Monday, August 4, 2014


Ranger4564:OK, finally, out from work, here's my summary.

Doorbell Rings - hushed silence - who could it be... SANTA?
Doorbell rings.
Knock on Door.
Phone rings.
Do not freeze up in panic.
Banks and Exchanges are being held up.

Chinese Yuan is isolating itself as a special currency.
Jack Lew has been eliminated from the equation.
Chinese Elders and BRICS nations hold the best hand.

Prying loose new doors, keeping the pressure on, drawing a line in the sand, opening the flood gates.

TRN's are flowing to the BRICS, 11 next, and MINT. They are speeding ahead of everyone.

Drag races, and just drag, bravado, machismo, will the bragging never seize?
Look for Shangai to add additional resources to the prosperity packages today.

Look for Global Treaty signed by Obamination, authorizing the Asset Backed Currency. I thought it was a done deal years ago. Still signing? Maybe it was just another signing statement elevating himself to God of Golf?

US Patent Office finally releasing all the hidden / suppressed technology, it's landing now. We are saved !
Treaty meeting, tug of war, Washington is running out of time, we're at the 10 yard line. Just a minor setback from the 1" and 1/2" and 1mm line we were at the weeks before, but sometimes, you have a do over.

Look for New Prime Minister.
Meetings in Washington are finished.

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