Monday, August 4, 2014


  1. Tony sincerely appreciates the cards, flowers and people attending his mother's funeral.
  2. Changes and unexpected delays over the weekend. But we are back on track.
  3. Iraq PM selected but still didn't ANNOUNCE.....  (arrrgggghhh!!) PM and RV still scheduled together.
  4. Rollercoaster started again over the week-end but now everyone is in agreement again.
  5. Timelines are being tightened up by request to prevent the constant delays and that should help.
  6. Thurs.  exceptional occurance that Tony was going to talk about on Friday was one of TNT's contacts was called back to Iraq because "the family had too much money" for him to remain in school here in the USA.  They needed him at home!
  7. Deliberate misinformation has been put out to throw many parties off ie:  us, the bad guys various political people...
  8. Tony says he and DC are here to represent the Dinarland people involved in the RV.  They don't want to take sides and sure don't want to be pointed out as the problem but they are asked to help smooth out the process.  So many times they are having to hold information back and they don't like to do that (like Friday)

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