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UU9929 -  “ What No RV again…lol… ?” by mnt goat
Hi Everyone, I come to you today to give you a quick update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Today's news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of  9/29 as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

The news is long and I am sorry but once again there are issues I need to clarify and so  I hope you take the time to read it and appreciate it.

There is again much disinformation being passed around as many are intentionally or unintentionally drawing the wrong conclusions as to the events taking place now in Iraq.
I do not know too if it is a matter of just a lack of common sense or  if they themselves really believe in what they are passing out as information about the RV. So I need to address some of this nonsense now in this news letter.

Today’s News

Today is Sunday 10/5 and still no RV.  What do you mean no RV? It was supposed to RV over the weekend…..lol….Do you wonder why it didn’t?  I am of course being very sarcastic in my statements because I think some entity is pumping this misinformation to the dinar holder community and using these intel gurus to do it.

This is becoming very disturbing and to the point of almost alarming for what these people are doing to the dinar holders. I am saying this because if you knew what I know then you too would understand there is no way in hell the PTB are going to let the RV happen anytime in the near future.
 Enough said on this topic. Let's move on to the real news.

Update on the Economic Reforms

First let me say some are making lots of assumptions in defining what Iraq means by using this terminology. What does economic reform mean to Iraq may not be what it means to us. I am being told that for Iraq it means fixing the payment system for the citizens once and for all. Payment System - I asked my contact? You know the electronic debit system using the Qi cards.

So according to my source the reforms they spoke about recently have nothing to do with the revaluation. Are there other economic reforms too that need to be implemented?  Yes – and they will continue with the reforms as needed but in this case once again an Arabic translation caused lots of hype for nothing. Time to stand back and take a hard look at just how foolish all this recent hype has been.

Once again I will say the $3.58 rate was merely paying the citizens of Iraq their long overdue government payments on programs such as rations, pensions, unemployment, retirement, etc,. It has absolutely nothing to do with the revaluation of their currency. I tell you nothing!
They have paid out under the electronic Qi card process before and will be paying out on it again.

They waited so long to pay out this time because of the pressure of using much of the financial resources allocated for this purpose going  instead to fight the ISIS. So the financial committee had to reshuffle funding to make these payments at the request of the new government.

They are having technical difficulties aligning all the provinces to the same standardized rates in this system. This effort also does not mean an RV is imminent. This too is something they are plagued with each time they make these payments.

Eventually they will resolve all these issues as each payment process is completed and the fix more of the bugs in the system. They are now saying the payments will conclude on 10/8.

Iraq’s Economy

These same “gurus”  fail to mention that Iraq’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. Oh did they happen  to mention this? Of course not. They hide this from you or maybe its because their “contacts” failed to mention it to them cause they think it is having no impact on the RV….lol….. This is due mainly now to the funds having to poor into the effort to fight ISIS.

 Millions of dollars are spend everyday in the effort to rid Iraq of these insurgents. The recent financial news explains this situation very clearly. WE can see article after article on this topic. Once again we can turn to the prior Maliki administration and point fingers to the legacy he has left behind and the long road to cleaning it up.

The good news is the Kurds are boosting crude output threefold by the end of next year and plan soon to resume talks with the new central government, signaling that a battlefield partnership against insurgents is helping mend ties with Baghdad. The Kurds will increase production to 1 million barrels a day by the end of 2015 from a current level of 320,000, said Sherko Jawdat, head of the natural resources committee in the Kurdish region’s parliament.

 Output will rise to 500,000 barrels a day by year-end, he said in an interview in Erbil. So we see that long range funding may not be an issue and it seems that full HCL implementation is not far either since oil revenues is going to be the savior for Iraq in the long run and it is forcing the issue.

Also this past week Abadi has also come out in public and clearly stated he strongly favors full implementation of HCL and Article 140 along all constitutional mandates. It will not be long. I mentioned this too because, as I said in prior news letters, I believe this is what the USA really wants.

A guarantee that the petro-dollar will be used in the sale of Iraq oil. This is all in the HCL law. This lays the ground work for a real possibility of bringing back their currency to pre-war levels plus equity. This is what us investors have been waiting for.

ISIS Update

As a first effort, however it is imperative to get the security situation under control then Iraq can begin implementing the needed laws to safeguard security, the judiciary and the economy from corruption. Getting rid of Maliki too is on the agenda. I can assure you of this.  The process has already begun.

So far the new prime minister Abadi has repeatedly stated he does not want massive foreign troop ground forces in his country. So far it seems Iraq is not able to handle ISIS on its own and the air support supplied by the USA and GB is not enough to rid them and can only contain them somewhat, but they adapt.

I have said this before and I will say it again that I totally believe it will take foreign troops on the ground in Iraq to resolve this situation. It is only a matter of time before the Iraq government too realizes this and finally requests the help as Anbar is taken by ISIS yesterday.

This will be the turning point for Iraq in the fight against ISIS.  Something to watch for. However when they do this it will be costly since any country fighting in this effort  will be billing Iraq for its efforts to help them. This support already has not been cheap and ground troops could cost Iraq billions more in the future.

So far what foreign troops that are in Iraq have been isolated from the general Iraqi public as they do not want to stir up more tensions and do want to present an image of being able to secure its own boarders to the rest of the world. They can not keep covering this situation up much longer. It is coming to a head.

Okay now so do you all see how the dictatorship of Maliki is working to destroy Iraq? Do you see how he and his goons are plotting to regain control if the situation comes to massive chaos and desperation? This is the only way these dictators can maintain control. So Maliki is not gone yet.

We know the ISIS saga begins with Maliki as does the financial situation too. Remember how he tried to block any oil exports from Kurdistan to the USA. Why do you think he was doing this? He wants the Abadi government to fail. In the process, while he was still prime minister (and commander and chief), he stole billions of the budgetary funding in the process of fighting ISIS.

He did this when Iraq was most venerable and parliament freely granted him a large chunk of money for this purpose. Of course he created the situation to start so for him is was totally under his control. Remember he wanted that “emergency powers” granted to way prior the April elections   even taking place.

Much of this missing money was supposed to go towards the payments on the government programs. This is why now the Abadi government was so late in the payments. Do you see the connection now? This is why the citizens took to the streets in riots requesting their money.

Maliki tried to create decent against the Abadi government. he was setting Abadi (or any new prime minister) up for failure even before the elections.  He also instigated these riots. An investigation has now found that this has been confirmed.

So you see this man and his goons can not be trusted and are only out to destroy Iraq. We will not see any peace or rest in Iraq as long as he still has any influence or presence in Iraq.
This brings to the recent effort that begins the process of ridding Iraq of Maliki forever.

The Beginning of the End of Maliki

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has already begun its investigation into the files turned over from Iraq on Maliki and his corrupt goons. The situation with the Stryker AFB was the icing on the cake (the nail in the coffin) for Maliki.

There is proof once again he allowed this situation to happen and in fact instigated it.

ICC is pursuing efforts to prosecute Maliki and all those involved under crimes against humanity. Why are they all of a sudden now doing this?

Surely Maliki has been committing these crimes before and they are also noted in the corruption files presented to ICC.
Well this time it is different since with Stryker AFB it involves the USA directly.

At the time of the attack there was already plans to begin the process of training pilots and ground forces to support operations against ISIS. Stryker AFB is the largest AFB in Iraq and was turned over to Iraq when the pullout happened in 2011. It is a huge modern base.

So this is a real sore spot for the USA especially now since their relations with Maliki have gone sour. It is the USA now pushing ICC in this direction and they are pushing hard.

Did I mention Maliki’s immunity in his snug vice presidential role does will not prevent him from standing trial in an international court when it comes to crimes against humanity.

So they expect that between now and December, a hearing will be held and from that a trial on this case. Once this case is pursued I suspect other allegations too will come forward and all will be exposed.

 This is the beginning of the end of Maliki for Iraq once and for all. This is how they plan to finally rid themselves of this parasite. This is when we really see Iraq take off and begin to move forward.

2014 Budget Saga Update

Nothing substantial came out concerning passing and implementing the budget last week other than they intend to begin the next sessions of parliament on 10/14 and the budget will be the first on the agenda.

This has come imperative and in a critical state now since they just spend billions already on the payment programs to the citizens, as I mentioned above. Do you see now  how they are always being forced to work in a crisis mode. One crisis after another.  How is it that they are able to even get anything done?

I mentioned why above. Until this entity (Maliki and his goons) are gone once and for all this will continue. Maliki sets Iraq up for crisis after crisis.

Even now when he has taken a backseat he manages to cause chaos. He is always many steps ahead of those who really want to help Iraq.

So hopefully we will see some forward movement on the budget next week (not this week) and more forward movement once heis indited
SummarySo today I send you an update. Sorry no RV happening in the near future. I wish there was but I can not justify saying so and I will not lie just to make you happy.

We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers  to be seated.  This now includes the Defense and Interior ministers – 2 of the key ministerial positions.

I was told there was a very good possibility this could happen quickly after the holiday since the negotiations are ongoing and they have plenty of time to resolve differences.

Also this week much progress was accomplished on the 2014 budget as it was forwarded to parliament. But we still do not see it done and implemented (opened to spend).

As I said previously – The budget depends on the RV and not the other way around.

In other words we need an RV first and then the budget can be opened. The opening of the budget is NOT going to initiate the RV.

We saw this week the payout once again to government programs on the Qi cards (electronic debit cards). Where did Iraq get all this money all of a sudden?

Remember too when you are trying to figure out what is going on you must think that nothing just happens by coincidence. Something(s)  prior triggered the current event. The current constant state of crisis in Iraq politics just does not happen.

Someone is behind it all setting up events to cause the constant crisis and chaos. The good guys in Iraq know who this villain is and there is a plan to stamp him out once and for all.

This madness must end.

In past news letters I also talked about the past laws that were written and are just waiting on implementation. These are the laws needed to the enforcement of  judiciary reform and anti-corruption reforms in all sectors of Iraq.

These laws were in the Erbil Agreement of 2010 and we now await their implementation in the new set of Unity Reforms put together to help tie the formation of this new government. Something to watch for. These laws once implemented will serge Iraq forward.

Then when can we expect the RV?

All I will say is what I have been saying all along in that we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now FULLY formed and seated.

I do not want to paint a gloomy picture in that I do not believe the RV is years away.  In fact I believe we may have to wait till the end of the year and I am coming to this conclusion more and more everyday.

However, if the government could progress forward much faster than anticipated it could be much sooner than later. This every weekend RV rollercoaster must stop as it is not healthy and is causing much anxiety and stress for many of my readers.

I can sense it in the many emails I receive.

I do not feel sorry for you as I can not help your desire for the “hopium” rush. I do not have a crystal ball and so I can not foretell the future. I can only go by the events in real life. These events may not be what we desire but they are real and we have to face them.

They are not events being played out to “fool” us as many are saying. They are not events to “cover up” the process of an imminent RV either.

They are real events told to us in the articles and the news from Iraq. They may stall any chance of a quicker revaluation of the Iraq currency but it is what it is.

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement  of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government.

This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed. This I know now as fact not rumor.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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