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Welcome to Wednesday  Evening Roundtable with Millionday!

    [millionday] good to see everyone wow the news has been great day in and day out  smile

    [millionday] wow with what we had last night on the rush to rv -- i liked that a lot smile  at least someone over there feels what we do  lol

    [millionday] lets start with what OOTW had so i can see what it is  go ahead OOTW lets see what it is hun

    [OOTW] CoM Site: Authorize the Secretary of State the authority to negotiate and sign a draft agreement regulating the activities of the UN Mission for Assistance to Iraq Cabinet decided to authorize the Secretary of State the authority to negotiate and sign a draft agreement regulating the activities of the UN mission to provide assistance to Iraq between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the United Nations after the addition of amendments scheduled to Articles II and VII of Alagh in line with the legal opinion of the State Council,
  according to the provisions of Article ( 80 / item VI) of the Constitution. came in resolution No. (188) for the year 2014 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare a document authorization required on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Iraq to Mr. Foreign Minister,

according to the contexts approved and submitted to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in order to obtain the signature of the President of the Council of Ministers. came Maardth dec

    [OOTW] the signature of the President of the Council of Ministers. came Maardth decision based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Legal Department of the regular session of the fifth session held on the fifteenth of April.

    [OOTW] http://www.dinarupdates. ··· ril-2014

    [OOTW] From the Iraqi Constitution - outlining the topics of discussion from the CoM article above: Article (80): The cabinet shall exercise the following powers: Sixth: to negotiate treaties and international conventions, signed or authorized by.

    [millionday] is that it ?  the end

    [OOTW] do you want my comments?  lol

    [millionday] lol

    [clay] yes

[OOTW] OOTW ~ This article requires back up research of the UNAMI mandate, however, below please find the constitutional references from the article: To date, I've been unable to get a complete version of the UNAMI mandate.

The directives of the Federation Council fall under the UNAMI mandate/were composed within the UNAMI mandate. And to date, we know according to the Parliament's website, that the law to enact the Federation Council has been read (at least) twice in the House of Representatives.

 Also, within the past three months, especially in January, we saw the Najafi introduced the law again to parliament for revisions.

    [fishheads] yes[OOTW] SOME learned Iraqi researchers think it's doubtful we'll see the enactment of the Federation Council, at least while Maliki is PM. But I would like to point out that according to the mandate (based on articles I've read) that the Federation Council is to be overseen by Five Chairman –

 so yes, if/when enacted, this would greatly diminish Maliki's powers, but...my hope is that we won't need to worry about that soon

    [clay] OOTW we heard of the council 2 years ago it would be great if enacted

    [OOTW] yes - initially Allawi was guaranteed to head the Federation Council and it's been said that's one of the reasons he yielded to allowing Maliki to be PM in exchange for that post

    [millionday] i think that is great -- the UN ammendments are the movement and placement for Iraq`s stability and also gives them back their rights to activate all conventions and there have been alot

    [millionday] right that was for the last term

    [OOTW] yes  thanks for clearing that up, MD

    [millionday] what are your comments ?  lol

    [OOTW] they are above  lol

    [OOTW] I remember reading a while ago that there may perhaps be UNAMI amendments (within the UNAMI mandate) that address currency issues, but I cannot guarantee that as I've not read the entirety of the UNAMI mandate  -- don't have access to it

    [clay] OOTW we have heard that b4 as well

    [millionday] i can see what they are meaning -- the addition to move forward with all foreign conventions is a whopper

    [clay] the Federation Council is huge

    [OOTW] this article states that they want to present this to Maliki for approval

    [OOTW] "came in resolution No. (188) for the year 2014 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare a document authorization required on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Iraq to Mr. Foreign Minister, according to the contexts approved and submitted to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in order to obtain the signature of the President of the Council of Ministers."

    [millionday] trust in all their agreements with many many countries are hugely dependent on trade

    [millionday] so this is not complete but will be signed

    [OOTW] so, I'm not sure if Maliki will sign it to pass onto the parliament, however, why would his lackey in the CoM state that they would present this to Maliki if he wouldn't enact it?

    [OOTW] yes clay

    [millionday] i would say yes -- he signed the monetary policy right away  well it was actually parts of it the removal of the three zeros

    [OOTW] ahhh..thx MD

    [millionday] he is ready for the citizens to have and for him to be elected i know that for sure

    [OOTW] agreed  - Do you think it too late to see the reaping of the benefits in time for the elections?

    [texasrangersjt] but will they give M the money!??

    [millionday] his addresses to the citizens have been nothing short of a sale

    [OOTW] lol

    [millionday] oh yes i do but if they hurry he will be hitting the press and trying  lol  i have some here on news -- here we go   thanks hun

    [millionday] Criticized MPs and economists random pricing of food in the country, but they added that the country's reliance on the principle of the free market does not mean making the prices without controls,

pointing to the need for the formation of a body to monitor the market provided by the Consumer Protection Act passed by Parliament in years without the application.

    [millionday] A member of the Committee for Economy and Investment parliamentary Mahma Khalil Qassem, the "long" it "because of the absence of tariff and non-activation of the Consumer Protection Act, there is a difficulty in controlling the phenomenon of random commodity pricing.

"The border crossing points is well disciplined for allowing the entry of goods of others good and bad by traders as well as the regulatory agencies on consumer prices in the market is weak and not at the required level.

    [millionday] note -- this is talking about the activation of the market  and we love it

    [babesbro] millionday ok im confused......I thought you said in here last week that the Fed Council was enacted already? OOTW article doesnt read like that?

    [millionday] babesbro the article that he has is not about the formation of the federation --- it is about the UN document and the start of conventions being activated  that is the results anyway  let me bring the rest of this

    [millionday] The economist said, on behalf of Antoine "long" that "after 2003 became the Iraqi market, a market free based on competition and supply and demand is determined by commodity,"

and added that "there are twice as large by the regulatory authorities in the implementation of many of the principles of the market on this phenomenon

There is also a breakdown by traders in the pricing of goods by what he wants and as available in the market.

    [millionday] He pointed out the necessity of forming a body under the Consumer Protection Act, which passed it nearly four years and did not establish and be a role monitoring the market in terms of price and terms of the quality,

"adding that" civil society organizations must I play a major role in the case and added it associations of commercial and industrial and have a role in the control of the market.

    [millionday] note --this is about forming a monitoring committee for the tariff and consumer protection act

    [millionday] In the same vein, said economic analyst, Abbas Ghalibi told the "term" that "the apparent dumping the commodity by traders and crammed their local markets after 2003 is one of the phenomena remarkable in recent times," noting that "this negative phenomenon limit the phenomenon of dynamic Iraqi market.

    [millionday] He noted that "the actions taken by the government is the procedure is a deterrent and making commercial fraud spread dramatically,"

adding that "therefore, embarking on the pricing of goods and commodities is something almost impossible for government agencies because they were struggling before to identify the phenomenon of dumping the commodity in the Iraqi market and in turn did not regulators can control this negative phenomenon.

    [millionday] note -- this is a great thing for them to have this committee and right there is why

    [millionday] great point -- they cant leave it to the gov smile

    [millionday] He pointed out that "the domestic industry industry is unused but is semi-paralyzed and in addition to the phenomenon of import of goods from poor areas of the originator is one of the phenomena that affect directly on the problem.

He said the "solution in the treatment of this is apparent that the government and regulatory laws for activating the consumer protection laws and the product and the customs tariff law if done properly will help to reduce this negative phenomenon.

    [millionday] so what we are seeing with this is the ACTION they need to go to a market economy – HUGE - obviously this goes along with all of what we want to see - let me say the market economy can only happen with a reality rate - and that is what we are waiting for smile


Millionday Wed Eve Roundtable  Part 2









    [millionday] hold that thought hun we are right in the middle of this report  thanks

    [millionday] oh hun that is terrible  we will pray for you and them poppy -- so sorry to hear - we say prayer every night and will make sure to add your family - please tell them we have 47000 people that will pray for them

    [millionday] let me say that what poppy is saying goes along with what i have been saying as well -- all around the same time also there was a question before this was posted -- can you repost?

    crank7 millionday I agree however, if the meeting with the Kurds demands today, does not go well then "no budget!" No RV. Correct?

    [millionday] no that is not going to stop the rate from showing but may put it off days -- CBI has made it clear that they are setting the rate and also the budget has been described as being the beginning of investment--jobs--money flow for contracts and the lively hood for citizens so

    [millionday] as we know the revalue can happen without the budget without a doubt  but the ? is will they do it without the signing off on the budget being done before that we dont know yet

    [crank7] millionday Thank you!

    [ggrr] I have a suggestion how about they just RV and then we dont have to wonder anymore

    [millionday] but CBI and the finance dept (Parl) have been demanding to hurry on the revalue -- so we shall see   let me see what i see on what is going on with the kurds  brb with more

    [crank7] Would love to know if the Kurds demands were accomplished or denied.

    [millionday] lets look at this

    [millionday] MPs and experts considered the law and the economy that the removal of the budget to the next parliamentary session is unconstitutional, and that the delay would make the state only consuming and suffer from zero growth.

 The former MP Wael Abdul Latif said the current parliament can pass a bill the federal budget in the remaining period in the event of a political agreement to do so and noting that third parliamentary session begins legitimacy on the fourteenth of June.

Abdel-Latif explained that members of the next legislative session will not actually begin until after their swearing-in, according to Article fifty of the Constitution, which stipulates that the lead member of the House of Representatives was sworn in before the Council before beginning his work.

    [wmawhite] Just a note:........the budget is no guarantee of a revalued IQD.............however, the budget needs a new IQD.

    [millionday] so this doesnt tell us if they have reached an agreement --  however i know that barzani was meeting today on it - it is unconstitutional to hold it over is nice to know though  brb with more

    [millionday] still looking brb

    [ajay214] nothing they says aligns with anything they said previously - wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago they were saying they didn't need a majority to pass the budget and they would pass it with those in attendance?

    [crank7] wmawhite would a "new IQD" be an RV?? LOL

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] They are like our politicians. Can't believe anything they say!

    [tbob] oh yes we can

    [letsroll] ajay214 it sorta shows this years budget might in fact be different and they need all ( kurds ) in agreement..

    [ajay214] Smokey Mtn. Dinar lol the only thing different about them is they probably smell worse lol

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] ajay214 lol Definitely!

    [DBJJ] ajay214 always needed a majority for passage

    [ajay214] DBJJ that's not what they were saying before

    [millionday] i dont see any response yet on the budget agreement

    [wmawhite] crank7 ...............what we ought to look for is a change in the status of the IQD.......moving into Article 8 of the IMF...with that brings international acceptance and a dropping of the programmed rate of 1166 and their new reality rate.

    [millionday] i have something else though just a sec

    [millionday] here we go on talks of their funds

    [millionday] The Ministry of Finance confirmed that talks in Washington to protect Iraqi funds abroad after the end of the period of immunity in 22/05/2014, while stressed the need for the adoption of the law offices prudent to do to provide payments for the benefit of Iraq before the courts of Foreign Affairs.

    [millionday] The ministry said: "The Minister of Finance and agency purity of net debt and the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq in the building of the Iraqi Embassy United States of America in Washington,

discussed with the legal adviser to the Ministry of Finance of the Foundation Cleary Kutlb discuss the status of the measures that will protect Iraqi funds abroad and to be implemented by the Iraqi government after the expiration of the immunity in 22/05/2014.

    [wmawhite] millionday .....this is big!!! It clearly indicates that EO 13303 is going by-by.[millionday] so they are setting up the repayment of debts and negotiating with countries and by by to 13303 exactly and the dfi fund as we know it

    [millionday] this is all huge huge - so with no extension in sight we are very happy

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] SOOOOO Close, but just out of reach! :O

    [millionday] this shows us that they are moving to the entire globe with the tariff and consumer protection and customs and also the contracts being gained in that country currency

    [ajay214] Smokey Mtn. Dinar on May 18-19, the guru's will be saying the 23rd - 25th looks really good for an rv lol

    [millionday] lol i have something else very very good  brb

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] lol

    [millionday] Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, Wednesday, that Iraq is going through a period of development by good reports have been discussed by the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.

 Safi said in a press statement that "the World Bank expressed satisfaction with the progress in the Iraqi economy, which is active in recent years as a result of the expansion of investment operations for the exploitation of its natural resources optimally.

    [millionday] period of development

    [Richard Incrocci] A period of DEPLOYMENT would be nice

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] Richard Incrocci AGREED!

    [millionday] He said the net that "the report of the World Bank about the Iraqi economy showed clear improvement in the country's economy, but he also warned of the risk of increasing pressure on the Iraqi budget because of the high overhead and delay in approving the budget for the country,"

pointing out that "the Bank will develop a study to assess the economic situation to be accurate and provide the necessary support needed by Iraq in the implementation of strategic projects.

    [millionday] note -- this is from the world bank

    [millionday] He added that "the meetings detailed underway between Iraq and the IMF and the World Bank on projects implemented by international institutions affiliated to them in Iraq as projects external road link between Iraq and neighboring countries and the dry canal project,"

adding, "it was also discussed observations and reports that you see these international institutions on the process economic and financial management in Iraq and the mechanism to deal with the Iraqi budget. "

    [millionday] He pointed out that "Iraq will be present at all meetings of the IMF and World Bank Aldollin addition to the meetings to be held by the World Bank at its headquarters in Amman"

    [millionday] the global impact of these projects are huge for all -- they are discussing roads bridges etc for trade with the region and the globe - the world bank is very happy with the economic progress of Iraq and that is a first  lol

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] YAY!

    [DBJJ] Then progress to an RV now!

    [letsroll] man they gotta move off that programmed rate ..... like 2day ... Thanks for RT all

    [millionday] very nice pushing for the budget -- talking about pressure on the budget being passed

    [millionday] yw all the time hun good to see ya

    [buck] If they were to RV before the budget is agreed on, would this put more pressure on passing the budget or give them more time?

    [millionday] yes it would add pressure

    [millionday] add

    [buck] Thanks, would make parliament look bad and M look good?

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] buck CBI is in charge of RV, so, IMO, it would make parliament and M look bad!

    [millionday] no that would make them all look very bad  - they are supposed to be getting it done per constitution  - so not getting it done makes it unconstitutional  - very bad !!  smile

    [ggrr] I still think out of the blue when we least expect it ...it will just appear

    [millionday] the agreement is just about them all being responsible for the oil production -- not a big deal at all

    [clay] ggrr duh

    [dovi] did we find out if anything they said would have to be implemented within two days has been implemented?

    [clay] dovi not sure

    [dovi] clay me too  haven't heard anything as i recall

    [eaglesrest] 7000 AL Qaeda fighters are leaving their training camps IN THE OPEN to move back to their home countries (EVEN IRAQ) as reported on Fox news. Some of them even showed their faces on camera and announced it. They are becoming very bold. They are not, according to Obama, " on the run". HOWEVER, IT WILL NOT STOP THE RV!!!!

    [millionday] eaglesrest wow that is bold - seems like they should be easy to catch if they are the bunch causing problems smile

    [millionday] remember when they were pointing down the hole in the desert stating they had their capture down the hole -- now that was crazy

    [dovi] or perhaps a deal was struck with them that will ease things before election and RV..deal like a payoff?

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] I've always thought of them as a bunch of cowards, if they won't even show their face.

    [swan2013] millionday hi Millie and rudie... thanks for all you do in bringing the news in Ink!!!

    [dovi] and promise of no retaliation for now

    [millionday] i know that they have set up for the elections in Anbar and that area

    [millionday] it will go through per announcements

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] dovi I hope you are right. Maybe they are tired of fighting.

    [awesomedtl] Is it true Maliki is not on the elections ballots?

    [crank7] millionday and rudie.......the best to you this afternoon!!

    [swan2013] awesomedtl Maliki WHO

    [millionday] i just saw something on that brb here is something different that i found - not about maliki

    [millionday] Prime called the Economic Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Sabah al-Tamimi, Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce to refer to the central market to international companies to invest and turn it into a large commercial centers.

Said Sabah al-Tamimi's "Tomorrow's Press," "The provincial council submitted a request to the Ministry of Commerce to rehabilitate the central markets and referral for major companies to invest and turn it into a large commercial malls."

    [millionday] "The referral of the central market of the investment would stimulate trade of the capital Baghdad, through increased marketing outlets, as well as imparted to the aesthetic being longer Interface cultural capital", indicating that "Baghdad containing almost 12 markets centrally dispersed across different areas in Baghdad, it is possible exploited to create a huge malls. "

 It is said that the central market was set up at the beginning of the seventies of the last century and are in great demand in the eighties and nineties to 2003 after he stopped during the entry of the U.S. military to Iraq, which was adopted, including the headquarters of him, while the Iraqi government is trying to restore power to these markets exponentially again.

    [swan2013] millionday so is that saying they are ready to do some shopping???!!!!

    [millionday] so as we see here they are asking investors to create huge malls in baghdad and to make it huge for markets and imports etc --

    [millionday] this was from commerce  they certainly are wanting investment and imports etc --

    [millionday] so know that nothing will change but the money back in pockets will make citizens much better of course and also the opening of all ports and trade and the entry of the globe gives the people opportunity and this is pride and also growth and education for their children -- huge difference

    [millionday] even though the heat will remain -- the money will roll and the lights will be on -- so happy people fight less  --  always  smile

    [millionday] lets wrap it up and see everyone tonight maybe we will get some info on the budget

    [awesomedtl] I know it's so hard to even speculate on this but it just seems that they will wait till after elections!??

    [millionday] i think they are trying to do it before very hard  i have huge hope









(Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#


[I was not able to get on the call for the first five minutes.]

They said this would be announced by the 14th, it is now the 16th.  Agreements are still being worked on.

There are a lot of people on chat who think it’s okay to call people stupid.  These calls are free.  If you are listening and then complaining about it, that makes you stupid in my book.  I don’t want to retaliate, but I’m human like everyone else.

Maliki is going for a third term…

574 caller

206 caller –

Tony:  Everything is very good, very positive.  It’s a great day!

Caller:  I’ve been asking my friend in Iraq about the lower denominations;  she hasn’t seen any of those yet, she is still using the US dollar.  I have been checking on Facebook with other friends in Iraq;  some stuff I can verify.  Maliki is definitely running for the third term, and my friend told me that they are being told the currency will revalue after the elections, next month. I have some information that I want to give you… that may be for all of us.  You have my number.

Tony:  I got it this morning.  Thanks, I appreciate that.

Someone is telling people he is on our intel team, and I want to clear that up, that they are not.  They are passing information to this guy thinking he is connected to me.

Caller:  We are good people in Texas, I want to tell you that upfront. Some people bash you, but I want to applaud you for the information you are gving you.  I would have been one of those who are broke in two years if it were not for what you say on this call.  I found out about this in 2010;  I just bought it, and then started learning and I got on this call.  I couldn’t be your wife, because of what you have to put up with .  I want to thank you;  keep up the good work.

Tony:  Three of my intel people are from Texas, and I like Texas.  I just have to give them a hard time.  Pam, Ray, DC, and the whole team – we do the best we can do, given the information we get.  WE are not the government, but we do get information and I have to make the decision about whether this information will affect the people on a national or global level.  I get information and find out if others got the same thing and then I feel frree to say it.  There is a lot that goes into this, including things they wish the public doesn’t know.  I can say the public in terms of YOU, or bad guys listening to this call, or government agencies listening to this call.  There are at least eleven agencies and many countries listening to this call.  So I am attempting to say things that you don’t understand otherwise.  I could tell you things going on right now, but I can’t.

I can tell you that there were meetings and decisions this morning, but I cannot tell you the details without affecting what’s going on. If we felt something bad, wrong or adversely affecting YOU was happening, then I would tell you, and you can have confidence in that.

661 caller:  If you have dinar in hand and reserves, can you exchange cash at the bank at the international rate and pay off the reserves?

Tony:  Yes, if you have cash dinars in hand, you can exchange one note, pay off your reserves, and then take all the rest to your appointment.  There should be no problem with that so long as you haven’t yet signed the NDA that tells you not to use that money to pay for reserves.

The court overturned that Maliki can only run for two terms, and he really is running for his third time. It’s public, the date the court overturned the law.  Also, Fisherman (whoever that is) tells people we are part of his intel team, but I have no idea who that is.  Some intel people know him, and that is what we are being told.  Someone came on and told me about this.

512 caller:  My name is Tony and I’m from Texas!  I’ve been listening for well over a year now, and really appreciate the intel you and your team provide. With everything that is going on, how does this happen that the dinar was announced on 1. December but the CBI has never changed the rate, the elite has cashed in, and we’re still sitting here with nothing.  That seems like a conflict.

Tony:  Do you believe that those things HAVE happened, or have NOT happened?

Caller:  I believe they have happened, and then that statesman asked us to pull off the Twitter campaign and then we would have our time… and nothing happened.  We keep hearing it has happened, that the IMF and US administration has held it up, CL and Jack Lew were supposed to announce it… I believe it has happened but it seems counterproductive. [more of the same]

Tony: The answer is that we are all frustrated because we have only part of the information and we want it to happen because we need it.  They are still having meetings and discussions setting the final date for this to go, and we don’t know about that.  Again, back in December, they probably didn’t plan on having the RV until April because… that was their plan.  We were told that, we just didn’t want to believe it, yet here we are.  April was always their plan;  it just wasn’t our plan.

The things they are deciding and doing in the back rooms – we were never supposed to know about that.  If we didn’t know, we wouldn’t be upset about them moving around money and funding projects.  When we did find out, that forced them to make some decisions faster and to treat us more fairly.  Our issue was that they weren’t going to be fair to us.  They could pay the elite because those people wouldn’t run around like a chicken with their head cut off.  That’s jus the reality.  In the back room, they never expected us to know that or to say “this isn’t right” and all the rest.

Now we have an agreement that everyone will be treated fairly, they went back to the bargaining table and to their original timetable.  This is not about us. This is going to affect the US dollar and the US economy forever. They are trying to make sure the right people stay in power in the right places.  Just two days ago, the “Mini-IMF” organizations will be set up in 2015, without the US or our veto power, and using their own currency @ 100 billion.  That will devalue our dollar.

There is a lot going on in the background that is more important than our receiving our 100 million dollars.  We are going to be a Third World country if they don’t fix this situation.  I don’t want to interfere with that.  In December, I thought they were through with that, and they were just handing out money.  Now they are saying “We will treat everyone fairly, so just let us get on with it,” and we say Okay to that.

Caller:  On a site last night, they said that this will go any minute, with the USA or without them.

Tony:  Yes, there is a still an agreement that this will happen with or without us, but we don’t know what that day or time is.  We heard that back in January, but now everyone is saying “enough is enough”.  It’s out there, and everybody knows it.  They can negotiate, but they know the clock is ticking down to “with or without you”, whenever that time is.

Caller:  The IMF has given the US to the end of the year to figure this out.  Is this the end of their fiscal year, which is April, or the end of the calendar year 2014?

Tony:  It makes more sense to me for it to the end of their fiscal year… but they may be mixing up oranges and apples.

Caller:  Are they going to get off the pot, or are they going to wait until something forces their hand?

Tony:  I wanted it to happen yesterday.  I need the money like everyone else.  I’m tired of doing these calls, too.  I understand the frustration, but we need to look a the bigger picture.  It is going to happen. If you have dinar in hand, hold onto it. There are constant announcements that their country will be the richest in the region.  They’re not announcing that a year in advance. They are opening more banks and signing contracts.  They wouldn’t be doing that a year in advance!

Caller:  The longer Iraq waits, the more money they are losing.

Tony:  The DFI funds have been released;  they have their money, in their banks.  Why would they do that if their currency wasn’t going to change?  They have been accepted into the WTO.  They are signing documents so that when they walk out of the back room, everything is completed. There is no argument in parliament or in the news.  There is a reason why there aren’t any public arguments any longer.

Caller: If the Americans holding this up, is a Twitter campaign not worth considering to get the government off its haunches?

Tony: That is not what the Twitter campaign was about:  others were being paid, we were not, and we were drawing that to their attention.  We’re not going to do another campaign when they are being fair and they are making decisions not just for dinarians but for our country and the future of our economy.  When they are looking at the dollar being devalued, we don’t want to be part of that.  We don’t want to force bad decisions to be made.  If the dollar devalues to 74%, that will affect the whole economy and we don’t want to have that.

256 caller:  I appreciate the questions from the last caller;  everyone is frustrated and we cannot allow the US to sit back, but we can’t do anything about it.  I hate to see us in this position with the world;  we are losing authority fast.  My question is about the dong.  Will there be a contract rate on the dong?

Tony:  I believe there will be.

Caller:  A friend bought some dong and he is concerned about the rate.  One site showed a change in rate, but I think it was a typo on the website.  Anyway, until it goes international, we are waiting on the dinars for anything to happen, right?

Tony:  Yes, the dinar is the foundation of the public revaluation.

Caller:  so they are in the back rooms working and the US are sitting on their tails.  So if they get to the end of the fiscal year, and they go international, will we still have a contract rate?

Tony:  I think we will have one.  We will certainly have at least the international rate, but then those who got the high rates will have claw backs, so I don’t think we will go that far.

Caller: You said about people being stupid, on the beginning of the call – you’re right, they have the choice not to listen to the call.  They call us rednecks here, but I’ve met many more stupid people than we have in Texas!  If nothing has changed that you can cover, and I know these calls are costing your time and money, how about not having calls until something really changes?  Just send us a blast…

Tony:  After today you may get your wish, because if we can’t pay for the calls…

Caller:  I wish I could send you some money myself, but I’m a disabled vet.  They’re paying me for Agent Orange in Vietnam;  I hope I can help you out next month.

Tony:  Some people said for me not to do a call today, but I think it’s more important for people to know that things are NOT the same as on Monday. There have been some changes and developments. The closer we get, the less I am allowed to say.  If something bad is happened, we can say that on our own, but as things continue to get better… we are closer today than we were on Monday because some things have been put in motion and agreements made to get this done.  The only thing they haven’t done is to send me the 800 numbers and the package.  I expected this call to be over with.  If we have the money, we will go on with the calls, if we have to.  I honestly thought this would be over yesterday or Monday.  Things are being completed, we are on the 1” line, and I don’t know how much longer they can drag this out. I do know things are moving and people are in agreement.  I know that things are being done that mean more to the US and other countries, too.

The power players all have their own agendas.  They have to do things for their side, and people are only finding things out in the last hour.  Alliances are changing back and forth, and they are making new agreements for oil, oil credits, and so on.  But it’s close enough that they’re saying, “let’s do it!”

917 caller:  If they know it’s not happening, why do they tell YOU it’s happening, and then you tell us?  They are going into meetings, you said, so they know it’s not happening.

Tony:  They have called in the exchangers and call centers at, say, 8am, and then at noon someone else comes in who wasn’t at the early meeting, and then they have to fix or discuss something.  They do that, then they start it back up again, or they tell them to wait.  That’s what happens.  I think they should just go forward and deal with the glitches afterwards, rather than allowing 48 or 72 hours, but there are 200 countries involved.  There’s always something.

Caller:  Quick questions, yes or no.  Did the RV already happen secretly worldwide?

Tony:  Yes.

Caller:  Mtn Goat says no IMF reform means no RV…

Tony:  Wrong.

Caller:  Kaperoni says dong is not part of the GCR.

Tony:  Wrong.  We already know where the RV is.

Caller:  David?  Group.

Tony:  I’m not listening to him.

Caller:  Lower denominations in Iraq are out or not?

Tony:  They are out, already down to the fields (coins), with five different rates in various provinces.

Caller:  Where new higher notes printed?

Tony:  Article yesterday says they don’t have to print new notes because the lower ones are being distributed.

Caller:  Did Iran counterfeit the new notes?

Tony:  I know they smuggled some in last year, but there is no need to counterfeit if you can get the real thing.

Caller:  Jester says the RV won’t come in for three months.

Tony:  I think he’s wrong.

Caller:  Stryker says they are still using US dollars in Iraq.

Tony:  I think he’s wrong.  Now we know all those guys are going to come back and say Tony’s wrong.  We will see.

520 caller:  I read the Recaps for Monday;  one guy requested access to the forum.  Will that ever be open again?  You gave it to Pam to call the guy.

Tony:  Realistically, we haven’t opened it back up again because of all the negative people who cause trouble and disrupt it because they can’t deal with reality and have to blame someone when they don’t’ understand how the world works.  The Mods have dealt with most of that:  banned, restricted, etc.  It’s just a lot of work right here at the end of this process.

Caller:  With the GCR, we know that the US dollar will shrink.  Will we see that just through higher prices, or will it affect your mortgage payment…?

Tony: It will be in higher prices. The mortgage amount won’t change;  the interest rates probably will change. Everyday expenses will definitely change, because once transportation costs change, that has a ripple effect on everything. Two weeks ago we got the call from Canada that the US dollar was devalued 2%.  We haven’t seen the effects yet, but it was announced everywhere apart from here.  It will take some time, after the RV+GCR, maybe six months. It won’t affect us as much because we’ll be rich.  Our deficit will go down and there will be more jobs created, and more funding for social programs, so there is some upside.

717 caller:  I’m thrilled and surprised to be on the call.  Thanks for all you do, you and the Mods!  We’d be in serious trouble if it weren’t for you.  I have a problem with getting through the system you have on the website, for donations.

Tony:  If you hit the donate button, make sure you go to ‘friends and family’, not ‘goods and services’. If you put it in wrong, you get it refunded.  I cannot get back to every person who makes a donation, but PayPal sends you a receipt. I do thank everybody for it, there is no way I can spend my day sending thanks rather than gathering information. I know some people don’t like PayPal, but we are so close to the end… People have sent in some great suggestions, but I’ve been avoiding those because I don’t want to set up something new.  This could be our last day!  I do have a list of everyone who has made donations, and I do have a way to contact you.  It’s 100-200 people who are carrying 20,000 in the forum and however many more on these calls.

Caller:  Do you need a PayPal account to donate?

Tony:  I don’t think so;  I think you can do it through your credit card somehow.

661 caller:  Do you think there will be set rates between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia?

Tony:  Yes, I think so.

Caller:  Do you think the US system will collapse, and when?

Tony:  In order for the GCR to take place, the top five countries will have to devalue – in order for the bottom five to come up.  We are even, all debts are paid, let’s start over again with our money valued in a different way.  The top countries will gradually come back up.  That is what a revaluation is all about.  We know that it will float, and it will happen again in 200 years.  We are just here for the first one ever to happen in our lifetimes.  The RV and GCR are going to happen, and we will see another one in six months, and then in six months, each one probably smaller, like a ripple effect.  Then they will have the first mini-IMF set up within a year, and then that will change the whole scenario again.  They will not have to rely on the dollar or the euro again, because they will have the mini-IMFs and we’ll have to see which is strongest.

Caller:  So the RV will happen first, and the GCR after that, correct?

Tony:  The GCR cannot occur without the RV, because the foundation for the GCR is the Iraqi dinar.

Caller:  That’s where it is so hard to understand;  if it’s happened, why hasn’t it happened for us?

Tony: You say it hasn’t for ‘us dinarians’.  When it happens for us, it will affect the markets, forex, and economies around the world.  The rates, interest rates, and prices will change around the world! It’s not just us.  The last step is the biggest step in terms of impact on the people.

Caller:  We will be doing good things for the economy, too, positive things!  I guess they are not looking at that aspect.

Tony:  They do appreciate that, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the global scale of this change, including social programs.  What we personally are going to do is a drop in the bucket.  I want it today, just like you do. I am mad, but I cannot be mad enough to holler and scream, as long as we are being treated fairly.  I can only affect so many people, but when this is over, their humanitarian projects will affect people globally.

Caller:  Do you think that the 3-D technologies will affect the value of the dollar?

Tony:  I think it will affect the way we do things.  The internet effected change, and we will never go back;  it changed the way we live forever.  That 3-D printing will also change the way we live forever.  That printing will let you do it with glass, metal, wood, and they will become as common as the printer on your desk, so people can do that on their own… so that will change the way we live, and it will only get better. President Obama mentioned it in the State of the Union Address, before we got our money to buy up all the 3-D printing companies!  There are even 3-D guns that can shoot 100 bullets before dissolving!  If you are looking for an investment, that is a great industry.  Also, the medical industry is taking off as a result because they can ‘print’ body parts – that’s how important it will be.

Caller:  In your heart of hearts, is April the month?

Tony:  In my heart of hearts, April is the absolute last month.

954 caller:  I want to give 25k dinar notes to friends;  do I have to give them gift letters with that?

Tony:  I don’t know if that is required with a single 25K note.  I just think it’s better to be safe than sorry.  At least then they can verify the paper trail.  Keep it simple.

Caller:  I cannot find the initial receipt from nine years ago.  Is this going to be a problem for me?

Tony:  If you have a receipt for all the rest and have an honest face, you’ll probably be okay.

Caller:  Do you have any idea of a back wall date?

Tony:  I don’t.  That is a question for Pam…

Caller:  You’re the only one I go for, so if you don’t do the call, please send a blast or a tweet.

Tony:  I will. I enjoy talking to you because it’s personal and we hear the emotions.  The agencies are also getting that;  it lets them know what’s going on out in the public.  It lets them know people are frustrated, angry, or excited.

Caller: I’m sure it tells them if we are going to be responsible or go off the deep end!

Tony:  There was a guy earlier asking what I thought about the other dinar gurus, and I’ve just heard it was SPGuru. I’m just telling you what I hear, and what I know.  In the end, when it is announced, you will know who was telling the truth.  I am okay with that.

Oh!  No, that guy was ASKING about PIF/SPGuru.  Sorry.  I don’t know what his voice sounds like, so we’ll skip that part. I apologize.

Caller: Early you talked about the meetings and such and said we have to put our confidence in that.  TNT dinar called it before Thanksgiving, then we had the Twitter campaign and got someone’s attention.  Now we have been hearing it’s done and it still hasn’t been pushed across.  Somebody, somewhere is lying, because things that have been said have not happened.  What do we put our trust in then?  [more of the same]

Tony:  I don’t know what didn’t’ happen.  Agreements are in place, money has been moved, bonds have been sold… a lot of things have happened. We haven’t seen the RV yet, because even though there are all those meetings and decisions on the first floor, and then in the last ten minutes, someone at the top of the food chain says No.  When it comes to that last minute, the guys standing in front of the system, ready to do it, and the phone rings and tells them not to do it.  That guy didn’t lie;  he was doing it until something changed.  Those chess masters are moving their pawns;  we are jut following it.  Just because it says “checkmate” and then it doesn’t execute because something happens in Ukraine or the oil world… There are things you aren’t aware of that cause change, and all we can do is go with the change.

Caller:  I’m voicing the frustration here.  [more of same]

Tony:  These are the calls, this is the information hat comes out and this is what we are looking for.  If I can explain it, great.  If I cannot, then it’s because we are not supposed to know what those reasons are.  What other option is there.

Caller:  [yet more ranting which I refuse to transcribe]

Tony:  What’s the option here?  We can keep you informed about the changes and news or not.  You can listen, or you can wait until you get the final call.  We can gather as much information as we can, so that we can be prepared as much as possible.  If they are no doing things that affect us, though, we only have those two options.  You want to fight someone you can’t see? If we know or have proof that something adverse is happening, that would be different. Right now, they are saying that we will be treated fairly, and I will trust that until I have proof otherwise.  If you want to be in the moment, this is the place to be. I know you are frustrated, and others feel the same way.  I don’t control this.  If they let me in the boardroom, there would be an RV in 30 minutes, but they don’t let me do that.

This is about being prepared.  Twitter is not going anywhere.  We have 240K people on Twitter, and we can bring in ten each.  Why would we want to burn the house down when they say we will be treated fairly?

Caller:  Just as the banking world pulls wool over people’s eyes, I’m afraid of being a fool again…

Tony:  You trusted the TNT call that if we find out something we will tell you.  We trust in that same thing, that the people who told us in the beginning, the bankers and people in the meetings – they told us that we had been hoodwinked.  I had to trust that if they did the right thing the first time, they will do the right thing now.  If people knew what we know today, they would be in the streets right now, just like with Jekyll Island, because you had this opportunity and they did not.

Caller:  We have to trust in your trust in them.  I get that.

Tony:  And I have to trust in my intel people and their sources. They are not letting me in the room or handing me the documents. There is no other option. Otherwise, you can go to the other sites and see/believe what they are saying.  I’m sure they are listening to this call.  All of DC, at the water fountains and in the hallways, they are talking and asking about ‘this guy TNT Tony’.  They are aware that we represent the people, and they are happy we are still here to day.  They are supporting us, and we are in good hands.  Until I hear something different, I can’t say anything else.

Caller:  Who’s got the go button?  Where does the buck stop?

Tony:  There are three buttons, three options to make this go.  Any one can do that.  There is an agreement in place that any can do this at certain points, option 1, 2 or 3.  At this point, it’s just going to happen, I can tell you that much.  There is someone lobbying for this NOT to get done, and they have their reasons;  others are saying “let’s just do this and deal with that later”.  Is this doing something wrong to us?  No.  So why jump up and down when this could affect our economy and the global economy.  The only difference between you and me is that I can see the chess pieces being moved.

Caller: Thanks for indulging me in my frustration.  Thanks for all you do.

301 caller:  I am in DC, and I wish I could find out what is going on!  I’m as blessed as I can be without having wings!  It’s not your doing that we are going through this.  My questions have been answered apart from one:  you implied there is a back wall by the end of this month.

Tony:  In my opinion, this should be done by the 30th of April.

Caller:  Can it be done before that?

Tony:  The reality is, we don’t know.  I know they are preparing for it to be done, and acting as if it has been done.  It’s just the public rollout we are looking at now.  I do think it will be done by the 30th because there are things in Iraq that will not wait.  They have already passed their deadlines, and the pressure is now on.

Caller:  Somehow Iraq seems to be secondary, not primary.  The IMF seems to hold the reins and they are funded by the US, and the US dollar has be devalued if this happens, so doesn’t that imply the US control when and if this happens?

Tony:  The leader of the World Bank and the IMF were both appointed by the President. Everything that has to do with the RV is based on US agreements. Regardless of what is said, when it comes down to it, the buck probably stops at Pennsylvania Avenue.  This is one thing we know:  it’s not about the President’s power or America’s power. Yes, they are trying to dethrone us like never before.  But we know he is not doing it for personal power, or out of greed, because the money doesn’t go into his account.  The money is already sitting in the politician’s bank accounts, so the only reason left is to secure your future.

Caller:  If they got theirs, why is it we haven’t got ours;  why is there one type of American who can get paid, while others go to Iraq and die or get wounded yet they are not being paid.  We all pledge allegiance in the same way!

Tony:  That’s why we went to Twitter. They are saying we will be treated equally, but this is the last step, and that is what we are waiting on now.  This is where we are until it happens.  We could cause all kinds of noise, but at what cost to our country, our economy and the global economy?  We can still take action if we don’t get treated fairly in the end.  We cannot force them to announce the RV, we can only wait for them to announce the RV.

They are already selfish.  Do we be selfish and say “I don’t care what it costs every other American out there so long as I get my money!”?  We don’t want to do it the wrong way just because they did it the wrong way.  When the elite got paid in December, they planned to give us crumbs, and we campaigned to change that.  Now they are doing things that concern the big picture, and that is not about us. IF, when money is being handed out, if we are not being threated fairly, THEN we will have something so say.  We are just giving out information and passing it on so that this can go as smoothly as possible and get on with our lives and investments.  If this is over in 30 minutes, it won’t be soon enough for me.

Caller:  “Just show me the money!”  You saw the movie…

312 caller:  Is DC around?

Tony:  He’s around, he’s just ducking this call!

Caller:  I was just hoping he is in those meetings on our behalf.

Tony:  We have some very, very good sources, and we are aware of every meeting taking place in Washington, NY, and all the other places.

Caller:  So there should be good intel coming out of those meetings.

Tony:  There was a meeting at 8am this morning.

Caller:  Let’s say the IMF, etc., have decided to move on without the US.  In your mind and understanding, if they do that will it have a negative effect on US dinarians?  Or will it gone on as we already expect?

Tony:  As soon as the US finds out that it has moved forward, we could jump in at the end, OR we could still exchange at the international rates.  We would not be the only ones left out…

Caller: Instead of being 204 countries…

Tony:  They are not going to take the US share because they are not going to go back and recalculate all that.  If all the other countries agree, we will just do it. That’s why we have been talking our allies and moving those chess pieces.

Caller:  I know there is a lot going on, and I told him there might be a snag.  My partner said there was an article saying that Putin would not be accepting dollars for their oil deals any longer;  they would only accept rubles or dollars.  I hope this doesn’t drag out much longer;  I hope it happens, it happens right, and everyone is taken care of.

Tony:  Putin is trying to affect the US economy just as we are trying to affect his!

I hope this will happen by Good Friday, but no time like the present!

We need to see the big picture.  This is not a lottery, or a social program where the government owes us a check on the first of every month.  That is not what we are going through.  This is more like an investment, except we didn’t go through a securities firm. There are no laws!  There are no rules!  You can do it today.  You can sell it right back for whatever today’s rate is.  Everything is live and it is going through, but we are expecting something else.

There is nothing written in stone;  Iraq doesn’t have to follow US laws or what we believe.  They do what they want to do, and that works for them.  We have to know that we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here, and we have to make the right decisions.  If we didn’t get treated fairly, then you have a right to be upset.  We’ll see how that works out.

Not everyone will get the same high rate;  that is not realistic. But all in all, we are in a good position. Everything we’re hearing says today, tomorrow, by the end of this month.  Without being specific, I am hearing good stuff.

I was hoping we would shut this down before the next bill comes in, but that didn’t happen, so we could do with donations – hopefully more than the usual 200 people. I am feeling good, I’m hearing good stuff, and I’m ready to go right now!

Pam:  I was talking to DC, and no that person was not on our intel team.  Guys, we know it has taken a long time, but it’s definitely worth the rate. I’m in it until it’s over!

Ray:  Everyone have a great day!

Tony:  Thanks, everybody, especially the Mods. I would love to make another call this afternoon – that would make my day! Everyone enjoy the rest of your day!


"Just spoke to [...], very quickly, he has been told that today is the day that Jack Lew goes to the UN and signs off, not this past Monday as MacHaffie has posted, at the same time or immediately thereafter, the waiting party in Reno is to go into the bank and release the funds.

 I asked [...] if this info came from the waiting party in Reno, he said no, it came from a reliable agency source, he would not identify, you will recall, I urged [...] to check with [...], this is only what [...] has been told, but it has a higher degree of credibility than any BS posted on the NESARA blog, we did not have time to discuss any related Obama resignation or arrests, just remember the 48 hour previously discussed Interpol arrest plan."


4-16-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:   "World Bank reports show significant progress in the development of the Iraqi economy"  From last week's meetings in Washington with the IMF and World Bank....the WB expressed satisfaction in the manner in which Iraq has performed economically in recent years...this is largely in part to how Iraq is exploiting its natural resources and its investment operations...they also warned Iraq of concerns over their budget from abnormally high expenses.

4-16-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker
   Even if I'm wrong and the 72 trillion number is true and it is only dinar on their books Iraq still has enough assets in frozen funds, natural proven resources that can be added to their already vast reserves to increase the value of the dinar significantly anyway.  [post 3 of 3]

4-16-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker
In other words, each US dollar in their market place should be accounted for on their financials at 1166 dinars, take away one dollar and you would be taking away 1166 dinars once they de-dollarize Iraq. A country only accounts for their money supply by its domestic currency and not by another countries currency that is being used but since their statistics are based on what takes place in their market place it only makes sense that they do this...that's my take on it.    [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-16-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker
  In my studies over the years it shows that Iraq is heavily dollarized and as much as 80% of what Iraqis use every day to buy things are in USD, so that means that the dinar is only used on 20% of the time when they buy goods and services.  With that in mind, since their economy is calculated (inflation and such) by the use of the dollar as well as the dinar it only sure makes sense that this money supply (USD) is part of that 72 trillion dinar figure that the CBI shows on their financial statements.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-16-2014   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
   I believe we won't see much until the Elections are complete, but then it's "GAME ON!". The elections are officially scheduled for just 2 short weeks away from now, and the "opposition" to Maliki's 3rd term seems to be running out of gas... it's my official opinion that Maliki will retain his position and shortly after that we will see major news on the HCL, which is exactly what we want.

4-16-2014   Intel Guru Blaino

4-16-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
     BEST PART:  "praising the procedures followed in the context of monetary policy, stressing the need to speed up the move to re-evaluate the dinar to strengthen the foundations and pillars of the national economy. CBI has announced they are in the middle of doing just this -- applying the monetary policy...this is what they are working toward right now...one of those steps is to rv the dinar.   Finance Minister Ali Shukri...is saying that the budget is coming and so that will solve and resolve --- that tells us once again --- when the budget hits -- many things will come all at once.   [post 2 of 2]

4-16-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article Quote:   "Baghdad - represents the economic stability of any country component of equal opportunities for the supply and demand for services in it, where he sees an economist that the presence of stability as well as to isolate external influences and minimize the national economy and revitalize the work of the productive sectors and solving economic problems internal push towards strengthening and enhancing the value of the dinar."   economic stability is the reality rate or value and what it does for the entire nation...the reserves they have gotten are to raise the value of the dinar and the international rates -- and that is the whole reason -- for the rv...after the rate is set the rate will also raise due to the global market.  [po
st 1 of 2....stay tuned]