Tuesday, December 30, 2014

IRAQI DINAR 123 NEWS :Parliament Special Session Discusses Budget 2015, 30 DEC

Parliament Special Session Discusses Budget 2015

According to the Iraqi press, Speaker, Saleem al Jubouri announced on Tuesday to hold a special session of the parliament, Thursday, it was also discussed the draft budget bill, its affects, its implications on the year of 2015. Jubouri said the reporters that their announcements of the cabinet vote on the budget without the deficit. He said, there is a professional team of financial experts, who have been working for the prosperity of the people in order to overcome the deficit of the budget. 

He added, “We are working to held an extra ordinary session of the parliament on Thursday at 11am to discuss the project going forward, and government will approve the project to safeguard the interests of the people in order to help them living their best living. There will also be the efforts, which will be made by us in order to decrease the inflation rate in the next year. Obviously, we are trying to overcome the effects of decreasing oil prices on the economy of our country. The government of Iraq will approve the budget of 123 Trillion Iraqi dinars, and this will be allocated to secure the defense budget”.

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