Monday, August 11, 2014


  1. Tony didn't send out an update tweet this weekend because didn't want to be ACCUSED of interfering.  Not even HALF as bad as the news portrays, though...
  2. DC says over the weekend Maliki rolled TANKS through the streets on Sunday and their were some skirmishes over control of the country!  But, this was anticipated move and key personnel were safely guarded as mentioned on Friday.  Maliki was defeated and suffered fatalities.  
  3. New PM is now officially published in the Gazette. Al- Ahbadi is the PM.  And even Maliki's devout followers were disgusted with Maliki's tactics and now are backing the President's choice of PM AND the PM, himself. New PM is now actively administrating and announcing inclusivity and reconciliation among all parties. 
  4. Deescalation is paramount now and is currently underway. Military is getting paid at new rate and their allegiance is getting re-oriented to new democracy or else.  Very calming effect on the entire situation.  Rich people don't riot, says DC.
  5. RV is imminent and Tony and DC asked not to give a timeline.
  6. UN is jubilant over deescalation and Washington is meeting right now to establish THE plan for execution of the RV. There is STILL people wanting to delay!!!  But,momentum is on our side!
  7. As bad as the week-end was it brought everything to a head, finally.  And, it got resolved.  We are now on the downhill side of this.  (yeee hawwww, y'all)!!
  8. DC told a story of personallywatching personnel enter a exchange call center enter at the time he was informed by sources would be called into work at bizarre times.  THIS IS REAL.  Google Bank of Ireland / Wells Fargo transaction.


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