Sunday, August 17, 2014


Papajack] Good Morning, you know I kinda have to chuckle at some of the things I read on other sites about exchanging and how many people are under the impression things will be business as normal.

The only way we will ever see an RV is everything changing. No more Cabal, no more IRS, no more slave masters. So who are you going to be paying taxes to? The same criminals that have enslaved Americans since 1871?

 Everything will change, so why are you going to hire a tax professional that knows less about the new system than you do?

How about the British Royalty legal fraud system are you going to trust their LAWYERS or are you going to educate yourselves?
If your not already doing your homework do you think these criminals will just go away and quit stealing?

It's time to grow up and pay attention this isn't your great grandfathers America anymore, you better trust GOD and check everything else.

Lock and Load, buy the real precious metal LEAD, and know how to use it because if you don't protect yourself and your family who will while the rats are being rounded up and arrested.

 Freedom isn't free it's a responsibility!!!!! The TRUTH will make you free!!!! Remember the key TRN's, and New Republic.

Another key follow the BRICS, they got tired of the criminals also,

Remember we already won,  we just have to walk it out.

Stay thirsty my friends.

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