Tuesday, December 23, 2014

WINNERIAM POST FROM TNT: Opinion on which of these currencies to try next, 23 DEC

WINNERIAM: After we exchange we will not be allowed to purchase dinar, zim or dong, but others are wide open to us. Which of these do you consider the hottest?

Angolan kwanza
Botswana pula
Central African CFA franc
Lesotho loti
Mongolian tögrög
Namibian dollar
Ugandan shilling
Uzbekistani som
Bahraini dinar
Cambodian riel
Kuwaiti dinar
Lao kip
Libyan dinar

LILFISH: IMHO, countries doing a lot of business with China will rise along with the Chinese renmimbi. THat includes So Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, NZ, and Myanmar. But if China can't get its pollution problem under control, they are more likely to lapse into a quagmire. JMO.

CHANGEAGENT720: China's growth is due, at least in part, to building massive ghost cities they some day hope to populate. They can't continue this, and when they have to stop, that artificial growth will stop too. In the short term the yuan renminbi will be good to inest in, but at this rate, I'm not sure how long china's reign as reserve currency will last. Any competing economy that has undervalued currency will be a good investment. My bets are on this list. Add the Philippine peso.  JMHO

WINNERIAM: I am thinking the Mongolian Togrog since Mongolia has so much of the world's rare earth, which is used in computers and cell phones and things. Good luck to us.

GRATEFUL2: Thanks for your list of the different countries that may have a possible rate of return more than our purchase price, but have you also not considered South America? This region will continue to be part of the worlds economy, and South America is growing, and their resources have NOT been depleted like some countries like China, that is searching every where else for it's sustainability.

Remember the BRICS countries, also remember that the IMF has submitted 198+ countries into the GCR. So we have many options, but those countries that are way below the poverty levels will be elevated based on there GDP. While looking for future investments, don't forget that corruption is and always will be a factor that you will need to consider in your choices of how long it may take for some of these countries to expand their geological excavation of their lands, and not to mention WAR.

Continue to be diligent, and continue to boldly to go where NO man has gone before! The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.

Have a blessed day,



JOEDIRT: Mongolia has a lot of rare earth minerals...east Africa...brics...next 11....basicly all you have to do is look at the currency charts to see which ones are dramaticly undervalued and just buy those that are...if this is a global currency reset...then all currencies will reset to nearly equal values of course depending on said countries natural resources which in turn will give value to each countries currency...along with 20% of said currency backed by gold and silver 

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