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Mort: my int lawyeer just said that the few countries that already did rv was the 1st basket-so he said the dinar-dong- and the zimbabwe will be among the others coming out next in the 2nd basket-


TNT Call 05-Feb-2014
The call started with the RV Rap…
Tony:  Before recording, I want to welcome DC back;  he’s been gone because of business and was sick… or that’s what we said.  Actually, he exchanged, signed NDAs, then they realized he was with Tony and they took it all back!  No, really, he was sick.
Good morning, TNT!  It is February the 5th, 2014.  It could be a superfantastic day, I hope it will be, but it’s probably not going to be.  There, I’ve covered all angles!
I am proud of each one of you, for what is going on with Twitter.  What we have done has not gone unnoticed;  they know you are real, and they will know after today that we will not stand by and let this happen.  Not only in the administration, UST and IMF, not only in the banking system, but there are countries around the world who have started WEARETHEPEOPLE campaigns.  It is affecting them as it is affecting us, and it’s all about greed.
Numerous people said that we don’t want to go public, but just go about our lives.  But today is the day the Republicans have asked us to burn it down, that they will stand behind us.  They have their own agenda, and this is a way to get that started.  Some do care if we get our money.  We do have insiders in the agencies, government, and IMF  who say they will support us with memos, notes, documentation, and so on.  Someone has created a new site about Whistle Blowers, and talks about the RV, so we know that if it comes down to it, we have the support to do what needs to be done. Those who took advantage of us will have to pay a price.
We got this from the Republicans, and a very high banking source sent a clear message that if they don’t do it by the time the banks open tomorrow, I advise you to expose the whole thing. I told you guys that this is what would happen – that they would stab each other in the bank, or even in the face if it will save themselves.  Many people have been removed from their positions already.  We see terrible things going on in the banks right now, in the last 48 hours, in the banks, UST and other places.  Things are getting nasty when they really didn’t have to be.  They are scrambling to protect themselves when this could have been over long ago.
I’m looking at an article today that says 40 US Reps and Senators have announced plans to leave their seats – because when the investigations come they don’t want to answer questions about their blind trust and Swiss bank accounts.  The article says 40, but I got a call last night that said the number is up to 87 who will not seek office again.  I like the fact that we will have 87 brand new people we can put in position who did not take advantage of all this crookedness.  With the power of the people, they can make sure the investigations go right.  If they do the right thing, this is all over, but if they don’t, there is no getaway just through resigning.  They will get them, even if it takes years.
DC:  I’m glad to be back – work and normal winter sickness stuff.  Intel going east to west:  Iraq, Maliki is making a big push to go for a third term on all media in-country.  There are many who are trying to position around that.  Many advisers are saying to revalue the currency and get it done, and M has tentatively agreed to that. We have four independent confirmations that rates are on high-level Forex trading platforms now.  The timeline is still unknown when that rolls out to the rest of us.  It’s all very encouraging, though.  Most of Iraq is already on their new rates, although the cards can be confusing.
Others are pushing Iraq and the IMF to push it out through Iraq and not bother with the UST.  The UN are helping to push everyone along, including our diplomatic friends – internationally at least.  In DC, the IMF is helping to facilitate some glitches based on security issues.  They just came up and being dealt with. 
Three letter agencies have alerted the banks and other agencies.  All the banks are ready with call centers and staff, briefed and ready to go. They are encouraging us to get on with going public because this is beyond anything that makes sense.  We have heard that now from several different bankers, that their action is directed by the UST.
US government:  Republicans who have been frozen out are urging the IMF to push this out because they don’t believe the administration will do anything.  Some are doing this out of self-preservation, some from other agendas.  They are seeing the Twitter campaign is making a huge difference, putting a lot of pressure on everybody.  It’s got thing moving in ways that would take months if we didn’t have Twitter.
UST:  We understand that due to pushing by the Democrats, there are more big shakeups in the Treasury –t his is the third we know of.  Some people were asked to resign, asked to retire and early and some were just fired.  These are high-up folks, and that has significant impact.  We understand the administration has finally realized there is too much pressure and they have to support the process as well. The big question is this:  Is the UST going to pull out their thumb and let it go through at the higher rates?  Or let the rate be led by the IMF?  What about clawbacks?  No one really knows. 
It will be made public, and the clawbacks will be such a pain in the butt for many people that we will make sure that is done.
Tony:  I want everyone to know what is going on.
Rate:  It’s showing 3.77 for dinar on the Executive Forex boards, with advanced notice of the markets that are trending.  Those rates are published live in that area.  It’s just a matter of time before it comes out where everyone can see it.  Why is this a lower rate than we were told our international rates would be?  The answer is because the administration isn’t doing that, it’s Iraq doing it on its own because they are not willing to play this game any longer.  The problem is that if it does come out internationally, we will not get the contract rates.  All those contracts will be null and void.
This is what happened:  they were legally advised on this.  The banks and UST traded money on their bank boards on the back boards, then they moved that money to Switzerland, and now the Swiss are willing to expose that because they had to expose American accounts four years ago.
DC:  The Swiss bankers were secret for hundreds of years, and they felt it was their job to protect their clients, no matter what.  This administration said they were chasing tax cheats, and the US forced them to divulge their clients, and the Swiss felt burned by this.  It built up a lot of resentment, justifiably, so vengeance is very much on their minds.
Tony:  Plus, the administration will only be here for a couple of years, and the Swiss banks will be there forever. Plus, for the US banks to assign a value to a currency that cannot be exchanged in the US is ILLEGAL.  The banks have been putting cash in their accounts or giving them SKRs or loans based on this illegal currency… and that is all wrong, under the law.  When this is revealed, it will be seen as the biggest Ponzi scheme ever.  The banks are saying that they were instructed to do this by the UST and administration, but they were still doing it and enjoying the benefits, so that excuse won’t wash.  Along with that, the banks were being set up as fall guys if this did go public.  They are seeking protection in writing to cover their asses.  So now the bankers, the administration and the UST are fighting back and forth.
The only way the bankers can actually protect themselves is to release this to the actual public, not just their private clients.  That is why bankers have been calling Tony and suggesting we get out into the public realm.  This is not us, it’s not ‘we are the people’ or even the other countries;  we didn’t create this mess!  They created it!  We warned them, but they keep saying, “Oh, that’s just a little blog site.”  They let this thing build and get out of control, when all we asked was for them to be fair and let us do our exchange at $32, like they did for the others. 
We then started calling our Senators and Congress people, our bankers and such, asking them to stop this and have the UST/IMF/Bankers treat us right.  Their response was to start a campaign of disinformation.  Their idea right now – because we called and complained about the IQD being exchanged – they are now putting gout the idea that we were fraudulently sold dinar.  They are trying us to beat us to the general public, saying that this is a scam.  They want the public to believe that. 
We are doing well here, and the more we do, the more they recognize that we are not going away.  This is their fault, and they have no one else to blame for it getting to this point.  Here’s a phone number – and I will tweet it out, too – Congressman Thompson says not to buy Iraqi dinar because he is getting complaints that people bought dinar that they cannot cash in.
Commodities Futures Trading Commission:  866-366-2382
Call this number and tell them we are NOT complaining about the Iraqi dinar or being a scam, because we know under Executive order 13303 that it is not a scam.  What we are complaining about is that Congress people, Senators, bankers, and their friends/clients, etc. have exchanged a currency that they maintain is worthless.  Why did they create loans with that currency if that currency is worthless?  That is what we are going to put out to people and let people know the truth before their disinformation campaign takes hold. 
So call back ALL the Senators and Congress people who you called before, and let them know that what we are complaining about is that YOU and your partners in crime all got paid, all have exchanged and it’s in blind trusts and/or Switzerland.  Go back, because this is not the only one who has responded in this way.  They say people are complaining about it being a scam, when the scam is what the politicians and bankers are doing.
If Iraq pushes out their rate internationally, we will be able to exchange at that rate and have a voice in the next election, and which banks get our money or not, and what investigations occur, but we will not get contract rates.  So we would prefer for this to be released in the US now.
Bring up the two FB pages and hit the LIKE button on each.  We want 200K likes like we have on Twitter.  Friday morning we are going to send that FB page round the world, with an explanation of what it stands for, and what we are looking for.  Someone put out a great page on what the Congressman is doing and saying, and we will add all the other crooked stuff we know is going on.  We love out Twitter but it’s only a few lines.  Let’s get up to two million Twitter followers and 200,000 at least on the FB page on Friday.
A banker called this morning and said “we know we were part of this the first month but were trying set it right this last month, but they won’t let us”.  So they are trying, and we are not going to let them off 100% because they are still collecting all that money.  A church in Reno NV sold all their dinar for 56 cents!  The banks are still taking advantage of us, left and right, and if they are not doing it themselves, they are letting it happen in their banks.  They are complicit;  they are aiding and abetting.  They couldn’t have cheated us without you or your bank.  Those banks will be identified before this is over, because they could have stopped it at any time.  It’s sitting at their banks;  if they could exchange these groups, you could exchange anyone who walks through the door!
DC:  This is how politicians are hiding this, which is not actually illegal.  They keep these exchanges out of their names since late November, early December:  you can set up a trust that cannot be traced back to you.  You have an attorney (some specialize in trusts) set up a trust in a bland name that has nothing to do with the client.  All the documents and names go to the law firms, so it’s a nonpublic document protected by attorney-client confidentiality.  The beneficiary can be anyone or anything, including family members.  The lawyer then sets up a bank account at whatever bank, and the lawyer acts as the signatory on that account.  They then set up a low-risk profile, and all the bank documents go to the lawyer’s office.  Then the politician doesn’t have to disclose that money on their financial statements. 
I’m not an attorney, and I don’t advise anyone on this, but that is how the process has been done to keep these funds off their books.
Tony: That’s why many of these guys are resigning because next year they won’t have to disclose their finances because then they will be private citizens.  However, they are identifying themselves because they didn’t just walk away for no reason.
We got that forex information from multiple sources;  one person got it directly from the bank, that they were seeing it at the same rates, and informed that it would show up yesterday. 
If the US is not obstructing this any longer, why is it not here today, DC?
DC:  With some of the changes in leadership and management, then they are supposed to release this.  They need to set up some coordination between Iraq and IMF and UST as the new people take over.  That’s what we understand is delaying this slightly.  Also, the administration is now pulling back and letting the IMF handle this.
Tony:  We keep hearing that it will happen by this time or that time – staring senior Democrats right in the face and lying to them.  So even when we get this… for three years I’ve been giving them the benefit of the doubt so we can get over this as smoothly as we can.  Only in the last two months have I come to have doubts because it keeps not happening. Now I’m saying SHOW ME! On Friday morning, no matter what, we are going to make this public.  Many want us to do this today.  They took a new vote on the Iraqi budget today, and the rate is in there, because they are saying “enough is enough”.  Is this about activating the budget?  Nor sure, but the vote was about the budget, it passed and everyone is happy about it. 
What I see them doing now is taking time to cover up, see who is on their side or not.  They are still stretching it out… or maybe using the IMF as a fall guy.  That is not a good excuse, because for over a month that has been your original plan. What we do know is that the banks attorneys have advised that they have to offer the contract rates out to the GENERAL PUBLIC for 30 days, because that was their original plan.  Whatever the government says or does, if they want to cover themselves the contract rates have to be out there for 30 days. 
That window ends Thursday night, and if the RV has not been released, this will be all over on Friday morning.  The US has roughly four trillion IQD, maybe as much as six trillion. 
DC: I know how that was originally accounted for but not how it was moved to pay for penalties and such.  It’s definitely at least four trillion.
Tony:  One trillion was used for bonds, one trillion for penalties, and four trillion are still there… but they’re worthless, right?
DC:  A lot were changed and moved in bringing them to the US.  How we have been funding the high cost of delay, some of that has been through reserves, and I don’t know how that is accounted for. 
Tony:  Those are the ones who will have to explain that, and not to their buddies but to a whole other group that want to protect the US citizens.  I know there is a lot of information, more than you ever really wanted to know  (including us!) but here is the bottom line.  Iraq has to have a currency with value.  Iraqis want to rebuild their country, standing on their own two feet, not asking the US or China or anyone for permission.  This cannot drag on forever just because one country is being greedy, wanting their privileged to be paid and not their people.
I was talking to Pam this morning and we were looking at the memos we’ve been getting – the memos and emails and calls, not about the negative impact, but the people who are scared that this will never happen, or that we will be at risk if we go public.  If our government,  politicians and bankers don’t do what is right, Iraq is still going to revalue and we will still do an exchange at international rates.  What we are concerned with is whether the administration, Congress and bankers will give us the contract rates.  As long as you have physical dinar, you will be able to cash out and receive your blessing.  We are the people, we outnumber them all, and we will benefit in the end.  It will happen because they have already exchanged over 100K in the US illegally!  So long as we get our fair share, they can hide all that, but if we don’t and this goes public, there are too many people who have exchanged already and who want them to fail!  They didn’t have dinar, the bankers instructed them to go out and buy some so that they can exchange.  As they realized that this is backdoor stuff, both clients and wealth managers, they started having regrets and informing Tony and they are keeping all the records.  When this goes public, those who have been defrauding all of us will be caught.  We have nothing to worry about;  they should worry, because we will put out the truth, not this nonsense about the Iraqi dinar being a scam.  If we have to give out interviews, put it out on Twitter and Facebook and all the rest of the media, then that’s what we will do – and we will still get the international rate, at the very least.
Q and A – Pam are you on the board?  0114, hello?
Caller:  I’m confused.  Do you think, no matter what, that eventually we’ll be able to cash out at the international rate?
Tony:  Yes, I do.
Caller:  Timeframe for that?
Tony:  Since it is on the boards right now, I think it could be this week.
Caller:  I’m putting in my Tweets, got my Facebook account ready!  We are the people!
404 – good morning, hello?  617?
Caller:  I was on mute, sorry.  I am excited about Facebook, ready to go!  About the international rate, how do they pay it back (clawback)?
Tony:  I don’t know where it would go to --- not to us, I feel sure.
DC:  There are two different scenarios:  if it’s taken out of currency reserves, it would be put back there;  if it came from the Iraqi reserves, it would be given back to them.
Caller:  If we hopped on a plane and went to Iraq, could we cash out there?
Tony:  You couldn't cash out because you are not a citizen there, and if you did, you couldn’t bring it back over here.  We tried!
Caller:  On the last call, you said you were offered $7 with no NDA.  I understand you have a lot of info we don’t have, but why didn’t you go for that rate?
Tony:  This is why:  because they want us to be part of a group, go there, put all the money in one person’s account, and have that person disburse the money.  I’m never going to do that.  I know there have been paymasters being paid, and then the person walked off with all the dinar.  There is no agreement that the paymaster is going to pay out at a specific amount at a specific time.  It’s a breeding ground for lawsuits and all the money gets tied up for ten years while they fight it out in the courts.  If they put the money in my account, my money, then I’m there!
Caller:  I was a full supporter of Obama, and now I am just pissed off.
Tony:  I’m a democrat, but I try to look at both side and understand what is fair.  We are looking at two possibilities:  Obama doesn’t deal with the details, OR they are keeping him in the dark like a mushroom.  At this point, with the people in Washington who know about TNT and what they are going through, the President has to know there is a problem!  As a leader, you have to take the bull by the horns.  Now, that may have happened with everyone we hear are being fired or forced to resign.  But take immediate action and do what’s right!
If they offer us something, do we take it, sign the NDA and leave you to your own devices?  No, that is not right;  we don’t do that.  They supported us, and we are supporting them.  I’d take an offer if there is no NDA, so long as I can continue to talk to you, to help, support and advise you.  It is important.  I had to do this when I was in MLM:  when you build an organization (and mine was 13,000 or more), they are not just your organization, they are your family.  They call you when they want to laugh, cry, give up, get pissed. That builds a bond.  It’s not even about the 20,000 on the site, it’s 200,000 who are making plans based on what we are saying.  As of yesterday, it’s 200K US citizens AND six other countries.  We are the people, together, and we have to consider you in everything we do and say.  We are constantly asking ourselves what is the right thing to do, and when, and in what order.  We’re even fighting for those idiots on the other sites who are trying to make TNT wrong rather than standing strong with us.
I know how to take money and make money, so I could take $7 or even $3 with no NDA.  But I want to support all of you.  For many people, this is their only shot, and I want it to be the best shot they can get. I already have a plan for the next five years, and I know the currencies that are going to revalue in the next two years, but we all want to support you!
[Everyone in the background said ABSOLUTELY!]
Caller:  I’m superfantastic!  The truth is, I don’t want to sign the NDA;  I’m sick and tired of them going back and forth with all their BS, but let it happen before Friday.  Do you have any info about the dong at international rates?
Tony:  Dinar =- 3.79, dong at 72 cents as of this morning.
Caller:  The Facebook page and such, I’m already on FB with a bunch of followers including 100 people here in New Orleans who have dinar and who listen to all the calls.  I have friends and family who are in serious trouble.  They have to release this thing so that I can help get some people back on their feet!
Tony:  Facebook… Go to the FB page and LIKE that site so that they know we are real.  On Friday I want you to send it to every friends, site, everywhere you can.  Everybody will see it, and they will figure out that we are the people and we are being scammed.  We will do it all weekend long if we have to.  We’ll go to the CNN site, FB, Twitter, all the news sites, every place we need to go.  We are not going to do that until Friday morning, though, so FIRST go to the TNT FB page and sign up so they know this is for real.
They cannot get mad at us because 1) they created this problem;  2) the agencies, Republicans and quite a few Democrats have asked us to do this for the last month and we have resisted.  But this morning when we heard from the bankers themselves, because they now know that they are being set up, they are saying they wanted to do right but the UST wouldn’t let them.  We know that we have six other countries with us as well, and ready to push this out.  Of course we had good news this morning, and everybody wanted me to set a date, and that is what Friday’s call is about.  Today, though, let’s get our Twitter up to 200,.000 people.  We only have to send one tweet to each of these government people and say “On Friday we are going public.”  Go to each of your ten, and send them to sign up at Facebook, and join TNT We are the People or We are the people TNT, either way.
DC says that some of you don’t want your people to know you have dinar, but right now we need you to help make this happen. If you were going to give you some anyway, it doesn’t matter.  If they don’t know, maybe they will go buy some dinar and you won’t need to give them any!  Either way, we need to get this information out.
People who already have physical dinar don’t have to worry, because you will be exchange them sooner or later.  If you have reserves, you have decide whether to renew them. But if you have physical dinar, hold onto them because they will soon be worth a lot, lot more.
Pam:  Remember, you can join BOTH Facebook pages, and double your impact.   We want to get those numbers up!
610 Caller:  These private bankers… I got this gal hooked up on this, and her WF banker says that she doesn’t know anything.
Tony:   I think there are a lot of bankers who don’t know anything.  The bankers didn’t tell them because they don’t want their employees to buy dinar, exchange, and leave their jobs.  That is what happened when the Kuwaiti dinar revalued!  They will cash themselves out and find some-thing else to do.  So the banks lied to their own people, to their tellers and wealth mangers, and to the Tier 2 banks.  They were told they would be exchanging on Monday!  When it comes time, the Tier 2 banks will want to work with us, because they got lied to as well.  When we have our cash and tell our friends, we can all move to the smaller banks who treat us better.
Caller:  Thank you.  Where do they get the pictures of you that they posted?  Like the one of you smoking a cigar, and the smoke is all in your face…
Tony:  I think they got them at the post office!  [laughter] 
727 Caller:  I’m excited to get on;  thank you for all that you do, you are doing a wonderful job.  My biggest question is, if we get the higher rate but have to sign the NDA, can my husband get it at the higher rate, and I’ll take some of the money and cash out at street rates?
Tony:  The original NDA covered you, your spouse, your children, all the rest of your family.  It’s my opinion that they will consider you as ‘one’. 
Caller:  We are taking an attorney with us, and if I don't’ like the NDA, I'm not signing it.
Tony:  The first NDA was five pages, and the latest one is 14 pages, and I’m hearing all about things people don’t like.  If you want the higher rate and can live with the NDA, that is a choice you can make.  We want you to have the opportunity to receive the same rate as the elite did, and to sign the same NDA they did.  We were hearing that those who have already signed the NDA are already regretting it.  Read it, take your time, be comfortable before signing.  One thing I don't like is that the NDA says you also agree to any further changes, and I’m not going to sign that – that’s like signing a blank check.
This is how to split your funds to get some at each right.  First exchange you can do at the market rate, because that is not attached to the NDA at all.  Then call the 800 number and exchange the rest under the contract rate, with the NDA.  But that NDA will cover you and your whole family.
Caller:  What do you think about the spendthrift trust?
DC:  There are many trusts with specific purposes.  It’s a very personal decision on what best fits your purposes and your family.  But trusts in general are the right way to go.
Tony:  We can tweet the CFCC Chairman, so that he can understand that the scam is being done by the banks, not by the dinar.  Let’s make that clear so that he cannot put it any other way when this goes public.
765:  Which day do you plan to go public?
Tony:  Friday’s call  at 10am PST, 1pm EST.  We want everyone to do it at the same time, on the call.  We’ll have every country involved – we have 57 on our forum – and we’ll get everyone doing it on Friday and that will get someone’s attention.  We’ll do it all weekend, and it will make world news because FB will have blown it up in three days.
Caller:  This has always been about greed and power.  For those involved, there is a deadline, and you will all pay the price if this does not go through.  CL said that she would do this, so stand up to your word!  Tony, if the dinar comes out at the international rate, do you think it will go up?
Tony:  Yes, when this comes out , the hedge funds, big money funds and people will get involved, so it will go up for a short period of time and then the rate will go down.  The market will react.
Caller:  DC, you said that the administration is going to support us.  What do you mean by that?
DC:  They realize that there is no benefit to them in delaying any more, so they are supporting the roll out.
Tony:  Having said that, we don’t want to hear about it any more.  We want to see action and take action.  Whether I’m here Friday or not, in case I disappear, you need to do what I said… and also on top of that say “Bring Tony back!” 
651?  781, good morning.  You don’t have to be scared, they only know DC and me!
Caller:  We are the people, TNT strong!  This started for me about eight years ago, and I learned more about the Iraqi government than about mine.  IN the last three years, we’ve been educated about our own government, and it’s heartbreaking.  A lot of dinarians have woken up, and they are waking up others, and maybe it’s time for us to move into some of these offices and put this country back on course.
Tony:  I still don’t want to be political;  it’s one of the most crooked thing you can do, and they say these things have to be done to get things done.  It’s like Jack Nicholson said in that film “you can’t handle the truth”, and there are some things like that, but this is not that kind of thing.  I know the negotiations that have happened between the US, China, Russia, the IMF… how to get them to that $32 rate.  I understand that.  But right now, we did all that, we supported you and our country, our veterans went to fight over there and came back here to suffer, and that is just greed. The politicians want us to burn down the present administration, and I understand that, but there are also some good people who have contacted us who are doing the right things and supporting us.   Those people are listening to the calls.  That is the real fight we are in now.  I still don’t want to be a politician, but we as a group are not going to let them run over us.  Don’t think we are just going to forget when we have money in out pockets.  What happens when that money runs out and they realize they could have got more but you took it from them, or you did something illegal and then retired and got a civilian job, and you think we forget what you did or didn’t do?
Caller:  If we leave the crooked people up there, what’s to stop them from doing something retrospectively?  I don’t want to see that happen.
Tony:  Look at the NDA really closely, and see if they CAN take it back from you if they decide to.  Look at that NDA for that.  Also, we are not the general public looking at the general political situation. We know the history of this thing, and we KNOW they did the wrong thing.  IF there are 50-200K, or two million or five million. We already see the people who are quitting or being fired, and we know what is going on.  We are not the ordinary people, we have insiders on our team who are willing to stand up for us.  On something on this scale, it’s completely different.  When Colin Powell quit, he didn’t do it because he was old or tired;  he did it because the truth was exposed and he wasn’t willing to cause the country to be embarrassed through contending with that issue.  That is not the case here;  it’s about greed, not standing up for America.  Nobody’s going to stand us for the bankers for that reason.
Caller:  We don't have to run for office, but we can still stay connected and work state by state if necessary.  I think they wanted to do this like Kuwait, where the ordinary person didn’t know what was going on.  I do believe there are good people who believe in our country, believe in the military, and believe in honor and integrity.
Tony:  I agree.  We talk all the time in the team here, and it always amazes me that these are intelligent people who lead our government and economy, and they cannot see how to resolve this in 30 minutes?!  They just want to wait until it’s an inferno?  They cannot be this intelligent and not see that with this many people this is going to spin out of control.  Eventually, somebody in that room is going to do the right thing, they just don’t know who it is.
Caller:  Please, if you haven’t donated, do so now so we can keep TNT on the boards!
405 Caller:  Something happened when I called my Senator the other day;  the page did some investigation called me back yesterday and said it was 100% legal as a forward contract and with blind trusts.
Tony:  Tell them we are going to test that in public, whether it was legal for these favored clients to make millions of dollars from our soldiers while they just filled their coffers.
Caller:  they asked me to ask you to call them, because they want to talk to you!
Tony:  They don’t need to talk to me;  they know what’s going on!  I’m not going to talk to every Senator when they know and I know what’s going on.  I know that my name is going around Washington, and they know who I am and what I’m saying.
DC:  I’ve said this before:  lawyers make sure things are legal, including the contracts they want us to sign and such.  A lot of politicians are hiding behind “everything we did is legal”.  But how is it going to look when you and all your buddies cashed in with blind trusts and you and your spouse, children, neighbors, etc., did the same.  No matter how they spin it, it’s going to look horrendous.  
Tony:  Which Senator is this? 
Caller:  This is from Senator Coburn.
Tony:  That Senator has a good friend who is a guru, someone I know has explained all this to the Senator, so I know where he is coming from.  He may be resigning and he may say it’s legal, but if it’s worthless to the public, how are they using a worthless currency as collateral to give people hundreds of millions of dollars?  Who does that make sense to? That’s what we can do as the public.  They can individually say “The bank put the money in my account, so it must be right”, but we will know better. We have the power at the elections, and we will know who to put in power and how to put out of power.
DC:  We gave everyone good information and also the plans to keep the pressure up.  Keep up with Twitter, and get ready to go on Facebook on Friday.  Keep it up and congratulations!
Pam:  Don’t forget to like all our pages on Facebook, and wait until our call on Friday.
Tony:  We have a plan.  We’ve got to tweet that we gave them time to do the right thing, and the RV still hasn’t been released.  We were #1 for an hour or so, and we need to get up there again.  Everyone get your Facebook accounts and friends ready for Friday so that they will all take notice.  News stations around the world will comment on it! 
Also, go to that DONATE button, because only a few hundred people are supporting the site for two hundred thousand.
I hope this is over by Friday, but if not, this is our battlefield!  Have a great day, and let’s hope this will happen and we can just get on with our lives.
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2-5-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday   [So even if they go with the London exchange, dont they still have to have a reality rate?]  yes, they need reality rate.  [so what I am seeing is they are moving the date of the ISX interchange up?]  yes it appears that they are moving the date up for us as if we had a date but some think we did -- however -- this makes us very close -- the stock market includes reality rate of the dinar.  

2-5-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday   Article quote:   "The office was opened about a month ago in the Land of central Baghdad, and began working formally Currently, a first of its kind in Iraq..."   they are opening the trade of all stocks and currency as with all stock exchange and with this office it is for the exchange to promote the economy and move forward with the reform...they are preparing to go global through this opening of the baghdad building for exchange - so there is a new announcement...on cbi.  Islamic banking which is what cbi is under as we know has received their credit rating -- it is AAA.   I hope everyone realizes how great that was -- it is the opening of the door for us and is huge... 


AngelQuest  2/5/2014

Hello important post now......it backs up my call (2-4-14)


•International Monetary Fund (IMF)

 Economics blog badge

 Congress's refusal to back IMF funding proposal is unfortunate and regrettable

But in disappointment comes opportunity – and world leaders should seize the chance to pursue more aggressive reforms
Mohamed El-Erian 

•theguardian.com, Wednesday 5 February 2014 03.56 EST 

 IMF chief Christine Lagarde 

The outmoded system that reserves the position of managing director for European citizens should be eliminated once and for all.

 Despite an elegant solution that involved no new commitments of resources, the US Congress has refused to take up a long-delayed funding proposal for the International Monetary Fund. In the process, it derailed a multilateral agreement that was hammered out back in 2010 – ironically, in the eyes of the rest of the world, with US President Barack Obama's administration taking a leading role. And it did so at a time when financial disruption in emerging economies is reminding the world of the importance of a strong stabilising anchor at the core of the international monetary system.

 After the initial disappointment, many are hoping that Congress will again take up the Obama administration's IMF request after a short interlude. It will certainly have several opportunities to do so while working on other financial legislation. But, with Congressional elections due later this year, few are confident that lawmakers will be in any mood to change course until 2015 at the earliest.

 This is an unfortunate and regrettable outcome for both the IMF and the international community as a whole. Congressional obstinacy is forcing the fund to miss out on an opportunity to strengthen its finances at a time when most other countries have already approved the initiative. It is also being held back from addressing, albeit modestly, governance and representation deficits that have steadily eroded the integrity, credibility and effectiveness of this important multilateral institution.

 Meanwhile, global developments confirm that the recent period of financial tranquillity remains a tentative one. Rather than being anchored by fundamental and durable reforms, the current calm has been secured through prolonged reliance on central banks' experimental monetary policies, especially in the United States, Europe and Japan.

 These policies have improved domestic prospects in advanced countries, but they have accentuated the policy dilemmas facing many emerging economies. In some cases, they have overwhelmed policymaking capability and added to internal political instability – all of this at a time when no one knows the full range of side effects and unintended consequences of the west's unconventional measures.

 Yes, this is an important lost opportunity for all who value global growth and financial stability. That is undoubtedly bad news. But there is also a silver lining, because last month's disappointment can be turned into an opportunity.

 The 2010 agreement was, after all, a compromise – albeit a hard-fought one – that advanced only marginally the cause of long-delayed IMF reforms. Moreover, there were insufficient assurances that the limited changes would end up providing a springboard for more meaningful reforms down the road. Indeed, rather than modernising economic multilateralism and revamping its governance, what many would have regarded as an unsatisfactory yet final partial compromise could have played into the hands of those who advocate regional arrangements as a substitute for multilateralism, not a compliment to it.

 But this new opportunity, born of disappointment, will not be seized if the international community's approach is simply to wait for the US president to submit the same set of limited reforms to Congress again and again. Instead, leaders need to come together and support the initiation of discussions on a more comprehensive set of reforms.

Such reforms could start by targeting a more aggressive, and much-needed, realignment of voting power and representation at the IMF – one that reflects the world of today and tomorrow, rather than that of decades ago. This could be achieved by pursuing three specific initiatives.

 • Leaders should target a much bigger shift in favour of emerging economies and away from Europe – in voting power, representation on the IMF's executive board, and funding obligations.

 • The outmoded relic of a system that de facto reserves the position of managing director for European citizens should be eliminated once and for all.

 • Third, policymakers should build on recent progress to ensure a more level operational playing field for the implementation of fund surveillance.

 There is no better time than now to start working on these three initiatives. The last two – further improving the procedures governing the election of the next managing director and more even-handed surveillance – could be pursued rather quickly and without having to secure parliamentary approval. What is required is stronger political will by governments and, in the case of Europe, greater humility.

 The first initiative, pertaining to voting power and representation, would inevitably take longer and be much more complicated to implement. In many countries, governments would need to obtain parliamentary approval. And the process of getting there is bound to require difficult negotiations and hard compromises. To adapt a concept that the columnist Thomas Friedman recently used for the Middle East, the key is to recognise that, at the national level, it is about "no victor, no vanquished". This is not about individual countries, but rather about the well-being of an international system that can better serve and protect individual countries' interests over the longer-term.

 Acting through its 24 representatives on the IMF's executive board, the international community would be well advised to move quickly to empower the managing director to appoint an independent committee of outside experts to devise detailed proposals in each area, including by drawing on work that has already been undertaken. Indeed, the emerging world's recent bouts of instability, and the risk that they may spillover to advanced countries where growth has yet to achieve "escape velocity," are a timely reminder of the danger of reform paralysis.

 Anyone who wishes to see a strong IMF at the centre of a fluid international monetary system – and most economists see great merit in this – would agree that such a multi-speed outcome is far superior to doing more of the limited same



Tony is right, I know right now in Florida church people are on a 2 hour stand to cash out! 


Like Tony always tells us do your own research. So I did , I contacted a very good friend of mine that works for BOFA Merrill Lynch Wealth management group and I asked him some question regarding what we are hearing. 

I had told him about this investment about 2 months ago. So he replies that he has done some research on it, but he asked me has anything new come up. I told him all about what the contract rates that we have been hearing about and how the wealthy are being paid out blab blah.

 Amazing part he told me that those kind of contracts do exist . He has been hearing alot about people investing in the Indian Rupi. I asked him if he had heard anything about Dinar he said yes there is alot of talk about IRAQ and Dinar. 

What Tony is telling you is true there is contract rates , and yes there is rich people getting paid of these. These so called contract rates are set up under whats called  " Marked Linked Investment ". 

You need to be at least a wealth management client to be part of these investment account which kind of set up like CD's with 2 to 5 years terms. The shorter terms have more fees involved. To be a wealth management client you need to have 250k on deposit . 

To be part of the Marked Linked Investment you need to be part of a group or willing to deposit 1m DOLLARS IN THE ACCOUNTS. 
Do they call their top client for these deals OF COURSE because they have money to invest. 

The bank Hold the money for up to 5 years and gives the clients something like a loan that they have to pay back over 5 years. After maturity of the account the bank hold any were from 22-52 percent of the money. The longer the term the more money they hold back. 

Depending in what you invest for example currency they money is backed up by what country offers in the case of IRAQ would be OIL. There is also international version of the account which other countries offer like for example china. With more risk but higher chance of return on your money. 


2-5-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Quote:  "The dinar is not traded on any legitimate foreign exchange and is worth a fraction of a dollar."  Of course not - if it were, it would be known as an "internationally recognized" currency.  Quote:  "A federal grand jury last money indicted three men from the Toledo, Ohio, area for their roles in the operation of a $23 million fraud scheme involving the sale of Iraqi dinar currency and two nonexistent hedge funds."  The 23 million fraud scheme had little to do with the validity of the Iraqi Dinar (as a currency) and more to do with a "ponzi scheme" parading around like a "hedge fund".  Quote:  "Investors lost about $23.8 million from dinar sales, according to the indictment."   ...if they bought currency (??) and still have the currency, they haven't (technically) lost - yet. It is a currency. IT'S M-O-N-E-Y...   [post 2 of 2]

2-5-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   Article:   "Congressman Bennie Thompson: Don't buy Iraqi currency"  Quote:  "U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson is warning Mississippians against the purchase or exchange of Iraqi dinars:"  Why would he warn anyone against "exchanging Iraqi Dinars"?  The truth is, he has received numerous complaints in his office, but they are all "claiming" he and the bankers have "cashed out"...and "claiming" - THIS IS UNFAIR!!   IMHO - There are NO complaints to his office "claiming" inability to "exchange" - there are numerous places to exchange DINARS. They are complaining about their investment having not "paid off" soon enough.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

2-5-2014  Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:   "Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb - Farah...called for increased claims develop modern mechanisms for the development of the banking system in Iraq to become an active role in supporting the Iraqi economy...most prominent of these recommendations and the establishment of a bank for economic development and give a greater role to the private sector and facilitate the issue of guarantees and reviewing map the spread of the banks in the provinces."   this is the bank we were to look for when the economic development was ready -- it is the economic development bank...the time is now to move forward with the development of the modern banking and economic reality...we see they are finally putting the economic development bank in use and this is huge in progress.

2-5-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
    I personally think Maliki has international support for a change in the value of the IQD - which I doubt he (personally) has had up until recently. Shabibi had it...now that we are at this stage I believe he has it (for a smaller number)...I don't think he has had such "universal" - (Iran, US, EU, etc,etc...) support in the past.

2-5-2014   Intel Guru BWM
   * NO expectations for this week…* there are things (still) that need to be accomplished before this will come to fruition… and no, it’s not some bank meeting or some meeting at the UST.

2-4-2014   Newshound Guru tlm724
   Article:  "Economic Parliament: Read the budget within five days 4/2/2014"    they are working out the details...the most prominent problems that hampered represented by the export of oil and the benefits of oil companies operating in the region.  the next session for parliament is Tuesday the 11th, we will see if they can work out some of the details but remember these things take time.

2-4-2014   Intel Guru Bluwolf
   Be advised that all are scrambling to get this pushed forward as soon as possible...the global reset is about to be officially expose through all the media. ...the good word is that they are scrambling for it to be out asap Like tonight.

2-4-2014   Intel Guru TD
     Well friends yesterday I cashed out 95% of my dinar holdings. Over a week ago I received some troubling rumors from the sandbox that there were serious discussions coming to a unanimous consensus of Iraq's intentions to only do a C/E IN HOUSE (i.e. inside Iraq only) . Of course I'm sure you'll cry fowl but among points of discussion was the simple fact of 30-40 Trillion dinars outside of Iraq and the impossibility of simple arithmetic. In addition, I was told that the dinar we hold was never LEGALLY SANCTIONED (BY IRAQ) to be sold outside of Iraq. We all know it is not traded internationally.  I'd also urge you to read ...statements from the IMF, etc.

2-4-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article quotes:  "Baghdad - Announced in the capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday, announced the opening of its first office of the Stock Exchange world in Baghdad, the first of its kind in the history of Iraq."  “international exchange licensed by the Iraqi government and linked to the Stock Exchange of London Global."   “The opening of such a financial institution is a step to improve the value of the Iraqi dinar and the national economy through the size of the exchange and the entry and exit of foreign currency,”  This – along with the political “disinterest” by Maliki’s own party – is MASSIVE.

2-4-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony   
  The currency is going to go international.  To NOT do the GCR is going to destroy multiple countries.  They are not going to be allowed to destroy those other countries because the US banks and administration are greedy.  They need to give us options.  They will have to give us 3.44 at least.  Iraq has to go international.  China is pressing the US to release it tonight because of the bond issues. I hope that we...can have our exchange and get on with our lives.  [post 3 of 3]

2-4-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony
     They have been processing church groups.  One church group was sent all the way to Florida, they had them sign NDAs and then paid them 32 cents per dinar...church organizations who are being taken advantage of... All I keep hearing is that they don’t want us to have the $32 rate they gave to their friends and family and we will just get the crumbs. This kept growing and growing, and now they are trying to find a way to shut us out, or at least so that we cannot get more than the international rate.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

2-4-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony
   [via Adept1]  call centers are in, exchange centers are expected to be in this evening.  There is a time this afternoon when the system is making an adjustment.  If it happens, it will be superfantastic.  We are all hoping that it happens.  We’re ready, the banks are ready, the Tier 2 banks are ready.  There is no reason for this NOT to happen unless somebody is preventing it from happening. In Iraq they are announcing they will be international this week...by Friday.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

2-4-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
    They have released the rates to the banks and they are active rates. They are not going to release the rest of the process to roll this out to the general public until ...the high contract rates are all expended...or such political pressure is put on this corruption that they are forced to finally release some of the contract rates to the general public (and not just a selected few groups)...   [post 2 of 2]

2-4-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Many have asked so many times what is holding up this RV process up? I am reading some...posts showing that some intel providers are still chasing the same old budget and GOI issues as the hold up. I tell you Iraq is ready and have been for over 6 months now. They await this announcement like all of us. By now most of us know what is holding it up. It is the UST...the UST totally controls the process.  They own the software and control it. It can only proceed if they complete running the software process downstream that rolls out all the needed files and rates to the global exchanges, as needed for this to go fully public. There is no other way.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

2-4-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru Bluedog
    It seems that we are sitting in the last moments watching...IMO we should not care when the Parliament comes back and that its real strange that they passed the Pension Law today without reading the Budget...for the first reading...but who cares... that's not our goal... our goal is the international rate...we know that has to come first.   the Budget will come out soon enough to get these things done.   sure is a lot of side table meetings going on...this is a complex move for this Rich Nation....I think, IMO, we are Golden.

2-4-2014   Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man

2-4-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   Article:   "Washington warns Barzani of the Kurdistan Declaration of Independence"    Personal speculation - Never happen. Barzani is using this for muscle in his negotiations with Bagdad over the budget.  He is a realist and knows that war would surely pursue immediately...Barzani would never take that chance.  Kurdistan and Bagdad are attached at the hip both now and in the future.  Kurdistan and Bagdad will work this out soon and I think the budget is the key.  As long as Kurdistan gets what they think is their fair share they will be satisfied until the next problem.  I see this as a card being played to force the hand Maliki's government to come to terms on the budget and they are, IMO. 
2-4-2014  Newshound Guru Millionday
We see that the retirement law is done...Published in the official gazette and implemented this law from the date of 01.01.2014.  They published it to begin the beginning of the fiscal year as they are claiming that all is to be with the calendar year as well.   They will get back pay and begin with the calendar year -- wow hope that is the budget as well -- they said they have plenty of time with it being five days -- makes you wonder what is at the end of that time -- very interesting timeline they are stating.  Najafi had a closed door meeting and they postponed the budget yesterday to give five days for all to work out disagreements etc -- so in five days it will be back on table.   

2-4-2014   Intel Guru Jester


2-4-2014   Intel Guru TD     Well friends yesterday I cashed out 95% of my dinar holdings. Over a week ago I received some troubling rumors from the sandbox that there were serious discussions coming to a unanimous consensus of Iraq's intentions to only do a C/E IN HOUSE (i.e. inside Iraq only) . Of course I'm sure you'll cry fowl but among points of discussion was the simple fact of 30-40 Trillion dinars outside of Iraq and the impossibility of simple arithmetic. In addition, I was told that the dinar we hold was never LEGALLY SANCTIONED (BY IRAQ) to be sold outside of Iraq. We all know it is not traded internationally.  I'd also urge you to read ...statements from the IMF, etc. 


AQ and Blaino both believe the delay to the GCR is mainly because of the need for Congress to vote on and approve some new IMF policies.  Specifically, that there is a restructuring of voting rights in the IMF, where under-represented countries (like the BRICS countries and developing countries) would receive more proportional voting rights, and over-represented countries (like the U.S.) would have reduced power.  Obviously, the U.S. would have to give up power, and apparently Congress isn't keen on doing that, no matter the inherent lack of fairness in the current system.  Go figure.

I thought it was interesting that AngelQuest saw this as a bad thing.  If anything, in my opinion, the U.S. needs to play MORE fair (a la Ron Paul policies) with the rest of the world.  This change would obviously be a move in that direction, as well as LET US HAVE THE RV, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!
I would love to hear if Tony would see this bit of information fit in with some of the inconsistencies he has seen in the recent delays.