Sunday, August 24, 2014


OilRat Direct Intel:

The following info is 100% fact and accurate. Iraq is more of a all inclusive gov. than the US. Not possible to stop a sovereign country from RI/RV-ing their currency in Iraq's present state.

Iraq will revalue!!! The rest of the countries could go later, but in my opinion, that would be financial suicide for all other countries to allow that to happen. US is Bankrupt without the RV.

In Iraq they announced in the mosques that the GOI is ready and seated and will have celebrations on Monday…this was on TV too.

ISIS is very much a force to be reckoned with and they have lost much ground – we continue to bomb them and make strategic progress against them.

Iraq would like to have the RV done prior to Monday ceremonies but have to coordinate with the rest of the world. Banks are ready..contractors are ready. They are all ready but don’t know when it is. Frankly, there is not that much information out there…we are at the end.

Goomba1: OilRat Hello, I thought this is a Global Currency Reset ???

OilRat: Goomba1 It is. But Iraq now has been given complete authorization by the IMF to change their currency whenever they are ready.

Doogie Houser :First,IMO  It isn't up to Obama.

Second, We already know that the PM and GOI are a distraction, like ISIS.

Third, I fail to see the logic in the risk assessment of the impact on the pre-elections

Fourth, BRICS is already more powerful than the US, and has already begun to wall-off the USA. China threatened to collapse the US economy if things didn't change. Guess what? They're doing it.

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