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Looks like I need to post a correction as well as an update to yesterday's post.
First, let's get some clarification as to the events of the past 48 hours. We were correct in stating that the Senate voted 78-17 to support the aid bill to Ukraine. The 2010 IMF Code of Reforms WAS included in that vote. However, as noted yesterday, the reforms were stripped from the aid to Ukraine -- and here's the clarification -- BEFORE the bill was sent to the House of Representatives.

Senator Ted Cruz was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on FOX News on yesterday's "Your World With Neil Cavuto." He made very clear his opposition to these IMF reforms and expressed his very great appreciation to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for stripping those reforms out of the bill before it was sent to the House of Representatives. Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, made it clear that the IMF Reforms would never pass the House of Representatives, and House Speaker John Boehner echoed McConnell's remarks.

“This bill cannot pass the House or become law in its current form -- it must be amended,” McConnell said. “In order for it to become law, the controversial IMF provision must be removed.”

Today's Bloomberg News reports the following:
"The Treasury Department, which sought the IMF funding changes, lamented Senate Democrats’ decision.
“We are deeply disappointed by the news that Republican opposition has forced the Senate to remove the IMF quota and governance reforms from the Ukraine assistance package,” Treasury spokeswoman Holly Shulman said in a statement. “These reforms, which require no new U.S. financial commitment to the IMF, are critical to preserving the United States’ leadership and influence at the IMF.”

See the following link for the full article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-03-25/reid-inclined-to-drop-imf-provision-from-ukraine-aid-bill.html
Actually, the House of Representatives voted on H.R. 4152 on March 6th. That bill easily passed the House with strong bipartisan support. The language of H.R. 4152 mirrors the Senate version MINUS any language which includes the IMF Reform package.

Now, let me make some corrections to some facts I quoted yesterday. First of all, I said that the U.S.'s voting power in the IMF was at 17%. It is actually 16.75%, pre-IMF Reforms. Next, I said that the U.S. would be giving up 2 percentage points, leaving them with 15% control in the IMF. The actual fact is that with the IMF Reforms implemented, the U.S. only drops to 16.5% in its voting power!

The concerns expressed by those in opposition in the Senate and in the House of Representatives are, in my honest opinion, misplaced. Senator Cruz, in his comments to Neil Cavuto yesterday, expressed his (and other Republicans) opposition as being based in the fact that Russia would have increased voting power and a stronger voice in the IMF. I guess he can get away with that statement -- technically, at least -- because Russia's total vote in the IMF increases from 2.4% to 2.6%.

Opposition to the IMF Reforms was also said to be predicated on the increased voice China, Brazil, India and South Africa would have in the IMF. That's almost laughable! Let me quote to you from Christine Lagarde's statements to Live Trading News:
"The IMF’s Board of Governors approved the quota and governance reform package in December 2010. The plan included a doubling of IMF quotas and a shift in quotas to dynamic emerging markets and under-represented countries, and a proposed amendment to reform the executive board that would facilitate a move to a more representative and all-elected 24-member board.

If the reform package is implemented, 4 large emerging economies, namely China, India, Russia and Brazil, will all become Top 10 shareholders of the Washington-based global lender.
IMF figures show, as of 24 March, 143 members having 76.22% of total voting power had accepted the proposed amendment on reform of the executive board, falling short of the 85% threshold.

Meanwhile, 158 members having 78.71% of total quota had consented the changes in quotas, reaching the 70% minimum required. But the entry into force of the proposed amendment to reform the executive board is a prerequisite for the quota changes to take effect.

The United States currently holds 16.75% of the IMF voting shares, which gives it the veto power to the reform package."
See: http://www.livetradingnews.com/imf-chief-urges-us-congress-to-ratify-imf-reforms-38695.htm#.UzMV-HlOU_4
When you consider Christine Lagarde's statement that, "143 members have 76.22% of total voting power" against America's 16.5%, and the fact that -- from a practical standpoint -- getting Russia, Brazil, China, India, et al to form enough of a majority with the remaining nations to overturn a U.S. veto, the opposition really causes one's eyebrows to raise sharply! The United States still keeps its absolute veto power and control over any funds it commits to the IMF, along with the ability to specify how those funds are disbursed through the IMF.

I don't want to get mired down in too many specifics today or to talk about the teeth the Global Reset brings into this picture, but the essence of these reforms boils down to a very slightly increased voice in the IMF for the emerging nations, along with an increased requirement for their participation.

Let's move on to the topic of the Global Currency Reset one last time (hopefully!). Although I've been unable to find a direct link to Christine Lagarde's comments, she is said to have stated yesterday that the Reset needs to be completed by or before April 1. I personally find April 1 to be a compelling date, and I've said to my friends, "This is not an April Fool's joke; this is an April Blessing!"

I continue to stress that this entire event is a God-driven event. Over the past few days, I've had to quiet a number of people's fears over the possibility that they would lose their currency, or that the administration might impose some kind of rule or legislation that would cause them to lose what God has given them, or that Iraq is going to impose a LOP rather than do an RI/RV, or that Satan is going to take from them and use this blessing against them.

Come on, Folks! Proverbs 6:31-32 tells us the following: "Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is hungry; But when he is found, he must repay sevenfold; He must give all the substance of his house." We've all been victims at one time or another of The Thief, and we all know who he is! This blessing is being poured out for the sake of the Kingdom of God, its expansion and the enlarging of its borders. Stop listening to the voices that talk about all the plans of the Enemy to take your currency, or to tax your currency to the point where you have virtually nothing! Stop listening to all of the conspiracy theories and stories that abound! This is Satan's trick to discourage you, disappoint you, and get you to confess what he wants you to confess, instead of confessing that this is the Blessing of the Lord, and He is pouring out His Blessings on you!
That said, Blessings on you!
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[duffy2] Good Eagle 1 post in Dinar Recaps. Too long to bring in here. Also T.K. talked with Okie today and I know Tony said he did as well. T.K. said he couldn't say too much, but look for something on TV tomorrow ,--political--major announcement--Legarde waiting on it---then Rv can proceed. 

Also Scottie G was on T.K. call just now and also hearing good things and the Bonds at $ 3.71 are to be out April 1st and Rv can happen any time before or at the same time. 

Scottie G also said Article 8 done and forget the garbage newspaper articles coming out of Iraq as most of it is "SMOKE". So, most all are now saying anytime and tomorrow is a good time for the possibility.

[hub] howdee all you soon to be better off, folks........heheheh

[timo] hub ...Hey bud

 [hub] timo since its just me and you, want a little info?????

 [timo] Let er fly...love info !!!

 [hub] ok you ready,,just sumtin simple ....ready?

[timo] ready and willin

[hub] my contact that has the ny city currency broker, that has 3 imf investers, text my lady Sunday nite,,,," get your running shoes on"..........dont know what that means, but it sounds good......

 [clubber3] hub had mine on for a while. they need to hurry, before I take them off :laugh: 

 [hub] timo well, i know what you mean....so lets wait and see.........clubber3 dont take em off,,,,,,this guy would not sell to us,,,he goes bank to bank and country to bank,,,,,,he has said for several months, he sees this done, just activate it...so lets see what happens

 [Sparkles] Sounds like need to get our shoes on and get ready

[hub] Sparkles got mine on, so lets see what might come about

[Sparkles] then we will need our dancing shoes--getter done

 [clubber3] hub Just how close do you think we are

 [hub] clubber3 let me tell you why i think what i think,,,iraq has to have a currency with a value,,,the economic situation in iraq has performed as it should, it is ready to take its place in world economy,,so i personally think and this is my own personal educated guess, we are there, i would not be surprised, but very happy that this could happen tonight

 [Sparkles] hub Thanks


3-26-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony    Everyone is super confident, relaxed saying it's over, done, completed and just waiting for big reveal.  There is a date but very few know it.   I can say they have been told to be prepared.  The call centers are manned and the currency exchange people there.  Security is in place.   All we can do is wait until they do it.  We are stil looking at their time line in Iraq where they are saying that their economy will change on the 1st of April.  Also, the  UN operational rates change on the  31st or 1st.  We are hearing that they don't care about the time of day.  They don't care if it's sunlight, sunset, 12 noon, 12 at night.  They are saying that everybody is ready and it could go at any moment.

3-26-2014   Newshound Guru tlm724
    another reason is strengthening reserves, monetary gold that is in line with the current stage to strengthen Iraq's economy...amount of gold purchased during the month of March, about 36 tons of high purity.  that is on top of what they already had.   a portion of the gold was meant to go up for sale.  "that the application of monetary policy tools to effectively reduce the dollarization of the economy."  *hallelujah*   that there is another instrument of monetary policy pursued by the central bank is setting up a basket of foreign currencies and reduce dependence on the dollar.  [the only better than that is an r/v.]  you are right there!   reduce dependence on the dollar...they are dedollarizing people!!   This is almost the last step!!!  This is them showing us their hand as far as currency reform within the framework of monetary reform!  Freaking awesome !!  [post 2 of 2]

3-26-2014   Newshound Guru tlm724
   "Gold the best guarantee for the stability of exchange rates"   ...it is awesome to keep seeing articles about this!  Iraq seems very proud of this as they should be!  they are showing us some of their "new" monetary policy here that the application of monetary policy tools of the central bank.  this gold has multiple purposes...the best one is this:  "active manner that would enhance the value of the currency"  *hallelujah*   and of course to maintain the stability.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

3-26-2014   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
   Here's the latest: 1. MP expects budget to be DONE this week.  2. Kurdistan to be there for it.  3. Central Bank huge gold purchase.  4. World banks tells GOI to butt out.  I think at this time, the budget is the biggest issue on Parliament's agenda, so we are going to see that done before anything else happens.  If it's done this week as planned, be on the lookout for more news soon.

3-26-2014   Newshound Guru American Contractor
      [Is the Iraqi Dinar a scam?]  It is not illegal to own to possess the Iraqi dinar.  It is not a scam.  [How do I go about cashing in my Iraq dinar?]  Right now the only way to cash in your dinar is to go to a dinar dealer.  When the new new Iraqi dinar gets issued will the U.S. banks take a new business approach and say "we will take you Iraqi dinar now", that's all speculation, nobody knows right now.  But, now your only option is to go to a dinar dealer or sell it to someone else.

3-26-2014   Intel Guru TerryK
 JUST SENT TO ME BY A FRIEND:  RV ON THE WAY.  We have just been informed by the Chinese and IMF that all the requirements for the RV have been met. The world is eagerly awaiting the RV release. We have just been informed that some powerful forces behind the scenes including the UST were blocking this. THIS BLOCKAGE TO BE REMOVED TONIGHT AND RV IS?  HOPEFULLY?  IS ON THE WAY.


TNT Call 26-Mar-2014 Notes
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  It’s Monday the 24th of March, 2014.  Pam has already told you:  on the call, before I even sent out the link 300  people called in.  there are people who have been sitting on the board for three hours.  I don’t see why you would do that, especially if you don’t’ have a question.  If we have already answered a question for you in the last week or two, please take your hand down and give someone else a chance. We have 83 people with their hands up, and I cannot answer that many questions.  Please give others a chance to ask their questions, especially if they are new.  We’ve already talked about the format, the questions, etc.  I like to do this like a town meeting because I want to know how you feel and what you’re going through and gives everyone a chance to see where we’re at and what we’re doing. 
You want to know when this will be over, and my birthday is Friday….
Where are we at today?  The same place as Monday.  I mean literally that we are at the same place.  Everyone we have talked to are super-confident and relaxed, saying it’s over and done with , and we’re waiting for the big reveal.  Very few people know this is about to happen, but they’re all prepared for it to happen any minute. They are all being told to stay ready, exchange and call centers are manned, and wealth managers are now prepared. Security people are still in place at the exchange locations and branches, but they don’t know when it will go either.  They want to surprise it, nobody doing things on the back boards or positioned to make a gazillion dollars because they know exactly when it is.  They’ve gone over exchange procedures, bank accounts, what they can recommend to you… Information has got so detailed that people concerned with  how much I say on these calls.  I think informed/prepared is better;  going in knowing your plan is better than not knowing.  Not everyone feels like that, and I don’t understand why, because they were certainly prepared. 
At this point, everything is good. there is no arguing, no fussing, no fighting. If they're doing anything at all, complaining that it hasn't happened.  There is a good reason for it I’m sure.
They keep saying in Iraq that their economy is going to change on the 1. April for a number of reasons and I am going with that, or earlier. It’s the end of the quarter, and there are other reasons, too.  However, they don’t care:  when they see that perfect storm, or maybe the perfect calm, then they will strike.  That is why they are telling people to stay prepared.  There is a lot of stress on us, on the centers and the banks – the stress is being shared, because they don’t have a clue either.  The time frame we see publicly is now until the first.  In the back room, I don’t know what their timeframe is.  Everything and everyone is ready, and that’s the best news I can give you now.
903:  Have I talked to you already this year?  Yes?  Then I’m going to the next one.
239 caller:  Things have been said about Maliki being in office for the RV to happen;  any truth to that?
Tony:  That’s not holding up the RV.  People over there don’t think he will make it;  all he wanted was the opportunity to try it.  If the RV doesn’t happen on the first, that would hurt him because they’ll say he lied to them once again.  So I think he is pushing this to happen.
352?  That makes me think about something.  When you get on the line now, you don’t hear music until I come on and put everyone on hold.  There was something with their system when we had the last call, but that was fixed.  Every system we’ve ever gone on we have blown out of the water;  these guys aren’t really ready fro our BIG call.  This is going through a radio station so you can listen in your car, etc., and we can then handle 4-5 million, IF we get to that point.  That is the next step I’m looking at.
509 caller:  I was with you when you were with Van.  My daughter has been overseas for four years;  I have already gifted all my kids, but she cannot just get back at any time.  Can I start an account in her name or a joint account, and she can sign it when she gets back?
Tony:  We’ll research this and tell you guys the exact things you can do.  Any time I want to do something, they’ll probably write a law against it.  I want to put money in a joint account for them to use with free access, so they don’t’ have to pay tax.  I don’t know a law against that, but they’ll probably write a law this afternoon.  If your daughter is not available, make a trust with her as beneficiary, and she can use that when she gets back.
Caller: She could use the money over there;  her husband is setting up a junior college and she would like to use it to bring worthy students into that college, and that costs money for travel and education.
Tony:  If it was me, I’d be using Visa cards because they can be used anywhere in the world.  Foundations can be set up to do this.  You just have to think it through.  I believe she can do what she wants with these funds.  The dinar is more restricted here, and you’ll have to check the NDA, but you may be able to do what you want.  As long as it’s initiated here, you may be able to do what you want, just using a different structure.
Caller:  If this does come in at 3.71, could he get three separate one million dollar cashier’s checks?
Tony:  there may be restrictions on how much you leave in the bank… or rate may be based on how much you are exchanging.  There are a lot of factors we don’t know as yet.
770 caller:  Thanks for all your efforts and the Mods for what they’ve done.  I know we are in a holding pattern.  I know banks are in business to make money, but if this is between the US, Iraq and China, how can the banks be creating contracts in the middle of this, rather than acting as a simple exchange agent?
Tony:  I understand.  Banks can always pick and choose who they do  business with.  You can just go to the exchanges to get the international rate.  They are saying, “We are extending this rate to you, but these are the terms…” 
Caller:  If you qualify for the contract rate, isn’t that a form of coercion for something they are inserting themselves into the middle of?
Tony:  The reality is that someone has authorized them to do that.  They built the new financial system around the revaluation.  You cannot go to the UST or the Fed and complain;  they clearly set up the parameters for the banks to do this.  You have the option to say NO.
Caller:  As far as the VNN is concerned, is there is a contract for getting the higher rate there?
Tony:  We don’t know until it happens.  For a long time, that only applied to the dinar.  Now we’re hearing they want to apply that to everything you have.  Up to this point, it has only applied to the dinar. 
Caller:  To the folks in DC, pull the trigger PLEASE!
302 caller:  I’ve heard they may not include us at all.  Is that feasible?
Tony:  That is not the plan at the moment. It was the plan in the past, but as of right now you are absolutely included in the plan.
Caller:  Thanks… and Happy Birthday!
Tony:  Hopefully I won’t have to do a call on Friday… or I might be hungover from the night before… but we’ll see.
661 caller: It’s my first time talking with you!  In your heart of hearts, is this RV going to happen?
Tony:  IN my heart of hearts, I was talking to Pam and someone else the other day.  So they are dangling this carrot in front of us, and they are dangling that in front of a jackass with all the people behind it in the wagon… They said, Yeah, but Tony your name is on that jackasss.  But the carrot is still there although we cannot reach it. 
This is absolutely real, we have real contacts, we know that people have exchanged already;  we know that Iraq cannot be a real country without a real currency.  This has happened before, and it clearly has to happen.  So in my heart of hearts, yes, it will happen.  Their citizens and banking systems are all authorized;  I don’t think we will have to move, because if we did, all this money would go out of this country, and they plan to use us as the next stimulus package.
Skype caller:  Happy early Birthday!  If you only have dong, no dinar, how will you know to get that contract rate?
Tony:  Call the 800 number.
Caller:  How far willthis go on if it goes past that 1. Aril date?
Tony:  I think M needs this prior to the election.  Everything has been agreed, the oil is flowing, an the people are looking for their money at the new rate.  If it doesn’t happen, M has a real problem with the election…
Caller:  If we do get past that date, do we go to twitter again?  At what point do we say ‘enough is enough’? 
Tony:  You are the exact reason they don’t want me to answer those question!
Caller:  If we give more fuel to the fire, we will go past that 1. April  date.
Tony:  There is always Plan B and Plan C;  you have to be ready because the situation changes every day.
352 caller:  This whole thing has left me with a different perspective. I used to think of this as a tax refund – something due me – and now I see it as a super-gift.  I used to think I needed a new car after 13 years, but now I see I can just put new tires on.  It’s given me a new thankfulness for what I do have, that I can still see and hear and use all my limbs…
Tony:  I appreciate that.  I was sitting with two sheriffs yesterday and we were talking about this,t he world, finances, etc., and we saw that people don’t’ want to know that is going on, or fearful, or feeling “just give it to me!”  Some people hoping and wishing that this would satisfy everything that was wrong in their lives, and they expected it before their next paycheck. That has gone through expecting to demanding it.  People with your attitude find it much easier, that there is a gift coming and you go on living your life right now.  That removes a lot of the stress.
It is really done;  you just have to wait.  If more could have come in realizing that… Talking to the guys last night, I said, “If you could pay $1,000 to get a million, would you do it?” and the guy said that he would wait five years to get back a million for $1,000.  For most, they didn’t go in with that approach.  Some are also saying “I’m so glad this didn’t happen six months ago… if I got it then, I would have blown it, spending money on cars and houses or giving it away.”  Now that thye have listened to how to look after your money, they appreciate taking the extra time.
Caller:  This has given us some objectivity rather than running out and buying things that satisfy in the moment.  So it has been of benefit.
Tony: I think this time will be of benefit, that by taking this extra time to talk about things, then we can take a big chunk out of the 95% they think are going to be broke in two years.  I hope we have taken this time to grow. 
There are two books that would really help us right now, that would help us take off in the right direction;  these are quick to read and freely available.  Pam?
Pam:  DC recommended these, and they are in the forum:  Millionaire Mind, and you can get that book for a penny plus shipping at amazon.com.  Also, get The Millionaire Next Door… that is available on YouTube for free.  There is also The Millionairess Next Door, which is great;  there are audio links and .pdf files on the forum and also online.
Tony:  There is a whole team here putting this together, including Pam and RayRen.
720:  About the 800 numbers… before we call them, they ask which bank we want to work with, and they check which rate we want.  What is the protocol now?
Tony:  I don’t know.  There were changes made, but I haven’t got the package yet.  As soon as we get that information, we’ll do a call and let you know how to proceed.
720:  So they will give us an appointment, and we won’t know what rate they are offering at (say) WF and we don’t’ know if Chase will give us a higher rate.  Our only option is to leave and start over.
Tony:  I think the more info you have, the smoother it will be, but for some reason they don’t agree.  I don’t know what kind of call we can do.  I would rather tell you guys right now, so you can think about what to do.  But I cannot make that decision and things might change simply because I’ve told you.  I will give you the best info I can at the time, whether I get the 800 numbers or someone else gets them.
Caller:  And then there is the same issue with the contracts, whether we will be restricted in how we use the money, and by how much…
Tony:  We don’t know, and they are counting on most not to care.  Most never expected to get this kind of money, and the majority won’t even read the contract, they will just sign the contract and go.  We are hoping to change all that.
Caller:  Do you know what will change the rate?  Is it the number of people exchanging, or a limit from the IMF?
Tony:  I’m sure there will be a time limit for the contract rates.  The international rate will be market-driven, and who is buying will drive it up, and who is selling to bring it down.  Read Who Moved My Cheese again;  it has big letters, you can read and understand it, you will know why we have these calls every day.  The first mouse gets the trap, the second mouse gets the mouse, and the third mouse gets the cheese factory.   Read the book – it makes sense.  That may be all the information I can give you. Who Moved My Cheese is available as a free download;  just Google it.
Caller:  I know you cannot tell us too much about taxes, but when looking at a rate, do you go by the previous year’s capital gains or the previous year?
Tony:  I don’t know.  We heard that at certain rates, certain taxes will be applied.
Caller: If it goes to April 1, then we are into the next quarter…
Tony: That’s possibly a factor.
Caller:  The CBI does the international rate;  who does the market rate?
Tony:  Sterling has always said they will offer market rate, and they will allow you to use the 10% to pay for your reserves.
313 caller:  You said earlier that the wealth managers and bank people are in place. I have a wealth manager at JP Morgan in NY who seems to know very little about what’s going on.  He may not know what the tenth floor is doing, but at the same time, when the time comes, will have be informed in the same way we have been informed in the last seven months about the various rates, and such?  Or will that be a process?  Are they supposed to have some of the same information we have?
Tony:  I don’t know, because they are not involved in the exchange process.  They don’t need to know where your money is coming from.  There are wealth managers actually scheduling people because they have now been notified. It is getting down to them, but only those involved in the exchange.  I could exchange here, and my wealth manager could be in SF, LA or Chicago;  those guys aren’t doing the exchange, but once you put the money in the account, then they will be already up to speed.  I do know there are wealth managers at Chase who know what is going on.
Caller:  That’s my question.  I think Chase is keeping their people in the dark.  This is an intelligent young man, but totally uninformed about this.  So I’m thinking to undertake this exchange with those who do know, then transfer the money to someone who will make the investments I want.
Tony:  Many are still going to the bank and asking them about things, but if you don’t have a personal relationships with these people, they’re not going to jeopardize their jobs.  They may have signed NDAs as well.  They may be in the same position you are, but they have jobs and families.  They are not going to take the chance of letting out this information.  I’ve talked to bankers who say “They think I don’t know about this, but I do, and they are going to be surprised when I walk out the door”.  Some of the bank employees are going to be upset, and you are going to have to deal with that when you go in, when you become a multi-millionaire and he had the same opportunity to do the same but was talked out of it.
Caller:  I do have a personal relationship with this wealth manager, and I’m just don’t understand how he doesn’t know this is going down with all the information in the world. 
Tony:  There are a lot of them out there and they are trying to keep them out of the loop as long as they can because many will walk off the job.  Everyone cannot be in the parade because who would then stand and wave?  If everyone was in this, who would we help?  Who would go to work? 
Caller:  A couple weeks ago you said there would be a change in the process, and what would determine what we got when we go to the bank.   Can you give us a glimpse that would help us to understand without jeopardizing what you cannot say…
Tony:  I want to give you a clue but Pam may intervene again… that wasn’t by accident.  For some reason, they don’t want you to know the cashout procedures right at this moment.  Things could change at any time.  Maybe they think you could figure out another strategy.  Anyway, they don’t want me to give you too much information on that.  Once the announcement has been made, maybe we can talk about it before you go in the door.  I know what you want, and I really want to give it to you;  we’ll talk about it as soon as we can.
Caller:  People say that they may not let us do this in the US, but when this goes public you won’t be able to exchange anywhere if it doesn’t happen here. It can happen and it will happen.
Tony:  You are absolutely correct, and I know it has already happen.  It’s not something the average person would do anyway, but those individuals will figure it out.
757 caller:  Hello, I’m here!  I was playing with my computer and counting my money.  When did you start these calls, Tony?
Tony:  I don’t know;  you’ll have to ask Pam.  Did we start in July of last year?
Caller:  One year ago today I started radiation treatment for prostate cancer;  the Lord healed me in two months.  Then I had a knee replacement and doubted getting it because I didn’t want to miss going to the bank.
Tony:  My wife does that and I say “Don’t put your life on hold for this!”  You will have more than an hour or day to exchange;  just live your life, with less stress, and when it happens it will be that much  more enjoyable.
Caller:  I’m thankful I woke up on the green side of the grass;  this year I buried 5-6 of my friends, and happy to have this opportunity.  I pray for you often … don’t have any other questions.
239 caller:  It’s my first time on the call, and I thank you and the Mods.  If I exchange my money into a new, NIB account, how long before I can transfer it before it’s commingling.
Tony:  I don’t know!  They are treating the dinar separately, and I don’t know how long that tracking will occur.  The people who exchange your money may not have the answers to your questions, either.  The UST told me directly that they are going to track that money, and this is why.  The guy setting up the account doesn’t know as much as we know.  When he woke up yesterday, this was just a pipe dream.
Caller:  If I put my money in an interest-bearing account, is that interest commingling?
Tony:  I don’t know, although I’m sure some people on this call do know and will let me know.
Caller:  I can’t get on the forum, so I only get information on the blast.  If you get those answers, please send it out as a blast.
Tony:  Talk to Pam about that! 
Caller:  I love how you set up generational wealth for five generations.  Can I be one of your generations?
Tony:  I have more cousins than I ever did before, and people older than me who want me to adopt them!
Caller:  Pam has my number;  please include me if you are doing things after the RV. 
Tony:  All I’ve agreed to do it to shut down the site and twitter after this is over.  It worked for us, and everything is looking good for us. I can live with that because I have no ambitions to be in politics.  I set up to the other sites so that we can grow together, where the millionaire mindset can be together without having to be on a call and worrying what people want to get from you. We’re just being a group together helping each other.  That would be tntsuperfantastic.com, .info and .net.  [The new information isn’t on those sites yet;  that will change afterwards.]
407:  This is my first time, and I have a question about reserves.  Which bank is handling the reserves better than other banks?
Tony:  If the banks are smart, they will give you a rate on reserves and lock it in.  You do have to prove that you already have the reserves and you cannot use your contract exchange funds to pay for those reserves.  The banks will want to lock in what you have at that time.  But we will have to wait for the actual announcement and then I hope I can go through it all then, in the final call.. I can’t advise you, but I can tell you what I would do.
Caller:  Is the rupiah going to be in the same basket as the dong and dinar?
Tony:  Do you know the difference between dung and dong?  [Caller dropped off the line.]  They will be in the same basket (dinar and dong). 
806 caller:  Okie talked about major changes coming, over and above the GCR.  Do you know what he is referring to?  Do you know about this?
Tony:   I talked to him this morning and he didn’t say anything about it.  I don’t’ know what he was talking about.  In order for this to happen, the US dollar would have to be devalued some, and that would affect our economy. It already is;  things are costing more. They have to bring the emerging markets up and the higher economies down, so that we meet more in the middle.  That will be for months as we come back from there.  They will take the extra that will help people recover from that.  Once again, that will make people rely on government programs, but think of what would happen if we didn’t have that help.  We are the one nation in the world that imports more than we create.  Not much says Made in the USA anymore, including our phones, cars, furniture, technology, etc.  If the currency is going to change, then we have to bring some of that back.  There have to be some changes.  
I don’t know exactly what Okie said.  It won’t affect us as much because we have all this newfound.  Your friends and families will be affected, and we need to stimulate the economy and get new jobs going, but we need to do it carefully, with a plan.  Set aside 50% for taxes, put 25% to work, and use the other 25% to stimulate the economy.
Caller:  After the call, I try to explain to my family, like a mini-tony.
Tony:  This is why I talk to people.  When they attack Tony or the site, they don’t’ understand the process.  They want the money right now!  IF we take time, talk to them, saying things five different ways because they don’t understand the earlier explanations… If you teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for life.  We are teaching them how things really work, and then they see it on the television two days later, then they get it.   You need to educate yourself and those around you.  Then when success comes, you can duplicate it.  So I’m thinking, “How many of me can I create?”  Then your team can do their own thing.  You get the information/education and share it with your family and friends.  Then they have the education rather than just receiving money from you.  That’s our job here.
936 caller:  About the 800 numbers, you will get that package and broadcast that, right?
Tony:  They tell me I’m back on the list!
Caller:  How much time will we have to get into the other banks and review their contracts?
Tony:  I really don’t know.  If I tell you what I’ve heard, they will change it, and make it longer rather than shorter. 
813 caller:  Thanks, you answered my questions.  Thank you all for the excellent work.
360:  This should be our mantra:  Show us the money!
Tony:  Alright, I’m ready:  show us the money!
Caller:  I asked a prophetic friend, and she said she sees a young boy around 12 years old with a adult, and they are going down a long, long slide.  Then I prayed, and heard ‘CALL IT FORTH’.  So I started calling it forth, that the RV comes so that we can do Your work and Your will.
Also, I am not able to get on the forum.
Tony:  That’s Pam’s department.  I’ll give her your number right now.
Caller:  I’m also going to call Kim Clement, the prophet on television;  he heard about the dinar and told people to invest.  He said it would be ‘sudden’.
Tony:  And when it does happen, we’ll be o happy.  Get ready NOW.  Be ready so you don’t have to get ready – get your plan sorted out, your list of ten things, etc.  We should be ready, not finding our receipts or figuring out who to give it to.  We should be ready.
Caller’s mother:  You mentioned the new website…
Tony:  It’s www.tntsuperfantastic.com.  If you want to relay information to me you have to send it to Pam at tntdinarhelp@gmail.com.  That’s an email address.  That’s why Pam’s here;  she keeps me straight and tells me what to do.
205 caller:  About the IRS, will it continue to exist?  On Friday someone mentioned this…
Tony:  The IRS is necessary in order to collect money for the government. 
Caller:  All the money the IRS collects go to the Federal Reserve, not to the government.  So that goes to the families that own the Fed.  The government then borrows it from the Fed.
Tony:  You are correct, but we are not teaching about that on this call.  The Fed is not part of the government, and the IRS payments go to the Fed because 2/3 of the national debt is owed to the Fed.  It’s a vicious cycle that will never go away.  I just wasn’t teaching about that on this call.
[same thing rehearsed over again]
If you google money, they will show you about fractional banking, but most people just don’t want to know about that level of complexity.
Caller:  You can take a horse to water but if you can get him to float on his bank, you’re really onto something.
602:  Do you know much about the historic bonds that are supposed to be paid this week?
Tony:  I can tell you the bonds are in Chicago, the rate was $3.71, the auction took place but they cannot show it until the rate is live.  Gold was moved around the world, and other things that you read.  DC didn’t have a bullet-proof vest today, so he is staying inside.
Caller:  Can we still go to the bank and cash in at the international rate?
Tony: If I cannot exchange my dinar for US dollars and it was all around the world, I’m sure I could figure out how to exchange elsewhere and then exchange back into US dollars.  It has already been done and we know it’s possible. We don’t want to do it that way, but if it came down to it, people with knowledge and knowhow will make that happen.
407 caller:  I talked to a wealth manager about putting my money into a trust, and they informed me that a trust doesn’t save you taxes.  I would have to do an LLC.
Tony:  Put a hundred accountants into a room, each would answer differently.   I have heard that a trust is more for your protection than for a tax shelter.  There are expenses involved. Ask a trust attorney or get on RayRen’s OpenMike call, or go see him, because he talks about trust all the time.  Call a  trust attorney, let them know you are coming into money, and then you can develop a game plan.
Caller:  If I go into WF and make my exchange, can I then transfer my money out of WF, and it will be same amount of taxes?
Tony:  The banks have nothing to do with taxes.  The only stipulation is whatever the contract says, in terms of restrictions keeping part in that particular bank.  You might have to wait until that time runs out.  If they keep 20%, you can still move the 80%.  You can always move your money otherwise.  Every bank will have a fee, and fees are always negotiable.  The more you are exchanging, the more power you have. 
Okay, we are at the two-hour point and the transcribers are tired.  Everything is completed except for the activation.  There are no holdups that we are hearing.   We are just waiting;  no one currently has a window.  Just be ready, because it will just happen when it happens.  The longer they leave it, the more opportunity for someone to screw this up, but everything else I hear is very positive and good.
Pam:  Tony lives in joy, and the family celebrates birthday weeks;  it’s Tony’s birthday week, and there is a post on the forum if you’d like to sign in.  Help the mods keep the site clean.  If there is a problem, contact the mods.
Tony:  I have seen the birthday greetings, and thank you.  I hope this come in a lot sooner than Friday morning.  We’ll have to do one major call because I go to the bank and exchange myself, as I will have to sign the all-powerful NDA at that time.  We’ll see how far that goes.  I would love to come back and do another call today or tomorrow;  we’ll see what happens!
RayRen:  Everyone have a good day!



IMHO, This is tied to the USA not wanting to lose POWER, ie 2010 IMF reforms. This is also tied to currencies no longer wanting the FRN's for Trade, and securing the Financial Markets and eliminating Illegal Currency Manipulation via the FX Probes. 

See the USA which has the majority vote in the IMF controls the IMF as well. Jack Lew knows countries are now doing currency SWAPS to circumvent the FIAT FRN and eliminate the Petro Dollar Global Monopoly. 

Then you have to add where is the Funding coming from to fund the RV. The funding is coming from all of the Gold moves you see and the Historical Bonds and other bonds. The rate on the Bonds has been locked at CME at $3.71 for close to 2 weeks now.
The delays in Iraq are done in conjunction with the UST & IMF. But TIME is running out FAST.

Iraq has met all obligations, and the USA as intermediary is tied to the 17% delays with the Kurds and the Iraq Budget.

The WTO criteria is already completed as well.

USA banks have been using the IQD with no value for over 1 year via leveraged SKR's and GFR's to create bank instruments, ie monetization and securitization, with Correspondant Bank ALLIANCES by Intra Bank Trading.

So with all that said and done, IMHO we should see something within days. By or before April 1ST makes logical sense, and this event is larger than IRAQ.

The process is BONDS/GOLD and then RV and then the GCR. The Bond moves are completed and the Final Gold movements are taking place now.



[artmeister2] Listen all: Just received this in an email and I guess we need to check for accuracy, but sounds awful good: just rec. 
[5:20:58 AM] joeyjoey100: GM Sending prayers CL was on CNN ....on the Anderson Cooper Show at 1:00 am this morning stating the reval will happen this week. The moderators stated that the Ukraine would be looking to Russia for money.

[asn] artmeister2 if you disect that email we know the IMF is going to Fund the Ukraine plus us and the Euro Union, so the Ukraines is Not going to be getting or asking Russia for money and if CL said the reval was going to happen this week it would be all over the news wires, all the money cable show etc... So..



Gold the best guarantee for the stability of exchange rates

Posted by EXOGEN on March 26, 2014 at 12:13pm

3/26/2014 0:00   Baghdad -confirmed two economists that the application of monetary policy tools of the central bank in an active manner that WOULD ENHANCE THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY and maintain the stability of exchange rates against foreign currencies, considering a central strengthening reserves monetary gold that is in line with the current stage to strengthen Iraq's economy.

The central bank may He announced that the amount of gold purchased during the month of March about 36 tons of high purity is very applicable to international standards adopted, comes as part of the strategy pursued by the Bank in the management of reserves of foreign to achieve racial safety and safety through the use of monetary policy tools to stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar against foreign currencies . 
Central had decided earlier in the SEC assortment of pure gold bullion weights ranging between (5 g and 1 kg). He announced, at the time, the direct actions contracted to import them and then sell them through the banking system, as this procedure represents a monetary policy tools.

 Economist said the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that the citizen trusts absolutely transactions of government means that he trusts the precious metal which items imported Central as guaranteed and standard specifications in addition to it's international origins is what makes gold imported from the Central is much better than that items imported gold traders.

 Pointed out that the measure would double the opportunities to increase credit (loans granted by banks to citizens) the adoption of gold coins as collateral good loan repayment terms will reflect so positively to improve their reality of living and the national economy in general.

Meanwhile adviser said the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform, Dr. Ahmed al-Husseini that the application of monetary policy tools to effectively reduce the dollarization of the economy. pointing out that there is another instrument of monetary policy pursued by THE CENTRAL BANK IS SETTING UP A BASKET OF CURRENCIES AND REDUCE THE DEPENDENCE ON THE DOLLAR BECAUSE THE COUNTRY IS SUFFERING FROM THE DOLLARIZATION OF THE ECONOMY.

 added Husseini told (the morning): the basket as possible to contain the currency more stable than the dollar Kganah sterling or the euro or the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc and other currencies of the world economies to promote a strong cash reserve currencies along with a variety of gold and the dollar. explained that the adoption of a basket of currencies prevent Iraq from fluctuations in world oil prices and work to prevent Kmusdh financial impact of these fluctuations on cash reserve generated from oil sales.     http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=67593


3-26-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday   they are having a meeting in Jordan with all Central Bank delegation, oil ministers, members of IMF, world bank, finance, oil, legal, etc on article IV.  the World Bank gave the go ahead about a year ago or less for the monetary policy.   it isnt up to the gov at all -- the policies as they are complied with in all countries for inflationary tools and monetary policy has to be done with international compliance.  Maliki gets a warning and stern...they must move forward and get the money rolling -- and with the right --RATE...all is frozen and time to get it going.

3-26-2014   Intel Guru Jester

3-26-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:   "Araji: The World Bank warned the Iraqi government from interfering in the work of the Central Bank"    ...this is not good news.   The World Bank has been right in the trenches with the banks trying to get them ready for years and has stated on numerous times that the GOI (Maliki) interferes.  [I guess all that's left for us to do is wait for April 30th.  Hopefully, they won't keep us waiting too long to learn the outcome of the elections.]   That is if they have them.  The entire IHEC [Independent High Electoral Commission]  resigned today.

3-26-2014   Newshound Guru American Contractor
[When the new Iraqi dinar currency is issued do I have to exchange my Iraq dinar that I currently have?]  When the CBI is getting ready to issue the new currency there will be an educational campaign in Iraq and in the world, press releases, pamphlets, brochures.  You will have a big window, a 2, 3, 4 year window to exchange...I don't think there will be a big rush like everyone thinks it will be. 

3-26-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:   "We are with approving the budget, but not at the expense of the Kurds"  An MP from the Kurdistan Alliance spoke up and stated that the decision of the Kurds to begin flowing 100,000 barrels of oil per day is a good gesture...according to this individual the Kurdistan Alliance is ready to attend all Parliament sessions and approve the draft budget before the end of the current Parliament...but he also states that this budget should not be passed at the expense of the Kurdistan people.


[artmeister2] I have a contact who gets rumortel from a Forex Banker who said this was to have gone down between midnight and 3:00 a.m. last night. So, he does not know what happened and can only assume that maybe it will during the same time tonight into tomorrow. Just passing along what I have been told. We can hope for that to be that case.

[artmeister2] Also, the moderator on the open mike just said when I mentioned the Wall Street Forex Banker who said this was to have gone down last night between midnight and 3:00 a.. m. said she had heard the same thing about last night.