Monday, February 3, 2014


2-4-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday   [That article...about the WTO training they are doing in March. Is that training because they will have been accepted into the WTO or preparing them to enter?]   they said they are planning on being active members this month -- they said next last month so we shall see if they get it all done for that to happen but they are rolling so it looks good with the market and the need of the globe as well.

2-3-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
    Article:  "Plan to Convert Iraqi Districts into Provinces Widely Opposed"   Maliki is doing everything possible to screw up the coming elections.  It will be to no avail because he still does not having the backing to get a third term.  This is a blatant move to attempt to stack the odds in his favor.  It won't work.  

2-3-2014   Intel Guru BWM
   I said last week it didn’t look good for it happening...and no, I don’t believe it will happen tomorrow either until I hear that things that I was told that need to be completed are done.

2-3-2014   Intel Guru TerryK    IT WAS ALL TO GO DOWN SUNDAY NIGHT...BUT AGAIN NOTHING.  [do you expect it today or tomorrow?]   RUMOR TUESDAY NIGHT.

2-3-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   Article:   "35 trillion dinars in circulation"   HUGE ARTICLE!!  Looks like to me, they are looking to reduce the amount of currency in circulation. This says good things for us in the future. Once you get past the “timing issue” – there is no way they are lining up for a LOP. 

JACKD1955 UPDATE POST: Update this morning..10th floor trader...encouraging, 3 FEB

Fellow members,
We just talked overseas with trader...Still looks good for Monday -tuesday time frame...
But more excited..NEVER TOLD US THIS BEFORE...
It will not get out of THIS WEEK..per his trader/bank conversations

Keep the faith


TNT Call 03-Feb-2014
There were technical problems on all the phone lines AND blogtalkradio, so Tony started late.
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  It is February the 3rd, 2014.  Guys, how are you all today?  Getting off to a slow start because blogtalk and freeconferencecall were both malfunctioning.  But here we are!  Only 15 minutes late, and some have left, so maybe the malfunctions served their purpose.
Over the weekend we heard good things were happening, promises made.  Many politicians were upset this morning because they were promised that this problem would go away over the weekend.  They get lied to just like we do, and they are absolutely upset about it. 
 The politicos and the banks all thought TNT and Twitter and public exposure was going away this morning because that is what they were promised at the highest level.  That’s why I told you to keep up the pressure over the weekend.  
Tier 2 and 3 banks were told the rates would go live, so they have been lied to as well. They were expecting that yesterday evening so they could get started – didn’t happen.
What you are doing is absolutely counting, no matter what other idiots tell you.  We do know what we are doing and it is having an impact.  I’m hearing from bankers, agencies, and other directions – it is making them nervous, they don’t want this spilling out into the public.  Over the weekend I got calls from Iraq to say they are supporting us and what we are doing. They are now using #WeAreThePeople in Iraq, joining us because they have already been through this.  Thank you everyone for supporting this as this grows.
WE have people in three-letter agencies who are supporting us in the background.  WE have bank people supporting us, who are making copies of documents and memos.  They are looking out for us.  People in other countries are supporting us, like Australia who are letting them know. 
 Banking officials in Switzerland are following what you are doing and hearing your comments.  They are starting to send out notifications and information that they want all these crooked deposits removed from their banks. 
 They don’t want to be part of what’s going on.  They feel they got blackmailed into revealing accounts by American citizens, and now they say they don’t want to be any part of dirty money being deposited in their banks before this is exposed world-wide. 
 So TNT people, you are having an affect, and it is going global.  That’s what we need.  That’s why I tell you guys that for going public, this has to be right.  We have to have the right support, and we are getting if from those with documents. IF they want to treat us like second class citizens, that will not be allowed, especially if this spills over into public view.
I want to so the right thing and support the government, but when they abuse us, that is not right. 
Rates:  Iraq is supposed to announce they are international today, and I’m looking for verification on that right now.
Could something happen?  We were expecting it, the tier 2 and 3 banks were expecting it, but it has not happened, so somebody is still holding it up.  I wanted to give you good stuff today.  Another 25,000 people were exchanged in these ‘private placements’ as they call it.
I don’t have the final n8mbers, but I do know what people are doing.  They have been changing a significant number of church people and organizations.  My reason is that the government is exploiting churches and people in the churches because they know that they are easy targets. 
 They are not going to read all the documents, they’ll just sign because the church needs money.  Most people aren’t into finances;  the church brings them in, everyone will get dinar, etc.  They are taking advantage of the churches and the people, and I want to tell you exactly how, but I cannot until the RV happens because then it is public and it can’t be changed or denied.
They listen to our calls, then try to figure out our loopholes and figure out how to get around them.  I will give these details after the call, and people will get it then, and have to make some decisions.  There are different versions of the NDA, and you will have to see which one you have.  Again, ‘who moved my cheese?’  and is there even a trap there?
We are waiting on copies of the NDAs, ones that have already been signed.  Rates seem to be good, timeframes are good if we can get this going.  All we do is wait.  Could this happen today?  Yes, it good. 
 Is it more likely to happen Tuesday—Thursday?  The people behind this do NOT want this to go public, and every time I get a call from overseas, they get more and more nervous about public disclosure.  They have the ability to fix this on their own – that’s the IMF, the UST and the banks.  None of them has taken advantage of that option.
Let me check if there is anything else I have to tell you…  We are hearing this could be a good day.  It should have been.  A lot of politicians are feeling they have been outright lied to, and now they cannot trust their own party.  There is a division in the party between those who are protecting themselves and those who say ‘enough is enough’.  Republicans are pissed off because it didn’t happen. 
 Some Democrats are pissed off because they have been lied to again.  Banks have been meeting all weekend again:  What do we do about TNT, what if it gets out of hand, who will pay for this exposure?  It’s a definite concern, because once they are exposed to the general public, they are exposed.
We’re going to increase Twitter some more, and if it’s not released by the end of the day, two million can jump over to FaceBook and then the other countries will pick it up and run with it.  
This was not our plan, but every day we see that they’re paying more people out and putting in more stipulations, that tells us that they are determined not to be fair. Whatever they are going to give to the public, they could just give while still treating their favorites in an extra-special way.  I do not believe that those politicians/private banking customers are receiving the same conditions as we are.  It’s all different for them.
419:  [can’t understand what this person is saying]  I hope all will be well today.  I believe that this thing may go through because of what you are doing, so be encouraged. 
Tony:  I hear there is another site out there over the weekend telling people they should not do the Tweets, that they should unfollow TNT.  
These guys show up with no information and tell us that we are wrong, and that Senators are writing down our names from Twitter and you’ll get in trouble afterwards!  What person of intelligence really thinks that Senators will track us on Twitter for expressing our viewpoints.  
Come on!  That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life.  When we are out here trying to get the best for everybody!  We are not saying they should only give this rate to TNT members!
Caller:  If this in not international, how can people cash out?
Tony:  They are giving some people cash or SKRs, and the bank then turns around and LOANS them a portion of that money based on their exchange as security.  That still gives them enough to go out and buy houses and boats, even though there are stipulations.  Now there is going to be an investigation because we know what is going on.  Attorneys are contacting me saying they know how to fight this.  Public opinion will be the main thing here;  that is what will make a difference to the shareholders and such of the banks, etc. They can say it’s a grey line, but some have crossed that line and they cannot go back so now they want to cover it up.
Caller:  Can the bankers do this legally? 
Tony:  How does the currency have value as collateral if it’s not international?  That’s what will cause questions to be asked on how they did that.  They set up their own systems to get richer.  They can agree in their boardrooms that they will say this or that in court, but five million already know that is BS, and they will not do business with those banks any longer, and they will pull in ten people each, and fifty million will move their accounts on Bank Day.
574, good morning!
Caller:  I don’t agree with what these bankers are doing at all.  I am friends with my congress person, and I’m trying to get some kind of an answer about anything so far as Iraq and haven’t had any response so far. Either she is on the up-and-up or she doesn’t know anything.  
I got an answer from a propane company within 24 hours, but nothing from Iraq at all.  I have personally contacted this congress person and I can’t get any answer, which to me is good.
Tony:  Either they are not answering because they don’t want to incriminate themselves – but they have to know by now.  One made a major mistake by saying he wasn’t aware that this is going on, and he is on the committee!  He put it in writing, so there is a definite cover up there.  
Some are saying they are looking into it.  What I really like is the information from Switzerland, saying that they don’t want this money in their accounts and they will take action themselves.  This was never my wish, to bring anyone down, but just to have what is fair.  
They started at $38, down to $36, we have nothing, and rich people are getting richer, and the banks / admin have brought this down on themselves.  I just want a fair rate.  There has been plenty of notice given of what we can do, what we don't want to do, but what we don’t have any choice about doing.  We have been trying to work it out behind the scenes for the last month. 
 They’ve had the option to do what’s right every day, and now they are saying “oh, we know it’s wrong, we just did what we were told” but they are still putting the money in their pockets.  That excuse will not work any longer, especially with public opinion.
954:  How are you?  I’m frustrated and pissed off.  Who has this kind of power?
Tony:  Our administration and the US Treasury.  There are good people there, and they are defecting now in every agency, but they have to do what their bosses say, until the time comes when they don’t.  WE are hearing more about Whistle-blower protection.  It’s definitely unraveling from all the information I’m getting.
Caller:  I’ve been in this for years, and I know how frustrating it must be for you.  How much longer can they really keep doing this until this pops?
Tony:  For three years, it wasn’t frustrating because I always knew it would happen, and I still know something is going to happen.  Hold on… For these last three years, I was getting information that was so far ahead of the curve that even the idiot I was with didn’t believe it or understand it. 
 All that was okay with it, even people saying we were making stuff up, because I knew they didn’t understand the bigger picture.  I knew that they didn’t know and in the end we would all see.  People were saying it comes out at more than five cents, it would be the end of the world, so I knew they just weren’t figuring it out. 
 Even as they asked me to put out certain information, it was for a good reason, like when they caught people at the borders.  Many times I was being told things and I couldn’t pass them on, and that was okay because I wanted to support the people and the government.  I wasn’t working for the cabal, I’m working for ME, and for TNT.  
I get paid regardless;  when it comes time to exchange, I will get paid the same as everyone else.  I was not asking for people to send money or help with business.
What frustrates me is that for the last two months this could have been released to the public.  The numbers are there on the screens, and they used up a trillion dollars paying who THEY wanted to pay, and then they wanted to release it to us at $3.  Then they renegotiated another half-trillion to give to the public, yet they still are paying it out to who they want to, not the public.  That’s why they have been paying out to church groups, because they are easy targets!  I’ll get in depth with that after the RV.
Caller:  We know your heart is in it, and you are supporting the people.  We’ve been here a long ride, enough is enough, and we will not tolerate much more.  We stand behind you all the say, Tony.  Some idiot wants to stop this for we the people and for the country.  It’s ridiculous!  I hope you see a light, Tony, because we are right behind you.  If you fall, we’ll stand up.  But do you see a light saying ‘it’s time’?
Tony: Yes, I do hear that it’s time, and I’ve heard that all weekend.  The problem is that they have been saying this all along, setting up the bankers to take the fall, but they will take the fall in the end because the politicians will be gone in two years, while the banks will be suffering for years to come or will just disappear.  There will be some changes made, and other banks will become Tier 1 banks when they realize what the wrath of the people actually means.  Then they lied to the banks and other politicians, to their own partners in crime!  Where does it stop?!
Caller:  My hat is off to you, because you are standing for the people.   You have a strong group of individuals who are with you, and I hope that this time we will make a difference.  I hope everything works out and we don’t have to ride much longer.
Tony:  I want you guys to know today that groups and organizations are being built in foreign countries, even though they know they won’t get the contract rates.  This is affecting them as well.  They cannot call our congress people, but when we pass this on to all our Facebook friends, that will go to fifty million people and in many countries instantly, then it will become a whole different ball game.  We don’t want that, but it’s a possibility if this keeps going the way it is.
I am getting your PMs and emails, and I feel for you, each and every one, that you have to go through this when you know there is a solution all ready to go.  If we didn’t know they can release it any hour they choose, that would be different. I know what the banks are waiting for – they can do things themselves!  The IMF is saying one thing and doing something else, because their programs are still being funded.  They are not missing anything here.
  It looks like it is coming down to us.  If they are not giving us anything anyway, we may as well expose it to the public gaze.  We don’t want to.  We had a meeting this morning to ask at what point we stop hoping for the good information and then nothing happens.  The Tier 2 and 3 are now as hyped up as much as the Tier 1 banks.  Fewer and fewer people are able to trust their own partners in the administration, that’s the sad part of this.
718:  I hear the President is being urged to consider dinar holder the next class of terrorists.
Tony:  You actually heard that?  [laughter]  I never heard that.
Caller:  Also, the President was urged to rescind 303…
Tony:  there is a group that has tried to rescind it based on legal advice, and they were told that wouldn’t fly.  Why?  Because we should never have been part of this, but it’s too late in the game unless they do it for everybody, and they cannot do that.
Caller:  Do you still have an issue with the NDA?
Tony:  I didn’t initially with the NDA saying ‘just be quiet’.  I do have an issue with it now, but will not discuss that until the RV is released.  For some people it will work, and for some it’s a nightmare.  There are at least 13 version out there, so you have read and find out which one you will sign.  There have been many revisions…
602, good morning [lots of noise on the line]
Caller:  Are the rates about the same so far?
Tony:  The four rates I’ve been hearing, I haven’t heard any changes.
801, good morning
Caller:  How are you?
Tony;  I thought it would be a superfantastic day, and the day is not over.
Caller:  This is IronEagle, with the second-hand donut shop.  I am blown away after all these years of ‘this will never happen’ and ‘you are crazy’, so I want to thank you for all these years.  This is absolutely absurd, what is going on.  I would think they would settle with us now, even at say $12 and no taxes.  Even if they give us $3, they are going to tax that and we’ll have less.  
They’ll do whatever they can to keep us from being as wealthy as they are, or even close. I wish we would send a lot of tweets to all the senators, because this is not fair to the people.  After all these years, all the people we could have helped… this is far beyond what anyone could have expected.  [Telling his story…]
Tony:  This is crazy.  Because it has gone like that and every day there is more, there is good news as well.  They have cashe out over 100K in the US already and that number is climbing every day.  It was enormous over the weekend and people are scheduled to exchange today.  Over this weekend, though, I heard people were charged 22-26%, with a portion to go here and there, plus they will be charged tax on top of that. 
 They have given 80% of their money away just so they could be first, or at that rate?!  The people are using up the trillion dollars, the banks are pocketing the different, and when they see we get a good rate without those huge fees, those people are going to be sick.
Caller:  they are going to give us maybe $12 and turn around and sell it to Iraq for a higher rate.  The dishonestly is just snowballing.
Tony:  I know what I hear is happening with them.  I don’t know what will happen with us.  I have not cashed out;  if I had, there would be an NDA and I wouldn’t be talking to you now.
Caller: I'm glad, because if anyone deserves a high rate, it’s you.
Tony:  We don’t know what is going to happen on the taxes.  I told you to set aside 50% for tax, worst case scenario.  Some of those who have exchanged have already given away huge amounts.  If they are paying a bank fee on top of that… they are not negotiating this, they are just going in and doing what they are told.  I don’t know if I want a ball and chain around my neck for the next ten years.  I will give you the information when it happens and then you will have decisions to make.
Caller:  I got banned for using caps, and I tried to apologize…
Tony:  I don’t want to take up everyone else’s time with that.  Contact Pam and she’ll deal with it.
612?  626, good morning?
Caller:  Hi, I haven’t talked to you for a long time!  Does the debt ceiling have anything to do with this hold up?
Tony:  No.  My understanding is that this is about greed and buying favors.  That’s what I hear.
Caller:  I hope you hear the support you have behind you.  There are some good articles today about investing in Iraq and the dinar.  They are trying to show us they want to move forward.
Tony:  Yes, they have started their own #WeAreThePeople over there, and they want the bond rate to be international by Thursday.  They are ready for their own growth and they are being held up just like we are. 
 That’s important to them, that the world knows their rate, just like we are Americans and we want the opportunity to say what’s going on.  In Iraq, they finally go the rate because they took to the streets, meaning public exposure.  Once it’s out in public, it’s out of control.  That’s up to the banks and UST;  all we can do is what we do.  And pray.  There is never too much prayer.  I want all the prayer I can get.  I appreciate that, and I say thank you that every time we do #WeAreThePeople, they notice.  We were trending at #10 during the Superbowl, when everything else around us was about the SB.  We went from five thousand to fifty thousand tweets per minutesduring the Superbowl.  If we concentrate like that, it will show in the foreign countries around the world.  If we have to do that on Twitter, FB and Instagram, it will be around the globe in 15 minutes.
Today is a big day.  The Tier 2 and 3 banks were sent memos for today.  The big banks said it was a scam, they are now telling the other banks it was not a scam, for the last six weeks they have been cramming their own coffers, and bank employees are now buying currencies. 
 They are doing that to themselves;  we’re not doing it! Banks didn’t want their employees to know because they would walk off the job, but now the employees know that their bosses were lying to them.  Either they’re cutting their own throats or the government is cutting their throats.  They thought they were getting away with it, but actually the banks were being set up.
832, good morning.  If you are listening to the call and there is something we need to discuss, send me a text.
Caller:  I think it’s ironic that people who were sending their money to Switzerland to avoid paying taxes… I’ll keep my money here and pay my taxes to help my country.  If we go to the bank and get one of these bad NDAs, what do we do?
Tony:  You have to make a decision.  I have heard you get one call and one shot at it, and that may be.  When the call comes, I will tell you what I like and don’t like, and you can make your decision.  I hear that you may sign to keep your money in the country. 
 You should be asking “Why are you telling me I have to keep my money in-country, when you put yours in a trust or in Switzerland in accounts that you don’t have to acknowledge?”  Why would they us tell us to keep our money here when they are putting theirs overseas?
Don’t be rushed into anything. If they make the NDA 14 pages, then read all 14 pages.  Once I’m in the meeting, I’m not leaving until I have read the NDA, with understanding. If I don’t under-and it, I won’t sign it.  I should be getting a couple of versions, and then I’ll tell you what I think, my opinion and what I would do… and why.
Caller:  If someone hands me an unfavorable NDA, I’d rather go to a different bank.
Tony:  This is a good point.  They may have an NDA for you to sign that says one thing, and they may have a separate BANK agreement that restricts your interest rate, fees, what you can do with the money, etc.  One does not depend on the other.  The bank person says he is here to help you, but really he works for the bank and he’s there to make as much money for the bank and as much commission as he can make.  That is his job, and he’s there to do his job, which means “how many ways can the bank get paid because that’s how I make money?”  His job is to take advantage of me, and it’s my job to make sure he doesn’t .  They are not my friends or family;  they are there to make money for the bank. Don’t make that mistake.  I’m not mad at the banks;  I'm just telling you how it works.
325: good morning!
Caller:  You may not like this phone call, so you can hang up any time.  On January 1, you lost a bet to a guy in Atlanta, and you were supposed to post a picture of you wearing Richard Simmons shorts… We’ve now gone 2.5 months;  in December you asked us to simmer down and be calm.  All that did is to delay where we are at.  For two months, they have strung this out, and lied to us, and lied to you.
Tony:  Yes, it should have happened before Thanksgiving.  In December, politicians and their donors got paid.  We can live with that because of who they are;  I drink and smoke with some of them, and some are down-to-earth people.  People put them on a pedestal, and some put themselves there and think they are better than we are.  Congressmen, Senators, there’s only a thousand of them, but then they called their friends and relatives.   Then they turned it over to the banks, and they did the same thing!  Over 25,000 of them, before everyone else. Even then, they told their friends and family to buy dinar and they could get them in the front.
There are five million of us, what can 50K hurt, just let us exchange!  Then they dropped the rate and the banks released it to their version of the public – those with five million or more who are already customers.  The administration did it, and now they are letting the banks do it, even though they will end up with all our money! Now the banks do all their privileged people, and now we make it public and they then tell ALL their private bankers to call their clients.  They are only looking at people who bought dinar through them; they are contacting them now, still not the general public!  We have let this go on for so long, that is the problem.  They kept saying we are next, and we are tired of being next when all these people are sliding in front of us, and you are making them millionaires while we continue to suffer.
Caller:  On January 14, they changed the law and now overseas banks have to report American accounts.  A year ago, someone said the Democrats don’t want us to have the money…
Tony:  and I said, why would they block that when that money will help the economy grow.  They are now getting that money through the bank door, at the $32 rate!  They are not missing out on that money at all!  They only want us to have the minimum, and that’s what they are doing now, giving us the least amount possible.  We are not accepting $3 when the majority of their friends got $38 or $32.
Caller:  I came across an opportunity with a private group being offered $20;  do you think the rates will be higher than that?
Tony:  There are some contract rates I’m hearing that may be in that range.  I don’t know what your contract says, but I saw some over the weekend where they want you to sign these documents and they will pay you within 24 hours, and they are coming out at all different rates and stipulations and percentages, blah, blah, blah.  I’m looking at this agreements and commitments that I personally wouldn’t do.  All that is wrong to me.
Caller:  They are not asking me to send dinar;  they are saying they will send you to some place to cash in, and they will take 10% off the time. 
Tony:  I know people who have gone through the process, told they will get cash in the account, but in every case, once the person is sitting there, they have to hand over the dinar, and they get SKRs and such.  I’m hearing that time and time again.  If I were you, I’d want to see every single document they want you to sign before going to the appointment.  If they are honest, there should be no problem with that.
Caller:  With thousands of people calling the 800 numbers, won’t they get jammed?  Will they have enough people to man those calls?
Tony:  Yes, there is enough staff.  The first call should be only two minutes for your name, email address, zip code and how much dinar, and then they will send you to another call if you have to ask more, or set up your appointment.  If it’s one central number, they will ask which bank you want to be sent to.  I’m going to have to go now, as I have somewhere else to go.  I’m hoping I can call you back later this afternoon, and that all the disappointment goes today.  We’re not the only ones to be disappointed.  Many politicians are now realizing they have been lied to, and they will have to pick a side. We are clearly running out of options…
Ray:  Hold on – change is coming!
Tony:  AlreadyBlessed and DC were not here today;  we’ll see them on the next call.  Enjoy your day;  hopefully I’ll be sending out a tweet or blast to let you know that this is our time.




















2-3-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:   "35 trillion dinars in circulation"   HUGE ARTICLE!!  Looks like to me, they are looking to reduce the amount of currency in circulation. This says good things for us in the future. Once you get past the “timing issue” – there is no way they are lining up for a LOP.


Papa Bear] You know by our Care Bear doesn't steer away from controversy co a comment this morning on Helicopter Ben Bernanke. .IMHO he did a good job navigating us over a very bumpy economic road however I will wait for my conclusions to see how our scaling back effects our economy. We are growing but still on perilous ground IMHO . Care by Yellin is a necessity.


 [dudenocoins] Papa Bear - Lew cannot pull the trigger... he works for POTUS and so does the IMF in a round about way. The political leaders around the world would have to agree as to when and with China celebrating the new year we will just have to wait IMO.

 [dudenocoins] Papa Bear - your thoughts on banks placing limits on withdrawals? Liquidity issues or attempts to raise liquidity percentage?

[Papa Bear] dudenocoins Limits on withdrawals is questionable unless you’re talking about cash withdrawals. The asset diversification to different locations has to be handled appropriately and can’t happen in one day. Adhere to what you are told at C/E and mind your NDA
[Papa Bear] dudenocoins I will NOT diversify any $$ overseas nor recommend that to my peeps. The reason I know what has and is going on in many of the places people like to use.

 [Papa Bear] Many of you don't know the ins and outs of offshore banking and if u don't use extreme care will cut an extreme haircut. LOL

 [dudenocoins] Papa Bear Papa Bear Do you think that this could be signs of a global decay in the entire banking system or do you think it is just local issues associated with certain regions of the world?

 [dudenocoins]   http://nehandaradio.com/2013/11/23/zimbabwe-banks-limit-withdrawals-as-cash-crunch-bites/

 [Papa Bear] I would also advise IMHO extreme caution on the bank situation Stage 2 Omega is suggesting . By the way my major is  banking and finance

 [Papa Bear] dudenocoins Once the GCR happens currencies will be on more secure foundations and not as fiat currencies. MY QUESTION IS WILL WE LEARN FROM THE PAST OR JUST GROUNDHOG BACK???

 [WCW] Things are getting close. And when things are getting close people get blind and go down the wrong road. When going down the wrong road they may lose their group rate. WHEN losing their group rate they leave a lot of money on the table. DONT leave a lot of money on the table . So if u want to  stay with the group rate the kcmanna email is the one for u


 [Papa Bear] Many are wavering because the wind is blowing hard from a particular area however we must resolve to remain steadfast in our GROUP

[dudenocoins] Papa Bear - history always repeats itself!

 [Papa Bear] dudenocoins I hope after the change my kids can keep it from going back I have tried to do my part for change since early 1980s and it has been a large ship to change direction taking much time

 [Gdsgrl21] Papa Bear I had heard the emails from KC/Gen would now come from WF servers, is this accurate?


 [dudenocoins] Papa Bear - How can we as the next generation help with the change? I disagreed with Greenspan when he thought it was okay for banks to be part of investment company's. The previous banking issues taught us that it was not a good idea! Yet it was allowed!

 [Papa Bear] dudenocoins Needs to be a difference between an investment bank and a regular bank with you the client having your choice .IMHO FAR TO MUCH SPECULATION BY BANKS IN PAST FOR THEIR OWN ACCOUNT CAUSED SOME OF PROBLEM IMHO

 [dudenocoins] Papa Bear I agree - And when the investment bank fails we cannot bail them out.... We need to let the investment banks fail otherwise they will never learn their lesson.... Clients beware!

 [Lvn42day] Papa Bear Aren't all banks, investment banks?

 [Papa Bear] Lvn42day Needs to be separation and clients need choice IMHO

 [Papa Bear] Lvn42day All banks aren't same

 [Papa Bear] Lvn42day Look at how they make $$ on balance sheets of financials