Sunday, October 5, 2014

RV/GCR POST FROM S3A:.This was the last report put out in the middle of the night, 5 OCT

RV/GCR:obamacare was defunded by the federal judge this may mean the republic has taken bigger baby steps? 

also someone said uncoonfirmed canada exchanged? well there was an exchange of money too canada today from our treasury to theirs also the TRN's not being made available as in moving money around but actually went live at 5:32 easern today then the rest of the world is now being shipped to all countries who hold a foreign currency reserve of fiat dollars the TRNS / usn are beiong switched out with a deadline finsh time of wednesday see the g20 treaty for more info on this also unconfirmed and we don't have confirmation on this information this is 20 minutes old TRN exchange for dinar zim dong and rupiah in Reno NOW whats wrong with this picture the admiral had one last signature to do for witness of the release of funds to mandates and platforms are they doing the backdoor dance...um maybe.....see you all in the morning I would check out other sites I have everyone looking for our confirmations welcome to the good life...This was the last report put out in the middle of the night..happy sunda

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