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TNT Call notes 10-Dec-2014
Tony:  We’re all ready – let’s do it!  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, December 10, 2014.  We’re going to start this call off right – Kenny, Happy Birthday!  I was going to sing, but we’ll save that for another birthday.  This is part of our history.  Hopefully it will be a super-fantastic today – I am absolutely feeling good today.
I want to get the negative part out of the way – let you know where I am in this situation. Everything we were promised last February, after we got back on the table and part of the team… we were absolutely told by someone we deeply respect, someone high up, that we have earned our place at the table – us as citizens being treated fairly.  We were told that, and told the conditions to go from there.  Until we see that isn’t going to happen, we will let the government do what it has to do as we won’t know the other things that are involved.  We ARE still involved in the process.  For someone out there to say we are getting ready to burn the house done is irresponsible at this time, sending out the wrong message when we are this close to getting what we want here.  Even though some have asked us to do that (earlier), we wouldn’t hesitate if it were the right thing.  To do it simply because we want this done yesterday or last Tuesday, all that would do would be to prolong this for months or years.  It is NOT the time to do that.  The time to do that is after Iraq goes, they get theirs and we don’t see anything for us.  If it turns out they were stringing us along, or we only get 50 cents, then that was not our understanding. Then we have nothing to lose and if we go down, we’ll take some people down with us.  If they are just going to be unfair, then we’ll expose it all.  We are clearly NOT at that point today, so for someone to tell you ‘we’re getting ready to do this or that” – what’s the point?  Especially if they don’t have the documentation, recordings, etc.  Why do that, just because it come out on Monday like you wanted?  They aren’t concerned with that, they are concerned with those who do have the information.  I mention this because I’ve had some phone calls about information floating around and that this not the information that we have, that would prove things in court, or even know who to bring into a courtroom. They haven’t been contacted for Congressional overview.
DC:  Only a select group of us have, and not because we want to!
Tony:  All our calls are listened to;  all the agencies know who we are, who we talk to, where we are, and if they were concerned, they would have contacted those people, too.  I don’t think this is the time to do anything stupid.
DC:  I think raising hell now would be shooting yourself in the foot. We’ll all be okay.  I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.  I want to change the format a little bit today, because the Iraqi information blends together a bit. 
Bottom line is that folks who are getting the RV come in two different camps. One is the ‘mother camp’, saying “because I said so”.  They say, “We want to do it on this particular timeline because we say so”;  and they are saying “Why aren’t you letting us do it?” and this camp replies “Because I said so” because there are power politics, time to prep, etc.  This camp is led by the US Treasury.  I’m not trying to stir anything up, I’m just the football announcer.  They want to do this in a concerted fashion starting in several days to a week, roll it out for Dinarland leading up to Christmas, and then stop until the new year. 
There is the other side of this table, which is everyone like Iraq, the IMF, BIS, Bank of England, US politicians, central banks, elder statesmen on both sides of the aisle, some bankers and a few others.  They want to get this done immediately, they have done all the planning they want to, and they are telling the US to do what they want, but they want this to be released now.  Some conspiracy nuts think “the man” wants to keep you down, but “the man” doesn’t care about you.  Now these two sides have had meetings, they have come together, and they have agreed to let Iraq polish up a few things and then the US will let this go.   The US is able to pick the rollout plan for US citizens along their political lines.  Iraq finishes this up in the next few hours, and then they can do it pretty close to immediately.  The US rollout would then start in a couple of days for the internet groups.  The rest of the general public will then filter in.
So what we understand has been agreed is that Iraq is cleaning up a few things, Iraq and the world will revalue, and the US will start the rollout in a few days for the internet groups.  Tony, help me out on cleaning that up!
Tony:  There was a meeting in DC two days ago, after our last call.  Everyone agreed they would do these last three things – not important to us, but “because you said so”.  We are now within the window. There was a compromise so everyone wins. It could be any time to today to the 22nd of December – that is when it ends.  It could start any day but it ends on the 22nd, and restarts after the 2nd of January. If they get us (on the internet) done before the 22nd, there is no arguing.  The other 4-5 million who don’t listen to the call get it after the New Year, and that’s what  the US wants.  We have 23,000 on the call, and that is a lot less than five million.  If we each connect with ten others, that’s still a lot less than five million, so they feel they have achieved their goal.
Everyone wants to go immediately, by the close of business today, apart from one group.  The parliamentary stuff will be done today, and they get to choose their own time. The US also gets to choose its own time, how it will roll out and who gets to participate. That’s why I’m super-fantastic – it’s reasonable where are today.  The US got everything they asked for, so they should be happy, too.
Some people don’t have all the information, so getting people to do something stupid at this point doesn’t really make sense.  If this is the truth or not the truth, you don’t want to be burning down the house when you don’t know who is in it!  The 559 number has been on the line for over 700 minutes, and they are gone!  It’s One-question Wednesday…
860 caller:  [Appreciation]  First time caller!  My question is this:  on the rollout plan, will there be one 800 number, or is that only connected to the bank that will take everyone, or will we still get the choice of banks?
DC:  We understand that each bank will handle their own processing. Many banks don’t want to deal with the general people, pulling in their select customers.  They have put the general masses back on the lead bank, and that is also why it will take longer to get everyone through – because not as many banks will be involved.
Caller:  so you call that number, you can change things down the road…?
Tony:  Calling the 800 number is the fastest way to get an appointment.  Other banks will give you their 800 numbers or pamphlets, and it may take longer to make appointments.  But the 800 number is for direct appointments.  Hopefully it will really work!
903 caller:  Is this coming to an end?  I’ve been waiting very patiently.
Tony: That’s what we are hearing!  I’m still waiting – I’m not on fire yet!
Caller:  It’s good to hear!  Have a good Christmas!
650 caller:  What are we looking for after this meeting, which I assume was the IMF meeting with Iraq…?
DC: That was one meeting of many.
Caller: What should we expect to see from Iraq?  A speech from Abadi, what other clues?
DC:  I don’t think we will see that much. The CBI will change the rate, making sure that no one gets in the way.  After this legislative round is over in a couple of hours, they will tell the US that the list has been checked off, and they will get together with Abadi and the CBI.  They will then pull the trigger, and then Abadi will make a minor speech in Iraq to not cause an international stir, and that will change the rate inside Iraq.  The US may take a few days to open this up, or they may use this as the signal to quietly release this to the internet right away.
617 caller:  How do they determine if we will get the contract rate or not… Is that just dinar, dong as well, or does it depend on what you have overall?
Tony: That is how they did the early payouts, to let the bankers know how much to pay each person. It may not got that way when we go, and that’s when I throw DC under the bus…
DC:  The early exchanges were done for politically connected folks, etc., and the that’s what put them on the list. Law enforcement then checked them out.  We are not on the list.  If you are a bad guy, associated with some criminal organization, 1) you’re an idiot and 2) they will check out everyone going through this thing, so the federales will take all your money and come after you.  It will go quickly through the first appointments, it’s whoever gets through the door quickest, and it’s not who is preselected for the high rates.
Tony: They will get you through the appointments first, then check backgrounds.
Caller:  So we all get the chance at contract rates for both dinar and dong?  And are there a lot of currency people in Massachusetts?
DC:  Yes, rates will be available, and there are some dinarians in Boston, but otherwise, not that many in Massachusetts.  There are exchange centers all over.
636 caller:  [chitchat about sports teams in Texas]  DC, suggestions for St. Louis?  We have no WF or Chase. 
DC: The major banks all have access, and every major metropolitan center will have banks or affiliates that will handle dinar.  They want to spread this out. 
Caller:  I’ve been in this 4-5  years, and we keep hearing this is being stopped by the US.  I am looking for reassurance, I guess – are we at the point where the US administration is now on board and will move forward with this deal?
DC: They are on board at this moment. The timing and attitudes change frequently, so I’m not betting the farm, but a lot of people are on the end of their rope.  Even the guys delaying it are beyond the argument about the Iraqi and US public having access to it.  It’s just a matter of timing and having all the boxes checked.
Tony:  We have earned our place at the table, and we are waiting for when and how.  Two days ago everyone was in agreement. 
509 caller:  [Appreciation]  My sister-in-law has a question that I will read.  Is it possible to exchange in Spokane?  Also, she’s worried about vulnerability of funds between exchange and spreading the funds out into investments.  Can this be covered by excess insurance in Spokane?
DC:  We are not lawyers or financials advisers, but if you are looking for protects, get a CEDARS account or an insured money market account. They can do that very quickly or convert an existing account into a CEDARS account very quickly.  I’m not sweating it.
Tony:  The people doing the exchanges are telling us to tell people to put this money into CEDARS accounts.  The banks are not going to fail while we are putting all this money in!  They are not going to fail in the three days while you are working this out!
When you call the 800 numbers, they will have affiliate banks everywhere, possibly tier 2 banks, for everybody to exchange. 
Caller:  I’m the one who thought DC was a marine.
DC:  I’m not, but I envy you Camp Pendleton – they play beach volleyball every lunch-time! 
Tony:  In 30 seconds, DC took the world’s greatest fighting machine and reduced them to pansies playing volleyball!
410 caller:  “It seemed that the time would come evolutionarily when humans might have acquired enough knowledge of generalized principles to permit a graduation from class-two (entropically selfish) evolution into class-one (syntropically cooperative) evolution, thereafter making all the right moves for all the right reasons. “  Buckminister Fuller, Critical Path, 1981.  And now I feel I need to dance around the house, cleaning, feeling that higher energy!  [Appreciation]
Tony:  I thought maybe we shouldn’t have a call today because I hope we will have one tomorrow!
602 caller:  I was impressed with the caller on Monday with his prayers for Afghanistan, so that they get this amazing grace for their country… [Afghanistan?  Surely she must mean Iraq?]  Also, for those who do not understand what the UCC really means, please do NOT write “without prejudice”, as it will cause nothing but trouble.  I’m not an attorney, but this is good advice – just don’t. 
Tony:  I don’t think you are referring to our call…
DC: This was discussed a while back.
Caller: If this is for the benefit of the US people, please don’t burn down any houses, because the US Treasury is trying to bring us back to the great nation we were before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

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