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Settling Some Myths

Iraq is done. The global event will show as the MR is ready. It is not about Iraq. They are the ones apart of it with all of the other countries. Iraq can seem like the hold up as a delay as everyone likes to put it.

Well it is not. Iraq has things done and only release articles and progress as the IMF directs it.

It is not Economic Reform that will be the key to getting this party started. It is Monetary Reform. I asked you to understand the difference long ago. MR is $$$$$$ (currencies) and Economics is the countries entire Economics in which is what brings value to their value of currency.

It is a balance sheet and the bottom number is going to be the value of their currency. Now all 200+ countries will turn that in. So do you think it is only about Iraq?  No it maybe the biggest gain or maybe not.  either way it has a road map and it will all come at same time.
When others talk about Iraq and ER they don't understand the full story. I shared this with you all. think about the new of Iraq times 200+ and now you will see all the Global events happening and your so far ahead of the rest in DW.  There has been several calls the last week, by a few others people.

They starting to figure it out. Liquidity, as we have discussed this and that is MR (liquidity). Iraq PM only speaks when they want it to be disclosed(which he has and why I stick to the fact Iraq is done).

This will not work if the plan has not been followed by all. It has been done and your seeing it.

You think they are waiting for things to be done?

They just applying the MR and it goes thru a process. However it is not about one country. Go and listen to DW, they miss the point, the rate is MR not ER. We have been discussing this for so long.

Dec 23, didn't we read my post from last week. Don't ask, watch and listen. Don't ask when. With out the MR released and setup no one can exchange properly.  So if you think they have then you have fallen for the think that keeps you coming back.  So much in the fact that you get confused on what are facts and what is not.

For example "do they give you proof they exchanged?". No because if public all would be going in.  How have we explained all exchanges will be private. So why would you want to be around people that want to be so public.  They keep you coming back for more.

Do they give you facts to where to go read about the MR or is it INK after the fact. The road map has been out and shared with you. if it is in an article then it is public and all the guru achieved is they saw it in an article. So if not where do they get the facts from?  Secret sources?

Well hows that working?  Well you have the road map and you all can see it playing out because you know what they are doing and the events unfolding. Oil, Gold and Geo politics. it all is there.

Just don't get caught up in the myths of the Bric's and China is all it is cracked up to be. All countries have great people. Every country of the 200+. It is man kind and it is the future we seek and the past we learn from. Otherwise it is same old same old.

It has never been about the rate and date. Without the MR you will not have this happen any different then what you see everyday in the market.  Up and down we go.

Relax and know this I will not allow anyone to hurt the cause we have set out to do.

Basel 3 is asset backed. Watch and see is all I can say.

If you are listen to them and I do know that some do. Take what you have heard here and listen to what they say and it is back and forth and they talk out of both sides of their mouth. Lets listen and learn from what is said.

Lets talk taxes, before tonight is over. I had to take time to listen to TNT, so many ask ??? and today three things came up TRN, taxes and 2%.

Seem to be these few topics.  Then there is Frank and who I do respect. We don't ever discuss these things. How long have I said Iraq is done?

Now that doesn't mean they have shared it publicly or in an article.  Thats because your not going to see it before they want you too. Yet the others like to claim it is done but then when it is in the press or articles they get all excited and in the end that is what we they think is is guru.  When IMF want to share, they will.

Until then it is quietly waiting for us and agreed too for the global and yes Global MR and not just Iraq.

Global liquidity is the MR and you will see it sooner than you think

We while we let DW figure out whats next.

When we are asked to come we will and we will follow instructions.

Don't invite anyone to come and don't start sending emails asking. It is closed and not reopening. If you don't get email then you don't come and you don't give your email out. They have a system so please don't pull yourself out of line. Use common sense and you will be fine.

The key is the email and then read the instructions.  it will answer all your questions even to the point of POA some of you ask.

Nothing we can do but follow instructions. No need to ask any questions about what "if's" because until email comes out, there is no need to ask a question if it will give you instructions with answers.

Did we not have a thread about Fed Res?  Did it have a date by chance. Now a lot realized the date the law past and what date the system went in to place.

Fed Reserve and Central Banks have been around for ever. The Bric's is a version of the same thing, even owned by the BIS who owns how many shares in the Global Central Banks.

How come the people in DW never discuss this problem that it is the same people. It is a myth about what the Bric's main goal is. Bric's bank is about development and growth in those partnered countries. It is not about taking over everything they have already in control of. it is however about improving what countries need. A change of the guard.

Phy Ops with the Bric's taking over, again didn't we just go with the flow of DW. It is not all what you may think. I decide thru this not to try so much to discrete others.  It has been very hard to bite my tongue. It is not about me, it is what we want to start and make a difference that counts. it has to start somewhere.  However there are things at times that have to be said.

Let them talk and do what they do. TRN are real.

I guess even Winston is not quite sure how to answer this question. Listen to him dance around it. Prove me wrong. Thou you have to listen how crystal clear he was saying he want the cake and ice cream.

Thou Tony has made it clear they are mortgage back notes. Well Wiston didn't say that today. He basically teeter tattered back and forth.

Well Tony didn't correct Winston's words if you go back and listen closely. He said well it is never going to be 100% assets backed.

Hello Basel 3 is not 100% backed. It has ratios. I asked you to get educated on Basel 3 and IMF.  Well the banks are already Basel 3 in USA and if not then they will pay the price. However banks are not countries either. The Fed and UST control USA as other Central Banks handle other countries.

Oh wait there is more questionable stuff, and it is not to discrete and only to have you go and educate yourself and to teach others. How can they have it both ways and be wrong or right.

Sometimes I wish I could sing.  You decide if it makes sense based on what they say and can prove in articles that quote laws and rules not opinion.

 If they cant send you to somewhere to learn, then they don't know the process. Thats why no one has a set time other than a process we see playing out.  why would you take someones word if they cant back it up and even giving then the benefit of the doubt after the fact prove it.

I hope DW wakes up when it happens and just listens to these three topics. Taxes, TRN, and 2% and then if they are wring I would be careful as they do have an agenda.

It is a time to share one more thing. Another DW myth. Don't be afraid to listen to how many times the guru say on same call MR and ER it is a teeter tatter.

I have to laugh and cry because the calls themselves will always be there and people will be mad that they didn't listen clearly to what they say.  They have only themselves to blame, the guru in DW say it both ways, even in the same calls.

Then put some of the calls together and it really gets the teeter tatter going even faster. Even DW says Iraq is done, then they go back and forth about the proof showing up.

They say we told you, they cant show it yet because until the MR has happened they will hide it.

It is not just Iraq. It is global. ER is smaller than MR. All the countries have had to do ER to bring the biggest reform the MR.

Listen to Franks call, at very end before prayer he wraps up what has been said in our threads for months since we went our separate ways remaining friends with ML.  We don't agree on everything and thats ok.

I respect them all and have no issues in what they believe.  I don't need to do calls. It is in ink and has been there.

So relax, stay calm and listen. Listen to other and then ponder about it. If you listen they will themselves prove they are not telling you the truth and spin it in all different directions. Grasping at straws.

Even telling you no groups and no contract and bla bla bla. It is ok really. You will do whats best for you. That in its self is worth every bit if this. To watch you successed.

So lets talk taxes. State taxes.

Lets face it this is USA and you will pay what ever they tax us that is fair.

USA as a USA citizen. Those not USA citizens will do what they ask as well if you want to do it of corse.  Let me ask you this, will you not exchange because you don't agree with tax amount?

More you get it is only reasonable the more you pay.  figure out what your net take home is and make your choice. USA or or not it will be your choice.

How come Tony uses professional athletes as an example on his call today?  Hockey, Basketball, Baseball all have Canadian and USA teams. Football as in NFL doesn't have any non USA teams.

They don't pay in every state they play in and also pay in their own State they play in, come on lets be serious and think about it. What ever state law is you pay one and one only not multiple states. How crazy is this type of talk. I asked you all to hire your own profession tax attorney. Not a CPA, a tax attorney.

Then what state you live in will charge you taxes no matter where you exchange, just like anytime you make money.

Now here is a secret, if you listen to the TNT call, they talk about state taxes and how do you know which state to pay it to?  Well I told you get a tax attorney.  Do you know the difference between CPA and Tax Attorney?  Well Tax Attorney has client/Attorney privilege.

Here is the fact. If you (hint exchange in a location and it doesn't have a state income tax then it makes it real easy.

You pay it where you live. Now doesn't that sound right?  Companies may pay in multiple states and if you do as a sales person base on where business is conducted as per IRS code. They do not however pay twice on same income in multiple states.

Now if it is Nevada and you don't live in Nevada then you don't have a problem since Nevada has no state income tax and you will pay in your state.  Here is the research your state capital gains tax laws. It will be your State Tax Commission.  That will be your worse case situation.

Winston even said that loud and clear and did anyone get it? He mentioned some states. Thou he was not clear since he said it both ways.

Now how many of you have traveled for work and had investments out of state? You pay where you live and for your business you pay based on type of business and income made for the business.  I have declared income from different states but not ever paying for same income twice.

People pay in other states based on licenses. However they don't pay in both states. It is one or other base on the tax code. It is that easy.

So now after these simple explanations who does that call makes sense too?  If you continue to listen to others that actually in same call and switch their stories then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Basketball players as you know I know some. Even other sports athletes as well. We are talking my back ground. We don't pay where we play for being an athlete.

Thats why Canada didn't work out to well for Expos(MLB) and Grizzlies(NBA)in. The players had to pay taxes there and then had exchange rates to convert it too USD. You pay in the state team is located.

 It is so unbelievable the BS that is out there. Now that said you now can decide one of two things. To take what is said and ponder it or believe one side. Either way you now can look at it openly and it will be a lot more clear to you.

Now for last thing. The 2%. I don't do IMHO and all that BS. So now if you had listened and looked at IMF and BIS it tells you about the 2%. However you ready the rules, it is after rate is set.

 It also can be adjust with in the 90 days for reasons listed on IMF and BIS. Biggest reason is that fraud has been committed or the numbers some how were not right.

Lets be real Kap (as so many of you have emailed me about the 2%. That some guru says it cant RV if it is not with in the 2%. Come on guys currencies go up and down all week and it can go over 2%.

 Now also it is not about Iraq.  Go read the rules of compliance before you ask these questions from gurus that have nothing better to tell you than 2% of the real rate. If the rate is published as real it is in with the 2% and it needs to be. It is another myth of DW.

Don't let someone posting that has no common sense get you off track. It is not a problem as to the 2% and if you study it you will see it. I am sure someone and many in the forum can grab it and bring the actual rules. Remember I said that some would be shocked at how well this will play out. Well Bric's are not what you think.  

Lets be realistic everyone. No reason to bash any countries. They all have different beliefs and cultures. 

However the Fed and Central Banks are all global and thinking it is just Feds and 100 years is farthest thing from the truth. It goes back a lot farther.  It is now our time to "shine" is what it is. 

Too do better than the ones before us.  It doesn't have to be about all of the DW myths out there. There is good and evil in all things. Doesn't mean a certain person or country is taking over all things. 

Just a shift, not the way others state it. Milestones have been happening if you pay close attention and many things will be done on a moments notice and even then you will be ok and make it thru this. 

No reason to stress about any of it. No entitlements. It is well earned by all of you. You own this and all your choices. 

We will have some good laughs when this happens because you will see how the so called biggest Dinar Guru is the one sitting on the outside looking in. Only then will hopefully the people wake up and see it for what it is. 

Oh did I mention we have had assets back currencies before and have them the whole time this has been going on. Kind of dispels any idea of the need for the USA to change over night. 

We have been running both Monetary Systems at the same time for 100's of years.  How does one reconcile these facts and why do people let others get away with the lies about what has really happened when we all have had both types in our pockets at the same time. Well to each their own!  

I will be in touch. I want this next phase of the process just as bad as you all. Good night and be in touch. 

I was told leave no one behind. However you can't repent after you now see the truth at the Pearl White Gates to meet your Heavenly Father. 

Those that made their choice must own them. That goes for me as well. Either way I have done so with the true facts and belief no matter what changes no one has given up anything on exchanging.  Peace Out. 


 There is a right time and right place to post. 


Thank you    PIF 

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