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Posted by EXOGEN on March 13, 2014 at 10:10pm 

Per multiple conversations today with Institutional Investors via CME, all tranches have cleared, and FRN/TRN conversions are with global facilitators as of now. 

The new TRN will be backed by gold, minerals, oil, natural gas and other untapped resources in North America that have not yet been monetized & securitized in conjunction with BIS protocol. 

EM's (Emerging Markets) are positioned, and gold certificates projected to back and fund the GCR utilizing the historical bonds. 

GCR and RV projected within 5 days if all goes as planned. 

The FRN/TRN conversions have been positioned to stabilize & regulate global economies with full transparency, thus eliminating Currency Manipulation, Alternative Illegal Bank Leverages, and Global Cabal Influence.   



Eagle1 » March 13th, 2014, 9:29 pm  

Good Evening, Family!

After some urging by folks who are concerned over some recent blog posts by certain unnamed individuals, let me address some spurious claims that are being made.

One allegation is that when you go to the bank with your currency to exchange it, you will be required to have your purchase receipt(s) or the bank will refuse to exchange it for you. 

I addressed this allegation with our personal banker at WF some time back when it first began to crop up. She said that having the receipt is not a bank requirement. The bank does not care when you purchased the currency. 

What they are interested in is authenticating it. Although our local WF branch does not yet have a De La Rue machine, the personal banker said she can authenticate the currency easily with some simple procedures she has been taught.

She did ask that if we are going to do a very large exchange with a lot of currency that we either make a specific appointment, or find a branch with a De La Rue machine where it can be processed quickly.

One private WF banker who is in the midst of getting a new De La Rue machine installed said that this is a programmable machine (large and verrry spendy!) that will accept multiple currencies and bills of different sizes.

Some branches will use the smaller desktop machines which are pre-programmed and sized for either Dinar, or Dong, or Rupiah, or whatever currency.

To get back to the question of the purchase receipts, it is advisable for you to hang onto your receipts, but you will only need them if you need to prove to the IRS when the currency was purchased for possible tax purposes.

What I've been told by a US Treasury employee is that at the moment there are no taxes on currency exchanges, but that there are several bills which have been proposed which could become retroactive. 

You could pay anywhere from 15 to 20% in taxes (and one rumor has it at 23.8%). For that reason, I have recommended to folks that they set aside anywhere from 15 - 25% of their exchange in a separate account and hold onto it until we all see where this tax issue shakes out.

Della and I regularly travel back and forth to Canada, and when we do we exchange USD for CAD (usually before we leave). When we return and exchange back into USD, the bank does not ask us for a receipt. 

By the same token if we do an exchange from USD to CAD at the Royal Bank of Canada, for example, the RBC teller does not ask us for a receipt of where we got our USD; and similarly when we return, if we obtained our currency in Canada, the local bank does not ask for a receipt of purchase for our CAD, no matter how much we exchange! 

The same holds true for friends who travel abroad, to Israel, for example. All the bank has to do is authenticate the currency to ensure that it is not counterfeit.

Much has been bandied about concerning FINCEN Form 104. There are conflicting reports concerning whether it will be necessary to fill out one of these forms when we do our exchanges. If you take your currency to Ali, for example, at Dinar Trade, he has said (in times past anyway) that you must fill out one of these forms. I would suggest that if you do your exchange with a broker, you should be prepared to fill out one of these forms.

If you exchange at the bank, our personal banker says that she is not aware of any requirement for either her or us to fill out one of these forms. 

My best guess here is that if you have a relationship with the bank and/or a personal banker that is fairly well established, and there are no questions about your activities or personal character, no requirement will be made to fill out a form. 

If, on the other hand, you are a stranger to the bank or institution where you want to exchange, you probably should be prepared to fill out the FINCEN Form 104 (or whatever new form the IRS has to replace it).

Let me change subjects for a minute.

Based on multiple reports, it appears that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will be making an announcement either late Sunday or early Monday concerning the new "gold-backed" USD. 

Unless I miss my guess, the focus of this announcement will be on the asset-backing of the USD with a heavy focus on gold despite the fact that our new dollar will only be fractionally backed by gold. 

Much, if not most, of the backing will be in the form of other metals, minerals and natural resources such as oil and natural gas; and this will be pursuant to an announcement made by Christine Lagarde at the IMF a few weeks ago in which she noted that countries could use in-ground reserves of natural resources, along with gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals as the asset-support for their currencies.

I will be surprised if there is any mention of the fact that the USD is due to take a 30% hit in its value against the basket of currencies on Monday. 

This devaluation has already been being factored in by other countries, and most of you (I'm sure) have already seen and experienced this factoring-in when you have gone to the grocery store or purchased goods manufactured or imported from other countries.

In any case, prepare to see an increase in the weeks to come in the cost of goods purchased from other countries -- especially those countries whose currencies have revalued against the USD.

My personal assessment (as well as that of a number of economists) is that the sudden 30% hit against the USD will cause investors who are holding USD-denominated assets (such as treasuries and bonds) to dump those assets, further devaluing the US Dollar. 

That could result in an additional loss of 20% or more before the panic subsides and folks regain their confidence in the dollar. If you have the ability to do so, watch for the USD to bottom out and then re-invest in it. You could do quite well for yourself.

That said, I continue to encourage folks to hold onto as much of your IQD as possible until we see where this devaluation shakes out and where the IQD, the VND and the IDR stand against the USD. 

The IQD is the only fully gold-backed currency in the world. It will hold its own against the dollar, and increase as the dollar drops.

That's my nickel's worth for the day.

Blessings on you.



(Good morning Frank, what do you think or like to see them do on Sunday?
Give us more info on Auctions ...... Budget ....... Bonds ....... New rate and ........ Art 8 status. They are increasing CAPITAL .... Pleasing IMF ...... They are doing well ........ They will soon tell you of this accomplishment. I hope ........... SUNDAY.


3-12-2014   Intel Guru Frank26    [what do you think or like to see them do on Sunday? Give us more info on Auctions...Budget...Bonds...New rate and...Art 8 status.   They are increasing CAPITAL...Pleasing IMF...They are doing well...They will soon tell You of this accomplishment. I hope...SUNDAY.  Article:  "Next Sunday ... start the IPO capital increase 'Economy Bank for Investment'."   Or...Maybe they tell You today...UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Either we are GOOD!!!    

3-13-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3
    just got another notice confirming all these people stating the bonds have been sold are full of it because no bonds have been sold period. They still have no backing from any country or banking source and even though it has been reported at $3.71 rate...that sounds great, it really means zip until the value truly is changed on the international front. MY thoughts are if this $3.71 rate is anywhere close to the rate it sure doesn't sound like a float to me. They will be close to KUWAITS value in my opinion very soon.

3-13-2014   Intel Guru Jester
3-13-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:  "NET and the World Bank to discuss activating the permanent development of the banking system"  [I betcha it takes a VERY long time!! Nah...the banking system is what will drive the market economy...The very same market economy that they said would reduce oil dependence to 70% or less before 2017 as part of the 2014-2017 development plan.  Iraq needs to diversify, its not a open window for that to occur...time is of the essence.  The banking system will open soon and the dinar will go to Article VIII with a new exchange regime (float) which will let it rise based on principles of supply and demand.

3-13-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [Do you think thay can cover all the dinar in circulation without a lop?]   If there is all this 80+ Trillion of three zero notes in circulation - why is the CBI having such a problem providing for the day-to-day liquidity needs of the Iraqs currency and banking market?  Where is it all at?  It is common knowledge the (based on articles and complaints by the Finance Committee, Economic Committee and private bankers) they are only supplying about 1/3 of what is needed.  [some time ago it was said that you went to be so close to Kuwait as far as the value of the dinar...is that true then and is it still?]    I still suspect once things move ahead you will see a "reality rate" near that range whether it starts there or not.  Once it gets going, managed or otherwise, it won't be long before it gets to the place they ultimately want it.

3-13-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:   "Iran turns its back on Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki"  What a turn of events...Iran has turned its back on Maliki and is asking the Kurds to find a replacement...there are reports that the National Iraqi Alliance is divided at this time which gives the Kurds the ability to ally with the al-Iraqiya List and the Ahrar bloc to remove Maliki...could they be singing Maliki's swan song...and they are speaking of getting this done...even before the elections.


** 11th March 2014 – Indonesia. The gathering of tribal elders and diplomats has cemented by wet ink signature the SEMAR SUPER SEMAR – a historic day for Indonesia and the world. This most recent Semar Super Semar event and signing in Indonesia on 11th March 2014 was hosted by H.R.H. Mr. A1.SINO.AS.S”2″.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST,Chairman of the United Nations Organisation, who signed into history the launch of Payment Order 1-11, beginning with the global financial system changes. 

By John MacHaffie at 11:38 AM



My daughter went to a regional PA bank on daily biz yesterday. She decided to ask a teaser question of the teller - "Do you do currency exchanges in this bank?" The teller replied "No, you will need to go to Wells Fargo or BoA." 

Then the teller asked her, "What currency do you have?" My daughter explained she was receiving an inheritance that includes foreign currencies and wasn't sure. 

The teller replied , "Well, if it is Iraqi dinar you should know that no one is exchanging that currency currently. And if it is Vietnamese Dong the exchange rate is about $33 on a million dong today..but if I were you I would hold on to that for just a little while." 

My daughter said that by this time the teller next to her had turned her head and was listening to every word! They sure knew a lot for a bank not doing currency exchanges


The Sedona Connection:

March 12th, Did I Say the RV is Happening? Yes!!! Here’s Why!!!

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Dave Schmidt

DAVE SCHMIDT - The RV is Happening!  Did I Really Say That? yes!!!

In the last week I mentioned in newsletters and videos that the RV is underway. It's amazing how a statement can be interpreted in so many ways. Individuals can project their own views into the statement and have different perceptions.

LINK OF VIDEO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JZ0e59et9fE#t=123

In this video I give some clarification of what is developing. The key word is UNDERWAY! It's a process that is unfolding and the RV picture, which has been blurry for months, is beginning to become clearer as each day passes.

Yesterday, I went back and conversed with my intel sources, nothing has the changed, the process is UNDERWAY!!!
To summarize, the bonds from China totaling trillions of dollars have been cashed and the money has been wired to the banks and other outlets. It appears the funds will be released in a two step process. (*) The private groups will be paid first, and then the rates will go public.

While this is not absolute, they are anticipating the public rates may be released next week possibly at $3.71 per dinar. At this time it appears to be the dinar only, with the GCR for the dong coming later.

It appears the only need for 800#'s will be for security purposes by individual choice. That means you may call for an appointment or go to the bank directly.

(*) As of now there will be no higher rates, those were for humanitarian projects, so don't expect something different. The private groups are those who are part of contracts established long ago.

Now, please do not flood me with emails, this is one time I will not be able to answer everyone's issues. I do not have a date when we will be at the bank, there are too many variables to give a good estimation.

But, it appears this exchange process should be very simple. Do not let worry, fear or anxiety concern you. Be patient, be focused, be filled with gratitude, be anticipating the joy, and be in prayer that nothing will stop this process. Based on this intel we are near the finish line!!!

Join me on tonight's radio program where we will discuss these issues and I will take your questions. Remember, if you can't make it live, all programs can be listened to any time archived and can be downloaded to any MP3 audio player.

See below for the radio program Wednesday Evening:

The RV is underway.  The key word is underway!  We'll discuss the new news and events in the last week as well as understanding what is developing right now!



TNT Call, 3/12/14

Good morning TNT!  How are you guys doing this morning?  Hopefully everybody is okay.  Got a bunch of callers, our system’s working good.  I know you guys have a lot of questions.  I think we have a lot of answers or something close to it, and it’s gonna be a good day. 

 So let me start off with some admin stuff real quick.  Guys, and I want to stress this oh so much, again.  I absolutely thank everybody who has put in a donation anytime, I really do appreciate it b/c it’s less burden on me when you do that, and it shows that you appreciate it, and I’m even saying this again ‘cause I think I’ve said it every call b/c of the thread that was in the forum, b/c some people’s feelings are hurt b/c they didn’t get a personal thank you from me b/c they donated, and guys I really really do appreciate it, but there’s no way I can call each and every one of you, spend a half an hour with you on the phone and say thank you for donating $5 or $10 or $100 or whatever it is, and the conversations that would ensue after that, and you guys have gut to realize that I can’t do that.

  I have ppl calling now and saying Tony you got ten minutes?  And, like, no I don’t, that’s why I do two-hour phone calls.  I’ve been up since four thirty, five o’clock this morning talking to everybody getting all kind of information, I’m going to do this call, and then right after this call I’m going to do another two-hour call right afterwards, and then all day long, information back and forth talking to ppl and you know as my kids and my wife tell me, shoot, you talk to Pam more than you talk to us!  And I do hear that all the time. 

But I’m doing what I have to do so it’s just really impossible.  So it’s not that it’s not appreciated b/c it’s appreciated, believe that part.  I wanted everybody to really understand that.

And I know it’s consistently the same couple ppl who are doing it, I’m well aware of that, so when you send me that I know who you are.  It’s not fifty thousand ppl, it’s not a thousand, not five hundred or three hundred, so I can clearly see who you are, and I really do say thank you for even doing that.  So now we got that outta the way.  

It was just that I know it was a big thing yesterday going back and forth with a bunch of people and that whole thread which was probably unnecessary.

Today is a great day b/c it is Wednesday, March the 12th.  I told you guys on Monday when you asked me where my window was and it was through Saturday and it’s still there, and that’s why today’s a great day b/c it’s getting ever closer, which means that window is getting ever smaller.  I haven’t heard anything to change that time frame yet.  We’ll let DC give you what he thinks the time frame is right there too, so but I think it’s really good. 

 Everything that we’ve heard up to this minute is things are still progressing, things still really look good.  Some little nuances are in place, but overall I think we’re in a good position.  DC where do you think we’re at?

DC:  I think things are phenomenal.  I’m still in the same position I was on Monday, that is I believe I’m gonna be a little more optimistic than Tony and I’m extremely, I’ve had nothing but confirming information that supports that as well, so I’m in an anytime kind of stance right now.

T:  Okay, so and it could happen any minute now, ‘cause we’ve been told that.  It could be in the next 10 min, next 10 hours or the next 36 hours, so we’re at least that close.  Well, I’m 36 hours, you’re more optimistic.  This is a change for everybody who has been listening to TNT.  I’m usually hey right there, and it could be.  But we did see significant things happen over the last 48 hours, so do you want to talk about the gold, the bonds, anything?

DC:  Why don’t you lead that conversation and I’ll chime in.

T:  Yeah ‘cause we know what happened last time, lol.

DC:  I got my hand slapped is what happened.  

T:  Anyway, I’m gonna say guys China has moved tons of gold to finalize this situation and they wouldn’t have done it, well let me just put it this way, I remember a couple years ago I told you guys when the ? or coins were moved to iraq, when the dollars were moved to Iraq, the new lower denoms and everything when it went over there, I told you we had the information, we had the tail number of the planes, we had the pallets when they were put out on the runway.  We knew exactly how much was on each pallet.  We knew how many black SUVs were on the tarmac that was there.  Well, without being specific, we kind of got that information about the gold and the bonds, DC?

DC:  That’s a nice way to put it.

T:  So we didn’t tell anything, we just said....things are happening and they’re to that point, so I want you to understand exactly where it is and how close we’re tracking it for everything to be completed.  The bonds, Iraqi bonds is what we are talking about, are in the US.  They can only be purchased with Iraqi dinars.  There is a scheduled start date for them to sell, so we’ll let you know that.  None of that can happen without an RV, is that right DC?

DC:  Yes, sir.

T:  So they’re here, guys, they’re not here so we can start a month from now, weeks from now.  They got here this week so I’m not telling you the exact moment, date, and time, but they are here, there are a bunch of ppl excited and things are ever so close to happening.  I will tell you the rate they were sold at and should open up at is $3.71.  I’m trying to think what else is good.  The banks are ready.  Are the banks in position?

DC:  Everybody’s ready, everybody’s sitting there, everybody’s at their desk where they need to be, everybody’s doing exactly what they need to be doing.  I mean it’s, there’s just not that much left.

T:  Yeah, there’s just not.  Everybody is, well we call it lockdown, they go in they don’t come out, you know, they don’t take lunch breaks, dinner breaks, they just sit there and  say just be ready.  So when this happens, when this phone rings, you know, kinda like that red phone sitting on the president’s, we are waiting for that phone to ring.  Soon as it rings, this thing is going.  So everybody be rested and ready and that’s kind of the situation right now.  I think all the banks have coordinated together.  This is sitting solely in that one person’s hands that we were told, and she’s still going to make the decision of when it is or the exact time and moment in time that this is going to go.  So they want to know because she was so ready before and everybody was go go go go, why is she the one person holding it up now?

DC:  The bottom line is she is trying to make this as perfect as possible and a lot of us are saying but you can’t be perfect, just go, and the true answer, what she’s got is if something goes wrong it’s all on her, and so therefore she’s going to make sure everything’s ready, everything’s right.  Plus also cautious nature, and frankly some of the ppl she is dealing with maybe haven’t been as straightforward as she would have liked them to be and so she is just making sure they can’t come back and change their mind and come back and say “Oh but I didn’t agree to that!”  So she’s just making sure that’s squared away.

T:  Okay, so all the negotiations are over, so there’s no more back and forth, we’re not going back to the table, she’s saying that’s over, done with, I’m ready to go, but ppl are consistently asking her now for...favors?  I’m trying to lead you somewhere.

DC:  Trying to get me in trouble again!  Bottom line is she is, it’s like any major deal, there’s always negotiations till it’s done and so even though they said it’s done, ppl are saying I can’t make any more big concessions but hey, how about we handle the public release this way, how about I handle this this way, etc.

T:  Hmmm.  You did kind of go to dangerous waters there.  Let me see.  Well that’s a good thing b/c it’s what they really want to know, I just don’t know how deep we can do in what we’re hearing.  Guys there’s still concern with the release and how it’s gonna happen and what’s gonna happen in the public view, or, and I know we say we’re not gonna do chaos, but they’re trying to form a different way of doing it the way they feel secure.  I mean we think hey just do it, shoot, we just go to the bank!  But for some reason....they’re trying to come up with a different system I think.  I’m trying to say it the right way without saying something.

DC:  I think you’re doing a good job buddy!

T:  Yeah, lol.  But just so everybody knows it is done though.  It is done, the rates are at the bank just so you know.  The rates are on the screen, we are aware of the rates and have been asked not to say the rates, not to talk about the rates, so kinda keep everybody calm a little bit.  But hey, it could go at any moment, soon as they figure this out, or like I said, I think the closer we get to the weekend, the shorter the time frame, and not just...well let’s give them a little bit more confidence, okay?  What are some of the things that need to be accomplished by Saturday.

DC:  Well you need to get Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, ?? stuff done.  You need to have the bond sales, and you need to have an RV.

T:  Now these are things that I want to say have a firm end date, but that date can always change, but right now it’s a date everybody’s trying to accomplish by.

DC:  And they’re not talking about slipping it all again.  I mean normally if we get to this point well you know, it’s spring break, think of some general excuse.  This time there’s no ? being given. Everybody is just...that’s the date and we’re fine with it.

T:  So since there’s not a whole lot of stuff other than that other than we’re ready to go, we don’t know the moment that we’re ready to go, but we’re ready.  Everybody is still excited and saying, you know, this is it!  And just so you guys know, that’s what I was supposed to tell you guys....

DC:  Tony....I need to step off for about 15 minutes.  There are some things I need to take care of.

T:  Guys two things ‘cause I’m getting texts.  My mom is great and they are moving her to the rehab center, and she’s great.  Thank you guys, I really appreciate that.  And tomorrow I think is my 34th wedding anniversary, could be my 33rd, I don’t know, you know how when you’re having fun time just goes by so fast.  And you guys know why I just said that, lol.  But anyway I think it’s gonna be a great day for an RV myself, but if it isn’t, this week will still work out, so I’m kinda enjoying it.  This is a different kind of week for me.  Let’s go with 716.

C:  I’m glad your mom is doing better and your dad is coming along.  I would like to say thank you to you, Mr. DC and Ray and Pam and all the mods.

T:  Appreciate it....They are hard workers and they’re at it constantly just like I am.  Not like we get to hang up the phone and say let’s go enjoy our day b/c it doesn’t work that way.  Okay sorry guys, DC is back, so let’s go on.  I just took the first person so we’ll go to....let’s go with 630.

C:  This is the first time I’ve ever been on but I knew I was gonna be on today.  I’ve got some intel....I haven’t been with you very long, just since Nov., that’s when I found out about you.  Up until that point I’d done my own intel.  So I know ppl all over the world so I did a lot of phone calling when I found out about this.  And I went into my local bank 5/3 the day you said that all corporate was going to be in a lot of the local banks and letting them know what’s going on.  Well I went in that day, made an appointment for that day, and one of the investment brokers came out, talked to me, and knew I wanted to talk about currency, and he asked me what currency I’d invested in.  I told him dinar and dong.  And he goes okay, but you know I don’t know anything about that right now, and I go, “Okay, that’s not a problem.  I need to open up accounts,” and basically followed your instructions.  And the gentleman said, “I’m just curious how much dong and dinar do you have?”  So I told him.  He took a real deep breath in and exhaled and said, “You need to go get a trust right now.”  And I’m like, “But you don’t know anything, right?”  And he goes, “Nope, I don’t know anything, go get a trust.”  This was in February.  I know the rates that it’s coming out at, when it’s coming out. In fact, my uncle called my mom three weeks ago from India and said, “I got a letter from the Indian government that said you need to bring in all your rupees, anything you got at home stashed away, bring it in,” because they were going to change the currency.  Are you there?

T:  Did they give him a date?

C:  Yes.  And everybody’s brought in their money to India, it’s done.  And I’ve been trying to get on a call with you since Nov., ever since I found out about you.  And I don’t know how to follow you to the next stage and I want to get on to the next stage ‘cause I’m riding your coattails all the way.  You’re pretty much stuck with me! .... Every time you have said something, I called someone overseas somewhere, Germany.  My brother didn’t believe in this.  He called Jordan.  He works with a woman that’s an engineer like he is and at the time he was working for Emerson.  Well she went to Jordan, she’s still a citizen there, she’s exchanged out.  She owes my brother five grand, she skipped out on that.  You know what?  Just give me 200,000 dinar and we’ll call it even, that’s a couple hundred bucks, no big deal, right?  She said, “I’ve already exchanged out.”

T:  She already exchanged?

C:  She’d already exchanged in Jordan.

T:  DC you got a guy that exchanged in Jordan, right?

DC:  Yeah, I got a friend who did it on December 17th.

C:  Well, okay.  This happened after December.  And I know which other currencies are coming up for revalue, that’s why I want to follow your coattails.  And I want to talk to Pam.  I’m telling you I don’t know how to get ahold of you.

T:  You know what, I was gonna say you sound like Pam’s sister, but you sound like Pam!

C:  You’re pretty much stuck with me.  So when you go to superfantastic, how do I get a hold of you?  You have my number now, have somebody call me.

T:  I don’t know if I can handle two Pams, ‘cause one is....Oh my God!  Chitchat.....  What I typically do is I give Pam the number and she will call you.

C:  I’ve already cashed out my dinar, my dong.  Make sure you tell people to get their letters, gift letters, get it done, give it to them before it revalues.  I don’t think ppl are understanding that.

T:  Actually you know what, that is something we should talk about today because we have extra time.  We actually did get what they’re going to look for when they call, what they’re going to ask you for.  I forgot we got that at the last call, when you go in for your appointment, and gift letters is one of the things they are going to be looking for, so you ned to have that before you go in there with your currency, if you did get it.  They actually want the actual receipt from when you purchased the dinar.

C:  They also want it notarized.  They have to have it notarized.

T:  Okay. So yeah, be prepared, have the bank accounts open.  So that’s a good thing.  Okay.  Thank you very much ma’am, great information.  Pam, you sure that wasn’t your sister?  Okay, let’s go with 770....Okay, let’s go with 423.

C:  There’s a couple of things that just keep going over in my head and one of them was, I don’t know, a couple of months ago you said, “I am extremely gullible, I believe everybody.”  And then there was the whole thing about the other ppl cashing out and all that stuff.  Do you think anybody is playing you on right now just b/c you’re extremely gullible and you believe everybody?  Do you think there’s any possibility that that’s happening?

T:  I’ve had to question that DC guys a couple times.  Say really?  Really?  No, I’m not really, I’m not gullible, so I don’t want anybody to ever think that.  And I’m not naive, but I look at ppl, and believe me it has happened, but it’s more humility than anything ‘cause I just simply say I’m nobody special.  I mean you don’t have to lie to me.  It’s not like I’m the president or something or I’m their boss or spouse or something, and I just look at ppl and say why would they lie to me?  I mean I’m nobody special.  And so I like to believe ppl are honest and but I’m not naive, so I do believe.  I’ll tell you right now, I’ll believe everything you tell me until you give me a reason not to.  Now that reason could be you’ve told me something and I know it’s a lie so now I’m not believing you or I found out it’s a lie and I’m not believing you, or it just doesn’t make good common sense.  But either way you’ve given me a reason not to believe anything else you say.  But until that point I believe it all b/c I don’t think ppl just lie to be lying.  I’m sure there are some ppl out there who do, but I don’t typically run across them.  And I accept ppl for who they are.  That’s just who I am.  Now do I think....

DC:  I’ve been friends with Tony for the past year.  He listens to everybody and talks to everybody but doesn’t necessarily buy into everything, what everyone is saying.  So it’s a lot different than just saying hey I believe what everybody is saying.  I think it’s a little more nuanced in terms of saying hey how does this fit into my big picture that I’ve got so many resources feeding, how does this fit in there.  And if it doesn’t fit at least the way I interpret Tony’s take on things he’ll just kind of put an okay, I don’t quite understand how that fits, and w’ell figure that out. or hey that may come into play later.

T:  And he’s right and sometimes I’d say you know what, I know he thinks he was telling the truth, but he don’t have any clue what he was saying.  Sometimes it works out like that, but they still thought they were telling the truth.  And I have to look at both sides of the coin.  I always say that to everybody.  Okay let’s look at it from their perspective, who they got it from, what they were told, and why they are excited, and now let’s look at what DC just said, everything else we know and I can kind of just sort it out.  Now that doesn’t make that person a liar to me or anything.  They again just weren’t aware.  But are there some blatant ones who just I’m just gonna make up this or say this or that.  Yeah, what I usually do is unfortunately hit block on their number and go on.  Do I think they’re paying me?  No.  And I’ll tell you guys, we have far more info than we have been able to share with you for diff reasons.  I think more insight and guys I gotta tell you that’s even why I look at--Pam’s not gonna like this--the ones that I refer to as idiots sometimes, and I can say that, but I said I know they don’t have the information, but sometimes--and DC’s not gonna like this part either--I just said their capacity doesn’t let them absorb what I’m saying sometimes, their mental capacity  This is just crazy, and that’s based on some of the comments and things that i get.  B/c some ppl are just not ready for that level of thinking.  So I never talk down to ppl I don’t, definitely don’t do it intentionally, but when I try to say things three, four different ways, I try and explain it, and then ppl just get attitudes with me about it or say I’m lying b/c they don’t understand or don’t understand the situation or the global effect of the situation is the only time it really affects me, then I say I stop listening to them.  But I think our sources are good and they keep us informed, and we know why things didn’t happen, did happen.  We actually know the individuals that are involved in certain higher level conversations and things.  Sometimes we just simply can’t say on this call or as I say I wouldn’t say b/c I know who is listening on this call. Now DC will come up here and tell you guys anything and I’m okay with that, because that’s him!


Let’s go through some of what you said so everybody will understand it, b/c it’s a good feeling and I know where you’re at.  You guys have to realize every night we hear the end of the day feed and we hear it throughout the day, just got out of a meeting, whether it’s a bank, political, treasury, security meeting, we get it from all the meetings, so that’s how we put all the pieces together.  And then, plus what they want us to know.  But everything is good but there’s always up tot he moment this happens there is somebody trying to stop it, so don’t ever think they aren’t.  Even when they agree they are doing something in the back room to try and stop it, and week now it and most ppl know that and it’s can we get it through before they do something else?  So while everything is great this morning, ti’s ready to go, they’re working hard back there saying what can we come up with next to delay this, stop this, do that.  We’re working hard saying God please let it go through before something happens.  And that’s why every time we hear and we get a window or a time, it frustrates us, really frustrates me.  Why don’t we just go do it?  Because you give them three hours, you know that’s three hours to come up with something!  Or four hours or whatever it is, or four days, and that’s way too much time, they’re going to figure out something before then.  But we have to go through that but can’t lose the fact that the majority are trying to push it through and get it done and it’s always looking good at that point.  Somewhere it has to end, it absolutely has to end.  The things we’re hearing this week with the bonds being sent over here, with the gold being moved, things are supposed to happen on the market, definitely things are supposed to happen by the 15th, what DC told you about definitely says this is over this time.  But we don’t know.  Okay?  Let’s go for 949.


T:  I hope that ppl use our last three years together to learn that and grow as I have!  I’m still continuing to grow.  When I got into this three years ago, over three years ago now....I was told it was gonna be two weeks and it took the guy three months to convince me to even do it!  But we finally did get right, I did the research and got involved and said man this is a life changing moment whenever it occurs, life changing, and not just for me but I have planned to leave a legacy for my family.  I have planned this enough, and I have planned it out, for the next five generations for it to be divided amongst, because that’s what I’m preparing for.  And I tell my kids all the time--‘cause my kids have their own dinar--and I was so proud of them when I told them about it, they went out and did it themselves and did the things required to get it and the money to get it and everything else.  But I tell them all the time this is not about you, it’s not about me, this is about the next five generations and what we can do for them with planning and growth and to go through it.  The ups and downs that we’ve all go through, and you guys have shared it on the calls, on the board, on the internet and everything else, hopefully even though I felt the pain I hope you guys gained some knowledge and experience through it because it could easily be you.  Especially once you start having money, ppl will start coming to you wanting to get you involved in all kinds of things, wanting to sue you for this, that and everything just because they know you have money.  You’ll be able to look back on these experiences and say it’s just something I’m going through or as we like to say you gotta go through it to get to it.  That’s all we’re doing right now.  And we’re going through hopefully the worst times in our lives right now to get to the best times in our lives.  You guys who are new to money, you will have the money but you’re still going to have to go through it until you get the full understanding of the power and the blessing that’s in your hand.  I’m telling you you’re all going to have to go through something.  I don’t care if it’s with your family, your cousins, your neighbors, or perfect strangers, once this happens you are going to go through something.


T:  I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  I read it and it had an influence in my life when I got out of the military, I worked for a franchise only worked there three months.  You have to work there six months to qualify to work forever.  That book had a big influence on me.  I have several rental properties...but I went there for three months and couldn’t stand it in the cubicle, couldn’t stay inside, couldn’t show up for work early, all those things ppl are not supposed to be working through, but here’s the thing.  When I walked off that job and everybody thought I was crazy for leaving a state job especially before my six months, it was b/c of Think and Grow Rich, because of Napoleon Hill, b/c when they hit those shores and he told everybody to look around and saw all the ships were on fire he said there is no retreat, there is no safety net, there is no going back, he went at all costs.  That’s why I did that, b/c I didn’t want to have a job to rely on, something to fall back on when I was doing what I was doing.  And it got me to where I was and six months later my wife quit her job and didn’t have a job for ten years, but that book was a catalyst in that.  Yes, T&GR is a great book to change ppl’s mental well being, their thought patterns.  So that was a great reference.


So I clearly want to say this one more time.  Had nothing to do with ppl doing donations, anything else.  You don’t have to do that to talk to Tony.  I clearly know there are some ppl who don’t like Paypal or just can’t, so I don’t want them to feel that they’re not going to be part of it because of that.  I don’t know how it’s going to work.  She is one of the ones who did so I absolutely know how to get a hold of her.  Okay, 702.  Let’s go with 210.  Okay, 210 I’m gonna come back to you.....352.

C:  I took your advice and started calling some banks, and I called WF and they said we’re not going to exchange in dinar.  I said have you ever heard of the RV?  She said yeah.  I says you’re not gonna exchange in the dinar and she says no.  And I got that off of the internet, the currency exchange department, that’s what they told me.  So my questions is once you tell us the banks to call are they guaranteed and willing to deal with us on the exchange?  Do you think they are going to do that?

T:  Yes, I think they’re going to do that.  I’m laughing because, believe me, they’re exchanging dinar, they absolutely have and they absolutely are going to do it.  They just haven’t notified all the employees, department, and everything, and we’ve gone through that a couple of times, until it comes public they wouldn’t because they would lose 80-90% of their work force if they all knew that they would all just go out and buy that the day it happened and they would all be just shut down.  So there’s a reason they’re not telling people I mean for their own benefit.  But believe me, BOA, Chase, WF, Citigroup, 5/3, when it goes live they are all going to welcome you with open arms.

C:  Could I open separate accounts for my son and daughter?  And until wonder woman showed up about three calls back it was apparent that maybe there was a better way which was to get a...what kind of...

T:  Trust account.

C:  Or a gift letter you said?  Who do you have create this for you?....Would it be best if I call an accountant?

T:  No, you could do it, it’s just a simple letter saying that you gifted them, let me think how we can do this to make it up.  Pam how about this?  I gotta ask Pam permission.  We have our gift letter on our forum.  How about if you just do a Tony blast for today and just put the gift letter in the blast so everybody could copy it, I mean anybody would have free access to it.  I gotta see what she says.  I already know what she’s gonna say.  She’s gonna say you know the new site it costs you every time somebody clicks on it, and that’s gonna cost you a whole lotta money if you do that.  But I’m gonna see.  Wait, she might come up with something, let me see.

Pam:  I said you’re right, that’s exactly what I was gonna say, that will make our bill go even higher this month.

T:  I’m trying to think of something I can do guys, somewhere I can put it.

C:  Is there a website that has perhaps one on it?

T:  I don’t know.  I’m sure the other sites have something, but I don’t go to the other sites so I couldn’t tell you.

C:  I don’t mean that, I mean just look under, just google gift letter.



TNT Call, 3-12-14, Part 2

T:  We can’t use the Superfantastic sites. 

C: Does this help us on taxes that would otherwise have to pay inheritance tax or something like that?

T:  Well it helps you because you wouldn’t pay any taxes because you gifted it to them before the RV took place so it’s their own currency.  But it does give the paper trail where it came from, and that’s what they’re looking for, to make this all accountable.  If you want to give it to them and you want to get it done, you definitely want to do it before the announcement is made, because it’s not worth anything.  After, it’s just like giving away money, you can only give away $13,000. 

C:  Okay, I’ll take care of it right away.

T:  210, I’m back.  You ready?

C:  I’m ready Tony....has there been any update at all on the NDAs any new information or any new information about specific bank contracts, are all different banks going to have different situations, has there been any update on that at all?

T:  I’ll let DC talk about, he can talk about both of them.

DC:  The NDAs are, we understand were fixed two weeks maybe three weeks ago and remain the way they are.  There are going to be a few ppl, namely Tony and myself, Pam and Ray and a few other folks will probably have to sign a little stiffer NDAs.  But for the most part the NDAs definitely got fixed.  If you have to sign one at all it will be very very simple, just don’t talk about it.  On the bank agreements, what were you, there’s a lot of diff bank agreements out there.  What specific things were you talking about, sir?

C:  Well I’m fearful they’re gonna, if you try to get the higher rate, they’re gonna put all these stipulations on it that they’re gonna keep our money, they’re gonna control the money, they’re gonna do this and that, I didn’t know if all banks are gonna have different types of agreements, are all banks gonna have the same NDA.  I think the big part that’s concerning me is the bank agreements and if you want the higher rate then you’re gonna end up giving them total control of what’s going on.  That’s just the fear I have. 

DC:  Sure.  Okay, so most of those have been fixed, just expect some changes b/c that’s not really regulated or dictated.  There are just some fairness issues that we have raised over the past month or so that were definitely addressed, and what we’re trying to make sure they keep to that.  Just anticipate that some banks will have some language that’s gonna offend you, so just make sure you’re comfortable with it and if you’re not and they can’t explain it to you in a way that makes you comfortable, don’t do it. 

C:  And then if we don’t do it we’re gonna have a hard time getting a higher rate.

DC:  In general there’s not gonna be all the banks have got some super restrictive nasty agreement that’s all the same that says we’re gonna keep X percent of your money and it’s gonna be a trust and you’re just gonna be a beneficiary and tough luck trying to get something else.  There may be a few banks that have that, but our understanding right now is most of those agreements have been changed back to a much more reasonable rate on there.  That being said, banks and investment houses and everybody else, they get paid for managing money, and so they are going to want to keep you around as much as possible.  So they’re going to try and entice you, whether it be higher rates or whether it be lower fees or whatever, they’re gonna want to keep you so they’re going to offer you all sorts of things, so you shouldn’t get spooked by somebody saying hey, let’s think about how keeping your money here and everything else, that’s their job, but as long as you’re not forced to do it then that’s okay.

T:  You guys have to realize this, and like you said you’re gonna have to look at it yourself, make sure it fits, but the more money you have, the less liquid cash they really want to be in your account.  They want to be making money off of that money.  That’s what they’re in business for.  They want to tell you you can be making money off of that money, so it only depends on how much.  Plus banks don’t just sit around, but in all honesty you guys should google the dollar so you understand what is actually happening with your money, but banks don’t have this much physical cash, and I say that I know it’s gonna scare ppl who don’t understand what I’m really saying.  So they can’t just let it sit there, they can’t just say you got a hundred mill sitting in your bank account and it’s just sitting there b/c when they get audited, they’re doing their numbers and everything else, then where is it?  It has to be somewhere doing something.  I’m just telling you you just have to be careful and make sure you’re controlling where and how much, and the more you have the more difficult that is to do.  And you need to understand that too.

DC:  That is a great point.  And let me give kind of a counterpoint to that too.  I’ve got a friend of mine, a very successful man who has 200 million dollars cash in one bank account.  One giant bank account, it earns like a quarter percent interest.  Everybody including his own wife is telling him you’re crazy, you’re crazy, you’re crazy.  But that’s what he wants to do and it causes the bank problems and everything else but he can do that.  So therefore he has access to that cash at all times.  The bank gets aggravated and frustrated with him but all of his other businesses they get so many fees and everything else from it that they all get along.  But he’s got access from that to putting it into different investments to doing whatever he wants to.  

T:  Okay?  All right thanks.  Let’s go to 843.

C:  ....I’ve heard already that the RV has already been done and the GCR has already been done through one of these websites....waiting for the bonds and all that....I’m getting to the point where some of these ppl are money wise....in your heart of your hearts....gotta do it!  Do you think this is gonna go into April?  I don’t care if it goes to the end of March, but I’m just getting to the point where, do you think this is going to happen at least...some say March 15th, some say b/c of Maliki enough distance between now and the elections so he can pound on his chest....so my real question is does Maliki have some input in this in terms of the election and if so are you thinking this is going to go into April?

DC:  Bottom line sir is does Maliki have influence into this?  Yes.  He’s the prime minister of the country that’s the foundation of this.  Absolutely does.  He has signed off, done all the requisite stuff that he needed to do.  Everybody that we know is content with what he has done and he continues to play ball.  He has a history of getting right up to the edge of something and flipping out and the history is very well documented, and if you know a person’s behavior then you can plan for it.  So any, why I mention that is not to belittle the PM, but basically to say hey he is going to be a, yeah we know what to expect from him, so therefore if he’s going to try to throw a curveball, then we’ve got...does this help with his third-term elections?  Yes.  It is close enough now to the elections where he believes he will win on there.  But it really doesn’t matter at this point, it’s frankly, he’s done all he’s supposed to do and passed it on if you will to the other requisite ppl involved to do it.  So therefore he’s gotten to the place where he’s comfortable enough and said go.  It’s just everybody else is getting in the way.  And in the heart of hearts, you have to make sure Tony answers the question too, is I believe like Tony, on or before the 15th, and I’m much more optimistic than that. 

T:  Okay.  I just want to go one more level down with Maliki.  And that is this, if you thought about it and if it was a strategy, if he needs it to happen in order to win the election, do you do it the day before the election or two days before the election, or do you do it a month before the election where it could actually filter down to the man in the street and he has food on his shelves, gas in his car, money in his pocket, and thinking now I can feel the life.  Which one would get him more votes? 

C:  That’s exactly my point.  That’s exactly what I’m thinking.

T:  Well if it was, then he’d be doing it yesterday, because the farther out, it’s gonna take to filter out down to the man.  You don’t want to wait to make the announcement till the day before and they all run out and vote for him, ‘cause then it’s just hey you lied to us up to this time and I don’t see nothin’ in my pocket.  I still don’t have no food on my shelf.  I don’t care what you’re talking about you revaluated the money.  That doesn’t mean the same as them living the life.  So I could see him doing it way ahead of April 11, so it could actually filter down to it, would be my strategy anyway.  So that just makes more sense to me.  In my heart of hearts, just what DC said, everything that we have heard, every reason, everything else that is supposed to be deadlined for the 15th, even if they were fighting the RV, they’re not fighting all the other things, we’re not hearing about it, we’re not seeing it, they’re not having meetings about it.  In order for those things to happen, we think the RV needs to happen, just so you know.  So that’s what we’re looking at.  Is somebody still trying to stop it like I said, in the background there’s gonna be.  Could it change a day or two or that, is gonna be, but right now everybody that we know is comfortable and I’ll go one more step and I’ll tell you they’re all saying it’s done and over with, just wait. 


DC:  Some of those ppl got good information and this is the kind of thing that I constantly tell everybody is this, is those who say they have everything figured out just because they read X or just b/c they talk to four ppl, don’t listen to them b/c they’re full of it.  I talk to 17 ppl daily myself that are friends of mine just in DC and about a dozen others throughout the world on a daily basis through all these different times, and these ppl are amazing.  They’re in different fields and everything else.  And I’m not being ****y and saying I’ve got it all figured out.  Tony doesn’t have it all figured out either, and he talks to a lot of people.  And so anybody who says this is the way it is no matter what is full of it!  They’re not humble enough or they don’t, just got a different mindset that says b/c they didn’t publish this article or they didn’t do this, no it can’t happen.  No.  We’re beyond that point now.  Yes they needed to have public things.  Yes, they needed to check all these lists.  And they did.  And they checked all those lists, and now we have been, since the chapter 7 back in late June, we’ve been in an entirely political world where basically it’s a day-to-day or maybe more week-to-week planning by different political factions in Iraq, IMF, the US, the UN, etc., on what’s going on.  So you just can’t pick up the Iraqi newspaper and say okay therefore they passed that law, we’re fine.  And also, any guru on there who just says well I talk to, I’ve got one really good source.  Well I’ve got 17, and I’ve got guys that most people wouldn’t quite understand that we can talk to, and I don’t have it all, so I sure know those, and just ‘cause of my background I am able to figure out who most of those guys are talking to, and I guarantee you they are good, that their pieces of info are good, but they’re not the whole picture.

T:  I’m gonna go one step further and say that the ppl we talk to actually know who some of them are talking to b/c they have told us who their sources were because they know who they are.  And it’s okay, and like I said sometimes we get information that’s an hour old, sometimes 15 minutes old, I mean just came out, this just happened, and we’ll talk to some of our own other sources and they aren’t even aware of it yet.  And later during the day they say hey I just got that information.  Or the next day and now pieces of the puzzle go together, or it worked from us because we’ll get it from one source and then a day or two later we’ll get it from another source and say okay now that makes sense what this guy said two days ago b/c now it has filtered down or over to the other ones.  So this kind of goes back to what that lady said earlier, do I believe everything ppl are saying, those ppl are believing it and they’re true at the point they’re getting the info, it’s just for the last two years our information has been a week ahead, two weeks ahead of what other ppl get, so they still think they’re in that situation.  How long has it been and last year at this time, I know it was at this time, I was telling you guys don’t worry about parliament, don’t worry about the GOI, don’t worry about what Maliki and Barzani are doing, because all that had been worked out and they were still saying just leave the (??) and they’re still saying it, ‘cause we never made it public.  But they’re not arguing about it anymore.  You guys don’t see that in parliament.  They’re not taking votes on anymore.  Why, do you think they just quit?  They said hey we’re not gonna do it because all that stuff has been accomplished?  And it’s all gonna be brought to the forefront at one time.  Some of them are still waiting for things that they think aren’t done, where we’ve been informed they’re absolutely signed off, agreed upon, and this is when it’s gonna come out.  So it’s a little bit different info.  And again just like he said, we don’t know everything, ‘cause things change.  I mean we’ve had ppl in let me see, I just want to say in positions, and I tell you guys all the time I’m amazed at the level myself.  I say how can we even get to this level of information, or this level of contact with certain people?  But I don’t see everybody else getting that.  Again when we bring it to you, there are some things we absolutely cannot say or I don’t feel we should say when it’s not about us, it’s about a global event or the country or the economy and we’re not gonna affect that unless some information come out that we know they’re having a mtg about tomorrow or something else and say this could affect the meeting.  I get calls at the G20, and I’ll probably get a call right after this, they said hey we’re going into a meeting is there anything we should say, and I’m like, what? 

C:  That’s one reason I continue to listen to you.  The fact that you do take on the responsibility of not letting the cat out of the bag just for the sake of sensationalism, etc. ... you’re trying to protect the country as well as protect us.  That does make a big difference and I thank you for that.

T:  I can give you general, somebody else can come out and give you specific, and I can say thank you b/c they told me I couldn’t say that.  Or don’t say this unless somebody else says it and then I can say that.  And I’ve always agreed to that, and I always do it.  If somebody else says it and then I get a question I can say oh okay now that it’s out let me tell you this or that.  But I can’t be the one to let it out.  I can’t let it come back to my source, and I hope everybody’s understanding what’s going on here, ‘cause I get those calls after the calls. DC gets those calls and they said okay you guys did a good call, or you didn’t, or you really shouldn’t talk about this in the future, or blah blah.  They don’t get that after they do a call. Nobody’s calling them scrutinizing what they’re doing and the effect that they’re having in the next meeting that’s going in Washington or DC or, you know, they don’t get, and I’m just trying to tell you at what level of information DC is involved in, and Pam, and Ray, and everybody.  I’m sitting at the cigar bar on Friday and I’m enjoying my cigar and my phone rings and they say man you know they just got through talking about you in this meeting in Germany and what you guys are doing.  And I’m saying, what?  So ppl don’t understand it, and it’s not just the scrutiny, because they do scrutinize our calls and they’re listening, and you’re right, and it’s the pressure to make sure we’re not saying too much but enough for you guys to understand and that we’re not crossing the line and that, ‘cause a lot of ppl don’t want us to give you any of this information, but we’re out doing it.  A lot of ppl realize the reach of it and they, well a lot of them would like to control it or make it go away, so there’s a lot of things we have to look at in our calls that other people don’t necessarily look at in theirs. 

C:  You said that you got the 15th as the time horizon, but when I listen to some other intel they’re talking about people, like private placements that are going to exchange first and then we’re going to exchange.  So when you talk about the 15th as being the back wall or something of that nature, can you just elaborate on, b/c the 15th is the back wall that doesn’t mean we possibly might exchange, we could exchange in the following week if in fact private placements get to go first.  Is that correct or wrong?

T:  We could exchange five minutes from now.  So no, I don’t think we’re, you know, a year ago, two years ago, a month ago I heard hey well the private placements are going to go and the public’s going to go in two years, or the public will go six months after, or the public’s going to have to do this and that and wait.  There’s always some reason for ppl saying that ’cause they want you to do something or motivate you to do something.  I know there is a plan in progress right now, a plan that’s ready to go for anybody to walk in the bank and make an exchange, so why they went through all that to get it ready to go right now if we got to wait until after somebody else to do something, doesn’t make any sense to me, okay?  DC anything?

DC:  I think you’re right.  I think a lot of the private placement somebody’s making some money.  In fact almost all the people are and so therefore that’s the motivation.  I’m just like Tony.  I’m a businessman.  I’m for everybody making money as long as it’s straightforward, and everybody understands everyone’s motivation, then good for them.  But are they getting special treatment?  Most of them no.  Only one or two yes. 

T:  Okay.  Let me go with 972. 


T:  Forever I’ve been telling you I think you guys should listen to everybody, go listen to them, do your due diligence.  Put your own puzzle together, see what makes sense for you.  DC just told you he got 17 people that he talks to every day, ppl in 6, 7 different countries, so I don’t just listen to one person.  You got to hear it all so you know how to put the puzzle together.  So I don’t, you know, regret that ppl do that, I just hope they understand what we go through, that’s all.

DC:  I talk to 17 ppl just in DC and about a dozen overseas.  I don’t have it.  I know I don’t have the whole picture at all. 

T:  And the key is we don’t just listen to one person.  And we get the same thing, so you’ll know, because somebody will call me and say no it’s gonna happen like this.  And somebody else will call and say no it already happened like this, I’m telling you.  And then we have to go through that same thing with our guys, but I don’t get upset at any one of them, I don’t tell any one of them that you’re lying and you’re making stuff up b/c I know what the process is.  And I still have to listen to them b/c sometimes they may talk for 10 minutes, but one minute gave me that pieces that was missing.  I say oh there it is!  And all the rest of it was great, but that’s what we needed to figure out what we needed.  And we just have to go through the same thing. 

DC:  That’s really funny on an inside level b/c sometimes the ppl we talk to have the gifts of gab but have just jewels of information.  Finding that out is, it’s like anything in life, but it’s very apropos. 

C:  When it does pop, where will we see it first?

DC:  We’ll see it at the banks first, then it will populate through the Forex and go to all the other stuff.  And then after the banks say okay we’ve got them all across the entire world and Forex has it, then it will pop on the CBI. 

T:  So I have two 303’s, so 303-774...

C:  Last Friday’s call you talked about taxation in November with a huge question mark.  What was that about and has that been redefined?

T:  Taxation in November...

C:  Yeah last Friday you said a whole bunch of things were up in the air and one of them was related to the taxation determination not being known until November.  That just scared the heck out of me because that’s the election month.  Would they really hold off until November to determine...

T:  But that could happen though, realistically.  If they don’t come out with it you know next week, if they have to pass a new tax law, if it has to be voted on, they could have the whole year to do that because then your taxes aren’t due until April 15th of next year, depending on how much you made.  The majority of us are going to have quarterly taxes starting April 15th unfortunately, so they’re going to have to tell us something I would think.  But the possibility is it could go until November.  It just could.  I don’t know that it’s going to.  I know that we’re hearing some rumblings of something that they want to do but we haven’t gotten anything in writing. We would all hope that they know what they’re going to do by now, but....

C:  Let’s say you get the 800 #s and we’re at the bank next week and we go in and we follow some of the guidance you have been kind enough to share with us.  Put 50% here, and the other 25 and 25 as you and DC have talked about, and that 50% could be sitting there languishing for the next eight months?

T:  You’re making money on it while it’s sitting there. 

DC:  Put it in T-bills, something just to make a little money. 

C:  Okay, I got that now, and I appreciate that.  DC I have a question for you.  How are your bruises healing, because Tony seemed to have thrown you under the bus a number of times.  Lolol. 

DC:  They’re doing just fine, I’ve got pretty thick skin! 

C:  Last question.  Is it safe to assume that this $3.71 bond rate is equivalent to the market rate? 

T:  No, I would think it’s safe to assume that it may be equivalent to the international rate.  I’m just kind of throwing that out there. 

C:  That’s a good differentiation and I want to say thank you for that. 


T:  Okay so I got 303 back to back.  Okay 303-818...


T:  When they give the 800 #s out you’re going to be given a date and time, with the exception of that one-note deal, well I’m not going to comment on that.  I think it’s going to work out fast.  They’re going to spread spread them out, different locations.  They’re not going to have ppl showing up 45 minutes ahead of time or an hour ahead of time forming a line out the bank ‘cause they’re going to ask them to leave, they’re going to cancel their appointment, and they’re going to take a lot of things like that.  So I think what they’re doing will work as far as I’m concerned, but they just seem to think some ppl just aren’t going to pay attention, they got one, they know it’s there, and they’re going to bombard the bank and you know, get their ID, get their name, and make sure you never give them an appointment.  I don’t know.  I think, you know, the system they have in place I think is going to work myself.

C:  Last question.  Right now I guess Iraq officially was in Dec. in the international, you were talking about that some time ago, so I’m wondering where the reserves and where the money for the current dinar purchases are coming from.  I mean if I was Iraq, I wouldn’t be selling my dinar at the old rate ‘cause that’s kind of like standing on a corner saying, hey if you have less than a penny, I’ll give you a thousand dollar bill. 

DC:  The reason they’ve been doing that is because that’s what’s primarily, not solely, funded their Central Bank of Iraq.  Notice their hundred billion in currency reserves?  That’s primary from speculators like you and I.  They are building up their coffers on the speculators.  They’re fine doing it.  And also they removed, in the 90s it’s 91-96% of the three zero notes.  There’s just that many out there anymore. I mean you’re, sure can good currency traders get a lot of good three zero notes?  Sure, absolutely they can.  But in the grand scheme of things that’s, the majority of them are gone.


DC:  Bottom line is they’re not going to let him own that much, they’re not going to let anybody own that much.  Are they going to say you can have no more than this?  No, because that’s just poking somebody with a stick.  But you get to a certain point and you’ll start having problems and you’re not going to get it

T:  And it goes back to, I mean that was a great question, but I tell you guys I think something we’re not going to talk about but I will mention, but if you have over 50 million dinar or certain levels, then the structure changes, b/c they’re not going to let somebody walk around being a hundred trillionnaire, or a hundred billion dollars made off of dinar and think you’re gonna have a hundred billion dollars sitting in your bank account.  That’s not being realistic.  They’re not going to let you make 70 billion.  You can make it, but you’re not gonna get it.  And I say you’re not gonna get it physically but you’re gonna get it, then it kind of turns into like a lottery winners or a trust fund and hey we’re gonna spread this out over 50-60 years, this is how you’re gonna get this.  I probably shouldn’t have even said that, but anyway.  Sorry.  That was a little slip, huh?

DC:  I’m amazed you have clearance, lol.

T:  574. 

C:  Do you know what currency dealers are facing investigation charges?

T:  Even if I did I couldn’t tell you. 

C:  I talked to my congressman, and he wrote me a letter back, and he said that there are a couple, I don’t know, a couple or several currency dealers that are under investigation for saying that the UST I believe it was had so much dinar or had dinar and they were under investigation for that.  And I’m not sure if there’s anything more to that, and he also said that he doesn’t know anyone that has dinar and he doesn’t have any, and he doesn’t know anyone that’s exchanged, as far as congressional members is what he told me. 

T:  Well you know he could be telling the absolute truth, but if I had to bet I’d bet against it, lol. 

C:  I won’t say his name on here, but the other question I had, you said something about Maliki doing this to get the ppl to obviously he’d want to do it before getting the ppl their money, but I thought you said that Iraq had already RV’d their in-country currency.

T:  They have.  They put the lower denoms out and they called them back in.  They put them out and they called them back in.  They still have to put them out. Their money is there.  Their money is on their cards.  They have been paid.  What’s today, Wednesday?  Over the weekend, everybody had been caught up, every bit of money they were owed for the last 10 years, their soldiers, their retirement, their widows, everybody’s payment had been caught up, so he is in fact doing exactly what I said right now.  The only thing that it hasn’t done, as far as the ppl’s concerned, they’re getting their money--it hasn’t gone international.  They haven’t gotten the one thing they really want, and that is their glory ‘cause that’s what they want.  And he’s supposed to be the one to bring them back to prominence and say see what I did for our country and stand up saying we’re the foundation for the whole world and all that’s not gonna happen a day or two before.  Again, it’s gonna happen in time for it to get down to the guy on the street, how great he is, what he did, how the world now looks at them different, how everybody wants to become part of Iraq.  You don’t do that two days before the election. 

C:  They were given their money at the 1166 rate or they’ve been given their money....

T:  They were given their money at the $3.71 rate.  That is the rate that’s on their cards, $3.71. 

DC:  Some of the early ones were $3.44.  Someone’s gonna nitpick that one.

T:  Yep, I’m sure they are.  They’re excited over there.  They’re excited b/c you know what I told you guys about the bonds and the fact that they’re here now, and they sent them and they signed off or it, and they’re saying that’s it, this baby is overcooked and done and they’re waiting for the announcement just like we are right now, ‘cause they’ve done, as DC told you, everything they are supposed to do.  They have accomplished and they’ve putt in their newspaper that the US is holding them up from being the great country that they can, that the US is stopping their currency from being, ‘cause they’ve done everything that needed done.... Today would be a great day.  Okay, I am at 530.

C:  The one question I have concerning tax is at a standard rate or the international rate, where they possibly would not be charging tax on the exchange, the way I read that is that b/c it is a currency exchange they wouldn’t charge tax immediately but that down the road when you do your investments, get your interest on that, when you file your estimated taxes, that that’s going to be something then.  In other words, when you start making money on your money was when the tax would come.  That’s the only way I can justify that. 

T:  Absolutely.  I mean they wouldn’t tax the exchange.  They’re gonna tax the interest that you make, ‘cause that’s something different.  They’re gonna tax all the money you make with that money at a diff rate b/c now you’re at a higher tax bracket ‘cause that’s all something different.

C:  Right.  Now, the thing about that though is I know what the old tax rule was, I don’t know what the new tax is coming out obviously, rules of exchange, but the old rule used to be that when you change currency, like if I went to Saudi Arabia and got their money and then come back and exchange, b/c it’s just an exchange I wouldn’t get taxed.  I’ve been all over the world and I’ve never been taxed, but however the rule says if you were to have made over $200 upon your exchange back to your money then you’re gonna owe some tax on it, so it wouldn’t be capital gain tax in that case b/c it’s not a business that’s doing it.

T:  I’m familiar with the rule, and I don’t know if they’re going to do a special one for this or not.  That’s why I say save 50% ‘cause I don’t know what’s gonna happen.  But that rule’s been there forever, and it may not apply during this exchange.  I don’t know how they’re going to do it.  All I can tell you guys is what we’ve been told so far, and that was at the highest rate it was 100% of what the tax table said, and at the next lowest rate, US rate it was 50% of the tax table, and at the market or street rate it was going to be tax free, so how they’r e going to do that, I can’t tell you until we actually get to see it ourselves.  And it could change ten times before it goes live, so all we’ve doing is giving you the info as they come out of the meetings and say this is what was presented, this is what was agreed upon, it still has to be written up, signed, sealed, and delivered, and we don’t have that portion yet.  I don’t anyway.  DC do you have that?

DC:  Nope.  And I don’t believe anybody does.  They’re going to keep changing that. 

T:  That’s why I always say it’s better safe than sorry.  Safe is put 50% aside for taxes until you find out what’s really going on.  And if you’re in CA, you might want to put 55% aside for taxes until you find out what’s really going on.  Okay?

C:  Right, exactly.  As far as Maliki is concerned, it’s a known fact that he used to be the right-hand man of Saddam Hussein.  So when we put him in office....

T:  No, no, that’s not a known fact.  He used to be the enemy.  Well go ahead DC. 

DC:  For 25 years he lived in Syria, Jordan, and other places b/c he was hunted by everybody else.  He was one of the rebel leaders, so that’s where his background is, and frankly that also explains a lot of his behavior.  He’s always viewing conspiracies, he has a lot of problem with that. 

C:  Okay so he wasn’t the right-hand man of S.H., that S.H. used him.

DC:  No, most of them were killed.

T:  And just so you know, if he got used, he got used by the US.  Just so you know. 

C:  Yeah of course.  I guess the point I was trying to come to is that when we allowed him to come into office instead of Malawi who actually won the popular vote.  We put him in there for a reason and that was to kind of balance out, and not disturb the political situation any worse than it was, but to me I just, I just of the life of me cannot believe that the power brokers will allow for a revalue of their money or their currency as long as he’s in office.  And so he’s got himself on the ballot to be voted again between now and April.

T:  Well let me ask you this, then.  DC can explain it to you.  If they’re not gonna allow it and his constitution says he can’t do it, then how do you think he’s doing it? 

C:  ‘Cause we do allow him but technically he had to pay for his way on there b/c his party wouldn’t nominate him.  But like you said, the constitution as it reads now says third-term can’t be done but obviously they could change.  What would they have to do, change that law?

T:  Obviously the PTB are allowing him to do what he’s doing.  So there’s obviously a reason for him doing what he’s doing.  Without us getting into all that, guys, there is no accident, okay? 

C:  So he’s definitely not going to be, as you said, there’s not going to be any kind of a holdup for us where that has to be rectified before this goes.

DC:  No.  He does have a history of having issues right before things go on.  But also when one has a history of certain behavior then you plan for it, you know it, and then you can anticipate what he’s going to do and be ready for it.  Maliki is not our big issue here at all. 


T:  If it was a big issue, if it was a part of what’s holding this and controlling this, you’d be hearing about it.  You’d be hearing about it in Iraq, on their television, in their newspapers, you’d be hearing about in parliament they’d be fussing and fighting like they used to do all the time.  You don’t hear any of that ‘cause it’s not an issue.  Somebody who wants to say, well like DC said earlier that this is what we’re waiting for, we’re not waiting for anything over there to happen, they’re waiting for this to happen so they can make a bunch of announcements about what has already been agreed upon, voted on, everything else.  Do they have to put something, little thing out like Maliki said on Monday, hey whether the budget goes through or not I’m gonna spend the money on you guys.  I’m gonna develop this country, I’m gonna do this and do that.  Now who’s gonna stand up and say that if they didn’t already have the money, if they didn’t already know this is going through and when it was gonna happen?  So you gotta kinda look a little deeper into things, and I can say that, or DC can say that or Pam or Ray because we do know some things that you guys don’t know, and where some things are at.  But even with that you gotta look at and, famous words, who does that make sense to?  It just doesn’t make sense, so no, don’t look at that.  And a whole lot of things, but we’re in a good spot.  I’m happy, excited, you know, I’m gonna leave the window open for that time frame.  I’m hoping, like DC is more optimistic, if it comes a whole lot sooner.  I know from what we know it could be in ten minutes, ten hours, or the next three days.  I know everybody is at that point, where at the flip of a switch it could in fact happen, and everybody is ready for it to happen and everybody is, I mean all the action pieces are in position to take action, just so we know that.  So none of that is going to get held up.  It’s not gonna be about you know we gotta call security in ‘cause they’re in.  It’s not gonna be about well we gotta set the exchanges up ‘cause they’re already set up, or we gotta move people from one office to another office today, they were moved this morning, so they’re already there.  Or yesterday.  So they’re all in place.  It’s not about well we gotta get these guys in so they can answer the phones.  Those guys went in at seven o’clock.  They’re there already to answer the phones.  They’re going.  Everything that needs to take place is again in place, so we wait.  DC?

DC:  Bottom line is I’m gonna repeat what I said earlier.  On or before the 15th is kind of the outside.  I’m more optimistic than that.  I think we’re in a good place.  I think everybody should have their plan together, and to be as rational as you can.  And also always remember in this after you get the funds is take your time.  You don’t have to go fast on this.  Making decisions with money, the best thing you can do is slow down. 

Ray:  Everyone have a good day.  (Garbled)

T:  All right guys, enjoy your day.  What Pam would say to you is be kind to each other, be kind to the mods.  They are just as stressful as you are.  They’re going through it the same way....we are absolutely ready for it, could happen at any moment.  Watch your Twitter b/c it will probably be your first notice, I’ll send that out, we’ll post it on the sites and be ready to go.