Friday, April 11, 2014


[terryk] happy friday to you all 
[terryk] i want to say this 
[terryk] i got a call tonight 
[terryk] its the only reason i came in this late 
[terryk] this source told me to sit tight 
[terryk] watch what happens saturday 
[terryk] 4 banks notified of rate changes today 
[terryk] they did not say when they will go into effect
 [terryk] but i would say this
 [terryk] thank the lord for your blessings 
[terryk] its here peeps 
[terryk] they would not tell me the rate 
[terryk] but the letters (emails) hit two bank contacts that i called 
[terryk] one at wf in houston
 [terryk] and boa in md 
[terryk] so i know two of the 4 got the emails 
[terryk] im not kidding these sources were that convinced [terryk] but wanted to pass that onto you all 
[terryk] pretty good stuff 
[terryk] god bless u all 
[terryk] i would be sure to have all your stuff ready


Here is the Translated message from one of the few Currency dealer in Puerto Rico, sorry for the rough translation Google Translate was used translate the information. Take the information here with a grain of salt.
Just in case the Dealer name is James A. Mendez
Here 's an ABSTRACT SHOW .... GOZANDOO .. ! Former U.S. Senator confirms that comes the RESET / RV. Everything is speculation until it is confirmed personally .... God is Good ! ...

Treasury Department knows there are nearly 20 million people in the U.S. having Dinars . (That includes Puerto Rico that I know more than 500,000 so you know )
- The Rate should be $ 3.71 per Dinar ..!
- I have to know the machines , De la Rue and
- Waiting ... FOR ANY WAITING TIME ... THE IMF .
- The Senator verified if true change of advance
- Wells Fargo will change ...
- ("Pagaran") They will pay immediately for small bills 50, 250 , 500 and 1000 at Wells Fargo.
- Security will be very important .... EYE
- Nothing is written in stone yet , but this is the resolves sources.
- The Dongs go up in value and also be able to change in banks change foreign currencies .... ! But do not think you will be quite high but it will be good ! ...
- There is also a special list to change Dongs . Not delivered to anyone nor dinars dongs until you're on the bench ..!
- The team is owned by the Department of Treasury ( facilitators ) and there are people that will facilitate the exchange .
- I met people from the UST team .... Interface ..... YES ! ( I hope so ) ! ...
- If you want to be in that special list , you have to be written on their email list of your website. Do it now .
- He has personally Dinars and Dongs ..... Nice .
- We will send all the links to prepare for the exchange.
- Whether the window Cerrón dinars on the special rate . Now it will open to the Dongs to change the special rate .
- That special rate dinars remember was $ 6 per pound . The special rate with the UST.
- What executives can no longer keep secret business just for them , you have to deal with. The selected bit can no longer have power.
- large bills have to go through the DE LA RUE machines.
- This is great for you in the U.S.
- Go see much changing banks in the U.S. He confirmed with UST .... ("TOMAAAAA")TAKEEEE .... ! People we are in Victory!("Victoria") .
- By now deny publicly that they will change as Santander , but like I said , they can change that from one minute to another .
- What NOT Chaven with banks , and let it give VERAN .... this is at headquarters ....
TODOOOOOOOOOO POSITIVE ...... 'm checking this list for us.
- ALL MAJOR BANKS IN THE USA Exchanging WILL CHANGE but they have not said publicly yet.
- The no seen contracts ............. $ 6 per pound ! ! TOMAAAAAAAAAA
- Senator has contacts in the UST .... ....
- Only with Banks in the U.S. change the special rate .... (That's obvious , no) ?
- You can change the dinars and dongs in any country when it hits the international market.
- Not delivered dongs and dinar until the bank .... !
- The RESET GO!! ("VA") ..........
- Waiting for the latest details ...... Who I Amen ! ...
- Do not ask for payment, but the bank will charges a commission ( obvious)
- We will see the rates when the coins hit the market .... It is not known yet.
- They will leave the first Dinars and a week later the Dongs .
- The information obtained are from sources whom he knows personally .
- He is talking about trillions of dollars .... I think I solved the problem of Puerto Rico and help banks here with our VISION . We can pay our stuff , but who did not believe the bank is going to lend money to them with our savings ... How ironic no? ? God is Good .... !
Original Message  in Spanish:
Aquí un RESUMEN del SHOW....GOZANDOO..!!! El ex-Senador de los EE.UU. confirma que viene el RESET/RV. Todo es especulación hasta que no se confirme personalmente....God is Good...!!

Departamento de Tesoro sabe que hay casi 20 millones personas en los EE.UU. que tienen Dinares. (Eso incluye Puerto Rico que me consta mas de 500,000 para que sepan)
--el Rate debe de ser $3.71 por Dinar..!!
--Yo para que sepan tengo las maquinas de, De la Rue ya
--El Senador verifico si es cierto del cambio adelantado
--Wells Fargo va cambiar...
--Pagaran inmediato para los billetes pequeños de 50, 250, 500 y de 1000 en Wells Fargo.
--Seguridad va ser bien importante....OJO
--Nada esta escrito en piedra todavía, pero esto es que el tiene por sus fuentes.
--Los Dongs van a subir de valor también y se va poder cambiar en los bancos que cambian monedas extranjeras....!! Pero no cree que va ser bien alto pero va ser bueno...!!
--También hay un lista especial para cambiar los Dongs. No entregan a nadie los dinares ni los dongs hasta que no estes en el banco..!!
--El equipo es de Departamento de Tesoro (Facilitadores) y hay gente que los va facilitar el intercambio. 
--Ya el conoció la gente del UST Interface team....YES.....!!! (Espero que si)...!!
--Si quieres estar en ese lista especial, tienes que escribirse en sus lista de email de su website. Háganlo ahora.
--El tiene Dinares y Dongs personalmente.....Nice.
--Nos va mandar todo los links para prepararnos para el intercambio.
--Ya cerrón la ventana de los dinares para el rate especial. Ahora va abrir para los Dongs para cambiar al rate especial.
--Ese rate especial recuerden de los dinares era $6 por dinar. El rate especial con el UST.
--Que los ejecutivos ya no pueden mantener secreto los negocios solo para ellos, hay que repartir. Los poquito selectos ya no pueden tener el poder.
--los billetes grandes tienen que pasar por la maquinas DE LA RUE.
--Esto es buenísimo para ustedes en los EE.UU.
--Va ver mucho bancos cambiando en los EE.UU. El lo confirmo con UST....TOMAAAAA....!! Estamos en Victoria Gente.
--Por ahora niegan que van a cambiar públicamente como Santander, pero como yo he dicho, pueden cambiar eso de un minuto al otro.
--Que NO CHAVEN con los Bancos, deje que se den y VERAN....esto esta a nivel de sede....
TODOOOOOOOOOO POSITIVO......Estoy verificando esa lista para nosotros.
--TODOS LOS BANCOS GRANDES EN LOS EE.UU. que intercambian VAN A CAMBIAR pero no lo han dicho públicamente todavía. 
--El hay visto contratos de $6 por dinar.............!!!!! TOMAAAAAAAAAA
--Tiene contactos el Senador....en el UST....
--Solamente con Bancos en los EE.UU. cambiaran al rate especial....(Eso es obvio, no) ??
--Puedes cambiar los dinares y dongs en cualquier pais cuando salga al mercado internacional.
--No entregan los dongs ni dinares hasta que estén en el banco....!! 
--El RESET VA..........
--Esperando los ultimo detalles......Quien Creo Amen...!!
--No piden pago, pero el banco va cobra un comisión (obvio)
--Veremos los rates cuando salga al mercado las monedas....No se sabe todavía.
-- Que van a salir los Dinares primero y como una semana después los Dongs.
--La información obtenida son de fuentes quien el conoce personalmente.
--Se esta hablando de trillones de dólares....Creo que resolvimos el problema de Puerto Rico y ayudar los bancos aquí con nuestro VISION. Nosotros podemos pagar nuestras cosas, pero los que no creyeron el banco va poder prestarle dinero a ellos con nuestro ahorros...Que irónico no??? God is Good....!!


"No RV until after election per Dr. Selah - Reason: To increase the dinar at this time will interfer with the election..."  Which is the very case I have made FOR a pre-election RV...If Maliki feels he can manipulate this situation per his electoral gain - we have a chance... so - in my mind, this is GREAT NEWS*


TNT Call 11-Apr-2014 Notes
Pam:  RayRen has just put three more seminars on the books;  where are they?  What are the dates?
RayRen:  Outside Chicago at Napierville IL, at Queens, NY and outside LA.  People can PM, but I don’t go in there every day.  I’d just like it to stay with TNT and OpenMike people for now.
Pam:  I think everyone should hear Ray’s information, and you need to go to someone you trust.  Be careful, folks!
Tony:  Are we ready? Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, April 11, 2014.  We never thought we’d be here on this call.  This is where we are today, explain about what’s going on, and then answer some of your questions live and also from the forum.  I can’t answer them all:  there are 50 in the forum and 65 with their hands up.  Here’s how you can help.  If I answer your question from the forum, or with someone else, please put you hand down!
Here’s the deal:  there is a lot of information out there.  We know about where we are in the process and meeting the date/time requirements.  I will tell you that this is very sensitive where we are in the situation. The important thing is that the DFI funds were released on Monday, and most know what was required for that to happen. It was public knowledge and broadcast on US television at 2.30am.  It was public!  That let’s you know that if nothing else, the process is ongoing and we are in the process.  By the process, I mean the GCR and the RV itself.  The DFI were not to be released until after the RV.  You can’t get any plainer than that, if you look at EO 13303.  They’ve done it;  it’s been released. 
The bond sales did go through, the rate was $3.71;  how can you sell bonds and ship cargo without an international currency?  I know some things I cannot tell you, but what I can tell you is that I’m okay and excited and feeling really good about where we are.  Pam posted that in the forum yesterday:  this is the calm before the storm. I felt that yesterday and the day before, and also right at this moment. 
I’m trying to tell you what I’ve told others:  I’m not stressing about it, I’m not overly concerned because I know it’s going on because otherwise those things would not have happened. This is about to be over.  I know people are frustrated because we’ve been saying this since Monday, but that should tell you how involved it is. 
Iraqi elections started today, and everybody we talked to wanted it done by today.  The fact of the matter is that nobody is arguing, fussing or fighting.  The only thing that people is upset is that it hasn’t happened already.  We still know things are being done. It could show up in the next three minutes, hours or days.  I Know that everyone is doing everything possible to make it happen, so that’s what you should feel good about.
Some have had it explained to them that they will be dismembered if they put information out, because it’s that tight right now. They are that concerned about anyone saying anything that could disrupt the finish. That’s where we are, and it’s a good thing.  The call centers, exchange centers and security are all there, and being briefed every day this week, reminding them of the process and procedures.  We are all just waiting.
In know you are frustrated from hearing this, but imagine you were Pam, Ray, or DC, getting the blow-by-blow every couple of hours, and you wake up in the morning and it’s still not here.  Is it really this hard?  Does it really take this long?  Yes, it is.  It is what it is.  It hasn’t stopped, everyone is anticipating it, making announcements around the world, and it’s all good. I don’t think they are trying to stretch it out;  everyone is saying “push, push, push” and “get it done”.  Everyone worried about it not happening or it’s a scam – that says more about their level of understanding. 
The bonds have been sold, and all this information is in public, if you look for it.  The bonds and the rates on their cards are both $3.71, so how people can think it will be less than $2 is beyond me.  We are in a great position.
Q:  Can you tell us if China has put in a new back wall?  What were you hearing that made you think it would happen last week?  The same things I’m hearing now.  After DFI funds went on Monday and such, we saw this could happen at any  moment. It’s just putting the pieces together, and then we’re done.
Q:  Can you confirm that the voting rights in IMF has no bearing on this?  Yes, it has not effect.
Q:  Can we do the contracts rate first and then the market rate, or vice versa?  The NDA says that you cannot use this money to buy any more currency, but I haven’t read the NDA myself yet so I’m not sure of the details.  I believe you can buy at the market rate regardless, you can’t just go pay off your reserves.
Q:  Is there any plan to give priority to US vets?  I have not heard of any such plan that distinguishes vets for other US citizens.  We can have OUR plan to do that.  You can do that on a national basis, or locally in your community, just to say you’ve helped and you’ve give back.
Q:  Are these the same sources that told you we should have this for the holidays?  We are in a very different position than we were before the holidays.  We have gone through a lot since then. The position is different although the sources and the process are the same, and I still believe them.  Sources give out the information they have;  they are not the decision-makers.  No one like CL, the President, Jack Lew or Maliki has called me directly.
Q:  Some intel people (like D Schmidt and Mtn Goat) are saying this is held up for the IMF restructuring or to embarrass someone?  I don’t know who D Schmidt is;  I think he is involved with that group and the call that said Okie was threatened to keep him off that call;  Okie says not.  Mtn Goat has had similar info to our, but it was too anti-government for me.  Does the IMF voting have anything to do with this?  I got that from an Canadian source, saying the vote has been put off, and this wasn’t going to happen until after then.  I don’t just look at the source of the information but at the information itself, and all the other information to see if it makes sense.  They sold the bonds last week, and the released the DFI funds on Monday.  Why would we vote on that two weeks ago when we’ve been waiting for two years, and now they are going to hold up the entire global economy waiting for that vote, when Iraq has put out the lower denominations and they agreed with Maliki that it should be released for this election cycle… Who does that make sense to?
Q:  Will you be releasing names and info of the crooks who have been stealing from us?  We have bee putting out warnings for years.  People are trying to get your names and phone numbers to sell to their people who want to buy the list of new millionaires. I’ve told you what to look for in those people.  I don’t mind giving my private information to the bank, but there is now way I’m going to send my name, address, SS number, passport, fingerprints to someone I’ve never met.  That just doesn’t make sense in this world of identity theft, especially when you don’t know how they are going to use it.  Just apply some common sense.  That just doesn’t work for me, so…
Q:  Are there still elites and private placement groups being cashed out?  I think people are still receiving SKRs, but no one gets money until we all get paid together.  Those groups are saying you have to wait 90 days or two years – that is just scare tactics to get you to sign up.
There are 50 countries on the TNT site now;  why don’t we all go to Twitter and talk about what we will do post-RV to help others?  This will not push it through, but this will give people good ideas.  After the RV, you will be so busy. If you can give each other ideas NOW for good things to help your community, town, country, or internationally.  IF you have your Ten Things, IF your documents are in  place, IF you have everything done, then spend some time looking at things in the future and talk to each other on the same team to help vets, orphanages, those who age out of orphanages who have to leave when they are 18 because the government doesn’t have a program.  People can give help and advice on how to set that up, and then use that as a cookie cutter to help their own community.  It’s a good time to put that together.
Q:  What about that $5 at WF?  I can’t answer that;  call them.
Q:  Is there progress on ‘everything is done’?  Every hour of every day, the little things are getting accomplished until it is finally here.  Go and find out for yourself, do some research and see what makes sense.  Today, based on what I know and can’t say, you will have to take my word that everything is moving forward.
Q:  They keep saying “don’t mess it up”, but for whom?  Don’t mess it up for US;  we are the ones with no money or SKRs in our bank accounts. If we mess it up at this point, we are messing it up for ourselves.  I’m not going to get involved with negotiations our country is making.  What I’m concerned with is US; WE don’t want to do anything to mess it up.  When I get the calls and we talk about where we are in the process, they tell me to be confident in what I’m saying, but don’t mess it up.  They really want me to shut up and leave it alone.
Pam, can I talk to some people now? 
Pam:  You make it sound like you listen to me! 
732 caller:  I know it’s a process, it’s just been three to four months that we have been waiting! 
Tony:  Three and four months we’ve been going back and forth, getting this done and making that change.  We are not doing that now.  Now it’s “do this to get it out to the public!”  It’s totally different from the last three or four months.
Caller:  I follow you and listen, although I still go to work, but you have said that we are THERE, at that one inch line just waiting to pound it in.  Compared to We are the People… [rant about politicians]  I ‘ve been through it all with politicians on the local level;  I just have that feeling that there is the holdup.  I know you say we’ve got both Democrats and Republicans working for us… 
Tony:  We are the people, we made a difference where we thought we wouldn’t, they went back and changed the numbers, everyone is now in agreement… for everybody we’ve been listening to, they thought it would be over BEFORE today.  But they are doing things, and changes to the system, and people, and things they didn’t expect, but it is still all good and being pushed.  I think everybody needs to be happy and not as concerned as they were about all the issues that have been resolved.
Caller:  There was a rumor that there was a sealed envelope that only the IMF and China knew when the exact date was…
Tony:  I don’t know anything about that.
352 caller:  On Wednesday’s call, they contacted you that morning with those three options for timing on this process:  shotgun, 12 hours, a day or so.  You stated you preferred Option C, with more time.  Has a decision made on that, or any fallout?
Tony:  They said, “We haven’t made a decision and you don’t get a vote!”  So they obviously listened to the call, at least!
Caller:  That’s hilarious!  I think everyone would like to have a chance to talk about the information and be prepared before we walk in the door. You’ve pretty much told us the RV has already happened.  If this is just about the public rollout, and we are already a couple of days into that, what is holding that up?  And for how long?
Tony:  The RV has happened.  There is an official date and time for the RV, which doesn’t matter to us because we still don’t have money in our pockets.  Doing the rollout is something that has to be done and they are doing it.  There is no holdup;  it’s being done.  They said that it could be done in ten minutes, but the reality is that no, it can’t.  We could see it in the next three minutes, hours or days, but it’s not just one system.  It’s computers!  We can download this around the world in ten minutes!  It just doesn’t work that way.  There are procedures, they find things that they forgot about… those things are still going through.  They didn’t spend ten years planning how WE will go through the banks.  Some of those things are still being done. It is being done, it’s being pushed forward, and people are not stopping to talk about the IMF or China.  It’s all about the procedures now.
Caller:  Did something excite you last night to make you post:   It’s the calm before the storm?  Did something happen?
Tony:  Pam called me and asked what message she could put out!  I was excited because of what I just told you:  it could have come out at any hour last night.  We get frustrated because we know exactly how close it is.  Then when it gets quiet, then we get the message “Look at this time”. Shoot, I thought I would wake up to it this morning, and this nightmare will be over.  I cannot wait to the day I can wake up and it’s over. I was looking for it all day yesterday, too.
Caller:  You are feeling just what we are feeling, then.  You talked about predators who are doing calls or sending emails about the dinar and the dong.  Message to the powers:  You have many people waiting for this.  Tony is a trusted source of information.  When the only thing he can say is ‘any day, any time’, good people get frustrated and they are hurting and they are prey to these sharks.  Please push this through!
Tony:  I got another request from a three-letter agency for details of these people and groups;  they will be investigated, and the authorities will take care of the rest.  Hopefully we will see what has been happening over the last couple for years, and it will be a life lesson for many.
702 caller:  I’m a little confused about Who Moved My Cheese.  You keep seeing the minute you get the 800  numbers you will run to the bank and then tell us about it. Won’t you be the first mouse?!
Tony:  No, I’m not.  First of all, I am hoping that they will give me the information in time that we can have a call before we go to the bank, so we can explain it and then go.  I know how to take the $3.71 rate and make it $15, so I’m not in the same situation of others who cash out at the $3 rate.  As I said about Sterling, he cannot do that rate lock for everyone, so if I tell you what I’m going to do, it will change.  But I will not be the first mouse;  I’ll be the one who gets the factory.  I do hope to give you the information and answer questions at the time, because it will be done. I’ve given people strategies in the past, they were listening to the call, and went out and blocked that possibility.  So we are trying to be a bit more quiet about the exact steps we’re going to take.  I feel like I know the timeline, what the cap should be when it runs up, and that is a whole other strategy.  But I cannot say that on a call to 250,000 people, because they will change the date, rate and timeframe. But we have talked about this over the years, with indicators that should give you an advantage if you are paying attention.
Caller:  Please send prayers of protection for those in Bunkerville, Nevada, which is close to a civil unrest situation.
Tony:  I read about that morning, and I’m just hoping this is not the match that lights the fire. 
Skype caller:  I’ve been listening to you for a while, and of course we take everything with a grain of salt.  It feels like they have the carrot dangling in front of us, and we know some people didn’t want this to go public.  As this RV goes on, I fear they will say that we will not get a public release here.  We k now it’s not a scam, but will it get down to us, we the people?
Tony:  here’s the first thing – we are giving you information they never planned of your having.  I give you more than I should, perhaps, in the moment, but I like people to do informed so that they can make better decisions.  There is so much information that you don’t have, that lets me know that they are absolutely going to do this, and for the public.  There are idiots out there that say Tony is pulling off the greatest con in the world… or our government is going that.  It don’t think that is possible. There is too much out there in forums, documents, etc., for anyone to say that this isn’t going to happen for the public. This is absolutely going to happen, they have briefed it to many times, they cannot go back to all those governments, agencies, and all the rest.  It’s not going to come out any other way than you and me going to the bank.
Caller:  Anyone with common sense would never say Tony is a con artist, but it just seems as if the powers keeps saying we are three minutes away… [exact same rant all over again.] 
Tony:  It is still coming from good sources, and it’s still saying “this is the plan, this is what we are getting accomplished”.  This part has got done, and others are in process.  I wish I could tell you exactly what I am hearing and who I’m hearing it from, but we’ve had people get fired and be threatened, so we will protect our sources.  You’ll have to take some of this on faith. I  don’t put out a message I don’t believe in, and that’s why I put out that message last night.
Caller:  So when can we expect this?
Tony:  I thought I was going to wake up to it this morning, and this thing is finally over.  It really could be in the next hour or ten hours; if not, I expect it over the weekend. I know where we are, and whatever it takes to get it over this last hump… I think we are there.  People are preparing like we are.  People in the meetings are talking about this in the past tense, and now they are talking about how to spend this money.  The news and television articles are coming out at  2 and 4 in the morning, and they can point to them, that they were out in public.   That got me excited, but those are the final things to be done.  Once it’s done, we’ll be there.
Caller:  Do we have confirmation that it was publically announced, or do we have to piece it together from public articles?
Tony:  That those are the things coming out and it’s being done?  Yes.  I can hear it and see it.  It’s not to make the announcement to US, it’s to over themselves and say that it happened in the open, not in some back room. That is what’s going on right now.
415 caller:  Thank you very much, Tony!  I’ll get off the line…
316 caller:  1.  When the RV is initiated, before we can exchange, will there be a backdating on the reserve, like with a stock ownership?
Tony:  NO.
Caller:  We control currency in three different names:  her name, my name, and a non-profit.  Is there anything special I need to do with respect to the non-profit, and/or any advantages apart from the tax-exemption?
Tony:  I don’t know. Maybe you want to go to RayRen’s seminar.
Caller:  Is there any spending restriction on the money coming out of these exchanges?  Someone said something like “no seditious activities”, which is a broad area…
Tony:  there are several different NDA out there. I do know that Homeland Security is keeping an eye on this no matter what rate you take.  They will track this money, with or without an NDA. They are looking to see who you are, and they are definitely watching the purchases you make, the cash flow and not just to catch the average guy doing something wrong, but for people funneling money to terrorist organizations, right-wing or left-wing, political organizations.  But apart from that, just because you have millions they will be watching you.
Caller:  Do you know how long we will have to do all this?  How far out should I push this appointment with the bank?
Tony:  Let me get the package and see.  They don’t want everyone to rush in, trampling on each other on the way to the bank.  On the other hand, they don’t want people to wait 60 or 90 days either.  They want to get this over with.  They say 30 days, but is this the actual amount of time?  I’ll see what’s in the package.


Part 2
404 caller:  About the NDA, will there be provisions for disclosure to the IRS and also the bank for the CCC letters?
Tony:  The bank will be doing it, so they will know (or the exchangers, and they will know).  Once you’re in the bank, that’s when you will want the bank to give you the CCC for other purchases. Otherwise, I understand you cannot tell your lawyer or CPA;  they don’t need to know where you got the money from.
Caller:  When the news comes out, will it go immediately into effect or will there be a grace period so that we can put in a sell order and then get our reserves to exchange at the higher rate?
Tony: The market rate should change immediately.  Call your exchanger before you put in your sale order and see what he is offering!
Caller:  On the 800 numbers, are husbands and wives considered one entity, or can we go separately?
Tony:  If you have your own dinar/dong, then you can call separately, or as you choose.  I have one gal and guy who doesn’t want me to tell the other they have dinar!
Caller:  Anything announced in the mosques this morning?
Tony:  Not that I know.  Iraq is just like us:  excited and frustrated.
Caller:  When will you be in Atlanta?
Tony:  I won’t know until the RV is live!  It will probably be a couple of days. I want to do a few things, and we will have to find a big enough venue for 1,200 people or so.  We just want to do a meet and greet in the area.  Our main thing will be in Vegas.  There will be at least 48 hours, I think.  WF has agreed to do a ‘Welcome to Being Wealthy Class’ at each event I go to , and we have to get that set up, so I may have to come back to Atlanta a few weeks later, again. The main event will still be in Vegas.
808 caller:  Everyone is waiting.  Is this a stalling tactic?  I know you have been giving us what information you can, but when is it going to happen?
Tony:  If I could answer that question, I could save myself a lot of money.  I don’t know when. I know they are trying to do it;  it’s being activated.  It’s taken longer because there were some step that weren’t anticipated, including changes of personnel.  But the real powers are talking like it’s already happened, and the lower ranks are making it happen.  It’s very close, as when Pam sent out the message yesterday.  It could happen at any moment.  I don’t know when that moment is, but it could happen at any moment.
Caller;  It’s not Iraq, the US, or the IMF holding us back…
Tony:  Nobody is holding it back;  everyone is in agreement.  The IMF is still in the driver’s seat.  They are getting it done.
760 caller:  The DFI funds have been realized, and the Kuwait RV had a ten-day bumper time before they released it to the public?  Is that happening here?
Tony:  I don’t think so.  There are other agreements in place that this should get done.
Caller:  I heard this morning that there were rates on the VNN on Forex, that is was fluctuating…
Tony:  I didn’t here that, so I don’t know.
Caller:  About the reserves, did you say that we cannot purchase our reserves from ANY money that you have exchanged?
Tony:  The NDA says that you cannot use the money from your first appointment to pay off your reserves or to buy new currency.  But you will not have to sign an NDA for the street rate.
905 caller:  I am superfantastic and very excited.  There’s a book on the site, My Big Fat Wealthy Life.  Someone form TNT put it together;  what’s your opinion?
Tony:  I don’t know because I haven’t read it.
Caller:  Is there anything substantial we are waiting for?
Tony:  No.  I almost wish there were, because then we would know what we are waiting for!  Everyone is in agreement, and they want to get this done.
Caller:  Looking forward to this weekend, and also to meeting you in Las Vegas!
763 caller:  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  When they sold these bonds, is that money actually funding the dinar?
Tony:  No, they were going to pay us before the bonds.  We are talking oil credits over 30 to 50 years for our dinar.  They don’t need it right now.
757 caller:  I’m good, working on my taxes, having a lot of fun!  You having said anything lately about the claw back thing, or about the number of rates.
Tony:  They asked me NOT to talk about the rates or the dates.  We will have an opportunity and be treated fairly, and all I can do is to go with that until something else happens.  We have to support the people who supported us, so we have to play it out and see what happens.
661 caller:  When we were told back in November that this great Thanksgiving, and then the same in December, and yet we are still here… they have lied to you intentionally so why do we have to believe them now?
Tony:  When the promises were being made by certain people, we went through our process of getting upset and letting it be known, those same people became our allies and created a new plan. So we are not relying on the same people 100%, because some didn’t know that they didn’t realize we were not standing in line behind them.  So it’s a little different. Someone then made contact with us and promised to make things right. I believe people until they give me a reason not to, and then I don’t.  I’m nobody special, and don’t see why people should lie to me.  If someone does lie to me, then I don't believe anything he says.  There is no ‘kiss and make up’ in business or in making a deal. I’ve had actual business partners steal money from money.  After someone lies to me, I cannot believe them any more.  That’s how I look at it when they tell us what is going on and how it’s going to work.  They said, “Okay, we didn’t treat you guys right and we are changing it to be fair”… how can I argue with that?  They have agreed, so what is the point of running Twitter up again?
Caller:  It was so easy for the elite while we wait and wait, and that seems unfair…
Tony:  It is unfair, but we cannot put spilled milk back into the bottle.  It was scheduled to happen before the 1. December.  Then it changed and got renegotiated.  Now it isn’t about us now. They are not negotiating with each other about the dates and rates any more, or about whether we would get paid. That was true in December and January, but that changed and we are going to have the opportunity.  Now the things they are adjusting are not about us.  The rates and dates now are not about us.  Right now they are not talking about those things;  our goal in January was not to be here in early April.  But now we are here, and we don’t know how much further it will go.  It’s not about us as a group any more, in a negative sense;  it is about the rollout and how they can take care of us. 
507 caller:  How much more can there be to do when the others exchanged months ago?
Tony:  It changed.  There is not much to do now.  From December to now, the process, the personnel, the rates and the procedures all changed.  They now know how many of us there really are who could have an effect on us.  December was easy:  go to the bank and pay them.  It’s a little different now.
Caller:  Can’t they see that they need to shoot or get off the pot? There is going to be a stampede…
Tony:  there are something like five million people now;  we have 240,000 educated people on Twitter now, and they are the ones who are educated enough to call the 800 numbers in the first few days.  They can make it easy for us.  It’s the rest who don’t know what to do, and they have to have something in place to deal with that.  Again, the same people aren’t involved in the rollout who were there in December, and some of that had a lot to do with us and also with the changing situation. 
Yet again, I don’t know the exact date and time.  It is being done right now.  It’s in the process.  Agreements that are in place need to be fixed.  When that is done… maybe tonight.  This is about oil credits.  It doesn’t make sense to buy the currency back before they get those oil credits.  They will still get 72 dollars or whatever the oil credits.  Our rate will not affect the rate established ten years ago. This is about how much the citizens will get to stimulate the economy.
281 Caller:  I’m blessed;  how are you?  About Homeland Security… they are going to be monitoring what political parties you support?  That’s borderline Communism.
Tony:  You don’t think they do that right now?
Caller:  They are going dig an even deeper grave if they do that.  What gives these people to decide who and what you support?  We support mission work in 37 countries, and we constantly send food, supplies and large sums of money around the world.   For instance, we need to send $200,000 to the Philippines to rebuild a church and rectory;  what kind of headache am I going to have?
Tony:  All I know is that you cannot move more than $500,000 in the first month.  As you send chunks of money out of the country, they will see if it is going from a legitimate company or charity to a legitimate project.  They have to monitor that;  it’s just a fact of life.  That doesn’t have anything to do with Communism, it’s about safety and security.  They do that today, without the RV. They track the money!  They want to know where it’s going and what it’s going to.  Here is Sacramento, a politician was arrested just two weeks ago for funneling money to a group for guns and whatnot.  There are laws against buying political positions.  There are going to be thousands, maybe millions of new millionaires, and we can get people in and out of office, and they don’t want that.
Caller:  I don't have any problem with them scrutinizing what we do, it’s just the political thing.
Tony:  Anybody can follow me around 24 hours per day, I don’t care.  If you want to spend your time like that, I don’t care. I’m going to live my life.
Caller:  [Prayer]
561 caller:  First time on the call, umm-hmmm. I’ve been following you for about four years!  [Can’t hear clearly, expressing gratitude]
678 caller:  You said that not everybody will sign the NDA, for example if you take the street rate?
Tony:  That’s my understanding right now.
Caller:  If you cash out one dinar at your bank (before having an appointment), can you go to Sterling and then send it back to that specific bank?
Tony:  That’s right. Everyone can cash up one note, up to 25K dinar, without an appointment.  The rest they want an appointment for.  You still have an option to do a contract exchange at that appointment. 
Caller:  If you go to that appointment at a different bank, so you have exchanges at two banks, is that acceptable?  I just want the highest street rates, not the contract rates.
Tony:  You can’t use that money to pay off your reserves, but you can get a signature loan, for example.  But it doesn’t matter if you go to several banks. I  plan to use four banks, because I want to diversify in terms of banks and investments and wealth managers.  I don’t want one guy to tell me what to do with my life, and he gets a paycheck for that.
It’s a NATIONAL 800 number;  they will record it, ask for your zip code and offer you a choice of three banks.  Then they will call that bank and set up your appointment.  Once you are in that 800 system, they will know if you call again.
818 caller:  I have one question:  the N in the IQN threw me. It stands for New, doesn’t it?  That doesn’t meant that dinar already in circulation (circulated bills) is going to be treated differently does it?
Tony:  They will coexist for a time, so don’t worry about it.  As long as they go through the de la Rue machine, it’s the same as any other currency.  As with US currency, the old bills and the new bills are both valid and usable.  So don’t worry.
916 caller:  What bank(s) will have stipulations about (possibly) leaving 20% there for 3 years?  It’s my money, and I shouldn’t be enslaved to them for three years if I exchange there.  We should know which those are so that we can avoid them!  IF they want our business, they should drop that from their contract.
Tony: If you get up and walk out, then they will get the message. DC is keen on tier 2 banks because we’re not seeing that with them;  they are more flexible.
Caller;  But we only have shot at that 800 number…
Tony:  If something like that happens, you will go to the back of the line on the 800 numbers.  We don’t know for sure yet. You have to make this decision yourself, whether you are willing to accept that control in exchange for a higher rate.
Caller:  You said you’d be depositing in four banks.  You may have special contacts and be able to make special arrangements. 
Tony:  I’m saying that if I go in and exchange, I will not accept that kind of restriction.  I will then go to some other banks, and spread my money again. I’m also starting my own bank!  It’s about your own comfort level.
Caller:  I know you said “no rates or dates”.  No one had a problem rates when they are going up or stable.  They only got upset when rates started going down, as if you can keep everyone calm so that we don’t hold bureaucrats feet to the fire. I’ll be grateful if it comes out at $.371, but out of the principle of the thing…
Tony:  I understand your argument.  Let’s say you are 100% correct, but I cannot argue with someone who says “I agree with you and we want to do what’s right”.  There’s no sense in arguing with that because they are saying “you will get a good rate/opportunity, and people will be treated fairly.”  So I say Okay.  I know who these people are, and I have to believe them until they prove me wrong.  They are in a high enough position that I have to believe them.  Everything else is out of our control.  We cannot argue with the government.  We just want our money, even if the dollar devalues by 10%.  You want to argue about that, right here on a public call?  I’m not going to do that because it doesn’t help us, and it hurts everyone who doesn’t have dinar.  That is our government’s business and I’m going to let them do that;  it’s not about me.  What is happening now is not about us.  In December it was about us, and now it isn’t.
Caller:  Another thing that  has been sitting poorly with me is that early on we were told that the rates would start going down before the end of that 30-day period.  For 60+ days, the elite got the $30+ rate.  So … that was an arbitrary timeline?  Now when you say not everyone is going to get it, don’t know how long this will last.   But if the government let their cronies could exchange for more than two months…
Tony:  Let’s be realistic.  Let’s say they didn’t do that in November, December.  If they had put out the 800 numbers then, who would have got the first appointments?  For themselves.  We would still have come in later.  Realistically, they cannot pay six million people $32 dollars, so they have to set a timeframe, and they cannot tell us when that will run out.  That’s why it’s going to be quiet, and not everyone will get it.  I just want them to be fair.  I don’t know what the numbers are, but I do know that they feel they can get 250,000 of us done in the first three days, in terms of staff and locations.  So we are not talking about the 30 days any more. I’ll see what is in the package.  As far as the numbers going up and down, though, that would never last for 30 days.
Caller:  Once you clarified this, in the beginning, you said there were so many of us, and many more of the others, and you said we will get the higher rates…
Tony:  There are 20,000 on TNT, and 240,000 on Twitter, and I am tweeting the 800 numbers so all of them have the opportunity to get the faster appointments.  We have the best opportunity to get those higher numbers.
Caller:  I do have one concern that’s cropped up in the last two months. I know Pam does a fantastic job on the calls and in the forum.  You said that this is an adult site, and that if you cannot handle the truth, don’t listen.  Now you seem to have established Pam as a one-person gate telling you what you can and cannot say.
Tony:  Look, every morning we have a briefing call.  The agencies have an input, and some say “can you NOT do a call?” and “can you say this or not say that?” and I have decisions to make about what to say or not say.  Sometimes they go against each other!  I have to look at all that, and it’s easy to say Pam said to do this or not to do this, so it’s easy to blame her.  Sometimes DC tells me the same thing, or I get a text or a call. I am here to get the information out and make it as smooth as possible. I am sharing what I can, and sometimes say things several ways so that people understand it.  I’m giving the info on what’s happening right now, today, as it happens.   What comes true or not, I cannot say.  That’s what I mean by having an adult site.  You can listen to all the info;  I am not making up anything to make you happy or sad or direct you in any way.  I cannot direct you and give you options, and I have fun throwing Pam under the bus.  You can decide whether to listen or not, or just wait until the RV comes and we go to the bank! 
Pam is telling me that time is up!  I just got a quick update, everything is really good.  I was superfantastic last night and this morning.  I do know what’s going on and it could go any time over the weekend.  Pam, can you get up from under that bus and tell us what’s going on?
Pam:  My britches are stuck under the bus.  Don’t worry about what Tony says;  he doesn’t listen to me anyway!  Be nice to the Mods and transcribers, everyone;  they’re the heart of TNT.
Ray: have a great time, enjoy the weekend, and I hope I can keep my travel plans together.
Tony: Pam’s right.  Mods work hard in the chat room to keep things smooth, so blow them kisses.  DC was sorry he couldn’t be here today, but he is excited.  Have a great day!  I hope to talk to you later or sometime this weekend. 


12:09 pst I checked my ADVFN app on my smart phone and was shocked to see them showing the IQDUSD as .47 for first time!
i pray this is coming anytime as we keep hearing from Tony and DC!


4-11-14 Stage3Alpha: Two pressures are building on the US dollar. One pressure comes from the Federal Reserve’s declining ability to rig the price of gold as Western gold supplies shrivel and market knowledge of the Fed’s illegal price rigging spreads. The evidence of massive amounts of naked shorts being dumped into the paper gold futures market at times of day when trading is thin is unequivocal. It has become obvious that the price of gold is being rigged in the futures market in order to protect the dollar’s value from QE.

The other pressure arises from the Obama regime’s foolish threats of sanctions on Russia. Other countries are no longer willing to tolerate Washington’s abuse of the world dollar standard. Washington uses the dollar-based international payments system to inflict damage on the economies of countries that resist Washington’s political hegemony.

Russia and China have had enough. As I have reported and as Peter Koenig reports here:


Russia and China are disconnecting their international trade from the dollar. Henceforth, Russia will conduct its trade, including the sale of oil and natural gas to Europe, in rubles and in the currencies of its BRICS partners.

This means a big drop in the demand for US dollars and a corresponding drop in the dollar’s exchange value.


john s. says: let me summarize – we have just been told to trust the process! all of our questions and what ifs have not changed a thing and will not going forward.

We have been assured that we will be taken care of. and we are all grown ass men and women who also need to step up and take care of business our own selves.

i am getting that no one knows when this will be done and repeatedly asking – when will this be done must remind those at the top of a car trip with the backseat full of kids asking are we there yet? Annoying at best. so let’s all act our age. and we have a choice –

Trust the process or move on citizen(as our leader would say). i used to look at many sites. now i look at 2 – this one and owon. plenty to keep me busy along with living my life. so i am fully on board with this latest request and thankful for the clarity!! i trust the wh and wha and owon and will go down the road with them. and you?

Chris says: Dear All, WHA, WH,

I’m very greatfull for your guidance and information shared on this blog! It’s a huge privilege to find this site (and OWoN) and read all the valuable information and thoughts of all readers.

I must admit that when I first found out about the GCR I was focused on getting the most out of it for myself. Buy a home, car and apart other unnecessary junk. Spend, spend, spend… :)

That has changed. Don’t get me wrong – I still intend to provide for my family and maybe start a business with the funds which this event will provide for me and my family. However, it would be selfish and plain stupid to not share with the community and people in need…

I’m still not sure how exactly will I help others, but this is surely something I will do! Hopefully a decent wealth manager can help with that while maintaining my and my families wellbeing. Any ideas friends?

Most of all, I will surely follow advice shared in FC #115.


Keezy says: Is the St. Germain Trust even real? I will keep a level head. Thanks for your reply. kz


whitehatauxiliaries says: There may be a St. Germain trust someplace, but it is not related to the WGS.   Thank you!


Perry says: Am I understanding this wrong??? But, PLEASE! Keep it close to your vest.

So WHA/WH DON’T want this update spread or emailed around??


whitehatauxiliaries says: No. That is not what I meant.

I meant that you should keep it close to your vest, as in, use it and make it part of you. 

Perhaps my terminology was inaccurate. Chalk that up to 15 hour days.


Gayla says: Perry, I took it to say don’t delete it out of you e-mail. Print it off and keep it handy or reread it just as soon as this RV goes down, because it has a lot of important information in it.


PD says: thank you WH, OWoN and WHA, from Downunder. This is a monumental privilege and a sobering responsibility for all involved. My thought is that this event will not so much be an end, but a beginning. Much respect also for all the level-headed, mature responses here. This must happen.


whitehatauxiliaries says: Thank you for your participation. Yes, a new beginning indeed. And the USA will be taking her rightful place as an equal in the world’s community, not as a superior to run everything by her rules.

This is how it should have always been. Let’s hope we get it right this time around. We need peace, trade and harmony among all nations so we can share in the common heritage that is the earth’s resources.

Have a good day in your beautiful part of the world.


allen says: Regarding #7. There are deep and focused Patriotic relationships between the core London parties and the White Hats, etc. These ARE the same parties exposing and fighting the global web of corruption, sparing none. These are the very relationships forged over decades fighting the Cabal, banking and media corruption; the parties fighting for humanity itself and the needs of our species.

My gut feeling on #7 is that no release until the cabal is eliminated entirely so the new system is free and clear from all outside interference from these fallen ones.The new economy must be pure and ordained from on high.That I know in my heart is what the WHITE HATS are achieving.


allen says: JUST IN FROM OWON April 11, 2014 at 5:33 AM

watch what we unleash soon for you all. It will expose and help change everything.



rmcl says: I want to thank you for your stabilizing forum. Most appreciated and anticipated. One of my many questions:

It is understood that the “Mordor” of international financial skullduggery is centered in the City of London. A plaque on some mandarin’s wall in the City surely states the City’s appreciation for their efforts in underwriting unfathomable misery on the hapless inhabitants on this planet. Is this where the White Hats are bivouacked?

My point is not to cast any dispersion, but curiosity has gotten the best of me.

Are the WH’s functioning as (Black) Hats at their day jobs, and like Clark Kent don their appropriate hero garb (their true identities) and proceed with their altruism without being “recognized”?

Or, is it more like Operation Valkyrie where the sentient and noble souls in the 3rd Reich took it upon themselves to put an end to the Nazi madness…at the cost of their own lives?  All the best,   RML


whitehatauxiliaries says: Hello, London certainly has its share of shady characters. However, that does not mean all who exist in her banking and financial centers are such.

It goes without saying that we would not be in touch with our sister site at OWoN and their London compatriots if we did not have confirmation from our WH contact that they were on the same side.

The White Hats have the advantage of knowing the system inside and out, and they know just what to look for and do. But, unlike the Valkyrie mission, they wont need to use such violence to achieve their mission.

So far, I know of no White Hat that has lost their life in this matter. It does not seem to be the case for a lot of bankers and other types who are falling off of tall buildings these days.

Thank you!

The White Hats are not in any one location as far as I know.


ugh says: I find it reprehensible to these thugs possess the means and will to use lethal force in order to restrict anyone’s personal freedoms and to steal property under the guise that it’s for the greater good while claiming that actions taken were in compliance with court orders known by most to be unlawful; yet they persist in following the dictates of a centralized authority unaccountable to no one except to the minority who control the purse.

“Militias Are On Route: Is the 2nd American Revolution Starting in Bunkerville, Nevada?”


PS Tony, I will understand if you decide this is inappropriate for these pages and choose not to publish. To me, this is an issue that’s not going away any time soon. I felt compelled to voice an opinion and share with your audience what may come to be interpreted as a casus belli moment.


whitehatauxiliaries says: Hello, As long as the site does not fall into the dinar guru category and has some social interest, it’s fine. But please do not repeat the site in the thread.

Let’s hope cooler heads prevail. Thank you.


Green Lantern says: This latest FC reminds me of the title of a Devo album: “Duty Now For The Future”. Now is the time to set the groundwork for life after the GCR.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to hear stories about The Great Depression from my grandmother and my great aunts. My regret was being so young that I didn’t absorb as much as what they were sharing with me. Nuggets often do come to mind, yet I wish that I would’ve documented more and asked more questions, rather than simply being a listening board. So my request/suggestion for those who post here is simply this.

If you know someone who is still living, who lived through that time, see what you can learn and understand from that time and how that person endured through it. Then, please share the info here. Ask for examples of those who didn’t fare well and why those reasons were for not. It will give us a more holistic picture of the situation.

One thing that we should consider here is that during the original Great Depression, the majority of the society was agrarian. We have the flip side of that now, so it’s something else that will need to be factored in. Knowing (for a few years) that this moment was coming, my wife and I bought land in the country and are currently building a ranch home on it. The Holy Spirit guided us to be humble in the endeavor. That brings me to one more pondering thought.

Over the course of last year, I kept hearing (over and over) that the humble will be exalted and the exalted will be humbled. It appears that time is on the horizon.


GSA_UT says: I was a bit confused as to what was meant by this statement?: “We advised your site at the beginning of the week that this week would not be possible with evolving issues. This is a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. Still to be formatted now.” Could you clarify that a bit? Thanks!


whitehatauxiliaries says: Hello, It means that the people in the trenches were telling us all that the revaluation was not going to happen that week because of matters that came up.

The site he mentioned being advised was WHA, this site.

We have so many new people that I think I am going to have to post a primer to get everyone oriented correctly. No worries. Thank you.


James says: WHA

Thanks for the great update, as always.

Yes this timezone issue is a big issue – I know I have mentioned it before but it is interesting it has come up in this FC too.

Bottom line, if this is announced on a weekend it’ll cause problems as most people around the world has to wait until Monday morning for their banks to open, especially given the gravity of the event (even weekend banks will likely not be taking these currencies until the Monday morning briefing).

Whenever during a 24hr period it is announced somebody will have to lose out by waiting until the next morning. It’s a nail-biting lottery :(

Can you please clarify: in the last few FC’s (including this one) we have heard “don’t panic you will have time” – is this a guarantee from the WH’s that everyone across the global timezones will get their window of opportunity regardless of what country they are in and what time it is locally when this announcement is made?

(I find it hard to understand how the WH’s can be in charge of “when” this announcement will be – as in, 10:00am EST like mentioned before – who gets to decide and how will it even come out…? Supposing it’s delayed by an hour or two? How will that change the timezone issue?

I don’t expect you to have all these answers, Tony, I’m just thinking out loud. But if you could answer the question above I’d be grateful as always).

Thanks WHA and WH’s and all else involved


whitehatauxiliaries says: At times I wish I could get our WH contact over here to answer such questions. But, he is busy. He is so busy, in fact, that he dropped his mobile phone into his fried rice while we were on the phone the other day. He literally lives, eats and breaths this event and is working endless hours with his fellow White Hats to bring this matter off.

Let me just give you the best answer I can.

This event will be processed by those who are tasked with such, and those details, in the end, are not known by me.

I would simply take the information given at face value, without any concern, and prepare yourself as best you can. Even if you knew every detail right now, there is no assurance that such will be the case when it does go down. Things change all the time, so be prepared for anything.

If OWoN says you will have time, I would take that as good news. Trust me. That information comes from the top. Between OWoN and the White Hats, we here at WHA have left the guru world behind by a million light years. You just cannot be any better informed than you are now.   Thank you.