Saturday, September 27, 2014


Frank26:   Last night ....................... 4 Moons started in the M.E.

IMO ......... They are important.

LOL .... Unless You Google these satellites today .......... You will learn of them on Monday's CC.

BTW ....... This took 3 days for media to catch up with us. In 3 more ......... They will have to do it again.

We interpret the BUDGET and HCL to soon do the same thing at once ......... Expose a new rate ....... Immediately.
Aloha ...... KTFA,   Frank

bill09 » September 27th, 2014,

You know what happens when it's a full moon.

The crazy people come out of the woodwork,

Maybe the com (Council of Ministers) will come out and pass the budget. never hurts to try but this is Iraq …

keep praying it will come

NOVA » September 27th, 2014, Good Morning All,

Please Read This!!!!!!!!!!!

We Look And We Look For Evidence Of What Is To Come & What Has Been Done!!

So Much Can Be Said With So Few Words!!!!!!!     Nova


Rafidain Bank announces the resumption of the granting of loans and advances immediately after the launch of the general budget


Twilight News / announced Rafidain Bank, on Saturday, for the resumption of granting personal loans and advances will be launched immediately after the approval of the general budget of the country.

According to informed sources in the bank said in a statement reported for "Twilight News" that "the continuation of suspended advances due to a lack of financial liquidity in banks and non-completion of regulatory procedures with the fact that the cash flow is not sufficient to restore the resumption of firing advances as well as the delayed vote on the budget, which has impacted negatively on the financial situation in the country. "

The sources said that "the Rafidain Bank will put a suitable mechanism for the granting of loans and advances to the citizens and employees differ from its predecessors with the imposition of specific conditions to ensure the sponsors and the interest rate and deduction."

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