Thursday, October 9, 2014


Ok, I started in this thing having interest in HB.  I quickly realized it is all connected so I got involved with the currency side of it.  As a RE developer, I acquired 15 years of political contacts but, nothing initially in this. 
I have forged ahead with intel contacts that I believe (short of bank statements).  I have been in a position where not having information sucks and hurts and makes us not sleep.
From what I know and involved with, the HB (Chinese Historical Bond funding) funding is right there.  If this funding is the premise of all of everything "kicking" off then sleep tonight, if possible.
I am not a Carden, OM, EXO or anyone else.  However, some of my information is as good.  I am mentally tough but, I am ready to get off of this ride as well.  Yesterday information was great and inspiring and today has been great and frustrating. 
As a Christian, I get annoyed sometimes when all of the good wishes and prayer posts get in the way of the intel posts.  My ISSUE!
Tonight being a slow intel night, I request all of the ladies and men to focus on the prayer aspect of this.  I have personal information that it is done but, just not "rolled" out.
Only a couple of you know me here so, I care...
I was def inspired by the team donating to those in need

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