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TNT Call 18-Apr-2014 Notes
Tony:  Good morning! Today is April the 18th.  I sincerely hope this is the last time I have to make this call.  This is a special day for a lot of people, so I hope this will be a short call, an hour or less. I know you have some questions…
For those with other things to do today, everything is good. Everyone is still moving.  I do expect us to see his between now and Monday, if not before. It could come in the next hours or days.  Iraq is telling their people the time to do currency reform is now.  Their elections are happening now.  This should have been announced on the 1st, then the 15th, and now it’s the 18th.  They are actually finalizing things for closeout, with major decision on how this is to be presented to you and to the world.  They have scheduled some television things to go out, who will stand up in front of the world.  Those are the meetings taking place in the last 48 hours.
You have every reason to be in anticipation;  everyone is pushing for it, even the US.  They are ready for it to go as soon as the last detail is completed.  They are pushing forward, saying “let’s do this right, let’s make this happen”.  What is required?  They are trying to satisfy everyone’s final piece because they are agreed it is time for this to happen.  So let’s keep it simple, not too many details.
I want to say this:  we don’t know everything going on behind closed doors. I don’t know everything, and I know a lot!  You guys certainly don’t know everything.  We do know this:  things aren’t always as they seem.  There have been definite delays, not for personal gain, but because if it had gone through, it would have had a negative effect on us all.  I’ve gone through this, and you may think you know what that feels like, but you haven’t and you don’t really know.  Years ago I heard President Obama was stopping it and going on and on, and I was talking to some Republican Senators were laughing, saying that “people have no idea, but as long as he is taking the blame, we’re okay with that!” 
So people have to understand that things have been going on for your protection, things that you don’t know about.  When George Bush was in office, I didn’t like him or what he and Cheney were doing, but it’s a fact that went he left office, and he was on the Oprah Winfrey show, he became human and personal to me.  He relaxed, he put out his book, and I would have liked him a lot better if I’d known that while he was in office. Today, I respect him, but it was only after I read his book and now I know. 
Some things have gone down the road in history, and you will find out things you didn’t know about, and you’ll be surprised.  I was mad hearing the same th9ings about President Obama, but when we find out the real reasons or situations, we will see that it was for the greater good that we didn’t get this earlier.  That’s the big picture, and that’s what I like to look at, not just what satisfies me.
Whatever happens in our future, this is one thing we know about the United States:  we do not have a dictator.  Even though he is President, there are committees and boards and democracy here.  He might have the final say-so, but he doesn’t make the decision without his advisers and even his opponents in the room.  He didn’t do any of this by himself, nor did President Bush or President Clinton.  Someone had to agree with the entire position or process for it to happen.  When we get that, we know that one single guy is not holding up the entire world;  even if we don’t like it, we have to see that a group of people is supporting that decision or position.
I believe that this is over.  They are talking about it in the past tense.  We are just waiting for the announcement and for the procedures to go to the bank.  As we know, I may not always be right, but I’m never wrong.  [Pam:  I can’t believe he said that!]
212 caller:  I have a couple quick questions.  You said that everybody has one last thing to get into the deal, is that what you said?  Will they be happy to go in any case?
Tony:  I think they are all going to get it, so everybody’s happy.  It’s something everybody can live with, and they’ll say “Let’s go!”
Caller:  I know you have to stay away from rates and dates;  is there still a four-tier rate system?
Tony:  I believe there is.  I think we are probably going to have that call to inform you about the process.  DC says the powers fed back to him that we don’t get a vote on which scenario to use, but I think they will take that into account.  We just don’t know how much time we’ll have or how it will be delivered.
Caller:  So we might have THE call some time over the weekend?
Tony:  I really do believe that’s possible.
Caller:  When I got to the bank and want to negotiate the contract rates, might this have to do with the amount of dinar you are holding?   Does that qualify me for a higher rate
Tony:  I don’t’ think the amount will be the qualifier there.  It may be the time that you go in, and the agreement that you sign.
Caller:  The agreement I am willing to sign might be the qualifier?  Will you have those contracts beforehand?
Tony:  It would be great if they did that;  I have in the past.  Even if we don’t have the actual contracts, I think we’ll have enough in formation to brief you all.  Of course I will look at that information and see where it fits into my plan to make my decisions. They went from a five page NDA to 11 pages, to 19 pages and back to five pages.  I don’t know the type size on that, of course!  There was such an uproar, they tried to reduce it and make it simpler.  The contracts are more crucial – will there be one contract for all banks, one range of fees and points?  We don’t know.  If it’s standard, simple, across the board, that would be great.  But I think we’ll have to discuss it, let you know what we have, answer what we can, and we’ll be ready to go.
570 caller:  They keep saying the US controls the IMF with 17%, so they can stop anything they want.  Also, on the internet they say that the US will give up that right because the BRICs will cut the US out and start a new version of the IMF.
Tony:  They are starting a mini-IMF anyway, with each of those countries putting in 100 billion dollars.  That will affect the US economy right there.  They are saying, we can do this ourselves;  we don’t need to go to the main IMF.  That is diluting our influence and our dollar right there.  They can make their own decisions without us.  So we are losing power, so why would we give up power overall when they are doing this anyway.
They are talking about creating a new IMF, globally, but that would take time and effort and I don’t see it happening. Is that holding up the RV?  No, that’s a totally different issue.
303 caller:  If they’re no longer using the US dollar in Iraq and bonds were sold at $3.71, why are they still having auctions?
Tony:  They have been putting up fake auctions for over a year.  This is not supposed to be for the public to know or anticipate. If they have told them to stop using them and are putting out the lower denominations, who is going to buy them?  People in our inner circle have received the bonds and also commissions off the bonds.
Caller: Is there a way to contact you after the RV?  I have a way to take money out of the equation in elections, and I’d like to talk to you about that.
Tony:  You just got your name put on a list, and my name highlighted!  That still was part of the concern of our getting this money, being in this position, even with our own site – do we influence things in the future, and if so, who with?  Usually they have the ALL the money to control all that.  We don’t have all the money, but there are five million of us, and that could effect a change… and believe me, they are aware of it.  They’ve always asked me now to be involved in politics – but I can still talk to you!
601 caller:  I’m super-fantastic, like everybody else.  I have a simple question:  come exchange day, when you call the 800 number and say you choose $32 rate.  If I read the contract and decide not to sign that $32 rate;  will that bank have the other rates, too. 
Tony:  They will certainly have the international rate.
Caller:  Could you take the next one down that is $10 or $20? 
Tony:  You can take any rate they offer… The rate will depend on what they can offer you and when they change their rates.
Caller: So if I call the 800 number and go to the bank, I’m not going to have to make several different calls to choose between the rates…
Tony:  I don’t have all their procedures, but the bank and call people have told me about their procedures.  They are going to make sure that money doesn’t go out of the bank.
Caller:  I’m legally blind and it takes me a long time to read a contract.  Will there be someone at the bank to help me, or will I have to come back another time if my lawyer cannot go with me?
Tony:  I would think that the bank would NOT be able to read it to you and tell you to sign it.  You would have to read it yourself or bring someone to read it for you, so that the bank can stay on their side of the desk, so to speak.
310 caller:  I only have dong in my possession and want to have dinar as reserves.  Do I need to have money  upfront for that?
Tony:  There are a lot of site out there. Most require 5-10% upfront.  I use Sterling because I’ve used them for years and I trust them.  They are nationwide and will deliver to you next day.  Go to sterlingcurrency.com or dinarbanker.com and they’ll switch you over.
Caller:  I’m short on cash, though…
Tony:  You can do anything until the announcement is made.  The banks will not put currency on reserve;  you have to buy outright.  But talk to the currency sites.
Chinese caller:  Well wishes to your mother and father;  I hope they are doing okay.  I see you have a big heart, and that gives me the courage to call you.  I have been up and down, and have almost given up my normal life listening to all this. You get excited like we do and then I do my homework, and I calmed down, and I don’t get up and down as much.  Who is the small group you are talking about… the banker… like with the 13 Families that control global finances for a thousand years.  In the US, these are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and these bankers control the powers.  Something has to happen to change the bankers and the banking system.  They are on the edge right now.  We don’t use violence, but we can use Twitter to make them worry and let them know.  I concentrate my mind and spirit and energy to all the people our government and also to the bankers, telling them they need to do the right thing, without violence.  I do that and now you say that President Obama can step in to make it happen, but nothing happened. Then you said that important person stepped in, but still nothing happened.  Now many people are very disappointed.  I cannot speak for others, but perhaps we can get through the same feeling of those situations.  Today seems very positive, but I am not excited like I used to be;  that disappointment hurt too much.  Everyone do your homework so that you are not anxious and don’t ask “why, why, why?” It’s hard to tell who is a good person and who is a bad person… [more of the same;  I couldn’t follow]
Tony:  I appreciate your call, that you did your homework, that you found out about the banks.  I wish others would do that.  You represent (to me) that this is the reason we are doing this.  We are doing this for you, and hoping to understand what is going on in the bigger picture.  You have a good grasp, and it makes our work worthwhile hearing from you.  The fact that you understood Twitter and what it was about, that makes us feel we are doing it for the right reasons.  I really do appreciate it.
Caller:  It’s hard for me to judge President Bush and President Obama.  President Kennedy tried to change the system, and he got killed.  The internet lets people awake so at least they know more.  I send my energy to the good people in the government. Even now the bankers and leaders go outside the country to consult with each other. If I can do the homework, with my language difficulties, so can everyone else.
Tony:  Well, thank you!  I appreciate your call!  You’re the reason we’re here!
352 caller:  This morning there are screens from Yemen with a $7 rate. Is this going live around the world now, country by country?
Tony:  From what I know, yes, you answered the questions.  It has been going all week, country by country.  This was what started back in December and never completed. There were 800 numbers given out yesterday and people were told that it was given out too soon.  This happened with Forex as well, that there is premature exposition. Some people may be trying to force the announcement, so we don’t know for sure, but it does make sense in terms of the process. 
Caller:  So that rate is going to float quite a bit for those who don’t want to sign NDAs and contract. You’ve never said as much about the President before.  That implies that this administration has been holding up the process.  For how long?
Tony:  They were holding up the process, the issues I’m aware of were for the greater good of dinarians, and those issues have been resolved.  It has nothing to do with the President putting money in his own pocket.  I know what he’s been going through because I’ve gone through as we’ve been waiting.  There is a good argument behind what’s been going on and it’s for our country as a whole.  They don’t want you to know that and no one will known until the book comes out, like I said with President Bush.
Caller:  You did say a few weeks back that if we knew the reasons for the holdup, we would be angry, but you’re saying now that…
Tony:  Things right up to this point (from 1. April) were for our good.  If the President had just wanted his own good or money, he would have done it in December, because that would have stimulated the economy and we would only have seen the negative results in two or three years.  His rating is low, and he could have changed that a long time ago, but he’s thinking of what will sustain our country for the next 50 or 100 years.  I won’t say what those things are because I don’t want to affect the process.
Caller: Do you think it could happen this weekend, even Easter weekend?
Tony:  Yes, I do think it could happen this weekend.  There are people at the call and exchange centers right now, on Good Friday and Easter weekend.  I’m not worried about those people beating me up;  in the end, we’ll see who wins.
865 caller: How much lead time will the dealers be given before the announcements are made?
Tony:  I don’t know.  Are you trying to time when the sites go down?
Caller:  That would be nice.  Can you tell us when the last detail is completed?
Tony:  All you need to look for is the tweet saying the RV is here.  There is nothing else to look for, it’s all in the back room, apart from things like Yemen is doing.  They’ve been having intense meetings to get this bottled up. Everyone is in a good place, ready to get this done.
Caller:  What about the international trade of gold being suspended until next Monday?
Tony:  I hadn’t heard that, but it would make sense to do that if they are going to change the rates over the weekend.
Caller:  Where is DC today?
Tony:  He’s got all kinds of excuses not to be on the call! Sometimes they tell him he can be on the call and sometimes what is going on is too critical to be on the call.  You think I’m bad – he’s much worse about giving out information!  Sometimes they advise him not to be on the call OR he has something else to do. 
I can tell you he will be on THE call.  He’ll have a dominant role with that;  we will go back and forth with the questions, plus we’ll go over the procedures that they give us. He’ll be on that, right after he gets back from the bank!
[I had to stop listening at this point because I’m at a conference.]



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THE NEW REPUBLIC IS HERE FOLKS........................
SONG/VIDEO FOR TODAY........................
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Temptations - Get Ready     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3Ix4hKSnxQ


4-18-2014   Newshound Guru Chattels   [new guru]   Executive Order 13303 was issued on May 22, 2003 by United States President George W. Bush to protect the Development Fund for Iraq for the rebuilding of Iraq from any legal attachments or liens. Further, it protects Iraqi oil products and interests and ownership by US persons (defined to include US corporations) from attachment as well. Executive Order 13303 also terminates sanctions specified in EO 12722, EO 12724, EO 13290, as it applies to the development fund. In effect, EO 13303 provides an extraordinarily broad legal shield for any and all contractors and mercenaries working in Iraq on behalf of US corporations in any oil related enterprise.

4-18-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:   "Central Bank: 70 trillion dinar bank deposits"   This is a huge article...think about it...if the CBI's plan was to reduce the money supply they are announcing today that 70 trillion dinar sits in banks.  The choice will be..loan it out or reform the currency and raise the value of the dinar.  Now is the time with all this dinar out of circulation.

4-18-2014   Newshound Guru wmawhite 
  I too bought the Dong...however, I do not believe that the VND will RV...because, Viet Nam, just like China must export large quantities to fuel their economies. In order to keep their products cheap their currency must be kept LOOOOOW.   Again, Viet Nam is very similar to China. It products and export alot, IMO.

4-18-2014   Intel Guru Winalot
   this is from a currency dealer in Yemen...they are always accurate: "Exchange Rates Today in Iraq against the Iraqi dinar from the Iraqi Central Bank:  U.S. dollars  Buy - 6.9806    Sale - 7.0143.  funny thing...there are several sites overseas that i check rates at...all have taken down their exchange rates, or removed the IQD.  also...seems that there are 2 iraqi parliament sites! 

4-18-2014   Intel Guru TerryK
   Talked to UST contact this afternoon everything is looking great for this week.  They did tell me that the holdup is Obama he is not wanting the masses to benefit from this blessing because of what it represents. I did also here that he is purposing that the rate come out below the $3.42 and then let it rise from there. I don't know if that is true or not.   So the UST is telling me that it is still in good position for it to come out tomorrow [Friday].  I know that tomorrow is Friday but we will see what happens. That is the best news I have for today.  

4-18-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3
   THIS NOTICE...RECEIVED FROM VERY GOOD FRIEND--directly from Iraqi > Iraq moved to 'caretaker' government from today until after the elections. He feels nothing of importance will happen until GOI returns. However CBI can still do it if they want but he says very unlikely in his opinion.   LIKE I HAVE SAID MANY TIMES, EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION AND ONLY TIME WILL TELL THE FACTS. HOWEVER MEMBERS OF FINANCE COMMITTEE AND PARLIAMENT AND GOI  LEADERS HAVE SAID THE CBI NEEDS TO RV PRIOR TO THE ELECTIONS.

4-18-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   So this news today from Iraq is very special since it coincides with what we are now hearing from the IMF on progress made at the meeting this past week in DC. I am now hearing they have a target end date of April 30 to complete the current phase of the global reset process. They can now move forward. The stalemate between the IMF and the USA is over!  We are so close to the final activation of these currency rate changes at the banks I can hardly stand the excitement. I have watched the contact in the IMF now (once again) notify Iraq that these changes were about to be effective and that their currency was about to go international.  The RV train is moving once again.   [post 3 of 3]

4-18-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Significant Recent Events:  First I have found out the USA and the IMF have reached a mutual decision on how to handle these reforms, in particular the voting rights issues...I have been assured the issue is no longer a problem for the process to move forward. Secondly, another reason for the delay has been the release of the new UST notes to the general public in USA. These notes are now sitting in the USA banks ready to be disseminated. The plan is now to carryout the original plan with minor change and will more forward. Thirdly I have been told today also the Iraq GOI has reached an agreement with the Kurds on the budget.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-18-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
    I...just got off the phone with my IMF contact. Today is early Friday morning and the news could not get any better. Let me first remind you...that the passing of the Iraq 2014 budget is dependent on the IQD currency revaluation announcement and not the other way around. In other words watch for the GCR and you will then see the announcement of passing or the high likelihood of the Iraq budget passing in the near future. The two would coincide nicely. Watch for one and you would see the other.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-18-2014   Newshound Guru wmawhite  
    IMO, the statement by the MoF last year that the IQD will experience a dramatic change in value prior to June 2014 and the expiration of EO 13303 on 22 May 2014 has alot to do with the IQD than many realize.  ...even with the stalemate in Erbil and the hold up with the budget...the CBI has been lights out...speeding forward. They wait on no one.  [post 2 of 2]

4-18-2014   Newshound Guru wmawhite
    When the time is right the CBI in conjunction with the IMF and WB will change the status of the IQD. They will not wait on anyone or anything IF the time is right.  [no way was M [Maliki] going to gain politically from this event.]  concur...M [Maliki] is old news.  remember, it could take many months before the new government is formed. However, IMO, if the time is right, the CBI will move forward with the IQD.


4-18-14 TerryK: Talked to UST contact this afternoon everything is looking great for this week.  They did tell me that the holdup is Obama he is not wanting the masses to benefit from this blessing because of what it represents. I did also here that he is proposing that the rate come out below the $3.42 and then let it rise from there. I don't know if that is true or not. So the UST is telling me that it is still in good position for it to come out tomorrow [Friday].  I know that tomorrow is Friday but we will see what happens. That is the best news I have for today.


I'm on with the guys right now
[9:06:09 AM] :says: second: the banker said that ALL THE US BANKS have the new UST notes and will be using them/distributing them next week
[9:06:26 AM] : says: three: ALL of the issues are DONE

Please note, this person is not talking to the TNT intel team.  Not sure who he/she is talking to at all.


Incognito April 18, 2014 at 8:50am Jack Lew and Christine Legarde are meeting /have met. The Chinese have verified the bond trade is completed  and the Chinese Elders will announce the IMF are moving forward as the US has come to an agreement.The TRN will be released. The gold-backed IRAQI bonds sales will be done signaling the reset of the global currency and will be announced


This is from a currency dealer in Yemen...they are always accurate: "Exchange Rates Today in Iraq against the Iraqi dinar from the Iraqi Central Bank: U.S. dollars Buy - 6.9806 Sale - 7.0143." Funny thing...there are several sites overseas that I check rates at...all have taken down their exchange rates, or removed the IQD. Also...seems that there are 2 Iraqi Parliament sites!



Truckerbabe67:  Rates ~ by yemens forex :   A freind shared this with me,  thought id share.  I dont know too much about forex and the numbers but from what i gather its comparing the other currencies to the dinar     


and according to this if its the way im thinking,    showing the us dollar  6.99  buy  and 7  sell     so........ would mean about 7 bucks per dinar?    

I sure hope thats right!!!     Idk?    i could be wrong but i sure hope thats right! lol   come on RV!!!      anyways thought id share..this may be nothing,  but might be something?  who knows?!     sure looks hopefull?