Monday, April 21, 2014


This was a great weekend. Things have progressed to a great point. We have been on the half inch line and a prolonged time out... Run the final play. I definitely think we will see something this week. Too many things happening around the currency reform.  RV has happened, DFI is released, we are waiting for the international announcement. They need this NOW in Iraq...we need this now. We are relaxed, waiting on the inevitable phone call.


 NOTE: FRANK26/KTFA will be having Nova on the call, which is about to start. I will share notes as I can transcribe them here.

F = FRANK26 | N = NOVA

NOVA - What prompted me to come onto your calls is what the IMF and BIS was doing to affect the revaluation. Nothing I'm speaking about says "tomorrow" but that things are changing and they will be unable to hide it any longer.

For the last 5 months we've witnessed really both of those things: doing things that tell us things will change, none of which means "tomorrow" even though that's not what we want to hear.

In some ways that is what has happened. The other thing is that they can't hide it. One of the things they did yesterday is took a big step in being unable to hide what they're going to do.

N - A Central Bank is a "central" bank to banks. Central Bank's job #1 is to control the banking system with banks, not with 3rd party financial institutions, i.e., exchange company. They primarily work with very large banks inside the countries. They, in turn, work with the smaller banks in-country. What the Board of Governors with the CBI did yesterday was important. This is the most important body of people on the banking side of Iraq. They have a lot of power but they don't talk. The last time the Board came out and said something was when they gave Turki permission to do what he's doing (monetary reform). The first thing to understand is this is Turki's boss. He might be appointed by Maliki but he answers to the Board.

N - They announced they would allow 3rd party institutions to do direct business with the CBI's auctions. The only way you can do business with CBI is to participate in the auctions. Right now that's the only way to participate. THey have to do a lot of work to do this. They said this would help with money laundering. The main reason is for a "special situation." They don't typically have "special situations." It's not bonds. It's what we all are waiting to hear. It's not gold. What other "special situation" is the CBI anticipating? The one that will impact every single person in iraq. To control this process they need to allow every bank direct access to the CBI. What does the CBI want? They want the higher denoms back.

N - So what the CBI has done is say "you deal with us directly" for this "special situation." That's it in a nutshell.


C - The main words they mentioned in the article you're referring to are "expand special events." Once you see those words you have wonder what are they talking about? Those 3 words are pretty clear is that they will expand something - in my mind that is access and availability. The Board of Governors is doing this, not because they want to, but because they have to. They are expanding with great purpose - for what? Increased access into the banking sector for special events.

N - They're doing it because they want absolute control over the process and don't want people hoarding what they turn in. What would we do? We would hoard and do everything we can not to spend money because we know something is going to happen. Once this rolls over people it will affect every single person in Iraq. Nobody knows what's on the CBI's list, but an action like this by the CBI is done RIGHT AT THE END. They don't have the time or resources, but it's what they HAVE to do. Again, it doesn't speak to tomorrow, but it's another huge step they are doing what is necessary.

NOTE: That previous "C" is actually Memphis.

M - Were we looking for it today? No. I don't think anybody was looking for it. But now we have to give it value and I'm holding on to it.

N - In the USA you can't get a federal charter from the Federal Reserve (Central Bank) to open a bank. The only way to get a federal charter is to purchase a bank that already has a charter. Or go through a 3rd party. The CBI has now said "we'll deal with them all" because of special situations because of what might "pop out of thin air." This is a big deal. When people ask "is this going to happen" this tells me they are going to do this.

FRANK26 - Okay, I'm now going to give our "take" this info and then take questions. Following that we will have an hour of wealth management questions with Nova.

F - Nova, I want to thank you first for sharing. The article he's referring to is on our Forum. We have the CBI, not necessarily stepping on anybody's toes by not following banking rules and regulations, but making exceptions to those rules. The Iraqi dinar is an exceptional currency. The CBI reached out to other banks (non-state banks), exchange offices, simple mom & pop banks, etc. which is not normal. So they now have bridged themselves so people around the world can go to these institutions and take their 3-zero notes. The timing is what is so important.

F - If I now walk into one of these banks or institutions associated with the CBI outside of Iraq, what will they give me? They will give me the currency of my country. They don't use their 3-zero notes because they know something is about to happen. The timing for the schedule for something to happen by June 14 is important. The reason the CBI is doing this is because of a "special event." The only special event they should be involved in is the monetary reform of their currency. They are doing this to get you to come in and exchange your dinars.

N - If the EU, the USA, and other Central Banks of the world had adopted Basel III and I own a bank that took in dinar, what would motivate me to give those higher denoms to Iraq if they're about to have higher values? They have eliminated that from Iraq. What will motivate these banks to turn in those higher denoms?

F - Like Nova was telling you, if we were Iraqi citizens we'd be hoarding because there is a monetary reform coming. The Iraqi citizens are saying "give me the LDs" and we're saying "give me the profits." All these banks and exchange offices will now be able to help with this exchange and will be able to help the CBI with this process of exchanging the 3-zeros into the LDs and coins. This is coming from the CBI. This is the same group that told Turki to increase the value of the currency "as you see fit." Have we not seen Turki take us to where we are at now? They are controlling the market price by doing this as well.

F - It is important they control that market before June 14, 2014. Do you remember that language law? This morning on Iraqi TV they are now saying this language law is going to be implemented now. Talk about timing! The CBI is trying to get these 3-zeros the dealers sold to us back. The CBI wants us all to deposit these 3-zero notes into exchange offices all over the world. These final 3-zero, if they're not collected back, they will co-exist but you won't see them on the streets in Iraq. This is a very, very well done monetary reform. Everybody involved should be applauded and will become a model the IMF will use for other countries.

F - Let me add more excitement to it. I live in Ohio, right next to Michigan. Michigan has the largest population of Iraqis outside of Iraq. And the CBI knows this. The Al-Taifi Money Transfer Exchange Company (you'll see this on the CBI website) is in Michigan and is licensed by the CBI. The CBI was told to liberalize the exchangers. This is one example. These financial companies that are basically exchange offices - there are 33 of them licensed by the CBI. Al-Taifi is just one of the 33 money transfer exchange companies that represents the CBI around the world. The CBI is taking control not only of the currency but of the exchange process as well.

F - These 33 exchange offices are licensed by the CBI. This is a 100% guarantee all systems will work when the rates change. So, there it is. This is about as exciting as it gets. Let's give recognition to Nova and Memphis.


Follow up to Message from Deep Source(s)

SITREP (Situational Report)

Deep Source #1:

"It is a total and proven lie and I so have informed Fulford yesterday."

Deep Source #2:

"Is this coming from Fulford's publication about Obama and GCR or from […] and NESARA?"

Deep Source #1:

"[…], the […] e-mail to Fulford proves that […] is one of the people feeding false information to MacHaffie."


Tony’s Conference Call on Monday, April 21, 2014

Tony: Good morning, TNT. Man, we are glad to be here with you guys today. Today is April the 21st, it’s another great day. Let me take everybody off hold so they can hear me instead of music. And now we’re ready to go. So, they missed that first part, DC, because the guys on this side were still on hold listening to music, but the other side heard it. They’ll know. Unfortunately these are the guys that ask the questions though, so they didn’t hear it. Anyway, we’ll go on.

Okay, guys, it’s a great day, it’s a Monday. Hope everybody enjoyed their Easter, I surely enjoyed mine. I did send out a tweet saying it was a super fantastic weekend, it was a great weekend. We in fact did know things that other people didn’t know, feel good about the weekend, this week. Those things have simply progressed to a great point in our life, where we’re at. Negotiations were going on and somehow people came to the table, maybe it was a Sunday thing, Monday thing, I don’t know because everybody decided to play nice and say, 

“Let’s go on because we got other things we could be doing in our life.” So, this call is going to be real simple. You know what? I’m going to let you guys ask the questions, I’m going to try to give out the best answer that we can. I did tell DC that you guys can ask him anything, so I’m restricted with what I say but you can ask him anything! [laughter]

All right? So… but, man, I’m happy. I’m ecstatic. I think you guys should be. We did know… and I got some texts and calls that someone had put out some things that you guys should be concerned about, worried about, fearful. You know, there is a couple of things that are going on and people are mixing apples and oranges and not because they want to but because they don’t know any better, because they’re not getting the full definition of each conversation and meeting and they’re piecing it together and causing some of you to panic when there is absolutely no reason to panic anywhere that I can see. So, we’ll go with some notifications that people expect to see today or want to see with the exchangers, banks, that kind of thing. I don’t want to say that people just purposely put it out there as fear.

 I want to say they don’t understand the reason that they would be doing what they were doing. And if they did, they would have put it out there with excitement and not fear. Is that fair to say, DC?
DC: I think that’s a great way to put that, a great way.
T: Okay. There we go. We’ll see if the question will come up. Do you want to make a statement before we get started?
DC: Sure. Guys, we are really close, life looks incredibly good. And they are really… everybody is extremely excited. A lot of people are on lockdown all over the world and that is a very good thing for us.
T: So, I’m going to say one more thing before we get into it because it’s a great analogy, everybody understands it. We’ve been in and on the half inch line. WE’ve been at a prolonged time out, trying to decide the best run. We’re coming in from the sideline, we’re in the huddle, and what’s next? Just run the play, right?
DC: That’s it.
T: Okay. Just want to put that out there. All right here we go.
732 caller: I’m here, Tony.
T: How are you this morning?
C: I was hoping to be super extra fantastic today. With all the good the good info coming in, I thought I would be in line at the bank today.
T: The day is not over.
C: I don’t know, Tony. I’ve been listening to you faithfully for a while now, I just don’t know. Remember when I told you – when the politician is lying? When his lips are moving. You might remember from last week. (T: I remember that.) And you chuckled. So, everything is all set and ready to go… I think they’re playing us. As Thomas Jefferson once said, the government should be aware of what the people can do, not what the government can do. I think they’re playing us.
T: We are the people. It’s us against the world. I don’t. But, this is what I said so you guys can hear, I said you can ask DC anything you want today, not me. [laughter]
C: I’m frustrated to the level where they’re playing us, DC. I got a feeling they’re playing us.
DC: I would say…depends on your definition of “play.” I honestly… for the most part, if we play nice and don’t do anything stupid, then we’re not really in their sphere of what they think about on a daily basis. Are they purposely doing it to do something to you? No. What they’re highly worried about are stupid actions by folks and causing issues that ended up coming on the radar. In the grand scheme of thing we’re not that important in this thing as we’ve talked about so many times before. When we did “we the people,” that was very much of help. A lot of wrongs are righted, a lot of things cleaned up, which is nice. But now, we’ve gone back on their backburner while they’re figuring out other issues. So, you know, is it fun to be in this seat? No. Is there a much better place than we have been in the past? Absolutely. And I think we will be treated fair.

T: Not only being treated fair -- because we don’t see anything that’s not – we’re not that important anymore in the decision-making because it’s done, but we are in the roll-out, and that’s what’s being worked, I think, okay? How to best do it so you can have an enjoyable experience and for all of us, I think.

C: Basically, we’re on a wait mode, to sit and wait until they decide to roll it out.
DC: Pretty much.
T: Yeah, it’s a good thing.
C: Is it in Christine Lagarde’s hands, DC?
DC: Actually, we’ve moved beyond that stage now.
T: Okay, gotta go. He got too close. All right. [laughter]
903 caller: Hey, Tony. I was reading on Dinar Guru that Gen64 group already cashed in, is that correct?
T: Not that I know of.
DC: Never heard of it.
C: So, I thought today was going to be a super fantastic day.
T: It is a super fantastic day. (DC: It is.) It was a super fantastic weekend. I mean, a lot of things got accomplished that you guys might not know until Thursday or Friday, or like I told you on the last call, history will tell you. It was. And today is not over, guys, we’re early in the morning. It’s Monday on this week. We’ll definitely see something in this week. So, don’t… There’s no reason -- I’m going to say this – for anybody to be negative at this moment. Is that right, DC? Is there any reason?
DC: No. Everybody should be pretty happy, very, very happy where we’re at. Everybody should work on their 10 steps and their progress on how they’re going to handle themselves and research about investment and things, and maybe even dream a little about the car or house or something like that. But, definitely should be in a very, very happy mood.
T: Okay.
C: I’ve been in this since 2010, but it just seems like they’re just holding out, holding out, and holding out.
T: Well, I’ve been in this since 2010, as some others people have, some since 2001, and they’re all feeling the same thing. But one thing about it is we know sooner and later it’s going to end. It’s not like it can go on forever. We know all the other things that have been discussed – WTO, the political situation over there, the passing of the budget, the GOI, all the things we’re seeing. We know that they told their people April the 1st this thing would be done. We know they came back and told them the 14th it would be done, we know the elections are going on at this moment, how critical it is at this moment. I mean, we put all the pieces together, it’s only very few steps that can be taken till the end. Even if we said if it was 4, or 1 or 2, you got to know by now this is where we’re really at. I mean, there are too many things are happening around the currency, the currency reform. I mean, the DFI funds have been released. There are too many positive things for you guys to be concerned that this could go on forever when it clearly can’t.
C: Well, you know, back in November last year, everything was being said, it’s a done deal, we’ll have it for Christmas. Now, it’s almost May and we’re still waiting. You know, it seems like they would … if they meant for it to happen that they would give it.
T: Again, you guys should follow the calls. We’ve explained November through April so many times, of what things were going on, why it didn’t happen, changes were made, over and over again what brought us here today. We’ve explained as April the 1st didn’t happen, what was done was for our best interest as a country, as an economy, and looking out for our future. So, we’re telling you guys all along the way what was changing, who was changing it, and how it benefitted us as a nation, a country, and a globe for our economy, not as dinarians who just want their money right now. This is bigger than us. We weren’t supposed to be in it, and the part that did affect us directly that we could affect, we did that. So, you should be in a good spot today.
C: Well, I know that we were not supposed to be in it. I know it was for the money men, the Senate and the House and all of them, and they were going to leave the little man out, but they caught with their britches down. I know every time I go to the gas pump or I go to the grocery store, I see the big increase in everything and I know somebody is making money and I know it’s the big people. And there are so many of us little ones out here that’s been drafting (???), been keep pulling the straw thinking we’re going to get the little straws, the little straw is supposed to be the winner. But, it’s like somebody put those big straws in there and taking the little straws out. [laughter]
T: I understand. I understand your frustration, I really do. And that’s why we’re here telling you today, we think all that’s in the past. DC just clearly tell you when we were starting the call with the last guy… well, actually I saved him. He was in mid sentence. [laughter]
DC: I was going no further.
T: That’s right. Anyway… that’s it. we’re in a good place, okay?
C: We appreciate what you’re doing. Just our faith is in our government is getting thin and thin and thin.
T: I understand. Thank you, sir. 925, good morning.
925 caller: Say super duper fantastic if you hear me.
T: Super duper fantastic.
C: Oh my gosh. I can’t believe this. [laughter] I’ve been here before and when you called 925, I started talking and I realized it wasn’t me. Thank you, thank you. [expressing appreciation] I have a couple of yes-no question. Are we still supposed to have gone in and open an account at some of these banks already or is that something we can wait for now because of all the confusion?
T: Well, they prefer you have the account open so it’s something they don’t have to do, so it doesn’t take up the time.
C: So, do we have the time to do that, do you think, from the time we get the number to the time of our appointment to do that? Or should we go right now and open accounts if we haven’t already opened them in?
T: I prefer to be ready than have to get ready.
C: At one point recently you said you can make two calls if the money is in your partner’s name, if the money is just in my name, my partner can just come me to the bank and sign anything and all that, right? I don’t have to put anything in both our names?
T: You said you bought it together?
C: No, I bought it on my… from my checks and such, but it’s ours since we live in California everything we have is shared. I’m assuming…
T: Then, yeah. Go ahead together, it’s a joint account.
C: Excellent. Well, actually the account isn’t exactly joint.
T: Well, it will be if both of you signed it.
C: Okay. And then, non contract currency exchange at banks. Like, if we go in a just take the international rate, or taking an international rate on some of our dinar and dong, would that still have clauses as to what we can use and can’t use the money for in the future? I’m thinking specifically regarding what you said we cannot invest in any currency in the future, things you can’t do. Is that only the contract rate?
T: Well, this is where we need to put the statement out, first of all. Everything we’re giving right up to this is our opinion. We’re not giving legal advice or financial advice. Okay? Now, DC, answer the question. [laughter]
DC: Nice.
C: How many buses do you have, Tony, that you throw people under?
DC: I’m finding out. How many, I don’t know, but it’s a lot. Hope you’re doing well today. The bottom line is, how and who will be able to invest in future currency – it’s still up in the air. We don’t know if it’s going to be an accredited investor, which normally means you have over a million or segment over ten million dollars. Those are being dealt with right now. I don’t believe they have a straight answer on those.  Because what they don’t want to do is have yet another couple of million people invest in currency xyz and make a gazillion dollars again. It’s definitely has gotten out of hand due to the time they’ve taken due to the fact that a lot of these very senior folks from both political parties who said, “This isn’t right for us senior political parties to profit from this without the normal folks,” so they started leaking information to different folks to get the information out. They do not want this to happen again like this. It’s been an absolute nightmare for them and they want to change the rules.
So, where they end up changing that is unknown. The one rule that they’re very much strongly in favor of right now is going to accredited investors only at minimum investable amount, either at least a million dollars or at least ten million dollars is what they’re thinking right now. The rules will get modified and changed here right after it goes around and then they will continue to modify and change those rules because they can, be it the FCC or Commodity Future CFTC, or whether it’d be the Treasury guys. They can modify and change the rules based on their own belief and their typical procedures. My point of rambling on is to give you that a lot of it is not solved, there is no one agency that has put it in black and white yet. Everything is kind of up in the air.
C: You had mentioned, DC, earlier that some countries are in lockdown and I’ve noticed that the CBI sites have changed, a number of countries no longer have an exchange value for this IQD. Is this what you were referring to as part of it?
DC: I think it’s a very interesting observation. [laughter]
C:  Thank you very much, sir. I guess I’m supposed to move on from here.
DC: I think it would be a very good idea, but I think you nailed it on the head about something.
C: Sometimes ago, I thought there was something mentioned that at least the clawback is going to go through for people that were called up to go and purchase dinar quickly and go cash it in or is that all just muddled…
DC: There have been… An equitable arrangement has been made. Most of the wrongs that we were complaining about and the Twitter campaign made a huge difference in righting those wrongs. Almost all of the wrongs were righted. Some weren’t, maybe we’ll have to live with some, some of the things we think were wrong, but frankly we’re going to take the win.
C: Awesome. Thank you.
601 caller: How are you doing?
T: I’m super fantastic.
C: I just want to give much love to you, DC, Pam, the mods, Ray. [expressing appreciation...chitchat]
T: You know, the one thing he did say as far as this goes, if you had taken this money and you invested it somewhere in a company -- I don’t care if it’s Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, whatever it is – you’re just an investor. You don’t get to hear what’s going on at the board meeting every day. You don’t get to make any of the decisions. Everything is not about you, you’re an investor, you’re looking for your dividends, your returns on your money while they’re looking to build their brand, their company, and they don’t make their decisions based on, “I wonder what our investors are going to say? I wonder what they’re gonna do?” So that’s not reality. Not only that, they do that at these Fortune 500 companies and you will never have the opportunity to make the money that you will make today. So, when in fact this is a global, global opportunity, experience, and investment -- 200 countries are involved in. Why do we have to think every details are about us or every decision about us doing every day? That’s really not it. When we in fact came back to you guys and told you some things that have been holding this up, changes that have occurred, are not about the 5 million people that are holding dinar but the 350 million people who don’t have dinar. That’s what the key decisions have been about because you don’t know them all, or some people don’t understand them all, would rather just hear, “Obama stopped it, Obama stopped, Obama stopped it,” or “The US is holding it up.”
It’s not like they’re holding it up because, “Can you back up that truck and unload all that gold in my garage or can you bury that somewhere in my backyard so I can keep it for myself?” If that’s what’s going on, this would be a totally different situation. People would be reacting totally different. So, I think it’s time people should be more trust in and thoughts into when they hearing that. Or, as DC was alluding to earlier, you’re just gonna say, “I just don’t care. I’m where I’m at, it doesn’t matter.” Anyway, DC?
DC: I thought that was great. It’s a good picture – it’s not all about us.  We’re just a minor player in here who are able to reap some amazing rewards out of this. I think we all need to sit back and be grateful that we have that capability. I know there have been some issues. I know there have been some junk that we didn’t want to deal with – God knows I didn’t want to deal with it either – but, we are where we are and this is a wonderful place where we’re at, so everybody just sit back and smile.
T: Yeah. We’re in a great place today.
347 caller: Was there an RV for the Admiral group over the weekend?
T: I don’t know if there was an RV for any group over the weekend.
C: I mean, private exchange. Correction, private exchange for the Admiral group.
T: For the Admiral’s group? (C: Yeah.) I probably got 5 calls on that. Saturday morning, he went in – nope. Saturday night he went in – nope. Sunday… You know, Admiral has gone in and got paid a thousand times already. So…
C: Now, I heard about the DFI funds, it’s only released because the dinar being RV and that happened abruptly two weeks ago. So, what is the last step? Like you said, their country is going through the election, everything is release, why are we still here?
T: Is this Jamaica?
C: It’s not. It’s not Jamaica.
T: Oh, okay. You sound like… (C: This is another Tony.) This is another Tony. All right, why are we still here? Let me see. The RV already happened, the rate has to change, they released the DFI funds, the only thing we’ve been saying lately – we’re waiting for it, the announcement, international. We know there was a discussion, negotiation about our rate, about the decline of the dollar, about the length of it and how fast it would happen. I tell you guys last time there were things going on related to our economy, that’s why we’re still here, to make sure those numbers come out favorably. I’ve explained that right now with the IMF, what was going on with the 15% -- 17 versus 15 – there was a veto and we didn’t do that, and the IMF has come up with 5 mini IMFs which would cause the decline of the dollar. So, we had to fight for a higher rate now knowing the effect that would have on that, our economy and all that. That’s why we’re still here until those matters were settled, which were bigger than you and me getting our money and us running to the bank. Now we tell you they’ve come to an agreement with that.
C: When we get the 1-800 number, that’s the only thing that’s keeping us, that 30-day window – is that off the table, is there a time period where we have to get in, get out, or what’s going on?
T: DC, what’s going on? They still have 30 days to complete the exchange once we get the 800#?
DC: Our understanding is, one, we’re not going to need that much time. We’re talking they’ll get most people done in the first week, maybe 10 days. They’ll get all that done. The rule they have the 30-day notice, my understanding is they have taken off the table for now, but there will be a longer period of time where they’ll accept that, the terms are like 6 months or a year. That’s very much on the table right now. So, there shouldn’t be an issue for anybody listening to this call or any of their relatives.
C: About the reserves. So, say it happens today, I called in and I’m locking in a rate: is my reserve locked in at the same rate or whatever rate that’s going to be when I receive my reserve to go to the bank.
DC: Whenever that money is credited to that transaction, right? So let’s say, let’s pick on Sterling because that’s who we’ve been talking about in the past. They have a couple of scenarios where they have timelines associated with that. Let’s say it’s 5:00 for argument’s sake, that means if you get everything done today before 5:00 then you’re fine, you’re locked in for that period of time. I understand from talking to Tony and Frank many times, they’re going to honor all those things on there. If you were a person who will then kind of playing the “gotcha game,” who will be just putting in 10,000 orders and hoping one day when it rises and catches it in between that, they’re going to notice that. They’re going to say that you’re trying to game the system, and you’re out. If you look at the explanation, it says that if you’re trying to game the system, we don’t have to honor that.
T: You’re talking about relative to your reserves and exchanging it at the bank or you’re talking about whether your reserves are still going to be honored? (C: At the bank.) Okay, so, today, I’m still going to let DC answer it though. I’m going to use your same scenario. 5:00, you go and exchange and the rate is $3.02 – which we know is not the rate, but anyway – he wants to know what happens to his reserves.
DC: Bottom line is you will pay off the reserves and be able to exchange those in. It’s going to be very straightforward, like we’ve talked about before. It’s going to be … if you locked in before that time, you will be fine. It all depends when you lock that thing in, before or after the RV.
T: This is what we’re hearing. If you go in, the bank has a process right now, which they haven’t announced. But, they do have a process to work with you with your reserves. So, when we get the 800#, we make the announcement, we will be able to tell you the process.
704 caller: [chitchat] I have a form that said we need to put our funds in a non-interest bearing account. Is that still necessary since the tax season is over for now?
T: You know, a year ago, two years ago we were hearing… as a matter of fact, I have banking people who said “this is where you need to put your money” just because of the changes that are going to be occurring in the economy and everything. They said, “you just let it sit over there because they can’t affect it like they do everyday accounts,” like checking accounts, saving accounts. If it’s non-interest bearing, it’s sitting there in a safety zone. So, everybody has to make the decision on their own whether or not that’s what they want to do.
C: Is the Zimbabwe currency considered at all at this point?
T: That’s a DC question. [laughter]
DC: It’s our understanding that it’s the same basket that’s going through there. Everything that was agreed before are going to be there. Now, there may be some last minute changes, that’s always an option as well as there may be a few … that we’ve talked about.
C: Let me get what you’re saying – is it or is it not?
T: She said, “forget all that other stuff. It’s yes or no?” [laughter]
C: Yes or no. Yeah, you sound like a politician. [laughter]
DC: Right now, our position is yes.
T: I gotta tell you guys, you’re actually truly blessed because I wasn’t going to say that. That’s why DC is here – he’s authorized to say that. I’m messing with him. [laughter]
865 caller: The public release of the RV, does that need to happen before the end of election in Iraq based on the agreements that have been made?
T: Oh, that’s a good question. Okay DC.
DC: Let’s talk about needs and wants. So, if we want the current power structure that’s in place, and we’ve talked about that – it’s really important whether you like Maliki, whoever you like, it’s really important for us for the US, as well as the world, when they revalued that the people they cut the deal with are indeed the people in power, right? Say, if I came in there new, “Wait a minute, I don’t like this clause, I don’t like this guy here, I want a new one.” So, everyone understands the gravity of the situation in terms of it needs to get done while the politicians they made the deal are in place, whether you like him or not, everybody accepts that. So, therefore, if one just take the next step from that, yeah, it’s important to get this done before the elections, just in case there are changes. And, also, a lot of these politicians, that’s kind of their winning strategy, “Hey, I got you the revaluation.” They don’t really have that many positive traits going for them. They may not have any! But, they are very much in. It is extremely important for these politicians that the revaluation happens before the elections. Remember, the elections are already in process.
C: Correct, but April 30th, does it not come to a conclusion?
DC: That’s basically it. If the tide is already switch to another… to another category… switch tide is going against them, it’s going to be hell to change this late in the game.
T: Let me put this in there real quick, DC. Over there, it’s not like they’re choosing a guy or this guy – they’re choosing a party. And that part is already going on, and the momentum is going and they can’t wait for the last day and say, “all right, now everybody go and vote for the prime minister.” It doesn’t work that way. So, maybe you’ll want to explain some of that, DC.
DC: Sure. So, the core of it is Iraq is a parliamentary democracy, like a lot of the countries are, where the head of the party becomes the prime minister. How they do it is they do it region by region or a town by town election. They said, “Okay, the Dollar party runs against… wins in this particular part of the green zone, Falluja, the *** party wins in these particular regions.” So, basically, it’s kind of builds in terms of which regions and which segments end up with it. It’s like the US in terms of when it comes to the people with the most amount of votes didn’t get to make the decisions. So, therefore, there technically are many, many parties. 3-4 parties will end up having enough votes to where they can all talk about it and discuss about it, “Hey, we end up with the most votes, let’s agree to do … we’ll work on this platforms, and we’ll work on these issues seriously and we’ll let your guy be the finance minister and let my guy be the prime minister.” So, it’s very much in a rolling scenario. That scenario is already occurring right now, so they’re very desperate to get this thing done yesterday.
C: A previous caller has asked about is it in the hands of Christine Lagarde and I thought I heard the answer “we’re beyond that” and then it kind of went a little garble on my end, so if I may continue with that. Is that saying that now it’s in the hands of the UST to say to the banks to go for it and do we have assurances that the banks aren’t going to do the same kind of gamesmanship that they did in prior times when it was in the banks’ hands?
DC: I did say that but … that wasn’t anything I shouldn’t have said but I need to stop saying it.
C: So, it wasn’t garbled on my line, it was sort of the fact that you purposely fell off the line or my line going blank?
T: It was garbled by design.
DC: We can say in general terms, not specific to today anything else, but we know that the banks are very well rehearsed; they’re immensely prepared. The UST is immensely prepared; everybody has got their act together. Anybody who has glitches and blips and whatnot have very much been addressed to where they’re running in very smooth oiled machine once this goes on.
C: Super. On going to the bank, before we have our actual appointment, we can take up to 25K note and is that per bank per person or is that 25K note, period, by a person?
DC: We’re supposed to say 25K note per person.
T: Regardless. Yes, it’s one bank. It’s going in the system, they are going to track it.
C: That’s what I want to be sure of. It’s not like we can go to 4 banks, have a 100K. Just 25K period.
DC/T: Correct.

[More to come....]


4-21-14 Randy Koonce: All banks that deal with foreign currency will be doing the exchange.  You will have all kinds of time. (Does the budget have to be done before the RV?) No. There is nothing that has to be done before the RV. (Do I believe this is going past he elections?) No.  We are in a really good position to RV.  Everything right now is lineup.  The U.S., Iraq and the IMF all need to be in agreement and right now they seemed to be.  We are in a very good position for before the elections.
If it goes past the election and Maliki continues to be the Prime Minister then I am not sure how long, but it could go another 2 years because that means the President and Maliki have figured out how Iraq can survive without it. Obama doesn't want this to happen but he doesn't have the money to keep Iraq going.  From now until the election the window is extremely hot.  Everything I have seen in the last 24 hours says we are done.  The LD's are in the banks in Iraq and are not on the streets.  You will not have to sign and NDA. They have dropped the amount that it will come out at, I think between $2 and $3. It will eventually go higheR"


[millionday] here we go >> Ministry of Commerce held a meeting with representatives of the World Trade Organization in Baghdad to continue the ongoing negotiations between the parties to Iraq's accession to the organization, and discussed the meeting on Sunday the subject of customs tariffs in preparation for the third round of negotiations.

    [millionday] there is the answer on the third coming on right on time  lets see if we can find a date jtank

    [hstrymknwmn] Do we know when WTO meets again for this 3rd round?

    [millionday] A statement issued by the ministry said Hashim Mohammed Hatem Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Commerce, met with Vice-President of the National Commission on Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization.

He said he discussed the subject of customs tariffs in preparation for the third round of negotiations and finalists take Iraq in order to complete its accession to the World Trade Organization.
     [millionday] hstrymknwmn looking here   hello hun

    [hstrymknwmn] Ok Ty hello

    [ajay214] sounds like the 3rd round may be the final round

    [millionday] in order to complete they came to baghdad for preparation for the third rounds -- that sounds very good

    [hstrymknwmn] I hope it is to meet and accept them FULLY

    [millionday] The meeting was attended by members of the Committee on the file of Trade and Goods who represent the team at the Department of the World Trade Organization in the department and a representative of the Department of the private sector in the ministry and representatives from the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Health and the General Authority for Customs and the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the Federation of Businessmen Iraqi General Company for Trade and Commercial Services Iraqi section of import and export .

    [crank7] hstrymknwmn no RV yet.

    [hstrymknwmn] I know but accepting fully would mean rv TOOK place  lol

    [ajay214] millionday - do it sound like the final round to you with them wording it - in preparation for the third round of negotiations and finalists

    [crank7] hstrymknwmn lol

    [jtank] rv prior wto  reality rate to trade-

    [millionday] it sounds like they are expecting a tradable currency and compliance in the very near future

    [millionday] To the Department of Commerce announced a contract for the Committee on the Application of transparency regular meeting to follow up on issues raised in the agenda headed by Walid Habib al-Moussawi,

Undersecretary who stressed the need to intensify and activate the role of the media on the work of the ministry to clarify the facts to the public about the services provided by in the areas of work of various departments and companies, which are not limited to the provision of the ration card items alone, but

    [millionday] also to other activities and functions of the focus in the service of the Iraqi citizen, in addition to offering the obstacles and difficulties in the inside or outside of the ministry, whether laws or instructions or mechanisms.

A statement issued by the ministry yesterday said that the meeting discussed the interventions that are in development and evaluating the work of the ministry and commensurate with the tasks entrusted to it in accordance with the law, especially

    [millionday] note -- this is a huge audit to see where the laws are and the tariff etc -- for wto compliance -- please remember they have to have an internationally recognized currency before they can be active in the wto for trade

    [millionday] the policy-making and business development in accordance with the requirements of Iraq's openness to the world and transform its economy from the central to the heat. Iraq made last February request to join as an observer in the World Trade Organization and won the approval of the General Council to accept the demand.

    [millionday] see very clear >>> the policy-making and business development in accordance with the requirements of Iraq's openness to the world and transform its economy from the central to the heat.

    [clay] 3.86

    [ajay214] clay lol

    [ggrr] We are overdue cause weeks and months of great news and still no RV. ..we are really ready

    [swan2013] clay *gift*

    [pinklady] clay OK with us!!!

    [crank7] $3.86

    [millionday] huge >>In 2004 it has been the formation of a national committee member of senior representatives of Iraqi ministries and the relevant WTO Agreements who are rank of director general or above to complete Iraq's accession to the organization

    [slh5282] Im with you CLAY

    [clay] swan2013 pinklady ajay214 crank7 millionday lol

    [millionday] i was told that but could never find it in ink

    [millionday] there are the ministers who are ranked for iraq`s accession -- they do exist

    [clay] millionday please find

    [millionday] smile

    [swan2013] millionday of course not, it can change.

    [millionday] lol

    [millionday] swan2013 which part ?

    [millionday] i was laughing at clay not you hun

    [swan2013] millionday all of it lol the amount can change for higher

    [millionday] oh i have no rate or date

    [millionday] not in ink yet but i have to say

    [swan2013] millionday I know you were...

    [millionday] i am LOVING the news today smile  lol

    [clay] millionday me 2  ty

    [kimberly1] Most certainly Lovin the news today!

    [crank7] YES!!!!

    [jtank] No date for next meet

    [slh5282] Is the budget any closer to having resolution?

    [millionday] just when i think it is good i find something good and -- it hasnt always been like that for newcomers

    [slh5282] Or are they going to wait until after the election?

    [millionday] i have the news on the budget let me find it brb

    [jtank] They will go when caretaker gov is in--

    [clay] Fox tickertape Iraqi elections

    [sczin11] millionday ty

    [sczin11] clay just saw it on CNBC

    [slh5282] explain the caretaker government please

    [clay] sczin11 awesome to c it

    [ggrr] We need this to finally happen

    [slh5282] Jtank, is that like our lame duck government?

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] ggrr amen!

    [crank7] ggrr ya think?? LOL

    [jtank] i do not think the caretaker gov has much power and at that time no one person will get credit 4 rv

    [millionday] slh5282 the caretaker gov is from an opinion piece that was in the media as a possibility

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] After elections, how long before those who get elected, take office?

    [dkwsly] Why would the WTO come to Baghdad for "prep work" to negotiate for the 3rd time?

    [millionday] A member of the Oil and Energy Committee, MP Furat al-Shara described the adoption of the federal budget before the end of April, as a miracle. Shara said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the quartet formed, which was formed by the House of Representatives, headed by First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Qusay al-Suhail to visit Kurdistan did not reach any agreement on approving the budget ."

    [millionday] dkwsly that is very new -- and huge encouragement

    [dkwsly] Maybe they were checking to see how close they are to an RV???

    [millionday] He added, "Delay approving the budget caused deficit in the state budget and obstructed all service and economic projects." The parliament had formed several committees to resolve the dispute over the budget between Baghdad and Arbil, most recently the Quartet, headed by First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Qusay al-Suhail.

    [ajay214] millionday how is not approving the budget a huge encouragement?

    [dkwsly] Ajay214 talking about the wto

    [millionday] not the budget the wto showing up in baghdad --- huge --

    [awesomedtl] And the fact that they said it would be a miracle to be done before election!?? How is that encouraging

    [millionday] lol

    [ajay214] we're getting wires crossed here lol

    [millionday] miracles happen -- we are still here lol

    [feebslayer] No budget now?

    [clay] we dont need budget we need WTO

    [jtank] it is not gonna happen is my take--

    [lstar877] Jtank what?

    [dkwsly] The budget can't happen without the RV IMO. Lol

    [millionday] they are working on it some say it is signed but what i have read and know from kurdistan is that they have called to meet a few days ago to finish it and parliament is saying they will have emergency vote if they will just agree

    [jtank] we dont need no stinking budget !!

    [awesomedtl] Jtank the rv before elections? Hmmmm

    [jtank] will the cbi help w all monetary bill coming or just international--

    [jtank] debts

    [millionday] oh yes they will actually run it  oh debts  no that is gov to gov agreement  and will be budgeted

    [jtank] so they do not need budget at this point w cbi help

    [millionday] now they have 8 countries left they owe  - so they have been working for two or so weeks on setting it up and they announced in todays news they are ready

    [jtank] Backpay ect

    [millionday] it is in the US of A document we looked at with the Federal Reserve

    [radronin] Getting close MD?????

    [hstrymknwmn] So the above means that cbi will help investment in country and not pay the debts the govt owes?

    [millionday] getting close hun

    [radronin] :} Thanks a bunch MD!!

    [millionday] yes they will hold funds like our federal reserve -- but hopefully do a better job

    [millionday] no apologies from me on that  smile

    [hstrymknwmn] Was that answering my question Millionday?

    [millionday] brb with more -- dont want to miss anything

    [jtank] i dont think so

    [millionday] hstrymknwmn no hun repeat please missed ya

    [radronin] Clay what was FOX ticker sayin about Iraqi elections??

    [rudie] So the above means that cbi will help investment in country and not pay the debts the govt owes?

    [clay] radronin just mentioning they r coming and violence increasing

    [rudie] hystry"s ?

    [radronin] wow- thanks bro!!

    [clay] radronin yw

    [hstrymknwmn] Thanks rude was having to retype

    [millionday] hstrymknwmn yes that was the answer to you let me get it

    [millionday] no that is gov to gov agreement

    [millionday] so they have been working for two or so weeks on setting it up and they announced in todays news they are ready

    [jtank] sounds like the cbi is going to pay the budget--

    [hstrymknwmn] So that is really putting pressure on cbi to get their act together

    [millionday] the debts - it is in the US of A document we looked at with the Federal Reserve

    [clay] hstrymknwmn seems so

    [millionday] the debts arrangement done

    [wmawhite] hstrymknwmn .....the CBI has its act together.

    [millionday] i was answering two at a time sorry

    [hstrymknwmn] Goi sorry

    [millionday] late late

    [millionday] wmawhite lol

    [wmawhite] millionday .....smile

    [millionday] the goi is ready -- to pay off the debts

    [millionday] wmawhite the news is the best yet  you picked the worst day to be late

    [wmawhite] millionday ...I see!!!!

    [millionday] lol

    [wmawhite] millionday .....sorry

    [millionday] smile - you have to read it this time hun or i will bring it back tonight

    [millionday] i will brb to see what i have missed

    [wmawhite] millionday ....already planning on it


Millionday News 4/21/14  Part 1

    Welcome to Monday  Afternoon Roundtable with Millionday!

    [millionday] this is the whopper for today among many >>>  ] Central Bank of Iraq declared that it granted approval to the companies of money transfer to open accounts directly in the Bank. 

A statement for the Central Bank of Iraq cited that: "The Board of Directors, in its meeting yesterday, decided to let money transfer companies to open accounts in the Bank directly deal with both / Iraqi dinar and dollar / to carry out the purchase of foreign currency."

    [swan2013] millionday millionday AWESOME NEWS!
    [millionday] huge   brb with rest

    [kimberly1] Wow

    [millionday] The Bank asserted that the opening accounts for the companies directly will contribute to the expansion of auction of foreign currency and contribute in the stability of the currency exchange rate permanently.

    [millionday] whooopow so lets talk about what this is  - this is huge but let me explain my opinion and then you all get off the floor  lol

    [tbob] lol

    [millionday] so with the exchange rate coming permanently -- we know that the licensing of these money exchange companies are complete so  what we have is a step in the process that is a very big step of setting the rates for them and us

    [millionday] so anyone want to add a whooopow ?  lol

    [tbob] whoooopow!! lol

    [dinarforme] whoooooopow

    [Richard Incrocci] WHOOPOW

    [Richard Incrocci] WHOOOOPOW

    [sheila3] whooopow

    [Richard Incrocci] WHOOOPOW

    [larrykn] whooopow

    [tbell] Whooooopow!!!!!!

    [Red Skyy] Whoopow x3

    [Richard Incrocci] And a big ole whooopow

    [mrref1216] Great whooopow

    [millionday] this is obviously very good news and remember this is probably a day behind with what news comes out timewise    i agree   smile

    [luckyone] Whoooop pow

    [crank7] Whoopow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [millionday] ok have something else on the subject  brb

    Danalivin4HIM] ??? would these companies be like dinarcorp or are they banks? just wondering

    [millionday] they are talking about the companies right now in country

    [Danalivin4HIM] thank you milliondy

    [ggrr] "Whoop there it is "

    [smiller67] Shazam

    [swan2013] millionday IN IRAQ... NOT USA RIGHT

    [feebslayer] afternoon all

    [millionday] licensing will be allowed for investors but the market will be the account when this is done -- the currency market

    [millionday] here is more on it from another

    [millionday] swan2013 right

    [millionday] Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, for allowing the money transfer companies to participate ERA currency, stressing that this would contribute to the stability of the exchange rate permanently.

The bank said in a statement received "Alsumaria News", a copy of "The bank's management has agreed to do money transfer companies to open accounts directly with the Central Bank of Iraq (Iraqi dinar and the U.S. dollar) to carry out the purchase of foreign currency."

    [MsDiva] BIG Whooop

    [millionday] note -- they are going to allow them to take part in the auction as well

    [ggrr] With double cheese

    [crank7] millionday bring it!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    [millionday] and bacon

    [millionday] The bank added that "this process will expand special events auction of foreign currency and contributes to the stability of the exchange rate permanently."

The Central Bank of Iraq was established as a bank independent under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are being daily sessions for buying and selling currencies.

    [ggrr] Yum

    [jtank] supesize mine

    [millionday] wow how does an ink girl not seem excited lol

    [crank7] LOL

    [millionday] now this is fun news to say the least

    [jtank] lol

    [swan2013] millionday ON THE FLOOR, can't get up lol

    [ggrr] No super sizes RV

    [millionday] whooopow that is huge steps in a small step world

    [mrref1216] lol the best news in quite a while

    [MsDiva] millionday millionday you got it going on girl whoo whoooooo

    [kimberly1] It seems they are preparing for that RV to me  why do the licensing if you aren't ready to roll

    [larrykn] MD if they have all this in place now what is the holdup IYO[

    MsDiva] kimberly1 thats a good thing

    [feebslayer] Hi Million

    [mrref1216] kimberly1 they been preparing for the past 10 years lol

    [kimberly1] Most definitely!

    [clay] mrref1216 lol

    [clay] larrykn good quesyion

    [kimberly1] Never seen the ink this close before I am excited

    [clay] t

    [lstar877] Let me know when I can give two week notice!

    [jtank] when uusa dealers ?

    [mrref1216] Every year they appear to be getting closer lol

    [kimberly1] lstar877 when you got money in hand

    [clay] lstar877 i already did Dec 2010 lol

    [millionday] larrykn i dont see a hold up but i have more so lets look

    [ggrr] Do it

    [crank7] ggrr lol

    [millionday] i dont see anything being a problem and remember this is crazy but CBI will add pressure at some point because they are and have announced they are moving forward and doing it in set steps  brb with more

    [millionday] oh boy   just like i said here we go  lets look at what CBI is doing -- they are moving forward

    [millionday] The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Agency Abdel Basset Turki, on Sunday that international financial institutions have expressed keen interest to support development projects implemented by the private banking sector in Iraq,

noting that the central bank intends through his future plans to go about the work of reforms to shift to the banking system, a comprehensive and integrated.

    [millionday] smile

    [millionday] He said Turkish for "tomorrow's Press," said that "the international financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank play a major role in Iraq by supporting and financing the private sector represented by the banking sector of Iraq," noting that "the number of international projects at this time amounted to four projects only to support this vital sector.

    [millionday] note -- so they are not loaning money without the budget in place to the iraqi gov but they are willing to move forward with reforms to activate exchanges so that the international projects can begin

    [mrref1216] I like it when TURKI speaks up lol

    [millionday] "The international institutions created nearly 900 million dollars to provide the necessary funding for the advancement of banking sector in Iraq," pointing out that "the central bank intends through his future plans to go about the work of reforms to shift to the banking system, a comprehensive and integrated approach in Iraq.

    [millionday] love it

    [clay] hes still a Turki

    [Richard Incrocci] When Turki speaks, everyone listens lol

    [mrref1216] thats true lol

    [millionday] Turki said that "there is a real international support for Iraq for the advancement of the banking sector and the private sector by supporting the development projects carried out in different parts of the country.

    [millionday] He accused a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary MP Aziz Shareef al-Mayahi in, the 12 of February, "the central bank to take measures intended to demolish the domestic economy, with its governor threatened to call Abdul-Basit Turki of the Parliament in the event of the continuation of that policy"

    [millionday] ok so obviously we are seeing the government saying -- what ? oh he has to come and talk to parliament as we see here to move forward with this but   and a huge BUT  --  I have something else to show you

    [millionday] whooopow  -- brb with what the Big Dog has to say about it

    [jtank] Looks like they do not need the budget now

    [mrref1216] ummm

    [millionday] hold on to your hats and look who is behind this  >>>   ] Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, Sunday, with the U.S. Treasury Department financial topics between the two countries concerning the strategic framework and the protection of Iraqi funds, while stressing that the United States has pledged to work to promote investment in Iraq.

    [millionday] big smile  there is more

    [mrref1216] So the good ole USA was behind this the whole time

    [millionday] Safi said for "tomorrow's Press," said that "the United States does not have an active presence in the development process in Iraq, and there is no only have a little bit of financial activities and investment in the country," noting that "talks with officials of the U.S. Treasury Department on aspects of economic, commercial and financial relations between the two countries and ways of strengthening them. "

    [millionday] i dont have that in ink hun  smile

    [millionday] note -- they have not a lot in iraq but are willing to make it much more in the money movement phase of economic reforms and also are willing to go with investment

    [mrref1216] yep

    [millionday] this is VERY IMPORTANT STATEMENT NEXT

    [millionday] "The talks also included discussion of the procedures that will be followed by Iraq to protect his assets abroad, which will end a period of international immunity reported in the twenty-second of May next,"

explaining that "the U.S. side expressed readiness to strengthen and increase the work Eshrkath Iraq's various investment sectors, particularly in the field of energy and electricity and the fields of banking. "

    [millionday] note -- we like fields of banking

    [mrref1216] yes   lol

    [jtank] lol

    [millionday] Net explained that "there is a great consensus internationally and fully satisfied the measures to be taken by Iraq to protect his money after the lifting of immunity, whether legally or financially.

" Referred to the presence of the U.S. is not active in the development process in Iraq, and there is no only have a little bit of financial and investment activities, while the Iraqi government to discuss with the U.S. side for the sake of the development aspects of economic, trade and financial relations between the two countries.

    [millionday] so the last part is telling us do not misunderstand -- it is not the US of A that is part of this -- they are just wanting to invest -- smile

    [millionday] love that part   -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.now let me show you one more thing and we will talk for a sec

    [millionday] here we go  -- lets look at the agreement -- first page of what they are activating as far as the agreement

    [millionday] TRADE AND INVESTMENT FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF IRAQ CONCERNING THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRADE AND INVESTMENT RELATIONS The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Iraq (individually, a "Party" and collectively, the "Parties") :

    [millionday] Recognizing the urgent need to revive Iraq's economy, bolster private-sector development and further Iraq's reintegration into the world economy, and noting the work of the U .S .-Iraq Joint Commission on Reconstruction and Economic Development to advance these objectives ;

 2 . Desiring to enhance the bonds of friendship and spirit of cooperation between the two countries ;

Desiring to further promote both countries' international trade and economic interrelation between both countries ;

 4. Recognizing the importance of fostering an open and predictable environment for international trade and investment ;

5. Recognizing the benefits to each Party resulting from increased international trade and investment, and that trade-distorting investment measures and protectionist trade barriers would deprive the Parties of such benefits ;

 6. Desiring to promote transparency and to eliminate bribery and corruption in international trade and investment ;

    [millionday] so that is the first page of the agreement -- huge smile  - sure does look like the agreement of what we just read is to begin  so whooopow

    [jtank] WTO

    [crank7] Whooopow!!!

    [millionday] i have to say the permanently word for the exchange rates is the best part - oh we have news on the wto  smile

    [kimberly1] I liked to see that word!

    [millionday] just thought i would let us take a break

    [jtank] lol

    [millionday] sure is a lot going on wouldnt you say ?  lol

    [kimberly1] A lot happening and very fast!

    [sczin11] millionday lets digest and summarize what you have brought in.. please!!!

    [jetset] rv now!

    [jtank] Soooo Close

    [swan2013] OMG... I am on the floor and so READY TO GET UP AND GET MOVING WITH THIS BLESSING!!!

    [Signman] MiLionday ?

    [jtank] Call it MD--lol

    [millionday] oh honey

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] jtank Sooooo Close......But still just out of reach....for now.

    [millionday] i am so ready -- what a long ride it has been

    [sczin11] millionday is this an article as a summary from the meetings last week in US..??

    [millionday] ok so let me show you the wto  - no this is communication either today or yesterday

    [millionday] probably today with holiday

    [slh5282] I'm late but here

    [sczin11] millionday ty

    [millionday] and also remember the OMF demanded that all arab countries do what they have been told and reform

    [millionday] welcome hun

    [jtank] tardy slip for you lol

    [millionday] welcome all that are just coming in   lol  brb with more

    [slh5282] Any good news thus far?

    [millionday] slh5282 lol   oh hun you will have to read -- so much