Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Aaanth:  Has anyone heard anything from Tlar on this recent turn of events?

Brule:   I have not seen anything from Tlar here or anywhere else.  When Tlar knows something definitively, I would think he would report it, but not until then.

Pagerdr:   I'm sure he will chime in somewhere...  This thing is not in his control, I hope everyone understands that.  I like Tlar and I feel he's a good enough guy.  When he has something to add, I'm sure he will be more than willing.

I'm not discouraged by today's events.  Truth be told, I'm not sure how I could have expected anything else.  M can't stay forever, I just wish HE knew that
Investor1:     For any of you who might be interested Tlar will be a guest on a live question and answer call with BBG tonight 8:30 CST.

Lojak:      and he will say what I just said--there is a plan and they will get Parl back into session and get M out.  simple.

Ralph:      slimjim321 , here ya go... Topic: What happened... DINAR Talk INFO Call W/BGG , Mr. White and ?? July 1st @ 8:30 pm CST 760-569-7676 PIN # 398647

 Candy:   Well, the RV sure did NOT happen on the FIRST of July as Tlar predicted!!  WHATEVER!!   :(:(

Tlar:    Candy, the government was to be put together on the 1st. Not the RV. I am very thick skinned guys. No body thought that what happened today and the way it happened would take place.

There is a plan; Government together then RV. The pres and the Pm are already known to the coalition and approved by the Sunni's and Kurds. So take your best shot.

 Its delayed and there is nothing I can do about it. Kerry is being sent to try to move the timetable up. We will see if he is successful. All plans work perfectly until you add people.

Until the new government is seated, the RV is on hold. Blame me if it makes you fell better. I don't give a Shiite. Bless those that understand. Maliki will be removed and there will be a new government.

The Rv will take place shortly after. PS. I am on my phone. I had to work with my daughter today or I would have been on earlier. Everyone and Iran wants this guy gone. So don't be too disappointed.

 It will happen just as I described. Those of you that continue to say mean things are not watching close enough but either way get your jollies now. They will be short lived.

By the way, the rate is north of $3.25 and south of $3.60. This will get resolved but the CBI is waiting just like you and me. I am sorry if there is alot of typing mistakes but I have a fat thumb and this key board is small. I can only see two lines of text while I am typing. Tlar

Candy: Tlar,  Will you PLEASE accept my FULL apology, friend?  I sure hope so! I am VERY sorry! It was just the frustration, financial pain and disappointment talking. I will NEVER do this again, I PROMISE!! VERY SORRY!

Buttercup:          I have always thought the word "prediction" was a complete [and most unfortunate] misnomer to characterize what Tlar and lojak have brought to the forum.

To me it is clear their contributions all along have been to simply unveil to us the very specific, at times even date-driven intentions of those behind the scenes. Intentions. That is all.

Personally I've never once doubted the dates or specifics given -- but that is probably because I also never classifed them as rigidly *predictive.* But rather a privileged opportunity freely offered all of us to look through a porthole and into the hidden world behind the scenes....where architects roam...and blueprints are drawn up.

 Tlar and lojak have consistently shared with us "the plans." But as everyone should know...once actual construction begins on any project...there are always surprises. It just comes with the territory.

 I pray that we can all remain respectful to these generous souls who have done nothing but attempt to help and encourage all of us along a most difficult path.

Aloha Alex:   Thanks tlar for chiming in.  Today's news so far, as far as I'm concerned, was a neutral; it could have been worse. Since Malaki hadn't left the country, it is predictable now that his plan is to squat his big arse and dig in. I feel he is making a big mistake and will realize his fate "soon."

No need to waste energy playing the blame game. Let's just kick back and watch history unfold.

Kolstar777:   TLAR no im not gonna call you names however i knew something was gonna take place, as always there is a stall or a put off. Im not one to go say i told ya so. I know you are doing the best you can, I give KUDOS to you for that. IMOO~~ i still think we got a way to go but thats just me. Keep up the good work!~~~until then we wait as usual

BlueyesinLevis:    Kolstar... I am one who cuts you no slack... and so I am also here to thank you for your grace and your even tempered post. I appreciate your tact and compassion with the board on this tough day. You are obviously a good guy...  Thanks. ~ Blue

  just a guy :  Tlar how can you put a dollar amount out there?

 Tlar:    Because that is the number. Tlar

just a guy:  ...and you got this information from where?

 just a guy:    Tlar how can you put a dollar amount out there?

Tlar:  Because i know the rate.  Sorry, if you think I am a fool but I will be proven right.  The banks are saying three to four dollars.  I am just honing it down a bit for you guys..  Here  I go again.

 Once again I have shown you my under belly so those of you that want to, take your best shot.  This is the range of the rate but I would guess you already know where I am going with this, I can't tell you the rate.  tlar     

Nwa:      Tlar give me .10 on the dinar and I have millions of it for you. You can cash it with your silly cashin story of $3+ and make a fortune off me alone. I am sure some others will join in. Hold true to your promise please. You lose.

Tlar:     Thanks Weatherford. (nwa) I can always count on your negativity.  Ask yourself this.  Why do you think you are still on my list after all the negative things you continue to say.

Let me answer that question for you.

 It is because I believe in you and the ultimate good of people and you are worth saving..  You are not alone in your belief that this is not going to happen.  It can't go any other way than what it is supposed to.  Yes unfortunately, it did not go the first time but I can assure you it will.

 As persistant as the SOL to stall this, it will happen.

Bless your heart weatherford.  Life will change for you to.  My hope is that you might learn something from this and be satisfied with the outcome.  My hope is you become a better person from  all of this.  I have known for a while that you are a lurker.  Welcome back my friend.  Tlar

just a guy:     Tlar, "so why wont we need any more dates past the 8th"???  ..and anywhere between 3.25 and 3.60 am i correct on this?  date and rate.... care to bet ALL your dinar on this?

Tlar:   OK just a guy, you must know something I don't.  How committed are you.  Tell me the rate.

 I am sorry my friend if you don't know or you are unsure; then let me say it again so you can hear it loud and clear. North of $3.25  and South of $3.65.  If you know something I don't, then say so.

Don't tell me I'm wrong because I am trying to invite you  to privileged info.  Don't believe.  I don't care.

Quickly we will know if I am right.   Then you can say what you want but unless you know something I don't, I  would appreciate your respect.  That's where we differ.  Put your arse on the line my friend.  Tlar

Just a guy:  DO I know something that you do not.....Hmmmm  You are wrong   And the 8th will fly right on by.  And the rate is something no one and I mean no one knows except for the CBI?

Pagerdr  Tlar, I wouldn't want to be in your position. Please don't allow any of this to change who you are. Too many bad apples have made it difficult by lying in the past.

You seem pretty committed to what you have stated, and I honor that. I understand both sides. People are frustrated because of all the past disappointments and they're already adding this instance to that long list. The fact is that no matter what we are not in control of this situation.
All we can do is watch and wait. Anyone with access to privileged information is lucky but this thing is a fluid, moving target and people make moves daily that alter plans.

I'm comfortable with having your back.

I hope this works out for us all. Many folks need it. God Bless.   Pagerdr

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