Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Vinman:Iraq and the US are mirroring each other.
Watch for parallel budget announcements.
Dong trading over $2 overnight.

Mr chennothing has changed on the Dong I see, this is the same rate on it. 2.34USD / 94VND you guys forget that this sign" / "means you are to divide. sheesh come on 
so let's all do the math together now class
2.34/94 =  .02127659574468
so 1 USD would equal about 21.3 VND

Ranger4564:As far as I know, and I could be wrong, but as far as I know, you're doing it wrong.
Currency pair, says you get XXX for YYY. In this case, you get 2.34VND for 1USD. You don't divide. The number after the slash is not a denominator, it's the ask price. 94 replaces the 34. 34 is the bid price.
So, $1 = 2.34VND (bid) if you want to buy VND, and $1 = 2.94VND (ask) if you want to sell VND. I think.

Meekseeker:Parallel announcements of the American and Iraqi budgets are coming...

Gt:Clues at 12:30 AM Wednesday Morning (WST)

Iraq & US are running parallel budgets

Watch for announcements from Both (well Exo Posted the US Announcement in the Tuesday Intel).......,Your turn Iraq

Just Did the Math......according to NETDANIA the VNN is trading over $2.000 (Remember this is Netdania)

Going to bed.....Goodnight!!!

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