Saturday, September 20, 2014


ROBSHARP: Dinar International - 3.71 and 3.78

Street - $4 and may rise as high as $9 and drop below $3.71
Contact $6 to $38, but most think the high range is in the mid 20's.

  Different rates for different choices of tax rates.  Mid 20's highest tax rate (CA, Fed and Healthcare 58% tax).  $12-16 (fed 20% and then state tax and healthcare tax. If in California about 37%).  NO tax, street rate.  However, this does not mean there is not State tax or Obama healthcare tax (unknown).

If there really is an actual street exchange none taxable of any kind rate, and you live in California, an eight ($8) dollar exchange rate would be the equivalent of a contact rate of $19.04 and a nine ($9) tax free rate would mean you would have to get a $21.43 to break even. 

Personally, I don't believe California will honor a tax free exchange.  They don't give a capital gains break of any kind, you are tax fully on income long term or short term, it is all the same to California's tax collector.   There for I am counting on 13% and an Obama healthcare income tax of an additional 3.8% on what I get no matter what. 

DONG---------Have heard $2 thrown around
RUPIAH-----  $1.08 was the last I heard
ZIM------No, idea from the 6 to 9 zeros being dropped.  I don't know the multiplier?  

All fully taxable.  Although this are currency exchanges as well.

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