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wrider22 : Nice quote for our situation... "A thing long expected takes the form of the unexpected when at last it comes." ~Mark Twain

[KIRKWOOD] Hello tnt family....the word i recieve is that we should see this before the 11th....friday 

[BlackKarma] KIRKWOOD did admirals get to do what they were about to do?

[KIRKWOOD] BlackKarma i heard they went in yesterday... the source stated today that this has to go by the 11th

[KIRKWOOD] this is to go by friday...i was told the rv will be the new money for our republic of the USA....THIS was i was told today by a gov source.. All is done and we will be seeing the END.

[ninnypickles] KIRKWOOD I hope and pray your contact is right. I want off of this ride. I'm getting dizzy
[KIRKWOOD] ninnypickles ..yes they are in gov...and have great contacts....this has been a ride..just look at what tony said today...it is so true.. Crazy each DAY.....GOOD news they said it has to go friday.. Everything is done and they have to leak it out a little everyday....tony said the same thing today...he is RIGHT.... Yes rv time 

[VictoriousSecret] Does anyone think that we have to wait until elections are complete to see this GCR? 

[ninnypickles] VictoriousSecret I dont think so at all

[KIRKWOOD] VictoriousSecret  i was told this has to go by friday 

[VictoriousSecret] That's good! So much info out there flying around!

[brendad] VictoriousSecret I heard this should be over before the elections begin.

[VictoriousSecret] brendad oh boy, that's sounds great! :) Yaaaay!

[KIRKWOOD] VictoriousSecret this is done,,,really... What they have to do is let out infomation to the public...did you hear tonys call TODAY... This is so true 

[tommy] Kirkwood we have been told this before

[brendad] tommy Yep, this situation has always and always will be fluid until the cream finally spills out of the bottle. Then, we all will be in shock


TNT Call 09-Apr-2014 Notes
The music this morning was classical guitar… lovely!
Tony:  Are we ready? Let’s see if DC is available, then we’ll get started.  Let’s try it again…
Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 9, 2014.  We never thought we’d be here.  We will do this call a little bit differently:  we will answer your questions.  Pam told me not to go into the forum, so I went there to see what was going on!
There are so many positive good things that we are hearing; w e are so close.  I felt better about this than I have in the last four years.  Even though you are not getting gall the information, that’s because we are so close, it’s on a need-to-know basis.  Some have asked, every call we hear it’s in the process, etc.  What is the process and how close to the end are we?  They don’t want you to understand the process, otherwise they would let us tell you.  Every step alerts someone else they don’t want to be alerted.  We will tell you about the LAST part of the process today, how that should go…
DC:  In the last week or so, we’ve been in “the process”.  This is where we are, although we don’t want to be the cause of messing anything up.  In the East, Iraq is moving forward, DFI funds have been released, and there are articles on that.
Tony:  We bring you the information and tell you what we know, to help the people.  We bring you what the administration is doing, so far as it applies to us.  We try to look at both sides.  We know they have to do this eventually, and we know that we all know about it.  If this happens and the public gets wind of it, there will be uproar because we got a chance and they did not.  So they are preparing for that to happen, and in part by making public statements that if you were paying attention you would have known about it.  That’s been blatant since yesterday morning. Can you explain that, DC?  They have to CYA so that when this happens, those finding out will not hit the roof because others knew this was going on and they didn’t.  Then they can point out where it has been pointed out to the public, especially in the last 48 hours.  Everyone knows about the DFI funds and what the significance is, and the timing of that.
DC:   The DFI are really important – those are the funds the US and others have been protecting from lawsuits and such.  It’s primarily going to be used for reconstruction of Iraq, with a lot of jobs.  Those DFI were explicitly put in the rules, and an open part of the revaluation.  Those were released Monday evening, on various news sources.  That is a big, big deal, with 196 billion dollars released just for that.  The CBI has done audits, and that shows they are stable, too.  There were further articles on the Iraqi government and CBI, and how that helps when the dinar is not tied to the US dollar.  There are continuous articles, worldwide, not that everyone is paying attention but us.  They can now say that this information was releasing in public.   Anyone can look up what the Iraqis are doing, including the CBI, Chapter VII and the economy.
In Iraq, on television, radio and newspaper, they have been saying “international monetary reform” is in process before the election.  Those have been on the news stations and the scrolling tape on the bottom of the television.  They have accepted for priority accession to the IMF as well.  This is all very public.  They are just waiting for international monetary reform and Iraqi monetary reform.  This is the public notification, and this is occurring as we speak.  The minor elections start on Friday, and the major ones next week.  The major timelines are being met.  They have missed dates in the past, but they have clamped down on that because they have had problems in the past, including political unrest.  They have learned their lesson after the problems last summer.  It makes people mad when they have to deal with different rates.  They are not pinning themselves down to a specific time, but we know this is tied to the election process next week.
Many articles are saying Iraq needs to take its place as a world economic power;  politicians are also talking about this before the elections, in every speech.  They are saying what an economic powerhouse it is, or can be.  There have been improvements, but Iraq must revalue its currency and do the DFI reconstruction.  The first DFI was Monday night and that is a big deal.
Tony:  The DFI announcement was not supposed to occur until AFTER the revaluation!  Also, in the news there has been information about the global reset…
DC: There have been press announcements through Reuters saying the US will lead the global economy this year, at 3.67%, which is a big jump.  We are not on track for that yet.  Also, China is going down to 5.25%, which is also too small for them.  Europe has problems because of the Crimea mess, Russia is as well, and Japan is not kicking in yet either.  So my two cents is that they are counting in consumer demand after the revaluation, i.e., our buying cars and houses and furniture.  No one will believe 3.67% until this occurs.
Tony:  Even if you don’t understand the articles, you need to see that this type of article was needed before they can announce the RV.  That’s out there so that they can say “you have the same opportunity that dinarians have had”.  So we want to see those articles.
DC:  There is more of this happening in Iraq in television, and it’s all positive.  Going over to Europe, the Russian/Crimea deal is a serious concern but it doesn’t affect the RV of the dinar.  In NY, the UN is on board with everything, and DC is looking good.  Everybody is absolutely on board and content with what’s going on now. They are watching.
Tony:  Okay, they are content, watching, doing their PSA.  Everyone is happy, and now the public is looking for the rollout.  So they are thinking, “How do we roll this out without hysteria?” 
DC:  There are three potential scenarios that have been discussed, hypothetically. Let’s say it revalues in the next few hours. Once they stop trading private banks and traders, what happens? How much time do you allow and what do you use that for before people go to the banks?
Option A – Shotgun approach:  have the traders and banks turn off 1166 rate and let the 800 numbers go, and just let it run.  We will try to as much info as we can together and get it to you.  It will be more chaotic, but we’ll roll with the punches and get that done.  Those who want to be informed on the process should be listening to the calls.
Option B – Once they’ve cut off trading, etc., they will come back to us and ask us to send out the information and final process, and everything they want you to walk through the process. “Here’s the NDA, here’s how the banks will work”, and so on, and we have been approached with that in mind.  Of course we are happy to walk you through that process and keep people calm. There will be a tight timeline when that occurs.  That’s a step we may end up taking.
Option C – They stop trading and let everyone calm down for 24 hours, then they will give a lot of details to gurus that they like, then we can educate the everyday folks on how this process works.  We like this option because we can give it more time to explain the process and you can explain it to everyone else.  They are worried about lines of the banks, security issues, and also some employee issues as well.  It helps folks calm down.  Again, we have been approached and of course we will help with that.  We’re all eager to cash in, but it’s also good to walk through the steps, answer people’s questions.  That will let us all go through more quickly and efficiently. 
I asked 45 minutes ago which they will go for, and they still don’t know!
Tony:  We are casting our own vote and letting them know how we would prefer to do it.  I’d like to exchange and then come back and do what they want!  I don’t make the decision for everyone, but they are asking for our opinion.  If they do this in the evening, we have all night to talk about it.  If it comes out during the day, everyone has time to calm down, breathe, not jump into their cars… and the bank employees have a day to get over it.  I think that is a critical point, because you don’t want to be in the bank exchanging with people who are mad at you because you have money and they don’t.  It gives us time to go over the information;  there may not be time to discuss this process.  A couple of hours would be good to talk it all over before we have to shut down the website.  I’d like to discuss it right now, but we still haven’t got the official package. 
If we have the info, you will also be able to get your ten things done before we go into the bank.  That one note is still in there, but it may be at a lower rate;  maybe only the people who truly need that one note will go to the bank, and that will ease things at the bank, too.  So we would go for Option C.
DC:  Again, we are talking directly to people in the planning department, and the preference for us is not to limit people cashing in, but if they want  us to educate everyone, then a day would be a good breathing space on that.
Tony:  I prefer to answer questions rather than just giving out information.  They thought about that, and I think that it would just cause more chaos to do that.  I think we should walk through it, answer questions, give some scenarios…
DC:  Let’s say 250K listen to these calls.  Like myself and others, you’ve told a few friends, and they are going to be calling you to ask what they should do.  They will have their own questions about the 800 numbers, the contract rates, and all the rest.  I’m expecting a couple dozen phone calls from my friends and others who just weren’t paying attention.  It’s good, because we are going to have to take this offline and restrict what we are saying.  We just don’t know how long we will have before that happens.
Tony:  Basically, we have already agreed to do that, so if you need to get something off the forum, do it now.  If there are procedures you  need to do, get them off the forum now.  I don’t know myself exactly what will happen until I get the NDA.  Once this happens, we will not be discussing this at all.  The other sites are about investments and such, not the RV.
If you are on the board and I have talked to you in the last few months, PLEASE put your hand down so that others can have a chance?  I’ve said that three times, and I haven’t seen one hand go down.  DC?
DC:  I'm not an excitable guy, but I’m excited now. I’m normally calm, but I’m excited!
Tony: One more thing I’m supposed to talk about… 
212 caller:  Good morning!  It’s my first time… I actually got through!  You may remember you were telling about Sterling…?
Tony:  That was MY mistake.  This is why it was my mistake:  I said that Sterling would allow you to peg your rate as it rises. I also said that you should call Sterling to make sure.  They have the best policy, to let people put in their sale order and then put in another one at a higher rate. It turns out their system was not designed to do that;  it was designed for people who couldn’t get to their appointments on time.  I did ask several times if he was sure he wanted to do that, but he didn’t understand exactly what I was asking for, and what I was telling you guys. I should have just kept that in my hip pocket, not telling it to the world.  He didn’t design it for that purpose, and it was more of a protection.  I still think he is the best exchanger out there, and he said he would look for it and handle those cases (of later appointments) individually.  So that is out the window because it really was too good to be true!  He wasn’t thinking the way I was thinking, or the way others were thinking.
Caller:  That was a great deal if it’s really available, and that’s why I wrote to Sterling. So… sorry about that!  And then I thought I should go back to you and let you know, because if people wanted to use that as a strategy, it is not going to be there.
Tony:  I still think it’s the best exchanger to use.
Caller:  I agree.  Exogen at State3Alpha is putting out all his lists again of things one might want to think about, in terms of contingencies.  Today, he put one out about planning for everything from A to X, for instance, the FinCen form that might turn your exchange into an investment, and other reversals.  Could you take a look at this list at some point and let us know if any of these major catastrophes could be build into the NDA or contracts?  They seem to change so much, especially the contracts for the contract rate, which might be complicated?
Tony:  I haven’t seen his list so I don’t know what he is trying to make you aware of.  The NDA has changed many times, but the general one is about five pages.  This has been rewritten to be more understandable.  Each bank’s contract will be different;  the wealth manager’s job is to make money for the bank, and you need to understand that when you go in.
Caller:  Can he make me a shareholder in the bank by virtue of how much money I have there?
Tony:  Only if you have bought stock in the bank!  I don’t know;  we’ll have to look at it.  It’s still a business, and they are there to make money for the bank.
Caller:  Can I send you this email?
Tony:  yes, I’m sure I’ll get it one way or another!
Caller:  The whole world seems to be ganging up on the US, such as Russia, the BRICs, etc., wanting the US to give up their voting rights in the IMF…
Tony:  This has nothing to do with the RV.  Our currency is going down, that’s a foregone conclusion.  On the other hand, does the King give up his crown and let you each take a piece?  There will be more of an effect (on the world) if we were to lose that piece.  My thought… I can’t understand why they agreed to it in the first place, but they did agree… knowing that Congress will never agree anyway.  It’s giving away too much.  We’re already giving up the dollar as the global currency.  That will already change the global currency.
Caller:  Will China allow their currency to float?
Tony:  This is about the mini-IMFs, and it’s a chess game.  DC?
DC:  We’ve already beat the Sterling thing dead. In terms of the other issues, such as the IMF, many are confused by this.  It’s a lot of what people want.  The IMF wants the US down to 15%. The IMF wants a lot of things.  I want an 18-year-olds body, but that’s not going to happen.  IMF wants that, but they also know what is realistic.  They have some other concerns that were addressed that are not necessarily affecting the US.  They know that 15% is a deal-killer for the US, and they are not going to throw this in at the last minute.  IF they did, they couldn’t get it through this Congress.  In the void of information, people get nervous studying this, but really this is not that germane.  Let’s focus on the practical steps you can do.
Caller:  Before you explain the process, will you see the contracts and NDA?
DC: We’ve already talked about that.
Caller:  I will send you the list from Exogen.
DC:  We will be given a lot of the package and information;  on specific items, you will have to decide for yourself.  We cannot make specific decisions for you.  We are just two guys on the radio, and we can only say what makes sense to us.  We’ll give you as much detail as we can, but at the end of the day, it’s your money, your life, and you have to own that yourself.
Tony:  We had information we shared about the rupiah, and look what happened.  The same thing happened with the zim.  We were affecting things too much.  We have ways of doing things.  I know how to make money.  If I gave you a strategy, as I did with Sterling, he’ll change it!  If I tell 15-20 people, that’s okay, but if I tell 250,000, that’s too many people who now know what’s going on.  I will tell you as much as I can, but I cannot tell you a strategy that then affects everyone within ten minutes.
DC:  It’s great to ask questions… there are almost no dumb questions… but this is yours and you’ve got to own it.  Make the decisions you are comfortable with.
Tony:  I don’t know what time we will get on that last call, so keep it brief, okay?
810?  Please turn OFF you computer so there will not be a lag time.
Caller:  I’ve been waiting on the line about four hours.
Tony:  Yes, for 231 minutes!
Caller:  What is the lowest rate for the dong?
Tony:  I don’t know.  We’ve gone through the rate before, and they really don’t want us to talk about the rates and dates, but it hasn’t changed much since then.  I remember what that is, but I am not talking about rates!  I can tell you that the rate is per dong…
Caller:  Is it still safe for people to purchase dong from the banks?
Tony:  If they wills ell it to you, it’s safe!
303 caller:  Is it possible that the 800 numbers are not going to be part of this exchange process?  If not, I have no idea of how to line up an appointment given that the big five bankers are saying the dinar and dong are not on their boards.
Tony:  There will be a national number that will ask you your name, email address, and which bank you want.  They will then forward you to that bank who will ask for your information and make your appointment.  I have no doubt on this point.
Caller:  Is there any change the exchangers will not be able to deliver layaways or reserves?
Tony:  You have to ask your dealer, but they told me they will.  I haven’t seen anything to suggest otherwise.
808 caller:  I read something about one bond still needing to be sold…?
Tony:  All I know is that the bonds have been sold, commissions paid, and money paid into accounts.  They were sold at 3.71, and the deal is done.  I don’t know who put out that rumor, but I haven’t heard anything about that.
Caller:  We’ve been in this six months and you and the TNT team are superfantastic.
Tony:  That applies to DC, Ray, Pam, and even though she has been ducking out lately, I still keep putting her in there, and the rest of our intel group.  We are really close to the end, and we are being restricted mow.  That’s why Pam is trying to duck out…
602 caller:  I’m superfantastic!  Are we still exchanging IQD or IQN, and VND or VNN?  Which election are we waiting on?  Under the 13303, can we buy other currencies…?
Tony:  The 13303 gives us the same rights as Iraqi citizens do exchange and do business there.   We are still exchanging !QN and VNN, yes.  About the elections… DC?
DC:  Iraq is a parliamentary democracy, like the UK, and instead of individuals running for office, they vote for parties, who then appoint their leaders as President and ministers.   The US only has two substantial political parties;  most countries have three or four main parties.  Iraq has a slew of  parties that need to form a coalition together of like-minded folks.  So that will then appoint the government.  How they start choosing them are through staged elections.  Most elections are not just on one day (as in the US, where we all vote on the one day and wait for the results). For logistical and political reasons, plus some gerrymandering, Iraq has an election process that takes a while to go forth.  The minor elections start on Friday, and then the larger ones continue next week.  This process takes about 15 days to get done. 
Let’s say you are a Democrat in Massachusetts:  many stay at home because they know that MA will probably go Democrat no matter what.  If there is more uncertainty, as in Iraq, they need to manage this process throughout.  Politicians will also be following closely, and they need to make sure that the RV doesn’t mess with that process.  Let’s say it comes on Friday – they’ll be having a party and not bother vote.  That’s why ideally they want it to happen before the elections.  It would serve some politicians for that not to occur for another couple of months because it would make Maliki look like an idiot, but they are not in power and don't get to choose.  So…
423 caller:  I’m superfantastic!   Quick question about Sterling – if we go that way, can Sterling give us a CCC letter?
Tony:  You still want to get that through the bank, but it should be easy because the banks know it came from Sterling.
208 caller:  I think we need to change DC’s call name to, say, BottomLine.  W need to change it because he’s highly intelligent, knows what’s going on, gets things done, cares about his people and he’s a man of character, which he has demonstrated by putting his life on the line.  When I look at all that, it’s a contrast with what’s going on DC today.
Tony:  I was getting insulted there for a minute!  Let me say this:  he has put his life on the life for this country and for us, and you can tell he has been closely involved in what we are doing for years.  He has met a lot of those characters face to face, and he’s still here doing this with us now.  That is very much appreciated.
DC:  I didn’t choose that handle;  Tony pulled it out of his backside!
Caller:  There are people angry about this being delayed, and frustrated about how it’s being handled. One of the biggest problems in our country is loss of productivity, and so many of us feel that if we are not on top of this, we won’t get the highest rate.  So my suggestion is that we stop the calls, stop putting out the information, and tell those guys that when you are really going to do this thing, give Tony a four-day notice, then Tony can post the last call and we can all go back to work and stop wasting time and energy.
Tony:  We can do that right now!  You don’t need to be on the boards or the calls, you only need to be on Twitter because I will tweet the 800 numbers.  Just relax!  But some people need to understand things BEFORE that call, because we are not going to spend time educating them when we need to go over the process.   Also, they keep saying this will go in 3-4 hours, so we are never going to get 3-4 days notice.
Caller:  There must be someone who does know when it is going to happen, but it doesn’t get down to our level.
Tony:  We know who that person it right now, and what discussions are going on, but it keeps changing all the time.  Today they know which of those options we prefer.  This should have happened last Friday, and 45 minutes before time it got paused again. That is what happens.
Caller:  If they send everyone home from the exchange centers and security, they could distribute that $25,000,000 per day and we could be helping people right now.
Tony:  And we will do that, but we cannot effect that change.
704 caller:  The initial and exchange and the main exchange – I can exchange one note for spending money and then…. Do I make another appointment?
Tony:  I hear you saying that you are going to take the street or market rate, and then take in your main amount to exchange after you watch it rise?  The 800 numbers are for people who want to exchange right away.  Prior to your appointment, you can only exchange one note, period, up to 25,000 dinar.  Then you still have to make an appointment to exchange the rest.  We do know that in dinar, that is up to 25K;  they will put it in the system, and they won’t let you go to the other banks.  Even if it’s $3.71, that should get you going.  They hope to fit us all within the first four days, and everyone else will be strung out for  a while.  If you want the street rate only, then they will give you a pamphlet, and you can take it from there.  We’ll talk about this when we get the packet.
Caller:  As far as putting your dinar in a trust, does it exchange when you put it in the trust, or can I wait and watch it rise. 
Tony:  You exchange at the rate on the day when you take it into the bank, no matter whether it’s in your own name or into a trust. 
Caller:  So I need to wait until it’s at the rate I want.
Tony:  Yes, and you need to know when your particular bank adjusts the rate, so ask them that.
352 caller:  I’ve been on before;  I just hope by next week tony doesn’t have any other nuances he wants to clean up, because we’re getting a little tired of all these details.
Tony:  Guys, that’s why I started saying that they have things they have to do on their side, too.  DC, let’s look at the bigger picture.  We are here for our members, so they understand.  Let’s say the RV already happened and you just don’t know it yet.  Before they can bring it out in public there are some little things they have to do so that is shows up correctly on Forex, CNBC, and for investors.
DC:  When we say “It’s done”, we want to go to the bank, present a 25K note, and get cash.  That si the very last thing on the RV deal.  There have to be the right announcements, with documentation, acceptance by the bank, and all the rest.  Technically they can snap their fingers and say “done!”, but the biggest financial transaction in history is a bit more complicated than that.  They can maybe skip a few step, but they have to go through the process.  We’re all frustrated, and the guys actually doing this are the most frustrated of all, because they are on a hamster wheel that they cannot seem to get off.
Tony:  We have talked to people in the call centers and exchanges, and they are tired of even going to work, because “they’re just going to tell me another lie”.  Everyone has to just relax.  The hard part is over, and this is the minutiae now.  The hard stuff is all done, and now it’s just the little stuff.  Everybody is happy;  nobody is fussing or fighting.  The biggest discussions now are about how WE are going to present this to YOU. 
DC:  Everyone’s important to themselves, but on the global scale, we’re pretty low on the totem pole.  So it’s a good thing if they are talking about us, because that’s a pretty low priority.
Tony:  We must be close if we are what they’re talking about!  I’m in seventh heaven!
208 caller:  I have a question for DC… What is the one question that we can ask you that will elicit the information hat you cannot give us until we ask for it?  I have listened for months…
DC:  Um… I will tell you this.  I’m an action vs. words guy.  What actions are you taking on a personal level that’s different, based on the information you’ve got?  My answer would be this:  I am physically carrying a large numbers of dinars on me, at all times, and also other options.  I have my go-bag with me, and my backup phone is with me at all time.  I’m cued up and I feel pretty dang good about it.
Caller:  Welcome to the rest of us who have been like that for the last three months!
DC:  Ha!  It’s not good to carry all that all the time, but they’re in my car right now.
Caller:  The World Economic Forum is taking place right now;  will CL make an announcement about the GCR, and what should we listen for?
DC:  She said some good things.  The WEF would be a good time, but doesn’t have to be what they were waiting on. 
Caller:  If it’s taken this long anyway, why not use this as a platform?
DC:  In my opinion, it won’t be that blatant;  it may be addressed in terms of emerging markets and asset-backed currencies, that kind of discussion.
Tony:  This could come in one line of a whole paragraph.  It’s never going to come out like “for the last ten years we have been working on the Iraqi dinar…”
Caller:  Actually, I heard CL is putting together a video with you and Okie and that this will be shown on the last day of the forum.  You can tell CL from me that no matter how much she wants Justin Bieber for the voiceover, I cannot allow that!  <laugher>  Tony and everyone, hugs from the Goose!
803 caller:  The street rate will always be the same as the Iraqi rate, correct?
Tony:  Yes.   Let’s say that rate comes out at 3.71.  there will be adjustments to 100 countries.  There are some sleepers that will cause them to go up and down. Your key is to watch Kuwait and know it will be within 20 cents of the Kuwaiti dinar.  That will show you if it will higher or come down lower.  This is just my opinion;  I am not an investment advisor.  DC?
DC:  Yes, I think it will end up very close to Kuwait – the new Kuwaiti dinar.
Caller:  I’m happy with that!  Thank you, and have a wonderful day! 
815 caller:  We keep saying this will happen real soon.  Would you sell the dinar in your person account for $900 today?
Tony:  I wouldn’t sell my dinar until the day the RV occurs.  I’d sell it for $1200 per million and it would RV an hour later, and it would cost me three million to get that million dinar back!
Caller:  So why is Sterling still selling at that low price?
Tony:  It’s their business.  Are they going to stop going to work because the RV is imminent?  They are making 100K per day;  why would they stop that until they have to?
Caller:  Why would China and the US not buy their dinar at $900 instead of buying it from us at whatever contract rate?
Tony:  Because they’ve set it up so that they cannot.  Exec order 13303 set it up and structured the amount countries can buy.  But they can buy it from us.
DC:  Why don’t they just go directly their exchanges in Jordan or Iraq, or even Sterling? Because it doesn’t count.  Every dinar to be exchanged as oil credits has been accounted for in the US, China, etc.  They bought them legitimately, and those are being tracked.  They set up this process so that China can get the oil credits, and that’s why they are buying dinar.  The UK is also going to do very well from this, because they were allies and supporters in the war;  they will also have a tremendous number of oil credits and for currency reserves (because the UK already has North Sea oil).  The GBP will be very solid.
Caller:  Are the exchanges in the US no  longer available to buy in Iraq?
DC:  They can, but there are not that many dinar bills left;  most have been destroyed, and they are not printing any more.
594 caller:  You mentioned the contract rate in terms of timing, based on the NDA.  Will people have more time on this? Will the market rates still be non-taxable?
Tony:  I don’t know;  we still haven’t got the package.  They set it up with multiple rates, but the plans are changing all the times.  That’s why they asked us to just leave the rates and dates alone.  They do have a plan for the reserves, and I believe we will still have our 30 days.
Caller:  That’s great!  You seemed to be saying we would only have a few days, but if there are 30 days, that’s great.  Many people are more than ready, and I appreciate that you have given us so much information so that we can make our plans.
Tony:  I didn’t say any one rate would last for 30 days. It will still go up and down.  Some rates will only last for a couple of days.  Get your appointment, and if the bank will lock in that rate for your reserves, you can then bring those in for your second appointment.  I think this process will last for 30 days, with the contracts, and then only the international rates will be available.
I would call that 800 number as soon as I could, get in and do things right away.  I want to go in as soon as I can instead of waiting 10-15 days to figure it out.  There are five million people doing this.  They think they can get all of us in pretty promptly to see what is going on…
Caller:  Sterling says that it may take a few days to get the reserves out.
Tony:  If the bank has a reserve policy, I wouldn’t want to wait on that – I’ll be able to get the same rate in my second appointment.  Why would I delay that for any reason?
Pam says our time is up.
DC:  I hope this is the last call apart from the educational call.  We hope to inform and calm people down as much as possible.
Tony:  So we are picking option C on this call, just so they know!
Pam:  I’m still here, crawling out from under the bus.   Ray and I are with you guys until the end, or until we see Tony and DC under the bus, too.  Thanks also to our mods and transcribers;  thank you, thanks to all of you who came before, and thanks to the members.
Ray:  What she said!
Tony:  Alright, guys.  To let you know, all this morning and last night, over the weekend, we honestly never thought we’d make  it this far.  Even this morning we were expecting to get this over this. Hopefully we’ll do another two-hour call this evening!  We are just that close with everything, we know what we’ve been given, and we do expect it this week.  There are the elections over there, the television broadcasts and the lower denominations.  It was on OUR news about the release of the DFI and the global economy figures.  In DC they continue to have meetings that have effectively focused on the next things, that this RV is over with.  Our time is coming, we’ll be as patient as we can, and hope this is our week.  If we messed up anywhere on this phone call, we’ll know it in 15 minutes.
Okay, guys, enjoy your day!


4-9-2014   Intel Guru Delta   Iraqia TV is constantly reporting  about the Monetary Reform…There is also a group of very smart experts in Monitary Reform from the USA at the embassy in Iraq assisting with this process.  IMO, everyone who made the decision to invest in the IQD made a very smart decision and you will be blessed for a lifetime or longer.   [post 3 of 3]

4-9-2014   Intel Guru Delta
The notes we have will remain legal tender and co-exist with the new currency!!!  When the CBI revalues the dinar, our currency will still be legal tender to the CBI...IMO, for well beyond 2 years.  So why is the CBI printing new 3 zero notes? They need it for transactions with nations...They need the large bills  for large financial  Institution transactions.   this announcement about the new currency is the best news for our investment and it should make us all very happy.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-9-2014   Intel Guru Delta
  [via anonymous]  Today the CBI made an announcement that many people took as bad when it really is very good news.  The translation is the best way to fight corruption is added security in the 250, 500 and 1000 notes.  This better paper and added security features will make the currency last longer, and stop counterfitting.   New markings on the 5000, 10,000 and 25,000 will help the blind differentiate between notes and new security features added that can only be seen with a blue light.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-9-2014   Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man
   We should be hearing news soon about what has already happened not what is going to happen.

4-9-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
  [via anonymous]  IMO, all the paperwork for the Monetary Reform was signed 2 weeks ago. They were signed in Bagdad and this past Sunday was taken to Washington D.C. and the UN...I-Team reported that this morning there was a meeting at the UN ...A document was translated saying Iraq is getting ready to make a big move, and it was discussed at the UN!  No one knows what the big move is, it could be many things, but IMO, the Monetary Reform documents have all been signed.

4-9-2014   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
  [I understand the UN has given Iraq a deadline of April 14th to finally pass the budget.  What if Iraq does NOT do this? Also, what if Maliki gets a THIRD term...Would this KILL the RV?]  First - the UN...can't force Iraq to do anything at this point. Second, if Maliki wins a third term (which I believe he will), that just gives him the freedom to push things in his favor... and you'll be hard pressed to find a way that an RV won't benefit him. 

4-9-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
this was done for the implementation of the economic reform and monetary policy and exchange rate...they may float but it will be from a reality rate not from the imposed rate.  the rate is calculated at a reality rate by what they have to hard back it -- gdp -- and the rest of the figures used to calculate what the rate will be...international currency laws makes any formal currency hold its face value and when it changes in rate they give time as far as history shows to exchange them in.  [post 2 of 2]  

4-9-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article Quote:  "...Iraqi Central Bank as a bank independent under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and being sessions daily for buying and selling currencies."  so, they are preparing for the new exchange rate and of course the exchange as they have made very clear -- this is great news, huge huge...  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-9-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-9-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3
  redenom has already been done long ago . They have had LD'S for 4 years now.  When they change value they have to have newly redominated bills.  LD'S BEEN LOADED INTO MANY OF THE NEW ATM MACHINES SINCE JAN 2011.  

4-9-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
    [Why can we buy and have all the large ooo notes that we want, and they brand spanking new but in country they are all worn out?]  this is a question that many have asked...Much of what we own was never circulated and IMO printed with the purpose to be sold outside Iraq to rebuild the central bank reserves.  As one document said...a controlled leak.  We don't use the currency itself so it stays pristine over the years and some sell back to the dinar dealers, which in turn it gets resold.  So you have a recycling of sorts as well of currency that is in good to excellent condition.  Latest numbers I heard from a dinar dealer was about 20% of dinar being sold now is recycled (people give up, sell it back etc.)


[OkieOilMan] We should be hearing news soon about what has already happened not what is going to happen---

Stand tall, pray hard, -------  Blessings galore


Hi Everyone,

Grüße aus den Alpen Bayern Deutschland. Geetings from the alpine region of Bavaria.

Hope all you fine dinarian holders are doing well today. Last night I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Der Schule meiner Kinder. They put in a play about democracy and it was so uplifting to see das jüngste Kind so educated on democratica principles and a free society.

I know this is not much to many of you but for me I wanted to share this bit of my joy.  As we all know Deutshesland has come a long way since the  30’s and 40’s.

 The Jugend now understand and are taught about free society and what it means. We see this too now in our elected representatives. We are not yet perfect but we strive for this. I only hope and dream of a world someday where these simple ideals of freedom and democracy can be truely manifested in all our elected officials.
Of course you have to want it too bad enough to make the sacrifices necessary. I do not refer to blood and guts sacrifices on the battle fields of pretend wars with pretend enemies but the sacrifices we must make in our homes, neighborhoods and governments each and every day to protect what we have of our set our beliefs and stand by them for the wolf in costume is always knocking on our door.

I think if these things as I often hike up the mountains on days like today, in early spring, when the warm  sun touches my skin, the lowly alpine breezes brush my hair as I sit in my favorite place watching over the valley below. Here I think of how good life could be if we only would allow it. 

Today I wanted to give an update as to the status of the IQD currency revaluation process. There is much news but it confusing. I am sure you have all been bombarded with it already.

So now let me tell you what I have heard and see if we can make any sense of it all.  I really, really tried to keep this news letter as short as possible but I think maybe I am not successful…..lol….? .

Today’s News

Some intel providers are saying the only thing that happened in Iraq recently was a further delay in the budget approval. This is not true of course. There was lots happening yesterday and all week since my last news letter.

What planet are they on? The news could not be any better! If they would only stop defending this darn budget issue, stop dwelling in it so much than maybe they can see beyond their noses and notice all the other  events going on. Events that are of REAL interests to us and our coming RV announcement.

Status of  2014 Budget

Let me first say once again that the budget approval does not drive the RV but rather the budget is driven by the RV. The budget and will not be announced as done until the RV is announced. All of a sudden one day they will spring the budget on us and it will coincide with the currency reform. Wait, watch and see for yourself.

Parliament must stall the budget since the CBI has not yet announced the revaluation of their currency and there are details of the new rate within the budget. Just the projections of trillions of dinars should tell you something that the real budget figures, once it is published will be only in the billions since the conversion to the higher value of each dinar will lessen the amount of dinars needed to complete all the scheduled projects and running the government.

The US Federal budget for 2014 is $3.77 trillion US dollars. That includes all expenditures. So how can a country like Iraq spend 164.5 trillion Iraqi Dinars annually? Does something look fishy to you? Does there have to be some conversion later to a new rate?

Status of the 2014 Elections

As I stated in my last news letter the elections formally begin this week in some provinces. The other provinces will also vote between now and the 30th April.

At this time the election results will be tallied which will decide the 328 members of the Council of Representatives who will in turn elect the Iraqi President and Prime Minister. So I can see how some might get confused and stubbornly keep saying the elections are not until the end of April but they do not know the entire process and should learn it before they talk about it with others.

What some intel providers want to do is create another benchmark date to track and then keep you hanging on this date like they usually do. The stress this brings is unbelievable. So let me assure you now the elections have very little effect on the RV process.

The elections are the concerns of the government of Iraq and not the CBI. They are two separate entities. We all know about the GOI interfering with the CBI in December of 2013 Abdul Basit Turki taking the helm as the new governor.

This was the right of the GOI to question the CBI even though it was a bit weird and all fabricated for reasons of intentions to steal funds from the reserves. It was stopped and the situation was corrected. Turki and Dr Shabibi have been working together. The plan for currency reform remained the same but obviously some aspects have to change since the timing has changed.

 There is a move to disrupt the elections by Maliki and this should be of no surprise to anyone that he would do this to his own country, He is an evil, corrupt and a very unpatriotic citizen of Iraq. If I could pick anyone to serve as the prime minister he would not even be on the bottom of my list as he would not be on the list.

When I say him being placed in the PM position for a second time (as if his first 4 years was not bad enough) the only thoughts I had in mind were that crocked people needed a crocked man in this position who would be their patsy. Do you know what I mean? 

I would highly recommend everyone to listen to the call from the Gatekeepers Team at (760) 569-7699 Pin# 378652 each Tuesday and Thursday evening. It is simply amazing the GOI corruption they report on  and how  keenly they have a handle on the pulse of the Iraq Council of Ministers  an Maliki and what they are up to.

 Much of their current information is about the election corruption and what the prime minister is doing to try to sabotage the process. So you can go listen from more details on this subject if you are interested. Very informative and educational but of course you must have some interest in that country beyond wanting just the date and rate.

I whole heartedly believe Maliki will not be re-elected since there is an underground movement in Iraq to deal with him. If you listen to their news carefully and read many of the articles published by the Sadarist movement you know what I am referred to. This is all I can say on this topic.

 Status of the Iraq Currency Reform Project 

The banks of Iraq are now distributing the lower denominations in almost all provinces. Simply put they could not wait any longer for the RV announcement since this RV has been stalled and they have been promised so many times already it was going to be rolled out which has not yet happened.

 Also the general public has no real currency for day to day transactions and it is causing some unrest once again. Something has to be done. As we all know part of the reform process was to collect all the larger notes from circulation. The US dollar is no longer legal tender in Iraq. So what do they do for currency? Such a ridiculous situation.

What does this mean? 

This is huge for us and the RV.  This creates once again the pressure is enormous to get their currency international and give us the announcement. They are actually now going ahead with distributing new crisp, clean $50, 100, 250 and 1,000 notes.

This is part of the currency reform process  and was not supposed to happen until the announcement of a new rate. Distributing these new bills is something they had wanted to do last November of 2013. Do you remember those articles announcing this but nothing ever happened? 

They held up this event then because they needed to wait for other issues in dealing with the RV process to catch up. Now they are ready. The new coins are also set to be let out to the public. I would watch for this event.

It is coming very shortly and will be an  indicator to us of just how close we are to the formal announcement.. The new $50 bill is dedicated to the Kurdistan region and so this is a great moment and motivator for unity of Iraq.
Status of  2010 IMF Reforms

This is a very hot topic now and I am getting lots of emails on this these days. So I need to address this and clear up some issues.  Is the USA holding up the RV by holding up the acceptance of these reforms?

 First let me say the USA has not yet approved the 2010 IMF Reforms although the US Senate has overwhelmingly voted to accept them. The reform bill was never even sent to Congress for a vote. So the answer to this question is Yes, Yes and Yes again.

The USA is absolutely. positively holding up the process of the GCR and has been doing so since December 2013 when the IMF was all set to announce the final stage of the global reset.

They have been working with the USA to try to settle any differences but have come across a strong resistance to change. 
You are not hearing much about this on the daily news because the USA government wants to keep this out of the mainstream news media and out of public ear as much as possible.

The USA government knows this it is a delicate issue and if the appox USA 5,000,000 dinar holders really knew the truth about why we still wait for the rollout of Iraq revaluation and GCR they would be very angry. 

This would mean loss of democratic votes in 2016 election for sure. Just another issue that President Obama has fumbled and the timing could not be any worst for him.

 These reforms are all about reforming the quota system of the International Monetary Fund and the situation in countries with developing economies. As I tried to describe in prior news letters a huge part of the global reset process is to bring these developing countries into the 21st century and give them the recognition and power they deserve in the global arena.

There is a meeting on April 9-11 (starting today) of the finance ministers and heads of the central banks of G20. It  will be held in Washington D.C.  . 

What will be primary on the agenda of this meeting?

The hot top of the agenda are the issues dealing with non-acceptance of these reforms by the USA The Spring gathering of the International Monetary Fund is here. China, Russia and other major developing nations are angry about a delay in reforms that give them more voting rights at the IMF.

So you see now the countries are pushing forward with the reforms without waiting for the United States. 

Skeptism is growing about the new powers within international systems. What impact will this have on the USA and the programs promised them if they would buy into the reform process (which they are not)?

Still the saga continues as Britain this week made a stab at attempting to urge the US Congress to approve reforms. In a recent public address, British Finance Minister George Osborne said quote: "The failure of the U.S. Congress to ratify the agreed IMF reforms is bad for the institution and bad for the international community. I urge the administration and Congress to act to pass them now."

 Most of the IMF’s 188 member nations have approved the reforms, which were originally hammered out in 2010. But opposition from the House and Senate Republicans have blocked efforts by the White House to pass the reform. Experts say it’s crucial for developing nations to have a seat at the table.

 The guts of this process of the IMF global reset is based around how countries are supposed to deal with their currencies, their  reserves. These are some of the big, big questions on international finance. These are really negotiated out at the IMF with the member countries.

So for these countries, who had not had much of a voice in the international rules of the game, when they were substantially poorer and smaller than they are now.  Now that they’ve grown so rapidly and their economies are so large, they want a seat at the table.

They want to be able to participate in shaping the rules that they would partially have to live by," said Bruce Jones, senior fellow of Brookings Institution.

 If the US Congress gives the reforms a green light, it would make China the IMF’s third-largest member. It would also revamp the IMF board, reducing the dominance of Western European nations. Some analysts say US lawmakers are concerned about relinquishing power to some emerging economies.

So why the rejection by the USA on these reforms? 

 White House news media version: First Congress is traditionally fairly skeptical about international institutions and that’s been true since the founding of international systems.

Second, there’s a lot of skepticism about China’s intentions on issues like currency reform and third, now, unfortunately there’s a lot of concern about Russia.

And because this package was negotiated in a context where sort of all the emerging powers see their shares rise, there’s now a new preoccupation about seeing Russia’s shares rise, even though Russia’s shares will rise by a tiny fraction," said Bruce Jones, senior fellow of Brookings Institution. Let us not now forget about the issues in the Ukraine with Russia ( a recent development).

 Reality: My impression is the USA simply does not want these reforms and maintains an attitude that they prefer keeping these countries as their playground for manipulation and corruption, corporate greed and resource extraction rather that as responsible, honest  players.

If they raise up their status so will their standard of living, fairer trade agreements, and the people of these countries will have more say on what takes place in their own country.

They will get educated and eventually take control of their own destiny. Such practices as labor rates, labor rights, corporate agriculture and so on….it will all change. The IMF reforms are just the beginning of a long process of freedom and independence from the long reach of the USA corporations. Better days are coming but without a struggle.

 Meanwhile while this struggle is underway we all sit in wonder as to why we have not yet seen the GCR. We can’t figure out what might be the holdup…..lol…..

Technically the long term strategic plan for Iraq called for us all having exchanged our currency by now and the project to delete the zeros ending this year of June 2104.

Yes- that was the original plan.

The fact that the IMF has high-jacked the RV process in 2010, as part of the Global Reset process, has caused many delays in the process and much pain for Iraq and for us speculators.   

 So in retrospect let us look at the big picture and put the pieces together to sooth our minds that this RV is going to happen and happen very soon.

 We can see that there is little influence with the 2014 election process on our RV process.

 The budget hype is just that and I would leave it alone and forget about it. It is also not an indicator of the timing of the RV.

 Iraq is now ready to be ascended fully into the WTO, something they have worked so hard to accomplish. Tons of articles this past week on this topic. All good ! did you read any of them?

Again this is not driving the RV but puts enormous pressure to get it done. The final page to this event is to have an international currency needed for Chapter 8 requirements of the UN charter. The readiness to join the WTO does put yet even more pressure on the IMF to rollout Iraq’s new rate to the international investment community.

 They know Iraq is going to be a primary donor nation (how could they not be since they are one of the riches nations on the planet? ) and the IMF has built their dues into part of the payments needed to kick start the IMF reform process. This is all good!

 There are issues with the GCR process but nothing that is not going to be resolved shortly  one way or the other with the USA. Meetings are now taking place starting today 4/9 through Tuesday 4/15 and I believe they will have a solution at that time. There are workarounds and there is a plan in motion too but the USA will suffer the consequences in the long term. You will suffer the consequences in the long term.

 Once again corporate greed comes first and the USA government bows under to the will of the corporate entity to set national policy.

If the American public really knew what these bastards in Washington are truly doing you would be so shocked beyond belief.

I would not even look for an RV announcement until after April 15th.  

I know for a fact Iraq has been given the green light by the IMF to go ahead and complete their part of the currency reform project. They are moving forward.

 The timing could not be any better since Maliki is about to lose in the elections. I am positive he will not be re-elected and soon Iraq will have a more honest and transparent government. Enough is enough !  Finally they will move forward.

 As an outsider, like yourself,  looking in at Iraq I can say I am simply amazed that a country like Iraq with so much wealth, potential for prosperity and abundance does not yet have a global currency worth anything.

But we all now know why. Are you putting the pieces to the puzzle together yet? Are you beginning to see the big picture?

 This should remind us all of the fact that politics still plays a major role in formulating priorities on nations as to what is good for a country instead of honest people dictating policy for the good of the people.

All politicians should be using  good old common sense and considering the needs of the citizens of that country first. Maybe someday it will all change and the so called waive of middle eastern democracy will truly be a democracy in Iraq.

 Peace and Luv To Ya,

Mnt Goat


I'm sitting in a hotel room in the Salt Lake City area as I'm writing this update.  There will be no corresponding video this week.  So, why am I here?

Much has been developing behind the scenes in the last few weeks.  I touched on some of those issues in last week's radio program, and it created a firestorm in the dinar community.  Like you, I want to have some solid and grounded information, so I decided to take a road trip to where I could see first hand the reliability of some of the info that has been reported.
I'm keeping this update short because new items may be developing in the next day or two.  If they do transpire I'll send out a special update shortly after the developments.

Over the past weeks, I've been reporting that I've been in contact with two individuals who are in the process of being cashed out in private transactions.  Let me emphasize once again, this is a process that does not happen overnight. 

Other blog writers have attacked the veracity of those reports, said we were lying, and mentioned we were involved in scamming the people. The attacks even developed to where lives have been threatened, yes, it's now more than one.

One of the best ways to get to the bottom of the story is to meet face to face with some of the individuals who are being cashed out. I've also met with others involved in the process allowing me to see first hand the contracts, paperwork and process.

Yesterday I spent  hours with individuals, which included a couple of hours on the phone listening to those involved.  Today I will meet with more individuals and receive more info.

I will discuss on tonight's radio program what I've discovered, where we are in this process, and what I see developing.  Recently some of you have written and said I've been falling into the hype trap of saying it's coming tomorrow.

People will believe what they want and will hear what they want.  It's amazing sometimes how so many different people can interpret differently what I say.  In the end it's all about our own individual perception.  How we hear or see is based on what's happening within us.  Our perception is a reflection of our own inner place of turmoil or peace.

I've tried to keep a balance in what I've been reporting.  Letting you know there are things that are going on, and due to confidentiality I cannot report them all.  At the same time I've tried to be careful and emphasize that this is a process; it's like a chess game where strategies can change on every move.

I wish you all could see the big picture as I do and have the perspective that I have, but we all know that is not possible.  So in the end each of us has to rely on other sources.  It's easy to want to take sides and say that one is right and all the others are wrong.  I've described this as a process that is bigger than any one source.  All have good intentions and all are to a degree correct.  Being human we all just don't see it from the same angle.  It's important that we refrain from the outward attacking of each other.  We all see this differently.

We are so fortunate to be involved in a historic life changing event.  We are the ones who will experience the blessings; blessings so few others will comprehend.  Gratitude with heartfelt thankfulness should be the attitude of us all.  A few days after we've all cashed in, all the differences will fade into the past, and we will all be focused on moving forward with our new found wealth.......with gratitude and thankfulness.

The April 9th radio program is live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET.

Click here to listen to the program live or archived.

Thanks for 'listening.'





[KIRKWOOD] This has been the most crasy thing i have ever gone through....i was told today from a gov source that the big group is going to cash out today in reno....then we get to GO... How long till ???? I know we will know from tony on the CALL.....MY dream is ...GOOD day tnt heres OKIE.... 1-800-you-rich today (hi)

[grandmavegas] do we all think tomorrow could be the day

[Pam D.] grandmavegas If not tomorrow, very very very soon.


[EvangeeGT] Any news?

[KIRKWOOD] EvangeeGT i was told by a gov source,,,,the main big group is going to cashout today...no matter what is what they said....then it is our turn