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1-17-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony     This isn't what China or the IMF agreed to. Pay the ones you pick. I'm really upset. There are a lot of 3 letter agency people who agree with us. Also, government people who said they never knew it would go this way and then there is a bunch of greedy SOB's who absolutely continue....they don't care. They changed the rate to $6 and that is supposed to make us happy when they got paid in the $30...to take all the contract rate and then let us in for $3/$6.  Just isn't right. Somebody has got to stand up and say that and do something about it. Not just have another meeting about it. Today, they continue to cash out more people.  They can do it whenever they want to.   Nobody holds it back except them. I'm still hopeful for today.  It could happen in the next 10, 20, 30 minutes.  It's in their hands, let's see what happens.   [post 2 of 2]

1-17-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony
   The impression I have right now is they just don't care.   I didn't mind that the administration got paid, congressman, etc.,  I don't like it but can live with it. We can live with senators and elite getting paid but not their relatives and friends and they got paid at $38, $36 and $32.  They are using up the contract rate for their own privileges, their families, their friends.  I could live with that if we were getting our turn but they kept stringing us along, when their intention was to never let us have that rate. Now, they have turned it over to the banks!  They are deciding which of their clients get this...who they are giving this rate to.  They are picking their own people who have accounts & have been in control of for years.  Not right.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-17-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
in early December (when I said between now and about Jan 15th would be an opportune time) that left about 45 days...things were moving right along. Still are - however, Anbar and this nastiness Maliki has cooked up wasn't even on the radar and though it is mostly political diversion and the world is generally calling him on it - it still takes something to get sorted out.

1-17-2014 Newshound Guru tlm724
Article quote:   "Nassif demanding calculates the share of Kurdistan, according to the budget was handed over to the government from oil revenues during the past two years"   guess we will have to wait to see how this all plays out for HCL...Kurdistan sent a loud and clear message to Baghdad yesterday.   they pulled enough MP's out of parliament so there couldn't be a majority vote, that is powerful stuff.  Kurdistan has the numbers right now, its a power play and this power play may just be the catalyst we needed to finally see the HCL passed after all these years, it's a good thing imo. [See possible “to do list” in the DinarGuru resource bar on the left...#2]

1-17-2014 Intel Guru Frank26
DELTA, NOVA and I feel that the CBI is working on the monetary reform in conjunction with the IMF.   We see the CBI trying to take full control of all the IMF requirements. This is exciting and it should be an honor to be involved on such an epic moment in world monetary history.   [post 3 of 3]

1-17-2014 Intel Guru Frank26
IMO, there is a website that was hosted by a company in Texas whose services are no longer required. Bye bye old website. Hello new CBI website. Why does the CBI want to get away from their Texas server?...Because they want their own IP!   They want to be in CONTROL of their own CBI website.  the IMF told them to get into Article 8 ASAP...that's what I see them doing. So now you understand there are no buy/sell figures...there is no 1166 posted...there is no CBI official website up yet.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]  [See possible “to do list” in the DinarGuru resource bar on the left...#1]

1-17-2014 Intel Guru Frank26
the CBI website...Did it come back up today? 99.9% of you will say yes based on the fact that you see the English side but what's on the Arabic side? Nothing...and that is the most significant thing to realize. “THE” official website of a country's central bank is only in their language.  Today [Thursday] on the CBI website English side you saw outdated info because there was nothing to translate up to date from the Arabic side. What we are seeing on the English side is useless. So let me ask you once again...did the CBI website come up today? No.  They are still working on it...  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]
1-17-2014 Intel Guru BWM
I was told no expectations of an RV this week and there are several issues that are still being addressed...

1-17-2014 Intel Guru Stage2Omega


1-17-2014   Intel Guru Stage2Omega



There is only one clearance house (WF), the higher rates will be addressed by them only. I have not seen any if not changes from them. There personnel till this moment have been briefed and are on standby.

Everyone shall be treated with the up most respect and equality.

They have no hassles with this international release for they are more than ready for the task that be.

Do not mix in WF with the THEY'S that others are stating that wish you to exchange at 3 something, my advice to you please do not be fooled make your own assertments and do not mix WF with the rest of these so called "THEY'S".

While I have read all the up roars and chaos that is being published by some people on behave of the THEY'S, at WF all is peaceful all is calm.

I personally know for a fact that no matter how much these THEY folks may want to do to discourage and steal from you God Jehova will not permit it and because of this fact I shall remain in total peace for I know my Lord is in total control and it shall be His way no matter what, my advice to theses THEY figures give it up quit while you are ahead, repent and do what is right.
My people have not been fooled by all this mellow drama and we await patiently for our notification.
Think about all things said and make your own assertions, you can either die with all the hype and stampede into the banks at this ridiculous rates, or you can do like me and my group and just wait peacefully and patiently knowing that no matter what Jehova is in total control and that all has been accomplished, our group leader will contact us when notified.
Na'maste Bluwolf
(I rather be wise and not know everything, then to know everything and not be wise.) Happy Journeys


There was some chat as people tried to figure out the various lines. 
Good Morning, TNT.  Today is the 16th of January, 2013.  Let’s see what this is all about.
I was calling you guys because, as we know, I just want to do the right thing.  I’ve been trying to do that for three years:  giving you the right information for you, to keep you involved in the game.  WE can discuss it, I can answer your questions, go through procedures, etc.
I have a flaw, and this is it.  I believe everything everybody tells me, until they give me a reason not to believe them.  I’ve been hearing and saying it all my life.  I’m nobody special, so why would anyone lie to me.  I believe them until they do.  People lie to me, and then I find out and ask them why they are lying.  That has got me into some situations, because I assume people are honest and I believe them.  I don't’ see the benefit of them lying to me.  I just take people in.  I like people, people like me, that’s part of my personality.
Have some people used that to their advantage?  Yes, in the past and the present.  T his is not a negative call, just forces on both side.  Yesterday we were very excited, and I expected you guys to see something yesterday evening.  I think people should be treated;  I don’t agree with abuses of power or preferential treatment, although I want to go to the front of the line like anyone else.  I just want people to say what you mean and do what you say.  If you do that, we're all good.  If you can’t, come back and say WHY you can’t.  that’s fair, and people will understand that.  People think the worst and tell you the worst.
The RV is still happening, and we will still get at minimum 3000 times what we put into this.  AR e other people getting paid more, getting outrageous rates?  Yes.  I don’t get that, but I’m putting it out there so people get it.
I’ve been getting info from bank people, agencies and governments on both sides of the water, from banking people and others around the world. It’s all been helpful to us in building up.  Right now, there are NO problems with the RV, not one.  We are just not getting it at this point, for whatever reason.  There are some reasons, some things that will come out.
This is how I see my role. I’ve been honest with you, giving you information and explaining it, without asking you for anything.  I have never asked for a penny like some people have. 
DC just joined us;  he might hang up in a minute!
Anyway, the point is that I’ve given all the correct information that I’ve had.  At times even two years ago… I’ve got calls saying, “Hey, I was told to tell you that to accomplish something”, and I understand that.  We are going through the process and many things have to get accomplished on the way.  I’m telling you everything today!  When the truth comes out, that’s a terrible thing!  It’s not always terrible.
So you understand everything I’ve been telling you is still good.  There is a still a China rate, US rate and international rate for the dinar and dong.  It’s gone up and down.  A few months ago, some people got paid out at $38, then it dropped down to $32 in the US.  People are being paid right now, today.  The market rate is not being paid out – it’s just the contract rates.
This is my issue:  we knew in December people were getting paid – government officials and such – and they fought NOT to pay us.  They wanted the high rate for their people and didn’t want us to get that rate.  This has been told to me by government agencies!  Some people are even feeling guilty about the money they took.  [Ray agreed.] 
There are some good people in our government.  Not everyone is greedy, but some are, and some have their own agenda.  It’s okay that they did that;  we can live with that.  Power has its privileges, and power, and government positions.  The government decided who would get paid, and over 50 thousand people did get paid.  That’s how the real world works.
Then they said, “You’re next, and this is what we need you to say” so that people can know how the process works.  That was where I was up to yesterday.  On the call, I wanted to tell you that this thing is going down right now, with the live rates at the bank.  People were getting paid at 2.30 yesterday, but it’s not us – again.  Now they are letting the banks decide who they want to get paid first!   They gave their wealth managers a list of who to get paid first!  So the rich are getting richer, again!  I got this from the wealth managers themselves:  this is who they are calling in and paying now.  That is abuse of powers.
I know that you are upset.  If they don’t want us to have the rate, then just say that.  If we can only have the international rate, then give us that now rather than waiting until the contract rate gets used up.  They are running out of time on those rates.  Don’t tell everyone that things will be alright and then do something just the opposite. 
Don’t call the banks, because that will just be an excuse.  This thing could happen in the next hour.  I got a call yesterday and today saying that is was happening for some at the bank.  We are still not at the bank.  I said, “I want to believe you but you keep telling me the same thing, and nothing happens!”  I am really frustrated today.  It would be one thing if someone on the board told me, but I’m getting this from the people at the bank processing it.  This is just not right.
Okay.  Let me calm down for a minute.  Worst case, we get the $3 on the dong and the $1 on the VNN. It’s better than a poke in the eye, but it’s not what everyone else is getting, and that is not fair, especially if that is what we are designed to get.  I’m just telling the truth and that’s all. 
So here we are.  What’s going to happen next?  I don’t know.  People tell me what I say or do affects the situation and how things are processed.  Don’t tell me that, and I do it, and then you still don’t give it to the people.  That’s not fair!  There is no reason you are not at the bank today!  I’ve been hearing that from guys in DC for weeks.  There is no reason for you not to be paid except they don’t want to get paid.
I know they fought for us to get paid – the IMF, China – and now they say the decision is in our own hands.  How does that work?!  If we don't get paid, that is not right.  I was on the call yesterday and asked for directions, and nobody told me anything different.
DC, before I go too far out on a limb…
DC:  I want to echo what Tony said, and get into why we do what we do.  We talk to these people many times a day.  I also get into my own disbelief about this.  Does Tony get anything out of this?  Do I?  Yes, we get more information that we can use, including some personal friendship, etc.  But the main reason we spend hours doing this every day is that we want to give some help to all of you:  this is an incredible opportunity and we want to help you make the best of it.  We are doing it for everyone else, to help it, and to make it a bit more of a democracy.  Those inner circle guys shouldn’t get everything;  we’ve bought the same currency and we deserve to get the same rewards.  Some super-connected people got it first, and we get that. When they got offered the opportunity, they were given to understand that the common people would be right behind them, a few hours or a day behind.  But hell, some started as early as October!  The bigger group started in December, and now after 2.30 yesterday a ton of people cashed out.  This is directed by the banks. Okay, a few key people, that’s fine.  But this is getting unacceptable! 
I have been counseled that we will stir up the system by telling people. I don’t want to stir people up, but this is beyond… this is not right.  If they didn’t people for a day or two, that would be alright, but this is getting ridiculous.  Just because we didn’t have the right last name or bank account…
People who don’t know each other, in many different banks, are all saying the exact same thing.  This is just a pain in the ass.  Things can be remedied quickly with the public revaluation.  Don’t yell at your banker – they don’t know what’s going on.  But to the top people in the bank:  this is wrong.  This will cause serious issues because it means people won’t trust the banks.
We’ve known for a  long time that these contract rates wouldn’t last that long, and there would be restrictions.  We understood all that.  But allowing only a few private clients… and that this is affected by what we are doing… then letting only a few people exchange is not right.  Not letting the masses benefit from those higher rates is not right.
I’m normally the one supposed to keep everyone calm and collected, and my frustration level is really high at this situation.  Tony?
It’s shouldn’t be, but we know what money was moved yesterday around the world and in this country.  Last night it exploded all across the country, and we know how they are being chosen.  That is wrong.  This is a free for all, but only if you are already wealth.  We’ve got people on this phone who have been in this for ten years!
I’ve had texts and emails asking me not to do this call, but how can I not tell the truth?  I could have washed my hands, but how would that be right?  They are saying it will be live at noon today, but what if it doesn’t again?  If it were another country, then I would hold off, but everyone says there is nothing stopping it except that there is a quota and they are letting their private clients in first.  That’s not right!
Even the people who have already exchanged are not happy with this.  Everybody tells me the sky is blue today – this is what is going on and you need to know.   It’s not fair that only the already privileged get their turn.  There was an agreement with the countries, agencies and governments to bring this through – where is it?!
These agencies all wanted Tony to say this and that.  There are too many chiefs.  Now they are all on the same page, and they are saying “this is not right”.  Someone is in charge.  I’m just a guy on the phone, but it’s obvious that there is a lack of leadership somewhere.  I’m not picking on any person.  I’m getting a message that someone is pissed off, but I don’t know what you want me to do!
The process is still going on.  As of this morning, they are concerned that there are more reserves than hard currency, and they don’t know how to handle that.  They have had ten years to figure that out.  But supposedly that is what the bankers were meeting about at 5am this morning.  Why would they put this in the hands of bankers, for God’s sake?  You’re supposed to be telling them what to do, not asking them.  If you let each bank do what it wants, you’ll have what we are seeing right now:  mass confusion.
I did NOT want to do this call, but after all the info this morning, I had to tell you.  After all the BS on the boards and elsewhere, I had to tell the truth.  I don’t know what this will cost me personally.  For all you guys, I am the only one without a bullet-proof vest, so my contacts better come up with a plan. 
DC:  Don’t call the bankers.  It’s not because they are all evil people – most are very good people who don’t know anything about this.  They are following the rules as best they know.  So by calling the bankers, you’ll only give them something else to gripe about.  My plan is to say “this is where we’re at”.  The people you will contact don’t have the power to do anything about it.  Keep calm about it as best you can, but this is what is going on.
Tony:  Remember in A Few Good Men how Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth”, and some people can’t .  They cannot keep Iraq from going international forever.  They can use up the contract rate before it becomes available to you.  If that is the plan, it’s not right.  The sky is blue this morning to everybody, and that’s what they are saying – and that is a terrible thing to do to your own people.
This is what I got from Iraq this morning:  the rate was posted and we should see the changes when it comes through from parliament.  We talked about this yesterday, and they say that they put up the English site at the old rate because we talked about it.  I’ve been doing this for three years, trying to do the right thing, and I don’t know how they expect me to do the right thing when they do the wrong thing.  That’s all.
First caller – Tony said, “Weren’t you on yesterday?”  She sure sounds like the gal yesterday.  Is this official that we are not going to get the contract rate? 
Tony:  It’s not “official”, it’s not in writing.  But many are saying it.
Caller:  Will it be better to be a trust or foundation, in terms of the contract rate.
Tony:  The problem is the amount they let us have at the contract rate – if at all.
Caller:  When do you think we can got to the bank?
Tony:  I thought we would go yesterday!  Privileged people are doing right now;  when they release it one more level, then we can go.  There is a live rate that the bank right now that started yesterday evening.
3.47 dinar, $1+ for the dong, and we don't’ have to sign the NDA at these rates.  A for the Zim, one rate is 11 cents and the other is 22 cents.   Let me get some other people.
Next caller:  How are you feeling?
Tony:  I’m terrible. I’m frustrated and I hate being used.  I always believe people.
Caller:  For all these people who are already wealthy… they need to step out of the box and realize that we’re not peasants and they do not rule the kingdom.  There are a lot of people hurting and counting on this!  Remember, though, when we started this ride we would have been so happy if the rate was one dollar or higher.  I have no problem signing the NDA and paying my taxes.  Just because many are wealthy, that doesn’t mean the lower classes shouldn’t benefit as well.
Tony:  If you don't’ want to release the 800 numbers, then at least release the international rate.  Don’t put everyone on hold so that you can process the wealthy, say it’s available to the general public, when only 10% might be left.  If that’s what you are going to do, then do it!  IF that’s what we’re going to get eventually, then open it up today, not let the banks only pick out their rich clients so that they can get brownie points.  The banks are going to get all the money anyway, so why pick up your rich clients first.
Caller:  Everyone on the call feels the same way.
DC:  I refuse to accept someone is justifying this in their own minds.  This is not correct;  this is not the way we operate.  The US is about people being able to prosper, not just those who are already connected.  They are saying they can ignore us because we will still get 3000 times our money, and that is okay, but it’s not okay when people don't their fair share.
Caller:  I’m praying for you all today, because the storm may break over you.
Next?  317
Caller:  Hope this doesn’t put a red dot on you and DC.  The NDA… old contract rates were associated with time limitations, and amounts you had to leave in the bank…
Tony:  Those were the ones pertaining to the groups.  These NDA, when you go in on your own, and these don’t have any restrictions.   Anything can change – it can change in the next hour – they are in an meeting right now.
Caller:  Do they want you to get Okie on the call?  I can hold!
Tony:  No.  This is just a big mess. I was happy yesterday.  I don't care who got paid before me, just pay me.  Then they put this in front of us, ready to drag it out another two weeks, and maybe we don’t get the contract rates… that’s not cool.
Caller:  Like you, I’ve been waiting ten years, and things are not good for us.
Tony:  I’m saying to them:  If you don't want to release the 800 numbers, okay, but release the international rate so people can get paid.  Why drag it out?
Next caller?
Tony:  Just want to say this:  my understanding with the 9800 numbers is that you get to choose the China rate or the US rate;  whichever you choose, that bank will exchange for you, both currencies at the same rate at the same time.  You don’t have to go to two different banks.
Caller:  They did all that texting to you guys yesterday and you talked about the release, and here we are again, stuck.  What are they doing, stringing us along?!
Tony:  We did that call yesterday under direction.  I  don’t mind being an asset:  you need the information in a timely manner.  I am not a wealth advisor.  I can tell you what I would do.  But if the powers tell me to tell you something that they have no intention of actually doing, then you have to ask them why they are doing that!  We are being in the moment, but messing us this way is not fair.
Caller:  So now it’s going through, but we still don't have any information, and that’s not fair.
Next caller?
Caller:  Like you, I am not happy and the people on the boards are not happy.  I don’t know what they are going to do.  They all listen to your call, and they want to do something.
Tony:  I understand, and I had to think about that before I did this call.  I wish people would pay attention when we ask you NOT to do anything like calling the banks. You cannot walk into your local branch and call them to task because they haven’t been briefed yet.  This is NOT the time to do that.  We don’t know what is going to happening this afternoon.  They asked me to delay this call so I could get some guidance.  But you just can’t do it like this:  give a bit then stop the information or the release.  They all held hands this morning and said that we are getting screwed.
DC:  Most bankers don’t know about this, only a few have been approved.  Others we called hadn’t heard about this at all.  I’m with Tony:  we are not trying to incite or cause anything, but at some point you have to say:  “Guys, we know this isn’t right.”  Also, when it was couched by many different people across the spectrum that they are cashing out all the higher people, but we’re not going to have that rate or that access.  That is not right at all.
Tony:  DC is back on the radio.
DC:  Tony and I understand that a few special people get this select rate.  Some 50,000 cashed in over a month ago, and then many people yesterday and this morning.  Why hold this up for everybody else?  They have the staffing capacity, so why not let us cash out, at least at the international rate?  This is just an excuse.  Everyone is frustrated, across the board.  We’re just trying to tell you what is going on, so don’t shoot the messenger. 
Tony:  If they dint’ want me to know, I wouldn’t know, so someone obviously wants me to know.
Caller:  Who has the overall determination here?
DC:  The entire RV?  Or this process right here?  Which agency decided it would happen this way?  I can’t go there without shooting myself.
Caller:  It’s got to be the UST and we know who controls the UST.  The only way we can change this is the next time we have an election.
Tony:  Today, this is our spot at the table.  There are meetings going on right now, and we are saying:  When is enough, enough?  We understand the wealthy get wealthier, but this is not right. They want to cut you off at a certain point;  they don’t want you to be wealthy.  They say that in the next two years, 90% will be broke again, so what’s the problem?  Just release the numbers and let us have our shot!
Callers:  Many of us felt this from the start, just hoped it would be otherwise.  I hope you don't end up taking it on the chin!
Caller:  I am like you;  we need to have faith and hold on.  We are about to be blessed beyond blessed.  As we are waiting on this process, people are dying every day, they are sick and losing their homes.  We need this right away for some relief.
Tony:  That’s right!  They are giving the most to people who don’t need it, who aren’t losing their houses or jobs or cars…  When is enough, enough?
Caller:  How are other countries handling this situation?  Are they still waiting on us?
Tony:  Iraq is still waiting for the official international release.  This is still hurting them.  They have contracts and bonds effective now.  This is affecting other counties too.  That doesn’t seem to matter – it’s all about our elite right now, no one else.  Some got paid yesterday.  We were told it would happen yesterday, and it didn’t happen.
Caller:  We were all created equally but not treated equally.  God will bless us, though. It was MLK’s birthday yesterday, and he had a dream.  I still have a dream and it will come through.
Tony:  It could happen at any moment they decide;  there is nothing holding it back.  People are at the bank getting paid as we speak.  If they use the quotas up completely and we go to the international rate, or if the rates just start to decline, I don’t know.  This should have gone through yesterday, and we should have been included in that group, and we weren’t.  I don't’ know what the master plan is…
New caller:  I thought CL was going to freeze the accounts unless they moved this forward and make it available to the public.
Tony:  they are making it available to the ‘public’ but only the elite.  They are citizens but wealthy citizens are the only ones being picked yesterday and today. 
Caller:  Did CL’s projects get supported?
DC:  Our understanding is that almost everything has been funded apart from us.   Tony is a guy who gets along;  he doesn’t get upset that easily.  He has got a pretty cool head.  I am a cool operator, too;  almost nothing disturbs.  But this is to a point where… We talk to many different people and they are all saying that this is what’s going on, and we can’t do anything about it.  We keep hearing this. Eight people saying the sky is blue, and now we are frustrated and angry.  We have verified that this is going on!  No one is denying this!  Before we got upset, we made darn sure we knew what was going on.  We’re talking to some pretty heavy hitters, and this is what is going on.  And before getting angry, we made sure what we were getting angry about.
Tony:  Everyone is confirming this.  I don’t want to believe this, that we are being next AGAIN.  The clock is ticking and we haven’t even started?  That is not right.
Caller:  I thought CL was standing up for everybody?  If everything was supposed to be frozen until it was released to everybody…
DC:  Here’s my understanding.  CL was a major advocate for all of us, behind the scenes.  During this deal, and she told them to stop cashing in all their friends.  They continued, and she told them to stop again.  Then she said, “From now on, I’m going to freeze their accounts” and she did when they continued to cash out.  Our understanding now is that everything got freed up yesterday.  You could here the excitement, and we know that a lot of people are cashing out right now.
Tony:  CL unfroze everything because they said “We’ll release to the citizens”, and technically the banks are doing that, but they are cherry-picking those citizens.  A lot of people were being made aware of a lot of things this morning.  We will see what happens.
Caller:  So those with frozen accounts will no longer be accountable.  I hope someone wakes up over there, that’s all.
206, good morning.  Caller:  Will the dinar notes be invalid at the end of 30 days?
Tony:  I don't know.  I do know they can say whatever they want, and then change it whenever they want.  They’ve moved our cheese every two days.  If they open up the international rate, then everyone can go get paid.  That may affect the market.  But this is just not fair.
Caller:  Instead of 50%, should we put away more for taxes?
DC:  We don’t know of any major tax changes right now.   They’ll get their tax regardless, but we are now aware of any super-high tax coming in at this time.
Caller:  Those who cashed out in 2013 have a different tax rate.  I said months ago that if the government could screw us down to three dollars they would.
DC:  I don't’ think this is a conspiracy by the cabal, I think it’s incompetence and a few greedy people looking after their own interest.
New caller:  You say this could stretch out until the end of the month.  When does the 30-day window start and end?
Tony:  I’m not concerned about that, but about the contract rate.  If you don't get in on the contract rate, even if we go in on the international rate, it will go up and down.  The funds will push up the rate and then it will come back down.  I’m not counting on 30 days. 
Caller:  So that has been changed, too?
Tony:  the contract rate was never going to last 30 days.
Caller:  I’m saddened at how Machiavellian our government has become.  Also, you disagree with what Okie said about separate banks? 
Tony:  That’s right.  If you go for the China rate, you will get the same rate for both dinar and dong at the one bank appointment.  Okie made some calls this morning, and he may be changing his position on that, too.  That’s what Okie told Tony this morning.
503?  Caller:  I have wealth advisers at BoA and WF, and haven’t got a call.  Can I call them and ask? 
Tony:  This is what I would do:  I’d call my wealth manager and see if the manager even has a clue about this.  Tony talked to two wealth managers at the same bank, and one knew about it and one did not.  They have only told their senior wealth managers.  So how do you call your manager on that?  As of yesterday, it is absolutely going on across the country, so they should be finding out.  So even though we say “don’t call the bank”, If you already have a bank manager…
Caller:  I got into this back in June, and my brother for a year longer.  I can only hope this whole thing opens up for everyone.\
Tony:  I’m going to stop the call.  I just wanted to let you know what happened.  I hope it is our time to be heard at the table, in the meeting, and that all the people we talked to this morning will stand up and say “This is not right.  We abused them before for a month, and now they are back of the line again.  This is not right.” 
Don’t get depressed;  it is still going to happen.  We the international rates have been published, and we will get that at least.
DC:  We are highly frustrated just like you.  It’s a horrible thing to do.  At the same time, if they are letting these people go on, then we must be next.  It’s moving very quickly, it’s here, and it’s our turn.
Tony:  One last thing.  You can help on the boards.  You can get the message across that you want to do the right thing – and the best way you can do that is to pay Tony, then he can’t talk to us any more!  I appreciate everybody.  I’m always going to do the best I can for you, and give you the best information I can – now, and post-RV.  Enjoy the rest of the day;  if we get any other info or feedback, I will send out a blast or a tweet.   We will definitely be having a call tomorrow.


 "Fact Check #91" from the White Hat Auxiliary 1-16-14 01/16/2014
FACT CHECK #91.....Posted on January 16, 2014 . 
Hello,  This evening I had the pleasure of speaking to our White Hat contact by phone once again. The following is personally cleared by them for release to you. Please read this information very carefully. It will help you maintain a proper orientation as to the true nature of what is going to take place.
 I started my call with the intention of ascertaining the general outcome of the meeting last week between our contact and a very senior official in world financial affairs.  I am told the meeting went well and all remains in motion towards the final outcome, which is best described as the single largest financial transaction in the history of the world.

  In fact, it is so large that it will most likely hold that title for the next few centuries. Let that sink in a moment. Don't think that is just hyperbole. It is important to keep this in mind as you read further. .... The details of the meeting, the parties, the content and results thereof, are not for discussion, and, even if it was, would certainly be above the pay grade of us all to understand or comprehend.

These are things that are best left to those whose skills and expertise are utilized to keep the financial engines of the world running. It would not serve any purpose or benefit to us that such details would be plastered all over the guru forums and blogtalk radio shows as if it was some cheap gossip.  The people working on these matters are not in the business of spreading sensationalism.

 They are currently in the business of achieving their stated goals and assigned tasks, to the benefit of the nations of Earth.  Keep in mind what they are doing. Their actions are reversing 70 to 80 years of treaties, agreements, procedures, and agency involvement. Every agency on the planet has items that are affected by these changes.

 There are armies of lawyers coordinating actions of others on a world-wide basis, involving some 200 countries. This is not just a transaction involving the United States.  This leads us to cover some points that are being spread around in the various Internet talk shows and blogs.

You should know, first of all, that nothing any of the current self-appointed "intel providers" say has any affect in delaying or otherwise altering the events that are going to transpire.  Such pronouncements, such as the "RV" being delayed because too many people bought dinar as a result of something said on a call, are blatant nonsense, most likely stated in a way to falsely exaggerate the status of the persons making the claims in order to seem wise and expert.

Such actions only cause unnecessary anxiety in the community and nothing more.  Most, if not all the "dinar intel" you hear in places such as xxx, is inaccurate. Such "intel" is not of valid origin and should be considered highly questionable. Keep in mind that buying dinar, etc., is not really an investment. The net result, post GCR, will be more like a windfall, surpassing any returns capable from such a small investment of capital in traditional markets.  If the dinar comes in at $1.00, $2.00 or $3.00, it will place into your hands the kinds of funds for which you will want to seek professional guidance with. 

 By all means, don't wind up in the camp that will be broke 2 to 3 years later post GCR. Also, remember that you wont see $32 rates. That is pure nonsense. Any rates that are mentioned by gurus are simply guesses, at best. No such rate information from valid sources has been sanctioned for release through such persons like those who run the dinar blogs and chats.  As for the timing, I didn't want to pester them for a date because such is impossible to know. Every attempt is being made to complete the matter, and when it does not complete, there is a valid reason, likely requiring changes or adjustments in the process at some point along the line.

  Given the complexity of this project, such changes require careful attention. Just know that it is very close and everything is progressing.  The event itself will transpire on a weekend or at the beginning of the week to prevent interruption of world commerce. 

 Finally, I was humbled when the White Hats team, who read this blog, passed on their thanks to me personally, and by extension, all of you, for conducting yourselves as ladies and gentlemen and remaining dignified while many others stoop to abrasive and discourteous behavior to make their points. 

 Please set good examples as readers of this blog, and remember, some of the people who are reading your words are the very same people to whom you will be very indebted to for making possible the changes needed to give you the chance at a better future. Thank you all. And thank you to the White Hats for your relentless efforts on behalf of all people and nations.  Stay tuned for more information as needed.  WHA        


 REPOSTING LOECHIN: 9:28 AM As I said several weeks ago CL has stepped in and had given a timeline to M. As of this moment that I am aware of M knows that His position is in jeporady. There will be an announcement but I don't think it will be him.

 All I will say is that from all and I mean all info that I have received we are in the greatest window we have ever been in and will see this. You will see new leadership in Iraq come into view as of now. They are sick of M too.

 9:31 AM Loechin any truth to the RUMOR m is out and they were celebrating yesterday

9:31 AM Loechin any truth to the RUMOR m is out and they were celebrating yesterday

9:33 AM Guys I am getting the greatest info I have ever gotten this AM let's see what happens THRU this week



Hello everyone,
You have not heard from me in a while on the Dinar, but Now is the time for you to start paying attention again.

I have been in constant contact with several very, very connected people and I have chosen to stay out of putting info out that is always subject to change, but I do hear it all.

With that said, I want you to be aware that there is a ton of misinformation  that is hitting the boards and it has
set reasons for the misinformation.  Bottom line, like I have been saying there is a battle in the background going
on between the good guys and the bad guys.

 The bad guys want this done like yesterday ( so we fund them for the next 1000 years), and it is the good guys, that are the ones holding it off.  The bad guys think they have the power still to put it through and that is why you keep hearing it
is happening today, everyday, but they are learning that they are no longer in power to do it. 

BIG changes are in the works.
Now again I hear we are on a High Alert for this to happen, but I need to make you aware of a situation so you will know how to react.
There is info hitting the boards about all these very high rates and today they are putting out that the high rates will be very limited and you need to call the 800# as soon as they are posted on the different boards.

If you took my advise that I put out a long time ago, and signed up on the General64 list then you need to pay attention to this.
This is the list that was sent to Wells Fargo for the WU-China private placement.  General has no say about anything with this list any more and it is only in Wells Fargo Hands at this point.  NOTHING that anyone is saying, Tony or other wise, is talking about this private group.

So the info that was put out today by the Guru's does not apply to this group.
I am still hearing this Private Placement is the best place for you to be as the rate still has the premium.
What you need to do at this point is watch your email, If you are signed up on that list, you will be getting a email Directly from Wells Fargo with the 800# to call.  This 800# is not to be shared, as if someone calls the 800# and there name is not already on the list they will not be allowed to use it.

If you are on the list it is your choice to wait for the email from Wells for the private rate or call the 800#"s that the boards post but remember those will be the public rates.
We are hoping that the private email will come first but we are hearing it can all happen around the same time, no one knows.
If you are getting this email and are not already on that list, I am sorry but it has been closed for 6 months now.

I will keep you informed when I get my email and will also put out a text.
Lets all pray this finally happens and that the good guys are the ones that put it through.


1-17-2014   Intel Guru Frank26     DELTA, NOVA and I feel that the CBI is working on the monetary reform in conjunction with the IMF. We see the CBI trying to take full control of all the IMF requirements. This is exciting and it should be an honor to be involved on such an epic moment in world monetary history.   [post 3 of 3]

1-17-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
     IMO, there is a website that was hosted by a company in Texas whose services are no longer required. Bye bye old website. Hello new CBI website. Why does the CBI want to get away from their Texas server?...Because they want their own IP!   They want to be in CONTROL of their own CBI website.  the IMF told them to get into Article 8 ASAP...that's what I see them doing. So now you understand there are no buy/sell figures...there is no 1166 posted...there is no CBI official website up yet.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

1-17-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
   the CBI website...Did it come back up today? 99.9% of you will say yes based on the fact that you see the English side but what's on the Arabic side? Nothing...and that is the most significant thing to realize. “THE” official website of a country's central bank is only in their language.  Today [Thursday] on the CBI website English side you saw outdated info because there was nothing to translate up to date from the Arabic side. What we are seeing on the English side is useless. So let me ask you once again...did the CBI website come up today? No.  They are still working on it...