Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Where are awe at Tonight......My Brain Hurts From Work Today!!!

Just need to if know anything Transpired from Carden's Intel

  • Expect things tomorrow and Thursday.
  • I hope so Sem :)

  • Your intention are definitely good, and I know you mean good for others. However don't expect this RV to take place any time soon! It may very well be in 2015, but not this year. I can assure you that most gurus also feel the same, but they need to keep the traffic moving regardless of the RV. JMO

  • Will Do.......

  • Expecting confirmation on final global pay to Trustie by tomorrow.  Thanks for you stuff...

  • Awesome! Thanks Sem :-))

Since there is no new thing under the sun, we are watching a simple normal and historically natural slow motion change in market direction

Global USD demand is waning and new resource backed digital currencies are ready to spring forth

This last thirty days appears to be the quiet time before the big change which will surprise many

  • Silly wilbur...you truly one of my long time favorites...THANK FOR ALL OF YOUR KNOWLEDGABLE INSIGHT....

  • You are hinting on something major.  This shift appears to go in slow motion but is moving relatively fast.  However, there is a methodical approach to this that upsets many who become impatient.  Hopefully, providing there are no upsets with the current ptb, this will go smooth


    Who can guess what the MSM narrative will be?

    It is usually whatever gets TRACTION

  • correct

  • Last 30 days???  What happened to THURSDAY???  :-/  Interesting...not more than a few hours have passed and the information's already changed!!!  LOL!  *SIGH*

  • Very programmed ! 

  • THURSDAY remains a key DAY OF INTEREST this week

    Please consider taking measures to improve MENTAL TOUGHNESS:

    Sleep, sunlight, hydration, resistance exercise and a diet which is (as much as possible) whole, raw, genetically strong and simple

    If you can afford them, eat high quality strong probiotics daily

  • thursday looks good

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