Tuesday, December 9, 2014


12-9-14 DC: China made a deal with the UST saying they would pay more to the groups that packaged their people together, so that they can get the oil credits, like coupons.  Some others then said, “Hey, if the groups made that agreement, I want some of my customers to get that rate as well.” China set up a pool where people could exchange at that higher rate. They agreed to have a percentage of the general public to have a contract rates similar to what the groups are getting.

We know groups and some people are being paid out through the summer, and now they are cranking up that number significantly. Some have exchanged at contract rates, and there is still plenty for us. However, only those who are lucky or quick to dial in will get that access. The banks do not have the numbers because it depends on how much dinar any individual brings it. It’s still a legal obligation for them to allow that to the general public. 

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