Monday, November 10, 2014


Highlights of Tony CC:  

  • Clawback Clause with other countries – stipulates USA is to pay public the contract rate.
  • Sr. Statesman has told T & DC, "You've earned your place at the table." 

 Tony:  “Until I see they are not living up to that, that's when we turn stuff over to the news stations, get hauled into court, testify before Congress.”

Tony:  “Payouts are going on right now, as we are talking about it. . 

.  This is not about me, about the information, about DC, Pam or Ray.  You’ve trusted me up to this point, to do the right thing, at the right time, to let out the information. . .  I think I will know, DC will know and other people talking to us will say, “let it go to hell, burn it all down.”  Don’t think we are there just yet.

Tony:  We have enough contacts people, inside this thing, at all levels, that will let us know if this is not going right.”

DC .. we have lots of bank information being fed to us because they don't want another Nov/Dec/Jan to happen and are giving us information


Chat Room/Forum Bills are due:  100,000 people listen to this call.  It's estimated another 100,000 or more receive the information.  Donation can be made at www.tntdinar.com    There is a  RED button on the left side of the page that says,"Donate."  If you can only give $1.00 it helps.

  • Media:  TV/Papers/Mosques:  announcing same messages, "economic reforms in process and progress,” and “Economic reforms will be completed.”  Bragging about how Iraq is turning a page; good government contracts released, etc.
  • Parliament continues to meet, conducting business.Not waiting for anything from Parliament
  • CBI ready. all coins not out yet
  • Civil Unrest:  Frustration ready to boil over: The USA holding things up known within the mosques and other world leaders.  TV is showing the Iraq people rioting in the streets, demanding removal of 3 zero’s. Concern it is building daily and will explode.  With the history of the Arab Spring and ISIS going Iraq does not need this accitional concern. Tony felt  this could spill over to other countries, government’s and wonder about all the work going down the drain.  This just increases the pressure to get the RV done.
  • Iraq Contact: Tony read the following he had received from this person:   "T & P, thank all the TNT members praying for peace and against ISIS war. Thank you for all the comments.Glad to see TNT group thinking of him and Iraq." 
    This is someone Tony talked to a few years ago and has now been elevated to a high position and monitors the TNT CC. . . they know who is holding it up and they are finding out its USA. 
    He appreciates our caring about the people of Iraq.

  • US Exchanges going on for 10 days now. Rates are all over the place and based on the conversation you have with them at exchange. Some banks have refused to participate feeling it’s a gray area. 
  • Clawback Clause with other countries – stipulates USA is to pay public the contract rate.

Roll-Out Procedure: DC said plan has been changed umpteen times.  First they said they wanted to get through larger, bigger players as they will take longer and give the bank teams practice.Intent was VIP’s 1st 3-4 days and then those on internet, ¼ million, would take 3-5 days.Then those who are not paying attention, our friends and family, will get the info.Our understanding we are in that same process.The 3-5 days will be more like 10.  Still get 800’s.

 NDA: - some received a 5 or 7 page document and some something else. Banks do not all have the same procedures ie, release of funds, timing of release as within 24 hours of deposit to  day 23.

  • Delay:  Administration was ready to go and then “got in a pissing match.”  Some did not think the issues they were fighting over was important. Caused frustration in Iraq, banks, and rest of the world.  Senior statesmen/women working behind the scenes to get everyone back to the table. To work out changes, getting everyone in line and back on track. 

T – “Our Timing is again this week some time.  That it’s real.  I said, ‘yeah, it was real last week too

  •  Caller reported Iraq dinar coins, 25, 50 and 100's, being sold on Ebay


 DC – . . . For the love of God, have a plan, have a plan, have a plan before you spend a dime.

Pam:  if you are going to spend a dime, TNTdinar.com has a donate button.  For the 100,000 who listen tot his call you don’t have to be a member.  Happy birthday to marines.  It’s their birthday today.  Happy Veterans Day today.  My husband listens and he was army. To all our veterans we appreciate you so much.

Ray: Ditto Pam’s comments to all the Veterans.  Happy Veterans Day.  I’m excited. 

Tony:  Happy Veterans Day to all you guys.  We deserve it.  Wouldn’t
Feel good about our info today this is happening.  . . . Information is flowing and we’ll continue to get it.  Because banks ready, processing people . . . today, we feel good about the info.  Every bank is not doing it.  . . . Not put their head on the chopping block. . . It’s all been scheduled. 
Iraq is being more vocal.  Their Parliament has been voicing this for weeks. . . As of yesterday it was on TV and then in the streets.  It’s their job, responsibility to get it pushed forward.  We know they listen to us.  Receive messages from them.  

They read our boards, comments.  Gov. people listen. . . I think we are in a good place.  Just go through this next phase . . . if it actually goes through.  . . . and then make a decision, at the right time . . . today is not the right time. . . 
We got something totally different to deal with anyway, just because we are giving you information. . . we have to pay an additional price. 

Also, want to thank all government people who are supporting us. I got to be specific about this one person.  People got upset because I was talking about George Bush. I saw him on Oprah, read his book . . . and understand him.   Don’t like people because they are Republicans or Democrats. . . like them for who they are. . . I respect individuals. . . Believe it or not, there are some democrats who don’t want to do what you guys want done.  Some of them are supporting us too. . . people of all religions, ethnic backgrounds come together to make this change.  If it were not for some democrats and republicans, we would not be having this conversation today.  It was groups out of both sides that came together to bring us to where we are today. . . 
Idiots out there posting things about me, DC, Pam even Okie.  . . Not helping you . . . not making anything better. . . 
Happy Veterans Day to all our veterans out there.   I’d love nothing better than come back here today.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”
                                                             Ronald Reagan

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