Monday, January 27, 2014


John MacHaffie:  RV and Reset

103 countries DID RV yesterday 1/26/14. Currencies were reset. 


KevChief: Follow up to Friday bank story as promised 

The thing about most bank stories people post on here is they never seem to follow up thinking they will be bashed for a negative report. Either way positive or Negative please follow up on your stories or they come across as made up. (rant Done)

I reported a bank story on Friday afternoon regarding a very close friend of mine that lives in Virginia. She contacted her wealth manager at a WF branch that she has several accounts. If you remember the original post she inquired about 3 things

1)contract vs. International rate

2) had currencies in question in fact RV'd and

3) what is the rate.

The answers she received on Friday was Yes,Yes, and he set an appt for today to discuss rates with her.
She went to her appointment this afternoon and here is her report:  He confirmed that there was 2 different rates showing on his BACK SCREEN a international and contract rate.

She said may I see the contract rate and he replied that only those that he has been instructed to call can receive that rate and gave no further explanation.

She asked what the rate is on the contract and he would not say.

She then asked for the international rate and he said that the currencies in question (Dinar and Dong) were being adjusted as he speaks and he had heard that he will be able to exchange everyone tomorrow. 

(sounds like a classic stall to me but with some of the other reports that have been reported today it might be the truth)

So she asked why then have me come in today. He replied that he had been told that all would be completed over weekend and he would be able to exchange today. 

She asked about reports from WF saying this is a scam and he said after what she described as a nervous laugh and look that they had been told to tell people that but were also told that there would be a day that the dinar would be tradable and in the last two weeks he was told that it would be happening very soon.

He said the he would definitely take care of her and set up new accounts.

We were hoping that she would be able to CE today but we feel good news was provided and just pray that rates will be good when this does happen. I will pass along any more info if it comes available. 


UU1116 A Game Of Hide And Seek

Hi Everyone,

It is a wonderful time of the year now in the German Alpine region in winter. Plenty of hardy cold weather and bright cheery snow. As I look out the window I can see the skiers traversing the slopes in the winter wonderland of Bavaria. There are many obstacles to skiing on these steep slopes but we overcome them and at the end we can say we met the challenge and were successful.

Today I also played with Meine Kinder a game called hide and seek.

Have you ever played this game with children? Meine Kinder were not very good at this game since they assumed they could hide and I would not take the time and effort to search for them in the right places. They were wrong. Sometimes it was the simple, obvious places they hid too and since they thought my awareness was not too keen I would not find them. They were wrong.

Today’s News
There seems to be some confusion as to what is going on with this RV process. As long term dinar holders we have waited for years in anticipation for the revaluation of the Iraq dinar to take place. Do you know that officially the revaluation did in fact take place on December 1, 2013 ?

So why have we not yet seen this currency go international along with the other basket of currencies in the planned global currency reset (GCR), as organized by the IMF and the rest of the financial and economic communities. 

After researching I have found many disturbing issues with this revaluation process that has been holding this process up. I will reveal now what my investigations have found.

I have found that the USA is intentionally, unmistakably holding the process up.

There are no other obstacles. Iraq is ready, the software or technical systems are ready, the IMF wants it, the rest of the world is ready. But why do we still wait? So let me clarify what I have found out is now happening.

This is a long story and you have to understand all of it in details I present to piece it together. But I will tell you now in brief it is corruption, misrepresentation and political manipulation.

This story may seem unbelievable at first because it goes against the preconceived notions of how we have been told this RV process should and would work over the last years of following the information. But if you do not believe what I am presenting you too can take the time and do the research yourself. You will come to the same conclusions.

So please do not be so quick to judge and criticize my news since the UST and the banks are counting on you to simply dismiss the facts and ignore it.

This story has developed into a political one, a battle still between figure heads of the democrats, the republicans and the progressives once again. It has now even filtered down into the global process of trying to correct the financial problems of the world economies and that is a pity.

I want you to please also look at this situation like this. Two men are standing on the deck of a boat (the UST and the US government current administration). There is a third man who fell overboard and he is drowning (the world’s economy about to crash). The two men on the deck are arguing over who is going to throw him a life raft (the GCR) to the drowning man.

As they argue the drowning goes down. He is struggling to breath. He is about to go down for the last time. It is only a matter of time before the man drowns (the next global financial collapse). He is now in a desperate situation. Will the two men finally agree and do the right thing despite their differences before it is too late?

Remember the software that the UST was testing over the summer of 2013? Remember when the rates went live in a test for the first time in mid August for a couple of hours. Yes this did really happen. .

We were all so optimistic at that time it was going to be shortly announced. But nothing happened. The Babylon II included the needed changes to coincide with the GCR and the new banking structure. There is a whole lot of software and when it is executed by the UST, (who owns it and is responsible for it) will push out the new set of rates to all the currency exchanges and other files downstream as needed to broadcast the new rates so as the financial sectors can do business worldwide.

Then the 401k managers and the hedge fund managers, etc, etc. can then get in and buy it for their client investors, Just like they currently do with current rates now live at the exchanges. As we know the IQD is not on the exchanges as of yet so when it comes out, the speculators will drive the price up and there is big money to be made for awhile in the speculative currency market.

So this is what they mean by going “international". This will then be the "market" rate of the IQD starting off at around $3.71 and going up for awhile, as driven by the speculators. This is all now on hold. These final steps in the process have not yet been executed by the UST.

Why? I will tell you. 

What we, as dinar currency and other currency holders, are concerned about is this delay and why has this not yet gone international and when these final steps to the RV process will be executed by the UST.

We also know the IQD did officially revalue as early as December of last year, almost 2 months ago. Also there is a matter of special contract rates that will be used during the exchange process. These rates have been established and funded by contracts between the US and Iraq and the US and China, thus they call them contract rates.

So far, from what I have been able to expose , there have been early exchanges taking place between the politicians, their families and friends (basically the “boys” club of Washington DC). The so called “privileged”.

So how can they do this since the rates are not yet international? 

They are able to do this since the administration in Washington DC controls the UST and the UST controls the RV process.

Such as they have the power to push the button to activate the rates at the banks whenever they want to. Since this is only one part of the process to go international and not the completion of the process to the final steps, the rates are not yet pushed to go live to the world’s exchanges but only go live to this small group of so called privileged people when they desire this select list of wealthy individuals need to exchange.

This list is not random and is hand picked individuals. They have been activating the rates at night in the cloak of secrecy so the elite can exchange behind our backs.

We are not supposed to know about this. So far they have used up much of these contract rates that were intended to be for the American public in general not just the favored and privileged few.

This is illegal and wrong.

It was not supposed to work this way. We were told consistently over the last few months by the UST that we would all have a fair chance to play in this process and also be able to participate as the general public by exchanging also with the contract rates.

How were these contract rates established?

China bought oil credits for $38 from the US per dinar. The US bought oil credits from Iraq for $32 per dinar. With this the US and China plan to buy oil from Iraq like the US at a very discounted price, way below market prices. At current market rate of oil being at around $100 - 120 per barrel this is a bargain for them.

China funded the bucket of money for the high contract rates associated with their deal by trading trillions in gold reserves. They already moved this to the UST gold reserve deposit. So the US basically sold part of their oil credits to China.

Now all the US needs is for the IQD currency to be fully exchanged or collected and credited back to Iraq. For each dinar exchanged in this manner more oil credits will be given. By individuals getting these contract rates upon exchange, the rate bucket is debited and thus decreases, There is only so much money in each of these special buckets to go around.

Another concern we should have as dinar holders is about the legal agreements made with the IMF and US for these contract rates to take place in the first place. In this agreement the US citizens were the intended beneficiaries of these contract rates not just the very wealthy.

Again the greedy are holding up this part of the process. Soon the contract rate buckets will be empty.

So what happened to tier 2 (our exchange tier) ? 

To continue the saga, on or around January 13, 2014 the UST finished paying out the politicians as I described above. This was tier 1 of the exchanges.

 At this time we were told the UST were going forward with tier 2 but it would not include us, the general public. We were told up to this time it would. So why the sudden change in the plan?

Well it’s once again the very wealthy who are exchanging while we, the general public, have to wait. Do you see the problems so far with this tier 2?

Tier 2 was supposed to finally open up these contract rates (or whatever was remaining in these rate buckets after tier 1) to the general public of the US.

 Finally we thought it will be our turn to exchange after almost a month and a half since the official RV activation took place. Would the rest of the world also now have to wait for the international rollout?

A very disturbing issue is the fact that most of the exchanges in tier 2 are only being conducted with the very wealthy who never even heard of the dinar or a GCR until they were called by the bankers and informed of the process.

What about us, the common public who has been holding these notes for over 10 years. Why can’t we not now exchange? We were told this was the plan. We were told it would be our turn once tier 1 payouts completed.

Tier 1 is over. 


Tier 1 is over.

So then on January 13, 2014 we are told tier 2 is not in fact for the general public but once again open only to the very wealthy. Why? Something smelled very fishy so I decided to take on the challenge to find the truth behind this. Read on as I will eventually explain why.

So then these very wealthy individuals then immediately bought dinar and since the international rollout is being held up they can still purchase the IQD as the very low provisional rate of 1166 and exchange at the $28-$32 contract rates.

Again most of these tier 2 individuals never even heard of the dinar until the bankers notified them. This is like insider trading and rigging the market since they have the power to release it internationally and purposefully and intentionally withhold this process so as their clients can still continue to purchase more at the low provisional rate of 1166. 
Some of these clients are encouraged to double and even triple dip since the bankers are monitoring what remains in the buckets of money. They also control the system that would shut down the 1166 rate so they could no longer purchase the 3 zero notes.

So if they see too much remaining in the buckets they are they notifying these same clients to again buy more dinar and go through the process again and again until the buckets are depleted. They are doing this at the direction of the UST since they do not want the general public to have any opportunity to share in these rates.

This is contrary to the legal agreements made, as I stated already.

This is corruption no matter how you window dress it.

 Totally illegal since it is favoritism to a special class of individuals. Even now after this practice is exposed, they continue and more and more of this abuse continues everyday and will continue until the buckets are empty.

We sit and wait, the rest of the world sits and waits. These crooks don’t seem to care nor does the UST nor does the current administration in Washington DC care. This is apparent by their lack of action to stop such abuse.

When will it end? 

Probably when they used up all the money in the buckets and are left with nothing else but to pull the trigger and go international.

They will not go international since this will take the 1166 rate to the international rate the feasting ends for the elite. They will no longer be able to double and triple dip. Do you see the problem here? Does this seem to be a conflict of interest to you.?

Here we have the bankers, who control the ability to exchange who they want, when they want and at what rates. The UST gives them direction and holds up the full international rollout so the bankers can continue to have their wealthy clients feast on more dinar at the low, low rate of 1166.

I can not tell you how much rhetoric I have heard over the last 3 years about double dipping and how they greatly wanted to prohibit the general public from this practice. Measures have been put in place to prevent it. So why do they now allow the elite now to do this?

Again I am telling you the fox is in the hen house and feasting.

Then the next feast begins with the hedge fund managers and other investors but no until they complete the execution of the rollout process in its entirety. We the common public should also be able to take in our dinar or other currencies at this time to exchange them but will probably no longer have the opportunity to have the high contract rates.

I want to remind everyone too that these are the same bankers doing this monkey business at the banks are the same ones who, just years ago used the tax payers money of over 900 billion to bail them out and keep them in existence. Now the abuse continues.

When will these crooked banking practices end? 

I think we all need to hold these crooked bankers accountable for their recent actions and open up these contract rates to everyone in the US and do it now.

In the long run this will not save them from prosecution for corrupt banking practices but at least it will damper the public outcry now. put some money in the hands of the public to spend it. and get this economy rolling once again.

It may ( I said may) also prevent a publicity disaster (or should I say nightmare) for the current administration now in the White House and on Capital Hill.

Of course now to cover their tracks they have notified some special groups to exchange consisting of ordinary citizens just to mix up the demographics a bit and try to make it honest and to confuse us.

We only know about it because the longer we have to wait to get paid out as average Joe the Plumber citizens the more investigations are going to happen and the more will be exposed. 

This is not a threat but a duty and a right for every American citizen to be a watchdog over the happenings of their government. This should always be allowed to take place in a free and democratic country. WE do have a free and democratic society…don’t we?

Only now with this lack of cooperation on the part of the banks and the UST there is a catalyst to give the citizens a reason, an incentive to pursue such investigations and find the truth to what is really going on with this RV process.

We have waited long enough while the rich exchange and get richer, we lose our homes, watch people die because they can’t afford medication and lose their jobs.

Remember I told you this exchange process is very dynamic in many of my prior new letters. Well here is just another example. Just when we all thought the RV process was over and we were all about to get paid out….what happens….tier 2….yet more corruption in the process and we wait again.

The question I now ask is how many more tiers are there going to before the general public can go to the banks and exchange?

How long will they hold up the GCR from the rest of the world to benefit? 

We have consistently been lied to in the past about tier 1 exchanges then about tier 2 so how can we now believe any future exchange window they now give us.

There is also much more to tell to this saga but this will be reserved for a later time, if needed. Personally I am not a politician nor aspire to be one. Do not ask me to distribute or provide the lists of exchangers at this time. The evidence of this investigation will all will be presented to the general public in due time.

I am just an ordinary citizen. that has IQD and would like a fair and honest chance to partake in a fair and honest exchange process.

I will attempt to keep you all informed on any further developments coming out of these investigations.
Peace and Luv to Ya All,
Mnt Goat 


Received text message from original source of legally traded, Treasury reigistered Dinar:
"Last night 109 countries RV'D and the rest will go tonight after 8:00 pm (EST). Go RV" (Tuesday)
Been in this for only three years, so my heart and spirit goess out to all of you who have endured this trying episode.


Please note:  there are my *unofficial* notes from the call today.

TNT Call 27-Jan-2014
[Chitchat as they set up…]
Tony:  Let’s do this!  Good morning, TNT!  It’s another Monday morning when we should be talking about how we are spending money rather than waiting for money!  I’ll go over a few things, because there are a lot of things happening in the background.  And if anyone is recording this besides us, can you please get better equipment?!
A lot of things are going on in the public and behind the scenes.  You know what happened in the stock market on Friday:  they expected currencies to revalue as we did.  We will get more in depth with.  I sent some stuff out on twitter, and we are using Twitter to let them know that we are real, with real opinions that will be expressed at the elections.  I’m new to Twitter as well; we can use that to keep you up to date, because it can go to 200K immediately who can then pick up their phones and take action.   You can tell people you haven’t been able to give them the help you promised.  We can keep doing this until that snowball turns into an avalanche.
We didn’t do this.  We want to help them do this right and get out the right information, but all we keep getting is that the bankers are still doing what they are doing.
Going back to Twitter, there are a few things with our Twitter account.  I thought everyone would respond back to me with the tweets.  If you are signed up on the 40404 text you are only following.  You  need to get on your own Twitter account and respond online.  If you don’t know how to do that, watch the video on YouTube.  We are going to trend on Twitter today and we need you to help, because a regional VP for a major bank that he was informed by his bosses that they don’t think we are really people, that our numbers are made up and don’t count.  His bosses are telling him not to worry about Twitter.  They are having some other meetings today, and if they need to be shown that we are real, then let’s show them that.  I'm going to the tweet every hour on the hour, and I want you to tweet back with whatever you want to say to them, to show that it’s real.  Use the hashtag #WeAreThePeople;  the people who watch the trending will ask what this is all about.  We are taking that next step. 
I have asked them, DC has asked them to LET US HELP YOU.  We are still getting information;  people in the administration and also Republicans are asking us to help.  I don’t want to get into politics;  we just want the RV to go on.  People at every level are still telling us what they are saving for us, and they are not going to be able to stop that flow of information because there are still good people in this system.  The good guys will be protected.
If you only signed up for the Twitter texts, there is a forum post about this.  We only have 20K in the forum and 200K on Twitter.  There is a Youtube video that shows you how to do this.  The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw5YLD0UNy
There is also a problem;  you have asked why was Loechin blocked from the TNT site?  One reason is that Loechin and SPGuru used to be on our site and we thought they would be good members.  They started their own site, and there they are telling you everything is bad on the TNT site.  We don’t need that;  they have nothing to talk about except for us.  That’s why they were banned.  Also, we started a Twitter account with the hashtag WeAreThePeople and they set one up with #WeThePeople.  I don’t like that.  Now you know.  PayItForward sent me an email with an apology, then we get this crap on their site, or them using a similar hashtag.  That is just dividing us and hurting us;  we need to be united.  So today on Twitter;  I’m going to send it out and you send it back, and that will send the message.
There is an easy way around this;  it would only take 30 minutes.  They need to be fair to everyone.  What is so hard about that?  Again, the twitter link that shows you how to sign up is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw5YLD0UNyY.
Beck is urging this followers to do a phone campaign for illegals to become US citizens, too, so we need not to clash with that but do it separately so we get our message across.  There are some in the news media who want to make this very public, and I’m trying to work on that, so if we have to do it, it is done right.
Tony looked at some reminders from the forum.   Twitter:  Someone says that Senators are writing down our names and emails.  That is just a scare campaign.  If you are not happy with using your name, make up a name.  You can use your name on the government sites;  some people are getting responses that they didn’t know that this is happening and they will look into it.  They know now, and we will hold that up further down the road, that now they know.
Pam didn’t send me my notes today;  oh, here are some questions that we will get to.  DC, I need to ask you a question – the CBI site was down for a while, and now the English version is back up.  We understand from our Iraqi contact that they have changed the rates but they are not public yet.
DC:  the English site is viewed by speculators like us.  The Arabic site is used by Iraqis.  Because there are so many rates are going on right now, to NOT confuse the situation further the CBI has decided to leave the site blank until the rate goes international.  The card rate is now $3.71.
Tony:  Lower denominations -- pictures?
DC: The pictures are available;  I cannot release them because it shows too much about where I got from them.  I’ve also had some personnel problems.  But others will be sending pictures.
Tony:  What senators are supporting us?  Who are opposed?  After this is done, we will be a group of two million people, across the spectrum, who have gone something together, and who will be looking to better our future.  I don’t care if we go one state at a time, we are going to be a group to support each candidate we choose, together. The more information is coming out of DC and how they are choosing sides… some are telling us “We are trying to get this released”, the more we will vote for those people.  It is not time for that list today, but when this is over, we will support them.
DC:  “Your actions have consequences and we can enforce those consequences.”
Tony:  I have not been offered direct access to the POTUS;  I have three people who do have direct access and they have asked what I want to say.  I don’t know if this is something we should do.  I am hearing both sides from the administration, that he does know and he doesn’t know , that they are protecting him, etc.  I did say I would talk to him, but the Secret Service has to do a background check.  I said, “They already have that on me!”  I have talked to four SS agents, and I’ve also been notified when the FBI, CIA and Homeland have done background checks!  If you have the ability to contact 200 K people, I promise you, they already have a dossier. If you think different, you have no idea of how the government works.
Q:  Is there any chance our dinar three zero notes will time out and become worthless before we are allowed to cash out...even at the street rate? Also do the Rupiah and the Dong fall under the same problem with the notes?  NO.  Those are the currencies of those countries, and especially when they have already paid people out with this currency.  They have paid out their friends and we haven’t even had the opportunity. If they did that, even with three zero notes, then people will be walking into court and showing that they did exchange at the higher rate.
Are we ready to present hard evidence to the world?  The people and the documents are there, but we hope that day never comes.  It’s not here yet.  DC are you running for office?  Didn’t think so.  Neither one of us cares about politics;  all we want is for some normal everyday people involved in this to do their exchanges so that we can get on with our lives.  IF you want to do the right thing for the people, then we can help you with that.  We want to help you all go through the exchange process and help afterwards.
DC:  Updated Intel:  there are two tracks the RV can take – the international RV led by the IMF and Iraq, at about $3.50, and through the public sector.  They did that in mid-December and pulled it back at the end.  That is one venue.  It is our understanding that the international community is tired of the administration not doing what they said, so they are moving forward  on that plan.  We cannot blame them.  We will get the lower rate, and those who have already cashed in will get what is over that rate clawed back.  A lot of people were promised this would be done, and they have no further faith in our administration.
The other strand is UST led, and with that we would get the contract rate.  Everyone is ready to go, and they were promised by the administration that this will go forward today.  Most people don’t believe the administration any longer on this.  There is some mild deception going on, where people are paying attention to all the government systems.  They have stepped that up a bit, so we will get some misinformation from other gurus.  It’s not that hard to pick out.
They are 100% ready, some exchanges happened over the weekend at those contract rates. We don’t know about today.  People are concerned on TNT  and such that this is going too public.  Politicians are now racing to work with Tony first to move that political wind, as it were.
Tony:  yes, that is the overview.  We have been hearing about this for two weeks, that some are trying to get things done, but every weekend we hear that people are cashing out at different rates.  Those at the lower rate did not sign NDAs, so they can buy more and talk about it, and they have the receipts.  Some Republicans want us to burn this down because they will be years trying to overcome this scandal.  But I don’t want to be in politics.  I do want us to be treated fairly.  Each side is trying to see what they can do to help us get it done right, and that’s good.
Other than that, if the IMF does release this… they really don’t believe that the US administration is going to do this, so they are going to do it.  February 1st is looking good.  If the rate comes out at $3 or so, you will KNOW that they really didn’t care or do what they were supposed to do.  We will do our best to make sure they don’t get away with this.
There was a call mentioning rates that you don't have to sign an NDA for, but we already know that for the international rate.  The contract rates will start high and go down;  the international or street rate will start low and go up.   The hedge funds and investors will make sure of that;  we just don’t know when it will hit its peak.  No knows that in advance.  We will still be here to help you do that as best we can.  Apples is international, no NDA;  oranges is contract rates with NDAs.  We hear there is a back wall date to the three-zero notes that they have not been public yet.  According to the IMF and BIS, the US administration is the one blocking this.  According to the UST, everything is ready and they are waiting for the IMF.  Everyone is blaming everybody, and nobody is doing anything!
Some wealth managers got instructions to NOT pay one more person or they would lose their jobs and go to jail.  We know there were other wealth managers who got a list of people to exchange and everyone can see those exchanges.
DC:  If we go for the international rate, which is going to be released no matter what despite what they were promised by the US… both sides are helping the IMF make that decision.  ON the UST side, they say they are ready to go, everyone has been trained and they are ready to go any second.  That’s where we are sitting. 
Tony:  They are getting all the call center people in, looking ready but not actually doing anything.  They continue to do what they have been doing.
DC:  They have now done 100K or more of these exchanges, so it’s not a big deal to let us go, too.  They need to let this go.
Tony:  I’m going to send everybody a tweet right this minute…
DC:  I have an open question to anyone in the administration.  I am independent, but I have a lot of friends on both sides of the aisle.  This is what I have yet to understand:  WHY?!  What are they gaining by doing this?  You have getting a few more cash-ins, but many are turning on your because they don’t want to be in something this dirty.  The other Democrats don’t understand why you are taking this risk with the Democratic Party?  Why take this risk for something so little?
Tony:  A lot of this will be affecting their freedom.  This is going to be a worldwide issue.  The other countries are going to feel the same way – why didn’t their countries get to do this?
I’ve sent a tweet asking you to say how you feel about this, with #WeAreThePEople.  They will be watching those tweets. IF you are listening and don’t tweet, please sign up for Twitter and take part!  That bank manager will feed that back to the banks and they will know that we are real!  
954, good morning!  Be ready when I call your number!  347?  832?  [If they are falling asleep, it’s good that they are not snoring, at least.[  415?
Caller:  How long will you have to play this game of chicken with these people?
Tony:  Tomorrow.  They are not giving us feedback or helping us help you.  Initially we knew what was going on.  Even is there is something we can do to help them, we don’t understand that they are only paying out the private clients on their list.  IF they would pick out some dinarians, then we could understand it.  The IMF/BIS are learning things they didn’t know before, this is getting too public for them, and I think we will see something this week.
Caller:  I know you and DC have offered to help, but these characters think they are way smarter than us.
Tony:  They do think that, but so have a lot of people who ended up on the news media or under investigation or losing their jobs.  There is an ongoing investigation right now.  No one is going to tall on their sword for the bankers or administration. It looks okay now, but accounts are going to be frozen and people are going to be charged.  [Blogtalk cut out for a second.]
I don’t believe there is another Ollie North out there.  When he did that, I had to give him kudos, but man… these guys, especially the lower level guys they are telling to shred stuff?  Those guys are already pissed off!  I can’t believe that these people who are leading our banking system have no more sense than to carry on with that they are doing.  I can’t believe they lack the common sense to turn this around!  It’s baffling to me that they don’t see the forest for the trees.
586?  321, good morning?
Caller:  How are you today?
Tony:  Better every day! How are you?
Caller:  Fine, watching the parade go by.  This is not about Republicans or Democrats, it’s progressives vs. constitutionalists.  It bothers me to see McCain shaking the hand of Soros.  He specializes in collapses economies.  Also, during the Kuwait RV, I wonder if they got away with all this back then;  they didn’t have TNT back then.
Tony:  We ARE the people.  This is not about Tony;  I’ve been in this for three years, telling you the truth for three years.  There is a campaign to make Tony look bad, but you cannot make the truth look bad.  It doesn’t matter whose mouth it comes out of, the truth is the truth.   If Tony went away, there is DC and the rest of the team, and the people in Washington and the banks and exchange who know the truth.  They have the documents and the names on them, saying who signed them.  It’s not just Tony, it’s 210,000 people who are following the truth right now. Can you say something negative about all of them?  No.  The internet is here and they cannot take that away.  Let’s go through the top of Twitter today!  It cannot be shut down, and those are the steps until the RV goes and/or we sit down with CNN with all our documents and books.  They will not be able to do away with that.
Caller:  The truth has no agenda.  It’s a shame that the time isn’t right to release the number of that bank that thinks we are not real.
Tony:  They actually called another country and told them that, and then that person called me back.   I don’t want the guy to get fired because then we wouldn’t get his information.  I know you would shut down that bank.
Caller:  I think they will be surprised when this comes out.  With 57 other countries listening to this call, the world is getting small.
Tony:  You are right.  DC, are you hear? He has a meeting.   I know there are people at the IMF, in other countries, and even in our agencies who told Iraq to push this out on their own.  They are tired of this, and they are trying to get the IMF/BIS to push it out today, and let the chips where they may.  At least everyone doing right knows they are doing right.  We got word from another agency, and they are staying right in that gray area.  That doesn’t matter if they did right on that grey line – maybe when it comes to charges – but it does matter to the public.  They crossed that line long ago where the public is concerned.
972:  No questions.  972, good morning!
Caller:  Been listening for a long time, when you got kicked off DinarVets.  You said something about the three-zero notes.  Currency is currency, isn’t it?  At current market rates, anyway…
Tony:  Iraq said they would do away with the three-zero notes in-country.   I think they have to give us some kind of official notification.  This morning, I got info that this would happen some time in February, but that is not official yet.  I am hearing from agencies out of country that supposedly there is a deadline, but we will have to see what happens.  If that were to occur with us, we won’t stand by and let it happen, especially when the banks hand-picked who to exchange and tried to pretend that was letting it out to the general public.
Caller:  What about VNN?  I don’t see them being connected apart from the GCR.  Surely the dinar and dong are kingpins to the GCR, so what happens if they get taken out?
Tony:  I agree.  Even if they did that, the 163 would still have to revalue.  IF you are diversified, you will still get something out of it.  There are still people with money and voices to challenge this.  We know that later this year there will another GCR.  Even when this is done, it ‘s not over.  It will not be the end;  we are still going to be #WeAreThe People.  “The time is always right to do what is right” said MLK, and it applies to us today, to the people who are trying to help us, who are in the meetings in DC and the banking system.  There is always time to do what’s right.
We are trending on Twitter;  I'm seeing it at #8, others say #5.  Let’s get to #1 so they understand this is real people that are hurting.  Please respond every hour – make a change to your tweets and send them out every hour.  We can’t do our calls today because there is another major phone deal going on, but we can do the tweets.  Even if this affects the dinar, it shouldn’t affect the other currencies, because many around the world will be saying “You want us to stand aside while you cheat your own people?  Who does that make sense to?”
Caller:  The cream used to rise to the top. The truth is the truth;  you can run but you can’t hide.  You cannot hide from yourself, and that is determined by the deeds that you do.  There is justice in the world, and it will come to those who choose to do the wrong thing. Let’s take some consolation in that, even if people are suffering due to the unscrupulousness of others.
Tony:  It cannot be hidden when the world knows what to look for, and where and how deep.  Someone will find it – that one document that says “this is the plan” – someone will find it.


773, good morning!
Caller:   Tony, I got you?!  If there are ten people to every one of the 200K who tweeted?  We each have a cell phone.  I have over 3,000 in my cell phone, and if we were to contact every one and let them know they don’t want to mess with us…
Tony:  Many have those numbers.  I have a church with 5,000 members, just waiting.  We are just into our first hour and already we are at #5 on trending.  Just wait until the second and third hours, and we start calling everyone else and have them sign up and follow as well.
Caller:  We ARE the people!
Tony:  Just please treat us fair – that is all we are asking for.
318, good morning!
Caller:  Been listening for three years and this is the first time I’ve been on the call.  Thank you for all your doing.  My wife is looking for the contract when I was born saying “Everything will be fair”.  Can’t seem to find that.  It would be great if you could get this moving along because a lot of people are being hurt.  If the people in charge cannot do this, then they need to be burned.
Tony:   Life isn’t always fair, but they can be fair and let some real average people have a look at that.  They will not undo that 100K unless we do something about it.  They need to do the right thing because some of their own people are going to be on our side when it comes to court.  The international rate will take care of itself, but we should be offered the contract rate.  We are telling them to do something and make it fair.   We don’t want to be political pawns, but we will do what we need to get a fair shot at this.
513 Caller:  Can you expand on Okie’s post?
Tony:  He did tell me that three separate people offered him an exchange, but he didn’t like the rates and didn’t know if they were offering it to separate him off from us.  His response is that he is with us and with the people.  They are trying to say that Okie and I am to blame for this somehow… but they told us to say things, we did it.  They cannot come back now and say that we are the reason this didn’t happen, like two guys who are not a part of the administration or the banking system somehow decided that others couldn’t get paid!?  Come on!  Who does that make sense to?!  Just open it to everyone and I will help make it as smooth as possible.  Now they are mad at me and maybe I’m not on the 800 numbers list. So what!  There are other ways to do this.  Just issue the 800 numbers to someone and we’ll get going!  I will still send put all the tweets and the advice.  I hate that Okie’s name was put into this.  Know why we are doing this?
Caller:  Because we are the people!
Tony:  That’s right?
Caller:  the senators and such have already cashed out, they are already rich;  they don’t really care about us, do they?
Tony:  When there are five million of us voting, yes, they will start to care because we will make a difference in every state where we want to.  We didn’t want to get involved in politics, but if individuals politicians are going to help us, then… If there are 200,000 of us, each affecting ten or more, and we go to all the sites and post all the documents, then it will take on a life of its own. WE just want a revaluation!  Then we can get on with it!
Caller:  The people there just don’t care, but we can stand together and get justice.
Tony:  Everybody can do this:   I know for a fact that there government agencies that are very supportive.  They will face retribution if they sign up on Twitter.  But all nongovernment people can follow, and government workers can use another name on twitter to get your message across. If you respond to the survey and such, that’s okay – you are an American citizen and you can feel safe to use your name.   No senator is going after anybody who signed up on a twitter list to tell how they feel about this situation.  If this is happening in your office, then get us a copy of the memo or the meeting.  All we are asking is for you to be fair and give us something – and I don’t mean $3. 
Message:  we are #1 and trending all day.  We will also post the survey link on the forum all day. We need 200,000 people to send the President our #1 concern.
347, good morning!
Caller:  Hallelujah!  Who is the fellow in the red seat, between us and our blessing?
Tony:  Who is between us and our blessing?  CL can still push the button at the international rate, but the other countries are being offered something not to do it.  Everyone is saying that our administration is holding this back;  the bankers are saying they are doing what the UST is telling us to do.  The UST is saying they didn’t know the banks were cheating us. AT the end, there sis someone doing this.
Caller:  Who is that?
Tony:  I won’t know until the investigation is concluded.  I don’t know for a fact that the President is doing this.  Some people say it’s the POTUS, some are saying it’s his inner group. They are turning on each other, shredding documents, right now.
Caller:  Some suggest that we close our accounts in the big four banks and tweet the reason.  I have people ready to do this when you give the signal.
Tony:  We can have everyone exchange at the international level and then close those accounts, when it comes time.  If we all do that at the same time, they will feel that pain.  However, we don’t want to destroy the system;  we are just asking them to be fair.
Caller: You have to do to the battle  to gain victory.  I know you have been pleading with them, and have been kind in the battle.  At some point we have to take action.
Tony:  If just 200K of us go today and close our accounts and move our money, it’s going to be on the news all day with people asking why we are doing this.  We’ll take it step by step…
404, good morning.  How are you?
Caller:  Blessed and highly favored… I guess so.   We are the people!  Do you remember when Michael Jackson and others made a big song in the 1980s… those were the good times.  There is always in the music:  we are the world, we are the children, we are the ones so let’s start giving. 
Tony:  When this happens, we are the ones that will be helping others, unlike the wealthy who are simply keeping their money in the bank, not building the economy.  We are waiting on the US;  until then, the rich get richer.  For years, it was all the rest of the world that had things that had to be completed.  They have been completed since the beginning of December!  So why are they doing this to their own people? 
Caller:  We need to take care of home, first.  We need this to happen asap.  Have you got any update on what AG Holder said, that it has to be done today?
Tony:  I am waiting on some calls on that.  They were building up for it to look like it’s going to happen today, but it’s not. We have texts from bank employees saying they want to help.  So it Is happening, it’s building momentum!
602?  How are you?
Caller:  I’m here!  I’m waiting!  You said you would find out which countries are exchanging…?
Tony:  sorry, you have to ask DC about that, because those are his people.  Next time, send it in as one of the questions and hopefully that will get selected if you don’t get on the call.  Our guys are in many countries over there, like Kuwait and Jordan.  It might not be on a mass level.  Our country right here has been exchanging – we know that for a fact, and we have seen the documents and receipts.  WE have not been seeing this on the news, so why would we see it over there?  I could ask 100 people on the street and in the banks , and everyone would say NO, because they don’t know what we know, that they are doing it in back rooms.  So when people call other countries and they people there say No, it’s not happening, why should we be surprised?  It’s all over Facebook in Iraq.  So it could be the same circumstances there as here.  So when they say on other sites that this is not happening, they just don’t know what is really going on.  We have different sources and different levels of sources.  If you ask a mechanic, he won’t know.  If you even ask a bank manager, they will say it’s not happening, but we know it is happening. 
So ask them on the other site:  Well, what is happening?!  What are the next five things that need to be done in order to see this?  They can’t, because everything has been done in Iraq AND here.  Ask them that.  I want you to look at everything and then see what makes sense to you.  Use good common sense to understand and see what is really happening. Most people on this call want to believe our government is the best In the world, but all governments make sense.  In Iraq the rulers had money while their people starved.  How can the bankers do the exact same thing to us that they did to Iraq. The people in the streets didn’t get anything until they spilled over into the streets in the Arab Spring. We don't want to see that!  We are America, and we don’t want to be exposed like that. But at some point you have to open your eyes, put the pieces together, and see what’s going on.  AT some point you have to say “we see what’s going on and we want to be treated fair.”
Caller:  Why are the other countries still waiting for the US?  How many longer can the US hold this back?  Who’s paying the penalty for that?  Why is that entity not being held responsible for this? 
Tony:  WE are paying hundreds of millions of dollars for every day this is delayed.  There is some agreement that someone will pay someone else’s fines for this, and that goes up on a certain date.  I know it is over one hundred million per day, but they don’t care because they are making five or ten times that amount every day.  It’s not enough to bother them or they would have done it by now.  Let’s give someone else the chance to ask a question.
Another 602?  352?
Caller:  I’m 83 and blown away by the naiveté of the average citizen.  It ticks me off that we are asking why this is happening  when a our President is paying millions to hide his identity. He has  VJ working for him, and his head of Justice in contempt of court.  Somebody asked Dahmer why he did what he did, and he said, “I like to kill people”.
Tony:  I let you say all that, but let’s look at reality.  The President is not a dictator, and he doesn’t do anything on his own.  If it were that bad, Donald Trump would be on 60 Minutes.  The wealthy Republicans are also part of the process.  We have congress, we have checks and balances.
Caller: This decision is not being made by the Baptist.  There is a blanket over the government and it stops with the President. 
Tony:  Yes, he can push it, but also there are a lot of involved in it.  They will be blamed because both parties are involved.
Caller:  [rant]
Tony:  It may be what it takes.  I don’t know if they can stand another incident like this.  Let’s stop this before it gets out of control.   Release this at the right rate.  Give everyone a fair shot at it, but don’t fill the pockets of all your buddies before you give people a shot at it.
Caller:  [more ranting]  Why would we ask him for help?
Tony:  Who should we ask for help, then?
Caller: Somebody can get to this guy so that we know he knows.  He hides behind not knowing.  We should put the heat on him.
Tony: We are doing what we can do.  Let’s keep this about dinar, nothing else.  With all the history that has gone on, I can’t believe they are going to let this spill over into the street. There are people advising the President.  We don’t want to talk part in this negativity. I hate this negative stuff;  I like to enjoy life, have a good time, and smile and see what I can do for our families. That’s why I don't understand how they can let this go, day after day building this kind of momentum.  We are trending in Twitter, and if this continues, on the hour, what will happen by this evening?  At what point will it get out of control?  And we have to sit back and say:   You guys made this happen.  You guys let it happen. We asked for your help over and over!  What else were we supposed to do?   That’s all I can say.
It’s 12 o’clock;  it’s time for a new tweet – everyone should tweet with whatever you want to say, retweet and reply with what you feel about what’s going on, with #WeAreThePeople. I’m sending one out while I'm talking to you.
618, are you there?  405, good morning!
Caller:  Wanted to find out from you what you said earlier – anything on the rate and the date?  Is tomorrow a big day or what?
Tony:   So far as I heard over the weekend, yesterday should have been a good day.  On the news, they expected four currencies to revalue.  It should have been done, and they still haven’t done it.  Everything should be done by the end of the week, end of the month, before The Chinese New Year.  But who knows…
The rate:  it might come out at $3 going up to $15, and you wouldn’t have to sign an NDA because that would be the international rate.  If you want to play that game and can get in before it drops down, then you can.  However, another intel provider was trying to use that say that there is no NDA.  That is true – for the international rate.  If there is another higher, contract rate, then you have to sign an NDA for the contract rate.  Last week employees from a couple of different government agencies flew across the country  to certain locations and gave them SKRs for the international rates.  So they will be first in line!  So they are still doing those things, to take care of those people.  But stop slapping us in the face, not letting us exchange, especially when they know that those people are telling us.  I can’t believe they are still doing this to the people.  I want to be retired, start my own business, and in time I will be able to testify.  I just did what they told me to do, and I have no problems going to court and telling them so.  It is in fact going on.  At a certain level we should know, what should be going on.
Caller:  Last Friday I went to my bank, told them I was traveling and I wanted to get some dong.  For almost an hour, they grilled me – three people came to talk to me, they made me feel like I was a criminal for doing that.  Eventually they did sell me some dong, but it was all very hush-hush.  Finally they told me they would sell me some, because I was a veteran.
Tony:  Yes, they are trying to keep control of it.  Again, we got memos that if anyone even talks about dinar, to close their accounts.  Again, they didn’t send that out because they know it’s not going to happen, it was to defend themselves from their own employees, to get them believe that this deal isn’t going to happen. But we know it’s going to happen.
843?  843?  Hello?
Caller:  I’m alright.  Like the guy who called in who was so mad at the country and Obama;  he was right, and I was wondering when you would wake up.  Every week you would come on the line with cash-out procedures that keep changing.  Why was always changing, every call?  Why bother to ask questions if it just keeps changing?  That was crazy to me.  And all this stuff you’re talking about now, you can hear every day on Alex Jones Show.  We practically live under martial law now, with Homeland Security and all.  They bought up two million bullets;  what do you think that is for?  When I was in the Iraq war, and over in Afghanistan… nobody could see nothing.  You have a criminal government running around, stealing every dollar.  The banks are instituting capital controls, and from what I hear now, even Wells Fargo is going to have capital controls.  So that stuff going on Cyprus is going to go on right here in the USA. 
Tony:  I’m not going to tell you it’s not going to happen, because anything could happen.  The reason I tell you different things every week is because things keep changing.  Sometimes it changes based on the information I put out, sometimes on what happens around the world.  Those were reasons for the delays back then, but not for the delays now.  All those issues have been resolved, they have tracked all the money, and now they can track the fake currencies, too.  All those things needed to be done.  Now we are talking about something completely different.  All our agency contacts, our IMF contacts, all said that there was a plan in action and we’re trying to get there.   Now they all say we ARE there, the UST has everything in place, and they don’t understand why people aren’t getting paid.  They can see all the transactions on their screens!   Just don’t know why you guys aren’t getting It yet.  You should have been to the banks weeks ago!  It’s a whole different situation now to what we talked about from the last three years or ten years.  It’s going on in our banking systems. 
I know that MY name has spread throughout Washington DC.  I get phone calls from people in agencies saying my name is being talked about at the water coolers:  Who is the Tony guy?  Can we talk to him?  Can we use him and his group?  I’m hearing all of that, so this is a whole different level that is happening today compared to the last three years.  The money is at the bank;  the rate is on the screens.  The security is there.  The call centers are there, the exchange people have been trained, and now they are just paying who they want to pay.  Maybe it’s an issue of drawing the trillion dollars down – I know they got issued another half-trillion – and now they are working on that.  They were issued it because of our complaints, and now they are using it for what they want to do.  This si something totally different.  Who is letting them get away with it?  That will come out in the end, and somebody’s going to pay for it, if they continue to let this grow until it explodes onto the 6 O’clock News, onto the streets and when people start taking their money out of the banks.  I hope this doesn’t happen. 
I did get a statement saying something is happening in the EuroZone right now, on the news, how they are hitting people’s bank accounts.  Will it be here?  I hope not.
Okay, the transcribers are tired; we’ve gone past our limit.  I'm going to send out a tweet every hour on the hour.  Please respond with how you are feelings about this RV, with the hashtag #WeAreThePeople.  If you have people who signed up on the 40404 text line, please send them the video and have them sign up online so that they can reply and send out their own tweets.  If every hour we start moving up on what’s trending, someone will take notice.  This is about the government and banking system playing Russian roulette. 
If I get something exciting, I’ll send out a tweet or a blast in the forum. Thank you!  Let’s get this done!  Make our voice heard! 


"I am hearing that one currency may be RVING today. Checking it out now.



Bobinfanti: ipa0409, My wife is in Italy and did not believe in the RV. This morning she was so excited she could hardly talk. She saw on Italian TV business News RAI 1, that the business markets were down waiting for several countries ti Re Value their currency. She is in Italy and watching for more news.

bobinfanti :My wife in Italy is watching for more news. This morning the Italian TV said the reason for their poor markets is that the US Treasury needs to release several currencies that revalued. Does The US Treasury care?? I hope so.


elmerf123456:  They are talking all over the place on CNBC about Emerging Markets and Currencies

jumpinjackflash:  NBC...has a headline that says...(State of the Union speech to hit reset button?) unfortunately my computer will not allow me to bring it over...need new one.
greattime:on nbc page - State of Union: Can Obama hit reset after rough year?

sacred22 :    http://thestateoftheunion.com     check it out :)




1-27-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar    the Iraqi's are building a country from scratch...Most Iraqi's seem to be honestly working on trying to build and understand a democracy.  They recently appear to actually be reading their constitution and some now are trying to stand on the principles written into that document.  Iraq will get there and so will their currency.  I know in reality this could take more years but my personal belief is it is ready to go...   [post 2 of 2]

1-27-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   Certain investments sometime are not right for everyone...Iraq is sitting on an underground sea of oil and it has yet to have a viable currency.  At some time they will.  Iraq is a young country with lots of obvious problems.  Everybody has been frustrated with this investment at one time or another... I no longer worry whether it is today but remain hopeful it is always just over the horizon because I know it will happen someday...   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-27-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
  The articles yesterday and today about the banking system clearly show they need to do more before they are ready.  This Dubai event may seem promising and encouraging, but...nothing will happen until the laws are passed, the reforms are done, and the CBI is in compliance.  Were talking weeks or even months..my prediction is now April or later.  Sorry.   [post 2 of 2]

1-27-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:  "Iraq International Conference and Exhibition 2014"   They spend lots of money putting on these events, its time to do what is expected...open the banking system.
Unfortunately, Iraq is weeks, if not months away from getting the banking system where we want it.  To much on the table...laws, IMF compliance, etc.  IMO, Maliki will never give value to the dinar until the last minute before the elections.  Any increase now would only help those who run against him. [post 1 of 2...stay tuned][See possible “to do list” in the DinarGuru resource bar on the left.]

1-27-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   I think Maliki's next play is to try and delay or create unfavorable conditions for any elections - if that doesn't work - I think he'll have very few options. Currency reform being at the top of the list...which he is close to now.

1-27-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
    there is a new article on the bonds and gold coins out...appears authored by former deputy of the CBI Saleh.  these two items, bonds and gold will let them reduce the money supply but more importantly, reduce the spread between Official rate and Market rate. I believe this step will help them transition to IMF Article VIII.  Article Quote:  "The economist said: that this step has been the study of economic feasibility, by the Central Bank for the purpose of selling gold coins and cash and other foreign currencies as well as treasury transfers to the public soon."   Soon!
[See possible “to do list” in the DinarGuru resource bar on the left...#7]

1-27-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3