Saturday, September 20, 2014


9-20-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony   [via Adept1]   Where are we at right now? We are now in a safe zone, the US is requesting this be done immediately.  This could go at any moment. There has always been a four-day activation plan, a plan for stability.  It’s always been planned for a weekend, we just don’t know which weekend!  This morning at the mosques, the info we are getting is this could happen at any minuteEverything is ready, and it’s just about what hour they choose to flip the switch.  There are not political or technical issues now;  it’s just a timing issue.  I’m looking forward to a good weekend. 

9-20-2014   Intel Guru EXOGEN
   Quote:  "Foreign Minister John Kerry in the UN Security Council meeting  "Iraq will return to the international community after that remained isolated for a long time and we're going to fully integrate into the family..."  return to the international community...fully integrate into the family.  [wh (White House) press sec has just stated  Iraq has  a unified government.]  yep.  DONE.  FINISHED.  COMPLETED.  [where you are between 1 to 10 now?]   12.

   UNSC meeting ...John Kerry presiding... Jafaari is present at this meeting too...THIS MEETING IS THE GAME CHANGER!   EVERY DELAY AND MANUFACTURED EXCUSE IS BEING EXTERMINATED BY THE WORLD...AT THIS MEETING... IRAQ OFFICIALLY HAS THE FULL SUPPORT OF PLANET EARTH!  [once they know they have international support looks like this could be the trigger.]  THIS IS THE TRIGGER MECHANISM!!  THE WORLD SAYING LETS GO ALL AT 1 TIME!!  FULL SANTA SUIT ALERT NOW!!  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

9-20-2014   Intel Guru DC
   So now we are in the same place we were in last Friday, with everyone ready and telling the CBI to get it done by a certain date.  The CBI has been testing the system, and tentative celebrations are planned for Saturday night and Sunday night. There are dignitaries in Baghdad, and there are international teams helping the CBI now.  The banks are ready and all their staff are cued up to work at the weekend if needed.  Security, call center and exchange centers are all set up across the US.  Banks have been put on alert, and they have alerted their staff.    Everything is planned again and ready to go.  There is a lot of pressure both inside and outside to get this done correctly and quickly.  

 ALL our contacts in Parliament say that everything has been voted on four times!   They are frustrated that they keep running it on television when the people in the chamber say that it’s been settled!  That’s the kind of intel we’ve had all this week.  Many have said “It’s done; we’re waiting on the reveal.”  The public announcements and the budget would be nice to have lined up, but not essential to the release of the RV.  Our understanding is that all technical issues have been resolved and they are ready to pull the trigger.  They tried to put it out last Friday and they had a painful technical issue that they didn’t expect.  

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