Tuesday, December 23, 2014


DELTA: "DARK LIQUIDITY" ... Is very serious for Iraq... The remedy is to raise the value of the currency ... (Abahdi speaking to the parliament) "About the reserves at the CBI of Iraq, our goal is not to touch the reserves from the CBI of Iraq, we (GOI) will never touch the reserves from the CBI of Iraq... Some countries governments go to the CBI and drain out the whole reserve creating problems for that country.

Iraq will not do this! There is another way we can benefit from the reserves of the CBI of Iraq, we are trying to activate the plan and there is two parts we're going to use, a small portion from the central bank of Iraq to deposit that small portion from the CBI of Iraq in a trade bank of Iraq and then the bank will start lending money to the Iraqi citizens then the government of Iraq will pay the interest.

 The interesting part of the second thing Abahdi said was, "we can use the reserve of the CBI of Iraq for the "Economic Reform" ... He almost said the "Currency Reform" (Abahdi) right away he corrected his comment by saying the "Economic Reform"/ (Dinarland)-which is what we're waiting for ...

We all know that the central bank reserve is used for stability etc. Abahdi also mentioned that there were many who hadn't been paid for months because they have no liquidity he also went on to acknowledge that they can't survive the private sector / free-market economy if we don't raise the value of our currency. (Notes from Franks call) Sorry for typos.

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