Tuesday, September 16, 2014


9-16-14 Tlar: As it has turned out, the Security Ministry has to be filled before the CBI can move forward.  This was a last minute change. Our government thought they would do that last night and are very unhappy today. The phone lines have been burning up with calls to all; important Iraqi politicians. Iraq did turn down the deal to hold but it is obvious that nominating the Security Minister is going to take a little time in order to satisfy everyone.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that Thursday this issue will be put to bed and we can move on.  The CBI is on hold until this issue is cleared up so to me it is the most important last step.  It was our government who demanded the security minister be in place for the CBI to change monetary policy.  The thinking was they don't want this dragged out like it was with Maliki so this is basically a last minute change in the plan and it is our government using the carrot and stick to force Iraq to finish building the government in an inclusive way.

Iraq is in a money crunch with all the promises the Abadi government has made to the Kurds concerning back pay and paying the funds denied since January of Kurdistans share of oil profits. Plus Abadi promised Barzini he would fund the Peshmerga.

The Abadi government is at a standstill until this Security Minister is chosen and ratified. Nothing he has promised will come to pass until this gets done. The IMF is on board with the Obama administration in this matter so until then we are once again waiting. I am hopeful there will be no more changes if they can get this done, and Iraq gets the green light.

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