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April 2nd, Why the Delays to the RV/GCR http://conta.cc/1h0y5KX



Posted by EXOGEN on April 1, 2014 at 2:02pm

Where are we Today?

1. The United States Federal Reserve Note Is No Longer Wanted Globally

2. The BRICS & MINT Countries are prepared to CRASH the United States Dollar

3. The World is HIGHLY upset with the USA

4. More countries are bypassing the United States Treasury Note

5. There is a group of people who do not want the OLD system to LEAVE
6. Pay close attention to the (FX Probes) FOREX Probes increasing daily for ILLEGAL CURRENCY MANIPULATION and how many GLOBAL BANKS are under INVESTIGATION

7. Pay close attention to what is taking place with JP Morgan

8. Continue to watch more TOP bank Executives Vanish, Retire, Resign, Get Investigated, etc.......................

9. Watch the Gold Markets

10. Watch the Emerging Markets

11. Pay close attention to MAIN STREAM media slowly leaking USA banking system is RIGGED (CBS Video 60 Minutes)

12. Study the IMF Website

13. Study the BIS Website

14. Follow the OCC Website

15. Follow www.RT.com

16. Study FOREX and look at how USD is not being Traded as it was and is BLOCKED with so many NATIONS

17. Follow WORLD news not USA Main Stream Media

18. Follow the Financial Times Website

19. Speak with your Wealth Managers

20. Start understanding the ELIMINATION of the Petro Dollar USA Monopoly

21. Understand why countries are doing CURRENCY SWAPS

22. Understand why countries are DUMPING USA Treasuries

23. Understand where G7 countries STAND now

24. Understand how PUTIN is strategically Winning against the CABAL

25. Understand Fractional Banking, SDR's, Dark Liquidity & Dark Pools

26. Understand the Main Stream Media does not want CITIZENS in the USA to know the FRN's are about to be HISTORY

27. Understand Bretton Woods and their Alliances

28. Follow the UNSC & the WTO (They have videos & Press releases on Websites DAILY..................

29. Understand the GLOBAL BANKING system had been HIGHJACKED and is being FIXED so you do not LOSE it ALL at EXCHANGE via BANKSTERS

NOTE: Undertand the USA=IMF and that is why the IRAQ budget is being DELAYED daily and IRAQ news articles are MANUFACTURED





boomshaka00 says:  April 1, 2014 at 10:18 am  Thanks for the update! I have one question. Will we get notification through this site when it’s time to exchange?

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 11:54 am   I am quite sure that when a good number of you see the public indications of this event, combined with any forewarning from the top we may receive, that this blog will explode with posts.

So, without putting a fine point on it all – yep. WHA in an of itself is not able to provide any information alone. We will pass on information from the White Hats and their colleagues as received, including any notice of the revalue, etc.  Thank you!
  Chris says:   April 1, 2014 at 10:21 am  Thanks for the update! Tony, would you mind rephrashing what this update means? Especially this part:

“We will probably only come out at c10 EST so as to cover Mid States and then 07-00 is not too bad to West Coasters. OMG we hear. No we won’t delay it more or the Europeans will take the lot. West Coasters you move it or lose it. But we will pre advise when.”

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 12:40 pm Hello, I cannot arbitrarily rephrase words from the top. But, I can tell you what I think it means.

To me, it means – we can expect the event to take place between those times, and if you live on the west coast, don’t be slow because the early risers will be hitting the pavement while you are hitting “brew” on your coffee.

They will give us a heads up before this. Will it all go down like that? I can only hope. Stay flexible. Stay tuned.

Hunter says:  
      April 1, 2014 at 10:51 am I understand the PPs come first on the exchange. Then I understand the WH are releasing funds to RV the Dinars (but not Dongs) at about 7:00 am (in Pacific time zone) on a day not yet disclosed.

We are then to go to a currency exchange facility to exchange the Dinar? My local Wells Fargo and Chase banks still very firmly say they are not going to exchange Dinar.

 They were very clear that no banks for 400 miles in any direction will exchange Dinar.

When you release funds for the RV is the Dinar then going to show up on a forex exchange and everyone will exchange it or will it be only at certain currency exchange outlets?

The banks say they will exchange it only if it is broadly listed as a tradeable currency and I am unclear as to whether that will be the case ON THAT DAY at 7:00 am Pacific. Could I have some clarification please. Thank you in advance.

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 1:52 pm Hello,As previous informed, the banks are currently not informed that they will be doing exchanges for dinar. They will be at some point, if I understand correctly.

I would assume it would be on that day. Otherwise, we would have an rv with no place to go with it.

We will have to wait and see. We are in the right place to information, so all we have to do is wait for it.  Thank you.

im in hiding says:  April 1, 2014 at 2:25 pm Hi  could you clarify for me what hunter is saying regarding the dongs,( I understand the WH are releasing funds to RV the Dinars (but not Dongs) at about 7:00 am (in Pacific time zone) on a day not yet disclosed.) does this mean the dong wont be in the first basket? think iv missed something

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 2:46 pm Hello, Maybe I missed something to. Where was it posted that only dinars would be released? Thank you.

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 1:52 pm  Hello,  As previous informed, the banks are currently not informed that they will be doing exchanges for dinar. They will be at some point, if I understand correctly.

I would assume it would be on that day. Otherwise, we would have an rv with no place to go with it.

We will have to wait and see. We are in the right place to information, so all we have to do is wait for it.  Thank you.

Tom says:            April 1, 2014 at 11:32 am Thanks again to all involved with getting us this information. Sounds like this is the first major confirmation of “its no longer IF, but WHEN.” Would I be incorrect in making that decision ?

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 2:20 pm  I would personally say you are pretty dead bang on.Thank you!

Raymond Yavom says:
    April 1, 2014 at 11:34 am Question: ——————– 1st, thank you so much for your heart-full care to help We The People. 2nd, How do I become a part of, or pay into PP/Prosperity funds if that’s what it means. And do I/can I become a member with your site/followers/group, if there is membership?

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 2:33 pm Hello,We are glad you are here.

Private placements are invitation only and the domain of big dogs. They are private, so not open for discussion insofar as what they are doing in great detail.

Prosperity programs were offered up until about 2002 and are no loger available.  There is no membership to this blog.Thank you!

Julia Mundy says:   
           April 1, 2014 at 12:11 pm  do you have information regarding the prosperity programs? Zap recently said he does not have any information regarding them….only the global reset……

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 2:48 pm  From our WH’s lips to our ears, the prosperity programs are on the payout lists for the WGS.

We do not know who ZAP is or where he gets his information. It was good of him to be honest about his lack of information. Thank you!

Cameron Mitchell says:   April 1, 2014 at 12:28  pm  do you have any advice as to where we should go to convert our notes?once all of this takes place, no doubt everyone will be moving quickly, but we do not know where to go to convert our notes two other currencies. Please advise at your most convenient time.  Thank you in advance for all of your help.

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 2:52 pm  Hello,  We cannot really give advice, but generally speaking, any major bank with an international currency desk should be able to exchange any recognized currencies in their systems. Please ask your local bank if they have such capability.Thank you!

Abby says:           April 1, 2014 at 1:11 pm  Tony — I have two questions I hope you can answer. First, what is a ”bail-in” which I’ve seen mentioned here several times.

Secondly, can you give us a down to earth example of just where the Prosperity Packages will be dispersed, and what good they will visibly do for the general public/citizen?  Thx for the great job you are doing, keep it up.

whitehatauxiliaries says: April 1, 2014 at 3:09 pm  Abby,

Please google “Bail in” and you will see many explanations for such. It’s when the banks take part of your money to satisfy a systemic liquidity shortage, such as we saw in Cyprus a while back. Accounts holders are forced to write off part of their funds over a certain amount in most cases.

I cannot give you any examples regarding how prosperity packages will be dispersed. Only those in such programs will know when they get them. Some are under the notion that all are going to get such. This is not the case and is a sad falsehood spread by many NESARA types over the years. Thank you.

Luckfully says:    April 1, 2014 at 1:17 pm  Hello WHA, Just a quick note of thanks-although you’re very modest, this blog has become quite an obligation and commitment of your time and energy. As such, I thank you. As always thanks as well to the WH’s for the Herculean task they undertake.

 Their incredible sacrifice of personal time and resources provide inspiration and motivation to be more active participants in our own future.

Although it may be an unintended consequence of this particular blog’s mission…The posts and links here have caused me to re-examine what I had accepted as truth and historical fact.

I am revisiting what I thought I already knew and passing the information along to family and colleagues. The reception has been more open than I had anticipated. Perhaps we have all known on some distant level, that 2+2 does not equal 4 in our world.

The most interesting aspect has been the general recognition of just how effective the social engineering has been on our values and societal standards. Political correctness is a dumbing down process.

Labels like Conspiracy Theorist, Anti-Semite, Racist, and the like have encouraged us to be silent when confronted with the ‘wrongs’ of someone from a protected class.

We let it slide so as not to appear unenlightened. It doesn’t strengthen society…it breaks it down. Every action becomes relative. Laws become relative. Mistrust becomes suffocating. It’s a slippery slope.

I think I am most grateful for the knowledge I am gaining here. Between WHA, WH and OWoN blogs I am seeing things from a new perspective and that is where effective change begins. I sincerely hope when the original purpose of this blog is accomplished, you will consider continuing to offer information and uncensored ‘Fact Checked’ debate.

I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t what the WH’s had intended to initiate as well. Thank you.

    whitehatauxiliaries says:  April 1, 2014 at 3:50 pm    Hello,    Thank you for your kind words. The White Hats do read this blog and they are very appreciative of the support you are all showing.

    Your seeing things in a new perspective is very good to see, and I am very buoyed buy such a realization that you have shared. In the future, new perspectives are going to be important. You will see more of this key maxim talked about more and more on this blog.  Thank you.


Just letting you know that I have company from Canada beginning today for a week so will not be online nearly as much as usual. I’ll try to share the most important updates, if any.  ~ BP 

Update – Global Financial Reset & U.S Currency Reset with a new – United States Treasury Reserve Dollar (TRN). The events that were, “right around the corner”, are now here. Expect big changes. 

March 31, 2014 

The ‘positive’ reset of the global financial system [which includes a currency reset for the United States with a new U.S Dollar (TRN), hard asset backed by some gold, other precious minerals in the ground, as well as 'priceless' items, 'national treasures' held in the U.S] – that “Zap” has been speaking of – has come to fruition. 

You can read the details about it at Kauilapele’s site for March 31, 2014 “Office of Poofness” – “HAPPY” posting where - “ZAP SAYS”: “HI ALL. ON MARCH 28, THE TREASURY RESERVE NOTE (NEW US DOLLAR) WAS EFFECTED”. 

Further, for an amazingly accurate, highly detailed explanation of the major initiatives & components leading to and involved in this global reset – I also strongly suggest you read: “Message about the GCR, RV, Reset” 


April 1st, 2014, 2:51 pm  

The Clock Is Ticking on This Massive Currency Shift

Don't know if this article has already been posted or not, but Shah Gilani is the Founding Editor of Capital Wave Forecast. 

He appears almost every week on Fox Business News with Stuart Varney.

Blessings on you.  Eagle1
The Clock Is Ticking on This Massive Currency Shift

By Shah Gilani, Capital Wave Strategist, Money Morning  ·   April 1, 2014  
Last week I was asked by a Wall Street Insights & Indictments reader about a new challenge to the U.S. role in the global economy that few are considering. 

It's a dominant role we've held since the latter part of World War II, and for 70 years it's gone largely unchallenged. 

Until now. 

The question isn't complicated, but it will be disturbing to some... 

The Question No One Has Been Asking

The question was one begging to be asked, and I'm glad one of our WSII readers put it out on the floor. Here it is:

"I have a question which, as far as I know, has never been raised. Perhaps you can offer a viable answer. 

In 1944, at the Bretton Woods Conference, the dollar was made the reserve currency for the world. This suggests to me that there are perhaps trillions of dollars floating around out there that are having little or no effect on our economy. I read that China is now trying to install the yuan as the new reserve currency, or at least at some point in the future, international trade will be done with other currencies. 

What effect will that have on our dollar? This is something I've been thinking about for the past several months, wondering what we should be doing to prepare for that development. It seems to me that at some time in the future, all of those dollars will be repatriated, and yet no one that I know of has even raised the question. 

Does that mean that I have it all wrong, or are people just too afraid to consider the possibility?"

To answer, first let me address what happened at Bretton Woods and what a "reserve" currency is, because understanding how a currency war will play out requires a look at past efforts to avoid one.

How the Dollar Became King

In July 1944, with World War II still raging, but with an end to the devastation in sight, the 44 Allied nations, led by the United States, met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. They planned to hammer out a policy to "govern monetary relations among independent nation-states."

The allies needed a financing mechanism to rebuild their countries and economies. And they needed a stable "global currency" to take the place of different currency regimes prone to competitive devaluations leading to economic disruptions.

Although John Maynard Keynes, a vocal and influential British economist at the time, proposed the "bancor" as a new world currency unit, the United States prevailed. The dollar became the "anchor" currency around which fixed exchange rates would be established.

The U.S. prevailed not only because it was by far the strongest ally. It also had the only viable economy paired with the means to help finance recovery. By that time the dollar was also the only currency still backed by gold. 

Because the dollar was "reserved" by gold, the term "reserve currency" came into existence.  But reserve currency means more than backed by gold, which is important to understand since Richard Nixon ended the dollar's convertibility into gold on August 15, 1971.

A reserve currency is first and foremost a currency that has the full faith and backing of its issuing government. 







4-1-2014   Intel Guru TerryK    [IYO would they do it on a Friday when Iraq's banks are closed to business?]   BEST TIME RIGHT.   [today could be our day?]  WHAT I'M BEING TOLD.   HOPE TODAY IS OUR DAY.  [Are ptb still blocking pictures of lower dinars?]   I HAVE NOT SEEN THE LOWER DINAR...TO BE HONEST THEY MAY BE IN THE BANK, CBI, BUT NOT ACCESSABLE YET.

4-1-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3
   THE RV CAN HAPPEN AT ANYTIME FOR SURE BUT IT IS OBVIOUS THEY HAVE WAITED THIS LONG THAT NO AGENCY OR ALL AGENCIES THAT ARE INVOLVED HAVE WAITED THIS LONG THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TILL THEY KNOW WHOM WILL NOW BE IN CHARGE AND WHAT their new agenda will be... Lets all just pray that the powers that be feels the need to give the people of IRAQ what they have waited on for almost 11 years now.  [post 3 of 3]

4-1-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-1-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-1-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   [The previous reports stated that the value will change before elections? Am I understanding that correctly?]  yes, they have stated that they are working to move forward with many monetary policy changes before the elections.

4-1-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:   " 'Omnicom' propaganda campaign to adopt electoral Maliki for $ 50 million"    This is really interesting...and a possible conflict of interest.  A US company is running Maliki's re-election campaign.   ...it was announced today that campaigning starts officially tomorrow!

4-1-2014   Newshound Guru RED LILY
   ARTICLE:  "Parliament: promises to start a debate and discuss the project stage?"  Quote:  "House of Representatives held at eleven in the morning, today's session chaired by House Speaker Osama Najafi. During the session, and >> will be voting on a bill to exempt Iraqi and foreign companies implementing investment projects, and vote on the bill modulated"   WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY!!   Looks like they may finally pass a law that gets them closer to complying with WTO/IMF/World Bank INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS!  This is GREAT news if the translation is correct...  

4-1-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:   "The government rejects the initiative of the Kurdistan region included exported a hundred thousand barrels of oil per day,  and insists on the obligation amount specified budget, which is 400 thousand barrels,"    baghdad is refusing to let the kurds control the amount and have said no.   the budget is on the agenda tomorrow [Tuesday] and also was added to today`s [Monday's] discussion at the last minute...before the door was open the answer was no from maliki.  the second reading will be tomorrow -- however it is not hard to see -- the 100 thousand did not go over well...the budget calls for 400 thousand.   [post 2 of 2]

4-1-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:  "...on Sunday, the refusal of the Federal Government's initiative of the Kurdistan region to export a hundred thousand barrels returned to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, by "personal view",  while accusing the Kurdistan Alliance, a coalition of Maliki obstructing the work of the parliamentary committee triple resolve Budget problems..."   the kurds stayed in iraq (Baghdad) to wait for response...well we have one  -  now please know that it is the hands of parliament -- but we have this... 


Short Message from Deep Source:

"My people have been with the waiting parties in Reno and lawyers for several days. Start paying 1 April. Finally happening."


 ARTICLE:  "Parliament: promises to start a debate and discuss the project stage? Quote:  "House of Representatives held at eleven in the morning, today's session chaired by House Speaker Osama Najafi. During the session, and >> will be voting on a bill to exempt Iraqi and foreign companies implementing investment projects, and vote on the bill modulated"   WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY!!   Looks like they may finally pass a law that gets them closer to complying with WTO/IMF/World Bank INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS!  This is GREAT news if the translation is correct...  


My investment man called me yesterday to see how it was going. Mind you I have never broched the the subject about what my investment was just that I was going to have a lot to invest and the team that I was going to need.

 During the talk about money and where we were going to put it , he began to tell me of his partner and how one of there clients had just called earlier and needed him to meet him today April 1 to ficilitate a buy of 15 million in IRAQI bonds that was comming out of new York the deal was going down today.

 Totally blew me away never expected to here that first time he or I have ever spoken of Iraq   I would say something is getting ready to pop for us. Praise God family we are here. 

Hotbunny:   Thank you Semperfi01 I heard similar news last night. We are about to exchange soon and very soon.




mygirl56 says:  If I might make a suggestion regarding “a pre-advised notice” of release: notification by email to those who are registered on both sites would negate having to post the info on the blogs. This might slow the news being picked off and reposted on other blogs and websites.

This ‘wanting to gain the advantage’ is really distasteful to me and ultimately smacks of same old, same old dog eat dog world. Not a great way to start out evening the playing field for humankind and helping our neighbours as is so often touted by so many, is it.

I had great hopes of using most of my ‘windfall’ on humanitarian projects. If this had happened two years ago that would have been possible, even at a dollar or less. Times have changed and that can no longer be the case as my own family’s security must come first.
mygirl56 Continues:  Being at least 90 minutes from a centre where we MIGHT be able to exchange and possibly a 4 hour drive away and reading constantly ‘get in, get out’ as fast as you can has me feeling quite mercenary.

Instead of ‘let’s get the word out’ we’re now thinking of ways to keep it secret in order to be first among equals. Sad. You’d think there must be another way and a way to spread the wealth at a sustained amount.

What about limiting the amount of dinar that can be exchanged at first – a million or half of that? Those who have even less would be completely taken care of, those who have that amount would have something to build on. Just some thoughts for ALL who read WHA to mull and perhaps improve on!

 whitehatauxiliaries says:
   Hello,   Perhaps you should point your criticism at the guru-esque sources of intel that have told people not to rush, that they will get $32 dinar, and will be able to make appointments to sashay into the banks like Liberace and have red carpets laid before them.

    Do you feel that such advice is noble and devoid of reproachable elements while you criticize those at the top for taking the time to give you advice that could enable you to benefit?

Remember, this (the RV) is a speculative endeavor. Try looking at places in life where speculation takes place, like the trading pits at the commodity exchanges. Do those people look laid back to you? No. That is not the countenance of a speculating man.

  The revaluation is but one aspect of this transition. There will be other projects and economic releases. Too many for me to detail here. The revalue offers a chance to make a windfall. But like anything in life that pays off, it will require some hustle to make the best of it. Timing is everything in speculation as well as investing. There is nothing new here. Such is life before, now and after this event.   Thank you.

mygirl56 says:   Ouch! That hurt. Sorry, Tony, that you felt this was a criticism of the people who are working so hard to bring this event about.

Not my intention at all; simply a lamentation that it is going to be early birds catching bigger worms than others, rather than the rate coming out and staying put for at least a few days if not a week or so. Not just for my benefit, but for everyone’s.

And with time being of the essence, a worry that a four hour drive, if that is how far we (my husband & I) have to go to find an exchange, might “cost” us a lot with possibly rapidly dropping rates.

I have never believed that there were going to be $32 rates, or even anything above $5. In fact when I purchased years ago, even though many said then it could be as high as $8 or $9, I based my purchase on what I could afford to buy and a wish sent to the Universe that the dinar revalue at a dollar.

Honest to God, NO criticism intended to anyone. I am grateful for the information presented here, have been since the day I found this site which, all digs at “guru sites” aside, I wouldn’t know existed if not for Dinar Recaps so I do owe them a debt of gratitude as well.

I checked that site regularly even though I believed little, if anything, printed there after the first month or so. The problem was I hadn’t found any site that was straightforward and I did need to be “somewhere” in order to know if indeed the event occurred.

It was better that than nothing, but I much prefer articulate information to hopium. That’s why I’m here now. I think that can be said of most, if not all, of the folks who comment and lurk here.

Perhaps I’d better go back to lurking, too.

whitehatauxiliaries says: 
  I apologize for any hurt feelings. But I have little time to read posts several times over, and I reply based on my first blush, which sometimes is not terribly accurate.

We will soon seen the truth come out, and it will pretty much be in our faces. Nothing we discuss here has any effect on what will happen in truth and fact in the end. Ultimate truth will simply reveal itself at that time.

Until then, we press on and try to keep everyone as informed as we are allowed. We are fortunate to have the information we have. I am most certain it will help us all in the long run.  Thank you!

The reset says:  
Thanks for another good article! Won’t the 1% be the first to cash out since they have connections? What will happen to all the 99% left out? I personally will just wait for money to become obsolete as I noted before.

whitehatauxiliaries says:             If you act quickly, which most will not, then you may see a decent exchange. That is all we know. We cannot comment on any more details because we simply do not know what will come forth on that day.

M. says:  Hello WHA, When the currency reset takes place and the VND and other EM curriencies are revalued upward, what will the loss in purchasing power of the USD be? Will the the move be in lockstep USD reserve currency moving down as EM curriencies move up?

M. Continues:  The reason I ask this is, if a major revaluation takes place globally then there is always winners and losers to any such deal, will Americans that exchanged one revalued currency for another be in any better shape if the costs of “hard assests” moves dramitically upward in response to the lose in the purchasing power of the USD. I.E. will imports items suddenly spike exponentially in response to this reset?

 My understanding, and correct me if i am wrong, is we are moving to a Global System where fiat economies (Western Economies) will be replaced by assest based economies (BRICS and other resource rich nations), and it is this rebalancing that must take place to stabilize the Global Economy.

So will our ” new found wealth” buy much in the way of real assests or just be a conduit in which to pay off our existing debts of fiat?

 If tomorrow the reset was announced and the VND revalued at .10 then those holding a million VND would have 100k in USD, and then I went to exchange if for silver bullion….would that silver have revalued from its current rate $20.00 +\- to $100-500.00 in the same time frame or do we have a small window of opportunity to purchase hard assests and be in the position to take advantage of the reset to our full advantage? Thank you for your time and look forward to your response.

whitehatauxiliaries says:             Hello, Your questions are very good, but I have to honestly tell you that such answers are way above my pay grade.

Let me struggle through this, with a caveat that I am not giving any financial or legal advice.

We are told that the FRN will devalue over time. We do not know the rate or pace of the devalue.

I would assume that a devaluation of the USD would make imports more expensive for us.

I cannot say that gold and silver will appreciate that fast and that high. Some think it will. I simply do not know. If one thinks they will, well, te salude Don Corleone.

Then it would mean those who buy now would be happy tomorrow. I would also think it would mean the asset backed currencies would be prized as well and prove up to be safe place for value.

Gold/silver was money for 10K years. Only in he last hundred years have we gone bonkers and sold out to banking cartels who tried to convince us otherwise. Now we come full circle to revert to the former, and only because the death of fiat money forces the hand.

I do not know the direct plan to retire debt with BRICS asset based currencies. I do know that WGS released funds would, after tax, provide a huge tax receipt and retire a lot of the debt in that way. That is generally speaking, as I do not know the total details in which this is to be done.

Bottom line, I think it is wise to own silver and gold at all times. A sound monetary system should practice the same thinking – asset backed money is simply backing our medium of exchange with the same things we want in everything we obtain: value.

Because I do not know the exact makeup of what is to come, I can only hope it works out for the best. Society wants access to the resources of our world. Shelter, transportation, food, clothing, consumer goods and such. If the new system allows more people to share in such, with less want and deprivation because of economic fraud, then our work here would be twice honorable. Thank you!

    Occasnl Trvlr says:           According to Dr. Jim Willie, the essence of the reset is the initial revaluation of currencies relative to gold. If so, then by the time the currencies are reset, the prices of gold (and silver) would have leapt up.

    Both Dr. Willie and JC Collins postulate that there will be a regional, gold-backed dinar before a world-wide reset, and this would explain Iraq’s purchase of 36 tonnes of gold this month.

    As I understand, the White Hats have made clear that a currency exchange in the US after the reset would be for an asset-backed dollar. But, if for any reason this were to change, and the exchange was for a non-asset-backed dollar, then I would anticipate very rapid devaluation.

    If that is the case, then I would consider very fast purchases of hard assets to lock-in as much actual value as possible. The prices of anything imported (which is lots of stuff), or manufactured domestically by foreign companies, would rise rapidly.

    I think it is possible that, just as there may be a narrow window of time for exchange, there may be a narrow window of time to gain benefit from the exchange.

    john s. says:       the usa is a resource rich nation, also. and the brics nations also currently have fiat currency. while the dollar may devalue. it is not going to zero value.

Abby says:          Since I am a deep thinker and know how to read between the lines, I can fully fathom the White Hats et al having to deal with all sorts of personalities and nationalities as well as probably having to sort out who is who, knowing that the Cabal has their paid-for plants in every facet of of society to ‘cover their **” in making sure they get their way. I get that picture very well.

In a nutshell…….the White Hats et al are working to take away the working funds out of the hands of the black cabalists and get it all changed over to the good guys, so that Good can be done. It is akin to trying to get chewing gum out of your hair, a near impossibility and time consuming effort, to put it in terms we can all understand.

I can empathize to a degree and on a much smaller scale in my own life, as I’ve been forced to fight a bit with the IRS and won; fought a battle with a company owned by the mafia and their team of lawyers, and won; battled with a state tax department and got it turned in my favor; and recently lit a fire under the butt of a state agency and suddenly they got the message and did their job right.

None of this was pleasant even though it is small potatoes by comparison  So it gives me a good insight what a world wide scale must be like, especially dealing with the most venemous snakes walking the earth, snakes that must get their heads cut off so the body will die off.

As for how to get information of a Reset to us, without alerting the unruly daydreamers of guruland, I believe there are ways, such as private email, which Tony has. I dont relish a stampede environment to have to deal with where things could get dangerous because of a lack of common sense by the senseless.

Ultimately, the thought of financially disarming the Cabal and their punishment for having put so many people in dire straits is a most thrilling thought.

Secondly, that the many good-intentioned, well meaning people who only intend to do Good, can finally be unburdened. THAT is the Victory because it defeats the Cabal’s goal. Justice must prevail and we must be on the Good Side.

GREAT JOB to all the White Hats and all those working with them. I pray boldly for God to go before them and tear down all the roadblock and resistance, to pave the way to an easier victory and for Righteousness to prevail. Enough is enough.

No, Tony, we do not want anything garnished, just give us the truth regardless of what it is.

You are doing a super job, keep it up, and do you think afterwards, we might keep this blog open for a bit, so we can hear some of the good stories that result? chewing gum out of your hair which is a near impossibility.

Abby says:          I just wanted to add that I already have a person/banker at a full service bank all lined up and they await my call and more than willing to help me with anything I need regarding Exchange.

This bank is out of my own City and I’d rather not have my business known locally.

rockville2 says:                 Interesting defining comment from OWoN regarding PP-prosperity package.

A world away ,could be how far away ? Thanks for everything.

OWoN    Ragig Bull

This means Private Placements this time. Prosperity Packages are a world away yet.

But with the PPs we can still help many and get those new communities started

whitehatauxiliaries says:             That is correct. We will have to await word on when they will be released. At this point we have no idea of the precise timing of it all. They are on the list, that is for sure. Thank you.

whitehatauxiliaries says:             That is correct, but at this time, we do not know if there have been any changes in the sequence or timing of it. We will simply have to await further information

allen says:    “The White Hats, and other good US Patriots, have the one key contact needed who has the essential knowledge, experience and standing needed to assist them get those funds into their own Platform use for the true benefit of all. They do all work very closely together with huge integrity.” ”

 get those funds” question. are we talking WGS here? If not can you give more info? Also; “Many have asked about private trading platforms that were abused by Bush, the agencies and cabal.” Were not they already shut down and are now nonexistent? Thank you.

whitehatauxiliaries says:             Hello,I do not think that was a reference to the WGS funding, which is world-wide among the sovereign nations. Private placements are just that – private. But it is my understanding that they will result in much public benefit.

I cannot answer the question about the platforms simply because I do not know the immediate answer to that question. I will leave that question to those who can answer it. The information in the article was as much information as was available at this time.  Thank you!

CK says:                   WH, WHA, and OWoN…Thank you for your service, and caring for those of us who are the “little guy/gal” in all of this…Maybe the WH or OWoN could comment on where we could go to exchange our dinar/dong…I, like many, only hold a little bit of each and would like to be prepared to exchange…

You are saying contact banks that already do international currency exchanges, and they would be our best bet to exchange immediately after this is released?

I am asking because many of us do not have wealth managers, or personal banking relationships…You see bankers do not normally like to offer their time to those that do not already have immense wealth, and because this is speculative the banks will not tell us anything…

I have developed a trust for your information, and am just trying to be a step ahead when this is released… Thank you and may this be over soon…              

 whitehatauxiliaries says:                Hello,    I would think that any federally chartered bank with a currency desk would be able to exchange whatever currency is showing on their screen for whatever rates are showing at that time.

    I know of no single place to exchange that would be better than any other place as long as they are able to exchange internationally recognized currencies.

    For example, in my small town we have a Wells Fargo and a Chase Bank. Both have currency desks. When I see the rates change, I am going to simply take my modest amounts of dinar and dong and ask for the rates. If they indicate a revalue has indeed taken place, I am going to exchange, go home, come back here and advise you all how it went and hope like hell you all move like Mercury to do the same.

    I do not know of any other procedure to follow. Simply go to any bank that can do currency exchanges and exchange them. That is all I know at this time.    Thank you!

Terry601 says:   Tony,  In a previous post you mentioned the fact that the dinar would be part of a managed float and the new rates would not be available on forex screens.

Is the rv of the dong going to be part of a managed float also? Will the new rates be available on forex screens?   Thanks for being the Voice of Reason in Dinarland

whitehatauxiliaries says:             Hello, I did not specifically get such information on the VNN, but my suspicions are that it will also be managed. In good time, we will all know the answer to that interesting question.  Thank you!

Comments may be made at the end of  Part 2  Thank You


angrytiger says:   What I did for my own sanity was Google this search string: “foreign currency exchange” bank Lynnwood  - Where Lynnwood is your city. I am on an iPad so no need to enter my State but you may need to. What came up was http://www.travelex.com/ – they have 3 locations in my state that are in banks.

One is 10 minutes by car (7 if I drive like a maniac). I called them and their currency desk is open in the branch during all normal business hours. They do all currencies listed on their web site. The Iraqi Dinar is not listed so I did not ask about it.

My plan is brutally simple. My Dinar is under my car floor mat as I type. I check the WHA site for new Fact Checks starting 8am Pacific time (-8) over a dozen times a day. I work online so I just leave a window open and refresh. When I’m out, I check with my phone or iPad.
angrytiger Continues:  When the word comes down, i will follow any instructions from the WHA here– barring that, I will get in my car and go to the US Bank with the open Travelex desk in the bank right near my house. I assume even my modest 1.5 million Dinar will require me do open an account there before I leave since banks don’t have much cash.. I will remember to negotiate a higher daily cash withdrawal amount.

Even at an RV of $1.00, I plan on calling my friend who knows about large sums of money, frankly I don’t have a clue what to do. I think first, I will have a good cry whit it hits me my life will improve… Next, I will report back here and attempt to express my gratitude…

Should I locate alternate locations in case there are limits? How does my plan sound to you WHA? I really value your input. Thank you     CML

whitehatauxiliaries says:   Every time I see your posts, I think of your initials “CML” and it reminds me of those of Christine Lagarde, which are eerily similar.

I think your plans are well thought out. I have my currency in a safe at home, and the combo is set so that I have to simply turn it to the last number and turn the key, and I have my package, complete with certificates of authenticity, ready to go.

The bank is 5 minutes away. I work from home so I can keep an eye on the blog as well.

We may have a one day pre-warning. That is not a guarantee, and is subject to change. You can imagine the pressure on my shoulders should we get this wrong and unleash a torrent of people charging into a bank with pitchforks and lanterns. So, bottom line, just watch the currency sites for rate changes.

As we have been told, banks are pretty much clueless, as is proven out by the responses that many of you have gotten from the bank employees: “HUH?”.

 This strikes against guru “intel” that says they are warming up for your arrival with tea and crumpets.  Whatever your plans are in the details, just make acting promptly your number one priority. Thank you!

angrytiger says:    So does the possible “one day pre-warning” mean we might be told “the RV is going to happen at 8am Eastern time tomorrow morning” ? If so I will sleep in the bank parking lot since we are 3 hours behind here–10am here is 1pm on the east coast..

whitehatauxiliaries says:   No. It does not mean such a warning will be posted. I will only post what I am advised to post, when I am advised to do so. WHA is NOT able to issue such advice on its own. We can only issue what we are given to issue. When it is given, we will pass it on, in whatever form it is given to us to post, and at whatever time we are told to give it.

A prediction of how it will be done is not available.

One thing we want to avoid at all costs is to devolve into a sort of “tomorrow we should be at the banks” recording, played over and over with no result.

You can understand the pressure here. If we say go, and are wrong……….then suddenly WHA becomes simply a de facto guru site. That’s not going to happen on my watch.  Thank you.

Derbygirl says:  Dear WHA  Am mistaken. I thought we didn’t need certificates of authenticity if so what happens to those we gifted?

  whitehatauxiliaries says:  They will check it at the bank with a scan. The certificate, if possessed, it just icing in the cake and lends credibility to the chain of possession. It’s not critical, but a nice touch.

    Abby says:      Tony – I think if our currency passes inspection being not counterfeit, its fine. Afterall as have all probably been given USD’s that have been in drug dealers or prostitutes hands, so what?

    CofA’s prove nothing anyhow unless they also include the arabic serial numbers, which mine do not. I don’t see what it matters where it came from. There are many people who are very worried about this CofA, everytime it is mentioned.    IMO

 whitehatauxiliaries says:   The C of A certifies that the dealer passed you authentic, non counterfeit funds. They most assuredly recorded the serial numbers in their records, referenced by a sales or transactions number.    We have bigger worries to manage on the horizon. This issue is minor.    Stay tuned.

Jay says:  Dear WHA, I am looking for clarification. My understanding is that PP is a private contract and will probably have a different rate than market/street rate but that when the event occurs both will be available at the same time. In other words, PP will not be available before the street rate. Is this correct?
  whitehatauxiliaries says:    Hello,   I have no specific information on that particular sequence. At this time, I do not think I would be allowed to release such information if I had knowledge of it. We will know soon enough. I hope it works out well for all concerned.

Paul Pollock says:   On the point, dealing with the PP’s.  Most of these are, as you say, contract fulfillments. That means there is NO conversion rate. PP participant contractees will simply be handed a pile of mineral-backed currency.  One hopes your pile is large enough to please you. This stuff is very simple.

The folks in the RV’s DO have convertibles. The PP’s mostly do not, there’s are composed of the contracted yield, plus roles (if appropriate), and then any interest accrued because of non-contracted delays that stand as a banking obligation. Hope that helps; have fun and good luck!

PD says:    Hi WHA,Follow up question … Does this mean that when the RV happens its only in the USA possible to get the RVd rate for dinar and dong? Im from southeast asia  Thanks much WHA

whitehatauxiliaries says:   Hello, I have never been told that the “rv rate” will only happen in the USA. I have been told that, for example, those in Canada will be able to exchange with no problem in Canadian banks. I don’t see why not any other country with access to international banking with currency desks.

James says:  WHA Your reply to DLC above makes me think… you said “check now if banks do dinar/dong and if so they’ll no doubt do them after” but here in the UK I can find loads of banks who offer the dong (and all internationally tradable currencies), but no dinar as it is still untraded.

Does anyone else reading this (who may be in the UK) know of any banks over here who deal dinar now? I don’t think there are any. I heard Barclays used to, but stopped a few years back. So this raises big alarm bells for a quick cash in. The dinar looks very shakey for a quick cash in.

Here’s the same old worry from me: upon hearing the RV, banks aren’t going to suddenly, within minutes, be like “oh yes ok we now deal IQD as from 2 minutes ago!”.

Just ain’t gonna be that efficient. So there will be delays with banks, surely, regarding the dinar being dealt with. All other currencies = no problem (unless the news makes everyone panic and banks decide to suspend trading until further notice, which is another huge worry – yeesh.

 I can REALLY see this actually happening, by the way, for all RV’d currencies within minutes of the announcement, just my luck).

So yeah, that’s the big worry with the dinar. If a bank doesn’t say yes now, they won’t suddenly say yes the minute the news hits the wires. It’ll surely take days, weeks maybe, until they are open for dinar trading. By then it could all be worth nothing, who knows.

The more time this takes the more time my mind has to race and get very negative about this whole “investment”, or whatever you want to call it. I can see how this will be a nasty, messy, dog-eat-dog fight to get yours as everyone gets theirs, hoping not to be shut out.

 The internet will start filling up with comments like “I just cashed in! I’m rich!” as you sit there biting your nails waiting for your bank to start trading the dinar!

You’ll be ringing round all day and people will be like “whoo hoo I’m cashed out” as your bank stalls and suspends. I can just see all this coming down like this, now I have read from OWoN that there is no protocol in place for all this. Crash helmets ready, it’s gonna get ugly.

Shame, as obviously the GCR was supposed to further us as creatures of dignity, not turn us into dog-eat-dog hustlers trying to chase the $$ before the guy next to us gets his.

One last point I don’t think anyone has talked about yet: time differences around the globe. Man, here we go: depending on when the announcement happens, some people may get screwed over depending on what country you are in. On a time map of the globe, the east opens first for business.

Then it hits the middle ground, Europe, Africa, UK, etc then the trading day finally opens last in the USA.

If the RV comes at, say, early morning London time, and banks open genrally at, say, 9am around the globe per country, then in this example the Asian nations will be cashing in already along with Australia etc, then a few hours later Europeans/UK will be too as their banks open, then the USA will be waiting 5-6 hours still before they can do anything.

Of course, it could work the other way if the announcement comes late afternoon US time: the USA would then get to cash in late afternoon as the rest of the world (now closed for business) has to wait until the next trading day. LOL – oh man this is gonna get nasty. :(

Dog-eat-dog? You better make sure you got big teeth (and hope the announcement comes in while your country’s banks are open!!!)   J

    LL says:    Feel same as you, I purchased my Dinars from a currency exchange center. If banks are not cashing out, I may see what they are trading at, only problem is, if its decent amount, they won’t have cash on hand and do I really trust them for a check / cashiers check?

    Abby says:   James — I think you are my second best liked Brit that I have ever known, lol. (I assume you are british, lol) My No. 1 favorite however is Sir Michael, who I found to be so very cordial, polite, and a perfect gentleman, who will have a beer with a commoner like me, lol. And I just happen to love a cigar smoker. (see, I actually do like brits)

    Anyhow James, I have some of the same concerns that you do, but I decided not to get all hyped up about it and will only really know how it will go once the money is actually in my hands.

I only hope to have a decent amount of ”wealth” to make me comfortable, but I do not bank on it. I keep my mind on my most immediate needs and to get on my feet again, which I think will be the least that will happen.

Anything beyond that I count as gravy, and then and only then will I actually make plans for it and proceed from there.

    James, what other choice do we have? Since when has the world ever really opened doors and allowed such anyhow? (We know by now that certain individuals are Chosen for all high paid positions, when ”they’ see that person will play their game and do as they are chosen to do.

There is an Agenda to keep all others out, regardless of their skills, ability, preparation or education.)

    For now, all that we can do, and should do, is make phone calls and get a bank lined up for where you will go once you get in the car and start out. Ask if they can give you the services that you will need.

Hanne says:   Does the present silence have any significance? No updates here nor anything new at OWoN.

 whitehatauxiliaries says:  Now that is a loaded question…….   Please remain patient and whatever is allowed to be released, will be with all possible speed.  Thank you!

whitehatauxiliaries says:   Hello,We cannot see what is going on behind the scenes every moment of every day.  The last series of updates we have been allowed to share with you are pointing to forward progress. That can only mean that there are plenty of toes roasting.  Thank you