Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Special Announcement!!! 

 The RV is Going Public!!!  On Tonight's Radio Program Dave will have Special Guest Okie, Mark Meersman and others Announcing the RV/GCR is Going Public!!!


For weeks I've been saying I've been in touch with individuals who've been or are in the process of being cashed out for the RV. 

Tonight Okie and Mark Meersman will be on the air with another special guest describing the process they've been through.

They will then make a special announcement of the RV/GCR going public.  They are willing to give dates and details live on the air.


link for the radio program:  
Live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET.



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(Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#


We have piano music! Tony started a few minutes late.  Pam and Tony exchanged pleasantries.  Ray is on the line as well.  Tony is reading the text Ray sent to him, now that it’s confirmed…  Pam asked Tony to mention the numbers he put out yesterday…?  He will start the recording first.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is April the 2nd, 2014, the day after April Fool’s day, and it’s also my brother’s birthday, (not Ray, another brother).  Yesterday was probably the biggest April Fool’s day in the world.  It happened and we go on with life.

Here’s the news.  There are a lot of people on the line, we have some news, and I will take some questions.  This is going to be a difficult call to do, because of the information that we have, and because many didn’t want me to do this call today.  They are scared of what I might say, and part of my own team doesn't want me to do it.  This is what I have to look at:  I’ve been doing this call for four years now, and a lot of people have faith in my doing it.  I feel obligated to the listeners.  It’s okay to not do the call sometimes, but when people are antsy, they need some information, or at least to hear things are going in the same direction, that we haven’t lost faith, and that there are powers helping us get through this.  It’s important for me to convey that message. It’s not about me or about my team;  it’s always an obligation I felt once I got started.  I wish I hadn’t, but here I am, and I follow through.

There are a few negative things, and they are not about me.  I already know what to look for and what to do;  I just want to help some of you NOT make some of the mistakes being made. I’m not looking for any personal benefit, because I can make it at the international rate, and I want to help some of you do the same thing.  It’s about the commitment – that’s what makes me continue doing this.  A lady called me yesterday, and she said “I talk to people about this, and they say I’m crazy… I don’t tell any of them I know Tony!   I need to hear that everything is okay and then I can go ahead.”

I’ve seen the tweets you put out and I go in the forum before a call, and I look/listen to what you put out and your requests that I just give you something. It’s strenuous to go 2-3 days without hearing anything. People want to know that we are still on track.  If there is any time I think this is over, this is BS, they lied to my face… then you would know that truth within 20 minutes.  When I’m wrong, I’m not ashamed to say I’m wrong!  The reality is that I’m human, I make mistakes, and then I try to make it up.  But if I know about it, you know about it. That’s more important than anything else, when you are giving the best information you can.  I don’t people to think there are misconceptions:  anything I can do to make this as smooth as possible, I absolutely want to do.  Regardless of what the rates are, not everyone will get the same rates. That is realistic.  However, there is more than one way to skin a cat;  there are several options that will make you more money.  You have to pay attention, educate yourself, and have a plan.  There are different way to make this happen.

I put out a tweet for the company that brokers businesses, IPOs and opportunities, what I was telling you about public sales for financing companies and banks, for shells that are less than 100K if you have a company you want to go public.  You have to have some knowledge, though;  there’s more to it than just deciding you want to take a company public. But that’s where it starts.

This whole process, which we are absolutely coming to the end of, there have been people coming on who are intel gatherers and gurus who have come and gone, had bad information, and there are some still out there making lists for getting involved in opportunities that will make them a lot of money in the future… Look and see why people do what they do, and say what they say – even me.  I can’t convince everybody that what we are saying is the right thing, although most sensible people are getting the big picture.

For instance, ScottyD has been on for a couple of years with nothing, and he was on Twitter saying Tony is all lies.  He doesn’t know me, but he may just be frustrated at this point. Are people telling you what is really going on, backed up with real intel?  I want people to get their recognition.  Why do you keep clicking on what people say if you don’t believe it?  Why don’t you start your own site and your own sources?  He’s not alone.  There are too many positive things going ton to let you know what is going on and keep you involved in this opportunity, rather than selling back your dinar.  Wait, I have a long text coming in;  I can’t read it all but I will talk about it.

This may be my last opportunity to tell you guys something, so I’m trying to do it in the right way, giving you the help I can before we go on to the next phase.  We have to look at the opportunity.  We looked at baghdadinvest.com last Monday;  is this site psycho?  We already know the person is doing it is psycho.  Who builds a site all about Tony, his life and parties and cigars and whatnot?

If I believed someone was wrong, why would I build an entire site around him?  If you look at his FaceBook page, that’s all about Tony as well.  We had an FBI profiler look at him, and they said “You have a real problem here.”  I got information about this guy – I found out that he owns a securities company!  Retarded or not, this guy owns a securities company, he’s from another country, and he’s trying to get people to sell back their dinar!  There are people who don’t want us to have dinar.  It’s not possible that someone who owns a securities company to be that stupid, PLUS he is jeopardizing his own company because they’ll pull his certification!

Obviously this guy doesn’t want you to own dinar.  I hate to think that someone might believe him, sell back their dinar, and miss the opportunity of a lifetime.  The innocent people who are just listening, not commenting, that’s what concerns me.  This guy is going to make a lot of money off this, because otherwise who does that make sense to?  That doesn’t make sense.  Worst case scenario, even the person with the least amount of sense has to know that Iraq needs to have its own money back, if ANYthing we’ve heard is true about contracts, infrastructure, Microsoft going over there.  I could explain that to a 6th grader:  there’s this country, and they don't have their own money?  The region is going to use the dinar as their core currency and it’s worthless?!

Go back and copy the whole site and the comments made on the sites, because those are the people we don't want to follow anywhere. You will never want to get involved with a business with those people, and right now, they are supplying us with their names.  Why are these people doing this?  They are “formerly intelligent people”;  if they don't have the contacts, they should at least be listening to the news!  You would think they would have more sense than this.

I sent a link out on Tuesday and another in the forum today, explaining that Iraq was released from Chapter VII in July 2013.  Others challenged that, but if you look at the links, they will clearly tell you.  They are still posting the day they were released from chapter VII.  The plan was for this to happen in early July.  One of the things that had to happen for that release, all those things have now happened.  Yet there are people saying it hasn’t happened because it wasn’t broadcast on the Six O’clock News.

This is so much bigger than the law, politics, world negotiations, and you want it to happen in your living room, just for you?  That is not how the real world works.  We get information and it’s just information.  The plan changes every single day, but right now, this is the plan, and that’s what we pass on.  We hope it’s the last plan, but if not, we’ll deal with that.  It takes some maturity to walk through that plan, and realize they are in charge, and meanwhile we have to live our lives.  We can be frustrated with the plan and the people who developed the plan.  My wife and daughter, they are tired of hearing it, and that’s okay.  They can do something else until it’s time to go to the bank.  That’s okay. A lot of people need to take a break from it.  Don’t let this be your Plan A to survive or even make it to the end of the month.  Continue living your life, know it’s happening soon, and then you life can change.  That day is coming up.

On Monday, I told you that there are group deals, and if anyone posts any of that on OUR site, they will be deleted.  If people want to start their own group, don’t mention TNT or Tony because they might be real, but they are all crooked.  With the exception of one or two groups that were put together a long time ago – and I have copies of their contracts – there were groups that got SKRs from 57 cent to 7 or 9 dollars, all different variations. Every one that got you to sign up said it would happen on Thursday and the RV doesn’t apply to you if you join this group.  You’ll get paid and the rest of the world won’t get it for two years.  We’ve been hearing that for three years.  So how are YOU going to get paid, as a group, when you go to the bank with a currency that is not public?  Is the whole globe waiting and only you will get that rate?  A whole country’s money is only valuable to a small group in the US?  Only an idiot would believe that.

I can tell you a lot of these groups and individuals are under investigation.  I don’t mind if a guy says straight up that they are making money off a group;  if they put the group together and it’s to your advantage, I don’t mind if they make money off it.  Hang on, there is a text.  The problem is this:  what happens if you sign up for a group, guaranteed seven dollars?  You give them your dinar, and they give you an SKR or bring in the fear factor, and then the rate comes out at three dollars, and you could have come out with ten dollars following the public process. If that doesn’t bother you, then do that.  I don't endorse the threat that you won’t be able to cash out any other way.  I don’t like that.  It’s going to be a public rate.  It’s going to be on Forex.  Anyone with knowledge of the global markets knows that this is going to happen, and even when it will happen, roughly.  They keep putting out that you have to send your list in 40 minutes, and then they move the location, and… it’s a mess.  If it were clear cut, that would be one thing, but it’s not. Nobody is paying me either way;  I am just giving out the best information I have.  I believe that more informed you are, the better choices you make.  They are saying “this is your only opportunity” but there are always more groups and more opportunities.  So when you see that, RUN!  It doesn’t even make sense.

I wanted to talk about all this because this may be my last call.  I want you to know who knows what, what they are trying to take from you, and who to avoid.  I got this information from the US Treasury, telling me to tell people NOT to use your email address when you sign up for these, especially if you plan on keeping it.  This will be a valuable list, because it’s millionaires who don’t know what to do with their  money.  It makes sense for them to do what they’re doing, but does it make sense for you to send your information?  That just doesn’t make sense, for anyone to eve ask for that, or for you to give it to anyone.

I’ll give it to them when I walk into the bank if I need to set up a bank account.  Anything else doesn’t make sense to me.  I’m just trying to give you food for thought.  They could send me a text tomorrow and say “WE put this together”, but if you want that kind of information, you put it together wrong and I don't agree with the rates.  So think about all that.  Don’t follow anyone blindly, even me.  Listen to other intel gatherers and see what makes sense for you.  Some people think I control the RV, the GCR, how much money to print, and when the banks should be open, and even what TIME to announce the RV.  That’s just idiotic. We are just giving you as much info as we can. I don’t think you can have too much information that pertains to you.  If it affects our country or global relationships, that is another matter.  We don't’ want to affect global events, we just want to go through this as smoothly as we can.  I know there are people who have taken your dinar in the past, and want to do so in the future.  So that’s my soapbox for this morning.

Let’s take some calls.  There is nothing but good news out there.  All the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed, and everyone is happy.

903 caller:  I’m superfantastic;  I’m just waiting on you to say “Let’s go!”

Tony:  I’ll call you as soon as I get the word!

206 caller:  Good to meet you, Tony!  Thanks for all you do.  About the reserves, when we pay them off and take them to the bank, do we need to pick them up physically, have them sent by mail, or can we wire the money to the bank?

Tony:  You can cash out with the dealer and have it wired to the bank. If you can pay it off, Sterling says they will ship it to you.  I don’t know what every exchanger will do, so call your dealer and ask what their procedures.

Caller:  It sounds risky to have them sent in the mail, because that is worth a lot of money.

Tony:  This is just me, but I don't faith in most exchange companies.  I’ve looked at them, but I don't really trust anyone but dinarbankers.  I would pick mine up in person, or have it wired to me.  The problem is that not everyone will be able to pick them up in the next hour or day.  Some will not LET you pick them up.  You have to pay for all of them, not part. You have to ask your particular dealer.

Caller:  My reserves are with Sterling.  If want to exchange with the dealer, I don’t have to call the 800 number, right?  But I should let the bank know that the wire is coming in, because I don’t want anything to be frozen with Homeland Security, etc.

Tony:  Call the dealer and they will walk you through the process.

775 caller:  We started listening to you in October, and we bought some currency together.  My boyfriend bought the currency, and he gave me a letter for the ones I bought.  He died in December.  The letter says I bought them from him, and you said that this is illegal.  He had very little money, but he donated to you, Tony, from the first time he got on the call.

Tony:  I am so sorry you have to go through that, I really am.  It IS illegal to sell a foreign currency. I don't’ think they would come after you in your situation, but there are people out there.  There was a guy  here in Sacramento who came to his grandma’s house and took her dinar because they set up a multi-level that was selling 10K dinar and 5K dinar. That’s illegal!  It sounds like you co-bought it, and I think you should just explain your situation.  If you go street rate or market rate, they might not even ask for proof of purchase.

Caller:  Thank you, Tony and all the Mods.

210 caller:  First time caller, I’ve been listening 2-3 years and especially the last six months.  Thank you for educating and being the leader, and helping all of us.  I’d ignore the idiots, because you can’t fix stupid.  When we make the currency exchange, do we need to make separate calls for each currency?

Tony:  We cannot talk about the rates, the dates, the hour today or the exchange process.  I was asked not to talk about those subjects today, for whatever reason.  That means the actual process, the 800 number, the reserves and all that.  That’s just today I cannot discuss those topics.

Caller:  I am exchanging for a 501c3 and also personal funds.  Will I need to make two calls?

Tony:  I don’t know.  I think they just want to get you in, find out how much you have, but I really don't know.

Caller:  I’ve given our daughter currency and I have some maturity concerns.  Should be go with a trust, a foundation, call an attorney?  What’s your best advice?

Tony:  Call an attorney. I’m putting some in a trust for my children.  They also went and bought their own three years ago, and that’s their business.  Everything I bought for them is going into a trust and they don't’ get the first chunk until they are 30 years old.  Then they get it in five-year increments that should last them for the rest of their lives.  I was watching a show about billionaires that are not leaving their kids anything – “this is my money, go out and get your own.”.  I’m telling my kids that they need to meet certain criteria.  With so many kids, too much money absolutely ruins them, and I don’t want to do that to my kids.

Caller:  what is the purpose of the gift letters?

Tony:  People wanted to give them the currency before the exchange so that the gift doesn’t trigger gift taxes.  So they give the currency while it’s worth less than the gift allowance of $14,000 per year.

Caller:  it’s been such an inspiration how people plan to use this money;  you’ve been a leader, teacher, educator, and God is using you for a great purpose.

Tony:  Nobody is getting paid to do this.  I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be in a group, but I didn’t do it because I didn’t want people to think that was my purpose.  I have plenty of currency of my own, and I don't need to make money off of you.  That is not my purpose.  My purpose is to help you.  The information is coming out, it is making sense, and we are trying to transfer it to you.  We are being punished for doing that – I’ve been taking lashes for years!  Only God knows if it is worth it or not.  No good deed goes unpunished, but we will continue to the end.

Pam texted me:  “Speak for yourself!”

404 caller:  What about the Iraqi elections due on the 30th?

Tony:  If you look at the link this morning, there is definitely something going on in Iraq today, and the article talks about the budget, and how they should see their economy change between the 1st and the 14th or April.  The elections start on the 11th and go through the 30th of April.  They want this done prior to that.

Caller:  Everything else was very positive;  this was the one thing that was doubtful, because we’re assuming the incumbents want to push this.

Tony:  I think everything is lined up the way they want it to…

507 caller:  Do you believe that this will happen for us before Easter, that we can all have an awesome Easter blessing?

Tony:  I think it will, but I thought it would happen before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, too!  They said it would happen last Friday, too!  Everything is better now then you’ve known it to be.  Things change, but everyone is ready, no fussing or fighting, and everybody’s happy.

425 caller:  I’m frustrated;  I’ve read all the books, and they do open one’s eyes to the corruption in our nation.  How can we keep our money safe after the RV?  They have effectively shut you up for the last two months and nothing has happened.  I know you want to say things…

Tony:  Let me tell you this.  We discussed it prior to the call, and they told me not to do the call.  I said that people are anxious and they just want to know something is happening. Why are they telling Tony not to say things, and it still doesn’t happen, so saying/not-saying doesn’t seem to be affecting the process.  But some things are still on the negotiating table, and they have asked me not to say things because they will (or may) affect the process.  Before, we weren’t that important, but if what we say affects the process, then we are important.  I understand, and I’m being careful on the call.  If I told you everything and it didn’t happen like it’s supposed to, you would be miserable and mad.  I don't want that.  I give you everything I can, and if it is delayed, we will deal with that.  We are adults.  The last delay is something you would appreciate, even though we were miserable and upset.  When it came down to what it was, we could appreciate it because it’s bigger than me.

Caller:  Can you talk about whatever happened at the weekend that affected the world?

Tony:  I don't think so.  That’s kind of what I was telling you… what happened didn’t directly deal with us, and that’s what they don't want me to tell you about.

Caller:  If we sniff around, can we find out that information?

Tony:  Well, I found out about it, but it’s not in the lower levels like the newspapers.  You’ll probably find out afterwards, but some things are classified for ten years.  I’m not going to say it (responding to a text).  We’ll look back at this later, once it’s history, and know what is BS and what is true.  I know at least three people who plan to write books… and they may not be able to for another ten years… but when we see it, we’ll know.

Caller:  When you and I set down together with a brandy, in privacy, can we discuss iti then, or will you have to kill me?

Tony:  I won’t have to kill you because we won’t be discussing this.  We’ll be looking at what we can do in the future, not dwelling on the past.  We won’t go back to being blind to society and what’s going on, now that our eyes are wide open.  Every newscast and news article, we look at them from a new perspective, and you should be doing that especially with the kind of money you will have.  Every article will affect your money, where it’s sitting, who is moving it.  That’s why when there are those speeches by Yellin, Lew, Obama, world leaders, whomever, you should check the markets.  Every time a politician makes a speech, it is sending a message to someone.

704 caller:  Where and when is the NC celebration going to be?  I can’t get into the forum, so where can I follow the new investments/industries post-RV?

Tony:  The new site is www.tntsuperfantastic.com, .info and .net, and there will be a forum.  We may bring people over from the existing site.  The North Carolina event will probably be in Raleigh;  Ray is only 35 miles from there and it offers more venues.  As for the dates, we haven’t had the RV yet!

Caller:  I’m 35 miles for Raleigh, so that’s perfect. Thanks.

832 caller:  We were expecting this by Thanksgiving, by Christmas, and it didn’t happen;  what makes this time frame different?

Tony:  More things have been accomplished and made public, including announcements in Iraq and on television about currencies being released, etc.  It’s much clearer that our time is NOW.

Caller:  So it couldn't have happened earlier?

Tony:  It could have happened in November-December and they could have done us afterwards.  It’s the politics and the back-and-forth;  it didn’t need all this to be done before it happened, but someone decided they wanted all those done first.

Caller:  Is the US Basel III compliant?

Tony:  We asked for a six-month extension, but we are all Basel III compliant now, even down to tier 2 banks.

Caller:  Is zim going to be in the first basket?

Tony:  I don't know;  we’ve heard it both ways.

Caller:  My invitation to come to Dallas is still open!

Tony:  I do have some people in Texas, so don't be surprised if I do!  We can have a TX barbeque!

407 caller:  Is there anything that will offset this more than the next 30-60-90 days that we are not aware of, anything that could pop up?

Tony:  No, nothing that I know of.  I don’t think so.  Anything can happen, but it should have been over Monday or Friday. Everything coming up is so minor, I don’t see anything holding it off that far.

Caller:  Did you see or hear the IMF speech?

Tony:  Where was it?  On the UN site?  I don’t know about that.  [more chat I didn’t catch]

The last two calls have been different because I don’t know which will be our last.  I hope you took everything to heart.  I know some are upset, but this is TNT, and I'm putting out my information as best I can.  You are adults.  I am giving you something else to look at, but the final decision rests with you.  When you make mistakes with this amount of money, it will affect the rest of your life.  I try to plan ten steps out, so I can see where I’m going.  If I have a goal, I take ten steps back to show me how to get there.  That makes sense to me, so that I can see any pitfalls.  That is my way of doing things.  There is nobody I have met on the Internet (with the exception of Pam) that I would give my passport, driver’s license or fingerprints to.  Be aware!  I know you have made some friends here, but remember they may be asking for your information for their own purposes.  We are fortunate that the RV didn’t take place three months ago, because some of those people are now being investigated.

Don’t tell people on FaceBook that you are going away – that just announces to the world that your house is empty.  My wife told me about a gal who met some people on FaceBook, went away with them on vacation, and they robbed her house!

Pam:  Be careful who you trust!

Ray:  Hope for a good day!

Tony:  Ray said he got a text from someone telling him Tony got his 800 numbers today.  I do NOT have those numbers yet!  Whoever is spreading that rumor, you are absolutely wrong.  I do not have it, I am anticipating it, and I really, really want to do a call this evening!

Have a great day! 


4-2-2014   Intel Guru Delta  There was an Article IV meeting in Jordan in March and IMO, the IMF gave the green light to go ahead with the monetary reform…The question is will they release it before or after the elections?  IMO, it could happen any day, any time of day…just it cannot go past the end of May.  There is tremendous pressure for the CBI to release the new rate, and the citizens of Iraq are also under tremendous pressure…IMO, we are in a 60 day window, but we could see the new rate at any time!!   ...this is a 100% fact directly from the CBI, that the new rate will be released BEFORE JUNE 2014.. Not in June or after June , but BEFORE....we will probably see 2-3 announcements come out and then the new rate.   [post 3 of 3]

4-2-2014   Intel Guru
  ...report on Iraq from the IMF...confirms that the IMF is happy with Iraq and the rate spread and the IMF is supporting Iraq and encouraging them to go ahead with their monetary reform policy!  This report is in the news and announcements  section of the CBI...remember that they will never announce “hey, we are raising the rate of the IQD!”, and remember the MR (monetary reform) is mainly for the citizens of Iraq.    [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-2-2014   Intel Guru
  Delta   [via anonymous]   the budget is totally finished but we wont see it until the rate changes on the IQD.  The CBI does not need to wait on the budget…they are independant of each other and the CBI can release the new rate at any time.  IMO, the very latest they could wait to release new rate is May, but if it goes all the way to May, it could be disaterous as the CBI would have to inject more currency into the economy, and the CBI has worked very hard to get the large bills off the streets.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-2-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
  [via anonymous]   Watch for the rate change on the CBI...that is where it will show first...10 currencies will be RVing with the IQD.

4-2-2014   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   All I have to say right now is...LOOKIN GOOD! I want to see the budget passed and let's get the HCL rammed through just in time for a party! 

4-2-2014   Newshound Guru tlm724
   Article:   "The central bank is preparing to take over Iraq's assets in America"   So they will take full control of the DFI and thats a good thing...will allow the CBI to invest those funds as most of their debt's are paid off!

4-2-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:  "MP, Mohamed al-Khalidi, of the Iraqiya Slate confirmed that the parliament will continue holding its session till April, 14th. He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) 'The Budget Law will be endorsed during the decisive upcoming days'."   so they are continuing to address the budget and are going to remain in session  until the 14th...i  believe that...they are depending on the budget and the rate to all work together -- not necessarily one wait on the other but the need to work it together around the same time.


4-2-2014   Intel Guru Hub
   ...my currency lady got a text yesterday...this was the text or part of it...the broker knows its done and his contacts lead him to think now...anytime...his guys are imf.


Got a friend in to this RV after months and months of trying. He dove in and also got his daughter into the RV wave. The daughter was at a bar last night and was hanging with girls in her circle. One of them a 5/3 teller was going on about the good news she received in an email from her boss.

 "Prepare for extra hours this month and possibly being resigned to different locations for a few weeks due to currency revaluation" my friends daughter perked up (being a Dong holder) and probed the conversation a little more. The Teller said " I didn't even know our currency needed to RV ''

 she was just happen to be able to get more hours for a few weeks. We are trying to get copy of the email. OVER TIME THIS MONTH 


Highlights from KTFA Monday night CC 3-31-14:
Frank cautions all to beware of scams..Do not give your dinars to anyone and do not give out any personal information either..scammers can look professional and legitimate.

April is a month of study and interest.  UN Operational rates are released in April.

April begins the 2nd quarter, and on the lunar calendar, a new moon cycle begins in April.. In the middle east the new moon cycle is the best time to start new contracts, new agreements. 

April is an auspicious time and historically many important events have happened in April.

Frank says there will be a new UST currency, and Jack Lew and Christine LaGarde talked about it in Mexico…Will the USD lose Value?...yes, through inflation.

Watch for the rate change on the CBI , Frank feels that is where it will show first…
Memphis says Iraq is having  major issues with the currency they have in circulation, torn, worn out, ect…forcing many to use foreign currency because if the condition of the IQD, yet, the CBI will not replace the damaged currency and the crises is worse then its ever been…

In Memphis opinion this is a sure sign that the CBI is about to do something with their currency….Delta Agrees and says we are very close to seeing something happen.

In Delta’s opinion the budget is totally finished but we wont see it until the rate changes on the IQD.

The CBI does not need to wait on the budget…they are independant of each other and the CBI can release the new rate at any time..

In Delta’s opinion the very latest they could wait to release new rate is May, but if it goes all the way to May, it could be disaterous as the CBI would have to inject more currency into the economy, and the CBI has worked very hard to get the large bills off the streets.

Delta read a translated report on Iraq from the IMF. This report confirms that the IMF is happy with Iraq and the rate spread and the IMF is supporting Iraq and encouraging them to go ahead with their monetary  reform policy!  This report is in the news and announcements  section of the CBI.

Delta said to remember that they will never announce “hey, we are raising the rate of the IQD!”, and remember the MR (monetary reform) is mainly for the citizens of Iraq.

There was an Article IV meeting in Jordan in March and Deltas opinion is the IMF gave the green light to go ahead with the MR…The question is will they release it before or after the elections??

In Deltas opinion it could happen any day, any time of day…just it cannot go past the end of May.

There is tremendous pressure for the CBI to release the new rate, and the citizens of Iraq are also under tremendous pressure…Again Deltas opinion is we are in a 60 day window, but we could see the new rate at any time!!

Delta stated that this is a 100% fact directly from the CBI, that the new rate will be released BEFORE JUNE 2014.. Not in June or after June , but BEFORE.

Nova agrees with Delta and says its remarkable that in the report Delta read that the CBI says the IMF gave them permission to go ahead with their monetary reform…..This is huge news.

Delta’s sources are all saying that all they are waiting for is to see the new rate released by the CBI..That all. And while no one knows the date….all are agreeing its very close.

Franks opinion is that 10 currencies will be RVing with the IQD…that’s where he and Eagle1 have different opinions as Eagle1 thinks all currencies will revalue whereas Frank thinks only 10.

Delta says to watch the CBI as we will probably see 2-3 announcements come out and then the new rate.  Also do not pay attention to all the recycled news articles…just watch the CBI because the pressure is enormous for them to release the new rate.

The call ended with “Amazing Grace”


[hub] oh by the way, my currency lady got a text yesterday at lunch,,,hold on,,,,,,,,,this was the text or part of it...the broker knows its done and his contacts lead him to think now...anytime.....his guys are imf

[perky2] hub that sounds real good. I will sure be glad when they turn it loose

[hub] perky2 you and me too.




Tony and bonds verified 

My investment man called me yesterday to see how it was going. Mind you I have never broched the the subject about what my investment was just that I was going to have a lot to invest and the team that I was going to need. During the talk about money and where we were going to put it , he began to tell me of his partner and how one of there clients had just called earlier and needed him to meet him today April 1 to ficilitate a buy of 15 million in IRAQI bonds that was comming out of new York the deal was going down today. Totally blew me away never expected to here that first time he or I have ever spoken of Iraq   I would say something is getting ready to pop for us. Praise God family we are here.