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RA:Hello S3a Members,

I was fortunate over the last few days to be away from my work to find time on a computer in a location of the world that allowed me to browse the Internet safely for any length of time. Unfortunately, I hear that my last post a week ago was not met with much enthusiasm by some folks since somehow me stating it was not happening in 2014 was a call for not only being wrong, but negative for some reason.
I am sure I am not making many friends with my posts who expect this in 2014, but I do want to thank those however, that have accepted my words of advice. I might as well say I appreciate hearing from them as well, good or bad as it may seem; Everyone is basically sharing information. I wanted to post what I KNEW first hand. I am in a place, fortunately, where I do not HEAR what is going on, but SEE it as well with my own eyes. It is not presumption. I stated on this site several months ago that 2014 was not going to be the year for a public RV, hoping others would take this and put it in perspective, only to be greeted by SOME on the site, not ALL who only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. I can’t control that of course nor would I want to. We are all entitled to our opinion.
I have to go out of my way to share information with you due to my situation. I have to find Internet cafes and do a few IT tricks to share safely. Grant it, I cannot give many details due to the nature of my work. But I am deeply involved in the mechanics of the new financial paradigm. Again, I will state I have no motivations here since I do not own dinar. I am not interested in making money or wealth, I am single and more or less a career person. I am interested in having a purpose and being a part of world change for the better. And that is what is happening in my life, and in a major way at this moment.
I have no arguments with intel provided on here. I believe providers give factual information to the best of their abilities and are sincere. Where it changes for me though is when predictions occur. When predictions of a public RV are stated, I look around me and it appears I am in a parallel universe when I see some of the predictions made on this site. My associates feel the same way since there was no evidence at the time to suggest a turnaround of a public RV as some have suggested would happen in the past. I am not saying my associates are 100% correct but have been thus far. Why have they been correct? A different rationale is used to determine when reevaluations occur that has been used based on past experiences; It has been successful in determining when a revaluation will occur based on historical evidence and global dynamics. This apparently is not being used based on predictions I see from time to time, thus leading to conclusions that some one or some thing was holding it up.
I DO BELIEVE, if I am not mistaken, Exo is trying to get everyone to understand this is a PROCESS and PROGRESS is being made towards an RV and a GCR. BUT these things take time. I wish there was already an RV since so many are suffering and/ or are just discouraged. I do not take pleasure in putting information in a blog that is faulty though, and will not place information here just to please people or as some may say tickle ears.. No hyperbole as some suggest, just honest information.
Please note, I NEVER said the public RV was NOT going to happen. The public RV has been in PROGRESS for years and is in PROGRESS now. There is much hope for 2015 on this matter. There is a notion, however, that an RV is strictly cause and effect from specific events one sees or hears from intel providers as truly happening. There is more to this with regards to interpretation though and what it takes to produce an RV or a GCR. But the news reports come in daily showing signs we are getting closer. Much of it dealing with socio-political factions that I am around daily, and the affect that a revaluation would have on other countries and people. This site covers a lot of articles that, when kept in perspective, reveal the progress towards an RV/ GCR.
We look forward to 2015 to see much happening in terms of projects and hopeful revaluations, but this must be kept in perspective or you will continue on the same roller coaster ride that caused so many to go into depression over predictions of an RV by Christmas and to disregard others who gave you additional information that was useful but stated otherwise. I would hope the coming year would find this site providing a different approach to analyzing data received so that you can incorporate all intel, whether seen as good or bad, on a different level than accepting a prediction as fact. Predictions that do not come to pass only leave the one who gave them with a loss of credibility. Once or twice being incorrect is one thing, human error, but after so many times one needs to look at their sources and reevaluate the methods used for coming to such conclusions.

What I can say is the first 2 months of 2015 are going to be exciting with more projects being started and world events coming to a convergence because I see it happening myself…not a prediction, this is truly happening and I see much happening here in Asia. Adding to the projects, education centers are in the works to re-educate folks on the new financial paradigm and how to benefit from its existence. Such as saving hard assets. My OPINION on an RV, however, is that there will be windows of time for revaluations in 2015, BUT this depends on how everything lines up in ALL areas, not just Iraq. No one can predict a public RV…just not possible. But the new ptb are working hard towards that goal.
My apologies again for the length of this post but I only have so much time available to find a location to post anything these days and my posts are few anyway. My Christmas holiday is over so I will be leaving my small place in the East so my posts will be limited for this new year. It’s really cold here but for some reason I was thinking it would be warmer.
I expect many of you that may be involved or will be involved in projects will begin to get busy in the coming months. Be prepared it will be an exciting year. Be aware the next 60-90 days are going to be one heck of a ride towards change for the better.
Happy New Year to all,

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