Wednesday, March 5, 2014


(Notes by Adept1):

REPLAY: 805-399-1500, 409029#

Are the dogs ready?   They are German short-haired pointers…  Remember, no typing in the chat room during the call;  they will ban your butt.  There is a lot to;  we’re really going to be excited when the RV hits today and we have to do all this.  If you say it, it will happen…

We have some great Mods in the chat room, all working to make things go smoothly for you.  So be kind in the chat room.  They would love to listen to this call.

[Technical issues on the conference call line]

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is March the 5th, 2014, it’s Wednesday, and it could be a super-fantastic day.  Pam has already declared this, if you weren’t in chat earlier.  We are hearing really good information;  I know it’s frustrating, but I do want to go into some details.  I went into the forum last night and this morning, got some text messages last night.  Guys, do I believe in what I’m hearing?  Yes, and I’m trying to tell you as much as I can.  DC isn’t here today, so he cannot stop me telling you more.

Please try to understand.  I have been doing this for three years, the up, down and sideways of it all, talking to old and new sources… None of that really bothers me.  What does bother me is this guy Mike Diston who keeps sending tweets to you guys saying the RV has been announced and giving out o my number.  Only two people called me, all excited, but he is consistently sending this out to your guys from a new account.  It’s the same idiot, and he clearly has some issues that he evidently wants to share with you guys.  I’m sorry you have to go through that.  If I send out the 800 numbers, they will not be local numbers or bank numbers.  I’m just sorry you’re having to go through that, because it doesn’t bother me, but I’m sorry you are going through anything like that.

We are all excited, and you have been begging me to tell you the truth as you face the stresses in life.  Yesterday my daughter died 13 years ago, and my family goes through that every year on her birthday and the anniversary of her death/burial.  My father was taken to hospital today, and my mother is having her leg cut off because of diabetes. I go through the same things you do, up and down, plus the pressure of this intel operation.  Nobody is paying me to do this;  I’m doing ti out of a sense of responsibility.  The same is true of our bills, and the same people are donating to support the site for 250,000 people.  I don’t have any need to depress you with what I am going through.  I hear you… people saying that they are at the end of their rope, and why don’t you do this or believe that?  I don’t have the power or authority to change the process;  I can only give you the information about the process.  We are that much closer, ever day.  But this is not easy for anybody on any level.  I’m sorry that it’s getting you excited and then disappointed.

Wait until you get it from TNT.  We will send out the 800 numbers on the forums and the sites, and we will send out a tweet.  If Mike Diston continues to send you tweets, report and block his tweets, and complain to your local police that you are being harassed.  If you pile on the complaints, we will get that done that much faster.

Right now, things are at the bank.  Everything is ready to go.  Everything is signed off, Iraq, Maliki and the UST have done all they are supposed to do.  Everyone is just waiting for a certain time, but they are excited and saying that IT IS OVER AND DONE.  We know it’s not actually over and done until I am walking out of the bank.  The GCR is supposed to be announced today, and that cannot happen without the RV happening.

Things have been running on television, including on the tickertape at the bottom, saying that the US and China have signed off and that VNN should be coming out today at $6.05.  That was on television here in the US, not in Vietnam or Iraq.  That is the high rate, and it may not stay at that rate for long, but that is the rate we are hearing.  Everyone is sitting in the call and exchange centers, lunch is being brought in, their cell phones are left in their cars so they cannot contact anyone else.  The 800 numbers have been released;  the banks have 800 numbers, and some individuals have 800 numbers, but have been instructed to NOT give them out until this is public knowledge.

That part has been completed but they are waiting for something else. The things I am hearing do not make sense to me.  They told me what it is, but it didn’t make sense to me, so I am not repeating it.  I am going to tell you this:  there are other things that are happening, and I tried to explain that this isn’t just about the GCR and the Iraqi dinar. It has a lot to do with our future as a nation and the world economy.  I don’t want to get in the middle of that, especially when I know it’s a fact.  I don’t want to be in politics;  we just want to go to the bank and get paid.  We want to be treated fairly.  I am saying that for a reason, and I hope that people are hearing that.  Treated fairly means being paid when others are paid, and what others are paid.  Hopefully we will just go with it when the RV is announced later today.  It could happen in the next ten minutes or in the next ten hours, or the next 24 hours.  They tell me things are being done, and I’ve talked to people involved in doing them…  Anything else, Pam?

Pam:  You’re doing a great job!

Tony:  Let’s take some questions.  Do I know what the rate is?  Yes, I do, what they said they’re going to be, anyway.  I cannot get this board to work.

Pam:   People, don’t send me questions because I cannot answer them.  But there is a place for questions for the call on the forum.  If we want to hold on to dinar/dong for a few months, can we still cash them in for international rates?

Tony:  Yes.  The high rates will only be there for a little while.

Pam:  didn’t hear the question…

Tony:  the NDA has been changed to a standard NDA apart from a few high-profile individuals.

440 caller:  After time goes by when we get the highest rate, what about our reserves?  Will we get the higher rate on reserves or just the street rate?

Tony:  At the first appointment, they will make a second appointment for your reserves at that higher rate.

Caller:  Thanks for all you have been doing.  You keep out the ups and downs, and I’m in a steady place all the time.

Tony:  Let’s hope today is IT!

510 caller:  Thank you, you answered all my questions…

FL caller:  I’m blessed and super-fantastic.  There’s a rumor that China has pulled out of the highest rate.

Tony:  They have set a back wall, a line in the sand, that we are very close to;  the rumor is that after that, this thing will have to be redone.

Caller:  You said that there are going to be four different rates.  The international and market rates will not have NDAs at all, right?

Tony:  That is what we have heard.  They won’t have NDAs, the contract rates will have NDAs.

Caller:  I’ll keep you in my prayers.

NC caller:  I hope you are super-super-fantastic!  I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU… you, the team, the mods and transcribers;  I want you to know how grateful I am.

Tony:  A lot of people in our intel group have issues, too.  We don’t just get on a call here.  I don’t know how this is going to work out, but I will not even get paid unless I agree NOT to say and do certain things in public.  There are extra restraints on us because we are doing this.

Caller:  We are keeping you all in prayer.   I have three short questions:  you mentioned taxes.  Will that be quarterly once we get this?

Tony:  For sure… you will have too much money for yearly taxes.  If you put your money to work, you’ll be on quarterly taxes for the rest of your life.

Caller:  When we give them our new email address…

Tony:  When you call and they ask for an email, I would go and make one up right now and give them that email.  I will give them a totally different email at the bank, so that no group or person has that email address to sell or give it to anyone else as being on a list of millionaires.  When I go to the bank and set my account up, I will say that I don’t want anyone calling unless the banker calls me first.

Caller:  On the dinar, you said no tax or NDA if you take the international rate.

Tony:  That is what we have heard! Those are guidelines until it comes out officially.  Have a plan at each rate until you decide what you are going to do at each rate.

Caller:  We decree this to be a super-super-super-fantastic day for everybody, with no restraints!

TX caller, 817:  It’s been a long time when we spoke last.  I saw something on the boards, keep up the good work, we support you!  Someone said something about secret 770 accounts… do you know about those? Do you recommend those to us?

Tony:  I have no idea what you are talking about right now.

Caller:  770 accounts… tax-free accounts… if you would look into that?

Tony:  These are in legitimate banks, here or overseas?

Caller:  I watched a youtube video on this…

Tony:  I’ll look it up, see what I can find out.

Caller: Go TNT!

Alaska caller – same guy we talked to last time?  907?  404?

Atlanta caller:  I’ve been following these dates and saw something that we are waiting on?  There are quotes from all the pundits as of yesterday.  It seems like it's the IMF is waiting for something to do with a Ukrainian deal, something that is wrapped into the President’s budget.  Is this IMF agreement to structure the board what we are waiting for or can we go on without it?

Tony:  I’m pretty sure they can go on without it, but I think that it is a component.  There are more important things than getting money to us, personally.  Right now what’s going on has been in play since 2010, outside the RV but part of the RV, and the IMF is part of that. People use everything they can when they are negotiating.  We’re looking at our economy, the dollar bill that they are changing, the structure and future of our country on both the currency side and the authority side. Every time you give up some of that, if you give an inch they will take a mile.  They are concerned with that, and we have been dealing with that for the last couple of years.  Even though we agreed to that, some people are coming back and want to work it out again. It’s critical and sensitive situation, and other people have been complaining about it.  We don’t want to be involved in that part.  We just want to be treated fairly, getting paid as the rest are being paid, and at the contract rates.  Any time we discover that, that’s when we take action. Everything else is people’s job to work out in Congress, the administration and the Presidency.  We don't want to interfere with that.

Caller:  I’ve been hearing late March, early April for a while…

Tony:  Since 2010 we’ve been fighting to take a vote and Congress has been saying NO.  What’s changing that today?  This vote will give us less power around the world, so there isn’t a reason to take that vote.

Caller:  They were planning to crash the currency to get it out of international status, and this was the excuse.  All I care about is the timeline for the RV.

Tony:  I get that, but we have to look at the bigger picture.  If the block is not about us being treated fairly, then it’s up to the government.  That IMF vote has been a critical vote, but enough people have said “You just want your own way now, and we can work around that;  it’s not a reason to hold up the whole world and the RV.”  If we have to wait for that to be resolved, it could be another 20 years!

You’re going to have a bad time at dinner, but your wife is right behind you and I'm going to have to skip her today.  Next time, let her call in first, or you can do a three-way.  904, did I talk to you on the last call?  Well, let me go to someone else…

352, did I talk to you on the last call?

Caller:  No, you didn’t.  I cannot figure out how to work PayPal.  I would have sent you money ten times over if you had a PO Box where we could send you a check?  There’s probably a thousand people who would do the same.

Tony:  Then I have to run them all through my bank account, and then they have my bank account number.  I’ve been trying to save my own privacy. Pam also wants me to have a PO Box…

Caller:  Will the 800 numbers let us pick a bank?

Tony:  I understand they will give you three options.  They will all be exchanging currency, apart from Wells Fargo who (if you are in a private group) will buy your dinar.

Caller:  Will there be a China rate?

Tony:  Ask for the highest rate possible;  ask to see the screens.  There will be four rates, and you have to choose. I would take the highest rate available and work out the taxes later.  The double-digit rate is still possible, yes.

Caller:  Thanks for keeping up your morale because many are affected by it and we appreciate it.

Tony:  The next one is Des Moines, Washington!

Caller:  When you say RV, do you mean the US and the 800 numbers?

Tony: The RV is the revaluation of Iraqi dinar worldwide. Everyone else has agreed to it.  The RV is the revaluation of the dinar;  the GCR is the Global Currency Reset of nearly 200 countries.  They are just going to change their rates, and we’ve been hearing about that for three years, while the dinar has been revaluing for the last ten years.  The GCR cannot happen without the RV, because that is the foundation.

Caller:  We are still looking for the GCR today?

Tony:  It was scheduled for Monday night, then last night, and now tonight.  Hopefully it will go tonight.

Las Vegas caller:  I’m not in a casino!  You’ve said they had a trillion dollars they went through to cash out others before us, then an additional half-trillion added.  Who is adding that?

Tony: That was agreed by all the agencies, plus China to make us go to Wells Fargo.  They put it in so that it would be fair to us, and we wouldn’t go public on them.

Caller:  When you say that the rate will still be double-digit, and China possibly putting on a cap… is there another source for the double digit rate?

Tony:  This is my understanding right now:  if it doesn’t go through, China says they will pull out and it will be the market rate. If that happens, all those people with contract rates will have to pay it back.  All those people will find out they will owe the money they have already spent.  That is the nightmare they are looking at if this doesn’t happen. At the same time, they have made offers to some people to represent them so that they (China) can buy your dinars outside the banking system.  They have positioned some financial companies and individuals to represent them if it comes to that.  China does have a plan B.

Caller: The trillion dollars already paid out, that is China’s money?

Tony:  At the contract rates?  Yes.

Caller:  So if they pull out, nobody gets to keep that contract money?

Tony: Correct, because it was not at the US rate, it was at the China rate.

Caller:  What’s the deal with the 800 numbers?

Tony: Two days ago I got a call, and today I got a call saying people are going to the banks and demanding to be paid. That is scaring them.  The banks have the 800 numbers;  they asked for two weeks and it was denied.  But Thursday that two weeks would be up, and they got it anyway.  They are afraid that they will be mobbed, and want us to be eased through the system.   But the authorities are saying they cannot do that because the higher rates will only last for so long.  That’s why we haven’t got the package yet, and we want to receive that and discuss it with you before you go to the banks. We are involved in the process and as it goes back and forth they are listening to this call right now.  That gives them ideas of what might work, or things we want to avoid.  We’ve seen in the last six months that they change things according to these calls.  Right now, I hear there is one 800 number that will give you three bank choices.

Caller:  If it is one number, who is manning that line?

Tony: Don’t know.  I hear that UST will have people monitoring the calls to make sure it’s all fair.

425 caller:  Don't announce my location, I’m at work!  You answered all my questions, so thank you.  I’m sorry you are going through all that.  I expect this RV today!

Tony:  I appreciate that, and so does RayRen, all the mods and the intel group.  We are all going through things…

Bakersfield caller:  This is Tony?  This is unreal!  I have been trying to get you since you left SF!   This is the lady with the daughter… I’m so sorry about your mother and your situation.  [Stop the socializing!]

Orlando caller:  I believe today is the day!  What about the Zim?

Tony:  I don’t know, it goes back and forth. If it does come out now, it will not be at the rates we heard before because they are not ready for that.

California caller:  [cannot understand what this person is saying]

Tony:  The banks are afraid of this:  it’s not about spreading it out, and it’s not that they are scared of five million people… they are only scared of the five thousand who go to the banks and act like complete idiots.  They have to have a contingency for that.  The five thousand could do things to make it grow to fifty thousand, or to make it public.  We know that people in Texas were pulling up in buses.  That causes a  problem.  If it takes 40 minutes to set someone up, and others are standing there with dinar in their hands, then there are security implications. I understand it, but as we get on these calls, being calm and organized, and acting professionally, that takes away that fear, and that’s what we should be doing.

We’ve been doing this for two years, and we know what’s going on. What if I call my neighbors and friends, and give each one 10K dinar, and they go demand their money.  They don’t know that they can only take out $10,000, and then they get angry.  They cannot take a million dollars cash out of the bank, and that’s going to create a problem.

MI caller, 314:   Could you clarify… what are the factors holding this up now?

Tony:  Iraq and Maliki are no longer factors in this.  Maliki waited until the last minute, but he signed everyone on Monday night, and he made all the announcements.  We are not waiting on Iraq.  People are complaining there because the US is holding back the true value of their dinar.  WE are the problem, not them.

Caller:  The UST?  They fixed the problems in the banks and Iraq, so….

Tony: The UST say they have released everything, including the 800 numbers.  They are not stopping this.

Caller:  That is from the high-up statesman?

Tony:  That is directly from the UST.

Caller:  The IMF, then?  Are you close to CL?

Tony:  Yes, we are pretty close to CL.  My understanding is that IMF is involved in the pause somehow.  Everyone else said they were ready, every country got approved, and now they are saying the US is holding it up.  The UST says that they are ready, too.  That doesn't make any sense!  Hurry up and wait for another week or two?  They say they are dotting Is and crossing Ts.  There were more requests today for them NOT to release this.  There are issues, and what’s happening in Kiev is part of the rationalization.  We are hoping to get past that before it happens.

Caller:  So the IMF has to bargain again with every country?

Tony:  No.  the IMF only has to put it in the system, and that system is already working.  It is a timing issue when best to do it so that it doesn’t affect other events.  Some people are still saying  “I don’t want them to use this against us” or whatever. The IMF is looking at all that, and someone will have to make that decision quickly!  We don't’ want to get involved in that.

Caller:  How about anybody can sell but nobody can buy for three deals.  They shut down the dealers so that there is nobody buying currency for 72 hours.  They could do it country by country.

Tony: Every country has already done this.   They cannot shut down any country for three days!  Someone has to make a decision, say ‘we’re close enough, let’s get on with this.

Caller:  And that is CL, right? Thank you for the clarification.

August caller:  The six dollar rate, what that for the dong?  Did you verify that yourself?

Tony:  People heard that on different news stations;  I didn’t see it, but it’s close enough to what I know.  So far as I know, the large notes will still be honored.

FL caller, 321:  It seems like this is circling round to the IMF again.  Is that because of CYA?

Tony:  What has gone on from the IMF in the last 72 hours is this:  the IMF has come in with our super-guy and changed the rules of the game for us.  They were a big part of our getting the double-digit rate and our time frame back. They have also changed factors with some of the groups;  the banks took advantage of some of the groups, and they wanted to make sure that part was in place so that you guys couldn’t be taken advantage of either.  They made up a list of those who behaved badly in the past few years, picking them up, and CL got involved in that, which she didn’t have to do.  She has the ultimate authority, so if something goes wrong, she also gets the blame if someone else blocks it. She is ready to do it, and I think they should just do it, but they are still toying with some small issues that they have known about for months!  That doesn’t make sense to me.

We are not waiting for system checks or other counties;  that are dealt with.  Nobody is jockeying for position.  It could be activated today, tomorrow or Friday morning. They say they have set a time, but I cannot tell you what it is.  I can tell you that everyone is in the right position and they will stay there until they say GO.

Caller:  Congress is the one that sets up tax codes, so how is it different tax codes will apply?

Tony:  It will have be lined up in order for those tax rates to be written into the contracts.  Let’s wait until we get the package and they will tell us exactly how it works.

301 caller:  I have a banker who is trying to convince me that they are still cashing out whales.  This banker said that HSBC is behind Wells Fargo in these transactions.  Can you comment?

Tony:  Yes, HSBC is behind WF because it’s part of China, and China is putting up the money for the WF placements.  So that does make sense.  I will tell you that the RV is supposed to live 24-48 hours before the GCR, and they wanted it to be live to establish a rate.  The foundation needs to be established before the GCR, and so it would have to be live and tradable before that happens.   For the rest, we will see what today brings.

At the beginning of this call, I said certain things for a reason;  I hope that certain people are hearing me and that they understand.

Caller:  A quick shout-out to Randy and Pam, friends in DC who are following with me.

Indiana caller:  Have we heard anything about the lower denominations in Iraq?

Tony:  We know they have pulled them back in and people were upset because they could only use their cards.  They were running out of currency over there, and the US sent over currency that we had taken in.  The CBI had to be re-audited because of this.  Instead of having those lower denoms, the Iraqis put the money on the cards rather than using hard currency.  But we should be seeing those really soon.

Caller:  Will there be a certain period of time within which Iraq wants to destroy those notes?

Tony:  Unless they come out with a brand new currency and declare the earlier currency is no good, our note will still be good.  We have thirty days to get all the three-zero notes in, and that means thirty days for the higher rates.  The US took 500 and 1,000 notes out of circulation.  They are still valuable, they just cannot be used in circulation. The same will probably be true for Iraq.

Rochester caller:  IMF isn’t waiting for our Congress, then?

Tony:  They are not even close to that.  The IMF didn’t make the request to hold this, and I don’t want to say who did make that request.  The banks requested two weeks, and even though that was denied, Friday will be two weeks.  It’s not the banks requesting the hold.  Let’s not home in on who requested the hold, okay?

Caller;  The RV has to happen before the GCR?

Tony:  the value of the dinar has to be established before the GCR can occur because that is the foundation of the GCR.  We have heard that the RV has actually been set, but the IMF needs to push the button. We don’t need to tweet the IMF, though, because they are working on it.  The tweets need to keep going out to the bankers, to let them know we expect to be treated fairly.  We want them to know we are still alert.  After the RV, they have asked me to do away with any site I have any part of.  They want this to go away, and they want me to go away.  I am not here to be political;  we just want to make sure we are treated right, with a fair shot.  WE don’t care about politics are world events.  I am not trying to burn down the house today;  I’m hearing from banks that the rates are in there and we will have access.  I’m hearing the same from the government.  There are no problems;  we are just waiting for the right moment. We’ve been hearing that for a week, and other things have come up in the world that affect the GCR and what happens immediately afterwards.  Some poor countries are going to be wealthy, and some of the larger countries will lose their value a little bit, temporarily.  As a country, we have to through that reset.  I know something critical is happening right now and I'm not going to talk about it on this call.

We have got information from Mr. Big in the last 36 hours saying that things are being done, not to worry, and everything is making progress.

Caller:  Instead of setting up a PO Box, have Pam receive all the money and give it to you!  [laughter]  Do you really believe that it will be today?

Tony:  It could be today, and many people told us it would be today.  I do think it will be released by Friday. Everyone is prepared and on high alert for any minute.  Pam is sitting at the front door of the bank…

FL Caller, 772:  Thank you for all you do, especially your stand towards us.  We appreciate it so much.  If you came out with the VNN at $6, would the high rate of the IQN be over $30?

Tony:  I don’t know! That could change…

Caller:  The reserves… we call in, we go in to our appointment, and they will honor the rate at that appointment for the reserves?

Tony:  That is what I’m hearing.  I haven’t seen it in writing, but I hear that is what is on the table, being discussed.

Caller:  That would eliminate a lot of confusion. Did you survive the rain in California?

Tony:  Yes, and we need a whole lot more!

323, LA caller:  So we should be super-fantastic this week?

Tony: That’s what I hear!  We’ve been hearing every day “just hold on”. At the call and exchange centers, they have been told several times to get ready for our phone calls.

Caller: Should we buy more currencies?

Tony:  I have four different currencies because I think it’s a smart thing to do, not out of fear.  There are other currencies that will yield more than the dinar, further down the road.  Out of the four rates, the international rate is the lowest, then the market rate, then the contract rates.  The market rate is for our market in the US.

[I had to go at this point, sorry.]


It's almost repulsive to see how well Maliki is dancing to the tune of the Monetary Reform. He's not tripping over his feet and he is not extending his feet to trip anyone else.

I can promise you that M has no control over the RV. But I can also be willing to bet a wooden dinar ….......that he knows very well what is happening to his country's currency. Greed allows this man to be constructive right now.

All the banks in Iraq.......all the citizens in Iraq harmonize together as they scream to the CBI........WE HAVE NO MONEY!!! CBI looks up at the sky and says........oh look at the pretty blue birds.

Yet billions of dinars …..no actually trillions are being distributed left and right to different regions of Iraq to better buy election votes........

I MEAN TO help these regions. Activities through the GOI make it seem as if they finally understand the CBI's mission to lift the 000's from their currency.

Suggestive actions that cause innuendos that can only logically say.......something is or has happened to their currency. Let's just pretend that M knows the RV is within grasp. If so.......then seeing M use 2014 budget funds to pay bills and run the GOI is interesting.

They accuse him of doing something unconstitutional …......but it's not. M has full legal rights to do what he did today. But curiosity that killed the cat is killing me to ask this question........why did you do this M? Why not three weeks ago when the screaming started?

If I didn't know any better M ….....I would say you are buying time. Time.......in which to see the new rate for the new currency called lower denoms. Time.....for your ugly votes.

Time.......that is running out and collapsing into a point of singularity that equals a new rate. Well..........it's about time.

Oh by the way M........IMO........this new rate will come out soon because on March 25th all candidates that are running for election are going to start to promote themselves.

Oh by the way Family........this article about M says that he “exchanged” and I know your minds ran with excitement but it's imperative that you know the true translation in Arabic was “pay”.

Oh by the way.........any payments that he made have to be in IQD's but since there are no more 000's the question is ….......did he pay in LD's or electronically?

Please find the time to read WALKINGSTICK'S article that is a blueprint of our CC's.........a clone of our studies but more importantly the step by step outline of the Monetary Reform presented from the CBI.

This is not a repeat nor a hodgepodge of old articles pieced together. It is a masterpiece of the IMF's goals for the CBI. In fact it is so enriched with RV information that WS ran out of colors to highlight all of its points.

I love the conversation about new notes. I adore the definition of lifting 000's. I am captivated when it says the IQD will go up in value this year of 2014!!!

The auctions moved another big chunk of the 4 trillion they collected last month. Alright.....alright.....alright then.

So somebody's assistant ….....M's........got himself arrested today huh? Silly rabbit. This knucklehead decided to counterfeit 1 billion dinars. Unbelievable!!! Is this going to create a stupid delay? LOL !!! NO!!! The opposite........it created Smart Security along time ago.

Since I am still laughing........LOL.......let's keep laughing. Chase sends updated info to their customers about future dealings with foreign currency. COME ON!!!

Did any of you ask for this info Family? LOL........hey Wells Fargo …....I'm waiting for your email now.........LOL!!!

They did something Family again. But as I guard that info I wish to open and share what happened two weeks ago to banks across the USA. It mirror imaged what the CBI did with their banks.

The UST told our banks to collect and send to them all foreign currency in their vaults. But......BUT........says these banks..........we didn't buy our foreign currency reserves from you nor the Feds......we bought them from dealers to add to our inventory to sell to customers with this need.

Why should we send them to you? Answer........no answer. Just do as you are told and comply. Then your accounts will be credited with what we collect from you electronically in USD's.

Hmmm........let's see.........4 trillion were collected by the CBI in a matter of weeks and credited to bank accounts. Coincidence? Similarities? Or smart?

Why should anyone have to pay for something tomorrow with a higher value than what you can pay today or replace at a lower value? Just asking.

Society just called so I am going to end this Blue Post for now. He has traveled a great distance to meet my wife and I and we go to break bread with him. Besides........I can get boring........LOL.

These are the worst of times? No.........Praise God these are the best of times.

My Christian love and Aloha.


All is looking good, enjoy the rest of the night. All is being done as we speak and will keep being done. There's always a possibility of tomorrow being a different day.

Pearl Harbor happened unexpectedly, the same can for the RV/GCR.

Stay positive.


03/05/14 Bluwolf: While things are just moving along and occurring with the normality that it always had. There are some distorting what is transpiring creating doubt which I deem meaningless. 

Just because someone said the Chinese pulled out does not make it true, hey this is business and they are stronger then ever. They haven't gone anywhere, they still have there headquarters in the US, everything is running like its suppose to and there are no aliens in area 54.

 Things expected (rv, gcr, pp, fp, etc) are in swift movement with no delays, rates are still attractive and deemed high, the same bank elected as the UST clearance house is holding strong and on alert.

 So where do these people get all these negative stories from and for what purpose are they feeding them to you. The Global Reset is now on its arise, it is in the air and being fitted into place by those in the know. 

The current scuffles in certain countries is the evil ones last chance to delay the GCR for they cannot accept the fact that our worlds will be prosperous, healthy, peaceful, equal, balanced, inspiring new light and that it is imminent that we shall change our world justly for all. 

This makes them want to vomit, jejeje poor souls. Those who have follow along should now know all that is needed for this exchange, they should now understand at what point we are at and that this rv situation now is imminent and that all shall transpire strictly as planned. 

And for those with the negative connotations this is the way all will go down and if you happen to have a problem with this, tuff. Period !!! Na'maste Bluwolf




Verifying credible information:

I know Tony must have a lead on the same info I am getting, as he always seems to bring in info from multiple sources…  He must know this particular piece of the puzzle, as this is something that is affecting what we are looking for.

My source has continually stood strong on this major point.

"There are those with a lot to lose if this GCR and RV role out the way it is supposed to."

"Those who stand to lose are also those who have a tight grasp of the control of the US Dollar and are also responsible for instigating various International conflicts and have done so for years to their benefit."

We are hearing that in order to continue to block this transition into a BASEL type currency and reset values worldwide that they are positioned to enhance current International conflicts to the flash point which will in turn create enough distraction to silence activity on the currency reform.

I am posting this info as I explicitly trust my source and he is indeed in a very nice position to intercept much information on this subject, but I would really love to hear additional confirmations from others on this site that may also have sources close to the top of the action so that I can personally see a wider picture of this jigsaw puzzle.

I wonder why we aren't talking about this instead of the usual "It is almost here"…  because I think we are all mature enough to address this issue of what a particular side is planning to do to keep the position they have groomed for themselves for so many years.


3-5-2014   Intel Guru SteveI   I am confident just from the facts that we are so very close to having this investment payoff sooner rather than later.   According to Ray's [Guru Ray] sources, we should see the budget getting voted on this week.  Many of you keep saying...that the budget has nothing to do with a change in the Iraqi currency..believe what you want. I base my beliefs on facts only.  It is what it is and the facts point to a change very soon.

3-5-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
   [via Anonymous]   all the articles this week show they are running out of time, and all the procedures steps they are doing will collapse down into one big step which is the release of the new rate!

3-5-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:  "The federal budget is not just like any other laws they represent the backbone of the life and durability of the Iraqi state in the facilities of life all..."   they are obviously announcing that the budget is the open window to the world...we should see the budget in the very near future...i have to say that all of the timelines they have stated that are within the month -- i am very encouraged.

3-5-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni 
  [So that said it could be a long wait on an RV.]  it is not in their interest to wait, and it would be of no benefit toward the plan for Iraq to continue to wait.  [Even if it is true that Iraq is not ready to join the WTO that in itself does not mean they won't RV their currency soon. One is not necessarily tied to the other.]  that is correct.  There was a real good statement made on TV last week...it sums up Iraq's positions with the currency.  "A group of parliament members renewed their call to the central bank to start serious preparation for the deletion of zeros project; any further delays will harm the entire economy and progress Iraq is witnessing." So there u have it, any further delays will harm what they have worked so hard for.

3-5-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
    they were 95% dependent on oil and that apparently was reduced to 94% as of late, yet they just increased output significantly to 3.4 mbpd.    they have no chance of WTO accession.  it was stated directly from the WTO last year 4 key issues with Iraq and the most significant one is that they would not qualify for WTO accession until they reduced the dependence on oil to below 80% I think and that was confirmed yesterday with a long article that came out that discusses those meetings with the WTO stating it would not be good for Iraq to proceed.   it even said it would be at least 10 years before they are ready.  Here is a quote from that article:  "that enter Iraq for the organization will not be in his favor and in any case for at least the next ten years, as it will fly massive damage to Iraq". 




Posted by EXOGEN on March 5, 2014 at 9:30am 




Post From Peoples Dinar By Stevel

Greeting PD Members,

 This post is going to be very factual regarding this investment we all have invested in.  In February I was sent some financial information regarding the ISX.

 I want you to follow the money now.    Just yesterday I got this information.

 The key is to read it very closely and word for word and understand the actual importance of this huge message. :::::::
  A cross transaction occurred on IQD3.03bn Union Bank of Iraq (BUOI) shares on Feb. 27, 2014. This represents 1.2% of BUOI capital.

(This last phrase relating the percentage of capital has never been in their reporting!!!)

WOW! No wonder the ISX has shut down the sales of its stock! Look at these numbers, am I reading this right!?!?!

If I am, we are set for some absolutely EXPLOSIVE GROWTH!! We got into the ISX just in time!!

IQD 3.03bn= 300million USD this = 1.2% of BUOI capital. The true capital is just shy of 30 billion USD

152 billion in Outstanding share price just on the those merits alone makes each share worth $.50 USD per share! 

 I think I found the missing # for the equation, it was 1.2% of 3.03Bn IQD!

 The ISX has shut down orders because all the cross trading has driven the, “Reality rate” way up. It’s hard to sell a stock for .015 cents when it’s worth $.50 per share!! Oh, BTW, $.50 times 200k shares is 100K USD!  BEFORE THE RV!!!!!

Here is one of many supporting articles to support this.

 Proposal to merge small banks and the formation of a development bank shareholder

03/04/2014     BAGHDAD / JD / ..

suggested the parliamentary finance committee, small local banks merge with each other to form a development bank shareholder is able to finance large investment projects in the country.

 A member of the committee MP Hassan al-Bayati told / JD /: that a central bank by requiring local banks to raise their capital to the roof (250) billion dinars longer true and positive for the banking system in Iraq.

 He added that the central bank's demands not to impose sanctions on banks that can not raise its capital to 250 billion dinars, but should encourage those banks to merge with each other to form an Iraqi bank shareholder development helps to finance major investment projects in the country.

 The Iraqi Central Bank announced its intention to withdraw the licenses of five community banks for their inability to raise capital.

 Has complained about the number of private banks from the central bank measures towards the work of banks, which it described Palmakdh.

He had demanded that the Association of private banks the central bank's decision to withdraw licenses to wait a number of local banks as a result of its inability to increase its capital.


 This information is coming from some very qualified people that know the stock market inside and out. On February 27th, just a few short days ago I got this from one our team members.

Lots of afterhour trading!!!

 Al-Iraq Brokerage Firms (buy) & (sell) executed International Cross to Union Bank Of Iraq on Thursday Feb 27 2014, in  traded shares  (3,031,372,000) billion shares  in additional session time after 12 o'clock.

 Umal Rabieain Brokerage Firms (buy) & (sell) executed International Cross to Mousil Bank For Development on Thursday Feb 27 2014, in  traded shares  (737,000,000) million shares  in additional session time after 12 o'clock.

Subject: The ISX Compared to Neighboring Stock Markets

 Look at the neighboring indexes!!!!

 Below closing levels of stock market indices in the Middle East:

Dubai's index                      rose 1.3 percent to             4099 points.

As Abu Dhabi's index          rose 0.5 percent to             4892 points.

Qatar's index                       rose 0.6 percent to             11516 points.

As Saudi Arabia's index     climbed 0.2 percent to       8930 points.

Oman's index                       rose 0.2 percent to             7173 points.

Bahrain's index also             increased 0.2 percent to     1318 points.

only Kuwait's index                fell 0.2 percent to              7843 points.

in Egypt index                        rose 0.3 percent to             7591 points.

Do you think ISX will stay at 112.50 points????????  This dam is about to burst!!!!!

 I do not know about you, but I am confidence just from the facts that we are so very close to having this investment payoff sooner rather than later.

 According to Ray's sources, we should see the budget getting voted on this week.

Many of you keep saying, especially the negative people and ones that have no clue that the budget has nothing to do with a change in the Iraqi currency. Fine, you go believe what you want. I base my beliefs on facts only.

It is what it is and the facts point to a change very soon.

 I also forgot to mention this:

 As you know, I check the CBI, DT, ISX, etc. almost every day for trends and have others that watch as well. I am encouraged to see that DT has increased their prices again.

 I am referring specifically to the price they will buy dinar back from you.  Today the price for uncirculated currency went up to $830 and the price for circulated went up to $790! 

The sale price of $980 has not moved so this means the spread is getting tighter.  Always a good sign!!!

All I can advise you is keep your information current with us if you want to participate in a gathering after this blessing has finally materialized.

 I am more than ready and so are you. See you very soon. Start planning.

 Have a safe week and keep your hopes up high.

 Do not buy into the predictors that said it was done yesterday.

Blessings, Steve


Lealoha:  Rumor has it that Chinese families received much of their settlements - not all - 6 or 7 months ago - and are deadset on removing corrupt elements before the R/V….. GCR stopped tied to China due to bond situation...per Batman just now……. rumored we are within the 24 hours of the 72 hour reset - Batman just said…….. RV before the GCR





:  BATMAn...EXO...others call..INTEL overview..Try to help...

First of all they do NOT RECORD their intel part..only Q&A

Following our Investment now 24/7 for 2 years.understand what they are saying...Lot of Information and Intel

Awesome news..BATGIRL is very familiar with ZIM...she said NEVER LEFT FIRST BASKET...6-9 zeros..Pointed out country RICHER than IRAQ..

They just wanted people to slow down purchasing it..

 VNN..they confirmed what terry K. was saying..Vnn have high rates and is by far BEST INVESTMENT per dollar..

Confirmed what my 10th floor trader said..Bond money being released all over world..Told you started Sunday 25th..of february

My last number confirmed monday Feb 26..was 2.76
JackD1955 Cont.......IRAQ

Ok...They still are saying that things are still being negotiated to this day in order to Get RV out live HOWEVER there timing is 2 windows..

Wednesday 5-7th..Then next week..11-14th...ALL MODS...they had 7-8 with intel and updates in parts of fields and ALL SAY GCR will start on or before MARCH 15.

They are very cautious....and do not trust Banks and Governments...

NONE...NONE of the MODS are taking any rate that requires NDA or bank contract TELLING THEM you must keep % in that bank

 Hope that helps...On a very Quiet Intel Day...



Intel from Deep Source - Tuesday Afternoon (03/04/14): "...there are some things taking place, but they will not be told what they are. It sounds like the news black-out that (according to my understanding of the plan) is supposed to be in effect for 72 to 96 hours during the "Mass Arrests" period which is supposed to take place immediately prior to the RV/GCR). My guess is that, if this is the case, we are a least one day into the 72 to 96 hour time period." TREAT ALL AS RUMOR UNTIL YOU'RE AT THE BANK!

Intel Bits & Pieces from Deep Sources 03/04/2014 0 Comments "...the banks will be flush with cash of the new UST notes tomorrow" "...said new UST funds being held in the banks can be released to the general public to CE aka RV."

[bryan1972] cashinqueen Who is Deep sources.... are they new?

 [cashinqueen] bryan1972 been around for awhile but on a site i just found dinarchronicles

 [cashinqueen] bryan1972 so to the site and hit deep source on right .... has good intel

[ivy10] FLPatriot59 why are we excited?
[FLPatriot59] ivy10 Well, Rayren (Tony's bro) is super excited about tonight. He said on his call earlier this evening we need to listen to Kenny Loggins "This Is It" and Luther Van Dross "It's Over" - that was his way of telling us we're there (IN HIS OPINION, OF COURSE).