Thursday, November 27, 2014


11-27-14 @JCR3758: I am still expecting it. There is a definite plan for the public exchange. Our turn will come. 
11-27-14 Adam Montana: [ANY good news on hcl?] No HCL yet, but I believe it's going to happen any day now. [You said...you thought the HCL would happen by the end of the month. Do you still believe this will happen?] I can't stake my reputation on it, but I will say this - it's a MAJOR possibility. It's moving! I don't have any concrete evidence that it will happen tomorrow or tonight or yesterday, but look at how Chapter 7 unfolded. When that was done, it took EVERYONE by surprise. To be real, let's look at the big picture. Here is the no B.S. honest to God Truth: this could drag on for years. Don't bet your rent or mortgage money on Iraq. But the other side of the coin is that we are in a situation that has so much potential I'm literally bursting at the seams trying to find the words to explain how excited I am.

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