Saturday, September 20, 2014

MACJEDI POST FROM TNT:Dinar-Dong-Rupiah-Zim-Yuan-Afghan Currency Anti-Counterfeit UV Markings Verify your currency with Black Light, 20 SEPT

MacJedi:There has been some concern from some members about their currency being authentic
and wanting to know what to look for if they are using a black light to verify authenticity.  
I hope this is a helpful post for those of you who might have some conserns

Dinar 25K UV Dinar 25K UV
Dinar 10K UVDinar 10K UV
Dinar 5K UVDinar 5K UV
Dinar 1K UVDinar 1K UV
Dinar 500 UVDinar 500 UV
Dinar 250 UVDinar 250 UV
Dong 500K UVDong 500K UV
DOng 200K UVDong 200K UV
Dong 100K UVDong 100K UV
Dong 50K UVDong 50K UV
Dong 20K UVDong 20K UV
DOng 10K UVDong 10K UV
Rupiah 100KRupiah 100K UV
Rupiah 50K UVRupiah 50K UV
Zim 100 Trillion UVZim 100 Trillion UV (Notice UV Specs in paper & serial)
Zim 100 Trillion BackZim 100 Trillion Back
Zim 10 Trillion UVZim 10 Trillion Back
Zim 10 Trillion BackZim 10 Trillion UV
Zim 50 Billion UVZim 50 Billion UV
Zim 50 Billion BackZim 50 Billion Back
Yuan 100 UVYuan 100 UV
Yuan 100 BackYuan 100 Back
Afghan 1K UVAfghan 1K UV
Afghan 1K BackAfghan 1K Back
I hope this helps calm some worried currency holders down who have gotten a Black Light and want a little peace of mind.
There are many others things to look for but this should help you find solace.
I think the Afghan back is really cool!
And YES! These are official Authentic markings of real verified authenticated currency
Have a splendid day, evening and future as you are all wonderful people and deserve only the best
as you have hearts of gold willing to lift others in need.

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