care where you got it as long as it’s legitimate currency.  I am in no way endorsing what he did, because that was not the right way to buy dinar.  I know they are going after some of these non-dealers afterwards.  But I don’t think you will have a problem exchanging, with or without receipts.  If the pastor sent you a receipt, he’d be supplying documents that could be used to prosecute him.  But it shouldn’t be a problem for you, so don’t panic.
Caller:  It was so long ago, we didn’t know who to buy some.
Tony:  The only concern is that it’s legitimate currency or not, and the bank can do that today.  If you’ve looked at it under black light and it seems okay, you’re probably alright.
404 caller:  I have been in this six years, and back when we did the Twitter campaign, and then the guy asked you to give him one more day, and now it’s two months later… You say it’s not about us, but it is, because they cashed out and we didn’t.  I’m happy to get more than we would have three years ago.  People love you for giving them the info, but they never wanted us to cash out … [more of the same].  It bothers me that they treat us like this.  The government should be scared of us;  we put them in office and we should stand up for the rights of this country.  You know this. I’m a vet and my brother was in the service, and you are a vet, and it’s not fair that they treat us like this.
When you come on "don't say nothing to stir the pot' -- the truth is the truth. If it sounds like anger, it's not. They cashed out, no claw back, they're not paying back any of that money... After we signed the NDA, we cannot talk to each other, so none of us will really know what we cashed out.  Government is government, they should be afraid of us because we put them in power.
Tony:  Unfortunately for us, most people cannot handle the truth.  I’ve tested this.  It’s either their maturity, their knowledge of the government or the banking system, but they cannot. How did we find out people were being paid out, or the rates?   Because some people in the government who weren’t willing to let that happen. You say you don’t know if the claw back will go into effect or not.  Well, you didn’t know they were being paid until I told you!  All of that will come out.
Yes, they got paid, but we had someone come in as we did our Twitter campaign, and he had enough power to say “they are right, what you’re doing is not right, and you need to include these people”.  They are not going to give the money back yet because they haven’t paid us yet, so we don’t have a rate yet.  They brought in more money to pay us.  But the plan never included five million being paid @ $32.  The plan was for several countries to be reset and some of their friends to get rich.  They adjusted the plan so that we will get treated fairly, and although not everyone will get that highest rate, lots more will get those higher rates than originally planned.  We will get our part, so they asked us to stop the campaign so that this could get done in the right way.  We are not in that original situation any longer.  We can wait a few days if they are treating us fairly.  We don’t have to put on pressure if that will adversely affect the rest of the people in the US and around the world. You have to look at the bigger picture.
If I were to tell you everything that happened in every meeting, it would cause controversy.  They tell us a lot, but if it goes out on a call, then they have to renegotiate. Things are happening that are really good, but I cannot tell you every detail.  Everyone is locked down, not even going out to lunch.  It’s been scheduled for noon yesterday, or 7am this morning, and it didn’t happen because they are still playing the chess game.  More and more are going to one side, and we are hearing about it.  I’m telling what I can tell you, and not telling you the rest to keep you in the game.  Other people like Baghdad Invest are telling you it will be worth so little that you sell your currency or don’t buy more so that you won’t be wealthy. 
We KNOW that everyone has agreed, all the documents are signed, and everyone is in lockdown until the moment of release.  We are NOT going to start Twitter up again just so that we can have the money today rather than in two days.  I believe everyone until they give me reason not to.  I believe what these guys are saying, and they say they are supporting us, so I will support them until I learn otherwise.  I do the best I can do, in all honesty, and so I understand your frustration, but unless and until I hear that they have started paying congressmen again, we are not going to do something that will mess with what they are doing.  They haven’t taken anything from us.  We still have all the documents if we have reveal them.  But that wouldn’t help us right now, so we’re not going to do it.
DC:  We had some serious questions that we raised, and everyone saw that it wasn’t fair, and most folks said that the plan needed to be fixed.  They wouldn’t have fixed it if we didn’t raise these matters on Twitter at that time.  We are an afterthought in their minds compared to their issues on a global scale.  They made all these decisions without thinking them through.  There are some definite bad apples who will be held accountable;  cases are being brought against them.  But 90% or more want this to go through,  they want people to be helped, and they want the economy to be stimulated.  This has taken longer than we expected, for sure, and perhaps there have been some rough chess being played.  It’s been brutal, and many people will never play ball with those others again. They understand that these delays have burned a lot of bridges on the way.  It’s a big giant committee playing chess, and we’re seeing some problems.  But we are right here now, they are not doing this for fun, it’s the real game, and every fiber of my being believe s that this is being released.  At a certain point, those delaying lose too many plays and they are just riding along with the rest of us.
In the end, most people get what they deserve, so I’m not wasting my time on blaming a lot of politicians.  We cannot get hung up on conspiracies, and we just have to get on with living our lives as best we can.
Tony:  We have been through this, and it wasn’t for me.  My name is all across this nation and in DC, with some people cussing me out and others patting me on the back. The BBC did an article on me saying I’m running a con;  some newspaper in Iraq has me on the cover.  I don’t know these people.  I am doing my best, trying to keep everyone calm so they can complete this process sand make it go faster for YOU.  That’s what we are here for.  If not, I could take my money, shut the sites down and get my own.  We have asked for the information to help YOU.  We know what the rates are, and we are not sharing them so you will stay calm and stop being so impatient and frustrated.  We don’t need the controversy!
Caller:  I appreciate all you and DC said, but what I said is not in anger, it’s the truth.  I am happy to get what I get, but it’s just funny how they don’t want chaos, but they create the chaos. Would a little more information… this may be the last call… when you have 90% of the board, there aren’t many moves left. 
Tony:  Then you know exactly where we are and what we’re waiting for.  The truth is the truth;  can you handle the truth?
248 caller:  I’m giving out some dong.  I just figured when I give it to my kids, it’s their’s, and I didn’t know they could call the 800 numbers.  I thought they’d have to take the street rate.
Tony:  They are over 18;  they can call the 800 number just like you can.  You don’t have to go with them.  Then can get whatever rate is available.
Caller:  I have a gift letter, and it’s all notarized…
Tony:  They can call the 800 number, make an appointment, sign the contract and NDA as they choose, just like you.
903 caller:  I forgot my question!  I’m from Texas…
Tony:  DC is actually from Texas;  he’s the one who told me about those buses in Texas.  That’s why I’m always picking on Texas.  Did you remember your question?
Caller:  if we give some of our family some dinar or dong, we have to have a gift letter?
Tony:  Some say you don’t have to, but I say “better safe than sorry”. 
Caller:  Our taxes haven’t been determined yet, right?
Tony:  We don’t know yet.
Caller:  We’ll have to wait until the other end of the tunnel to find out what they’ll be.
256 caller:  Dinars and dongs need to be separate accounts, no matter for how long, right?  And with reserves, you go to the bank and then have the dealer cash in the reserves;  do they need to be separate as well?
Tony:  If your friend cashed in dinar and dong at the bank, they need to be in separate accounts.  If she then cashes in dinar at the dealer, she needs to put that exchange money in the dinar account, and the same with the dong, into the dong account.
Caller: If we miss the info call, will that be recorded?
Tony:  We’re being told that we can stay up for a week or two.
Caller:  My friend said that DC said that if we don’t see this by the end of the elections, it would be another two years?!
DC:  No, I said it will get complicated with renegotiated deals and pain all round.  Nobody knows how long that would take.  Some of those leading in the polls are not US-friendly, they know how badly some people have behaved, and if those people win, it will bring in some people who are not very nice, and then there will be issues and it could become very painful.  As with the chess board, most moves are going in our favor, and there are not many more moves left.
704 caller:  I’m fantastic!  I just want to thank you and thank God for where we are.  You are so patient, and we appreciate you.  After we’ve gone to the bank and signed the NDA, is it possible to go in with a friend for moral support?
Tony:  If it’s one person, they’ll probably allow that.
Caller:  I have an account with WF, and they said they could give me a special account not connected to their first account, but because it’s my social security on both, the second account showed up on my internet account. 
Tony:  Once this money comes through, you can get a tax ID number to keep them separated.
Caller:  Please ask Pam to put me in the forum, so that I can help and hang with you.
Tony:  So you want Pam to call you?  Pam is just loving me today…
512 caller:  I’ve been listening for 7-8 months, and it’s been very helpful.  A gal who talked on the call Wednesday said she had all her account numbers and routing numbers with her, so I have done that.  However, I gather we call the 800 number, and they send us to an exchanger? 
Tony:  You may be sent to an exchange location, not necessarily the bank.  They will take your currency and credit your accounts.  Yes, you want to start those new accounts at zero.  You can withdraw or transfer that $50 before you exchange so that you don’t commingle those funds.
Caller:  The wealth manager told me this morning that interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing accounts have the same insurance and protection.  So is there any purpose in putting this money in an NIB.
Tony/DC:  I think money should earn money, so use an interest-bearing account. 
Caller:  Do these funds have to be in the big four banks?
Tony:  You can absolutely transfer those funds to tier 2 banks and be a hero in those smaller banks. 
Caller: Is the rate really live;  can you exchange one 25K note now?
DC:   We understand that is it live in some countries;  we cannot confirm or deny that in  other countries.  You do have to wait for the 800 numbers before going to the bank.  Don’t go to the bank until it is a public RV, officially available to everyone, confirmed from a tweet from a reliable source (like us).
Caller:  Don’t even interview wealth managers?
DC: By all means research all the right questions and get your stuff ready.  I personally would wait until it pops because I don’t think you will be waiting long.
720 caller:  About taxes, will the tax want to keep 20% after gross or after taxes?
Tony:  It will be after taxes, but I don’t know if that includes the 50% you are setting aside for taxes.  I haven’t seen the document…
DC:  I have read two, although others exist.  Both said 20% if you keep it in for two years, and another kept 40% for six months.  Also, they agreed to set up a reserve account for your taxes.  We will have to see the agreements they finally come up with. Banks are not evil, they are just trying to make money.  They just want to keep some money in an interest bearing account so that they can also make their 1%.  I’m okay with that.
Tony:  Don’t go crazy complaining about this on the forums and chat room, because we will see the contracts and NDAs beforehand and explain them to you.   We will have a sense of the rates, but the banks do change those rates all the times.  We can’t keep up with those, and we don’t want you to walk into the bank and say “Tony said…” and they say, “Who’s Tony?!”
Caller:  Is it going to be a simple, short explanation about why the dollar would devalue after the RV…  Why would it when the government is exchanging billions of dinar; wouldn’t that strengthen the dollar?
DC:  We are past our time and the transcribers are complaining.  It’s bad when I’m getting text directly from Pam. Because a lot of currencies are adjusting, the US dollar might lose a little bit.  Most people won’t even notice day to day.  It’s not a zero-sum game;  it can be a win-win situation.  The US may have a little blip and be okay;  that will bring everyone else up, which is good.  Part of the Fed’s policy is to print money and devalue the dollar to make a more equal playing field.  Short-term we will be fine;  long-term it’s hard to say.  We are still the world’s leading currency and it will work itself out.
Okay, guys, we are in a fabulous place, and the intel says “watch the actions not the words”.  Watch the people who are on lockdown; they are taking this serious, and most people are banking on getting this done any moment.  Our friends are letting Tony and a few others stay up for a week or two to help people understand the situation. Somehow we will be here to explain and smooth the process as well as updating every two days as required.  We will facilitate that, hopefully with bank reps on the calls with us.  We are here to help, out of the kindness of our hearts, so have patience with us.
Tony:  It’s really through blackmail, but regardless, we’ll be here to help.
Pam:  Be kind to the mods.  Don’t worry;  you’ve learned a lot.
Ray:  Ditto what Pam said.
Tony:  Enjoy your day.  We put the call off hoping we would do only one today, and now we expect to do two.  We feel that you’ll be treated fairly.  Give us time to go through the package and put a call together so that you can be informed before you run off to the bank.  Hopefully there will be a late-night call!  Goodbye everybody…


Millionday Roundtable 4/25/14  Part 1

    Welcome to Friday Afternoon Roundtable with Millionday!

    millionday] great -- ok let me start off by telling you some things  -- ok first lets discuss some things - some of the news is obviously being misunderstood by some  - it is creating a rollercoaster for some and confusion for others

    [millionday] i have some advice for everyone --- follow what can be verified and also follow the money and the action - the rumors and guesses just are not getting it and also are not accurate

    [millionday] so as you know those of us at dinarupdates.com -- our hope for you is to keep you informed of the best actual news available --- and we work hard to make sure it is verified --

    [millionday] it is a very crucial time -- dont get me wrong ---- but we need to watch this to end of the ride - and know as much as possible
     [letsroll] millionday they never have ( rumors and guesses ) ... smile

    millionday] amen

    [eaglesrest] Clarity is important

    [sczin11] millionday this is the ride that never ends

    [jarhead] Yeah no brakes

    [millionday] ph no hun -- it ends lol

    [millionday] oh no hun it ends

    [millionday] oh no hun it ends

    [millionday] oh no hun it ends

    [millionday] oh no hun it ends

    [millionday] oh no hun it ends

    [millionday] oh no hun it ends

    [millionday] smile

    [fishheads] whoaaa

    [sczin11] thats what i want to see

    [sczin11] you go GF

    [clay] sczin11 thats a fact

    [jarhead] I've lost my flashlight lol

    [anasdesign]happy ending

    [sczin11] anasdesign sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [millionday] lets get depressed now -- i have just been sent some ridiculous  information that makes no sense and am hoping that you haven’t  ---    oh hun this ride for sure ends  smile  ok brb with news

    [MsDiva] millionday please im depressed enough

    [sczin11] millionday what were u sent...please bring us ALL down with you

    [millionday] dont be depressed hun at all

    [clay] MsDiva missy u stop that

    [jarhead] God will give u no more than u can handle

    [clay] jarhead fact

    [babe688] Jarhead some of us cant take anymore

    [MsDiva] clay millionday im trying not to be thanks

    [millionday] good grief -- that last night it rvd and no one knows -- its a secret that the entire nation of Iraq has a new value on the market ---- wow -- we must have all gone blind --- lol

    [jarhead] Yes u can we r in this TOGETHER

    [clay] millionday seen that many times

    [clay] lol

    [millionday] so as you can tell it got under my skin lol  why send that to me?  lol

    [sczin11] millionday oh, u reading about the whistle blower?????????????????

    [millionday] but anywho lets roll

    [babe688] Jarhead I will try

    [millionday] because we have great news and trust --- between millionday----BGG---Poppy__---Robin____Chattels _---- and all the mods ---- you will know and it wont be secret !!!

    [millionday] ok here we go  --  Oil Ministry announced on Friday, ending a full preparations for the conference the oil Specialist, on Saturday, to discuss the challenges facing the oil and gas investments in Iraq.

The director of the Department of contracts in the Ministry of Oil Abdul Mahdi al-Amidi's "Tomorrow's Press," that "the ministry completed the full preparations for a conference looking mechanisms specialized oil investment oil and gas fields and the challenges facing the work of the investment companies."

    [millionday] note -- this is saturday --the conference

    [millionday] note -- also remember that Turki stated that international investment contracts are going to fund the private banks -- so let me say there are many things to do for oil production ---and the budget is held up on agreements as of this minute  -- so this is great news

    [millionday] He explained that "the conference which will be held tomorrow, will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani, Oil Minister Abdul Karim and coffee,"

pointing out that "Hussain al-Shahristani will deliver a speech at the conference talking about the future of the oil and gas industry in Iraq,

as will review the coffee activity Iraqi oil for the period of the past will also provide a number of specialists in the economy and the working papers for oil export platforms, and other means of independent vision done for oil.

    [millionday] note --oil is very very much a part of the economy in Iraq

    [millionday] The Oil Ministry announced, on Thursday, for the low level of oil exports, attributing it to the damaged transmission line Kirkuk - Ceyhan.

    [millionday] so as we see -- whooopow this is going to be full of info and we cant wait  smile

    [millionday] huge huge

    [kimberly1] Does this mean the Kurds finally came to an agreement

    [babe688] Md I thought the kurds already agreed

    [millionday] they have offered a temp agreement  and we are waiting for real response   on paper  - get it in writing

    [kimberly1] in ink

    [awesomedtl] wait we will know what....there oil agreement is met??

    [clay] ink

    [millionday] lol  the announcement tomorrow is about the entire actual position of the oil agreement in Iraq -- today and tomorrow they are having a huge banking conference

    [millionday] here is some info on it

    [awesomedtl] another one??

[millionday] The conference will include bilateral meetings between the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and the executive heads of the Lebanese banks operating in Iraq.

*48 local and foreign banks operates in Iraq today including 7 state banks *7 Lebanese Banks are already active and operating In Iraq *4 more Lebanese Banks applied for licenses to open branches in different Iraqi cities

    [clay] millionday y Lebanese

    [millionday] note -- they are not opening banks and putting these huge investments out for pennies

    [jarhead] Cause they can clay lol

    [clay] jarhead lol

    [kimberly1] because of the high amount of trade they do with the Lebanese right?

    [millionday] *More than 75% of the Iraqi financial system assets derive from banks

 *State banks in Iraq account for 86% of bank assets and 69% of credits

*The Iraqi banking system has an adjusted asset to GDP ratio of 73% compared to 130% for the MENA region

*Credits to the Iraqi economy amount to 10% of GDP compared to 55% for the MENA region

    [clay] whats the connection

    [clay] kimberly1 oh

    [millionday] yes and the buildings --land -- employees -- training --- data -- etc etc

    [millionday] why expand ?  smile

    [kimberly1] That is very very telling!

    [clay] ty

    [millionday] very -- i agree

    [millionday] note -- let me say this also before we continue

    [millionday] the rush to get active membership is in play here once again --WTO ---- they had to change the reality of their GDP to contain a % higher for other markets

    [millionday] so banking as they expand --- will help as well -- it will lesson the oil % and add in other areas of industry and retail -- service industry – etc   you can only have 100%  so it has to shift  smile

    millionday] that was the order from the WTO -- and they are rushing with actual strategies that we are seeing

    [coolspot] millionday Sounds to me they are establishing a foundation to make Iraq the Banking Sector of the Region!!

    [millionday] one of them is a reality rate and the banking reform done --- that is the great news lol

    [jtank] gold sales will help

    [millionday] coolspot exactly !! whooopow

    [millionday] jtank great point -- and in a hurry at the price of gold -- smile

    [millionday] here is more we will see from this

    [millionday] With a population of 30 million and a largely oil based economy, the Iraqi market sustains huge prospects and investment potentials.

Iraq’s financial and banking sector is offering one of the most lucrative and untapped opportunities. In the past decade, Iraq has opened its doors for a diversified group of regional and foreign banks to operate in the country and join the increasing efforts of local Iraqi private and state banks,

in supporting the government mega plans to modernize and develop Iraq infrastructure as well as private sector expansion, and simultaneously improve the level of banking services and products in the local marke

    [kimberly1] Millionday, this came up in chat more than once, if they come out at say 3.22 or near about how will they handle the number of people wanting to exchange at the same time?

    [millionday] Visualizing the remarkable potentials in the Iraqi market, leading Lebanese banks are taking major steps forward towards establishing a solid presence in Iraq and creating a vital platform of cooperation with their Iraqi counter parts.

Banks from Lebanon are focusing on communicating their expertise and know-how in the various aspects of banking activities and services to an evolving banking sector in Iraq, and therefore supporting the Central Bank of Iraq efforts to improve the performance and soundness of the financial sector in Iraq.

    [millionday] kimberly1 electronically --

    [millionday] now i heard someone say -- this is just one country -- so this is nothing  but how silly is that statement

    [millionday] Being the first event of its kind in the region, the Iraqi-Lebanese Banking Conference, will be held on the 25 and 26 of April 2014, at the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut-Lebanon, with the participation of both the Iraqi and Lebanese banking authorities and decision makers.

    [millionday] note ---- the global impact outside of the country is the ----- EVENT --- and trust it has a lot to do with banking ----

    [millionday] The conference will serve as a unique platform, to address the best modes and needed plans to strengthen ties and cooperation between Lebanese and Iraqi banks, as well as shedding the light on the challenges the banks are facing to enhance their presence in Iraq, alongside with exploring the various aspects and potentials to increase the banking sector contribution to Iraq economic growth.

    [millionday] smile  brb

    [mrref1216] It seems like they are calling on quite a few countries

    [kimberly1] So basically we are seeing them tie up loose ends with the countries they do direct trade with and the others will fall in place through the electronic system and the world banks and WTO etc ?

    [mrref1216] kimberly1 that was the point I was making

    [kimberly1] Thanks I missed it mrref1216  training wheels still on

    [millionday] now let me say this  what we are seeing are many things but  - we read a report that they have hired a UN rep -- specialist -- or at least he/she is working to rush through the WTO accession so they have three files they are working on for this to happen we have an insight of course of one -- smile

    wheresmyrv?] millionday isnt there a WTO meeting at the end of this month regarding accession?

    [millionday] and the other point we know is the diversification of the market - meaning that the gdp or dependence has to be greater in other fields

    [coolspot] Diversificatin is what the World Bank and IMF want to see!!

    [millionday] so at the same time we are seeing the banking reform and the regulations go into effect -- we are watching multiple moves to do just that

    [jtank] 95% oil dependent

    [millionday] they have in the last week -- made a huge bold move now let me say why it is so huge - think about after the depression here - if you took what brought our economy back way back then -- you will find utilities - and railroad

    [kimberly1] infrastructure

    [millionday] so they are taking this market and putting it in AGRICULTURE --- until 2035

    [millionday] think about the shift of % for an entire nation and if that is not enough they are adding -- electricity and water

    [kimberly1] the dam falls under the Agriculture

    [millionday] after a war ------ that is huge huge huge

    [millionday] and that will be for years to come while they get themselves on their feet ---- so the WTO demands will be met and they also will be able to get trade rolling

    [andrewjwhitted] Rail roads... highways... dams... power plant... farm... and yes the oil pipelines... love it...

    [millionday] which requires ---------a REALITY RATE  LOVE IT !!!!!!

    [kimberly1] AMEN!

    [millionday] make sense ?

    [clay] yes

    [awesomedtl] yes

    [kimberly1] very much so!

    [millionday] it is a great move and huge success to meet demands

    [DBJJ] millionday Perfect sense...let's roll!

    [jtank] gotta love it!!

    [sczin11] millionday make a lot of dollars to me, NOT cents

    [znn] millionday Why do you think they are waiting so long to change the rate?

    [kimberly1] sczin11 grinzzzz

    [andrewjwhitted] The will be building water canals as well for the farms


Millionday Roundtable 4/25/14   Part  2

    Welcome to Friday Afternoon Roundtable with Millionday!
    [eaglesrest] They are working their plan and all mandatory things to eventually RV. This long range planning.

    [millionday] it brought the entire country out of depression and it is a huge part of money spent -- especially from ground zero

    [millionday] eaglesrest i disagree

    [sunnyca] millionday Electricity and water are HUGE infrastructure necessities that hey have been lacking. Great progress for the Iraqis.

    [mrref1216] MD so they are meeting the demands of the WTO  - am I reading this right

    [millionday] the reason i disagree --- is one of the other demands for WORLD TRADE --- is a REALITY RATE and 1166 is an imposed rate not a calculation -- not even close
     [sunnyca] I'm ready for the reality rate.

    [millionday] sunnyca i agree -- so great for them and the children trying to grow and live etc

    [sunnyca] millionday smile

    [jarhead] Yeah my billfold is looking anorexic lol

    [clay] lol

    [sunnyca] lol

    [jtank] clay lol

    [millionday] mrref1216 in many ways -- they are actually including all services -- which is right --- it is called the service industry -- so industry will expand by % for the huge expansions in banking we are seeing

    [millionday] jarhead lol  rofl

    [smiller67] lol

    [mrref1216] MD thanks

    [millionday] mine too hun

    [fishheads] jarhead but the rest of ya make up for the difference lol

    [mrref1216] thanks

    [millionday] make sense ?  so we are watching three files ------

    [millionday] remember three files

    [znn] millionday Still not sure what the one thing is that is keeping them from changing the rate?

    [jtank] 86 cents

    [awesomedtl] and you have the inside tract on one of them??

    [mrref1216] Clay I've been asking the WHEN ? for the past 10 plus years lol

    [jtank] HCL

    [millionday] one of them is of course the economic reform demanded by the WTO for accession and of course for trade and strategic agreements ---

    [clay] lol

    [millionday] but know ---- they are checking off many lists with these moves all at -------the same time

    [pinklady] It takes money to make money and they got to stop trying to build their country out of their garage! Reality Rate PLEASE!

    [millionday] it is like watching a great chess play -- to me the book dork

    [eaglesrest] AMEN

    [millionday] pinklady great point -!!! i agree

    [jtank] amen

    [millionday] brb with more  smile  - welcome all that came in  brb

    [millionday] where i was going --- i promise it will make great points to you

    [millionday] go ahead hun you can chat about news just talk about it smile

    [ten4god] Three files? economic, RV and what?

    [clay] millionday if they are telling the world what they are doing and letting everyone know that they are going to change to a reality rate to draw in international business, the longer they delay, and the more people, companies and countries invest, aren't they going to lose more and more money the longer they wait?

    [millionday] ten4god exactly  ] that is where i am going with this  what i see anyway - i am going to answer just that clay oh they are hustling for just that too -- great point my friend


    [millionday] huge monies they are losing -- huge

    [mrref1216] Thats what they want

    [millionday] i would fall over just to see the figures - but here goes with what i have to say - so lets keep this simple - if the idea is WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION -----to expand in a hurry --save costs -- etc --

    [millionday] then we can not ignore one more step - the GLOBAL STOCK MARKET !!

    [mrref1216] YEA thats right

    [millionday] it can not be ignored and the whole world global system works on it

    [mrref1216] AMEN

    [millionday] now a while back they stated the impact they wanted to make in this world was a HUGE ONE - so in my thoughts ------ the other file --- must be ---imo ----- the GLOBAL MARKET ----ISX BEING READY

    [millionday] so let me show you some things

    [awesomedtl] isnt it ready and functioning already some how?

    [millionday] because what we are watching is all at the same time -  yes it is functioning and hooked up but not ---- activated for investment outside of iraq at this time - so that would be a goal right ?

    [eaglesrest] This analogy is not that good but the cake is baked and needs the frosting.

    [millionday] and in a quick way so lets look at this  they just ordered all banks to be listed on the ISX and get done whatever is keeping them from it right now  its in ink

    [awesomedtl] wow thats awesome

    [millionday] and lets look at this report

    [millionday] very  --  smile

    [millionday] here we go - Regulated market for securities Iraq in cooperation with a group of Economics and Business " investment conference in the Iraqi market for securities " in the fourteenth and fifteenth of the month of May 2014 , at the Ritz -Carlton Financial Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    [millionday] note --- showing your hand sometimes cant be helped when your hand is huge

    [millionday] In view of these positive facts, "Invest in Iraq Stock Exchange Forum" (IISX), is to take place on the 14-15 May, 2014 at the Ritz-Carlton – DIFC in Dubai; renowned regional and international financial experts will relay key information on Iraq's economy and future outlook, address laws and regulations which can provide a positive impact on the ISX, explore means for attracting FDIs, as well as survey the current state of the banking sector and employed technologies.

    millionday] note --- also they have made it very clear -- currency market -- right ?

    [millionday] smile  there is more

    [hstrymknwmn] Question is do they want a reality rate by that conference?

    [millionday] The conference aims to give participants an idea of ​​the capital market in Iraq and achievements to this day , and his future plans , and aims to create a comprehensive platform for discussions , networking and enable investors and financial experts have access to investment opportunities in the market of the Iraqi capital .

    [millionday] hstrymknwmn no --- they can present and not have activated

    [hstrymknwmn] I wanted you to say YES lol

    [millionday] Constitutes " investment conference in the Iraqi market for securities ," a meeting point for senior government officials and agencies related to the capital market and investment leaders and companies issuing shares , in addition to a large group of professionals from experts working in the financial sector.

    [millionday] hstrymknwmn me too!! lol

    [jarhead] Yeah u ain't right lol

    [andrewjwhitted] It would seem to me.... being activated would have a better grab on investors

    [millionday] the capital market ---- whooopow  oh did you hear me ? WHOOOPOW LOL

    jtank] WOWZER lol

    [millionday] so as we see if we sit back and look -- we see it going on all at once and what they are actually doing

    [sczin11] millionday if they dont need the reality rate by that conference, this could go on and on.....

    [millionday] sczin11 i completely disagree  smile

    [letsroll] millionday Thanks for RT back to work 4 me, dont let anyone get u down emotions are neither good or bad & should be tempered with logic , where is Namdog when u need him .... Keep with the facts & let it all shake out where it will.....

    [jtank] out of money

    [sczin11] millionday okay i feel better now

    [millionday] now trust -- they did not send me a list of the files -- but i see these things as a given --- and they also stated there are other things so this is what i am watching -----------THE MONEY

    [millionday] THE MONEY

    [millionday] FOLLOW THE MONEY  --   THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING  smile

    [znn] jtank GOI is but CBI is not

    [millionday] CBI is independent --- but Iraq is part of a globe that needs money  behind the scenes -- that is reality  just keep that in mind

    [millionday] i am not much on the behind the scenes this one that one -- i am more into ink -- but lets not be blind --  the globe needs this --- all countries

    [znn] millionday So the Million $ question is what is CBI waiting on

    [millionday] that is a large group with lots of power

    [angus] millionday millionday so are you saying everything is to come out after the 14 and 15 of May.... so don't look for it till then?

    [jtank] Any idea for the opening rate?

    [millionday] the time that they are to set the rate out

    [millionday] angus no --- i am saying that the reality rate is of course part of these files we are watching them get done for the speedy accession to active membership to the WTO

    [coolspot] Million Day in your opinion is the revaluation of the Iraq $ an independent issue, or is it tied to a Global Reset?

    [millionday] ouch   lol   i have avoided that subject for 9 plus years lol  i will answer however

    [Baxter1243] No One seems to know the answer to that one..

    [coolspot] Million Day I believe it is independent

    [mrref1216] coolspot I agree with you...

    [mrref1216] of course I could be wrong

    [millionday] the economic condition of the globe imo -- will be completely turned upside down by the idea of such a huge market like this hitting the ground --- that is why most that made the country not secure for people were removed imo and

    millionday] a global reset ----- comes from people having trust and speculative of making money ------

    [millionday] the middle east connecting to the globe and the great trade hub they are creating or that we are watching be born  is going to be a global reset ---- the ISX hitting the ground and the GLOBAL MARKET WILL BE CHANGED FOR EVER

    [millionday] so as far as all currencies being conditioned to actually be hard backed -- yes i agree that is coming --

    [coolspot] I think they are trying to create a financial apostolic model for the world to follow. This is why it has been time consuming, because the key is in the foundation they lay.

    [millionday] global reforms across the country ---- is going to happen  - it has to or it will happen again

    [millionday] we as a whole world --- most of the time learn from our mistakes

    [millionday] does that answer as best as I will?  lol

    [[millionday] anyone that has anything to add or say etc

    [eaglesrest] Iraq has not come this far to let it fall apart even though there has been enormous obstacles and adjustments...PS I agree MD with your evaluation of global reset.

    [coolspot] The key point you made that answered me is, "Most of the time we learn from our mistakes?.

    [millionday] i didnt mean to blast you with my thoughts but this is very thought provoking !! lol

    [coolspot] This is why I refer to an apostolic model!! So as not to repeat mistakes that have us where we are!!

    [angus] tdarjohn good nite

    [millionday] eaglesrest great point my friend --- in the middle of economic ruin --- the world did not look for places to throw away money

    [millionday] see everyone tonight 


4-25-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar   They are also saying at today’s value that the currency circulating is 2.7 billion USD equivalent. Now compare that with the 100 billion in cash reserves, the 90 tons of gold and the 82 billion in route to the CBI reserves over this year. Anyone care to figure how many times over that the dinar is covered. At 1 to 1 it’s still close to 100 in reserves for each 1 in circulation with a value of 86 cents per dinar.   [post 3 of 3]

4-25-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
    In 2012 Saleh told us there was only 4 trillion circulating and I am absolutely sure that 5 trillion dinars is more than adequately able to handle what’s left with many just being printed in case. What is circulating is less 5 trillion made up of 250′s, 500′s and 1000′s or less. So the CBI felt it necessary only to print the 5 trillion with which will eventually replace all of them with some left over...These are the crossover notes and this printing will be the last of these notes. The people will quickly switch to the new notes because they are afraid of the notes they carry now not being accepted in trade because they are worn, dirty, torn, tattered and written all over.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-25-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
  Article:   "Iraq issued a new currency with a high security specifications ...in addition to the fact that this article states that the new 250, 500 and 1000 are already printed and beginning to circulate, there is one sentence that also confirms what I have been saying for months... Quote “Al-yasseri said the total value of banknotes to be printed about five trillion dinars (2.7 billion dollars) and will inject trading instead of categories used gradually.”   The CBI only printed 5 trillion dinars which is meant to cover all the dinar left circulating in Iraq. If there had been 35 trillion as some have suggested because that is a news stock number repeated over and over in articles, they would have printed 35 trillion because their intention is to replace everything in circulation pulling the old notes out. 35 million is every note that has ever been let out of the CBI including the ones you and I hold.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-25-2014  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [...if M gets back in office then what?]   They will do something no matter who winds up in office.


Eagle1 » April 25th, 2014,   RV or GCR, Part II

Greetings, Family:

After some weeks without providing any updates to the unfolding processes behind the RV and GCR from my intel sources, it seemed appropriate -- in view of events currently happening -- to give you an overall picture.

After looking back to see what I'd shared in the past, it wasn't clear if I have expanded for you how the terms "RV" and "GCR" are now being applied within the global banking community. 

Whereas "RV" has been in time past, a reference ONLY to the revalue of the Iraqi Dinar, this term is now being used by the IMF and the global banks to refer to ALL of the currencies that are revaluing with any significance.

It may not apply to some currencies with only minor or fractional increases in value.
By the same token, the term, "GCR" is now being applied to the total of 198 currencies that will be restructured, whether that restructuring is to the positive or the negative.

The USD is a classic example of a currency about to undergo a major downward shift. I have been informed that the new Treasury notes -- sometimes referred to as TRN's -- have been being distributed to all of the major banks, with a trickle-down effect to the smaller and local banks.

When the USD is devalued, the old FRN's -- Federal Reserve Notes -- will be taken out of circulation through a natural process of exchange. I'm told that, for those who have substantial amounts of old currency on hand, there will be a relatively short period of time -- estimated to be roughly six months -- in which people will be able to exchange their FRN's for TRN's on a 1:1 basis, minus a three or four percent exchange fee. [I don't have absolute confirmation of this, so take this information for what it's worth.]

Without getting into any more date prognostication, we know that things are imminent. However, there is a process that will unfold once the trigger has been pulled, and that's what I need to share with you.

Let's say, for example (and that's all this is!), that the trigger for the general RV got pulled on Sunday night, April 27th. That DOESN'T mean that folks will get to go to the bank on Monday or Tuesday.

Some five banking days have been allotted for large group exchanges. There are several fairly large groups of individuals who have received codes for private exchanges at various banking locations under very secure conditions.

Those groups will have some five days -- maybe one or two more, depending on how efficiently everything is carried out -- to complete their exchanges.

These private exchanges are designed to get rid of some of the initial flood of traffic into the banks when the GCR is released.

By centralizing many individuals into a few representatives who will act on their behalf with written instructions to the bank, many people can be processed in a very short period of time.

Having completed that, the GCR will now be released globally to the general public. Assuming five or six banking days to complete the private exchanges, this now moves us from Monday, April 28th to May 6th.

Do I know if things will follow that schedule or not? NO!

I'm giving you a hypothetical scenario based on my current understanding of the processes as they are now projected to take place.

Finally, to all my believing brothers and sisters in the Lord, let me give you the same word of counsel I just gave to another group. The spirit of Mammon absolutely hates and detests the idea of God's people receiving such a transfer of wealth, and this spirit has made every conceivable effort to delay, obfuscate, obstruct and interfere with God's plan for His people.

We have been given the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has been seated in Heavenly places, far above all principality and power, and every name that is named, not only in heaven and earth, but also under the earth!

Let's begin exercising that authority as believers who are IN CHRIST, and seated with Him. Let's agree together to bind the spirit of Mammon and put a stop to his lies, his stealing and his killing!

Blessings on you.   Eagle1


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