Thursday, December 25, 2014


 @THE_TNT_TEAM: Merry Christmas to all. Please enjoy your families today. First reading completed and passed. They're still working now. #wearethepeople

12-25-14 Adam Montana: [Is the possibility of Shabibi coming back as the Central Bank Governor good or bad for our investment?] Shabs is a VERY smart man, and was very good at his job. If he were to come back to that position, the new GOI under Abadi is a different animal than what Shabibi had before.

I don't think Shabibi was the reason for Iraq not RVing - if anything, he was held back by Maliki. That is no longer the case, and I feel like Shabibi could be a major asset to an RV.... so I'm going to say his return would be a good thing for us, but his return is by no means necessary for progress.

 Abadi continues to impress. He's accomplished more in less than a year than his predecessor did in almost a decade. We have a budget! It's reasonable to say the least, giving Iraq a LOT of wiggle room even with these low oil prices. We have cooperation! The Erbil agreements are exactly what we want to see, the Kurds are happier every day, and the country is working together.  ISIS continues to be pushed out, and I think by next week I may not even need to mention them again. I'll sum this up in a a few short words: We can't be far off now.

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