Saturday, September 27, 2014


[shmash] speaking to a friend of mine her friends son is in the iraqi military and phoned her and said there should be announcements in the mosques in real time this weekend

 [SuperHaze57] now that sounds good

[shmash] SuperHaze57 thats what he said ….He is a general there

 [SuperHaze57] I'm also thinking its about to pop

[shmash] SuperHaze57 yep cause all is being taken care of here And thats the key

[SuperHaze57] Its been very quiet no intel I truely feel we are in the moment

[ [shmash] Yep meant to be quiet yep

[shmash] SuperHaze57 in the mean time All is being taking care of

[SuperHaze57] I agree nothing more to do we just have to wait and it will show

 [shmash] Sould be set to go this weekend

[shmash] SuperHaze57  the articles are all bogus

[SuperHaze57] shmash you nailed it I have been telling people for years there is very little truth in articles

[shmash] SuperHaze57 yep i have known this for a lonnngggt time

[SuperHaze57] I'm looking for this anytime just staying relaxed and not over excited as I know we are there…..saving the excitement for when it does pop lol

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